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Old 04-05-2017, 12:59 PM
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To the fans, "For $10, come down to the ring, make your dream come true, and fuck Alexa Bliss while she makes faces at you!"
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Old 04-07-2017, 01:53 AM
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Part 4: Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss. First Cum Match

Alexa Bliss took a walk around the backstage area thinking about the championship match that she had coming up next week in Ireland. It was the first Extreme Rules in Ireland, so she had to compete with Becky Lynch in a beat the clock challenge to determine who would get to pick the stipulation. Becky managed to catch Carmella in an early arm bar, giving her the win in nine seconds, but Alexa's opponent, Nikki Bella, tapped out as soon as the match started giving Alexa the win. Alexa knew she had to take the humiliation to the next level. Her goal was to mentally destroy her opponent, and to do that, she was going to have go above what she had done before. With that thought in mind, she choose a new match type for their Extreme Rules match. The first ever First Cum match. Both of them would have to compete naked and the winner would be the one that managed to avoid cumming in front of the audience. It was bound to be completely humiliating, especially for someone like Becky, who had never been naked in front of the WWE Universe, but she knew she was going to have to find someway to go even further with it. She had stripped all her opponents and made them cum before, so it wasn't really special at this point.

As Alexa was trying o think of a way to properly humiliate Becky, she turned a corner into an open room, and spotted Becky on a laptop at a table and she appeared to be talking to someone on Skype. Alexa quickly ducked back around the corner so she could listen to the conversation. This could be her chance to find a way to ruin the Irish girl.


Becky sighed as she clicked the call button on Skype. She couldn't believe she was going to have to defend her title naked next week. She knew Alexa had to be loving this. She had been going out of her way to humiliate everyone on the Smackdown roster, and she had gotten to everyone, but her. Becky knew that she was finished as soon as she let the humiliation get to her though, so she was trying to do her best not to imagine everyone looking at naked pictures of her from this match for years to come.

Becky quickly snapped back to reality as her Skype call was answered.

"Hey, what's going on?" Said Finn Balor, who answered the call from his phone.

Becky smiled as she heard the voice of her rock. Her best friend Finn Balor. He was currently out with a shoulder injury so he had been home in Ireland while he healed. Finn was the person that she owed the most to in life. He pushed her to enter the wrestling business when she had little confidence in her ability, and they had always remained close. She could talk to him about anything and he would always make her feel better, and Becky honestly treasured that. She had been in love with him ever since she met him, but she didn't have the confidence to tell him, and she was afraid to ruin what they had. Before she knew it she was now a women's champion while still a virgin. She just didn't feel right about dating or sleeping with someone else while she still had these feelings for Finn.

"I don't know." Becky said solemnly. "I'm just nervous about this championship match next week. Did you hear about?"

"I didn't actually." Said an interested Finn. "You going to get to be in an Iron Man match like Sasha and Bayley?

"Not exactly..." Said Becky, and she told him about what the match entailed.

"Wow." Said a shocked Finn. "Naked in front of all those people, huh?"

"Yeah." Said Becky, as she grabbed her right arm. "I don't know, no one's even seen me naked, so being up there in front of everyone is going to be terrifying.

"Do you not want me to watch?" Asked Finn.

"No no! I always feel more confident when I know your watching. Plus if I'm going to be seen naked by everyone else what's the harm in your best friend getting to see you?" Joked Becky.

Finn laughed as Becky tried to hide that she was blushing. The truth was that the idea of Finn seeing her naked excited her, and she felt herself getting wet at the thought. Maybe he would finally see her as more then just a friend.

"Well if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure you'll win." Said Finn. "You've wanted to be a champion for a while, and I know you're not going to give it up so easily."

"Thanks Finn." Said Becky. "Well I have to get going. Do you want to get coffee the day after the match?"

"Of course. Sounds like a plan." Said Finn

The two said goodbye and ended the call, as Becky had to resist masturbating to the thought of Finn getting to see her naked. The one thing she didn't want though, was for him to see her cum. She was more determined now then ever to win this match. Maybe she would finally have the confidence to tell Finn her true feelings after the match.


Alexa smiled as the call ended. Becky's feelings were obvious and she was going to exploit those. She tried not to laugh as she walked away from the room where Becky was sitting. This was going to be too prefect.


Becky took a deep breath as the promo for the match between her and Alexa aired. She knew it was time to undress and grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She then unbuttoned her shorts and pulled those down as well. She thought about the fact that she was about to willingly walk out in front of a massive audience in her birthday suit. It was all hitting her at once. This didn't feel real. She started seeing spots as she unclasped her bra and pulled down her thong. She then grabbed her title belt and put it on. She must of looked ridiculous wearing nothing, but the oversized belt around her waist. She was trembling. This couldn't be happening and she wanted to wake up. All of a sudden she heard her music, and she walked out onto the ramp.

The crowd popped as soon as they saw the beautiful naked red head. It didn't even cross her mind to cover herself as tried to briskly walk down the ramp. She tried to ignore the cameras getting a good look at her 34C boobs as they naturally jiggled as she walked. She was mortified at the thought of the crowd staring at her ass as she walked. She slid into the ring and took off her belt, reveling her shaved pussy. The crowd popped again, and Becky was starting to feel light headed.

Alexa's music then hit as Becky focused on her. She seemed far less worried having been naked in front of everyone already. Her boobs were smaller, but still gorgeous. Her ass was her best feature though. Becky was straight, but she couldn't help, but admire Alexa's perfect toned ass. Before she knew it Alexa was in the ring with her.

The announcer went over the rules, but Becky couldn't focus on them. She kept zoning out while thinking about all these people seeing her naked. Could she really win like this? How was she going to look Finn in the eye again if he knows what she looks like when she orgasms? The bell rung. How was he going to take her seriously when she clearly lacked confide-WHAM!

Becky was blindsided by a vicious superkick from Alexa. Becky's tried to focus on getting her balances, but she just couldn't get in wrestling mode right now. Alexa hit her with another superkick as Becky dropped to her knees. Becky was felt her already cloudy mind go even foggier, as she realized she was about to pass out. Another superkick to her face and Becky hit the ground face down.

Alexa quickly hopped out of the ring and grabbed a pair of handcuffs underneath the ring. This was perfect. She smiled as she realized she had Becky right where she wanted her. She hopped back in the ring, and grabbed Becky's passed out body, and dragged her over to the ropes. She handcuffed one of her wrist and then put the other cuff around the top ring rope, so Becky was facing the entrance ramp. She then stood her up so she leaned against the ring ropes and slapped her to wake her up.

Becky woke up with a jolt and came face to face with Alexa. She tried to move, but realized her left hand was handcuffed to the ring post. She was fucked and she knew it.

"I hope you're ready to cum." Said a smiling Alexa, as she went to the other side of the ropes so she was standing behind Becky on the ring apron.

Alexa then stuck her fingers into Becky's already wet pussy and started to finger her. Becky tried to pull Alexa's hand away with her free hand, but Alexa grabbed it and pulled it behind her back.

"Alexa please." Becky pleaded. "I'll do whatever you want, just please don't make me cum, I won't be able to face anyone ever again."

"That's the point, you idiot." Responded Alexa. "Now tell me, who makes you the most scared? Who can you not imagine ever looking at again after they see you like this?"

Becky squirmed as she refused to answer.

"Is it your friends?" Asked Alexa, as Becky tried to think about anything other then cumming.

"Is it your family?"

Becky tried in vain to struggle free, but Alexa's grip was too strong.

"Or is it Finn?" Whispered Alexa into her ear, as she suddenly stopped fingering Becky.


"Aw, it's really obvious." Said Alexa, mockingly. "With the way you handle yourself talking to you it's like you're still a virgin."

Becky didn't say anything. She couldn't believe Alexa had read her so well.

"Holy shit." Said Alexa, as she started laughing. "You really are a virgin? That's fucking pathetic. I thought Finn was bad, but at least he's not a virgin anymore."

"What did you say!" Said a suddenly angry Becky.

She never asked because part of her didn't want to know, but she always naively hoped that Finn was a virgin too. She spent many nights fantasizing about how she and Finn would have their first time together.

Alexa smiled. She had her. Everything had gone according to plan.

"Your going to love this next part. Let me show what my night was like yesterday." Whispered Alexa.

"Play the movie!" Yelled Alexa, and all of a sudden the crowd was treated to a film playing on the tron.

The crowd got a look at Alexa wearing a t-shirt and shorts fiddling with a camera that she was setting up. She blew a kiss to the camera, as a knock on the hotel room door was heard. She answered the door and to Becky's shock, Finn walked in wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

"You wanted to see me." Said Finn.

"Yeah, I guess I did." Said movie Alexa as she ran up to Finn and hugged him.

Finn seemed taken aback by this.

"Alexa, what are you-" Stammered Finn.

"I love you. I always have since our NXT days." Said movie Alexa. "I didn't have the courage to tell you before, but I can't just let it go unsaid anymore."

Finn looked like he was thinking, before he wrapped his arms around Alexa and kissed her.

Becky burst into tears at the sight of this.

"Please, Alexa. Not like this." Pleaded Becky.

"Shhh. You're going to miss the grand reveal of Finn's cock." Said Alexa.

The movie then cut to Alexa on her knees, undoing Finn's belt. She then slid down his jeans reveling his 8 inch dick to the world. Movie Alexa looked impressed as she took his manhood into her mouth. Becky didn't even notice as Alexa slipped her hands back into her pussy and started fingering her again.

"Why, why are you doing this?" Asked Becky, as she watched the man of her dreams receive a blowjob from her worst enemy.

Alexa just laughed as the movie cut to Alexa on top of Finn.

"I don't know about this." Said Finn nervously.

"Is this your first time?" Asked movie Alexa. "Don't tell me your saving it for Becky."

Finn didn't say anything.

"Look." Said movie Alexa, firmly. "She too much of a coward to tell you, but she's not in to you."

Finn looked upset, as Becky could only watch in horror knowing she couldn't do anything about the obvious lie.

"I'm sorry, Finn." Said movie Alexa. "I'm here though. I'm real. Let me be your first."

Becky could do nothing but cry as she she watched Finn cock slip into a pussy for the first time. Becky was now completely lost in emotion, she didn't even notice as Alexa slowly guided Becky's free hand to her pussy. Alexa then removed her hand from Becky as Becky naturally started fingering herself, not wanting the pleasure to end. Alexa then freed Becky from the handcuffs and hopped down from the ring apron. Becky was left in the ring masturbating to the video of her first love losing his virginity. Alexa didn't have to do anything, but watch the show and wait for her belt now. Becky started masturbating faster as Finn's speed increased in the video. Becky had moved to the middle of the ring now, and was now repeating Finn's name to herself over and over. Alexa couldn't believe how perfect this worked out.

"FINNNNNNN!" Screamed Becky, as she finally came.

Her back arched and her boobs jiggled in the air. She stared at the movie as Finn let his load out into Alexa Bliss at the same time. Alexa had taken everything from her. How could she face Finn again, after he had seen her masturbate to a video of him? How could she look him in the eye when her true feelings had been revealed this way? Alexa hadn't just taken her pride and her dignity. She managed to take her fantasy away. The bell rang signaling the end of the match, and Becky fell to the ground. Her last sight before passing out was Alexa walking out of the arena, with nothing on, but the SmackDown's women's championship.
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Old 04-07-2017, 11:28 PM
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You seem to have some inside information about the WWE Universe.
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Old 05-07-2017, 02:28 PM
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No more?
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Old 05-10-2017, 03:53 AM
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Sorry, finals have been keeping me busy. I'm planing on posting two more stories here and then I'll write a 5th and final part for this one. Should hopefully be up in 2-3 weeks.
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