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Old 09-04-2017, 04:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Ysuguru77 View Post
After losing bet, stripping in front of my co-workers and boss went like this.. She had new born a few month earlier and breast feeding baby around that time...
If I was that boss I would have made sure to visit again to enjoy Miyuki more. Give you both drinks and convince her to serve us topless so we could see her beauty. Tell her it isn't fair to let me see it once then hide, and make you agree with me. Show you how to be a good employee and she could help your career by giving me her amazing nipples to taste while you watched or went out of the room. Nothing rough just lightly touching and kissing and sucking her warm milk.
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Old 09-07-2017, 09:32 AM
thursday14 thursday14 is offline
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>>have you ever made a bet where the loser had to strip?
i remember when i was somewhere in Russia it has happened to me that i got drunk.. and then lost some game.. the point is that i was that guy who had to strip :/
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Old 09-09-2017, 06:23 AM
zippersbs zippersbs is offline
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Default Loser Has To Strip

It's much more fun & exciting when the loser not only has to strip but loser has to be stripped by a person the winner chooses. That's when the bets become much more interesting, fun & you either know your going to win or alcohol is involved, LOL. Now those are the nights that can bets memorable
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Old 09-09-2017, 10:19 PM
globetrotta globetrotta is offline
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Default Way Back When - circa summer 1983

Okay I was an undergrad then studying the first of my four degrees in Philosophy (it taught me to write, argue, break down arguments, and logic). Part of the required coursework was to take some logic courses Intro and Formal Logic. The Intro course included basic truth tables (P & Q - conditional logic, De Morgan's Theorem stuff) well part of the course taught a 60's hippie (who I actually saw in in 2007 and he remembered me - he had to be in his 30's then he is still listed now some 35 years later. well he taught us a game of Polish Notational Logic called WFF n Proof using dice it helps with learning to make proof in symbolic logic. Now being anal and good at math loving logic and having mastered just about all the theorems I was a wiz if I do say so ( I would struggle now to even do tables...LOL) so that having been said me and two girls they had asked me for help at their flat. I know you know where this is going and you correct.

So I show up one saturday must have been spring/summer 83 and we start to play and are laughing and I start to show them how you play this game (they were in the class) when and I cannot recall their names but one girl was African American but not really dark and her roommate was a blonde girl not nearly as attractive. We played for about an hour when the black girl who had gotten way better suggested they play as a team against me and for articles of clothing. Now I was about 23 and extremely fit played soccer/tennis at UNI and would ride 40-50 miles run 6-9miles sometimes I'd run and bike in the same day and am British so i had a heavy accent then. Well I am competitive by nature so I jumped at the chance but quickly calculated that I had about 4 articles of clothing on polo (i even think it was an Izod they were the rage) shorts pants and pair of socks not much to lose, whereas they had at least twice that so to get one naked even to underwear would be some work. Well it was like I was possessed and hell I was a bit if a dog back then on the rebound from having lived with someone so anything went as they say. We played for about 10-15 minutes I had not lost anything the girls had lost shoes and their tops and were sitting in their bras at the dining table, thank god there was one and it was not see thru as I was already at full mast and dreaming where this might end. We continued for about another 20 minutes I lost one round and took off my shirt as a gentlemanly symbol of fairness hoping to increase tensions if truth be told...and the girls were now down to their bra's and panties neither of them matched and the African girl clearly had te better body to my mind and was more up for it. So with little left to lose 4 articles for them and 3 for me, we decided to do an all or nothing, well they lost the blonde backed out and the African chick became panicked so I said if yo do I will too we did and well I leave the rest to your imagination cos gentleman never tells. Happy reading hope I have not bored you all I cannot recall too many details but I do have an image of her standing in front of the couch undressing.
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Old 09-10-2017, 08:21 AM
supersmoothy supersmoothy is offline
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The only time I played strip poker was at the end of a party at a friend's house. He had a huge house in the countryside and in the summer we liked to go to there to hang out and have fun. One such evening we decided to sleep there, as it was already very late and we had all drunk a bit (not at all excessively, but surely above the legal driving limit). I ended up in a room with the owner of the house, his girlfriend and a girl I had massively fallen for (and who had friendzoned me big time). Out of the blue, my friend proposed to play strip poker. Everyone liked the idea and we started playing. After a couple of rounds, the girl I liked finished all her chips and was supposed to lose an item of clothing. I was obviously looking forward to it but she refused to go through, saying "Oh, I just wanted to understand how it worked... well, goodnight".

I guess this counts... after all the thread is about making a bet, not going through with it.

In case someone wonders, I was never able to get with her or do anything with her at all. In fact, it would be accurate to say that all that my life has become is due to some fairly radical decisions I took after one last talk we had another night while I was driving her home.
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Old 09-13-2017, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Jazzyloves View Post
The headline says it all lol I've made a few on games like beer pong, poker where the naked people do dares, etc or mostly on sports you know?
So I kind of want to know others stories since some people have some pretty wild tales lol
Many years ago I played strip gun rummy with a female friend of mine on New Year's Eve. What i didn't know at the time was that she was a card sharp and had never lost a game of Gin. Safe to say, when she was fully clothed and I had just my boxers on that it was an elaborate plan for her to see my cock.

The next hand was duly lost, and I had to stand in front of her and take my boxers down so she could have a good look.
The next hand was lost and I had to run the length of her street naked.
I suggested we switched to snap whereby I got my revenge and got her naked, which of course got me hard so she saw that too....

The final game was simply "Highest Card wins" with the loser performing oral on the other. Safe to say we both were happy to "lose" various rounds of that game 😀
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Old 09-13-2017, 04:38 PM
jacksonhole jacksonhole is offline
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Default Strip games

I have played many strip games in my life, starting as a teenager and continuing to this day. My latest game was last weekend and the players were all around 50 years old. It has never become boring for me, and my wife and I will sometimes play games as part of foreplay.

If you play enough strip games, all of the following will happen eventually:

- people will laugh at you and call you a perv for suggesting it
- people will agree to play and then chicken out before revealing anything
- people will play well into the game, with others topless or naked and then back out
- you will end up being the only one naked, because the person who suggests the game can’t chicken out
- you will get to see people naked that you never expected to see naked
- the game will turn into dares once enough people are naked
- somebody will manage to take a few pictures, maybe even a group photo
- you will end up having a threesome or moresome
- and best of all, once you have played with someone, it is much easier to get them to play again because “you’ve already seen me naked, so who cares”

I have been suggesting and playing strip games for 35 years, and I can remember all of the above happening many times. The most common are the first two, the least common is the threesome. But if you stick with it, you will experience all of them.

I suspect I will be organizing strip games in a nursing home 25 years from now...
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Old 09-18-2017, 02:20 AM
zippersbs zippersbs is offline
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Default Strip Games

The wife & I have played many of different strip games, some with other people & lots with just her & I. We always like to come up with different ideas on how to strip, adds a little more excitement to the game. We had one couple we were partying with one night & someone mentioned strip poker, we all had a pretty good buzz going & decided what the hell why not. While we were playing, stories were being told & the wife told them how we change the rules when we play strip games. The winner has to take losers clothes off & when it gets to the under garments you have to use your teeth to remove them. They said they were game for it as long as it was only girl undresses guy or guy undresses girl, so the game was on. Its was kind of strange watching some other guy taking my wife's shirt off but also kind of a turn on also, especially when I got to take her shorts off with him watching. Although I was looking forward to taking his wife's under clothes off he drew that luck & I could tell he has never done it before, but she was getting very excited about it. I know when I took my wife's off she was soaked, so I know she was very excited, she always was the exhibition type. The game ended after that & they had to go, I'm sure they had business to take care of cause I know we did.
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Old 10-10-2017, 11:31 PM
Scorpio28 Scorpio28 is offline
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My girlfriend did, when she bet with my friends for striptease.She lost bet.
Then my girlfriend undressed her shirt and then her pants,until she was completely naked for the first time in front of my friends.
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