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Old 10-20-2010, 07:38 AM
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Once when visiting a sick friend, I happened to get an unexpected look at a young woman (probably in her early to mid 30's), through an open door, as I passed by her hospital room. She was a slim, good looking brunette, and she was quite topless. They were changing a dressing (or something along those lines), and I was surprised at how careless the nurses were about her exposure (especially since the halls were fairly crowded).
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Old 10-25-2010, 02:58 PM
cameron898989 cameron898989 is offline
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Default Wife's friend is a physician's assistant

This was less embarassing than it could have been, becasue I was pretty sick at the time. I had an inner ear infection a while back, which was nasty. My wife had to drive me to the doctor's because I was so dizzy I could barely walk. The nurse took me back to the exam room in a wheel chair, and when the physician's assistant came into the room it turned out to be a friend of my wifes. I was laying on the table, and at one point she had me turn my head sideways to look in my ear. Not only was my face inches away from her chest, she was leaning over and I could see right down her scrubs. It was a nice enough view that even though I was dizzy and sick, I started getting a little hard. Next thing I know, she's asking me to try to stand up, and she tells me she has to give me a shot in my 'hip', and I need to slide my pants and underwear down just a bit. I was still dizzy, and my hands were shaking, and I was trying to hold my pants up and not fall down. So when she jabbed the needle into my 'hip' which turned out to be my right butt cheek, I twitched a little, let go of my pants and they slid down and hit the floor. So there I was, standing in the exam room with my pants and boxers down around my ankles in front of my wife's friend, and to top it off, while I wasn't sticking straight up, I was still hard enough that it was obvious. As far as I remember, everything froze like that for 20 minutes, but it really probably lasted only a second till I got them back up. I've tried to avoiding her ever since, but I see her every once in a while at the school. I blame her cleavage and loose scrub top for the whole thing.
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Old 03-17-2012, 12:33 AM
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A few years ago I stopped at a hospital to say "Hi" to a family member on staff. As I walked down the hallway by a room, a woman was being assisted gingerly in her room back to bed. I stopped and stared dumbfounded because she had the stereotypical 'open gown' with her nice round backside hanging out. The nurse helping her in spotted me and shot a dirty look but didn't say anything and I moved on. From the shape of the woman's size and color of her hair, I'd guess 20's-30's. never saw face lol. Still was a great ass though!
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Old 03-17-2012, 09:09 AM
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Default A and E visit

I had to take my fiancee to A and E where we had to wait in a cubicle while we waited for the result of a CT scan to come. The doctor wanted to papate her tummy and asked her to remove her jeans. She was wearing a very skimpy g-string and while the jeans were coming off, I saw her right lip escape and pubes. The doctor-s reaction was non-plussed.

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Old 03-22-2012, 01:53 AM
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Default A picture that tells a story...

Okay, so it might be a stretch but I think this picture could potential fit in this thread. I was reminded of this picture reading one of the stories previously posted.

Maybe it's better elsewhere though...

If so, it can be moved to a more fitting thread if there is one.
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Old 10-26-2012, 08:11 PM
Weekender Weekender is offline
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Originally Posted by pubeman61 View Post
I had to take my fiancee to A and E where we had to wait in a cubicle while we waited for the result of a CT scan to come. The doctor wanted to papate her tummy and asked her to remove her jeans. She was wearing a very skimpy g-string and while the jeans were coming off, I saw her right lip escape and pubes. The doctor-s reaction was non-plussed.

I went with my wife for an ultrasound apointment last year, as anyone who's seen these will know it was the usual process of undoing her her and just pulling the waistband of her panties down slightly. As she has a nice bush this gave a good 3/4 of an inch or so of pubes out of the top of her panties.

Nothing unusual there we've been through that quite a few times and as usual it was a female sonographer doing the scan. The thing that was different this time, and that made it a turn on for me was that the hospital were trialing a new machine that they were considering buying. When we went into the room the sonographer explained this to us and introduced a guy of about 40 who was with her and said he was a representitve from the manufacturers and was explaining the controls to her and was it OK with my wife if he stayed.

She agreed and I enjoyed seeing her led there displaying her pubes in front of him for the 10 minutes or so the procedure took. When the sonographer wasn't adjusting controls he was just watching her moving the scan head around on my wifes belly so he would have had plenty of chance to see.

The fact that he wasn't strictly a medical person made it all the more of a turn on for me.
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Old 12-12-2012, 04:59 PM
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Talking Exposed wife

Peggy had a hysterectomy in march , and was completely shaved showing her perfect little cameltoe pussy ...One of the SWEETEST I have ever had .. but any way while she was in the hospital the nurses checked on her staples and stitches every few hours ... All the nurses except one would cover her privates with the blanket before raising her gown .... Except the nurse that would just lift her hospital gown and just look at her " INCISION " checking for any complications... This nurse was HOT and I could not help but Imagine her thoughts... I often wonder what my thoughts would have been if the nurses were male and checking her out like that ... The hot thing is that she has only been with three men , Her deceased husband , An old boyfriend after hubby passed and me for the past seven years and is VERY typically not outgoing or flashy with her choice of clothes..
IT WAS kinda erotic for me when we went back to get her staples out and she was lying naked on the exam couch in front of her Doctor when he was taking her staples out ... Legs not crossed or anything , Just SHOWING that SWEET little cameltoe in all it's glory.. Peggy is five foot four and 125 pounds and so is quite nicely sized with a red bush that was just starting to grow back , Like peachfuzz so to speak..
Just saying it brought out the VOUYER in me, kinda wondering what it would be like to see her with somebody else ..
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Old 12-13-2012, 09:47 AM
godlikechickposter godlikechickposter is offline
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A couple of years ago I had a vasectomy, my wife was having issues with the birth control she was on and well frankly, we are now to damn old to have kids.

So she sets up the appointment, I can honestly say I wasn't jumping for joy, but oh well.

We get to the doctors, fill out tons of paperwork, then I get taken back to a room where I am asked to undress.

Well jeans and boxers off, I sit my butt down on the exam table, the door opens and in walks a nurse, clipboard up to her face telling me she has to take my blood pressure etc...No issues from my point of view.

She lowers the clipboard and I start laughing, the nurse worked for me probably 5 years before as a cocktail waitress, her first reaction was "oh shit"....I explain that she is a professional, I couldn't care less and I am sure that she had seen me naked at at least one of our drunken pool parties.

She smiles, wraps the collar around my arm and takes my blood pressure, we chat about nothing, just catching up on stuff, then the doctor comes in. He explains the procedure, what it involves, how long it will take and the recovery time...We chat for a couple of minutes, he makes sure that I am happy to go along with the surgery, then tells me to get dressed and see the receptionist for a surgery date.

So out I go, the receptionist gives me a date, goes through a check list of stuff I will need to bring and do after the surgery...Then right before I walk out she tells me I have to shave my pubic area or the nurse will have to do it and there will be a charge...My bad side jumps into action and asks "how much is it for the nurse to shave me?" "$100" is the reply... "Who pays me or the insurance?" "The insurance" is the answer I got and wanted...

Well you can see where this is going, the day of the surgery arrives and damn it, I forgot to shave, I get to the clinic, sign in and play the innocent "oh I forgot to shave" routine

Well not a problem, it just means that I will be there an extra 20 minutes or so

So I get taken back into the office where the surgery will take place, in comes my former co-worker with a blank look on her face.

"Strip, up on the table, feet in the sirups and you better not enjoy this to much"

"Can I enjoy it at all?"

She stops, looks at me, smiles and says "sure"

Let me tell you, she was making the most out of it, there was may to much manipulation, moving things around, tugging and brushes with her fingers for it to be just a shave.

In the end I had to ask her to stop before there was some mess to clean up, she smiled and laughed, cleaned me up and stepped back, she told me she would have to wait a couple of minutes to go tell the doc I was ready to let things get back to "normal"...And oh she had a surprise for me during the surgery

Well she gets the doc, he explains that he is going to inject me with a local to numb the boys, to make sure I don't touch anything other than the table as that will ground me and it can be painful....HUH !

Yep, while working on the second "cut" the nurse accidentally brushed my leg as he was applying the current, nothing major but it did hurt, the doctor asked me if I was ok...the nurse smiled..."yep, i think I was just a bit surprised"....
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Old 12-13-2012, 09:47 PM
piecenick piecenick is offline
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This is somewhat the opposite of who usually gets exposed. I was in my doctor's office for a cold or something and before the doc comes in the cute little med tech takes BP, temperature etc. She had a skirt on, this was before all the medical people wore those ugly scrub suits, and was sitting on one of the rolling stools. She was taking her readings then tried to scoot backward to get her clipboard, a wheel on the stool caught on something and she turned over landing on her back. I'll never forget those dainty, yellow flowered bikini panties looking back at me. The poor girl had also whacked her arm on a cabinet on her way down and was just laying there in pain, her exposure was not the first thing on her mind. Of course I tried to help her up but her arm hurt so bad she didn't want to touch it, so I went in the hall and called the other nurse. The two of us helped her up and she had to go to the emergency room next door.

My next visit, a few months later, she was back at work and when she came in the exam room she saw me and laughed. She thanked me for helping her up and said 'I'm glad I always follow mom's advise and had nice undies on.'
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Old 06-02-2013, 08:49 PM
ThomasMoore ThomasMoore is offline
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Default Young nurse had to keep checking me

A couple of years ago, I was skiing for the weekend at our vacation home with my wife and kids. During the last day of skiing, I was feeling tired, and had kind of a stomach ache. After finishing for the day the pain in my stomach got worse, and ironically, my oldest child was feeling the same way. In the middle of the night he woke up as was sick. Because we both had similar symptoms, I assumed that I had some kind of a stomach virus as well. After a sleepless night , we loaded into our car and drove back to the city. I usually drive but was still feeling so poorly that I let my wife drive as I tried to sleep along the way. Once back at home, my wife had to quickly head to the airport for a work related trip. I called our neighbor to come watch our kids, and drove myself to the hospital, where I was rushed into the emergency room with an inflamed appendix! After some pain medication and xrays, I was quickly sent to a hospital room with surgery scheduled for early the next morning. Because I hadn't planned on this, and had come straight from home in a hurry I of course hadn't shaved my private parts! I didn't even think of this as I was wheeled down to the operating room. Two nurses were there preparing me for surgery and asking questions while filling out paperwork. They said that I would have to be shaved and due to the ages of the two nurses, I assumed that the older more grandmotherly one would do it. To my surprise the younger dark haired nurse returned with the razor and lifted my gown and began fondling and shaving my private parts! She must have done this numerous times since her demeanor never changed, even as my shaft grew rock hard as she held it out of the way when she was shaving! Shortly after I was given the proper sedatives and was fast asleep while my appendix were removed. I had no idea that the best was yet to come when I returned to my hospital room.
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