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Old 09-13-2017, 06:35 PM
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Default not embarrassed by the nudity but.....

I have taken a lot of pics of my wife over the years. When she first posed for me it was more about what her roomy pussy could take so there were a lot of close up pics. Those close ups were the first time I noticed a freckle near her pussy hole. After a few years I noticed the freckle had changed shape. Since she worked for a dermatologist at the time she knew it was a bad sign and made an appointment to get checked out. My wife also has a super wet pussy, so wet that we don't use lube for anal we just let her cream run down her ass crack and then that cream plus what is all over me is the lube we use. She goes in for her appointment and the doctor wants to check her entire body as my wife is fair skinned and has a lot of freckles. When it comes time for the doctor to look at the problem area my wife spreads her legs and she has cream goobers stuck in her pussy hair and the cream is leaking out blocking the doctor's view. My wife is mortified, not only because her pussy is leaking but because she's leaking in front of her boss. The doctor wipes the cream away and continues the exam but when my wife was getting dressed she noticed a wet spot on the exam table paper from where she was sitting.
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Old 10-01-2017, 08:28 PM
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My gf is 23 years old slim blonde girl. Last day she was in hospital. She told me that doctor was young about 30 years old and he was very nice. She told me that she had to take off t-shirt and she was only in bra. I know that doctor had great view because my girlfriend bras are too big and it is very easy to see puffy nipple. That day she was wearing sexy red bra. She has small tits b-cup but all her bras are c-cup. She looks very good in too big bras because her puffy nipple is beauty.
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Old 10-02-2017, 06:45 AM
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Default Close that door

This is back about 20 years ago. Getting a vasectomy. It was at an outpatient center where they had a few different specialties so all types of patients and people walking around. The day started out on a humorous note (if something like that can) when the nurse had to check to make sure I did a good enough job shaving my sack. Too bad she wasn't better looking, but still interesting to have a strange woman rub your balls even clinically. I did a pretty good job apparently, but she had to do a little touch up.

Fast forward, I'm laying naked from the waist down, spread on the table. Trying to relax before this procedure. The doctor is preparing and talking to the nurse, and another nurse enters and is taking to them. I look over after a few seconds and realize she's standing in the doorway. In, as in the door is open. As I look to that nurse, I see a couple older women slow down as they walk by behind her, looking in the door. I'm sure just the normal reaction to look in an open door we all have. They stop for a second (seemed longer at the time). I yell "the door is open". The doctor looks up and yells at the nurse to close the door. She steps in, they finish the conversation. Not exactly the way to start that sensitive procedure.
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