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CheriGrade 12-30-2017 06:49 AM

Strip or Slime
I have just completed writing my four-book series "Strip or Slime" which is about a gameshow where girls answer questions to preserve their dignity and if they can't have to either take off items of clothing or be eliminated by plunging into green slime.

The first episode is available at but I am going to post a few taster chapters here. Hope you enjoy it!

It was only when the studio lights came on that Olivia realised the true magnitude of what she had signed up for. She was uncomfortably perched at the end of an extended platform with her bare feet dangling above a vat of gently bubbling green slime which extended along the stage. Two more girls sat similarly precariously above the slime with one either side of her. All three were dressed identically, in tight black dresses provided by the show although they had been able to pick their underwear. She didn’t have time to assess her competition before a roar from the crowd heralded the host striding onto the stage.

“Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new show. I call it Strip or Slime and I am your host Nick Deville.”

Olivia recognised Nick immediately. His brown quiff and lurid dress sense were a common feature of Saturday night television and, if anything, he looked even more ridiculous in real life. Today, he was wearing a lime green suit which sparkled under the lights as if covered in sequins. He had presented countless gameshows, all of which involved girls getting naked or messy – usually both. She had known what to expect when she applied, but she needed the prize of $100,000. Her sorority sisters were counting on her to win.

Closing her eyes, Olivia tried to block out the cheers of the crowd. She had to concentrate and not get distracted. She had a good chance to win. She thought back to all of the other Nick Deville gameshows. Most contestants were horrifically inept and had deserved the humiliation they had received. She was different. Chosen by her sisters for her intelligence and skill, she was not here to become famous or for fun. She was here to win. Opening her eyes, she peered past her wavy brown hair with a new purpose.

Nick had finished his introduction and turned to the first contestant, sat to Olivia’s right. “Please can you introduce yourself?”

The girl smiled at the crowd. To Olivia, it looked genuine as if the girl had forgotten that she was sitting above a vat of disgusting slime.

“My name is Stacey and I am a 20 year old travel agent,” the girl spoke in a gratingly twee voice whilst flicking back her long blonde hair. The girl sounded like she didn’t have two brain cells to rub together and Olivia immediately discounted her as serious competition. To support this impression, Olivia noted that Stacey’s skin had an orange hue indicating massive overuse of fake tan and she had heavy make-up which detracted rather than emphasised the girl’s natural beauty.

“And why have you come on the show?” asked Nick with a smirk that sent a chill down Olivia’s spine. Stacey’s face hardened in a show of sudden anger.

“My boyfriend broke up with me a month ago. He was my first and he cheated on me with some sl*t. I want to show him what he is missing and humiliate him by showing everything on national TV.”

Nick seemed to take the answer in his stride. “Well, I’m sure you will get your chance before long.”

Olivia looked down at the slime and imagined Stacey’s pretty face covered in it. It was an appealing thought.

“Contestant number two, it is time to introduce yourself,” Nick turned to Olivia. With a deep breath, she introduced herself and explained how important it was to win so she could use the prize money to fix the roof of the sorority house which badly needed repair. She had hoped that this would get her some sympathy from the audience, but there was no visible reaction. She was explaining how much the sisterly bond of the sorority meant to her when Nick cut her off.

“Thank you Olivia. That all sounded very interesting and you can tell me more after the show.” He turned to the audience rolling his eyes prompting laughter. Olivia felt a blush rising up her cheeks. “We have to get to the third contestant and we only have a half hour slot.”

Glad to have the spotlight taken off her, Olivia turned to the third contestant. Partly hiding her lightly freckled face behind her shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, the third girl spoke in a quiet voice. “I’m Heather.”

“Speak up,” said Nick. “We have a big audience who need to hear you.”

If anything, the girl seemed to shrink further into herself. “I’m Heather,” she repeated barely more loudly.

“And what brings you here?” prompted Nick.

“One of my classmates at college called me boring and I’m here to prove her wrong.”

“I’m sure you will,” said Nick after a pause which made it clear that Heather wasn’t going to volunteer any further information.

Nick turned to the crowd. “Everyone, give it up for our three brave contestants.” He was rewarded by a round of applause and cheers. Looking to her right, Olivia saw that Stacey seemed to be lapping it up. It might have all been for show, but it was certainly convincing. To her left, there was no doubt that Heather was increasingly regretting her decision to come on the show.

Olivia felt her confidence rising. Neither Stacey nor Heather talked like people who were focussed on winning and both had stupid reasons for coming on the show. It might even be fun to see them get what they deserved.

CheriGrade 12-30-2017 06:50 AM

Heather squinted. A combination of the bright lights and the showrunners not letting her wear her glasses made everything a blur. Even through the haze, the sparkling green blur that was Nick Deville was unmistakeable. She could imagine his expression – even his voice communicated the leer that never left his face as he tormented young girls for the amusement of the masses.

It was only the memory of the argument that kept her going. How dare Emily call her boring! There had been an exam the next day and all Heather had said was that she couldn’t stay out late. She could hear Emily’s reply every time she thought about it “Go home and be boring Heather. You’re always the same. We never liked you anyway.” Heather had fled in tears. However, thinking back, all she felt was rage. She would prove everybody wrong and once she was famous for this, she would have no problem finding new friends.

Heather looked down at the thick slime below, which was bubbling threateningly. She shivered at the thought of being plunged into it. Even more than that, being beaten by either the annoying sorority girl or fake bimbo would be humiliating.

Nick’s voice pulled Heather out of her reverie. Heather tried to compose herself as he introduced the game to the audience.

“Let me tell you how we play Strip or Slime. Today’s game is going to be focussed on the letter A. Each round, I will give a category and each girl in turn will have to think of something belonging to that category beginning with the letter A. If a girl gives me a wrong answer or can’t think of anything within ten seconds they have one minute to take off an item of clothing. If they don’t have any clothing left or refuse to take something off, they will plunge into the slime and out of the game. Let’s find out where we are starting.”

The lights dimmed leaving a single spotlight crossing back and forth across the three girls. The only two other lights were one spotlight on Nick and another on the slime. The game sounded simple but Heather thought it could be deceptively complicated if the categories were difficult. With her heart racing, Heather was desperate for the game to get started.

The light seemed to meander back and forth forever before suddenly switching to shine straight at Heather.
“Looks like Heather you are first. The first category is animals. You have ten seconds.” Nick spoke quickly, leaving Heather little time to think. Behind the audience, a red digital display appeared and started to count down ten seconds.

Heather’s mind blanked as she desperately tried to think of an animal beginning with A. The timer got down to five seconds in her period of confusion before she spoke. “Alligator,” she said with a sigh of relief.

“Stacey,” said Nick in reply, turning to the girl at the far end of the stage. The spotlight snapped across leaving Heather in welcome darkness.

Stacey was sat smiling, watching the timer count down. There was no outward sign of nervousness there as the digital display ran down the seconds.

When the clock hit zero, a buzzer sounded and Nick spoke again. “Looks like we have our first loser. Stacey, it is time to choose whether to strip or slime.”

Before he had even finished speaking, Heather saw Stacey brazenly pull her dress over her head revealing a pink silky bra which barely covered her large breasts and a matching pink thong. She was smiling at the crowd as they roared their approval. Heather couldn’t believe how confident she seemed. It made Heather more nervous. Revealing herself next to Stacey’s perfect body would be humiliating. She couldn’t let it happen.

CheriGrade 12-30-2017 06:51 AM

It had been even more exciting than Stacey had expected. The baying audience had lapped it up and doubtless the millions watching at home on television would be enjoying it too. There was one person in particular who she hoped was watching. Her ex-boyfriend Gavin would be kicking himself for cheating when he could have been with this television star. All his friends would tease him forever about how they had seen his girlfriend naked.

The rush of adrenaline almost made Stacey miss Nick announcing that the next category would be girl’s names. Stacey didn’t care. She had no intention of giving an answer. She barely paid attention as Olivia answered “Alice” and Heather answered “Anna”. All she craved was the spotlight back on her.

As the ten seconds counted down, she wiggled her eyebrows at the audience and smiled, imagining Gavin’s face as he watched her expose herself. She was already reaching behind herself as the clock hit zero. She threw her bra away theatrically. She was proud of her breasts, but had never exposed them so publically. She felt surprisingly little shame. She could hear the audience as they sat in darkness but with the spotlights on her and Nick, the situation seemed strangely intimate. Nick’s expression was almost hungry as he stared at her, transfixed. The spotlight moved before his eyes did.

“The next category is food. Olivia, it is your turn.” Nick regained his composure.



Heather hesitated. The pathetic girl seemed to shrink in on herself every time Nick spoke to her. Stacey could see why she had been called boring. Just when Stacey thought that someone else was going to take the spotlight from her, with two seconds left, Heather thought of an answer. “Asparagus,” she said.

There was an excited murmuring in the crowd as the spotlight returned to Stacey. This was it. They could sense what was going to happen.

As the digital display again hit zero, Stacey reached down and slipped off her pink thong as elegantly as she could while perched awkwardly on the platform. Opening her legs slightly towards the camera she revelled in the cheers of the audience. Her perfectly shaved pussy was on view to everyone who wanted to see it. She had had it waxed especially for the show, forgoing her usual landing strip to make sure that Gavin knew that she had been prepared to go further for this show than she had ever done for him. Camera flashes were going off all through the audience. Stacey tried to pose as seductively as she could.

After what felt like a long time, the noise died down. Stacey felt satisfaction that she had achieved what she needed to. For the first time she looked down at the green slime. She had known what sort of show this was when she applied, but the thought of messing up her perfect hair and make-up didn’t appeal. How much more jealous would Gavin be if she went on to win the show? Sitting naked and on display before millions of viewers, Stacey resolved to preserve her dignity.

Myds 12-31-2017 02:09 AM

Always nice to see a little wet and messy stuff appear alongside the ENF material here.

CheriGrade 08-17-2018 05:30 AM


Olivia had watched in horrified fascination as the brazen, Stacey had revealed herself to the world without hesitation. Now all that was left was for her to be plunged into the slime like the trash she was.

“Olivia, back to you,” Nick said. “The next category is jobs.”

“Accountant,” said Olivia. Her dad was an accountant so this was an easy one for her.




As the seconds counted down, Stacey sat with the same fake smile that had been on her face since the start of the game. Olivia watched, confident that the smile would be wiped away shortly. With two seconds left, Stacey turned to Olivia and winked.

“Architect,” she said.

Olivia felt a moment of confusion as the spotlight returned to her. A few seconds had already passed by the time she realised that Stacey had given an answer for the first time. A feeling of panic rose as Olivia realised that she hadn’t prepared for this. Scrambling through her mind, she couldn’t think of any answers. The buzzer sounded.

“Time to strip or slime,” said Nick.

She had known that it might come to this. That brazen hussy had surprised her but Olivia resolved that it wouldn’t happen again. As she slipped off her dress to reveal her tasteful black underwear, she glowered at Stacey who was smiling triumphantly. She threw her dress backwards to avoid the slime and turned back to the front of the stage.

“Heather, the next category is three letter words,” said Nick.




















The flurry of answers finally came to an end. As Nick turned towards Stacey, the spotlight stayed stubbornly on Heather. Nick raised his hand to his earpiece. “I’m told that we had that one earlier. It is Heather’s turn to strip or slime!”

Olivia almost felt sorry for Heather who seemed to hide her face yet further behind her red hair as she lifted her hands to the straps of her dress and slowly started to slide them down her arms. A functional white bra was revealed with a touch of lace at the top the only nod to any sort of style. As Heather finally pulled the dress down past her feet, Olivia could see that her panties were similarly plain. Clearly her friend hadn’t called her boring for nothing.

With the last of the three dresses gone, Olivia felt that the stakes of the game had been raised. She had to remain focussed and strong. Her sisters were counting on her.

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