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Old 05-08-2013, 01:14 PM
lilconor lilconor is offline
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Default Wife Just Accidentally Flashed The UPS Guy

The wife and I try to take our dog and kids for a walk around one of the developments in the area. The weather today called for heavy rain around mid-day but we really wanted to go so we pushed it a little too much.

The wife has small perky boobs (between an A and B cup) and a nice round booty and today she had her tight black yoga pants on so I hung back a little on the walk so I could check out her ass as she walked.

The clouds looked very menacing about a mile from where we usually end and sure enough it started pouring. We sprinted to the car as fast as we could and got the dog/kids/stroller in to the car as fast as we could, but we were completely drenched in rain and sweat. Needless to say the wife looked even hotter now.

So we get home and once we got everyone inside we stopped inside the door and took off all of our wet clothes to throw them down in to the basement where our laundry is. I was down to my shorts but the wife was down to her panties and no top.

She walks around topless from time to time so it was no big deal for her this time, but in the scramble to get out of the rain she must not have noticed the UPS truck that was parked outside of our house when we pulled up.

The front door to our house is right next to our living room with three very large windows that make the room clearly visible from the front porch. We sometimes joke that we live in a fishbowl because you can see everything just driving by, let alone standing there.

So after she stripped down to her panties she said "I'll be right back, I just want to throw on some dry clothes" and walked around in to the living room just as we hear the doorbell ring. There was the UPS man standing there looking at my wife perky small tits proudly on display.

"SHIT!" she yelled as she quickly did a handboob and ran to the stairs, but it was too late, the UPS man had seen it all.

My wife has walked around topless in the windows a few times and there is a possibility that the neighbors have seen her tits, but I don't know that for sure.

Now knowing that another man has seen my wife's tits is awesome and I have been hard pretty much since it happened!

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Old 05-08-2013, 02:03 PM
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Great story, now you need to set up situations like this and tell us the story. Now make it so.
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Old 05-08-2013, 09:02 PM
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Pure awesomeness. Thanks for sharing. Do you remember what kind of panties she had on?
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Does anyone know what became of this film?
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Old 05-09-2013, 11:06 AM
Ditko Ditko is offline
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Originally Posted by romikk32 View Post
Can't tell you how many enf's, sunbathing, or otherwise naked or partly naked women I've seen over my time. Mailman and UPS guys love this as it makes our day THAT much better!
You can start with a few!
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Old 05-09-2013, 06:31 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Just found this site. I had a good friend accidently watch my wife naked the first time, not so accidental the second time. This sounds so made up but absolutely true. My friend Bob and his wife invited my wife and I to their lake house for the 4th of July week. So the grandparents took the kids and we made the four hour drive to Bobs house. The house is located in the mountains with the back of the house overlooking the lake. Upon arriving Bob and his wife took my wife on the tour of the house since this was her first visit while I unloaded the luggage into the downstairs bedroom. We quickly changed into swimsuits and drove to the boatdock. We spent the afternoon drinking and tanning on the lake. Drunk and hungry we headed back. After food, conversation and additional drinks we decided to call it a night. Bob and his wife said goodnite and my wife and I walked downstairs.

Now I have to describe this part of the house. When you walk down the stairs you enter a large gameroom with a bar. On each end of the gameroom is a door to a hallway leading to a bedroom. Just inside the hallway is another door to a bathroom. The gameroom has two large glass doors that open to a patio with a walkway to an enclosed sitting area that overlooks the lake through the trees. Now, almost the entire back of the house is Windows. During the day you can see the trees and lake. At night with the lights on you see nothing.

Ok. I'm now in the gameroom and my wife says she's going to shower. She exits the gameroom closing the door behind her. I go to the bar a make another drink and head outside to smoke, drink and relax. Several minutes after I sat down I see Bob stumble down the side of the house and to the treeline. He pulls up next to a tree and starts to relieve himself. Before I let him know I'm in the gazebo he walks behind the tree while continuing to piss. I thought he was just drunk till I spun my chair around to face him and the house. My wife closed the door from the hallway to the gameroom but did not close the bathroom door. From where I was sitting i could see the sink and mirrior but not to the shower. Bob was standing about 20 to 25 feet in front of the window. He did not move from beside the tree. He stood there with his drink watching.

I honestly do not know why I did not let him know I was there, maybe the alcohol. Either way I just sat there watching Bob. After what had to be around ten minute I see my wife. All I could think was oh shit. Through the door I could see her back. But in the mirror I could see tits. Let me say I think my wife is a knockout. Five foot nine, blonde hair brown eyes with thirty eight D's. She is in the mirror with her hair wrapped in a towel and a towel around her waist. She spends a good five minutes or more brushing teeth etc. I keep looking back and forth from my wife to Bob. I can remember thinking it was too late to say anything or it may blow up the whole week on day one.

Well she walked out of the bathroom down the hall and into the bedroom. Where Bob was standing he can see the entire room. Where I am sitting I can see the bed and everything to the right in the room. Well, when she entered the room she turned left. I could see nothing except Bob was not moving. Then another oh shit moment. I then see my wife wearing only a towel on her head lay down on the bed talking on her cell phone. This went on for several minutes but felt like hours. She then got off the bed and walked out of my sight. Next I see her she is in her pj's and leaving the bedroom. I look over and Bob was headed back around to the front of the house.

I went in and found out my kids had called to say goodnite. The next day Bob said nothing and I said nothing. That was day one. I thought I had fixed day two but it was even more ........
Please excuse the spelling I recounted this with my iphone
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Old 05-11-2013, 03:57 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Day 2.
I woke up the next day thinking should I tell my wife or should I say something to Bob. Surprisingly I was not mad. I rationalize this two ways. One, I know Bob did not intentionally go out back to peek in Windows as we would go outside to relieve ourselves on previous fishing trips. Two, I am proud of my wifes figure even though she is an extreme prude. I decided to say nothing and act surprised if anything was said.

We started the morning with breakfast and bloodymarys. We then spent the entire day on the lake drinking, boating and laughing. Shin hunger set in so we headed back to the dock. As we unloaded the boat we began to realize how much we were sunburned. My wife was burnt worst because she is blonde and fair skinned.

Upon arriving at the house Bob and went straight to the bar and then outside to the upstairs deck to start the grill. Bob and I were now sitting outside drinking, grillin and chilling as the sun was going down. Bobs wife came out first and had changed to shorts and tanktop. As the three of us were smoking, drinking and talking my wife came out. She was burned to a crisp and was wearing shorts and a pink spaghetti strap cami with no bra. I almost fell out of my chair. Nipples were poking straight out and the areola was plainly outlined. My wife obviously knew this as she was doing her best to cover. Clearly embarrassed she apologized to us about the top but said everything else rubbed the sunburn and was painful. Bobs wife being the sweet lady she is stood and did the armhole bra removal. She then had my wife stand beside her and told Bob and I we had ten seconds to stare after that no staring. We both did as instructed.

It was really nice that after a few additional drinks both wives forgot or did not care as there was several accidental flashes of tit and nipple by Bobs wife as the tanktop was not as tight as the cami. We had a fantastic time of food drink conversation and nipples till it was time to turn in. We said our goodnites and headed downstairs. We went to our bedroom and I changed and told my wife I was going to the gazebo to smoke and have a nitecap. She said she was going to take an extremely cold shower for the burn and lotion after. I said don't forget to close the door. I headed to the bar the outside.

When you turn the shower on in the bathroom you can here it upstairs. So I was in the gazebo and had moved my chair to the back corner for a better view just in case. I looked and my wife had closed the bathroom door. I was glad she listened but Bob was not there and I wanted to see. Well then I hear and see Bob sneaking around the house. Granted we are both drunk so I grin thinking he came back to a closed door. He settles in beside the same tree drinking and smoking. So now I get it. He is staying to watch my wife get dressed. When I came to that conclusion I see the bathroom door open and my completely naked wife walk down the hall into the bedroom get something out of her bag and go back to the bathroom. This time she did not close the door. I can see past the sink now to the back third of the shower. I look over and Bob put out his cig and was leaning on the tree watching my naked wife.

Now when she was in the shower and she would move toward the back I could see her but the water on the glass made it a little blurry but I could see her naked somewhat blurry or not. When she said she was going to take a long cold shower she was not kidding. The longer she was in there the better the view, less blurry. The contrast between the red skin and the pure white really made it easier to see every private part that at the time only me and the obgyn had seen. Not to mention her obgyn is female.

The shower lasted at least twenty minutes so I got somewhat bored Bob watch my wife. Well that changed. When she finally ended the shower she stepped out and I was impressed bother the view. I found myself starring at my wife turned on. The contrast in colors really made her breast and nipples just stand out not to mention the sandy blonde landingstrip and ass. Rather than towel off she got out a dabed the towel all over wet body and wrapped her hair with it. She then got out lotion and started with her burnt feet and started working her way up.

Now this was where I felt like a perv. Bob was and is my best friend in this world and I rationalize it being ok the he's the only other male to see all my wifes intimate parts but when I looked over at him he had moved up to the closest tree from the window. Maybe five feet from the window and a total of less than ten feet from my naked wife. From where I am sitting I can not see how hard her nipples are or her pussy lips when she would bend over. Now from where Bob is standing when my wife would bend over to apply lotion if I can just see pussy he was looking at lips and all. I was trying to decide what to do when Bob pulled the elastic banned shorts he was wearing to his knees and started masterbating.

I was floored and now felt perverted. Here I am watching my best friend masterbate to my naked wife applying lotion. Well it took him every bit of less than two minutes to jackoff. So now I think that's it he'll leave. Nope. He stands right there watching. My wife finally completes the lotion application to all burnt and nonburnt areas and I mean all. The entire time Bob is getting closeup views of every inch of my wifes pussy ass and breast. She heads into the bedroom with only a towel around her head pull all covers off the bed and lays down spread out one foot on each side of the bed and starts talking on her cell.

Granted this is a beautiful picture. My wife spreadeagle on the bed with pure white tits straight up with legs spread so that her pussy is also spread facing the Windows. He we go again. Bob starts moving to the shrubs that are at the base of the window. When he gets there he is on his knees and maybe five feet straight in front of my wifes pussy. He was so close to the window I thought she may see movement but didn't. Now I know he can see straight into my wifes pussy and yes he starts again. He pulled his shorts to the ground and start whacking again. This time it took several minutes before he pulled his shorts up.

A few minutes later my wife gets off the bed. Walks down the hall opens the door to the gameroom. She peeks into the room and runs naked to the back doors. She opens the doors walks to the gazebo door naked and says sunburnt or not she wanted to fool around and for me to hurry up. She ran back inside and to the bedroom. I got up glanced at Bob on his knees at the window and went inside.

Again. This may sound embellished but everything is fact. I will complete the story if anyone is intrested. I have always wanted to recount this to someone because if I didn't live that week I would say it is BS.
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Old 05-11-2013, 10:29 PM
DRDavenport DRDavenport is offline
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Great story! And Bob's wife is a keeper for doffing her own bra to make your wife feel more comfortable.
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Old 05-11-2013, 11:37 PM
DoubleG DoubleG is offline
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Awesome! I would so love to have this happen to my girl. Now, hopefully yu'll tell us next that you go in and fuck her while he watches....


"I check out every woman I come in contact with, and enjoy anything worth seeing. Only fair that I expect others to do the same with my girl."
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Old 05-12-2013, 03:32 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Not on the night of day 2. I did go inside and Bob knows I watched him that night. I did sort of do the right thing by telling my wife I could see her through the Windows the entire time from shower to that point. I was additionally suprised by her response of, so what did the lotion turn you on? Again, there are no neighbors close by so I see her thinking Bob and his wife are asleep so she dose not have to be her normally shy prudeish self.

So I said nothing, turned the lights off, pulled the sheet over us and enjoyed very sunburnt sex. Before going to sleep I remember thinking how was Bob going to act or what would he say the next morning knowing I watched him the whole time that night.
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Old 05-13-2013, 03:30 PM
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Not sure if others are intrested but I have enjoyed recounting that week here. I even thought about telling my wife what happened but maybe in a couple more years. I will recount day three as best as I can because I had decided several things. I mentioned Bob being my best friend and I guess if I happened on his wife naked I would not turn away and if he approached me and was honest I would let him know I was not upset and understood.

Day 3

We had decided to try and save my wife from any additional burn by going boating early and late. We would spend the late morning and early afternoon sitting around the house. My applied liberal amounts of sunblock and we headed upstairs. The wives were buzzing with conversation while Bob and I were quietly drinking our daily bloodymarys. It was not until we were loading the boat that Bob asked to talk to me alone.

The opportunity came as Bob and I were floating around the boat his Eden lowered the floating cooler into the water said she and my wife would be right back cranked the boat and left us floating. Turns out someone needed a bathroom break or an excuse for airconditioning. BTW this floating cooler has a dry compartment and radio. Everything a floating smoking drunk would need.

Bob started with an apology for last night and I thing he used the statement come clean. He said he was really drunk and ashamed of his actions for the previous two days. I said why two days. He started with being really drunk smoking beside the house the first night and walking around to the treeline to pee. At that point he asked how much detail I wanted. Still acting dumb I said everything.

Again this conversation felt wrong as he started talking about watching my wife shower shave and as I could not see what he could bending over applying lotion. The more detailed he got the more I wanted to hear it. I came to the conclusion I was not mad at him at all. At that point I stopped him at told him I saw everything both nights and no need to continue. As we continued to drink he said when he moved closer to the first window he did get to see almost every detail of my wifes breast and pussy. He then said when she laid on the bed with her legs spread by moving to that window he could see almost everthing an obgyn would see and for the first time in his life jackedoff twice masterbating in less than fifteen minutes.

Skipping through a lot of casual and sexual conversation Bob made this offer to make it right. Tonight I will arrange it so that my wife has to shower in the other downstairs bathroom and for me to watch. I laughed and declined but wanted to know how he could arrange that. He said simple turning off the solar hot water swich only effects the master bath. Again I said BS and declined. This request of his went on all day to the point his wife came downstairs complaining about the master bath heading to the other shower. Now we are both drunk and this sounds stupid but Bob is practically begging me to go watch his wife shower so that we would be even. Sounds stupid but exact quote. I said fine and head outside.

I had every intention of taking a peek at her naked and going back inside. I got outside her bathroom door was closed. Walked to the other side and my wifes door was closed. About to head back in Bob popped his head out and said come to the hall window so I did. Bob walked into the bathroom opened a cabinet spoke to his wife walked down the hall and laid down on the bed leaving the door open. Again I was going to take a peek and leave. I didn't. She is an attractive lady with smallish B cups but everything is proportioned equally. I watched the entire shower but the drying off was great. Now I had the view Bob had. No landingstrip here and several nice views of her pussy what felt like up close.

I will have to complete this later gotta work.
Being new here how does someone know if a nonembellished story is intresting to anyone?

Sorry again for iPhone grammer and spelling.
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