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bulldog_y2k 10-28-2017 08:19 PM

The Evil Genie
The Making

Many years ago, in a time now forgotten, a knightly man named Ryki was in search of a wicked goddess found deep within her castle. After a gross battle to the inner keep, he finally laid eyes on her. She was the perfect woman, bare and curvy. Ryki quickly became driven by lust in the sight of her large breasts and curved hips, but before he could reach her she snapped her fingers, and he froze in place. She thought for a moment and then decided... "I want to use you, Ryki. I want you to be my tool and punish wrongful women or take your lust upon them as you'd like. I want you to play god with my power and do and control anything you'd want, but it comes with a price." She glanced at her hand, and there appeared a complete vase with a dazzling jewel on the front. "You see this? You're about to spend years of your newly found immortal life in here. You will be unable to leave the vase until the vase is broken." She snapped her fingers once more, and the shadow of a man swept into the vase itself. She laughed and then she summoned a woman from England telling her, "Hold on to this vase and pass it down through your generations." The woman knelt and with her head bowed and hands out; she took hold of the vase. Once the woman left the keep's chamber, the goddess laughed once more and disappeared. The woman did as she was instructed and the vase passed throughout her family for decades and centuries, traveling the seas to America until present day where it sits proudly upon a mantle above the fireplace located in a home in Los Angeles...

The Thief Learns A Lesson

One night when the family was away, a woman, named Amber wearing baggy black, slipped through the window and made her way to the bedrooms. She tore through every drawer and raided boxes of jewelry. As she was about to climb back out of the house, she noticed a jeweled vase. "This is the largest and majestic jewel I've had ever seen," she thought to herself. She grabbed it up and made her way to the window. As she stepped through, she heard an riiippppping sound. She looked back, and her bag was caught on the fireplace poker. Amber frantically tried catching all of the emptying contents, but all hit the grass outside. Looking over the ground, Amber came upon the jeweled vase now in two-halves. She grabbed the piece carrying the jewel and began running toward her car parked several houses down. As Amber ran, she felt a strong gust push forward into a neighbor's front porch. As she gathered herself together, Amber looked up and saw a man dressed like from a play of the Renaissance. "Ryki's the name," he said. She looked at him confused and asked, "Where'd you come from?" He glared toward the half pieced vase and said, "It doesn't matter, but what are you doing out here at night?" He already knew the answer before she spoke, "I'm just passing through." Ryki replied, "Are you doing something you're not supposed to be doing??" "That's silly," Amber replied back. "I haven't done anything wrong, and I need to get to my car." "Fine," he said. Poof...

Amber blinked, and she stood near her car with Ryki invisible by her side. "What the fuck...," she thought to herself. As quickly as she could, she jumped in her car, turned the key, and nothing... "Damn car. I knew I should have bought something else," as she stepped back out and began checking the engine. Ryki whispered in her ear, "Are you a thief?" Amber turned in an instance to the sight of nothing and told herself that she just imagined things. "Let's find out..." She whipped back around again and still nothing, but her shoes began to scratch and tore apart. The laces snapped like twigs, and the soles melted down to the ground. "What???", she wondered. At the same time, her baggy black polyester hoodie begins to lessen across her chest, now showing the form of her tits. She started grabbing at her clothes, and Ryki knew he couldn't allow her to cover up so he waved his hand and Amber stood motionless, yet aware. With her eyes, she saw her hoodie shrinking further up her stomach and the sleeves past her arms along with the sight of her once black cargos turning upward past her ankles. In the meantime, three guys began their walk to a party that was located down the street in her direction.
SNAAAAPPPP! She felt her heart flutter as her heavy duty belt broke in the loops. "OH SHIT...," she yelled. The three guys began running toward her direction thinking she was in trouble and then came to a screaming halt. One guy asked, "Hey... What's going on with your...clothes??" She responded with the only thing in my mind, "DON'T LOOK at me!!" The group couldn't resist and stood to want the full show. They watched as Amber's hoodie became a halter top with small gaps of skin showing. One of them pointed at her pants, now ripped above her calves, and everyone heard a loud ping of Amber's waist as the top bottom popped off. She screamed!!! Her zipper was unable to hold the strain upon it and almost instantly sung downward revealing small ruffles of pink lace. Now, houses started lighting up and people making way to their windows and doors to find out what's waking them up. Amber thought to herself, "This is a dream. It's not real. It's not real..." Just as she finished her thought, she heard the threads of her hoodie breaking up her side, around a creamy bra, and until the shards finally fell to the ground. Amber looked down at best as she could, in terror, and saw what the neighborhood saw. A creamy, lace hugged bra that pushed her breasts upward into place. The lacy seams covered her fully to their brink, but not fully enough as the cleavage engulfed the view.

She could feel her heart beating faster and her face blushing from all of the audience watching. By this time, several people had taken out their phones and started filming her exposure. Tearing and grinding, they all heard as Amber's pants ripping up her thighs to the point where the leftover fabric constricted around her ass like torn black boyshorts with bits of pink showing. The crowd started cheering on her last bit of dignity as it gave way to a few pieces of picked up jewelry and hugged her panty lines. Amber shrieked in horror of being caught and thinking of what might come next! With a swift pop, the blackness fell showing the curve of her hips holding wide banded pink lacy briefs with a purple heart in the center and simple pink lace that stretches across her rounded, pear-shaped ass. In her mind, she was mortified and begging to cover herself up. Ryki snapped his finger, stopping time except for Amber and moved within her sight. Ryki spoke plainly, "Well now... This is interesting! Women of my day never wore such revealing clothing underneath and, what's this???" He picked up some of the fallen jewels stolen earlier in the night. "Done nothing wrong tonight, eh? You lied to me. But, I think this scene has gone..." She interrupted, "Just stop talking and let me go! PLEASE!" "Well you see, you interrupted me, lied to me, and stole from an innocent family. I had thought about ending this here and now, but considering...the night is just getting started." Ryki explained and then disappeared from the view of the frozen audience, although Amber could still see and hear him. Ryki snapped his fingers and time resumed.

She begged, "Please don't do this, please!" The crowd, though cheering, was a little confused, but they didn't seem to mind. Ryki walked behind Amber and asked, "Now, how do we get this off of you? I know!" He extended his fingernails to a sharpened end and said, "This won't hurt a bit." Amber, again begged him, "I promise. I will NEVER steal or lie to anyone again if you would stop." She felt him gleaming over her right shoulder and doing something, "You promise?" Then, she heard the worst sound imaginable... SNIIPPP. Her right bra cup loosened and her breast bounced slightly downward as her strap followed suit. "PLEASE! I promise you!", she yelled. Ryki now stood over to her left side. RIIIPPPP. Her left cup loosened as well as her breasts both jiggled and her left fell alongside it's sister. Ryki asked her, "How do I know you're not lying to me now?" He glanced down at her bra snaps and read the tag out loud. "36C." "Hmmm... I wonder if I shouldn't make them bigger or...SMALLER!" "NO!", she screamed. He slapped her ass once from behind and said, "That's enough." Ryki grabbed her breasts in their near vulnerable state and began squeezing and lightly slapping them upward. To the crowd, this was bizarre since they couldn't see Ryki, but again most didn't give a damn. They were there for a show. Amber squealed until Ryki finally let go. "Amber, you wear such revealing things. Do all women now wear these?" "Usually, now will you let me go?" She answered. Ryki replied, "I don't think you're getting it, sweetheart, and speaking of hearts... I wonder how small is too small, let's find out!" "Noooo." She yelled back. Ryki placed his hands on her hips where the lacy bands of her panties rested and closely they began to narrow. He again placed his hands over the fabric of the panties and they slowly started shrinking. Ryki whispered in her ear, "I'm wondering if you've had an orgasm before." Amber, in her terrorized state, didn't answer back. "I also wonder what this crowd would think if you did." "Plllleesssee, don't humiliate me more than this." She replied back.

By now, the bands are becoming nothing more than strings. Ryki looked down and saw the fabric shrinking down together to the point of knowing for certain if she shaved or not. The back piece had also shrunk to the mid part of her cheeks and continued until her ass slid fully into view as her briefs became a small thong. "There now, that's a little better. A bit more like your taste, it seems like." Ryki taunted. "Let's see how sturdy those snaps are." Before Amber could respond, Ryki started blowing onto the snaps themselves. "What are you doing?!" She asked. He flicked the top snap and her bra shook slightly along with a small jiggle. The crowd was almost up in arms, waiting for the grand premiere. He touched the last snap, breaking it's hold and Amber looked down as her east-to-west 36C breasts bounced from their hold into plain view. Her nipples were small, soft, and lightly brown. She screamed once more and tried to cover herself, though she knew it were impossible. Ryki stood in front of her and quietly debated for a moment. He looked closer to her nipples and without speaking stuck out his tongue and licked both. Amber moaned for a brief moment until she realized that her nipples were getting hard and longer than usual. They had grown half an inch and were becoming very sensitive period. Ryki stood back and was pleased.

Amber tried to control herself and the moaning, but she could have guessed that her barely-there thong was starting to soak with pleasure. Ryki decided it was time to test the panties this time. He snapped his fingers, and invisible hands appeared at her side. They both hung a finger into the once banded strings and began to tug-o-war outward. Each slight of pull shifted the lace, rubbing against her filling bottom lips and sending wonderful sensations throughout her body that Amber could not resist or control. She moans and started biting her lip. Ryki watched and so did the crowd with their phones waiting for the moment. It seemed an eternity of pulling as the hands tugged the strings several inches out until both SNAPPED at the same time. With the help of gravity, the small pink triangle slid down showing her moistened lips. Ryki looked at Amber and said, "Now, you're going to lose control." Amber's eyes became big, and the pleasure mounted above the fact she was stark naked in front of the neighborhood. Ryki nodded his head and Amber then appeared bound hand and foot to the hood of her car, then Ryki nodded again... Amber wouldn't dare think of controlling herself at this point. Her body inside was about to burst from the effects of aphrodisiac style magic. Nothing was touching her, but her body reacted as if someone was. Then, she began to moan loudly and squirted across the car hood itself. Sweaty, panting, and blushing, she heard Ryki once more, "If you mess up again, I'll be back to enjoy your pleasures once more. Until next time..." And then Ryki vanished from her sight. Amber felt her hands and feet come back into her abilities. She placed one arm over her tits and a hand over her clit, then jumped from the car landing on her feet showing the crowd some significant wiggling of her round ass. One from the neighborhood, who happens to be the owner of the home she robbed, yelled, "Thanks for the show! The cops are about to pull up any second and arrest your sweaty ass. Have fun in prison!"

Until the next Ryki encounter... Who will it be? What will she be doing? How will she be humiliated? We'll see. All suggestions are welcomed.

smjimmie1348 10-29-2017 09:09 AM

Hey awesome story , and great choice having her wear those panties I'm gonna send you a message with my suggestion .

bulldog_y2k 10-29-2017 09:38 AM

Thanks, I appreciate that. I got it and replied back. I'll do some more, if not today then this week.

smjimmie1348 10-29-2017 09:43 AM

Your welcome , awesome I replied back , as well and ok I can't wait thank you so much .

bulldog_y2k 10-29-2017 05:54 PM

The Next Morning

Ryki, now searching for the jewel of his vase, silently walked the perimeter of the home that Amber robbed. The stone wasn't precious to him by money value but instead was symbolic to his holding of centuries. It was his, and he was determined to get back his possession. While walking, he overheard a woman celebrating as if she had won the lottery. She stated, "I just came back from the Tiffany's, and they bought the stone for $100,000!!!" Ryki couldn't blame her after all, there's no way she could have known, but it was time to go after it. Ryki walked the streets of Beverly Hills, studying the men walking around. Ryki knew that if he wanted to be accepted into modern society, he'd have to appear as a normal man and so with thought, he groomed his beard and a spiky hairstyle along with a regular button down and jeans. Anyone now would just think of him as an ordinary man. He finally made it to Rodeo Drive where he was astonished at the gold sights and fixtures surrounding him. He glanced through window shops, seeing the different variety of clothing and then he saw "Tiffany & Co." "This must be the place," he thought to himself. Ryki crossed the street and noticed a bright red Ford Mustang pull to the curb just shy to the business. He did not give it much mind and entered the store.

The Shaming of Stephanie and Brittney

Ryki walked around the room, glancing at all the rings and jewels, and the door entrance chime rang. There stood a short 5'3 dark-haired woman dressed very professional in a dark grey blazer with a silk button-down white blouse modestly showing underneath along with a matching grey knee-length skirt and high heels. Her clothes were fitted which perfectly showed a subtle tone figure. There was something about her, something that Ryki couldn't place. He had not much experience with this society, but there was the perception of the upper class in her dressing along with a hint of deception with her actions. She walked up to the leading display case and began studying its content--comparing and studying each piece. Ryki quietly observed her in glances and by ear. She was approached by the attendant saying, "Hello. Is there anything I can show you?" "No. I'm fine. Thanks." She replied. As the attendant turned away, Ryki noticed something strange. The woman began surveying what appeared to be the security system and cameras and jotting down quick notes on her hand. As elegantly as possible, the woman made her way to the door and out of the store. Ryki was curious, and so he vanished from sight and followed her outside where she was getting in the Mustang. He nodded his head and transported to the cramped backseat and listened in. The woman started out, "Brittney, there's a lot of fucking money in this if we play it right. I saw several stones and one, in particular, appeared to be exceptionally pricey." Brittney, the driver, was tanned woman in her mid-20's with a brown ponytail. She dressed like a Californian with her navy blue halter top and black yoga pants. "We need to plan this out, Stephanie. We can't just walk in there, obviously." Brittney replied back. Ryki thought to himself, "So Stephanie is this fair lady's name. Hmmm." "Shit! The model number of the alarm pad I wrote down has smeared. I don't recall which one it was. I'll be right back..." Stephanie proclaimed. Ryki realized that they planned to rob the store some time night, but he wasn't going to wait around for them to take what was his.

Stephanie opened the door and stepped out toward the store's glass door, but it wouldn't open. "That's strange," she said. She knocked on the glass with no response from inside and then proceeded to pound on the door as if she were the owner herself. Ryki walked up to her and politely said, "I think they're closed." Stephanie looked at him angrily and said, "At 10 am?! I was just in there a moment ago, you idiot." Ryki replied, "Now there's no need for name calling." She then ignored the stranger and glared through the open windows. "I see people in there," she said. "Why won't they answer me?!" Ryki was just itching for another opportunity to set an example. "What was it with thieves these days? I'm not a crime-stopper, but I'll be damned if I don't have fun with someone who needs to be taught a lesson!" About this time, a strong gust of wind blew her direction, but this was no ordinary breeze. The wind carried small red dots to the visible eye, and they were known only to Ryki as silk-eaters since he was the one that thought them up. The gust swept through Stephanie's jacket pulling the buttons from their slots and tossing them aside. Her jacket fluttered in the air right before she pulled it back around her torso. "What was that?", She asked herself. This caught the attention of Brittney, still waiting on her from the car. Stephanie shook off what had happened and again beat on the door. "This shit isn't funny! Someone open the door!" The half-snoozed security guard eased that way of the door, but the door wouldn't open for him either. "Are you fucking with me?! Couldn't you guys hear me from inside?? OPEN the damn door!" The security guard opened his mouth, but nothing was being heard. It was if the sound wasn't making it through either way of the door and the door itself was stuck. "What are you saying??", Stephanie asked as she watched his eyes stare at her blazer. She finally looked down and saw what was happening. Red dots were swarming in and out of the layers of her blazer. Stephanie began flailing her arms to no effect. RIIIIIIPPPPPP She looked to her left arm and with amazement, the sleeve tattered at the top place of her shoulder and fell to the cement. "WHAT?!", Stephanie shouted. Again she heard, RIIIIPPPPPP and the blazer tore vertically at the right side of her collar and all the way down the jacket. She reached around herself instinctively, trying to protect her coat from further destruction, but it was no use. In fact, her movement weakened the blazer further and pulled it completely apart. The red dot, silk eaters were chewing through the threads so quickly that before she could react, the remaining seams gave way and the rest of the jacket slid down off of her. Stephanie was stoned in place, in shock of what just happened. She wasn't able to explain it, but she knew it was time to leave.

She started running toward the car and Ryki waved his hand. "What the hell? Why won't the car door open???" She wondered. Her friend, Brittney, saw she was struggling to get in and tried to open the door from the inside, but it simply wouldn't budge. So, she took out the keys from the car and stepped out to try and help. Ryki was not going to let them escape, and he was naturally curious about what they were wearing underneath. "Let's play with Brittney for a moment." He thought. He couldn't help but notice her wide bubble butt shifting so easily with yoga pants. "How should I remove them," he wondered. The cement sidewalk rumbled and crumbled beside the store, and the ground opened up to a strong and tall oak tree that now lurched overhead. "Let's try it this way," Ryki said with a smile. The branches and limbs were smooth, not ridged as if it were to harm someone, no that was not their intent. Both girls looked at each other and began running down the sidewalk.

In an instant, the branches became alive and extended themselves to grab both by the waists. The girls yelped when they realized that they were no longer able to run and tried unraveling the limbs from their bodies. "That's not going to help, ladies. I think this tree wants something from you, Brittney." Ryki shouted as the branches reversed themselves to the tree, dragging the girls back to the base of the store. Both looked horrified at each other as Brittney replied, "It wants something from me???" "Mhhmmm," Ryki mumbled. Suddenly the branches lifted Brittney off the ground and flipped her upside down with noticeable jiggle to back side of her yoga pants and a small bounce of her small perky mounds still hidden by the elastic of her navy halter top. There she hanged by her ankles helpless as Stephanie was forced to watch. The crowd outside was at first shaken by the sight of a miraculous tree grow from nothing, but some did find the courage to film across the street. "Who are you and what do you want??" Stephanie asked. "The name's Ryki. I'm a genie my dear, and I want to give you your fame!" Both girls looked puzzled by what he meant, but both knew that it wasn't good. Ryki stared at Brittney's ass in her black yoga pants and said, "Those are so tight, and they make your ass look so appealing." "What you pervert?!" She responded. "Now, now... I'm just making observations and speaking of observations..." Additional branches grew from the tree and Brittney's eyes grew large when she felt them wrapping and sliding down to her knees and then passing her juicy thighs. Each branch tightened and twisted causing ruptures along the fabric of her yoga pants. Brittney screamed hoping someone would help, but no one dared. They were too busy filming and now earnestly waiting. The branches continued sawing into the fabric itself while leaving Brittney's tanned legs smooth and coming into view. When the branches stopped, there was nothing but black filaments falling from the sky. The few began to cheer and dial their friends to watch the show. It wasn't long before more people began showing up either. People flooded in by the 10's, and 20's to watch and make YouTube videos out of Stephanie's and Brittney's situation. Brittney's yoga pants were now booty shorts in comparison. Ryki yelled up, "I don't think it's finished and I for one hope not!" Brittney shook and screamed as loudly as she could muster as branches grew once again and ran themselves up her thigh, following the crevices leading under her yoga shorts and around the band holding them up. Brittney felt one of the branches slid too closely for her private comfort, in which, forced Brittney to moan slightly. "Well, I believe she's enjoying herself up there," Ryki proclaimed. Ryki nodded, and suddenly the branches peeled down the band that showed a bright yellow layer underneath. "What was it?" Ryki wondered. Slowly, the band pulled further down to midway and Ryki's eye enlarged. "She's wearing a yellow yoga thong?!" He shouted! Her face turned bright red in embarrassment, and she tried covering herself with her hands, but it was no use. More limbs grew out and wrapped around her hands before she could manage it. Ryki wanted to watch her ass jiggle some more, so he snapped his fingers and the limbs, now holding the black remnants at the bottom of her ass cheeks, began to shake up-and-down. Brittney's bubble butt twerked, flowing uncontrollably, upward and then down. She screamed in horror knowing all eyes were upon her.

Stephanie spoke up and said, "Hey asshole, leave her alone!" Ryki glazed toward Stephanie's direction. "So, you're upset because you're not getting any attention?" Stephanie looked at Brittney's ass still shaking and said hesitantly, "Noo..nooo." Ryki gleaned his focus on Stephanie's breasts. "Hmmm. Small, but perky." "Hey, don't you even think about it asshole," Stephanie responded. "I don't think you have any options, my dear." Ryki smiled. He walked over and looked at the numerous buttons holding Stephanie's silk white blouse in place. There were 8 or 9 of them as he counted with the top button unhitched. Ryki reached out toward Stephanie, with her shaking against the branches in futile attempts to break free. With Stephanie paying close attention, he rubbed the second button. The button easily lost the ability to remain attached and snapped right off. Her shirt opened slightly, but barely enough to see any cleavage. She pleaded, "Let me go! You can do whatever you want with her, but just please don't do this!" Ryki smiled and continued. He began playing with the third button, circling it around and around. The strings became bare and weak and finally gave way to the motion. The top of her perky breasts followed by a small canyon of cleavage and peaks of a light pink bra. Stephanie gasped and then lost her attention to a scream from Brittney as the branches holding the last of her yoga pants pulled them straight past her thick thighs to her ankles. Brittney now could feel the cool breeze slipping over the only thing left covering her womanhood. Her yellow yoga thong could not hide the growing sight of her lips as they filled. Stephanie had lost all focus on Ryki, but he had never stopped playing with her buttons. When she comes to, she looked down to the sight of the third and fourth button completely gone. Her shirt was breezing open and now premiering a strapless, semi-mesh, light pink bra that formed half-over her breasts and lifted them up for all to see. Although Stephanie would never admit it, she surprisingly felt turned-on by her exposure. Ryki licked his lips and said, "Mhmmm. That's what I'm talking about." Before Stephanie could respond, limbs grew from around her, grasping the blouse itself and tearing it completely off her chest. Stephanie yelped as she felt the overpowering "arms" forcibly take her shirt. Her breasts were firm and well placed in their cups, but that still didn't keep them from a slight wave of bounce when her shirt was yanked. If your spectating eyes were to focus on the cups, you could make a hint of her nipples poking through the material.

Ryki now ran his eyes down her chest and to her knee-high skirt. He smiled as she showed a mix of pleasure and terror on her face. The crowd furiously cheered him on... Ryki snapped his fingers once more and to the side of Stephanie's skirt appeared a small, but a distinct magnet. She looked puzzled, but that was short lived. Her skirt had a metallic snap and zipper to the side. The cloth pulled away from her hip, showing a glimpse of white silk underneath, but that's as far as it went. Stephanie sighed in relief, but then she blinked a few times, and suddenly a more massive magnet appeared. The cloth pulled closer and closer until PIIINNNNGG the snap had lost it's integrity. Her skirt was now vulnerable, and the magnet was pulling the zipper closer as well. PPPPIIIIINNNNGGG POP PIIINNNG POP The skirt's zipper ripped away, and her skirt elegantly slipped down her well-defined legs. Ryki, once again, checked her out and she wore a loose white silk slip that pushed mid-thigh. "Well isn't that nice. You have underwear over your underwear!" Ryki jokingly said. Stephanie did not say a word. The blush on her face told it all, but she knew he knew she was secretly enjoying it.

"Oh Brittney, my dear..." Shouted Ryki. The limbs that had her bound now flipped her back over to normal, but instead of holding her by her wrists, they grabbed the thick sides of her yellow yoga thong to brace her weight. Thankfully for Brittney, they were durable. Brittney whimpered and cried out both in pleasure and pain. The straps were now past her belly button, the once large triangle of stretchy material was now showing small parts of her browned strip down below. On Brittney's back side, the material stretched to the point where lines were only visible followed by an even small triangle than the front. Her ass jiggled as she moved about. Ryki taunted Brittney, "What I did to her, I'm about to do to you. That little shirt is in for it's due." Brittney screamed, "NO!" as her feet kicked at the crowd and her ass continued its dance in the sky. "I would stop moving, if I were you," Ryki stated. He magically drew out a gun from his pocket, aimed, and fired blue smoke in her shirt's direction. Brittney froze in place from her fear of what would happen. She starts noticing her halter top beginning to harden up to the point of it detailing the shape of her tits. The crowd could see all of what was happening to her shirt. One guy yelled out, "Hey baby! That's not the only thing that's getting hard!" "You shut the fuck up," she responded with a kick and punch of anger. It was enough; the shirt showed lines of cracking all around. Brittney knew she had fucked up. Ryki walked up to her feet and motioned the limbs to lower her just a bit. He looked at Brittney and said, "These look delicious. I can't wait to see..." Then, he tapped her shirt followed by the shattering sound of ice. Her chest was wet from the ice spell, and the crowd swarmed around snapping photos. Brittney looked down to her slightly swooping cupped breasts. If she wore a bra, they would have filled a 34B. Her pink areola triangled upward toward the sky like a half-risen pyramid and her nipples stood a quarter inch proudly from the base. The horror shocked Brittney further, and she laid still in helpless embarrassment.

The crowd kept cheering Ryki on, and he couldn't help, but wonder what Stephanie was hiding under that silk slip. He thought, "Was it bikini style, a thong, something smaller if there was something smaller...?" He glanced to Stephanie who was at the time still distracted by Brittney and snapped his fingers. Stephanie quickly snapped back into her world when she realized her hands were now loosened. She almost lost her balance when she figured out that her ankles, however, were still bound. "What are you doing?!" She asked. "Having fun," he replied. Ryki snapped his fingers again and pointed down at Stephanie's white silk slip. It was as if Ryki was changing the fabric itself, though, it would still look mainly the same. She watched as the bottom of her slip transformed into something like white metal, and it continued to creep toward her waist. She took hold of the elastic band still apart of the silk material and held with all of her strength. The wave of change made it up further and making Stephanie bend moderately at the waist as well as strain against the increasing weight. She began to sweat beads of water, and they ran down her chest and into the small space of her cleavage. "The metal was now almost up to the elastic band, and I can't lose this silk! Everyone will see! I wouldn't be able to bare it!" Stephanie thought in passion. Ryki, now with a large grin, turned to the people and said, "Are you ready to see? Are you ready to see what Stephanie is wearing under her underwear?!" The crowd went WILD!

Stephanie continued to give it all she had, her small breasts slightly rebounding with every pulled motion. The metal crept up to her waistband and shifted it completely to utter white shaded metal following an tanking sound that you'd only hear from hitting metal. Stephanie could no longer hold the material and bolted past her thighs, then knees, and to the broken cement. The considerable crowd paused and gasped, suddenly burst out with laughter. Stephanie's face grew different shades of red, and she screamed as she covered herself up. Ryki snapped his fingers, "Noooo. That's not happening." Limbs flew to her wrists, and she pulled back with all of her might. Her hands kept giving peak-a-boo moments of what she was hiding until finally, more limbs pulled her hands back and above her head. The crowd continued laughing and snapping photos of Stephanie's exposed state. Ryki was wrong. It wasn't a small bikini cut or a thong. She was wearing matching semi-mesh light pink grannie panties! Ryki died laughing and walked around her. When he glanced, he lost his mind in laughter. He snapped his fingers once more, and Stephanie was now showing her loosely covered butt to the crowd, but the crowd couldn't make out what was on her panties. They were too loosened up. So, Ryki grabbed the back of her panties, with a yelp from Stephanie, and stretched them apart saying, "PRINCESS" in bold white lettering! The crowd, again, cried with laughter. Ryki turned Stephanie back to face the crowd and said, "I thought you were an upper-class lady! I didn't expect this though!" But, then something caught Ryki's eye. He bent down toward the front of her panties and noticed something else. He yelled back to the crowd, "Hey, check this out!" Ryki pulled on her panties, stretching them once more and there was a picture of a princess on the front. Everyone in the crowd was on the verge of pissing their pants at this point. Stephanie couldn't help but be embarrassed, but also felt extremely bothered from everyone discovering her secret. She did lash out by saying, "It's fucking laundry day! I didn't have anything else to wear! Ryki, you asshole!" The almost forgotten, Brittney, spoke up in agreement with her, "Yeah, you asshole! How dare you strip and humiliate us!" Ryki looked at Brittney and said, "You both have called me an asshole, and maybe I am, but one thing I'm not is done with you both!!"

Both girl's eyes lit up! At that time, a mattress appeared right below Brittney, though she couldn't see it. He clapped his hands and the limbs that gripped her tightened yellow yoga mini-thong began to dance up and down, causing her weight to shift and her breasts to lift somewhat up and drop from the motion. Her thong was durable, but not that durable and with an SNNNNAPPPP sensation felt by Brittney, the left side gave way first with a downward motion of its fabric briefly showing her browned strip of pubic hair. In almost the same instance, the right side gave up as well, and her thong remained with the limbs as Brittney crashed ass first into the mattress. Stephanie began to speak, and Ryki quickly nodded with a command to the limbs. Immediately they reacted and stuck Brittney's broken thong in Stephanie's mouth! She tried to spit it out, but couldn't and did nothing but mutter. He looked at Stephanie and surveyed her body, then decided one more act. He spoke up and said, "I want to strip you like Brittney, but I think I like you better wearing what you have, except one final thing..." Again, her eyes went big, and he clapped his hands. A large container appeared above both girls and tilted completely over. It was honey! It splattered and covered both girls as it SLOWLY ran down every surface on their bodies. The honey was cooled, and so Stephanie's body reacted the same way Brittney's did to the cool breeze. Her semi-mesh bra now fully displayed her half-dollar sized areolas and erect nipples. Also, her matching grannies displayed much of the same except she was shaven. The crowd once again went up like a storm in laughter. Naked Brittney decided since she was free that it was time to mush out of here. "Wrong again, Brittney," Ryki said. Limbs grew quickly to catch her by both ankles and wrists, then bent her over a larger branch with her bubble ass covered in honey and facing the crowd. Ryki laughed and said, "Now it's time for your spanking!" Brittney whelped as limbs took turns popping her ass as Ryki and the crowd enjoyed the recoiling effect of every strike. He walked back up to Stephanie and said, "The boys in blue are coming, and they'll find both of your notes on today. They might arrest you or lick you up first, then again, the guys in the crowd with a bulge in their pants might lick you up first. HAHAHA! Until next time!" And then he vanished.

He thought to himself, "I wonder if they are scholars left in this world. I need to find a place of study." He reappeared near a city police department station and asked directions to the nearest school.
The police officer told him, "UCLA is right down the street. Here are the directions."

smjimmie1348 10-29-2017 07:01 PM

Awesome story
Awesome story just one question where was the apprehension from the police , and will we see Stephanie in a future installment .

bulldog_y2k 10-29-2017 07:56 PM

We don't physically see the cops arrive, unravel the limbs from their extremities, and slap cuffs on, but we do know Ryki purposely re-bound Brittney in the end to prevent her escape. He also says that the cops are coming and that they'll find the notes left by Ryki. There is a possibility that we might see Stephanie again, but I guarantee you that Ryki will not go as easy on her if she acts out.

smjimmie1348 10-29-2017 08:25 PM

Oh ok go ahead , and write her acting out she can take it , but how can we have more embarassing panties then pink granny panties with the words princess on the front , and the back .

bulldog_y2k 10-29-2017 09:28 PM

Haha. Ok. We'll see if they cross paths again and if they do, you'll have to wait and see. There are a number of things right off bat I can think of worse than granny panties.

smjimmie1348 10-29-2017 11:09 PM

Oh ok I don't mind waiting , but as for what could be worse send me a note please regarding that and future installments .

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