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Old 05-17-2017, 03:10 PM
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Default They could, but you can't.

Anyone have certain experiences that you've been denied for one reason or another, but your significant other's exes had free reign?

The guy my wife was dating just before me was either trying to hide the fact that he was actually gay or just had low testosterone. I rail her at every opportunity. She's a fit blonde of 31; 5'4" 120 lbs; huge rack; gorgeous - she masturbates and watches porn more than I do and as a result, she knows how to handle some dick. There should be no reason he wouldn't want to. Anyway, recognizing he was depriving her, he essentially gave her permission to fuck his best friend. So, usually on the weekends, they'd grab a hotel room; since his best friend was also his room mate.

Well, his best friend had pretty much a season pass to her asshole; something I only get on occasion (I'd say 4 or 5 times in the past 3 years). Her reasoning is "his dick was so small, it's really the only way it did anything for me."

I suppose I should be flattered. But still a little jealous.
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Old 05-17-2017, 07:56 PM
nudony nudony is offline
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Not me; but I used to have a Puerto Rican co-worker who was a proud nymphomaniac.

Her husband couldn't keep up with her constant need for sex. So he allowed her to bang other guys; as long as he didn't know who or where.
She made a pass at me once and I agreed to let her come over to my place after work. She got frisky and quickly started dropping her pants and panties...but her very "direct" approach threw me off and I chickened out (I was much younger and impressionable). When she saw I was going to be a more "difficult lay" than she'd anticipated, she stepped away, dropped down on the carpet and started rubbing her clit; asking me to show her my cock. I was in disbelief; but I nonetheless dropped my pants and started stroking my cock. As we were both there masturbating, her on the floor and me standing up across the room; she came. At which point she just got up, pulled up her pants, and gave me a nice kiss on the cheek; before proceeding to walk out of the door while I stood there like an idiot with my hard dick in my hand. She was definitely all business!

Not a word was ever mentioned of this after that night.

It takes a very special kind of husband to give his wife permission to make him a cuck. In his case he was a cuck with a capital "C." We met on several occasions after that; and I'm not sure he ever knew I'd not only seen his wife's puss, but she had masturbated while looking at my hard cock. Weird!
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Old 05-18-2017, 04:08 AM
ukgoldfish ukgoldfish is offline
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Before we got together, My wife Beth had a boyfriend for about 6 months. He didn't like using condoms so fucked her bareback whenever they had sex. When she and I started dating she insisted on condoms and it was about 2 years before she finally went on pill so we could do it bareback. She didn't mention that she used to let her ex do it bare until we'd been married about 3 years. He was a lucky guy as she had a lovely tight pussy at that age so doing her bare would have been lovely for him
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Old 05-18-2017, 05:38 AM
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Originally Posted by ExFiles View Post
... her asshole; something I only get on occasion (I'd say 4 or 5 times in the past 3 years). Her reasoning is "his dick was so small, it's really the only way it did anything for me."

I suppose I should be flattered. But still a little jealous.
Something very similar in my relationship. While she tells me I'm about the same length as the guy she was with before me, she says mine is thicker. Thus, she did anal with him way more than she has with me. Same as you, I think we've only ever tried it about 3 times and she could never bear for it to last all the way to finish.

Another thing from her past with this guy was drunken, outdoor sex. It was all to do with their stage of life: they were both students and still lived at home. His family owned a shop quite near to a club they used to go to. He didn't have a key for the business but he did know how to access the yard at the back of it. So, a lot of clubbing nights would end up with them back in the yard, shagging! When she looks back on that time now, she realises that while it was a pretty good spot (and not visible from the street), there was always the chance that they might have been putting on a show for someone in one of the other properties that overlooked the yard. She also laughs at any suggestion I'd make that we'd do something like that. "Why shag down a back street when we can now simply go home to our own house?" she says.

On the flip side: when we started going out she told me that she'd never let this guy cum in her mouth. The problem was that he "leaked" all the time, during bjs. In fact, she told me she'd gone so far as to make it a condition of blowing him that he wear a condom.

I laughed at that, telling her I thought blowjobs with condoms only existed in porn movies! So, after establishing that, yes, I definitely didn't "leak", she discovered that she quite liked giving bjs. And having me cum in her mouth.

So, it'll probably never happen, but I like to imagine her meeting this ex some time, perhaps having a few drinks and him finding out that I get to finish in her mouth whenever I want.
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Old 05-19-2017, 02:25 PM
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stevezr1 stevezr1 is offline
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Default I couldn't

Late '80's. Met a girl at a club and took her back to her apartment in the wee hours.
She was a small built cutie, nothing to get crazy about. Soon as we got in her place, she let me know that she liked, in so many words, rough sex. So if it wasn't already, it was then a foregone conclusion that I was going to fuck her that night.

I said oh yeah, I can do that! Meanwhile, I am thinking that I've never so much as smacked a lady's ass, much less roughly! But hell yes, I can do it!!

So I slapped her around a little and yanked her clothes off (carefully). We were kissing, and I continued slapping her ass lightly and pinched her nipples real hard. We were soon fucking, I thought it best to just slam away at her pussy as hard as I could.

But I apparently blew it. I think she knew I wasn't really "into it". Therefore, I don't think I performed anywhere near her expectations. In retrospect, maybe I should have asked her if she had any toys or stuff like that. And, if had I pursued that cutie the way she hoped, it may have opened up a whole new world to me that I never explored. Years later, sorry I didn't try harder.

So yeah, I couldn't.
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Old 05-21-2017, 06:55 PM
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Default A bit diffrent but in the same vain...

Many years I owned a 3 bedroom house, and at the time didn't have a girl living with me, a buddy and his wife split up, so I letting him stay there a few months. One Saturday night I picked up this nice young lady in a meat market club, brought her home to fuck. It was a pretty done deal, she followed me in her car. Back home we were on the couch having a drink, her panties were already on the coffee table when I brought her a glass of wine.
Out comes my "Buddy" and that slowed things a bit. Truly I kind of think she was up for the two of use. She made a comment about as long as she got home in time for church. And it came out I didn't believe.
So she fucked my roommate but not me because I was a godless heathen. It was kind of funny, she never got our names right and kept calling him by my name. So as he is pounding her in the other room she's screaming my name.
They hooked up a few more times, she turned out to be kind of crazy, and she never did learn his name.
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Old 05-23-2017, 03:14 PM
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Default I could, but my buddy can't

I could, but my buddy could not!

Not a particularly erotic story, but amusing to me with an ironic twist.

Late '80's, myself and a buddy go out to a local singles-oriented nightclub. We've both gotten lucky there in the past. I was married living with the wife but the marriage was slipping away. We got along well, but there were other issues, and it had developed into an open marriage of sorts.

My buddy had been involved in divorce proceedings, and had been living alone for over a year. Just a few days earlier, the divorce became final and we were actually celebrating that milestone event. It was a big thing for him, if not for more obvious reasons, that he felt that the "still technically married” status held him back from doing better with the ladies.

We start talking with this group of girls who were knocking back drinks and were seriously partying. They were all nice looking, and there were plenty of other guys vying for their attention. My buddy is a good looking silver-tongued devil and soon had the attention of a few of the cuties. But I was right there, wingman that I usually am. Both the ladies and us were all doing plenty of talking, and my buddy proudly announced that he was now legally divorced and single. He got a few smiles and congrats from the ladies, but I think he was hoping for a more positive response. Since it was my bud's big day, I thought I'd help him out and interjected that I myself was happily married, thinking it might throw a little attention in his direction

We hung with those ladies all night, and near closing time the other ladies drifted away with other guys leaving just four of us. The two ladies were best friends, both were very attractive, but I knew that both my buddy and I would rather be with the cute blonde girl. At that point it was unclear which of us would likely pair up with which of them, as we were all just getting along really well.

By now we all had much to drink, and the blonde, the cutest of the bunch, announces to us that she is going to get laid that night, and she's smiling at me! All of us were taken aback, and she then tells us that this is actually HER bachelorette party!! And that she is going to be married in a week! And she needs to get laid one more time before taking her vows and settles down with one guy for the rest of her life! Her best friend seems a little surprised by this announcement, but doesn't intervene in any way.

And now she's hugging me, and my buddy is getting all indignant! He's saying, "hey, but I'm now a divorced man, and he's married"! She said "I know that, and that's exactly why I want to be with Steve"!! He's confused, and she tells him that because of her situation, this must be one-and-done thing, and never wants to see or hear from whoever she goes with her that night! Basically, since I was married, I was less likely to cause any trouble down the road, and it would forever remain our little secret. Seemed logical to me!

Then my buddy just had to chuckle over the irony of the whole situation, and then began dedicating his attention to the other lady. And yes, I took her at a local motel and when the door shut behind us she tore off her clothes and I was in awe of her body! Whatever she wore did no justice to that killer body. She just jumped on me and we fucked our brains out for only an hour, she had to get a back home because she was living with the guy! And I could see how she had to be careful about choosing a guy to give her one last fuck, because she was hot, hot, hot, and I was in love! I was wishing there was a way I could get together with her again. So yes, one and done.

So in this case I could, but my BUDDY could not.
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