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Old 09-09-2017, 06:49 AM
zippersbs zippersbs is offline
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Default Strip Games

Quarter Bounce - Bounce a quarter into a shot glass, whoever bounces the quarter in the glass chooses who loses an article of clothing.

Strip Darts - Loser loses an article of clothing & if you want to make it more interesting, make it you've gotta triple in & the last person to triple in loses an article of clothing.

Strip Backgammon - Losers loses an article of clothing, if your hit in the game you can pay with with an article of clothing to get out.

Strip Ladder Ball - This games much more fun cause its played outside & adds a little exhibition to the game, IF YOU DARE. Losers lose an article of clothing.
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Old 09-10-2017, 05:19 PM
jacksonhole jacksonhole is online now
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Default Truth or dare game last night

Last night one of my wife’s friends named Sam came by to hang out and have a few drinks. I left them alone for a couple hours and then asked if they wanted to play a game or something. I suggested a dice game, but my wife’s friend said she was too buzzed to learn a new game so we played that game where you hold your phone up to your forehead and the other people give you clues to the word shown on the phone.

It was fun for a while but got kind of repetitive and at some point I suggested we do something else. They asked what I had in mind and I jokingly said we should play truth or dare. Sam just laughed and said there was no way she was doing that, and we went back to playing the other game.

About ten minutes later, Sam said, “if we did play truth or dare, how does it work?” We started to explain the rules, and she shook her head and said there was no way she could do it. She went to the kitchen to refill her drink and I started looking on my phone for something else to play because I was getting sick of the other game.

When she returned, she sat down and said, “ok, somebody ask me a truth question.” We weren’t sure if she was serious, so my wife and I just sat there for a minute and she insisted she was ready to play and told us to make it a good question. So I asked her when was the last time she had an orgasm, and she immediately replied, “this morning.” Then she asked what happens now, and we said it’s her turn to ask one of us. The next few rounds were all truth questions, but they got increasingly personal and all had some element of sex. Questions about favorite position, favorite toys, masturbation frequency, that sort of thing.

The next time my turn came up I chose dare, and my wife dared me to moon them. I stood up, turned around and pulled down my pants and boxers, and the the girls cheered and applauded in appreciation. As anyone who enjoys playing stripping games knows, this is a pivotal moment in the game, the first showing of skin and the reaction to it by the other players. If anyone is going to get cold feet, this is when it happens.

I pulled up my pants and then asked Sam, “truth or dare?” She started me straight in the eye with a little smile on her face and said “dare.” I said that she had seen my ass, so I wanted to see her boobs. She made a joke about nobody wanting to see her saggy boobs, and I thought that she might be about to back out, but then she lifted her shirt to her chin and pulled up her bra revealing her breasts to us.

I told her that her boobs weren’t saggy at all, and that I thought they looked fantastic. She asked if I was being honest about that and I said absolutely. I asked my wife for her opinion and she agreed that Sam’s breasts were great. The best part was that she kept her boobs on display during this whole discussion, and she actually lifted one of them and squeezed it a bit as she looked down at her breasts.

Now the game was on for real, and while people still choose truth sometimes, we all started doing dares. Both girls showed their tits a couple times, and everyone showed their ass, and did funny dances, and then the next time I chose dare, my wife took things to the next level. She dared me to kiss Sam, and made it clear that she wanted to see a real kiss. If showing skin is the first milestone in a stripping or dare game, actual contact with a player who isn’t your spouse is a bigger one, and I was a little surprised my wife had suggested it.

Sam and I stood directly in front of my wife and then leaned in and just started totally making out. Sam uses her tongue a lot more than my wife does, but she was a decent kisser and we sucked face for at least a couple minutes before declaring the dare complete.

My wife picked truth next and I asked her if watching me kiss Sam had turned her on and she said it had. Then Sam chose truth and my wife asked her if kissing me had turned her on and she said that it definitely had. Things were definitely progressing nicely, but I still had no idea how far this would go.

On my next turn I chose dare and Sam said, “you should just take your pants off,” and when I stood up to do so she added, “and your underwear too.” I paused for a second and looked at my wife and then Sam who were both smiling, I was expecting them to say for two minutes, or for the next round, but they didn’t. Permanent nudity is another huge milestone in a game like this, and once someone takes that step I’ve found that nobody backs down on any dares that follow.

I took my pants and boxers off and stood in front of them for a few seconds. I was about half-hard when I first stripped down, but my dick was growing right in front of them and they both seemed to appreciate it and were openly staring at my penis. My wife reached over and cupped my balls, then leaned in and took my dick into her mouth. It wasn’t a full on blow job, but she took it all the way in and licked around for a few seconds. Sam was intently watching this and when my wife pulled back she said, “Nice!”

I sat back down and remained bottomless for the rest of the evening. Over the next couple rounds I managed to get both the girls topless which led to them comparing boobs and discussing nipple size for a while. The nudity also improved our options for dares which quickly led to both girls getting their boobs sucked on simultaneously by the other two players, and that turned up the heat considerably. Both of them also seemed comfortable groping me whenever they wanted so that was happening too.

So I am naked from the waist down, and they are both naked from the waist up, and we are all hanging out drinking and laughing as if it’s totally normal. Amazingly, we continued playing and on my wife’s next turn she chose truth. “Have you guys ever had a threesome?” Sam asked my wife. My wife said yes and then Sam chose truth and my wife asked her the same question. Sam quietly replied, “No, not yet.”

The game broke down, or at least they decided I wasn’t needed any more, and my wife and Sam just kept going back and forth, each time asking “truth or dare?” Replying “truth” and then asking some very specific questions.

Did you enjoy it? Yes.
Have you ever thought about having a threesome? Yes.
Is that where we are headed tonight? I don’t know, maybe.
Would you be ok with that? Yes.
Would you be ok with that? Yes.
Are we really talking about this? Yes.
Should we go upstairs? Yes.

So we went upstairs. I will finish the story of what happened upstairs in a separate post.
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Old 09-11-2017, 07:03 PM
babesofcollege babesofcollege is offline
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Originally Posted by b8432 View Post
(First time post, finally something I can contribute to!)

We are great friends with another couple and had a good run of some exciting "party games" or "games that involve drinking and nudity". Here are some ideas:
  1. Beer Pong - Make it a Guys vs Girls challenge and really put some arrogance into it. Tell the girls there's no chance they'll win. Some times, they might flash a tit for distraction, other times, you can play losers have to shed layers. This works with the game "caps" as well.
  2. Flip Cup (aka Strip Cup) - Similar to Beer Bong, losing team each round has to lose an item of clothing. The losing team is the first one naked.
  3. The ole Strip Poker
  4. Truth or Dare - This one was exciting. There was a Truth or Dare app that allowed you to set the dare sexiness level and make up your own dares. We used this to create specific dares we wanted our wives to do, but they wouldn't do if we asked on our own. Comparing wives breasts by feeling them, getting your balls inspected by the other wife and have her describe them to the group (funny), girls feeling each other up, licking nipples, etc. I wish I had a photographic memory to capture all the scenes!

Check out the apps in the app store. For other dare ideas, I have attached the "Dare File" we customized for the game. Open it in Wordpad for the best formatting.
This is great stuff! Can you elaborate on some of your Truth or Dare experiences? Did you play this more than once? Did people generally go along with the dares or chicken out? How much sexual contact happened that wasn't with someone's partner? Thanks.
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Old 09-12-2017, 07:30 AM
terriuk terriuk is offline
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Here's a variation on the cardboard box game- get an empty cereal box, and tear/cut off the top flaps- not needed.

best done somewhere soft, and away from furniture, as people may fall over!

each person takes turns, trying to pick up the box with just their mouth- no kneeling down, or using hands/arms to steady yourself.

normal version- if you fail, take a drink. adult version- option to take off an item of clothing.

when everyone has had a go, tear a bit more off the box and start another round..
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Old 09-14-2017, 06:15 PM
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Default Definitely not Innocent....

Not so innocent party games......

Back in the sexual experimental days of the late '70's my first wife and I had our small loosely knit group of young couples who normally gathered together on Friday or Saturday nights for dinner and / or a night club, and sometimes a house party. The house parties often got interesting, involving lots of drinking and smoking weed.

Often parlor stripping games would develop, depending on the females present and the general mood of the group. And on rare occasions, usually when only 2 or three couple were present, same room sex and even swapping ensued.

One very interesting evening at a house party the host suggested we try a "task" game he read about involving the loser drawing cards with various racy tasks on the back. There were four couples there that night, and one couple in particular had been a hold-out with anything to do with situations with the possibility of nudity or sex. Patty and her husband Jack were great fun people, but seldom joined us at the house parties, obviously avoiding any of the sexual atmospheres that tended to develop. At more than one house party when things began to warm up, they had to leave while giving some lame excuse. She was a petite girl with what I would describe as substantial tits but dressed and acted very conservatively.

That night Patty and Jack said they were up for that game, but she seemed to be a bit hesitant and tense. No one made a big deal of their unexpected decision to play, not wanting to draw attention to their decision and make them feel uncomfortable. But since they decided to participate, the host wisely thought it best to make it clear to all of us that he and his wife had written the "tasks" on blank cards themselves which could be quite racy. And told us that the cards were separated into three small stacks of different colored cards, white, blue and red. The white cards were to be drawn first and included PG rated tasks. The blue were next and were"R" rated, and if anyone was still able to continue, the red cards had "X" rated tasks.

Of course everyone was good with that, saying yeah, great, smiling and saying let's get started. And that including Jack. But Patty had this forced smile and was looking nervous. About then I thought Jack had likely coerced his unwilling partner to participate in our fun and games, and was I hoping it would turn out well.

The game started off slowly with the white "task" cards being used up quickly, many involved drinking shots, and few tasks with any sexual overtones. The blue cards although like the others sets, had been shuffled, but started off with a surprisingly highly charged task. My wife was tasked with removing 3 items of clothing. It was summer, and not a lot of clothes to start with, and she hadn't worn a bra. She elected to lose her shoes, shorts and top leaving her with just panties and big tits out for all to see. Not a big deal for her since we were veterans of these parlor games, and liked showing off her tits anyway. But I saw Patty's eyes about bug out when my wife lost her top.

The next loser was Patty. She looked like she was going to faint. But the blue card she drew required her to allow anyone of her choice other than her partner to fondle her body for 30 seconds. She seemed to be relieved, in light of what my wife had to do. She chose the host. I think that knowing her angst, he went easy on her, simply dancing with her and while giving her ass a thorough massage and cupped her tits a few times.

The games continued until everyone had substantial clothing missing including the new girl Patty, now just in her bra and panties, but seemed to be holding up quite well. By this time my wife was totally nude and had been pawed and kissed by every guy there. Then the blue cards were gone, and just the red cards remaining. At this time everyone is drunk and/or high as a kite.

This time it was Patty who was the first red card loser, and was truly smiling with relief as she reads her card. The task was to perform oral sex on your partner for one minute. Patty was likely relieved with this task, because not knowing just how "X" rated the cards could be, this was something she could live with. The husband, now just in his shorts, gets up, drops his shorts and moves to an easy chair so we all can watch as his bra and panty clad wife knelt in front of him and sucked his cock rock hard in record time. Meanwhile he reached behind her and undid her bra and played with her tits while she's sucking him.

The now rowdy group was cheering her on, and when the timer went off, she stood, turned, slipped the loose bra straps off and bowed to us while tossing her bra aside. Her perfect tits were on full display with no attempt to hide them. More applause, which may have prompted her to peel down her panties and kicks them aside as well, smiling ear to ear. Patty then started dancing and pirouetting around the room proudly showing off her trim nude body to everyone. With that, everyone knew Patty had graduated from prude to a true party person and exhibitionist in a matter of hours.

And before the red cards ran out, nearly everyone had been tasked to either give or receive received oral sex to their partner with everyone watching if they cared to. And none of the red card tasks involved inter-couple sex. I was wondering if at that point if Patty was disappointed that oral sex with someone other than your partner wasn't one of the red card tasks.

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Old 09-17-2017, 09:09 PM
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Default Be careful!

Originally Posted by zippersbs View Post
Quarter Bounce - Bounce a quarter into a shot glass, whoever bounces the quarter in the glass chooses who loses an article of clothing.

Strip Darts - Loser loses an article of clothing & if you want to make it more interesting, make it you've gotta triple in & the last person to triple in loses an article of clothing.

Strip Backgammon - Losers loses an article of clothing, if your hit in the game you can pay with with an article of clothing to get out.

Strip Ladder Ball - This games much more fun cause its played outside & adds a little exhibition to the game, IF YOU DARE. Losers lose an article of clothing.
I've played strip darts before and I gotta tell you, you got to be careful with those damned things! If you happen to drop one, it'll invariably find a part of your body that happens to be "protruding"!
Luckily for me, it was just my bare foot. It just bounced off one of the bones in my foot so it hurt like hell, but did no permanent damage. It sure did put a damper on things though!
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