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Is this the sort of thing that youíre after, stevezr1? I canít say that I find my story particularly erotic either, but it is true, and makes me smile.

Many years ago when our oldest was a baby, my wife and I employed a joiner/builder to do some small jobs around our house. He was an older man, who just recovered from a serious illness, so he worked on his own and didnít have many jobs booked in. At the time, we were only starting to stamp our personalities on the house, so, every time the builder finished a job, we thought of another one for him to do. As a result, he was with us for some time. He was a nice guy, and we all got to know each other fairly well, although one day he got to know my wife a whole lot better.

Most of his jobs were on the ground floor, so my wife would often stay upstairs and get on with some of her chores in our bedroom while the baby was sleeping in its room. On one occasion fairly early in the morning before my wife had dressed, she needed to go to check the baby. I canít remember if she said she thought he wasnít around or if she didnít think he had any need to come upstairs. In any event, as she walked out of our bedroom at one end of a longish corridor, the builder surprised her by suddenly appearing at the other end where the stairs come up. She later told me that they found themselves striding purposefully towards each other along the corridor Ė nothing unusual about that, excepting that she was stark bollock naked.

I was curious to know how they both reacted. Did she pretend not to be embarrassed and keep on going to the babyís room? Did he say good morning and step aside to let her pass? Apparently not because she turned tail and walked back into our bedroom closing the door behind her. The guy must have thought it was his birthday Ė first a full-frontal view of her walking towards him then the sight of her bare arse as she walked away. She was twenty or more years younger him.

When they spoke later, neither of them mentioned the incident, and they both acted as if it had never happened. However, she did delight in recounting the story to me that evening. We joked about whether we should ask him for a discount from the bill or offer to pay extra to compensate him for the shock. For many years, weíd had banter about men doing work at our house feeling cheated if they didnít get flashed at by her. As far as I know, the first builder was the only one that did.
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