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Old 02-07-2009, 12:31 AM
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Default My Wife's First Threesome

True Story - My Wife's First Threesome
It must have been about 1 AM; there we were, the three of us, sitting in the living room and talking and joking about the evening and about our shared history. As always seemed to happen when John was in the mix, some of the banter was about getting naked and about group sex and I knew that he would test the limits, that my wife would play along with the joke and then firmly put him in his place. So, imagine my astonishment when, instead, she said...well, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let's back up and put a framework around this event.
The evening had begun simply enough. John was spending some vacation time with my wife and I, as he did pretty much every year. Well, actually, it used to be "couples" vacation time with John's wife visiting us as well until a few years back when John pissed Patti off with a tasteless remark that suggested he'd dress up to impress my wife, Jenny, but didn't need to work so hard with Patti after 13 years. Somehow, Jenny & I ended up being blamed for that and Patti stopped coming with John on these trips. Perhaps I'll try and help make some sort of sense out of that in another story. So, anyway, the evening began with dinner for the three of us plus Jenny's younger sister, Samantha. There's a story or two there as well, involving Samantha and John on previous vacations. Suffice to say that there were multiple levels of sexual energy and flirtation going on. After dinner, we lingered in the beach bar/restaurant enjoying the conversation and music. Samantha had this running joke about how she could always fall back on pole dancing in a gentleman's club to pay her tuition if her student loans fell short (an enormous turn-on to hear this from this petite, smart, seemingly-shy college senior). As she would say, she had the boobs for it, and she did. Both she and my wife were blessed with breasts that were impossible to ignore on their short-waisted Irish-girl frames. Samantha was just drunk enough to demonstrate this on one of the wooden columns supporting the roof of the bar's patio, languidly grasping the pole, leaning back and swiveling her hips to the reggae beat. John could drink like a sailor on shore leave and he was successful in convincing the girls to keep pace, ordering sweet drinks with sexually-charged names. I was the designated driver, observing all of this with a clear head.
Unfortunately (or so it seemed), Samantha insisted on calling it a night around midnight and we dropped her off at her apartment. Like dozens of other evenings, John and Jenny & I ended up sitting around a dimly lit room, music in the background, telling and retelling stories of our past. Some of these included adventures from the days before I knew Jenny, including the college days that John and I shared and experiences involving John, Patti, Kim (my first wife) and me. Jenny knew about one memorable evening when the teasing and flirting ended up in the real thing: a five-way group scene with the four of us and a mutual (male) college friend. Although Jenny was willing to listen to a few references to this scene and others, she had made it very clear in the past that she would NEVER be willing to do anything but talk about it. This particular evening, I was mildly surprised when the typical passing remark about wild sexual times with the gang from college days elicited not a change in subject from Jenny, but instead some questions. She wanted to know just how that five-way got started, and so John and I filled in the details how everybody but Patti had been ready to jump in for months and how we tested John's impression that the time had finally come by getting involved in a sophomoric game involving blindfolds, kissing and guessing who the kisser was. This account led, again, not to the expected shut-down but more questions from Jenny. John and I talked about how incredible it was to see our wives breaking the rules and immersing themselves in the sexual moment, how beautiful they looked caught up in an ecstatic encounter with our friends. And then Jenny shattered every preconception that I carried into the conversation. She said, "I've always wondered what it would feel like, to be with more than one person at a time." I was speechless for a moment, but John was true to his lifetime pattern of always, always pushing the envelope. Without missing a beat, he said, "Would you like to find out?" My heart skipped a beat as she mulled it over. "Yeah" Jenny replied, "Yeah, I think I would." My heart continued to misbehave, racing now, and I felt pressure building in my crotch. "Jesus," I thought, "This is a side of her I never knew was there." I reached over to her, pulled her to her feet and kissed her, slow and deep. Then I turned her and held her from behind as John kissed her, stooping a little to fit his 6-foot frame to her 5-foot-1-inch one. I ground myself against her as he urgently pressed his body into hers, rubbing her up and down. Patti, John's absent wife, is another cute Irish girl, dark red hair, big smile, but built different from Jenny, slim with small firm breasts. I know that John had drooled for years over Jenny's differences, the over-abundant tits, the womanly hips and ass, the chestnut hair and small girlish mouth.
As we continued to caress Jenny, I gradually peeled her top up and over her head. Our hands roamed over her skin and over the black satin bra that remained. John's hands explored her waist and then slid down inside the back of her jeans, I cupped her breasts from behind and felt her large nipples harden beneath the slippery fabric of the bra. Then Jenny jerked as if hit with an electric shock and blurted, "Wait, I don't think I can do this." John stepped back and waited as I turned her to me. "OK," I said, "If it doesn't feel right, we can stop." "It's too much, I...I can't. I don't think it's right." John and I both soothed her, "It's OK. We only want to do this if you feel comfortable with it." "I'm sorry," she whispered, "I'm so sorry, John. Bill, please help me get upstairs." In our bedroom, I was comforting her and was prepared to let it go, but she was ambivalent: "I want to, I'm just not sure it feels right. Are you OK?" I reassured her that I was more than OK with the idea of a threesome, that I was in fact enormously turned on by the thought, but that it was OK if she needed to pull the plug. She wouldn't let it go, though. So I murmured over and over, "It'll be OK if we do. I love you so much, and I will still love you as much after seeing you with him. I want you to feel this; I know what it's like and you deserve to know too." "All right," she finally said, "I really do want to, if you're sure that you're going to be OK." I whispered in her ear, "I know I'll be OK. Let's go downstairs to the guest bedroom."
I took her by the hand and led her down the stairs. She was a little unsteady from all the alcohol and, I'm sure, the conflicting emotions bouncing around her brain. I knocked on the guest room door and then opened it. The lights were out, but we could see John lying on the bed, naked, fondling his cock. “We talked about it and Jenny changed her mind.” I said. “That's fantastic!” John said, his voice low and thick with excitement. I pulled Jenny all the way through the door and watched her face as she looked at John's naked body. I saw her eyes fixate on his hard prick and imagined what she was thinking. I'm average or slightly above, and John is not huge but he's both a little longer and noticeably thicker than me. Her eyes followed as he rose from the bed, illuminated by the light from the living room, his cock bouncing in midair, heavy, firm. I moved behind her again and John kissed her, his hands fumbling with her tits. I reached around, unfastening her jeans and then pulled them down over her hips, carrying her black satin panties down her thighs. I felt her reach out and caress his penis and heard John's intake of breath at the sensation. Precum glistened on her fingers in the low light. As I worked the jeans the rest of the way off, John released the multiple hooks on her bra. Her boobs tumbled out and he thumbed her nipples, then bent to take one in his mouth. I stepped away just long enough to shed my own clothes, watching all the while as they explored each other. John grasped Jenny's shoulders and urged her onto her back on the bed. We both drank in the sight of her, heavy tits now swung out onto either side of her ribcage, pink nipples stiff. John kneeled, nudging her spread legs further apart and stretched out his tongue to lick the length of her drooling c*ntlips, parting them and seeking the bud of her clit. It was her turn to draw in a loud breath and I saw her start that familiar rhythm, hunching her hips up against his mouth.
I leaned against the side of the mattress and watched her face. Her mouth was open in an excited 'O' and her eyes were closed. Taking her hand, I brought her fingers to my engorged cock and she clutched me enthusiastically, beginning the stroke me in time with the dance she was doing with her hips. She moaned, “God, I LOVE oral sex.” John had two fingers in her pussy now and from the way she drew her heels up off of the bed, and splayed her thighs apart, I knew that he was stretching the back wall of her c*nt down toward her ass. She moaned wordlessly now and threw her head back; I knew her pussy was greedily spasming around his fingers as she came for the first time. John kept licking her as I crawled up onto the bed and nudged her lips with the head of my erection, smearing precum across her open, panting mouth. She turned her head and enveloped me with her lips. I reveled in that first intense touch for a moment, then thrust deeper as she caressed my cock with her tongue.
Jenny had never been able to overcome her gag reflex, so I resisted the urge to thrust all the way into her throat; instead I penetrated about halfway each time, slowly, feeling her work me with her lips and tongue. After a few minutes, she began a muffled moaning around my cock (always and forever the most erotic sound I can imagine) and then let me slip from her mouth as her body went rigid with her second orgasm. I lay down beside them and caressed her breasts and her belly as John rested his cheek on her inner thigh, teasing her by swiping his tongue ever so softly across the hood of her clitoris at random intervals and watching her jerk and twist as if from an electric shock.
“I think it's my turn now,” John whispered. He slid up onto the middle of the bed and lay on his back, his dick straining up into the air, reaching almost to his navel. Jenny rolled over onto her side and kissed him, slow and deep. I thought he might draw back, knowing that she had my precum still drying on her lips, but he kissed her back as if trying to devour her. She broke the kiss and trailed her lips down, across his chest, across his abdomen. She came to the shining glans and stretched out her tongue, cupping it and caressing underneath. Then, slowly, inexorably, she stretched her lips up and over the head, dropped her jaw and slid that monster into her mouth. She kept going and I thought, “Is this the turning point, where lust overcomes the natural reflexes?”. But no, she jammed about 2/3 of his cock into her face and then choked and pulled back. I was beside myself, seeing her lips stretched around his girth, watching her enjoy it as she picked up the pace and began plunging him into her mouth, using her left hand to squeeze and stroke the thick base of his shaft, saliva running down over her slick milking fingers. I reached out and stroked her ass and pussy, feeling how incredibly wet she was, her warm slippery girl-cum coating my fingers. I brought some to my lips and drank in the taste, the smell. John was hunching his hips up now, erratically, one hand grasping the back of her neck, begging her to go just a little deeper.
Abruptly, John pushed her head away. “I don't want to cum yet,” he said hoarsely. “I want to cum inside you.” He slid out from under her and she rolled onto her back again. I took the opportunity to plaster my mouth against her pussy and push my tongue as deep as I could. She made a soft cooing sound and pulled her heels up into the air again. I lifted her thighs up and out, opening her up and pulling her tight against my mouth. I strained with all my might, burying my tongue inside of her and twitching it. She jerked against me like a gaffed fish and grabbed my hair. Not wanting to let the energy die between my wife and my best friend, I then slid back and offered her writhing body to him.
The mattress dipped as he kneeled between her spread knees, still held up in the air. I watched avidly in the dim light as he grasped his engorged cock and rubbed it in the slippery mixture of saliva and c*ntjuice that coated the swollen entrance to Jenny's vagina. She gasped each time he hit her bulging clit at the top of each stroke. He then nestled it between her parted labia and jerked his hips forward, ramming half the length of that thick shaft into her c*nt and then stopping. Her legs popped further up into the air and then scissored down. “Oh Jesus!” Jenny grunted and her hands flew down to clutch at his ass. “Jesus, that's good!” She planted her feet on the bed and convulsively snapped her hips up, swallowing the rest of his cock in her pussy and grinding her mons against his pubic hair. This energized John instantly and he grabbed her tight little ass cheeks in both hands, rested his chest against her big rolling tits and started pumping his cock into her like a dog in heat. He even buried his head between her neck and shoulder like a dog while he humped her with complete abandon. I sat on the bed below them and watched this spectacle, gently smearing the precum that was constantly drooling from my cock over the head and shaft. I could see between Johns twitching thighs as his balls slapped against Jenny's asshole and the clutching mouth of her pussy stretched and swallowed his length and girth, seeming to have a yearning life of its own.
Considering the incredibly charged sexual atmosphere, the fulfillment of years of fantasy and desire, it's amazing how long John lasted. Jenny must have cum two or three more times while he fucked her in this missionary position before he finally picked up his pace and began slamming his cock into her with renewed abandon. “Uh, uh, uh, um, oh...I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum inside of you!” he said in a strangled voice. Jenny's only reply was to grunt more loudly with each thrust and to grab his shoulder blades and pull him down more tightly into her wildly heaving tits. He let out a prolonged guttural groan and rammed his cock all the way into her one more time and then held that position, vibrating like a bowstring as he pumped his cum deep inside her pussy. This was followed by a random series of jerking motions, each one again propelling his hips against her spread thighs with a soft slapping sound. He raised his upper body off of hers then and, lifting her thighs back up into the air, finished with an encore of short rapid thrusts, both of them grunting softly deep in their throats as he did this.
John collapsed gently back onto Jenny then, kissing her and murmuring “Thank you, thank you. God, you don't know how long I've been dreaming about these big fuckin' tits and about feeling you cum around my cock. I can't fuckin' believe it!” Jenny just giggled a little and said “Yeah, I DO know – you didn't exactly keep it a secret all of these years.”
I grabbed towels from the bathroom next door and they wiped the sweat from their faces and chests. Jenny moved as if to clean off her pussy, and I grabbed her wrist. “Leave it,” I said, and she got this very sexy expression on her face, eyes half-hooded, mouth falling open slightly. I reached down between her legs and slipped a finger into her cum-drenched vagina. She twitched and gasped. There was a small pool of semen under ass, and yet her c*nt was still saturated with cum. John must have pumped a month's worth (now that I think of it, more like several years' worth) of sperm into her. I brought my finger up, dripping with cum. I put two fingers of my other hand into her; she twitched and gasped again, then started that telltale hip-hunching motion again. “You know what to do with this,” I whispered to her, sliding the coated finger between her lips. “Mmmm...uh! Uh, uh!” she moaned as I fed her John's cum from my finger, fucking her with two, then three fingers and then bringing those to her mouth as well. I could feel the walls of her pussy clutching my fingers as I explored her and opened her up, her cervix bouncing on my finger tips. She pumped herself against me, impaling herself on my hand, begging to be penetrated deeper and deeper until I felt my fingers stretching the very back wall of her pussy, underneath her womb.
“Get on your hands and knees now,” I said, whipping my fingers out and pulling at her hip to guide her. She clambered into position, ass in the air, cum now dripping from her pussy and down over her clit. Her ample breasts now hung down from her chest, nipples brushing the sheets. I kneeled behind her and gathered a breast up in one hand, squeezing it, feeling it bulge out between my fingers. Her head dropped forward at this sensation and she shifted her knees, spreading herself open for me. I felt for the mouthlike opening of her c*nt and lifted my steel-hard, aching prick up to it. So silky, so deliciously wet and slippery. I saw that John had another magnificent erection. He laid down in front of Jenny, the hard cock that had just filled her up with sperm now staring her in the face, bouncing slightly with every beat of John's heart. I released her breast now and gripped her jaw, turning her head around to me. I kissed her hungrily, tasting my precum and John's cum in her mouth. Then I pushed her head down onto him, watching as she eagerly tried to swallow his entire length, choking again, pulling away to cough and then sucking him in again. The next time that she slid him deep into her mouth, I gripped her hips and rammed my penis into her as deep and as hard as I could. She let out a delighted, muffled scream and started to twitch and buck against me. I drew back all the way and then snapped my hips back against her, forcing her face to engulf him once again. This time, I pressed down on her shoulder blades and banged into her. Her muffled squeals were nearly drowned out by the slapping of my thighs against the upturned cheeks of her ass and my balls slapping against her clit. Each stroke forced her mouth down over John's cock. This must have been one of the scenes that she fantasized about; her hips were hunching against me and I felt her pussy, so recently stretched over my probing fingers, clamping down over my cock like a teenage virgin's. She could no longer keep sucking dick; John's cock fell from her lips and she buried her face against his inner thigh, grunting and panting. I reached under her and vibrated my fingers not on her clit, but on her pubic bone just above it. At that her entire body went rigid for a long moment. Then she started to move again, aftershocks, random, jerky. I usually would let her bask in this afterglow, but not this time. I grabbed her hipbones like a pair of bicycle handlebars and started jerking her back onto my cock, feeling the head deep inside of her, bouncing off of the firm knob of her cervix with each stroke. Every few seconds, her c*nt gripped me like a fist as she continued to have aftershocks. I saw John feeding her his raging-hard cock and as she slipped it between her lips, I felt the wave breaking inside of me. It was almost painful, like my entire lower body was trying to turn itself inside out and shoot out the end of my prick. A strangled shout burst from my throat and I buried my cock deep inside of Jenny, spurting what felt like a quart of cum into her.
I literally do not remember the details of the rest of the night. I think that John came again – I think Jenny blew him until he was close and then he jerked off onto those long-desired tits. I know we snuggled and caressed and lazily kissed for a while afterward and then Jenny & I went upstairs to sleep. I'd like to say that this was the beginning of a more open sexual relationship in my marriage, but it wasn't. Some combination of a horrible hangover the next day plus anxiety over STD's and John not using a condom (and, probably, Irish former-Catholic-girl guilt) slammed the door on these sorts of adventures for the remainder of that marriage. Nevertheless, it's a favorite memory of mine and one for which I personally have no regrets.
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Cool That was wonderful

You've inspired me to write about my 3some experiences..thanks
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Default Uncle Bud's story

I'm looking forward to reading it!
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Old 03-01-2009, 12:09 PM
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great story, my friend. too bad there weren't any more later.
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Old 03-16-2009, 10:04 PM
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not sure I'm doing this right but just wanted to say great story. The description on your wife's reactions etc were so good I felt like I was there.

I really enjoyed reading this.

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