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I have quite a bit of experience with sharing my wife, unfortunately they all were when we were not married yet, she has had a change of heart about this and currently doesnt want to experiment with other people.

We used to watch porn together, quickly, we realized how we both found arousing the two males one female situations.
We slowly began talking about it, and I slowly began to developing this fantasy of seeing her with another dick.
She was very reluctant, but curious, however, none of us had the guts to plan anything.

Back in 2015, when we still were in out early 20s, we worked as waiters in a tiny resort in southern europe. It was a very stressful job, at the end of the day we were exhausted. There was no possibility for intimacy, because she shared a room with another female colleagues and I shared it with a male colleague. Our free day, we roamed the beach far off the hotel, where we could be alone. It was the first time she tried topless sunbathing too, good times.

I was really horny because of it, and when we made it back to the resort, noticing how my roommate was gone, I pulled her in the room and we start making out. She pulls my dick out and starts blowing it and then the door opens, the roommate storms in, he says hello to me, I think at first glance he didnt see the scene so he thought it was just me and then he freezes and my girlfriend blushes.

He apologizes and says he will be out he needs to take something out of his suitcase, he rushes to take it. At the meantime my girlfriend is still with my dick in her hand, moving up and down. He takes a look, and then leaves.

After that, I put a hand down her bikini panties she had on and they were soaking wet. We had a great fuck, I whispered to her "would you have like him to stay?" "maybe
..maybe yes" "his dick would be fucking you right now imagine that" "oh yes!"

Fastforward later that week, we had our last day as waiters as there would be new waiters coming in to take our place. My girlfriend and I served the pool restaurant till late and then we got back to the rooms where we had to pack to leave the day after. Once the packing was done she knocked my room, coming to ask for something. I pull her in.
I knew this was the only chance to have a threesome and I was so horny at the time knowing she would just go through with it that I began kissing her. My roommate was in the bathroom, she was like "what are you doing" and I am like "he finds you hot" "are you kidding me" as I put a hand inside her dress revealing her nipples. She began taking my dick out of the pajama. And i am like, wait: let me talk to him first. So she sits on bed and I walk into the bathroom. Long story short I tell him my girlfriend and I want to have sex so bad tonight but he could watch. He was like "huh? and she is fine with that? and you find with that?" to which I reply "yep and she finds you hot too" he is baffled.

I leave the bathroom and approach her, pull down my trousers and she begins blowing me, he has his towel on but he clearly quickly got an erection as he sits down on his bed the towel falls down a bit revealing his dick. She looks at his dick while blowing me, at some point I do the sign with my hands to stand up and come closer and he does, my girlfriend looks at me and says "can I?" and I am like of course and startd masturbating him. I pull my dick out of her mouth and point her head towards his dick and she starts blowing him too. It lasts literally twenty minutes, back and forth back and forth. My girlfriend and I are big on porn, as I said, and I am like mind if i take a picture? I go for my phone and snap one.

It was a hot sight. I ask him if he has a condom and he says no, we also dont have any, me and my girlfriend look atbeach other asking if we could do without with him, but in the end we agree that he only gets oral. I fuck her while she blows him. It was pretty good. At the end, he cums on her tits.

Looking back, she was on the pill and I am pretty sure he was clean, I should have let him fuck her. It would have been so hot. But I didnt have to wait long for her to finally fuck another dick.

Here is the pic.
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