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Old 06-05-2013, 01:55 PM
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Default Opposite viewpoint

Thought I'd chime in as a medical professional. I'm a nurse and I've seen more penises than a prostitute. You wouldn't believe (ok maybe the men might) how many times I've been flashed on purpose. For instance, one time I had to check a patient's surgical incision that was located on the right side of the lower abdomen, above the groin. The patient had hospital pants on which were covering the incision area. I told him that I needed to look at the site and could he lower his pants a little. So of course, instead of lowering them the inch or two I needed, he pushed the pants down to his knees and offered me quite the view of his whole package...

Being in the medical field, yes we see a lot of naked bodies. Most of the time we ignore it or overlook it because well we've seen it alot. But that doesn't mean that sometimes we aren't really checking someone out. You get a patient thats attractive and well you can't really help it...we're all human after all
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Old 06-06-2013, 10:43 PM
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Default Hospital nudity

A couple of years ago I had to be x-rayed at my local hospital.

I was given one of the classic hospital gowns and told to take off everything but my underwear and to put the gown on. I went to the changing rooms provided for that purpose and did so. As I was exiting my room, an Asian woman in her early 30s was stepping out of the changing room across from mine. She had her gown and her blouse in her hand, and she was completely topless. She had small, firm breasts with dark nipples.

Once she saw that I had seen her (and I didn't want to stare, but it was hard not to look--she was standing topless not ten feet from me), she went back into the changing room again. I don't know why she came out that way in the first place, but I wasn't about to complain. I then went to wait for my x-ray.

As I changed back into my clothes afterwards, I was hoping to see her again, but no such luck.
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Old 08-20-2013, 10:57 AM
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Default little op

a couple of months ago i went to see a specialist consultant (dark haired female late 40's), after two visits she advised me she needed to do a cytoscopy and booked me in for a visit. on the day i went in and she called a nurse to take me up to the operating room. when she came into the room she was a small brown haired girl, very cute wearing glasses. she gave me a gown and asked me to get undressed. i quickly stripped off in front of her and put on the gown, she asked me to lie on the bed and pull the gown up above my waist, she pulled on a pair of gloves and walked over to me. i need to clean the area first she said and taking hold of my cock wiped around the head and the tip ready for the consultant. about five minutes later the the consultant appeared and said, ready then,she took hold of my cock and began to insert the tube of the camera through my cum hole, she turned the water on to inflate my bladder and began probing around with the camera. this was the weirdest feeling i have ever had and felt like i was going to pee all over her, after a few minute she stood up and said everything looks ok, get cleaned up and you can go. a strange experience but worth it bearing in mind two decent looking women both had held my cock.
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Old 08-21-2013, 09:53 PM
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Was in for Lapriscopic surgery and my then girlfriend to be wife was in pre-op with me. Nurse had just finished up with medical history questionnaire and medical release. I was kind of nervous so my girlfriend/wife pulls back my gown and proceeds to give me a blowjob to relax. Just as I am ready to bust a nut in walks the nurse, my girl is like a deer in headlights. Pops off me and stares at the nurse while holding onto my erection, nurse apologizes for for surprising us but stands there staring at my bone. Awkward silence for maybe half a minute and then excuses herself. Took a minute to convince my girl to finish me off and in pops the nurse while I am busting my nut and my girls is swallowing my load. Not even a knock. My girl/wife was so embarrassed but could not really leave the room. This time the nurse is taking my vital BP, pulse and O2 sat... make a couple of jokes about my BP and heart rate and looks at me and says "nice" and says to my girl/wife "god job" then leaves.

My wife to this day is still embarrassed when recounting the story.
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Old 04-26-2017, 01:35 PM
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Default Embarrassed girl at the doctor

Sorry for reviving this old thread but I have at least two related stories to share that IMO would perfectly fit in here. They both happened some years ago while I was still studying.

#1 - summer camp

In one of my summer holidays during my study I was earning some extra money by working in a youth camp. It was one of those camps where rich parents sent their kids to during summer to be able to enjoy some time without them. The kids all were in their teens, ranging from high school juniors up to the older ones being in their final high school years. In the mornings they had to attend different lessons (German, English, Science, etc..) while in the afternoon there were fun and sporty activities organized.

My duty was to teach computer science in the mornings and taking care of some of the activities in the afternoon. These ranged from soccer, biking and hiking to riding go-carts or spending the afternoon by the lake. However, quite some significant amount of my time I spent at the hospital. There was hardly any day on which nobody was hurt. Injuries ranged from scratches, sprained ankles, bee stings, broken fingers and diverse bruises. It seemed the kids were just releasing all of their pent up energy.

So it happened that one day one of the older girls hurt her back during playing soccer. It was Kym and despite she didn't look like one, she was quite a b*tch. She was in my computer course as well, she was not stupid at all, in fact quite smart but she was one of those typical well-heeled teenagers who think they are a cut above everyone else. From her look you could have never guessed what a pain in the ass she was. She had a lovely, roundish face, always with a smile, a small nose, dark eyes and dark hair about chin-length that she had put together to a short ponytail and which she almost always topped with a baseball cap. She was rather short, about 1.60m I would guess but had a sexy body shape.

I was actually surprised how advanced she was in playing soccer. She was fast and clever and even sidestepped some of the older guys. One of them got mad and eventually gave her a hard bodycheck. First everyone thought she's just playing the drama queen but she continued squirming in pain and calling for help. She were holding her back and could hardly move, so I played safe and called the ambulance. The paramedics quickly checked her and handled her carefully in case her spine would have been injured. They placed Kym on a gurney and moved her into the car. They asked me to come with them, so I told the rest of the group that soccer was over, climbed into the car and we rushed to the hospital.

Kym was immediately brought to a treatment room while I made myself comfortable in one of the waiting areas. It didn't last long and I was called to come to the treatment room. A female doctor in her 40s approached me right in front of the door. She told me that the patient was too scared of doctors and refused to be touched or treated without someone else being present. The doctor had tried to call the girl's parents but could not reach them, so Kym requested me to be present. Seemed I had no choice so I agreed. I had to sign a paper and then the doctor let me enter the treatment room.

Kym was sitting upright on the gurney, still fully clad in her sport clothes - black and white T-Shirt, clam diggers trousers, sneakers and her omnipresent baseball cap. Her eyes looked tear-stained, she sobbed but looked glad that I was finally joining. A young male nurse was in the room too, sitting at a desk writing something. I placed myself on a chair opposite to Kym so she had me in her view.

The doctor asked Kym if everything was fine now and she nodded. Then she asked her to lift her shirt a bit so she could have a look at her back and after a quick look she told Kym that she need to take off the shirt completely. The girl hesitated first but finally did as requested, first removing her baseball cap and then her shirt, revealing a pink bra which appeared quite well-filled. I tried not to stare too obvious at her cleavage but seeing poor Kym sitting half naked in front of me with gave me a hard time staying cool.

After the doctor had examined her back thoroughly she told that the spine needed to be X-rayed in order to give a full diagnoses. Kym started sobbing again, so the doctor calmed her down and said it won't be a big deal and it would just take a few minutes. But she would have to remove her bra in preparation for the X-ray. Kym blushed and her eyes were filled with tears again but she nodded, reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. I was not able to look away and could not avoid feeling aroused when she removed her bra. But she somehow managed to keep her boobs covered with her hands. At least I got a nice view of her tan lines at the top of her breast and on her shoulders. She got up and followed the nurse through the door to the X-ray room.

While I was waiting I had a hard time to keep my hard-on under control. Just a bit more than an hour ago this bugging, snobby teen has been a pain in everybody's ass. Now she was all in tears, had to go topless in front of three strangers and got her upper body X-rayed by a young male nurse who was not much older than her. If they would have met under different circumstances I was pretty sure she would have chatted him up.

After some minutes the door opened again and Kym and the nurse returned to the treatment room. I was baffled and my brain needed some seconds to process what I saw. To my big surprise Kym for some reason had decided to not cover up her breasts anymore! She stepped into the room and walked over to the gurney, passing me and giving me a perfect view at the most amazing teenage-boobs I've seen until then. They were quite a bit smaller than the bra had promised but still were a good c-cup I guess. They stuck out firm and perfectly round and had small, dark-brown areolas and tiny, dark nipples on an otherwise milky-white skin. Some light freckles at the upside, just above her nipples topped off the nice view. Unfortunately she covered up her goods again when she sat down on the gurney.

The doctor took a look at the X-ray images and told Kym there was no reason to worry. There was no fracture, just a slight shift of one of her vertebras in her lower back that could be fixed by some orthopedic maneuvers that should not take more than a few minutes. Kym seemed relieved but new tears were running down her cheeks nonetheless. While I was feeling sorry for her I was also curious how these orthopedic maneuvers would work and whether this would give me another chance to see her boobs. And it turned out I got the chance!

The doctor asked her to stand up and place herself in front of the wall, a bit more than a meter away from it, lean forward and press her palms against the wall. She did as ordered, meaning she had to let go of her tits again and giving everybody a nice side-view of her rack and semi-erect nipples. The doctor put one hand at the girl's stomach while she pressed with the other hand at several spots on her lower back. Two times Kym jerked and cried out in pain but then it was over. The doctor asked her to walk a few steps back and forth and then to bend all the way down to check if she still had pain. The girl apparently had given up to hide her nudity so I enjoyed a few additional glimpses at how her beautiful boobs were bouncing.

Finally she could put on her clothes again and we were brought back to the camp with the ambulance. She didn't speak a word during the drive but once we arrived she was her old self again and I heard her bragging how she had been flirting with the "super cute and super sweet nurse guy" and with the "male doctor"(!). For me, beside all the nice memories, it had the positive effect that Kym was extremely dutiful and diligent during my classes for the rest of the camp.
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Old 06-06-2017, 05:49 PM
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As promised, here comes my second doctor-related ENF story. Well, it's more a story in a story.

# Japanese examination

While living in a dormitory during my study some years ago, I got to know lots of different people. Over the years, some of us became a group of six to eight who were quite close, I would even say friends. We met regularly and did all kinds of boring and crazy stuff together. One of these guys was Mayu. She was a stunning Asian-Italian gal, having a Japanese father and North-Italian mother. She was born in Germany and spent her childhood there but since her parents were both diplomats the family moved quite often between several countries, mostly in Europe. She was a language genius and she spoke German, Japanese and Italian fluently as well as a bunch of other languages.

From her look you would have never guessed that she was half-Asian as the European part of her genes was obviously a lot stronger. She was quite tall, probably around 1.70 and long, shiny, black hair framed her cute south-European looking face. Her eyes were big and round and of a dark color. She had a well-toned, slender body and while she didn't highlight her feminine charms at all with her rather casual style of clothing, it was still pretty obvious that the usual Asian sizes didn't apply to her. Also her manners and cultural habits were much more European than Asian.

I think it was even a subsequent gathering of her birthday - must have been her 22nd - when the usual round of us were once again sitting together drinking. With everyone getting more and more tipsy we eventually started playing truth or dare. I don't remember most of the game - nothing really exciting happened - but I do very well remember this particular round where Mayu chose truth. Since it was my turn I asked her "What was your most embarrassing moment?". I know, this wasn't the most imaginative question and the others were immediately demanding to narrow down the question. Since I didn't come up with a more precise question, another girl from the round jumped in and specified "What was your most embarrassing doctor visit?". The round approved this nice, appealing question with loud cheering. Mayu was smiling sheepishly and her ears were turning red. This showed that she apparently had quite some story to tell.

"Well. Um.. Where should I start?" Mayu was nervously wriggling on her place. She finally pulled herself together and started to tell the following story.

"Few years ago when I was at 11th grade my parents told me they need to move to Japan for 10 months. It's my dad's home country and apparently he got an offer from the government to assist with some diplomatic negotiations. Since I wasn't 18 yet the plan was to take me with them for half a year. I was supposed to leave the school in Germany and attend a private school in Japan during that time. I was not amused at all. Speaking Japanese was not a problem but I don't really like their culture. I've visited my father's home country several times before, which was fine but I just didn't like how serious and conservative everything is over there. There's just no fun, no ease."

"Well, I had no choice and moved there with my parents. I had to attend that damn school and to wear one of those stupid school uniforms. I think I was through all this for a few months already, when one day it was announced that everyone had to see the school doctor for a regular check-up. Of course I was trying everything to avoid this. I hate doctor visits and the vision of visiting an unknown doctor in a foreign country was driving me crazy. I tried to persuade my teachers and even the administration to spare me since I was actually German and basically just attending the school temporarily. Also I told them I had a normal check-up just a few months ago in Germany. But it was all in vain. They told be that the examination was mandatory in 5th, 8th and 11th grade and had to be done by the school's doctor only. God, I was pissed! And I was right, because it became worse than I had thought."

Mayu's cheeks were burning red while she told the story and everyone was glued to her lips. And I was damn aroused by the story to say the least.

"We were 11 girls in the class and we were all called to the doctor's office together. The office basically was just a big room with some chairs, a desk and a gurney. I don't know really why but I'd expected a female doctor. But it was a man who was sitting behind the desk. He was rather old and sort of pudgy and he had a half-bald head. Someone I would not even choose if I were deathly ill. There were two nurses in the room too, an older woman and a young student just a few years older than us. We we lined up in front of the chairs I slowly realized that we were supposed to have the examination all together. Then the nurse came over to us and asked us to take of our clothes. All of them, she expressly underlined. I was completely in disbelief and thought at first I misunderstood it. I asked again and desperately tried to explain my situation again and implored them to let me go. But the old nurse was just snippy and only repeated her order. The student nurse looked at me sympathetic though. They seemed to be experienced with rebellious teens and probably thought I was just another one. My classmates were almost finished with undressing and standing restlessly at their place covering up their private parts. One or two were sobbing. Reluctantly I took off my shoes, uniform and finally underwear and covered up with my arms."

I saw that Mayu had started sweating a little bit at her nose and lip. She didn't look at us while she was talking and her eyes were staring at the bottle of beer in her hands. She had sc****d off almost half of the bottle label already. Clearly she was embarrassed by telling the story which made it even hotter for me.

"Then the first girl was called to walk over to the nurses and step on a scale. The student nurse wrote down the weight before the girl had to turn around and stand straight with the back against the wall facing the group while her height was measured. She had to put both arms on her sides while doing this which left her quite exposed to the group. Can you imagine that? I mean, I'm not prudish in any means, but this was just ridiculous! I mean, you don't need to be naked to get your weight and size measured, do you? The girl was then sent over to the doctor while the next one from the group was called to the nurses."

"I was rather to the end of the line, so I had to watch for quite some while. Seemed that my classmates were typical Asians. Mostly small boobs and a good portion of black bush down there. I watched how the disgusting doctor used his stethoscope to auscultate the girls' lungs and then his hands to palpate their throat, breasts and tummy. Finally it seemed he used some cotton swab to take a vaginal smear. Girls who were through all this were allowed to put on their clothes again and wait in the group again."

"Most of my classmates were dressed again when it was finally my turn. Though I had time to prepare myself, I could hardly control myself when walked over to the nurses. I suddenly felt utterly exposed as I realized I was the only foreigner in the room. Well, I'm half Asian but I don't really look and feel like one. I had the impression all eyes were focussing on me when I stepped down from the scale and stood with the back against the wall. I didn't dare to look at the group but I had the impression the room was extra silent in the moment I put my arms down and let go of my cover. Oddly I was pretty annoyed that just in this moment I could not avoid tears welling up in my eyes. I guess it was mostly because of the fury I tried to suppress but also the embarrassment of being at the center of attention."

"It must have been an unusual sight for everyone in the room since I look quite different from the typical Asian. I was taller than the other girls and my skin tone was darker. And of course.. um.. I had larger boobs than most of the Asian girls. Also, um, I'm not so much into a bush down there. I had trimmed my pubes to a small landing strip. That was probably quite a surprise for them. At least the old nurse pulled up her eyebrows with a dismissive look. I quickly covered my private parts again and walked over to the doctor. He saw the tears running down my cheeks and stroked my shoulders with his small, grubby hands which made made my flesh creep. He told me that there's no reason to be scared and it will all be over in a minute which made even more angry. This jerk was talking like I were a little child! He then grabbed my arms and put them down to my sides. He took a long look at my body, then he ran the stethoscope across my back and my chest. I looked away and was fighting with new tears when he started to palpate my boobs. Finally he asked me to stand still while he grabbed a swab and reached between my legs. I was holding my breath but then it was over. He looked at me, stroked my cheek and told me I was a brave girl. I didn't say anything, hurried over to my place and got dressed again as quickly as possible."

Mayu looked at us. "Well, that was my story." And then she added jokingly with a harsh undertone: "And you're better not finding this hot!" We all laughed but I stayed hard for the rest the evening.
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Default My story

This is kind of tame but it felt weird. I had to have a circumcision due to health issues. It went well and in the recovery room the nurse was chatting with the wife and I while waiting for the Dr. to come in and discharge me. I'm not exactly how it came about but the nurse asked my wife if she had seen it, then proceeded to lift the gown up while they both looked at my dick. I had never had a woman show another (especially the wife) my privates lol.
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Default my wife in Hawaii hospital

We were vacationing on the Island of Kauai a few years ago. A couple of days into the trip, my wife started to get some bad pain in her abdomen. We thought maybe it was her appendix, so we looked on the GPS for a hospital and it took us to a small hospital near out hotel. This hospital was more of a clinic, but did have an emergency area.
When we got inside and checked in, we saw that it was a local type clinic, with lots of native Hawaiian people in the waiting room and so was the staff.
A young male doctor came over and said she could come in right away and we both went through the waiting room door. There were a few rooms that were basically d****s on a rail that you could close around into a square, with a bed and equipment into it.
The doctor closed it off by pulling the d****s and then he brought over a gown to put on. He said to take everything off and left. It was the typical kind of hospital gown that tied in the back but left her rear exposed.
I was worried about her, but still watched her getting undressed and thatís when I noticed at the very back of the d****s there was a gap and I could see someone looking into the room. She was facing away, but could see her ass naked. I think he noticed me looking as he moved away. I looked out the front and could see a janitor come out and start mopping the floor with this big bucket and mop. I had to admire his peeping skills.
The doctor came in and was very professional as he felt her stomach and lower tummy and it didnít hurt her. A nurse came in and took some blood.
After what seemed like an hour, the Doctor came back and said they wanted to do a sonogram on her and that a nurse would take her over. My wife wasnít familiar with them although she was studying to be a nurse at this time.
So, the nurse came in with a wheelchair and off we went to the sonogram area which was way in the back. She left us there and after a few minutes, the technician came over. It was this big fat Hawaiian guy that looked to be in his thirties. He had a big smile and was very friendly.
He told my wife to go in, take her robe off and lay on the table and put a towel over her buttocks.
He then told me to wait in the lobby. I said, that I would prefer to come into the room and he thought about it and then said, ok, bring in a chair.
She got on the table face down and put the towel over her rear. I sat on a chair at the bottom of the table.
The technician came in and said that he the machine would be looking inside of her like an x-ray but didnít have radiation and that he would take pictures of anything interesting to show the doctor. He said since they didnít know what was causing the pain; he would be looking all over.
He got out this cream that said it was necessary for the sonogram to slide over her skin and that it was very cold. He squeezed some into his hands and said he would warm it up a bit and then spread it over my wifeís back.
She shuddered when he spread it around and then he had this flat piece of metal connected to the sonogram by a cord. When he put it on her back, I could see that it was showing her ribs and her lungs underneath. It was pretty cool to see. He clicked a little button to take pictures as he moved along.
He reached down and took the towel off and put it on the counter. Her butt was exposed now. The technician got the tube of cream and put two big splotches of it, one on each cheek. This is when I noticed he wasnít wearing gloves.
He said, I have to look at your buttocks now and then started to rub the cream on her cheeks. I watched as his thick fingers even went into her crack and when he moved away, I saw her legs spread and her asshole had plenty of cream on it.
He wiped off his hands on the towel and then pushed a few buttons on the machine. He then put the metal on her cheeks and began moving it around. I looked at the screen and it seemed like he had turned off the sonogram feature, as there was just her naked ass on the screen close up, with the metal moving up and down her crack. It was an extreme picture of her asshole there when I saw him click and take a few pictures of it.
He took the towel and rubbed off the cream from her back and ass and then asked her to turn over. There she was naked and lying on her back. He then pushed a few buttons on the machine and sure enough, it was back to sonogram. He then rubbed the cream on her chest, breasts and tummy and moved the metal around taking sonograms all the way down to her abdomen.
He then pulled out a pillow and asked her raise her back and he put the pillow under her ass. Then he told her to move her knees up. This put her shaved pussy up and open and I saw him have a big smile.
He then got a gob of cream and started to rub it on her pussy. He started to put the metal part there and I saw it taking regular pictures. He even used his fingers to open it up more. He then said raise up and I could see the picture he was taking showed her asshole, taint and pussy close up.
He rubbed off the cream and asked her to put the robe on and go back to the room we were at.
We waited another hour and the doctor came in and said she had an ovarian cyst, but that it was common and would probably go away by itself. He gave her some pain pills and by the next day she felt fine. I am sure that the doctor and that technician enjoyed those pics they took.
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Originally Posted by crazyhorse91 View Post
This is kind of tame but it felt weird. I had to have a circumcision due to health issues. It went well and in the recovery room the nurse was chatting with the wife and I while waiting for the Dr. to come in and discharge me. I'm not exactly how it came about but the nurse asked my wife if she had seen it, then proceeded to lift the gown up while they both looked at my dick. I had never had a woman show another (especially the wife) my privates lol.
Did the nurse mention your small size
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Originally Posted by pindickandbushlady View Post
Did the nurse mention your small size
I'm sure she was thinking it.
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