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Old 03-02-2017, 05:36 AM
S.Timpson88 S.Timpson88 is offline
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Originally Posted by nectcouple View Post
I think the best idea is similar to this and one I have used myself...

First, make a folder of normal photos you'd like him to see (like maybe vacation photos or something similiar). Along with those benign photos, add another folder and give it a name to attract his attention ("XXX" or "PRIVATE" or any other name that provides a clue to what's inside. In that folder, put all the nudes you want him to "accidentally" see. Then later, suggest to him that you'd like to show him the vacation photos. Open the folder and leave it open for a few minutes. He should be able to see thumbnails of all the innocent photos, but listed first will be the "XXX" folder. Click on a few of the thumbnails to view the various photos, always coming back to the thumbnails. Once you feel comfortable that he has noticed the "XXX" folder that you have ignored (because you haven't noticed it ), excuse yourself for a while to use the bathroom, inviting him to continue viewing the vacation photos.

I guarantee that if he has noticed the "XXX" folder and he has the desire and the time, he will open that folder and view your target photos!
This is great idea nectcouple , I think I am going to try this one! Will let you know if it works.
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Old 03-14-2017, 09:37 PM
DippsyDudel DippsyDudel is offline
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Originally Posted by S.Timpson88 View Post
This is great idea nectcouple , I think I am going to try this one! Will let you know if it works.
Don't leave us hanging! How did it go?
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Old 03-25-2017, 05:28 PM
jackpiker jackpiker is offline
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Times moving on anything happening , with this ????

we are all waiting to see the pic you thought of putting up .
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Old 09-13-2017, 06:11 PM
bpompini bpompini is offline
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this thread should be moved to fiction stories..
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Old 09-15-2017, 06:39 AM
nigbo nigbo is offline
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My missus broke her wrist a few years back and then during physio snapped a tendon in her thumb - so had to have an op on her wrist / thumb and had to sleep in the spare bed with her arm hung up from the door in a plaster cast. She had to have very strong pain killers during this episode which lasted about 10 days. When my mate heard this, he said I wish I could see how she did that - I can't picture it - must have been very awkward sleeping like that.
I actually took a flash picture of her doing this - her tits fully exposed - she never even noticed she was in such a deep sleep. She never knew about the pic - she's quite a prude in that way - she has to be in the 'mood' for any sexual play antics.

A few months later - my mate was round with his wife and the wrist subject came up during a few drinks- I had completely forgotten about the picture - so I took him upstairs to my office computer and showed him the pic - sworn to secrecy - she would have killed us both if she knew he was looking at her superb tits (large nipples). To say he was gobsmacked was an understatement !! I deleted the pic in front of him - with the words - 'This never existed - right !?'
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Old 09-15-2017, 08:53 AM
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I'm lucky enough that my best friend and I often show each other our others halves saucy pics but I'm going to be the killjoy here, if you think he'd react do negatively to you mentioning it maybe he's the wrong guy to do this with and it could ruin your friendship.
No cheap thrill is worth losing a good friend's respect over...
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Old Yesterday, 10:44 AM
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A friendss wife cheated on him several times, and he has told me about it. She had 2 regulars that she would meet at their apartment or at a motel. Once she went to NYC, telling her husband that she was meeting a friend. Her and the guy
stayed in a hotel and fucked all weekend. Another time she flew to Denver to meet a friend. She let a guy in the bar pick her up and fuck her.

I have shared many pictures with him. He is eager to send me all he has of his wife, including videos. She likes to play with her pussy while he films her, and then she begs him to fuck her.

In one video, she is riding his cock and tells him this is how the guys fucked her, and how wet it made her. As she talks, he asks her for more detail, which she does. This causes him to cum quickly.

Now when we get together, I look at her ass and picture her fucking him. I also have a greater admiration for her tits.
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