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Old 09-09-2017, 09:56 AM
zippersbs zippersbs is offline
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Default Wife's Fantasy

I guess my wife's fantasy is really twisted compared to the stories that I've read about other wives. I've lived out a few of my wife's fantasy's for her & most were fairly tame. Having sex in the woods in the middle of the day & having me walk back to the truck naked & drive home that way. To her calling me on the cellphone & telling me to strip as soon as I walk in the back door, only to find out her 2 sisters are sitting in the living room when I walk in. I think those were the warm ups for the biggest fantasy she had planned that I didn't think she had in her. One night she handcuffed me to the bed & said her all time fantasy was to be in total control of a helpless man & she can do whatever she wanted. She said men like to do that to women & she wanted to find out what its like to be in total control. I was thinking hell this could be fun, me & her in a little bit of foreplay, then walks in her girlfriend that I'm not to crazy about. The wife came up by my head & told me you can fight it or enjoy it, its up to you & handed her GF a pair of scissors. I told my wife you gotta be kidding, not her anybody but her & she started snipping away, PJ bottoms in pieces, shirt cut in half, then snip snip, naked. Couldn't believe it, the wife just let a woman strip me while she watched & its a woman I don't even get along with. I figured what the hell its her fantasy no big deal, she let her friend strip me, see me naked. Then her friend starts stroking me & I thought oh no this ain't happening. Then her GF comes up with this bright idea, lets shave him, they like us bald lets see how he likes it. The wife is all over that & goes & gets the shaving stuff & before long clean as a whistle. Then her GF brakes out the camera takes her a couple pics. Then her GF starts a stroking again & I'm thinking oh no I can't let her do this to me, not her. The wife is just smiling saying how long can you hold out. I said really your gonna let her do this? Then she said I can have her get naked? I had to let it go, her GF laughed & says it's been fun & says I gotta go, really that's all you wanted to do? Now the wife gets naked & decides a 69 is in order & she was as wet as I've ever seen her. I would have to say she enjoyed every bit of her fantasy, she definitely has some good fantasy's.
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Old 09-10-2017, 01:18 AM
Atc808 Atc808 is offline
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Originally Posted by 14sailor View Post
Male nurse here, you can let me know where she works so I can pick up a few shifts there,lol. Love the scenario. My wife used to work in the laboratory and would go out on smoke breaks and in the evening suck some of the male nurses dicks for them. There is a lot of stuff that happens to relieve stress there.
She works in Henderson at St Rose
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Old 09-10-2017, 01:42 AM
14sailor 14sailor is offline
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Default Wife three

My third wife's fantasy that she told me about were 1) have sex with a dog. She used to raise Great Danes and I think that started the thoughts. Their cocks are huge but I don't think she ever fucked one. 2) she wanted to find a trany to have sex with. A woman with a dick, tits and a pussy. She worked as a wh*r* and a stripper for a while. Divorced now. She was a psycho.
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Old 09-12-2017, 06:57 PM
sparky37411 sparky37411 is offline
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My wife is 60 and she told me she has had thoughts of another woman licking her pussy. My wife said she would also think about licking another woman's pussy herself.
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Old 10-02-2017, 02:10 AM
Hornyinde Hornyinde is offline
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My wife, 52 years old, has shared a couple with me. One is to lick pussy and have her pussy licked by another woman. The other is for me to share her with another man, preferably with us in a MFM threeway. So far just fun to talk about during sex.
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