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Old 05-17-2017, 02:36 PM
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Default Threesome in a car in Dublin, Ireland

It was a week before Christmas, and I was going for drinks with some friends from work as it had been our last day before a our holidays.Sasha came with me as she knew most of my colleagues anyway.Including Tony. We all called him Tony Soprano because he he had that dark smoldering look of a gangster.Tony was wearing a dark suit which probably was Italian made,and expensive. That's the sort of guy he was. And a dirty bastard too.Just like me, I guess.Sasha wore a new top she only bought that day.It was a purple pink number that showed off her tits beautifully.It was figure hugging.And low.Maybe a bit too low.Sasha didn't mind,she loved showing them off.Loved men looking at them.She had got them enlarged a couple of years previously and was still excited about having cleavage at last.And Tony seemed fascinated with them.He had dated Sasha before me and often joked he had fucked her before me.I didn't care.Especially as he had taped it,and shown me.And that was before I had hooked up with Sasha after they split.I had wanked off looking at them so many times.Not that she knew of course. That's why I had asked her out as it happens.Because I knew what a dirty b*tch she was.
Anyway,back to the bar, which near a big shopping center. Sasha was also wearing tight white trousers,and Tony had been teasing her about her visible panty line.And to top it off,she wore a pair of back high heels.Every time it was my round,Sasha would go to the bar for me.Well, I was paying.And when she brought the drinks back,she would bend down to put Tony's on the table in front of him,giving him a perfect view of her bra-less tits.He was loving it.As the night went on,one by one everyone left leaving just us three.Tony asked Sasha if she missed his cock and if she ever thought about him.Sasha laughed and said no,she had a better and bigger one now,mine.This wasn't at all true,and Tony knew it.Me and Sasha often fantasized about him in bed with us for a threesome.She would even call his name out while I fucked her.And he knew because I had recorded it.And shown him.I mean, fairs fair.Did I mention we were both dirty bastards.Then Tony asked Sasha for a look at her tits.Course Sasha said no.But He kept on and on.
Eventually, after lots more alcohol, she said ok,when we leave.Well I can tell you,The grin on his face was as big as the very noticeable bulge in his trousers.
So when we left the bar at around three in the morning we headed for our car which we had parked in a nearby hotel's car park under a security camera just in case.If Sasha remembered the camera,she didn't mention it and neither did I.We weren't driving home obviously,we were too drunk.We were going to get the bus the next day.That saved us a taxi fare.Anyway,when we got to the car I got in the front,and Tony and Sasha got in the back,Sasha first.She turned and just pulled her top down,exposing her fabulous tits,and if you want to see them,they are on my profile pic.If Sasha thought that would be enough for Tony she was wrong.He grabbed them,cupping them,and then dived on them,licking them,kissing them,and sucking her already erect nipples.Sasha let out a loud sigh,closing her eyes involuntarily.She groaned,and so did he,then her eyes shot open,remembering me.Her eyes shot to me,seeking permission.She smiled when she seen me kneeling on the seat with my cock out,stroking it as I watched.Tony tugged at her panties to remove them.Again Sasha looked at me.I nodded,slowing down my wank so as not to cum.She lifted her ass off the back seat and Tony pulled off her panties,actually sniffing them first.Pervert,before throwing them aside,exposing Sasha's waxed pussy.He quickly lowered his trousers,his large cock springing out.It was big.At least two inches bigger than mine,and thicker.Bastard.He shoved it straight into what was obviously a very wet pussy.After a while he said he was going to cum.She told him to wait,to pull out.She took his cock in her hand,then turned and took mine in her other hand,and stroked both of them at once.This was for me.A fantasy of mine That I had told her before.It wasn't long before we both came,first me,then Tony.Sasha directed it at her tits.We soaked her.Then,she put both of our cocks in her mouth.Together ! It felt a bit weird.But hot.Dirty,pervy. She cleaned us up like the dirty cock sucker she is,the cleaned her tits with her knickers.We never found them afterwards.I think someone took a souvenir.
Then we got out,and went home in two separate taxis.Tony has asked me repeatedly for an encore,but Sasha has said no.So far.He has seen countless pics of her since,with her permission.And a few videos. I've seen his new girlfriend, who is a little on the heavy side , but gorgeous.I cant wait for next Christmas....
The end
Update......recently Tony and his girlfriend were recently in our house after a night in the pub.While Tony's girlfriend was in the loo Tony,without asking me if it was ok,pulled Sasha's top town and had a quick grope and suck of her tits. He ,and me, are hoping for more fun in the future.
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