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Old 01-04-2011, 09:03 PM
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Default Blackmailed wife by ex

Background story…
Currently I am married to a very loving and innocent wife, Caroline. I am here first, well everything, first kiss, first boyfriend, etc. I wouldn’t say she is the hottest girl I have ever dated, but she is good looking, however slightly on the larger side. She doesn’t think she looks good and I think that’s part of her innocence and what makes her so attractive. However right before I found my beloved wife, I dated a much more experienced, more aggressive, much skinnier girl named Mindy. Mindy and I had a strong physical connection, however she also had a physical connection with numerous other guys and that ended in her dumping me and me ending up with my wife. I attempted to be friends with my ex, but my wife was not a fan and there is some hot blood between the two.

I have no regrets but I have always fantasized about my ex-girlfriend blackmailing my wife. She somehow gets a hold of some nude pictures and threatens to release them or knows some fact that she thinks will make me not love her anymore or something like that. There are numerous reasons and possibilities, what I am more interested in is what happens.

Here is my shot at a few short stories explaining small little blackmail scenarios from my wife’s perspective. Ideas, comments and complaints are welcomed.

A Cruise
Email from Mindy:

OR else…

What could she want me to pack for my cruise? This is supposed to be a wonderful 7 day cruise away from all of this junk. Ever since I got that email from her a few weeks I have regretted taking those pictures. Now she has even more pictures so I am kind of stuck doing what she says… when will she stop… I mean come on, I have been embarrassed enough – I had to throw away all my bras (you know how embarrassing it is to walk around with my boobs flopping everywhere, I feel like everyone is always looking at my rack)… I had to pose on that chat roulette channel naked for hours on end letting numerous strangers see me naked (I still get random AIM messages from those nights)… I had to give that stranger a blowjob (even though it did teach me something new which Knat seems to love – I just hope I never meet that guy again)… not to mention the random pictures I have sent her wearing a variety of clothing and the shaving down there she makes me always do… I have no idea who she sends those too… I hope no one.

After getting $200 I went to the mall and met up with Mindy. She said we have 3 places to check out, JCPenny, Lovers Lane and the Gateway Center (a second hand store).

First stop, Pennys. “Lets check out what they have for swimsuits.” OMG… I hate trying on swimsuits, they all make me look fat. “Maybe a bikini.” “I have NEVER worn a bikini in my life,” I responded sheepishy. “Well first time for everything and since I am an expert, I will pick out something for you, just go grab a skirt and grab a dressing room. I will drop by a suit or 2 for you to try on,” she said with a smirk… I so hate that smirk. Just cause her body is like a stick she thinks she is so hot… well I am the one that ended up with the guy so screw her… why the heck did I take those pictures…

I found a nice long black skirt and went into a dressing room. A few minutes later a hand appeared over the door holding a a bikini. I grabbed it just to hear “Don’t forget to come out here and let me see how they look.” Great… so this is how she plans to embarrass me…

She gave me a flowery bikini that ties in the back with matching string tied bottom. This almost looks more like underwear then a bathing suit…

I decided I might as well get it over with… got the bottom on just fine, however the top was more of a challenge to tie in back… I had to sort of tie it first, slide into it and then try to tighten it. In the end, I got it on but the top was a little loose. Then I looked at myself in the mirror.

Man do I feel wrong. I do not like my belly being on display like this, that’s why I prefer the one-piece suits; it sort of flattens out my belly a bit. My face is even turning red just looking at myself in the mirror… then I hear a voice, of course from the b*tch outside, “Come on out and show me.”

I slowly open the door, look around and see no one but her. I open the door and show her. “No come over her to the mirror.” I knew she was going to do that. I look left and right and seeing no one around, I creep over to the mirror. Standing in front of this mirror I feel even more ridiculous in a bikini… “Turn around.” I close my eyes and do a slow spin.

Just as a finish the spin another one of the dressing room doors opens up. I can’t believe someone else is going to see me in this thing… I glance in the mirror and notice 2 teenager girls, both sticks like Mindy.

“Well your top isn’t tied on right, here let me help.” She climbs up behind me, unties my top causing it to reveal my boobs for a couple seconds. However those couple seconds felt like an eternity and I heard a little snicker from the 2 teenage girls as they walked out of their dressing room to exit.

Mindy pulls the string super tight causing a lot of tension and cleavage as my boobs are crushed under the bikini. She turns me and asks “Girls, does this look good on her?” OMG, how humiliating. The girls turn and giggle a bit. The one says, “well I dunno if I would go with a bikini but it looks like that top was falling off a bit.” “Just what I thought, you need to something a little smaller, here you go.” And she hands me another swimsuit and pushes me back in the dressing room.

This shiny blue swimsuit is a kids XL with a halter top. There is no way I am going to fit in this one… While I am pondering this, I can hear Mindy talking with the girls out front…

“Ya we are shopping for a cruise… Do you want to help pick out a couple outfits? The only rule is that she doesn’t want to wear a bra.”

OMG… what is going on, I never agreed to this. Well I just have to do it and get it over with… soon she will leave me alone. I take off my old swimsuit and squeeze on the bottoms. They don’t even go up all the way, they get stuck on my huge thighs. Pulling harder gets them up a little bit, but after turning around you can still see about half my butt and you can tell that I shaved up front.

The top was a little harder to get on and just barely covered my nipple. A little less then 50% of each boob popped out underneath and I think if I bend the wrong way, the entire boob will pop out… This is just ridiculous. She better not make me buy this one…

“Hurry come on out, these nice girls have some outfits for you to try on and we don’t have all day…”

I open the door and hear laughter.

To be continued… let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas.
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