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mdot 09-08-2011 02:36 PM

Additional Reading is full of ENF/EUF stories. A lot of them are interactive stories. Here are some of the ones I've found:

Most humiliating day ever

Horrible Punishment

Evil Sister

Adventures of a Chubby Naked Young Woman

Heatherís Naked Adventure

Ericaís Great Adventure

The Adventures of Forgetful Lilly

Public Exposure

Park Rangerís Predicament

And here's a site filled with more stories:

rsw's ENF Story Archive

cerindclvr 09-09-2011 04:06 AM

thanks for the list -- i love these things...

found this one too -- it's pretty awesome but apparently needs some love

cerindclvr 09-10-2011 05:04 PM

I've already added a few and intend to add more -- i love the set up, and the descriptions of the girls are perfect, almost all encompassing the various aspects of ENF. There's not a lot going for it right now, though, I gotta say!

I sorted through just about all of the initial situations and only a few are deeply fleshed out, and even fewer have any roots at all! I endeavor to fix this sir.

Alice seems to be my favorite, though they're all great. Michelle's 'device' (her denial complex) is pretty awesome and not seen enough in general. ("impossible, I can't be naked in public, that's ridiculous..." *slow, dawning horror* "oh my gawd!")
I'm pretty proud of my addition to Michelle's story here, lol:

The Equalizer 09-10-2011 11:06 PM

Found four I like.

cerindclvr 09-11-2011 04:59 AM

well, you gonna keep us in suspense equalizer?

i definitely have to start one of these things... but what about? it's so easy to just add to a preexisting one...

cerindclvr 09-12-2011 04:39 AM

I've done it
OK, I decided I couldn't resist creating an interactive story based on my ENFeria Chronicles series, which you can find somewhere in this fiction forum if you read it and decide you like this kind of thing.

Here's the link to the interactive story -- it's taken a lot of work just to get teh bones in place, so I hope you all find yourselves with a desire to flesh it out with me. I think it's pretty good stuff so far, but thoughts comments criticisms and ideas are all loved.


cerindclvr 09-12-2011 08:45 PM

The story is up and has some flesh to it! please join me and knock yourselves out..!

Though I've left room for other girls, the four 'default' girls you can choose to experience the story from the perspective of are as follows:

Janna is an elven ranger girl hailing from the Western Woods. Upon arriving in Enferia she found herself subject to made up fines and taxes, which she suspected had something to do with the fact that she was an attractive young girl of some talent. When she was unable to pay, she was given the convenient option to work several years of hard labor in the notoriously harsh prison system, or, as it was put to her: "compete in a series of arena games involving your archery and the magical skills you possess." Later she would find out what exactly that meant -- stripping another duelist completely naked. She's not entirely comfortable with the idea; though she's suspected she might fancy girls for some time, she's sexually inexperienced and generally withdrawn. Given that she's also fairly modest, like many elves, and doesn't take too well to the idea of showing her body to thousands of strangers, so she reluctantly decided to try the arena.
Janna is petite and lithe, with large, bright blue eyes and short, almost feathery blond hair. With a wide, charming smile and an innocent demeanor, she's bound to be a hit with the arena fans. The teenage elf typically wears light fitting, mottled blue and green clothing that she used to favor in the mild woods of her homeland. Pale thighs show from beneath the bottom of her tunic, and her dark blue-green boots protect her slender calves and delicate feet from the hot arena sand. She's known to fight with bow and arrow, her hunting knife, and a small selection of magical talents that typically have to do with manipulating nature or enchanting her arrows. Janna shoots arrows of blazing fire, or sometimes arrows that split into ten different arrows mid-flight, and occasionally arrows that will curve and fly in circles around foes until they find their garments completely shredded.

Selena the Wicked probably deserves to be in the arena. She was accused of stealing vast amounts of jewelry from the nobility, and she in fact did. Before that she was mugging people in the streets and abusing her magic powers to humiliate people that crossed her. A noblewoman once nearly trampled her on horseback, oblivious to the 'peasantry' that was Selena in her path. Not long after that the noblewoman was found riding at a breakneck pace through the streets on a suddenly wild horse, totally nude and magically bound to her runaway steed with glowing enchanted shackles, screaming "heeelp meee!" in a most ridiculous fashion as her plump ass bounced up and down in the saddle.
Selena the Wicked favors black clothes to contrast with her fair skin, and. though she's hard and has seen her share of both real and arena combat, is quite exotically beautiful to behold. Her silky black hair is seen in a variety of styles that changes from match to match -- one day its spiky and boyish, the next day she has flowing braids down to her curvaceous ass. Selena's tattoos are similar in that they shift and change, even though they're usually black and resemble tribal tattoos; she has some intricate markings that highlight her cheekbones and exotic, almond shaped eyes. From the stands, those kohl lined eyes seem black as night, though in truth they're a deep, rich brown. Their almond shape makes it hard to determine Selena's origins -- she was in fact an orphan. Often she's forced to wear sl*tty and revealing black clothing that would get a woman stoned to death in some small medieval towns -- not that she's particularly easily embarrassed by a bit of tit popping out, but being laughed at and being a stark naked loser are things she REALLY doesn't like, and bitterly recalls a few rather humiliating losses in her past.
Selena is a practiced sorceress in a variety of ways, but her specialties are stealth, illusion, and trickery. She prefers to lead her opponents into magical traps rather than attack them outright, though she has been known to simply knock her foe down with a shove from time to time and yank their bottoms off of their kicking feet.

Rose is a common girl, a tavern wench. Characteristically clumsy, Rose had the misfortune of serving one of the Queen's agents when they were slumming it at the small bar in which she worked. She was nervous, as she often gets, when she gathered that some very important people were trying to have a discreet meeting, and she was serving them! Naturally, the poor girl spilled an entire tray of ale upon the table and down the shirt of a hooded, raven haired woman. Despite her profuse apologies and begging, thought she was going to be fired or humiliated right there. The truth was far worse. Until she has suffered "one hundred times the insult" she committed to the table of spies, she must fight in the arena. While Rose's fights tend to be one-sided, she's a fan favorite and has gotten astoundingly lucky a time or two in her handful of fights.
Rose is an adorably bumbling red head with long hair often found in a ponytail or two. Curvaceous to an almost 'healthy' degree, Rose has a very voluptuous, supple figure for a girl of five feet, and is often dressed in horrible revealing parodies of peasant girl or tavern wench dress. Flimsy, sheer skirts with no panties... overly tight peasant blouses with pre-weakened stitching... and one time all she was given nothing but a set of serving trays and some belts with which to try and secure them to her body. The arena managers do not take it easy on Rose and make a point of placing her up against far better opponents. As a modest common girl, every competition horrifies her still, and she is mortified of being naked. This is unfortunate because it's practically inevitable every match -- Rose knows no magical spells or abilities and is only given a bread knife with which to fight. The one time she got lucky, she tripped as she was charging her foe and cleaved the woman's robe off from collar to crotch in one clumsy swipe. Needless to say, the crowd was elated, despite the fact that they usually come to see her lose her clothing.

Christie the "Grey" is a witch of profound magical power and another arena favorite. A mysterious, supposedly ancient witch and a true veteran of the pit, she's only been disrobed on a few noteworthy occasions when her curse kicks in. Her fights tend to be one sided in her favor, unless her weakness takes hold. Christie is cursed to always find herself wearing the same dress, after a long enough time. The dress resembles a gauzy, tattered and dirty wedding gown that only comes down to the middle of her toned, thick thighs. She's tried to repair the garment since she seems to be stuck with it, so that it doesn't look like someone took time to deliberately shred it and reveal slightly tan, taut skin beneath, or maybe so that part of her hard, dark pink nipple wasn't sticking out. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for everyone else, she always seems to end back up in that flimsy dress. The exact reasons are unknown to the crowd, adding to her mystery, but the fact that it seems to be a wedding dress, shredded up by the silvery metal claws she sometimes brings into the arena, leads to any number of speculations. Anything from "I hear she was to be wed to a beautiful princess in secret, they'd fallen in love y'see, but when Christie didn't show up to the wedding, the fates cursed her to forever remember the wedding day and the shame the scorned princess had felt," to "nah, it's just a style thing -- Christie's powerful enough not to be duped by no curse! She's bloody ancient!" to "the dress is the source of her power -- if she gets rid of it forever, she'll turn into just a normal woman!"
She truly is one of the more striking arena veterans and currently has the best record of wins. Commonly appearing in a flurrying cyclone of sand, Christie's mane of dark blond curls come into view first, followed by smooth bare shoulders lightly kissed by the sun. Her features are near angelic from high cheekbones to full, dark lips. But not her eyes, which seem to have dark gold-grey irises that dance with mischief and lust. Her body, as showcased by the revealing dress, is perfect. Her figure is hourglass with a hint of athleticism in her thighs and tummy, her hips are supple and grippable, her breasts ample and perky but not too large, with easily aroused nipples, and her bottom is tight but full and bubbly.
Christie uses every manner of spell, being creative when she feels like it, and occasionally just using the metal claws strapped to the backs of her hands to strip her opponents. She is the epitome of whimsy with a twisted sense of justice -- she'll let her opponents know if she respects them or not and take their time in tormenting the haughty. By all accounts she is an ancient sorceress and her power reflects this, although her dress itself is very susceptible to damage and will often betray her in subtle ways -- snagging on a bush or unraveling slowly over the course of the match. This has happened a few times to reveal a lacy white thong underneath and nothing else. Besides her scandalous undergarment, dress, and claws, she wears nothing save for simple leather sandals that lace up her exquisite calves.

two of the girls don't have much to work with yet, but the story format is really accessible -- I dont care much where you take it thought naturally i prefer if the story focuses on the girls stripping each other in the arena. The other girls (Christie in particular) probably give the best idea of how the fights tend to go... though once again it's a free-form story, so go crazy

tl; dr

the PoV girls are as follows
janna - innocent elven ranger girl, uses magic arrows
selena - trickery and magic using rogue, dark and smoky hot
rose - hapless and innocent, clumsy tavern girl, no magic powers, pretty much exists to be stripped
christie - sexy, blond, powerful, mysterious witch with the cursed dress, an arena favorite

go nuts and enjoy!

mdot 09-24-2011 11:52 AM

Celeb ENF

Nude at the rock concert

Derelict 09-26-2011 05:39 PM

Can I use this thread to plug my interactive tale called "A New Dawn... of Humiliation"?

It's a supernatural type of story which some of you may like... and might add to! :)


mdot 09-26-2011 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by Derelict (Post 1029293)
Can I use this thread to plug my interactive tale called "A New Dawn... of Humiliation"?

It's a supernatural type of story which some of you may like... and might add to! :)


That's okay. Anyone can post links to stories here that aren't on OCC.

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