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Old 08-12-2017, 08:25 PM
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Default Ex Girlfriend Park Adventure

My ex-g/f was a very attractive yet super shy woman yet she would do almost anything I asked of her. I started being a visitor to the VW website in the late 90’s. My then g/f knew how much I loved watching the videos and contest and one day offered to participate in one for me. Of course, I took her up on the offer and we submitted several times back then. The back story is fairly interesting.
We lived in small town. Our favorite make out place was a local park where you could park your car and see anyone coming around for a mile or so giving you plenty to time to “straighten yourself up”. On more than one occasion while balls deep in her we would have to rush to get dress b/c a car would be coming down the road our direction. Surprisingly, more times they not, they too would drive into a secluded area and off when their lights. One night she took several nude photos one my car, this of course was concerning b/c of the flash required to take the picture. But I was a horny 20 something so my penis override my brain. She felt fairly safe taking these pictures b/c again, we were either on the car or right beside the vehicle. I got a wicked thought in my head. I asked her “babe, go by the stop sign and take a picture.” Now the stop sign was a good 10-15 yards away from the car so she hesitated at first. I told her it'd be ok, we’re still far enough away from the main road where you can quickly get back inside. She agreed, took off everything except her sandals and we both walked over to the sign. She stood there in the moonlight and posed several times for photos next to the sign. I said, “Hey, let me get something from the car” and I jogged back. I knew this was wrong but it was exciting too.
I go in the and drove away. Not far away, just about 200-300 meters away. She yelled and was pissed as she tried to run towards the car. After about 30 meters she gave up and just walk over to where I had relocated myself. Yes, she slapped me, she yelled. Then she laughed. Surprisingly , she didn’t end the photo shoot. We ventured farther into the park, leaving the safety of the vehicle behind. She took a few in the men's stall, several on the swing set and finally she walked to the inner area of the park. Naked and confident on a picnic table, spread her legs and said “is this the photo you wanted”.
Well, after we broke up, most of the pictures got destroyed however, some were still on the VW site. I tried looking them up and saw that many of the post were gone. But it was years ago and the quality sucked anyways.
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