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George VI 09-12-2014 08:34 PM

Women and Repairmen, deliverymen, contractors, etc.
I know there have been threads on this subject somewhere in the past, plus misc. stories here and there, but I just thought that I would open a thread to try to get more stories of women interacting with contractors and vice versa, even if itís mild stuff (flirting, watching, innuendos, accidents), which is about all the stories I personally have along these lines.

I sometimes take noon walks through a higher-end residential neighborhood near my office. There are always contractors trucks and vans in the driveways and on the street. I try to imagine all of the stay-at-home wives or professional women taking time off to greet these workers; which ones consider having tool-belted men in their homes as sexy and perhaps a highlight of their day, which ones feel somewhat flustered being in proximity to the crude sweaty men, and which ones are oblivious to what these guys are looking at and thinking as they work for the upper-crust women.

The most common workers are the lawn maintenance guys, nearly all of whom are Hispanic, and they are the ones that are outside and I can watch. Just recently I saw a young woman coming out of her home, and watched one of the lawn workers stop working and take a long look at her.

A couple of mild observations:

Some time ago I was walking along through the residential neighborhood when I saw a handful of remodelers taking a break in a garage. They were all looking across the street. I looked across, and a wife across the street was watering some potted plants, wearing shorts and leaning way over, bending at the waist and giving the guys a nice view. Is there any chance she wasn't aware that they were over there?


Not long after that, I saw a crew of Hispanic lawn maintenance workers, some younger but one or two older guys, taking their lunch break in the shade in the front lawn. Again, directly across the street, an attractive mature wife that Iíd noticed before but rarely out working, a slender blonde, was out on her front lawn, pulling weeds, bending at the waist in her shorts with her back to the men, giving them a nice show, which they were certainly watching.

DRDavenport 09-12-2014 10:49 PM

I posted this story before, but it fits right here.
We were visiting friends on the west coast. They live in a ground floor apartment at the end of their unit. My wife had just finished her shower and came into the kitchen (still nude - these are VERY close friends) to discuss plans for the day. The kitchen had a window facing the grass at the end of the structure. As it happened, it was the day the lawn maintenance crew worked, and one of the workers walked by to get to the back of the units and got a good view of her from the waist up. My wife pretended she did not notice, and kept chatting with us. The workers finished their work in the back in short order, and this same guy walked back to the front of the complex. This time he walked slowly by a bit closer than before, with a big smile on his face. My wife has a pretty nice rack, and she made his day.


nigbo 09-13-2014 11:29 AM

Friend of mine - Freddie - worked as a bricklayer. Happy go lucky kind of guy. He did an extension to a house not far from me for the executive of Granada TV. Fucked the execs wife senseless most days - naked in the marital bed.

piecenick 09-14-2014 08:08 AM

Our exterminator has caught my wife a few times. Once, he showed up as I was leaving, I let him in and told him my wife was in the gym on the treadmill. A little while later she called me, she said 'I wish you had warned me that you let Joe in, I got hot on the treadmill and took off my shirt. He got a good look at my tits'.

Another time she was on the patio sunbathing in just her bikini bottoms and he came to the back door and got a good look. I guess since he has been coming into our house once a month for 25 years, getting caught twice isn't too bad.

bobbyj712 09-14-2014 08:19 AM

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Just posted this a few days ago. We always had workers in and out of the house. Loved when her nipples would show under her shirt.

We recently sold our house and were getting some things fixed up that the new owners requested. So we have had workers in and out over the past few weeks. In addition, we are trying to have our last few beer/tequila pool sessions. My wife deals directly with the workers, so usually stand to the side and watch her speak to them and hopefully her nipples get erect under her bra (which happens a lot) and watch the guys (usually 2 or 3 of them) sneak a peak as she is talking. We call all the workers Jacob as they are mostly young and a lot of guys are named Jacob. She says she likes the short young ones.

In the past few days, guys have been showing up unannounced and come in through the gate on the other side of the house, so we do not usually see them until they come around the corner. Two Mexican workers showed up the other day and she had to quickly throw a towel around herself. We know they caught a glimpse of her naked. She didn't seem to mind as she had a bunch of tequila in her. She sat there in the towel as they did their work.

Two days ago two young pool guys showed up and she was in the skimpy outfit I have attached. Once again we were all liquored up. She asked me to talk to them to tell them what we needed to do, but I begged her too talk to them. It took a second but she agreed. She walked out into the sun and I could see her ass through the outfit. Her nipples were also pretty pointy as she just got out of the pool. I could only see her from the back, but those guys got a great view of her black bush and pointy nipples and bumpy aereolas.

They spoke for about 5 minutes and were there for about 90 minutes. The guys asked a whole bunch of questions during that time, knowing she would have to come out and speak with them. Nothing was ever mentioned about her outfit. We've done nude beaches and other guys have seen her naked before. But that had to be the hottest time I've seen her in front of guys. I guess leaving a little to the imagination is sexy.

cufan86 09-14-2014 11:38 AM

This is fairly tame, but I found it exciting. My wife is generally fairly modest, although once in a while I can talk her into mildly daring situations. Anyway, we had a scheduled appointment with a plumber. I thought I would be home before he got there but got delayed. I spoke to my wife and she said she could meet him. I dared her to go braless. She is a 38 DD so it is obvious when she does so. After a bit of back and forth she agreed to, but she put on a long sleeved purple shirt.

Anyway, when I got home the plumber was still there. My wife came in wearing the purple shirt. What she had not counted on was the fact that her nipples were extremely erect. Additionally, the way the shirt fit made it very obvious as that her nips were really poking out.

She was blushing. The plumber was a few years younger than her and she told me after the fact that her didn't even try and make eye contact as he kept staring at her big titties. He also kept calling her into the bathroom to ask questions. He did not try anything however.

He gave us a good price and my wife was ready to jump my bones when he left so it worked out nicely.

KevandTracyWiltsUK 09-14-2014 12:11 PM

The boiler guy
I was on a rare day off during the summer. All the kids were at school so Tracy and I had the house to our selfs. We had a lay in and got up about mid morning but as it was a nice day neither of us bothered to get dressed. I had just my thin dressing gown on and Tracy had a baby doll nightie with matching panties. If you have not come across baby doll nighties they are very short and the panties are always on show.

We just hung around the house during the rest of the morning we were playful I would grab a feel of Tracy's tits or arse when ever we passed each other. A few times I had slipped a finger into her pussy and Tracy would grab my cock even bend down and give me a quick suck. We carried on like this for a few hours I was constantly hard and Tracy was very wet. We decided that it was time to get dressed so we headed to the stairs Tracy was just in front of me I grabbed her arse slapped it playfully she stopped on the stair and stuck her arse out to me I told her I would fuck her right there if she kept doing that of course she just stuck it out further. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down I stuck first a finger then my tongue into her wet pussy. I licked her out for a little while then got up and stuck my cock into her very wet pussy. I started to fuck her slowly and started to pick up speed. Then the door bell rang. We were just a couple of steps up our stair case and the front door is right next to it Tracy was making so much noise any one that close would have been able to hear and see enough to work out what was happening. Tracy bolted for the bed room and I pulled my dressing gown closed and opened the door just a crack. There was the guy that had come to service our gas boiler and gas fire. I opened the door and let him in. I said sorry we had forgotten he was coming. He said that was obvious and smiled at me.

I called up stairs to Tracy and told her who it was she shouted back OK. I took that to mean that she was decent again so I showed the guy the way to our bedroom (where the boiler is in the airing cupboard) as we walked in the room Tracy was standing with just the panties on and was brushing her hair. Tracy jumped and said she thought he was going to start with the fire down stairs. Tracy tried to cover her tits up. The boiler guy looked at Tracy and asked if she wanted him to leave Tracy looked at me and said no you might as well carry on now and with that she uncovered her tits so the boiler guy could see. He started work on the boiler and Tracy carried on with what she was doing I stood watching my cock still hard and only just staying covered. Tracy sorted out some clothes laid them on the bed she then went to the bathroom to wash and clean her teeth. I stayed and started to chat with the boiler guy, he said how lucky I was to have a good looking wife like that and he asked if she was always as open as this. I was about to answer him when Tracy came back in to the room minus her panties. That was if for the boiler guy he looked at Tracy standing there nude and he said "you have made my day and it's lucky your husband is here or I am not sure I could keep my hands off you" Tracy again looked at me before answering she then looked back at him and said Kev wont stop you and with that Tracy laid on the bed and putted it by her side inviting the boiler guy to join her.

The boiler guy said he had better taker is coveralls off Tracy said and the rest. He stripped down to just his boxer shorts and got on the bed next to Tracy and he started to kiss her and feel her tits and slowly his hands went down to her pussy and he was sucking her tits. Soon Tracy pulled down his boxer shorts and they moved into a 69 I stood in the door watching and wanking my self. Tracy moved onto her hands and knees the guy moved in behind her and fed his cock into Tracy's wet pussy and he started to fuck her I moved in front of her and put my cock in her mouth. Each time he pushed into her Tracy would suck me deeper. The boiler guy started to speed up his thrusts he looked at me and asked if he should pull out Tracy said "don't you dare" with that he pushed in deep and pumped his load into Tracy he pulled out and I quickly replaced his cock with mine Tracy was so wet with his hot cum and her wetness. I didn't last long but as I was filling Tracy with my cum she was already sucking the boiler guy to get him hard again.Whilst Tracy was sucking him he reached for his mobile phone and phoned his work to say he would be running late as he had a problem with this job. It was really horny watching him phone his boss as Tracy was sucking his cock. We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking. He was just leaving as the kids got home from school. The boiler guy had to come back the next day to finish the job. I was at work when he came back to finish the service but Tracy looked after him.

I will post Tracy's account of the following day later

wired 09-14-2014 12:49 PM

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My buddy was supposed to come over this morning to help me in garage at 12 but he showed up an hour early and the wife didn't know, I couldn't find my duct tape and remembered she had it earlier so I yelled for her to bring it, she walked out in the garage wearing her panties only, she was shocked to see him and he was just as shocked to see her tits...she ran back in the house and was mad at me when he left, said I should of told her he was here. He kept on the entire time about how he was sorry but she has some nice tits, I told him yeah she does.

Tifosi 09-14-2014 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by wired (Post 1856279)
My buddy was supposed to come over this morning to help me in garage at 12 but he showed up an hour early and the wife didn't know, I couldn't find my duct tape and remembered she had it earlier so I yelled for her to bring it, she walked out in the garage wearing her panties only, she was shocked to see him and he was just as shocked to see her tits...she ran back in the house and was mad at me when he left, said I should of told her he was here. He kept on the entire time about how he was sorry but she has some nice tits, I told him yeah she does.

Wired, she appears to have a nice everything my friend!

KevandTracyWiltsUK 09-15-2014 04:39 AM

The Boiler man cums back
Here is the second part of the story about the boiler man. This was written by Tracy as I was not there.

The following morning Kev went to work leaving me to get ready for the boiler man to come back. I had told him the day before was a one off so he was not expecting anything. Kev and I had talked about things and Kev had left it up to me if I wanted to have a little more fun.

I had a couple of hours before the boiler man was due to arrive so I decided to have a nice long soak in the bath after my bath I spent a while deciding what to wear I wanted to look as sexy as I could I started with stockings and a suspender belt I found out some nice underwear and a short skirt and flimsy top. I then decided not to bother with anything except the stockings and suspender belt. I put on a thin dressing gown just in case anyone else came. I then sat in the living room waiting for the doorbell.

At almost exactly the time arranged I heard a van pull up outside I got up and looked out the window to make sure it was him. It was so I took off the dressing gown and went to open the door in just the stockings and suspenders finished off with and pair of black high heeled shoes to finish the look. I opened the door wide and stood there where anyone walking past could have seen me. (I donít think anyone did see me but I didnít care if they did) As soon as the boiler man saw me a great big smile came on his face he came to the door put his arms around me and gave me a great big hug and kissed me our tongues meeting still standing at the door. I took him by the hand and led him into the living room we sat on the sofa and started kissing again. I soon stripped him of his clothes I went down between his legs and took his hard cock into my mouth I ran my tongue all-round the head and in the eye I carried on with this until he shot his cum now I donít like the taste of cum and normally I only let Kev cum in my mouth I tried to swallow it but I couldnít so I had to spite (sorry I know not sexy but true).

I then sat in the chair Kev normally sits in I spread my legs wide and the boiler guy went down on me licking my pussy he flicked his tongue over my clit and drove me wild I just kept coming. After a while he was hard again I asked him to make love to me on Kevís chair. He slid into me and we made love for about an hour stopping every time he came close to coming. He then shot his cream into me filling me. We cuddled and kissed for a while then he said he had better get the service done so he went and serviced the fire and then boiler naked. It was funny watching a guy work nude but I was so turned on I had to have him make love to me one more time before he left.

I have seen him a few times since then in the town normally with a woman who I think is his wife we have never been together since. Every year I hope it will be him that comes to do my service but so far no sign. We never even found out his name.

There is one more story about workmen and Tracy I will tell you later if people want to read it.

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