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Default Modern Day MTR

Originally Posted by Dayjib View Post
Any chance for a modern version of this story, considering this fantastic news http://squaredcirclesirens.com/micki...-wwe-contract/
That's certainly good news. If she accepts I hope she's on Smackdown. Their women's roster needs the boost and I've been consistently liking Smackdown Live more than Raw. But I don't see how a story like this would work in modern times. Nowadays everyone's a politically correct feminist.

The Ruthless Aggression Era is often overlooked because it fell in between the awesome Attitude Era and awful PG Era. But it had a lot going on for it. There was still blood. John Cena had only just started to be shoved down our throats. JR and King were on commentary. Kurt Angle was still in the WWE. And most importantly, this era featured some of the most sexual storylines ever. Forget about Mae Young giving birth to a hand. Lita carried Kane's unholy abomination of a child until she lost it due to an Abortion-Chair Shot from Snitsky. Beautiful women like Torrie Wilson who could barely lace up a pair of wrestling boots were considered to be the top divas. Posing for Playboy got you a push going into WrestleMania. And in 2006 alone we had Edge and Lita's Live Sex Celebration and Mickie's obsessed fan storyline with Trish.

That's why I decided to turn my one-shot match into this series. Because this was the time where Mickie was at her most psychotic (and her best). Also Linda McMahon hadn't decided to go into politics yet so WWE wasn't afraid to be violent and exploit their female talent. I include those three behind-the-scenes paragraphs at the start of every chapter to show that with a little suspension of disbelief this could happen.
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Default Chapter 4

Mickie's Title Rampage

Chapter 4 - Can You Out-Crazy Crazy?

Once again the internet exploded. And once again Mickie James was at the center of the explosion. WWE Officials were extremely grateful for their WWE.com Website overhaul. It was only because of the vastly upgraded servers that the WWE’s Official Site was able to handle hundreds of thousands of fans that had paid to view the first-ever Raw Post-Show. WWE Brass watched in surprise as the special event quickly outsold Smackdown’s Judgment Day Pay-Per-View. The event had been a massive success and now the writers were being pressured to set up a new Post-Show Match.

Elizabeth Kocianski's contract allowed her to earn a sizable portion of the profits from the match. So her exposure hadn't been for nothing. But despite the big payday, the rookie diva requested her return to OVW. She'd shown off a considerable amount of in-ring ability during her short stint on the main roster but now she wanted to lay low for a while to recover from the massive hit her reputation had taken after being exposed and stripped naked in such a public setting. Meanwhile, the sales for Mickie James' new 'Break a B itch' t-shirt had absolutely skyrocketed. It had quickly outsold all of John Cena's merchandise and was now the top seller on WWE Shop.

So now the Raw Writers needed to promote a new challenger for Mickie James. They needed someone who could not only put on a good match but also wouldn't be so humiliated that she'd flee the main roster. The Creative Team ultimately decided to go ahead with Lisa Marie Varon. Victoria might not be one of the most popular divas on the roster but when writers took into account that the other options were Torrie, Maria and Candice... they decided to go with the ring veteran. There was some concern over putting on a heel vs heel title match but Mickie James had gained such a large following of 'perverts' that she couldn't be considered a heel when competing on the Post-Show


Monday Night Raw - June 5th 2006 - Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Raw is live from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Johnny Nitro had picked up a win over Charlie Haas when his girlfriend Melina caused a distraction at ringside by faking a leg injury. And then Victoria had faced off against Torrie Wilson in a singles match and picked up a relatively easy victory after hitting the Widow's Peak.

Victoria's theme song is still playing out in the arena as the cameras go backstage to show a smirking WWE Women's Champion Mickie James. Mickie's perverts make themselves known and give her a loud ovation.

"Hey guys!" Mickie greets the audience through the camera, "Wanna see something really cool? Follow me!" Mickie leads the camera down the hallway and stops in front of the door to the Women's Locker Room. "It's okay. You're with me." Mickie throws open the door and the camera follows her inside.

"OH MY GOD!" The camera pans to reveal that they've walked in on Candice Michelle changing. The topless Candice hugs her arms around her chest. "MICKIE! WHAT'RE YOU DOING?"

"Relax, Covergirl, everyone's already seen them," Mickie reassured Candice. "If you don't like it, you can leave."

"But I'm naked!" Candice shrieks.

"And I'm the Women's Champion," Mickie states, "Move it or lose it. Give us a show or get out. C'mon, do your Go Daddy dance."

"Oh my God... I can't believe you!" Candice whines. The Playboy Covergirl turns and stalks out of the locker room with her arms still wrapped around her naked chest.

Mickie goes over to one of the lockers and pulls out a framed picture. "Last week we had a new member join Mickie's Band of Broken B itches." Mickie goes to unveil her new picture but stops herself. "No, no... this doesn't feel right. I need someone to interview me. OH! I know! Come on!"

Mickie skips through the far doorway into the shower area and calls out in a sing-song voice. "Oooh Maaariiia!"

"EEEEEEP!" There's a loud squeak of alarm and the camera rushes around the corner to reveal that Mickie has pulled open the curtain of Maria's shower. Maria is stark naked and soaking wet as she stares like a deer in headlights while striking the classic ENF pose.

"Hey Maria... I need you for a special interview."

"Mickie... I'm in the shower..." Maria whimpers.

"I can see that," Mickie replies, "But now I need you to come out of the shower so you can interview me."

"But... but... I'm naked," Maria stammers.

"This again," Mickie groans, "You'd think naked people would be more interesting." She snags Maria's towel off of a nearby hook and tosses it to her. The shower is still going and the towel is quickly soaked. "Put that on. You've got five second to come out or I'm dragging you out." Mickie lets go of the shower curtain and it drops back into position and hides Maria from the camera's view. "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! F-"

"I'm here!" Maria yelps as she bursts out of the shower with a frantic but terrified look in her eyes. The towel is soaking wet and very heavy. It may be tied closed but the only thing keep it on is the fact that Maria's arms are wrapped around her chest.

"Good girl," Mickie reaches up and pats the towel-clad diva on the cheek. Mickie grabs one of Maria's hands and leads her out of the shower area. "Now let's go out into the main room so we can hear each other over the shower spray." Maria is too scared to protest and focuses on using her remaining arm to pin her towel closed.

"So... Maria, have you seen Beth Phoenix?" Mickie inquires. Maria wordlessly shakes her head. "No? Why not? Are you saying she's not here?"

Maria nods, "She's... she's too embarrassed after what happened last week."

"So what you're saying is... I broke Beth Phoenix," Mickie prompts.

"Yes..." Maria whispers.

Mickie grins, "And that's why she's the newest member of Mickie's Band of Broken B itches! Look, I got her picture framed..."

Mickie finally unveils her picture. It shows Beth Phoenix trapped in the ropes with Mickie behind her. Her bra is pulled up exposing her breasts and Mickie's hand is buried in Beth's thong. The blonde's face is bright red and her mouth is wide open as she screams out "I QUIT!" The word 'BROKEN' is written diagonally across the picture.

"What do you think Maria?" Mickie prompts. "You've got interesting company. But unlike Trish and Beth... you're a trooper. You took your beating and came back to work two weeks later. How does it feel to be the last remaining member of Mickie's Band of Broken B itches?"

"I... It doesn't feel good..." Maria meekly answers. "You keep flashing those pictures and I'm constantly reminded of the most humiliating moment of my life. Trish and Beth... their moments were even worse than mine. I think that's why they couldn't bear coming back."

BANG! Suddenly the locker room door slams open and Victoria storms in with a still-topless Candice trailing behind her.

"HEY!" Victoria shouts as she gets in Mickie's face. "What's the big idea kicking Candice out of the locker room?"

"EEP!" Maria squeaks and runs back into the shower area. She clearly has no interest in between trapped between the two divas who are both known for being mentally unstable.

"Well I was having an interview," Mickie replies, "But now you scared her off..."

"Who do you think you are?" Victoria demands.

Mickie pats her championship. "I'm the WWE Women's Champion. I'm the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus. And I'm the Woman Who Broke Beth Phoenix. You remember her, right? She wasn't here long but she still managed to beat you two twice."

"You and I have gotten along pretty well lately," Victoria reminds her. "I don't mind you going around and breaking b*tches. When you broke Trish Stratus... I came up to you after the match and shook your hand. Because I've hated that b*tch since day one. And last week you broke Beth Phoenix. Honestly, she hasn't been around long enough for me to care. I care about me and my friends. You can bully Maria all you like. I won't shed a tear for that annoying little bug. But the second you messed with Candice... that's where you crossed the line. Now you and I have a problem."

"Oh yeah?" Mickie challenges her, "And what're you gonna do about it?"

"I don't have to do anything, it’s already been done!" Victoria insists. "I beat Torrie Wilson out there tonight. And since Maria and Candice don't look like they'll be challenging you for the title anytime soon... I think that makes me the new Number One Contender."

"Look, Vicky-"

"THAT'S VICTORIA!" Victoria shouts over her.

"You're really trying my patience right now," Mickie warns her, "But the truth is I actually kind of like you. You've seen what I've done to Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus. Is that really something you want inflicted upon you?"

"You're not gonna scare me away!" Victoria assures her. "I've worked too long and too hard to get where I am! I'm no stranger to being embarrassed. I dated Stevie Richards!"

"I don't think this is a very good idea," Mickie protests.

"Well, what you think doesn't really matter," Victoria retorts, "Because Vince McMahon thinks it is a good idea. Yeah, I passed him on the way here. He's in a really good mood about Triple H joining the Kiss My Ass Club and he agreed to make the match. You and I are going to be facing off for the Women's Championship next week in one of your Anything Goes Matches on the Raw Post-Show. I'm going to do what Beth failed at... and take your Women's Championship!"

Mickie smirks. "Fine then... it's a date." Mickie reaches out and cups Victoria's chin and then leans in to give her the Kiss of Death. But Victoria shoves Mickie away.

"OH, NO YOU DON'T!" Victoria snaps. Mickie staggers backwards in surprise but then Victoria steps forward, grabs Mickie and kisses her full on the mouth. Mickie's eyes fly open in surprise as she's unaccustomed to being on the receiving end of this kind of assault. Victoria shoves Mickie away and the Women's Champion falls on her ass. "I've been crazy a lot longer than you have. You're not getting in my head." Victoria turns and calls out to her partner, "Come on, Candice. We're out of here."

Victoria turns and heads out of the locker room. Candice, who used Victoria's confrontation with Mickie as an opportunity to pull on a top, follows after her but stops in the doorway and flashes Mickie a smug grin. "Looks like her crazy trumps your crazy."

Mickie is left staring after her. Her crazed gaze is locked on the door as she hugs her framed picture to her chest and sensually strokes it. "She knows how to play... looks like Vicky's going to be the next b*tch to join the band."

Raw then goes on to a plug for Kane's horror movie 'See No Evil'.


Monday Night Raw – June 12th 2006 – Penn State University Pennsylvania

Raw is airing live from the Bryce Jordan Center. Vince McMahon was just shown backstage hyping the Triple H vs the Spirit Squad Gauntlet Match. He insists that HHH will be dismembered by the Spirit Squad and will reunite with the injured Shawn Michaels on the highway to hell.

The cameras go out into the arena to show that the ring has been decorated for the next match. There’s a big pile of water balloons in the middle of the ring and two smaller piles in the tag team corners. Three water guns are lined up on each side of the ring in between the piles of water balloons. And finally there are buckets of water left in each corner of the ring.

Lillian Garcia stands in the ring to explain the rules, "The following is the first-ever Wet and Wild Water Contest. Now in the ring there's water balloons, there's water guns and there's buckets of water. Everything is legal in this match but the only way to win is by pin-fall and submission. Now the winner of this match will be on the cover of the WWE Summer Special Magazine."

WHAAA-OOW! A Girl Like That hits and Torrie Wilson prances out from the back. She's dressed in all white with white short shorts, white sneakers and a tight white top that already shows off her white bra underneath. It's clear from seeing Torrie's attire that this 'match' is going to be a glorified Wet T-Shirt Contest. "Introducing first... from Boise Idaho... Torrie Wilson!"

What Love Is plays next and Candice Michelle saunters out from the back. She's wearing a white ensemble that consists of white elbow pads, white knee pads, white shorts and a low cut white top with provocative tears in the sides but also black boots and her pink coat on top. "And making her way to the ring... from Milwaukee Wisconsin... Candice Michelle!"

Candice removes her coat and joins Torrie in the ring. The referee brings both women into the middle to face off and prepares to call for the bell.


Mickie's perverts have arrived en masse and the WWE Women's Champion is greeted by loud cheers as she skips out from the back. The cheers get even louder when the perverts realize that she's also decked out in all white with a white top, white skirt, white sash and even white boots.

J.R.: What's Mickie doing out here? She has her Anything Goes Title Match against Victoria later tonight.

King: Well... based on the way Mickie's dressed... it looks like Mickie wants to compete.

Mickie skips around the ring and cuts off Lillian Garcia as she's returning to the Time Keeper's corner. The Women's Champion snags the ring announcer's microphone. "Where do you think you're going? I'm taking part in this contest too!"

"Mickie... you're not scheduled to participate..." Lillian points out.

Mickie scoffs, "Please... like that's gonna stop me." Mickie brushes passed Lillian and startles J.R. and King when she climbs up onto the commentary table. "WHO WANTS ME TO COMPETE IN THIS CONTEST?"

The only thing better than two hot women in all white soaking each other with water... three hot women in all white soaking each other with water.


Mickie sits down on the edge of the commentary table and continues to goad the ring announcer. "Lillian... are you really going to deny all these people?"

Lillian certainly doesn't want to disappoint the eager audience. "AND THEIR OPPONENT! From Richmond Virginia... she is the current WWE Women's Champion... and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus... MICKIE JAMES!"

The fans have gotten what they want and signal their approval with an even louder cheer.


The only people who seem unhappy with Lillian Garcia's decision are Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. Neither of them has any real interest in competing against the volatile Women's Champion in a match where they were already going to be heavily exposed.

Mickie James hands off her Women's Championship and is all smiles as she slips into the ring. There's an almost hungry look on her face as she eyes her opponents. The referee motions Mickie into the middle of the ring with the other two divas and has the three of them stand back-to-back-to-back... then signals for the bell.

All three women split up and dash into separate corners. Torrie and Candice each snag a water gun and start spraying each other. But they both made the mistake of taking their eyes off of Mickie. The Woman’s Champion lunges out of her corner with a bucket and douses Candice. SPLASH! The Playboy Covergirl goes from moderately dry to soaking wet in a split second. Her white top is plastered to her skin and turns near transparent. Candice drops her water gun and reaches up to rub the water out of her eyes but Mickie lobs the bucket at her. The empty bucket conks Candice on the head and knocks her back into the corner.

SPLAT! A water balloon bursts over Mickie's back and she turns to glare at Torrie. The psycho diva lets out a high pitched scream and rushes at the blonde and tackles her back into the corner. Mickie grabs Torrie's arm and whips her across the ring. Torrie collides with Candice in the opposite corner but then Mickie races across the ring, jumps clear over the pile of water balloons, and splashes both Playboy Covergirls in the corner. "You two used to be friends! Kiss and make up!" Mickie's forces Torrie and Candice's faces together and grinds them against each other in a crude imitation of a kiss. But that doesn't stop the fans from letting out whistles and cat-calls.

Torrie lashes out blindly behind her and catches Mickie with an elbow. The Women's Champion reels back the blonde bombshell quickly spin around and swings at Mickie for a forearm. But Mickie ducks the wild strike and knees her in the stomach. Torrie doubles over and Mickie grabs her in a side headlock then runs and drives the blonde face-first into the water balloons in the middle of the ring with a big running bulldog. SPLASH! Almost all of the water balloons burst from the impact and leaves Torrie just as soaked as Candice. But Mickie makes it even worse by grabbing hold of Torrie's hair and rubbing her face in the puddle on the mat.

Mickie has been partially splattered but Torrie and Candice are both thoroughly soaked. But while Mickie is caught up with Torrie, Candice charges out of the corner and kicks the champion in the face. Mickie goes rolling off of Torrie but quickly sits up and glares at Candice. The Playboy Covergirl immediately regrets her decision when she finds herself under the full force of Mickie's crazed gaze. Candice turns and tries to make a break for it through the ropes but Mickie tears after her and manages to catch Candice by the legs. But Candice is slippery when wet and Mickie almost loses her hold but quickly adjusts it and pins the other woman's legs under her arms.

"No! No!" Candice shrieks as Mickie drags her back into the ring. The Playboy Covergirl is desperate and clutches at the middle rope. Mickie is still holding her legs so now Candice is hanging over the ring. Mickie smirks and spots the pile of water balloons in the corner. Candice struggles to keep her hold on the ropes as Mickie steps to the side and holds her over the pile of balloons. Mickie throws Candice's legs up into the air and takes a big step back causing her opponent to do a belly flop on the pile of water balloon. SPLASH! Mickie quickly hauls Candice up into a side headlock then jumps up and plants her with a big Mickie-DT! Candice rolls over onto her back and is out cold.

Mickie stands up. Her white shirt is finally wet from her briefly lying in the puddle she’d made with Candice. Mickie spots Torrie trying to recover on the other side of the ring. She picks up the water bucket in the corner and casually strolls across the ring to Torrie then turns the bucket over and dumps the water all over Torrie’s head. SPLASH! “AAAAAH!” Torrie screams in alarm as she drenched yet again but then Mickie takes the bucket and jams it down over the blonde’s head. Mickie hauls Torrie up to her feet and gives her a shove causing the two-time Playboy Covergirl to blindly stumble into the middle of the ring. The Women’s Champion takes a big step forward just as Torrie turns to face her then swings her leg around and drives her boot into the bucket. MICK KICK! Torrie is knocked backwards and falls across Candice. Mickie skips over and places her foot on Torrie stomach. The referee uses two hands to make the count.


plays and the champion has just pinned both of her opponents. The referee raises Mickie's arm while Lillian Garcia announces the result, "Here is your winner... MICKIE JAMES!"

Mickie goes over to the corner and calls out to Lillian, "Gimme a mic! Come on!" The Women's Champion's request is heeded and she's handed a microphone. Mickie skips back across the flooded ring over to her opponents who are still lying where she left them. Mickie lashes out and kicks Torrie in the side causing to the blonde to go rolling off of Candice. Another kick sends the soaked and groggy blonde rolling out under the bottom rope before she drops to the floor. "Get out of my ring."

Mickie turns back to her remaining opponent and kneels down next to her. "Candice! Candy! I don't know if you can hear me... but I need you to send a message to your pal Vicky for me." Mickie grabs Candice and hauls her up to her feet. "Okay? You ready?" Mickie drops the microphone and bends Candice backwards. She pauses to brush her damp hair out of her face then leans in and kisses Candice full on the lips much to the approval of the crowd.


Mickie releases Candice and the Covergirl stands in a daze for a split second. But then Mickie spins and swings her leg around into the back of Candice's head for a big reverse roundhouse kick. Mickie just put Candice to sleep after a long kiss goodnight.

Mickie picks up her microphone again, “You know what? I’ve got a better idea. Candy, why don’t we show Vicky what she has to look forward to tonight?” Mickie grabs Candice’s soaked white shirt and practically tears it off of her. The fans pop at the sight of Candice’s white bra while Mickie bunches up the white shirt and then wrings it out over Candice’s face.

I AIN’T THE LADY TO MESS WITH! WOOO! Don’t Mess With hits and Victoria comes running out from the back. Mickie bails out of the ring and leaves Victoria standing over her fallen friend.

“SEE YOU LATER TONIGHT VICKY!” Mickie shouts as she reclaims her championship then skips around the outside of the ring to the ramp while Victoria glares at her from the ring.

J.R.: It looks like Mickie’s choosing to ignore Victoria’s theme song and is playing some mind games with her opponent.

King: Did you see her steamroll Torrie and Candice? That was the most one-sided triple threat match I’ve ever seen. Mickie’s definitely ready to face Victoria on the Post Show tonight.

J.R.: And once again, for those of you watching at home, the Raw Post-Show can be viewed exclusively on WWE.com for the low price of $6.69.

King: And after what happened last time… you definitely don’t want to miss this! I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

The fans are then treated to a look at Rob Van Dam winning the WWE Championship from John Cena at last night’s ECW One Night Stand.


Raw ends with ECW Originals Stevie Richards, Justin Credible and Balls Mahoney preventing Cena from getting revenge on Edge for costing him the WWE Championship against RVD at One Night Stand. After beating the hell out of ECW Extremists with a chair, Cena announces that he’s going to demonstrate what he learned from the ECW Originals when he crashes the party during the premiere episode of ECW and does whatever he wants.

The arena is once again cleared as the parents are warned about the upcoming potentially adult content. The remaining crowd seemed a lot larger than two weeks ago. That may have had something to do with a large number of the crowd being students from Penn State University. WWE Marketing had decided that college age university students would be the perfect demographic to entice with adult content so they ran a special promotion at the local university to fill any remaining seats in the arena by selling discount tickets.

The streaming service on WWE.com kicks in for the fans watching at home and they once again have a live feed in the Bryce Jordan Center. Once again ring announcer Lillian Garcia and referee Jack Doan are standing by in the ring. Since this is going to be a championship match Lillian is once again going to hold off and do an official in-ring introduction.

I AIN’T THE LADY TO MESS WITH! WOO! Don’t Mess With plays and Victoria makes her way out from the back with Candice Michelle trailing behind her. Victoria is once again dressed in all black. Candice has changed out of her white ensemble from the Wet and Wild Water Contest and is now wearing all black and her pink coat to match Victoria. The Playboy Covergirl looks a little ruffled after Mickie got to her earlier but now that Victoria has someone supporting her at ringside she has a major disadvantage going into the Anything Goes Match for the Women’s Championship. Candice once again gives Victoria a quick peck on the lips as they get in the ring then the duo turn to survey the entrance ramp and await the arrival of Victoria’s opponent.

Obsession hits and the arena erupts. The loud ovation that Mickie receives rivals some of the cheers that Rob Van Dam got in the Hammerstein Ballroom at last night’s ECW One Night Stand. Mickie might be a psycho that bullies her fellow divas but the legions of perverts are eager to see more. So on this special Raw Post-Show the crazy diva who makes a point of stripping and humiliating her opponents is a fan favorite. Unlike, Candice, Mickie is still wearing her all-white outfit from earlier. Her white top has partially dried over the course of the show but it is still partially transparent which clearly displays Mickie’s white bra. Mickie skips down the ramp but stops short of getting in the ring. Her face morphs into a devilish smirk as she dashes to the barricade and climbs up onto it then calls out to the fans, “WHO WANTS TO LOAN ME A SHIRT?”

Mickie receives another loud response as she stares out into the sea of fans. A large portion of them are wearing her t-shirt and look eager to loan it to her. But she smirks when she spots a special pervert a few rows back. “You! Wait right there! I’m coming!” Mickie jumps off the barricade and lands in the crowd. An event staff security guard and a cameraman follow her up into the audience. Victoria remains in the ring but she isn’t letting Mickie get to her. She leans back in the far corner and waits patiently while Candice whispers in her ear from out on the ring apron. The fans let out another cheer as Mickie stops about seven rows back… in front of a woman, more specifically a blonde college student from the looks of her. She and the guy she’s with are both wearing Break a B itch t-shirts. The college girl looks surprised to suddenly be the center of attention.

“What do you say?” Mickie asks. “Wanna swap tops?”

The girl looks shocked. She clearly hadn’t expected Mickie to actually pick her. She had probably just been cheering because everyone else was. Mickie grins as she pulls off her mostly dry white top right there in the middle of the crowd and stands there in her bra and white skirt. She holds her shirt out towards the college girl. The fans in the area all start cheering and begin to chant Do It! Do it! Do it! The chant quickly spreads and get louder until it sounds like everyone is egging the girl on. Even the guy she’s with is chanting along. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Even the guy she’s with is chanting for the college girl to swap her top.

And so yet another college student succumbs to peer pressure. The blonde girl blushes as she crosses her arms and pulls off her t-shirt in a moment that would live on forever like the D-X Flasher. The crowd erupts in cheers and breaks out a Holy shit! chant. The girl tosses Mickie the Break a B itch t-shirt and is left in her pink bra and jeans. Mickie beams as she hands the girl her white top but then pulls her into a surprise hug before she can put it on. The Women’s Champion whispers something in the girl’s ear then pulls back and raises her arm. The fans let out a thunderous cheer as Mickie and blonde college girl stand there in the crowd both stripped to their bras.


Mickie and the blonde girl take a moment to pull on their new tops. Mickie’s larger chest stretches out the front of the college girl’s snug t-shirt while the girl’s pink bra can be plainly seen through Mickie’s white top. But then Mickie further surprises her new friend when she leans in and gives the girl a quick peck on the cheek. She looks passed the girl and winks at the guy with her then turns and skips back through the crowd to the barricade. Her conduct might be unorthodox but Mickie has once again captured the hearts of all the perverts in the arena. Meanwhile, Candice is glaring at Mickie from the ring apron while Victoria is still in the corner looking bored. “You done yet?” she calls out to her opponent. Mickie nods and rolls under the bottom rope into the ring then springs back up to her feet. She hands off her Women’s Championship and it looks like this match is finally going to get underway.

Lillian Garcia steps forward for her introductions, “The following contest is an Anything Goes Match and is for the WWE Women’s Championship! Introducing first, accompanied by Candice Michelle, from Los Angeles California… VICTORIA!” The heel diva who isn’t Mickie is greeted by boos when the ring announcer calls out her name. Victoria shrugs it off. She really doesn’t care. “And her opponent… from Richmond Virginia… she is the current WWE Women’s Champion… and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus… MIIICKIIIEE JAAAMEEES!” Mickie throws her head back and spreads her arms out wide and is cheered by seemingly everyone in the crowd.


Lillian Garcia leaves the ring with the Women’s Championship and Jack Doan orders Candice off the ring apron. Mickie and Victoria meet in the middle of the ring and the referee finally calls for the bell. This match is finally underway.

Candice jumps back on the ring apron and makes to get in the ring. There’s no disqualification in this match so there’s nothing stopping her from getting involved. Mickie turns to cut her off but gets nailed from behind with a hard forearm to the back from Victoria. Candice climbs back down off the apron and leaves Victoria in firm control of the match. Victoria tees off on Mickie and hits her with a series of hard strikes to the back which force her down onto her hands and knees. But then Victoria gets back up and rams her knee brace into Mickie’s face for hard knee strike which sends the Women’s Champion rolling over onto her back. Victoria follows up with a jumping knee drop and lands knee brace-first on Mickie’s stomach then covers her in an attempt to get a quick pin.

ONE… TW—Mickie kicks out!

Mickie rolls away from Victoria and crawls for the ropes but Victoria goes after her and hits her with another hard forearm to the back. Victoria yanks on Mickie’s hair and starts to drag the champion up to her feet but Mickie catches her challenger with a hard elbow to the gut then immediately follows it up with a second one. Victoria doubles over and is winding which allows Mickie to fight free from her hold and connect with a spinning back kick. Mickie runs for the ropes looking to further build on her momentum but Candice grabs Mickie’s ankles! Mickie stumbles and barely avoids falling on her face. Candice’s split-second distraction gives Victoria the opening she needs to surge forward and cream Mickie with a hard clothesline.

Thanks to Candice, Victoria is back in control before Mickie can gain any worthwhile momentum. The referee says back and doesn’t do anything. Once again the lack of rules in the match means he’s just here to count a pin-fall or signal a submission. Candice could get in the ring and double team Mickie with Victoria and he wouldn’t be able to do anything. But for now it looks like Victoria’s trump card is limiting herself to interfering from outside of the ring. Victoria drags Mickie back up off of the mat and drives her braced knee into Mickie’s stomach. It’s clear that Victoria is taking full advantage of the Anything Goes Match’s lack of rules both with Candice’s interference and by blatantly using the metal on her knee brace as a weapon.

Victoria hefts Mickie up onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry then swings the champion off and plants her with her signature swinging sidewalk slam, SPIDER’S WEB! Victoria stands back up and turns to face away from her grounded opponent. She pauses to run her hands through her short black and red hair which causes the audience to boo her. But Victoria shakes them off and launches herself into the air with a standing backflip and crashes down on top of Mickie for her signature standing moonsault, VICTORIA’S SECRET! Victoria smirks and gets right back up bends forward and hits a second standing moonsault onto her prone opponent. After delivering two hard splashes Victoria folds Mickie over and goes for another early pin attempt.

ONE… TWO… TH— but Mickie kicks out again!

“Are you having fun yet, Mickie?” Victoria yells down at the groggy Women’s Champion. “I know I am!” There’s a clear difference between the two mentally unbalanced divas competing in this match. Mickie has absolutely no boundaries and will do practically anything to get in her opponent’s head. Victoria, on the other hand, is an entirely different breed of psychopath and seems to get a sadistic enjoyment from inflicting physical pain on her opponent. Victoria stomps on Mickie’s back and drives her back down into the mat then grabs onto her and hauls her back up to her feet. Victoria whips Mickie across the ring into the ropes but as the Women’s Champion comes flying off the ropes she jumps up into the air and takes down her challenger with a running Thesz Press. The fans start cheering again as Mickie hits a series of shots to Victoria’s face.

Mickie gets off of Victoria and pulls her back up then throws her into the corner. Candice climbs up onto the ring apron and tries to warn her friend but Mickie lunges into the corner and lashes out with both arms for a double clothesline into the corner. Candice is knocked off of the ring apron while Victoria is rocked against the turnbuckles. Mickie quickly takes advantage and climbs around Victoria while she’s still groggy then grabs her challenger in a side headlock from up on the middle rope. Mickie raises her arm up into the air and lets out a loud scream before she throws herself out of the corner and drives Victoria face-first into the mat for a big Tornado DDT. Mickie rolls Victoria over onto her back then hooks her leg for a pin attempt.

ONE… TWO… TH— Victoria kicks out!

“Don’t worry Vicky!” Mickie calls out. She turns and smirks directly into the hard camera. “Now I’m having fun!” Mickie bends down and grabs the waist band of Victoria’s wrestling trunks. The challenger may have kicked out but she still looks out of it after taking that big bump on the head. Mickie yanks down Victoria’s trunks and the fans cheer as her plain black panties are exposed. Mickie finishes removing Victoria’s trunks then turns to show them off to the crowd. Her back Is turned so she doesn’t see Candice coming back from the time keeper’s corner. She doesn’t see Victoria rolling towards Candice. And she definitely doesn’t see Candice slide Victoria a steel chair. Mickie tosses Victoria’s trunks out of the ring and turns around-CRACK!


The fans boo loudly as Mickie was knocked backwards from the brutal chair shot that was on par with some of the ones dished out at last night’s ECW One Night Stand. Mickie crashes to the mat and goes rolling under the bottom rope before dropping to the floor. Candice and the referee both go over to Mickie so they can check on her but they find her unresponsive. Before the referee can do or say anything, Candice grabs Mickie and pulls her up off of the floor. Mickie is bleeding from the brutal chair shot. A small gash has formed by her right temple and she has a split lip. Candice rolls Mickie back into the ring where Victoria grabs her and drags her out into the middle of the ring. The crazy challenger is being showered with the loudest boos all night. She further stokes the perverts’ ire by placing her foot on Mickie’s chest for a very casual cover. The referee reluctantly makes the count.



The fans pop loudly at the Women’s Champions’ resiliency while Victoria’s expression looks positively murderous. “Fine then!” she sneers, “This just means I can do more!” Victoria kicks Mickie in the side to roll her over onto her back. Mickie still looks to be unconscious. Her valiant kick out might have been from sheer instinct. Victoria grabs the unresponsive diva’s borrowed t-shirt and easily pulls it off of her. Normally, this would gain an automatic pop from the crowd but Victoria’s unnecessarily brutal actions had put her so out of favor with Mickie’s perverted crowd that they actually booed her. “You like stripping people Mickie? It’s not so funny now, is it?” Victoria rolls up Mickie’s t-shirt then drops down on Mickie’s back and hooks it under her chin for an inverted camel clutch. Mickie is still showing no signs of life. The referee checks if Mickie is unconscious by raising her hand for the knock out count.




The fans pop for Mickie as she clenches her hand into a fist. The Women’s Champion is awake again… and she is pissed. The blood dripping down the side of her face and down across her lips looks intimidating but the sheer fierceness of Mickie’s crazed gaze is so terrifying that it causes Candice to scream and back away from the ring. Mickie pushes herself up onto her hands and knees and crawls to the ropes. She grabs on but there are no disqualifications and therefore no rope breaks in this match. Mickie doesn’t seem to care. She uses her hold on the ropes to drag herself and Victoria up off of the mat. Victoria jumps up and wraps her legs around Mickie’s waist so she can keep her hold in but Mickie shoots forward and smashes Victoria face first into the top rope. Mickie then launches herself backwards and drives Victoria down into the mat. THE HOLD IS BROKEN! Mickie quickly rolls away!

Mickie stands up and snags her t-shirt from Victoria and tosses it out of the ring so it can no longer be used against her. She’s down to her white bra, white skirt, white sash and white boots which actually only seems to highlight the crimson blood going down her face. Mickie suddenly turns on a time and sprints across the ring then hurls herself through the top and middle rope. Candice stares in wide-eyed shock as Mickie comes flying out of the ring AND TAKES HER DOWN WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! The fans pop at the daring move. Candice is down and now she can’t interfere. Mickie slips back into the ring and goes after Victoria. She pulls Victoria up off of the mat and back up to her feet but Victoria suddenly surges forward and smashes her face into Mickie’s for a vicious headbutt.

Mickie is rocked by the unorthodox attack and staggers backwards in surprise. Victoria now has some of Mickie’s blood on her face. She capitalizes and kicks Mickie in the stomach to double her over then sticks the champion’s head between her legs and lifts her up over her head into the Gory Hold… WIDOW’S PEAK… BUT MICKIE ELBOWS OUT! Mickie lands on her feet behind Victoria and gives her a shove. Victoria staggers forward and then turns around as Mickie swings her leg for a roundhouse kick, MICK KICK… BUT VICTORIA DUCKS! Mickie spins off balance and Victoria lashes out her own foot and nearly takes Mickie’s head off with superkick that would make Shawn Michaels proud. Mickie rolls away over to the ropes, Victoria smirks and goes passed her and climbs out onto the ring apron then launches herself over the top rope for her signature slingshot summersault leg drop… BUT MICKIE MOVES! Victoria yelps in pain as she hits the mat ass-first while Mickie slips out onto the floor.

Mickie drops down onto all fours and crawls under the ring. Her ass is left sticking out and her skirt rides up exposing her white panties. Mickie gives her ass a jaunty wiggle as she searches under the ring for a toy. She eventually comes back out and slips something silver onto her hand. By this time, Victoria has recovered from her accident and spots Mickie outside of the ring. The challengers goes over to the ropes and reaches through to grab the champion. But Mickie suddenly spins around and slugs Victoria in the face. Victoria’s eyes roll back and she crumbles to the ground… well not quite… she’s still left hanging partially out of the ring. Mickie turns and smirks at the camera then raises her hand and opens her fist which causes a silver cuff to drop out. Mickie’s got handcuffs! Mickie just used the metal cuffs as brass knuckles to knock Victoria out cold!

Mickie slides back into the ring and pulls Victoria in with her then drags her unconscious challenger over to the corner. Victoria slumps face-first against the turnbuckle and is partially facing the hard camera. Mickie slips out onto the ring apron and grabs Mickie’s right hand. She pulls Mickie’s wrist over the top rope and snaps one half of the cuffs on it. Mickie spreads her legs wide and hang onto the ring post as she goes around the corner to the adjacent side of the ring. She grabs Victoria left hand and pulls it under the top rope then locks the other half of the handcuffs on her wrist. VICTORIA HAS BEEN HANDCUFFED TO THE RING POST! Mickie grabs Victoria’s face with both hands then kisses her full on the mouth. Victoria’s eyes fly open when she feels Mickie’s tongue invade her mouth but before she can bite it off Mickie steps and jumps off the apron. Some of Mickie’s blood is smeared across Victoria’s lips.

Victoria stares at her cuff wrists in horror then immediately starts thrashing and banging the chain against the ring post in a desperate attempt to escape. But she can’t! Victoria’s helpless! Mickie turns and leers at Candice who has only just recovered from Mickie’s suicide dive and is staring up at her trapped friend in horror. Mickie charges Candice and takes her down with a Thesz Press then tees off with a hard series of forearms to the face. Mickie grabs Candice’s pink coat and pulls it off of her leaving the Covergirl in her all-black ensemble then pulls her up and rolls her into the ring. Mickie slips in after her and immediately pulls Candice into a side headlock then jumps and plants her with a Mickie-DT! Candice is out cold! Mickie smiles as she reaches down and easily pulls off Candice’s black low-cut blouse and tosses it away. Candice is down to her lacy black bra. Mickie runs and dropkicks Candice in the side causing the non-competitor to go rolling under the bottom rope and drop to the floor in front of the commentary table.

Mickie goes to the corner and calls for a microphone from the time keeper’s corner. She’s handed one and makes her way back over to Victoria. “Alright, Vicky, I just got rid of your girlfriend so there’s no one to help you. You’re trapped. Now… since I have you cuffed in the corner that means I can no longer pin you so the only way I can win this match is by making you submit. Since we used to be friend I’ll give you a one-time chance… to save yourself a lot of trouble and embarrassment. Just give up now.” Mickie walks up behind Victoria and sticks the microphone in her face. Victoria doesn’t answer verbally and instead lashes her leg out behind her and kicks Mickie in the stomach. Mickie staggers backwards but then starts to cackle madly. “Hahahahaahaa! I was hoping you’d say that! Now I can get creative!”

Mickie steps forward and grabs the waistband of Victoria’s black panties. The captive diva’s eyes go wide and she cries out in shock as Mickie yanks her panties down to her knees. Mickie takes a step back and smirks at Victoria’s bare ass. But Victoria surprises Mickie when she allows her panties to drop to her ankles so she can pull her leg free and lash it out behind her for a desperation thrust kick. Mickie is rocked by the kick but quickly recovers and grabs onto Victoria’s leg. She steps to the side then lifts Victoria’s leg up into the air. Victoria is left hopping on one foot with legs spread obscenely and her bare pussy on full display for the entire arena. “AAAAAAHH!” Victoria screams out in shock as she looks up the ramp and sees an unobstructed view of her naked vagina being displayed on the Titantron.

Mickie eventually drops Victoria’s leg and the challenger is left blushing beet red as she pins her legs together while standing in the corner. “Wow, Vicky! Now everyone’s seen your pussy! You sure you don’t wanna give up?” Mickie once again holds the microphone towards Victoria but the captive challenger continues to surprise her when she vehemently refuses.

“SCREW YOU! I’m not one of your b*tches! You won’t break me!”

“Well, you’re certainly brave,” Mickie remarks, “But you’re not very smart.” Mickie cups her chin in a moment contemplation. But when she takes her hand off it comes away red. Mickie glances down at the droplets of blood that have partially stained her white bra. “You know what? I just remembered that I still owe you for that chair shot.” Mickie glances over at the abandoned chair but then shakes her head. “Nope! I’ve got something better!” Mickie slips out of the ring and once again gives her ass an enticing jiggle while she digs underneath it. Mickie smirks then steps back AND PULLS OUT A SINGAPORE CANE! Mickie smiles as she waves the cane in Victoria’s face then gets back in the ring

Mickie turns to face the audience and directly addresses them. “Vicky’s been a naughty girl. So I’m gonna need your help punishing her!” The fans cheer as Mickie drops her microphone and gets in a batter stance behind Victoria. Victoria knows what’s coming and bites her lip as she braces herself for the first blow. Mickie swings the cane like the Sandman and connects with Victoria’s bare ass.











Mickie lowers the cane for a temporary reprieve and picks her microphone up. “Give up yet, Vicky?” Victoria’s hunched over the corner now. Her eyes are clenched shut and she’s still biting her lip. Her face is bright red and matches her blistering red ass. But despite all that, she shakes her head and refuses. “Wow… you [I[are/I] a trooper.” Suddenly Candice slides back into the ring. But the fans cry out in alarm which alerts Mickie in time for her to spin around AND CRACK CANDICE IN THE FACE WITH THE CANE! Candice drops like a sack of potatoes and Mickie tosses the cane away. “Aww… look Vicky! Candy came to help you! It didn’t work of course… but it’s still very sweet! OH! I know! Since our sweet little Candy is so concerned for you… we can have her kiss your ass better!” The fans cheer and are in firm support of that idea. Mickie grabs the unconscious Candice and hauls her off the mat then stuffs her face-first into Victoria’s naked ass.

“AAAH!” Victoria’s eyes fly open and she lets out a yelp of pain as her friend’s face collides with her sore ass. But Mickie doesn’t limit the action to a simple kiss. She grabs Candice’s shoulder and starts to grind the Covergirl’s face up and down against her ass. “AAUUUGGH!” Victoria groans in shock and bites down on the turnbuckle pad to muffle any other sounds she makes. “MMMMMMHHHH!” Mickie finally pulls Candice’s face away but her head practically snaps to the side as she turns to stare at the fluids that are slathered across the lower half of Candice’s face and are glistening under the arena lights.

Mickie fumbles to pick up her microphone, “Oh my gosh… VICKY! Are you getting turned on from all of this?” Mickie chucks Candice through the bottom and middle rope then reaches out and blatantly grabs Victoria’s crotch. “You are! Oh my gosh! You’re soaking! Make up your mind, girl! Are you a sadist or a masochist?” The fans weigh in on the situation and start chanting “She’s a freak! She’s a freak!” “I’ll say! Now I’m left in a conundrum… this pervert’s probably going to enjoy everything I do to her!” Victoria’s face has now actually surpassed the redness of her ass and if it were humanly possible for her to blush and deeper… she definitely would have been the one to invent the new shade of red.

Mickie stares down at her microphone for a moment and then smirks as she pulls off the WWE logo and leaves it as a simple, vaguely phallic microphone. “Vicky! You’re so wet… I bet this microphone would slide right in!” Mickie takes the microphone and prods it experimentally against Victoria’s wet opening. “What do you think Vicky? Wanna try it?”

Victoria glares back at Mickie and knows she’s screwed. Literally. But she still won’t give that Mickie the satisfaction of quitting. So in one last desperate act of defiance she spits at Mickie and shouts, “F*CK YOU!”

Mickie shakes her head, “No, Vicky… f*ck you!”


“AAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHHH!” Victoria screams out at the top of her lungs as Mickie jams the microphone inside her. She has never been more embarrassed. This last dose of humiliation was finally enough to push her over the edge. Victoria arches her back and lets out one final groan as she feels a wave of stimulation reverberate through her body. “UUUUUUGGGGHHH!” Then everything goes blank. Victoria’s legs give out and she collapses in the corner.

Mickie, and everyone else in the arena for that matter, stare at Victoria in shock. There is a puddle of suspicious juices forming on the mat around Victoria’s crotch. Mickie finally voices the thought on everyone’s mind. “Did she just climax from me shoving a microphone up her cooch?” The fans chime in with their thoughts on what just transpired. “SHE’S A FREAK! SHE’S A FREAK! SHE’S A FREAK!” Mickie prods Victoria’s back but gets no response. She gets up and goes over to referee Jack Doan who is staring at Victoria in shock. “You might want to check on her. I think she’s out.”

The referee climbs out onto the ring apron and kneels down next to Victoria to check on her. She’s slumped in the corner with the side of her face resting on the middle turnbuckle pad. Her mouth is still hanging open in a silent scream. Her eyes are open… but there’s clearly nobody home. After failing to elicit any kind of response from Victoria the referee calls for the bell and awards the match to Mickie.

Mickie slips out of the ring and goes over to the time keeper’s corner where Lillian Garcia is ready to make her announcement, “Ladies and gentlemen… here I your winner and still the WWE Women’s Champion… MICKIE JAMES!” Mickie reclaims her championship and raises it up over her head. The fans cheer while trainers and crew people come running out from the back to tend to Victoria. Eventually someone brings out a set of bolt cutter and cuts through the chain on Victoria’s handcuffs. She freed from her position against the ring post and has a blanket thrown over her waist but remains unresponsive.

Candice has finally woken up and is looking from ringside with concern. Mickie comes up next to her. “You were right. She did out-crazy me. But I still broke her.” Candice glares at Mickie as she leans into the ring to address her opponent. “Thanks for the fight, Vicky! I had a blast!”

Mickie skips up the ramp and stops on the stage where she pauses and raises her championship up over her head one final time. She’s met with a loud ovation from the crowd who certainly enjoy the explicit show that she put on at Victoria’s expense. Mickie disappears to the back and the stream goes off the air with everyone still tending to Victoria.


Phew! I did it! Three chapters every two weeks. Now I've got a well-earned break until the Royal Rumble. I hope you guys enjoyed this latest chapter. And I give full credit to Pwein for coming up with the phallic microphone bit in his story. See you guys again in January!
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I think I can safely say you've become my favorite part of WWE PPVs. Mixed feelings about that.

And it's been awhile since someone's *used* a mic. I love that it started at reasonably tame and has progressed into the extreme, like Mickie James is letting the popularity get to her head and wants to take it up a notch for her fans.
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This is great! Would love to see the innocent bystander Lillian Garcia get stripped to her panties somewhow.
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Originally Posted by MKDude View Post
I think I can safely say you've become my favorite part of WWE PPVs. Mixed feelings about that.

And it's been awhile since someone's *used* a mic. I love that it started at reasonably tame and has progressed into the extreme, like Mickie James is letting the popularity get to her head and wants to take it up a notch for her fans.
Thanks. I actually didn't watch Roadblock last night. It's the first PPV I've missed all year. And it was completely voluntary. I just wasn't invested in it. I didn't care for the main feud of Owens vs Reigns. And Sasha vs Charlotte should have ended at Hell in a Cell with three less title reigns. Also, the 'end of the line' tag was stupid and I hated how everyone kept saying it and shoving it down our throats. The WWE doesn't have 'seasons'. It wasn't the end of anything. They should have gone back to calling their December show Armageddon and made Roadblock the Raw PPV for February so its smack dab in the middle of the Road to WrestleMania like a true roadblock.

But yeah, if there was a line Mickie just destroyed it.

Originally Posted by socalralphboy21 View Post
This is great! Would love to see the innocent bystander Lillian Garcia get stripped to her panties somewhow.

HAHAHAHAHA! Stripping an innocent bystander... Do me a favor... Go look up the Mickie and Candice vs Torrie and Maria Bra and Panties tag match from the June 19th 2006 edition of Raw. Watch what happens after the WWE's version of the match. And then think about what I'll do during mine.
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Default Chapter 5

Mickie’s Title Rampage

Just a heads up, I did something a little different with this chapter. Usually I focus on Mickie’s segments and just make passing references to what happens on Raw. But for this chapter I actually had Mickie get a bit more involved in the episode beyond her original nine-minute segment. I think it shows that as Mickie’s star power rises the writers are getting more comfortable with her character and are putting her in a more prominent role since she’s now one of the top stars and attractions.

Let me know what you think…

Chapter 5 – Mickie versus the World

Another Post-Show, another perverted Mickie James match, another instant success. The WWE had found a winning combination. The second Mickie-centric Raw Post-Show had received an impressive 675,000 buys which was more than Smackdown’s Judgment Day and ECW One Night Stand combined! The premiere show featuring the match between Mickie and Beth Phoenix had already passed one million buys through replays on WWE.com and was poised to easily outsell Backlash. It was now obvious that Mickie James was the ‘it’ factor that made Backlash such an astounding success.

Mickie James the perverted psychopath was now the hottest act in professional wrestling. Mickie hadn’t just crossed the line in her latest Post-Show Match against Victoria, she’d stripped the line naked and molested it with a microphone. The line was broken and serving as an honorary member of Mickie’s special band. And the world was eating it up. The more depraved she got the more she was cheered. Mickie’s perverted actions had made her a fan favorite, she had transcended beyond the simple face-heel role. The Raw Divas Division was now Mickie James and everybody else, Mickie versus the World. Now the writers had to decide how to book their hottest act for Sunday’s Vengeance Pay-Per-View.

Lisa Marie Varon was praised by everyone backstage for allowing the match to get as intense as it had. And to her further credit, she hadn’t fled the main roster in shame like two of Mickie’s previous victims. Even though her character had been broken, the ring veteran was ready and willing to keep working. That loyalty was why the WWE Writers had pushed her as a challenger for Mickie in the first place. Now it was finally time for the Raw Creative Team to reward Varon’s loyalty to the company. The first thought was to continue her rivalry with Mickie but then someone came up with an even crazier idea… and since ‘crazy’ seemed to be the magic word with Mickie James… they gave the idea the green light.


Monday Night Raw – June 19th 2006 – Rochester New York

The show opened with Vince McMahon becoming the victim of a number of sexual pranks as he made his way out to the ring. McMahon announced that there would be no D-X Reunion tonight and instead tonight would mark the destruction of Degeration X. He made a new match for Sunday’s Vengeance Pay-Per-View where Triple H and Shawn Michaels would take on the entire Spirit Squad in a 5-on-2 Handicap Match. But before he could get to his plans for that night he was interrupted by his son Shane who came out to inform him that his daughter Stephanie had gone into labor. Vince was furious. He and Shane left Jonathan Coachman in charge of the show and left in a limo. But not before Mr. McMahon complained that his daughter had the worst timing and called her a b*tch.

The cameras go backstage and show an annoyed Candice Michelle standing outside the locker room. She’s dressed in a white blouse, denim short shorts, white knee pads and black boots. She also has a new white coat to replace her pink one.

The fans pop loudly as Mickie skips up to Candice with her hands behind her back. Like last week she’s in all white. But this time there’s a pink floral pattern design on her white top and a pink trim on her skirt.

“Hey you!” Mickie chirps. “So are you still mad about what happened to Vicky last week?”

“Of course I’m still mad!” Candice snaps at her. “You broke my friend!”

“Hey now,” Mickie protests, “She’s the one who asked for the match. She knew what she was getting into. I gave her every chance to back out. You were there in the locker room! I warned her. Heck, she challenged me because of what I did to you!”

“Are you actually trying to pin this on me?” Candice gasps.

“Well… I don’t like to point fingers but you were the one that slid her that chair,” Mickie points out… while pointing her finger for good measure. “After nearly getting my face caved in and tasting my own blood… I kind of lost it. Everything became a blur after that and the next thing I know Vicky was handcuffed bottomless in the corner. So yeah… have you heard from her at all since last week?”

Candice glares at her. “No. Why do you even care? You’re the one who broke her!”

“I care because she took it like a champ,” Mickie points out. “What I did to her was way worse than what happened to Trish, Maria and Beth. I thought she was made of tougher stuff. But it looks like she still couldn’t handle the consequences of challenging me.”

“You’re sick!” Candice snaps. “You broke my friend, you crazy perverted psycho!”

Mickie takes a deep breath and her smile becomes notably forced. “Okay… okay… I’m gonna give you that one for free because you’re obviously distraught. You and I have a tag team bra and panties match against Torrie and Maria so we need to get on the same page. That’s why I brought you a present.” Mickie pulls her hands out from behind her back and holds out a framed picture.

“That’s… Victoria…” Candice gasps as she stares at the picture. “WHY WOULD I WANT THIS?”

“Well normally I like to keep these,” Mickie admits, “But since you and Vicky are so close I thought I’d let you have this one, y’know, as a gift.”

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!” Candice shrieks as she throws the picture on the ground. “You molested her with a microphone! And now you’re throwing it back in my face! And don’t think I forgot about everything that you did to me last week!” Candice turns and storms off.

“Hey, come on, don’t be like that!” Mickie says as she follows after her. “Look, if you team with me tonight I promise I won’t strip, molest or humiliate you! I’ll even let you join in while I do all that to our opponents!”

The cameraman is left alone and tilts his camera down to film the picture Candice had thrown. The glass has shattered but the camera is still able to make out most of the details. Victoria is handcuffed bottomless to the corner. Mickie is crouched behind her and has just jammed a microphone inside of her opponent. Victoria’s back is arched and her mouth is wide open as she screams out in orgasm. And, of course, the word ‘BROKEN’ is written diagonally across the picture.

The cameraman is suddenly shoved to the side and nearly falls over as a woman dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt and gray sweatpants walks on screen. The woman kneels down and picks up the framed picture. The cameraman scrambles around to get a shot of the hooded woman’s face… IT’S VICTORIA! A large portion of the fans out in the arena pop for the heel diva. Like Mickie, many of the perverts were impressed by the amount of humiliation that Victoria had endured last week. If nothing else, she’d put on one hell of a sexy show. But there is something clearly off with Victoria. Her eyes are vacant and she’s staring blankly down at the picture that captures the most humiliating moment of her life. Her expression is equally blank so there’s no telling what’s going through the broken diva’s mind. Victoria doesn’t even acknowledge the camera and simply stands up and walks away with her picture.

And on that disturbing note, Raw cuts to a commercial break.


WHAA-OW! A Girl Like That plays out in the arena and Torrie Wilson comes out from the back wearing a black crop top and pink pants. Lilian Garcia stands in the ring wearing a pale tan dress and begins her introductions. “This is a bra and panties tag team match! Introducing first… from Boise Idaho… Torrie Wilson!” Torrie gets in the ring and turns to face the ramp as she waits for her partner.

Maria’s theme song With Legs Like That plays but after fifteen seconds the ditzy backstage interviewer doesn’t appear on the ramp. Torrie sighs and gets out of the ring and heads back up the ramp. She goes through the curtain and comes back a moment later leading an extremely reluctant Maria by the hand. Maria is wearing a red tank top, very short black shorts, black boots and knee pads and a white garter on her right leg. But it doesn’t look like she wants any part of this match. “And introducing her tag team partner… from Chicago Illinois… Maria!”

Torrie leads Maria into the ring and holds her hand to keep her there. It’s a good decision because Maria looks like she’s on the verge of bolting. “Mickie’s a bully,” Torrie reminds her timid partner. “You’ve got to stand up to her.” “That’s easy for you to say!” Maria protests, “Look at what happened to Victoria! I don’t want that! Please Torrie, let me go!” Torrie shakes her head and refuses, “I’m doing this for your own good. You’ll never get over your fear of Mickie if you don’t confront her.”

What Love Is sounds through the arena and Candice Michelle saunters out from the back. She still looks highly annoyed as she makes her way down the ramp but it appears as though Mickie has managed to convince her partner to go through with teaming with her. She looks like she might be the only person less thrilled about this match than Maria. “And from Milwaukee Wisconsin… Candice Michelle!” Candice’s entrance lacks her usual flair and she just goes through the motions as she poses on the ring apron then gets in the ring. She doesn’t spare a glance at her two opponents and instead focuses her annoyed glare at the entrance ramp.

Obsession hits and the crowd cheers with an ovation that’s louder than Torrie, Maria and Candice’s put together. It’s official. Mickie James the psychopathic pervert is the most popular diva in the women’s locker room. Mickie jumps and skips out from the back with the Women’s Championship on her shoulder. “And her tag team partner… from Richmond Virginia… she is the WWE Women’s Champion... and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus… Mickie James!” Mickie slips into the ring and seems unperturbed that no one there is happy to see her. She hands off her title belt and Lilian Garcia vacates the ring.

The referee separates the four women and sends them to their respective corners. Maria bolts passed Torrie and climbs out onto the ring apron. She looks like her deepest wish right now is for Torrie to not tag her in for this entire match. Candice scoffs at Mickie then turns her back on her and climbs out onto the ring apron. The referee sees that all four combatants are situated and calls for the bell.

Candice immediately climbs down off the apron. Mickie turns to stare after her partner but Candice simply flips her hair and walks off.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Candice bites her lip as she’s showered by the loudest boos of her entire career. But she shakes off the hate and goes around the ring to the entrance ramp then stops at the bottom of it and turns to scowl at Mickie with her arms folded across her chest. Torrie takes advantage of Mickie being distracted by her partner walking out on her and hits her from behind. Torrie tees off with a series of forearms to the back that knock Mickie into the ropes. Candice smirks as she looks on from the ramp. “That’s for Victoria!”

But Mickie suddenly lashes out behind her with a wild elbow that catches Torrie in the jaw. Torrie is rocked backwards as Mickie stands back up and glares at Candice. She is absolutely furious. Mickie spins and whips her leg around into Torrie’s face. MICK KICK! Torrie collapses to the mat like a puppet with its strings cut. Mickie wastes no time and grabs the waistband of Torrie’s pink pants and tears them down. The blonde is out cold and offers no resistance as Mickie pulls her pants off revealing Torrie’s black and pink bikini cut panties. Mickie tosses Torrie’s pants aside and grabs the Covergirl’s crop top then unceremoniously tears it off and tosses it aside to reveal a matching bra. Torrie’s out of the match.

Mickie turns her attention to Maria who is standing on the apron and staring in shock at how quickly her partner has been dispatched. Mickie dashes forward and grabs Maria by the collar. Maria frantically shakes her head and tries to beg off but Mickie easily flips her over the top rope and slams her down to the mat. Maria yelps and sits up to rub her back but that just makes it easier for Mickie to grab her red tank top and peel it off. Mickie tosses the top away and Maria’s red bra is revealed. Maria is terrified and tries to crawl away from Mickie but that just presents the Women’s Champion with a too easy target. Mickie grabs Maria’s waistband and yanks down. The perverts let out a loud cheer at the result.


“EEEEEEEP!” Maria squeals in horror and drops down to the mat. Her bare ass is on full display. Mickie hadn’t just grabbed the waistband of Maria’s shorts… she’d gotten the waistband of Maria’s black panties too! Maria is now completely bottomless! Mickie smirks and gives Maria’s cute naked butt a playful swat. The referee calls for the bell. Mickie has just won this match single handedly and stripped both of her opponents in well under a minute.

But before Mickie’s music can even start to play Candice hits her from behind and knocks Mickie on top of Maria. Candice is all over Mickie. She’s clubbing her on the back and slapping her head with both hands. Poor Maria is pinned underneath Mickie. She covers her head and whimpers as she waits for the assault to be over. Candice grabs Mickie by the hair and throws her to the mat with a reverse mat slam. Mickie rolls over and pushes herself up onto her hands and knees but Candice jumps back on her and grabs her top then quickly tears it off revealing Mickie’s pale pink bra.

Candice grins and taunts Mickie by twirling her top over her head and doing her Go Daddy dance. But Candice forgot one crucial thing. This is Mickie James. She’s shameless. As soon as the dancing Covergirl turns her back, Mickie reaches out and grabs her denim shorts and yanks them down to her knees. Candice freezes and still has Mickie’s top raised over her head as she stands there in the middle of the ring with her skimpy blue and white panties on full display. Mickie yanks Candice’s shorts down further then pulls back and causes her ‘partner’ to trip and fall on her face.

Mickie tosses Candice’s shorts aside then leaps on top of her and starts clubbing her on the back. Then she grabs Candice’s long dark hair and uses it for leverage as she slams Candice’s pretty face into the canvas. Mickie keeps going and bounces Candice’s head like a basketball. After going head-first into the mat seven times… Candice has been knocked loopy. The Covergirl is in no condition to defend herself as Mickie slips around her and pulls off her white top revealing Candice’s blue bra. Mickie hauls her underwear-clad partner off of the mat and into a side headlock then jumps up and lays her out with a big Mickie-DT.

Obsession finally starts to play and the referee comes over to raise Mickie’s arm. The Women’s Champion is the only one standing. Torrie and Candice are both out cold and Maria is bottomless and showing no signs of getting up until Mickie is far, far away from her.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners… the team of Candice Michelle and Mickie Ja—” Lilian trails off when Mickie’s head snaps to the side. Suddenly the full force of the Women’s Champion’s crazed gaze is on the ring announcer. Mickie gets out of the ring and storms over to Lilian.

“What did you just say?” Mickie demands as she grabs Lilian microphone and points it towards herself. “Did you just call Candice the winner of that match? She didn’t win! I won! You saw it! She abandoned me and I beat them both myself! Then she attacked me and I beat her too! I’m the only winner here! MICKIE VERSUS THE WORLD!”

“Okay Mickie… I’m sorry,” Lilian quickly apologizes. “I’ll start again…”

“Not so fast,” Mickie objects. “I don’t think you’re really sorry!” Mickie grabs Lilian shoulders and yanks her down so she’s bent over then grabs the hem of the ring announcer’s tan dress and pulls it right off her in one smooth motion.

“OH MY GOD!” Lilian screams into the microphone that’s still in her hand. Thanks to Mickie, she went from fully clothed to her flesh-colored bra and panties in an instant. “MICKIE!” The embarrassed ring announcer is bombarded by catcalls and wolf whistles as she stands there in her underwear. The flesh-like color of her bra and panties accentuate her near nude state.

Mickie dangles Lilian’s dress in front of her. “You want this back? Do the announcement properly!”

“Okay… okay…” Lilian concedes, “Ladiesandgentlemen… hereisyourwinner…”

“Slow it down!” Mickie orders. “They can barely hear you!” Mickie turns and tosses Lilian’s dress over to an elated Jerry Lawler. “Do it right or you’ll lose the bra too!”

The fans pop and Lilian’s eyes go wide in alarm. “Y-your winner… the WWE Women’s Champion… and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus… MICKIE—”

“You know what, I think it’s time we updated that,” Mickie cuts her off, “I’ve also broken Maria, Beth Phoenix and Victoria. I want you to list all of the members of Mickie’s Band of Broken B itches. Go on!”

Lilian’s face is bright red at this point. “Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner… the WWE Women’s Champion… and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus… Maria… Beth Phoenix… and Victoria… MICKIE JAMES!”

“Good job,” Mickie praises her. “I’m happy with your performance. But it’s out of my hands now. Since I don’t have your dress anymore… you’re going to have to convince King to give it back.”

Mickie stops to take her Women’s Title back and slips it on her shoulder then leads the half-naked ring announcer over to the commentary table. She takes the microphone and goes around behind the table and leans down in between J.R. and King. “What do you think, Jerry? Can Lilian have her dress back?”

King’s wide perverted grin tells everyone the answer. “Sorry Lilian. But I like what I’m seeing. You’re a beautiful woman. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen like that. I think staying the way you are for a while will do you some good. I’ll give your dress back at the end of the night.”

“Well there you have it, the King has spoken,” Mickie concludes. “Looks like Lilian’s got a long night of announcing in her underwear to look forward to. Let’s hear it for King!” Most of the fans seem to be pleased with the King’s proclamation. JER-RY! JER-RY! JER-RY!

Mickie stands back up but then her free hand suddenly flashes out and sn*tches J.R. black cowboy hat right off of his head. Mickie smirks and puts on J.R.’s signature hat then skips around the commentary table and does a quick two-step on the other side.

J.R.: Alright… you’ve had your fun. Give it back!

King: Aw, let her go J.R., that hat looks way better on her than it ever did on you!

J.R.: You’re obviously a big fan of hers. But that woman is clearly unbalanced.

Mickie skips around the ring and looks like she’s finally done fooling around. But she stops when she spots a blonde woman shouting at her from on the other side of the barricade.

Mickie still has her microphone. “You got something to say, sweetie?” She goes over and points the live mic at the woman in the crowd.

“You’re a disgrace!” the blonde woman snaps. “You’re an embarrassment to women! You’ve single-handedly set women’s wrestling back three decades! You objectify women!”

“Objectify this!” Mickie retorts before she suddenly grabs the woman and flips her over the barricade and onto the floor.

J.R.: Oh dear God, that’s fan! That lunatic’s really crossed the line now!

But Mickie isn’t done yet! She grabs the woman’s brown top and tears it off to reveal her pink bra.

The perverts pop while the woman shrieks and struggles to cover herself. But Mickie still isn’t done. She undoes the snap in the woman’s jeans and yanks her pants down to her knees revealing her matching pink panties.

The blonde woman screams and thrashes her legs to get away from Mickie. But Mickie grabs the back of the woman’s pink panties and quickly turns them into a thong as she yanks the underwear up the woman’s ass for a painful wedgie. The woman cries out in shock as Mickie hauls her up to her feet – by her underwear – and then unceremoniously chucks her back over the barricade and out into the crowd.

The nearby event security staff rush over to cover the humiliated woman while Mickie bends down and picks up the microphone that she’d dropped. “And that, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is how you handle a heckler Mickie James Style!” Despite the fact that she just assaulted a member of the audience, the crazy Women’s Champion receives a loud cheer from the crowd.


Mickie laughs madly as other security personnel come bombing out from the back. Two of the men restrain Mickie and escort her up the ramp while the others converge on the fan she’d assaulted.

J.R.: It’s about time! That woman is unhinged! Get her out of here! And someone get me my hat back! Even you can’t defend that, King!

King: Okay… I’ll admit it… Mickie might have gone too far this time…

J.R.: Might have? She just assaulted a woman in the audience! We could be looking at a huge lawsuit!

Mickie turns at the top of the ramp and shouts into the microphone, “MICKIE VERSUS THE WORLD!” Security regains their hold on Mickie and escorts her to the back. Five stripped women and utter chaos is left in the Women’s Champion’s wake.

The cameras stay on Mickie as she’s brought backstage and she freezes when she comes face-to-face with the hooded Victoria.

“Vicky?” Mickie blurts out in surprise.

Victoria is hugging her framed picture to her chest. She stares vacantly at Mickie then looks down at the microphone that’s still in Mickie’s hand. There’s a flicker of emotion in Victoria’s eyes as she stares at the microphone and bites her lip. But then she shakes her head and runs off without saying anything.

“WAIT! COME BACK!” Mickie tries to go after her but security holds her back.

A furious Jonathan ‘Coach’ Coachman comes running over. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Um… winning a match?” Mickie answers.

“I meant after the match!” Coach snaps, “Mr. McMahon might turn a blind eye to your antics… but you’ve gone too far this time!”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” Mickie apologizes, “I’ll give J.R. his back.”

“I don’t care about the hat!” Coach exclaims.

“So I can keep the hat?” Mickie asks.

“THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE HAT!” Coach shouts. “You assaulted a member of the audience! Security already has their hands full keeping an eye out for D-X. But then you go and pull something like this!? That woman isn’t under contract! She’s well within her rights to press charges against you and the company! The last thing Mr. McMahon needs when he’s not here is a lawsuit!”

“But she was badmouthing me,” Mickie protests.

“I don’t care what your reasons are!” Coach insists, “You crossed the line. Mr. McMahon left me in charge tonight and I won’t let you or D-X ruin this show! You need to be punished.”

“With what? A spanking?” Mickie asks.

“No,” Coach says, “You’d probably enjoy that. What was it you shouted out there? ‘Mickie versus the World’? Well that’s exactly what it’s going to be! I’m going to follow Mr. McMahon’s example. This Sunday at Vengeance… you’re going to be in a handicap match… against the three women you just embarrassed out there: Torrie Wilson, Maria and Candice Michelle. And it’s going to be one of your infamous Anything Goes Matches so they can do anything they want to you.”

“Three-on-one with no rules… that hardly seems fair,” Mickie points out.

“Too bad!” Coach replies, “You broke the rules so you face the consequences! You’ll serve as an example to D-X and everyone else in the locker room. We have rules for a reason. You can’t just run around and do whatever you want.” Coach motions to the two security staff that still beside Mickie, “You two, come with me. We’ve got to keep our eyes peeled for D-X.”

Coach and the security guards hurry off and leaving Mickie staring after them. “Hate that guy. And I suddenly want something really bad to happen to him.”

”We might be able to help you out there.”

The fans out in the arena let out a resounding cheer as Triple H and Shawn Michaels walk on screen and stand on either side of Mickie. They’re both decked out in D-X gear. It’s official. Degeration X is back together. And their first on-screen appearance upon reuniting is with Mickie James.

“Hey there, Mickie,” Triple H greets her. He eyes the Women’s Champion who is still only wearing her pink bra, white skirt, white boots and the title belt on her shoulder. “You’re looking good. I’ve been a big fan of your recent stuff.”

“Aw, Hunter, thanks!” Mickie gushes, “I always knew you were a pervert at heart!”

“Yeah, well, Shawn isn’t though,” HHH admits, “He’s found religion.”

“I can’t help it!” Shawn defends himself, “If I focus too much on that sort of thing I run the risk of losing my smile again.”

Triple H wastes no time in quipping, “Yeah, then he makes stupid decisions like posing for Playgirl.”

“I’ve always preferred Playboy to Playgirl actually,” Mickie admits.

HHH grins and nudges Mickie, “For the articles, right?”

“Heck no! For all the hot naked women!” Mickie exclaims.

“Wow… no filter on this girl,” Triple H remarks.

“ANYWAY!” Shawn abruptly changes the subject, “We couldn’t help overhearing your situation. And that you wanted something really bad to happen to the Coach. Hunter and I believe in karma. So we’d be down to help that really bad thing happen.”

“Really?” Mickie chirps, “You guys would do that for little old me?”

“Weeell, there’s loads of reasons to mess with Coach,” Shawn says.

“He’s a huge tool,” HHH states.

“It would piss off Vince McMahon.” HBK adds.

“He’s got a stick the size of Nebraska shoved up his ass,” the Game remarks.

“It would piss off Vince McMahon,” the Heartbreak Kid repeats.

“We were probably going to do that anyway,” Helmsley admits.

“Oh, don’t forget that it would probably piss off Vince McMahon!” Mickie chimes in.

“Right, that too,” Michaels agrees. “But since we’re sympathetic to the fact that you’re in a situation similar to ours… we’ll say we’re doing it for you.”

“Aww! Thanks guys!” Mickie coos. “You’re sweet!” She quickly pecks Michaels and then Helmsley on the cheek before she skips off. “I feel a lot better now!”

D-X watch her go then Shawn rubs his cheek and gushes like a school boy, “Aw shucks! She’s cute.”

“And totally crazy,” Hunter comments, “But it’s the good kind of crazy. The kind that really knows how to have a good time and always livens up a party.”

“Oh! We’ve still gotta have a party to celebrate the band getting back together,” HBK realizes.

“When we do, we’ve definitely gotta invite that girl,” HHH resolves. “She leaves a trail of nearly naked women wherever she goes.”

“Well before we get to that… we’ve still gotta give Coachman the worst night of his life,” Shawn says.

“Right,” Hunter agrees, “Coach for Mickie and the Spirit Squad for us.”

D-X slink off and Raw goes to a commercial. Everyone watching knows they’re in for a wild night.

The wild night continues as soon as Raw comes back from the commercial break. Charlie Haas is so caught up in staring at Lillian Garcia as she does her ring announcer duties in her bra and panties that he barely notices his opponent. So Viscera comes out and lays waste to Haas for ogling ‘his lady’. But then the Spirit Squad rush the ring and attack both men. The match ends in a no contest and the Spirit Squad calls out D-X. HHH and HBK do not answer the call and instead appear on the Titan-Tron. They inform the Squad that they’ll come out on their own terms but for now they just have to words for them… look up. The five male cheerleaders are then showered with green slime that falls from the rafters.

Later on in the night, Coach returns to Mr. McMahon’s office and finds it defaced with various spray painted D-X slogans. Coach gasps as he picks up the frame picture of Vince McMahon’s Muscle and Fitness Cover which has D-X spray painted across the bottom. The picture of the Chairman has a mustache, eyebrows and a wart all drawn on it.

“Those bastards!” Coach gasps, “They have no idea who they’re messing with! Not tonight!” Coach turns around and finds himself face-to-face Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

D-X see the vandalized wall behind Coach. They take great joy in pointing out that the picture of Shawn Michaels being forced to kiss Mr. McMahon’s ass has been replaced by Triple H forcing Shane to kiss to kiss Vince McMahon’s ass. And in the spot where the Muscle and Fitness magazine cover once hung is a picture of Triple H giving a bare-assed Vince McMahon a pedigree. And, of course, they notice the defaced Muscle and Fitness portrait. They wonder who could have done such a thing and comment that someone’s going to get in big trouble. And Coach is supposed to be in charge.

When confronted with the two wrestlers who could and probably would kick his ass… Coach immediately caves and tries to beg off.

“Listen guys,” Coach says, “I know you heard about the plan that we had in store for both of you tonight… but-but what Mr. McMahon wanted was for you to have your first class accommodations, limo rides, all that kind of thing because we want to make sure that your first back-that your first night back together was as it should be. So hopefully…”

“And we appreciate all of that!” Shawn cuts him off. “We could use some first class accommodations…”

“Except…” Triple H adds, “We kind of told someone we’d make your life miserable tonight.”

“And gosh darn it, the two of us are noble of heart,” Michaels insists, “We can’t be bribed off with stuff like that.”

“Right, noble,” Helmsley scoffs. “Either way, someone wanted something really bad to happen to you and we’re here to make that really bad something happen.”

“Now hold on guys, that’s enough!” Coach protests, “If you’re thinking about doing something else tonight or at Vengeance… then you’d better think again! Because you have no idea who you’re dealing with here. You deal with me it’s just like dealing with Mr. McMahon. You mess with me it’s just like messing with Mr. McMahon. So I think you should re-think anything you thought you were going to do. Do I make myself clear?”

“Oh gee, when you put it that way… it’s completely different,” HBK comments. “We wouldn’t want to mess with Mr. McMahon.”

“Oh wait… wait… wait…” HHH says, “Yeah we would.” The humor vanishes from their voices and Coach suddenly finds himself staring down two multi-time world champions.

Shawn and Hunter shove Coach head-first through the wall about the couch. Then they pull down Coach’s pants to reveal that he’s wearing the skimpiest of g-strings which makes it all too easy for them to spray paint D-X on his bare ass.

“That’s a job well done,” the Game remarks, “Now we just need to get Mickie in here to show her our handiwork.”

The cameras cut away to Maria who has pulled some clothes back on. She attempts to interview Eugene but the special superstar is all flustered and can only say the word “but” over and over again. Rob Conway shows up and mocks Eugene and insists that Dinsmore stands no chance of beating Umaga at Vengeance. Eugene flips out and attacks Conway in a fit of rage. But when he finally calms down he turns to Maria and wishes her luck in her match at Vengeance.

“I have a match at Vengeance?” Maria squeaks in surprise.

The cameras go out to J.R. and King. Their commentary table was destroyed after Sabu put John Cena through it with a springboard leg drop that left the face of Raw busted open. For the benefit of Maria and everyone else, J.R. and King run down the final card for Sunday’s Vengeance Pay-Per-View. It consist of WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam defending his WWE Championship against Edge, Raw’s John Cena facing ECW’s Sabu in an Extreme Rules Match, Kane taking on his masked imposter, Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin defending his title against Carlito and Johnny Nitro in a triple threat match, Ric Flair facing Mick Foley in a 2 out of 3 falls match, ECW’s Kurt Angle taking on Raw’s Randy Orton, Eugene going against the undefeated Umaga, the Spirit Squad facing Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a 5-on-2 Handicap Match and finally Women’s Champion Mickie James taking on Torrie Wilson, Maria and Candice Michelle in a three-on-one Anything Goes Handicap Match.

The cameras go back to Maria who is staring at the screen in wide eyed horror. “I’M FACING MICKIE!? I DON’T WANT TO FACE MICKIE! STOP PUTTING ME IN MATCHES AGAINST MICKIE!”

Speaking of Mickie, the cameras go back to Mr. McMahon’s office where Coach is still stuck in the wall. The Women’s Champion is being led into the office by Triple H and Shawn Michaels. She’s still wearing J.R.’s black cowboy hat however her hair is tied back and is now wearing a white and green cheerleader top.

“Ta-dah!” the Game and the Icon stand aside and proudly display their handiwork.

“Wow, I never pegged him as the type to wear a g-string,” Mickie remarks as she stares at Coach and the vandalized office with a wide, impressed smile. “Tighty Whities, sure, but not a thong. That thing’s skimpier than any of the thongs I’ve worn.”

“Uh… Mickie, you’ve got something on your face there,” HHH says as he points above his lip.

Mickie reaches up and dabs at the mysterious clear substance that’s above her lip then scoops it onto her finger and sticks it in her mouth. “Yum! Oh, that reminds me! I met your cheerleaders in the locker room.”

“Really?” Michaels and Helmsley both ask at the same time. They turn to look at each other.

“Wait… I thought I was supposed to order the cheerleaders...” Shawn says.

“No, you were supposed to get the paint,” Hunter corrects him, “I was in charge of the cheerleaders.”

“Aw, dang, then what’re we gonna do with mine?” the Heartbreak Kid gripes.

“We could always use both sets,” the Cerebral Assassin reassures him. “You can never have enough cheerleaders. Except if they’re the Spirit Squad.”

“I bet I ran into Hunter’s in the women’s locker room,” Mickie reasons. “Shawn, cover your ears.”

“Huh? Why?” Michaels asks.

“Because I don’t want to spoil the surprise,” Mickie says.

“Oh, okay then,” Shawn agrees and places his hands over his ears.

Mickie smirks and tilts her head to the side as she turns to look at Hunter. “You guys were so nice in agreeing to help me that I decided to return the favor. I personally ensured that each and every one of those girls is limbered up and ready to go.” Mickie winks at him and HHH goes stiff in surprise while Mickie glances down at her cheerleader top, “Although, I should probably give Krista her top back…”

“Um… which one’s Krista?” Triple H asks.

“The short brunette with the big boobs,” Mickie answers. “Actually… she might need an extra couple of minutes to get the feeling back in her legs.”

HHH slaps his leg and shouts, “Damn, that’s hot!”

Mickie reaches out and pulls Shawn’s hand away from his ear, “Thanks guys! You made my night!” She gives both members of D-X a hug then skips away.

Shawn looks over at Hunter, “Do I want to know what she did with your cheerleaders?”

“No, no you don’t,” Hunter replies, “But it made everything we did to Coach totally worth it. I’m starting to really like that girl.”

The night ends with D-X mocking Spirit Squad in the ring. First with Shawn’s set of midget cheerleaders then with Hunter’s set of four hot babe cheerleaders who took their tops off to reveal ‘D-X’ painted on their bras. Mickie’s ‘friend’ Krista was front and center and was sporting an extra-wide smile the whole time. The Spirit Squad came out with most of the heel locker room to confront D-X but the heels bailed on them. Kenny, Nicky and Mitch realized their reinforcements had run off and stopped to call after them which meant Mikey and Johnny were the only ones who actually got in the ring. Michaels and Helmsley had no problem laying out the two male cheerleaders then they called the midgets back into the ring and had them moon the spirit squad to reveal that they had ‘SUCK IT’ painted on their asses. Degeneration X was left standing tall and with all the momentum going into Vengeance.


During the week, a video featuring Vince McMahon is posted on WWE.com from WWE Headquarters.

“Here in the WWE we are committed to putting on an entertaining program,” the Chairman states, “But our primary concern first and foremost is always the safety and welfare of our audience. Monday night on Raw, WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James crossed the line when she assaulted a member of the audience. We at World Wrestling Entertainment have always encouraged our audience and fans to exercise their First Amendment rights by saying whatever they like during our program. That is why Mickie James’ actions were inexcusable no matter what that woman said and I am in full support of Jonathan Coachman’s decision to punish Mickie James at Sunday’s Vengeance Pay-Per-View.”

“Mickie James will face Torrie Wilson, Maria and Candice Michelle in a three-on-one Anything Goes Handicap Match,” McMahon reaffirms. “That match will take place after the night’s main event in an exclusive post-show which, going forward, will now be referred to as ‘WWE After Hours’ due to the mature content that will be on display and because it is no longer exclusive to Monday Night Raw. Viewers that purchase WWE Vengeance will receive WWE After Hours for free. Or can stream it live on its own from WWE.com for $6.69”

Vince smirks and it’s clear that he’s going to receive no small amount of personal satisfaction from this match. “It is my hope that this match will help Mickie James learn the error of her ways and motivate her not to commit any such actions in the future. Assaulting members of the audience and associating with unsavory degenerates like Degeration X will not be tolerated. Miss James will receive a taste of her own medicine when her multiple opponents inflict the same level of humiliation upon her as she has done to many of her own opponents. Thank you, and as always, enjoy the show.”

If it wasn’t official before, it is now, Mickie James is a full-blown baby face. Mickie’s brief association with fan favorites D-X and the fact that the evil WWE Chairman was now gunning for her has solidified her position on the roster as a top tier fan favorite despite her perverse actions and character quirks.


WWE Vengeance – June 25th 2006 – Charlotte North Carolina

WWE Vengeance is airing live from the Charlotte Bobcats Arena. The medics are still tending to an extremely bloody Ric Flair who Mick Foley had brutalized with his barbwire-wrapped bat. The cameras go backstage and show Candice Michelle approaching Torrie Wilson and Maria.

“Okay… it’s no secret that the three of us have some history,” Candice admits. “But right now that’s not what’s important. Later tonight we’re going to be facing Mickie James. This is our chance to finally put a stop to her title rampage. We can’t let her get away with what she did to Victoria.”

“And Trish… and Beth… and me… and Maria,” Torrie reminds her.

“Right, them and you guys too,” Candice agrees. “Look, we’re never gonna get a better shot than this. It’s three-on-one and there are no rules to hold us back. I’m willing to forget our personal problems for tonight so we can focus on Mickie… because this is only going to work if we can get on the same page.”

Torrie opens her mouth to speak but it’s actually Maria who responds to Candice. “Mickie’s transgressions have been utterly reprehensible. She functions without morality or compassion. Her belligerent tactics and her blatant harassment of her colleagues has cultivated a locker room with a palpable air of paranoia and discontent. Our prospects of emerging triumphant are tremendously unfavorable unless we can all function collaboratively and resemble a proper triumvirate.” Maria nods happily and finishes with her usual sweet smile, “So let’s work together and beat her!”

“…” Candice and Torrie are both staring at Maria in shock.

“Right… what she said,” Torrie adds. “What’s the plan?”

Just then Johnny Nitro and Melina appear. They’re making their way to the ring for the Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match. Melina scoffs and walks passed the other three divas with a dismissive wave.

The camera cuts away out to the ring where Paparazzi plays. The red carpet it rolled out and Johnny Nitro and Melina strut their way down the ramp like Hollywood A-Listers. And eventually the duo returns backstage with the newly won Intercontinental Championship in hand.


WWE Vengeance ends with Triple H and Shawn Michaels standing tall in the ring after defeating the Spirit Squad in a handicap match. The fans are warned that WWE After Hours contains mature content and anyone under the age of the eighteen is asked to vacate the arena. But a large portion of the crowd remains now knowing what’s in store for them after the two previous Raw Post Shows.

The cameras cut to the back and show Mickie James pacing as she waits for the post show to begin. She’s dressed to compete in a pale green crop top, a matching sash, a brown skirt and brown boots. Triple H and Shawn Michaels come through the curtain.

“Oh, hey guys!” Mickie greets them.

“Hey Mickie,” HBK replies, “Good luck out there tonight.”

“One down, one to go,” HHH states, “We overcame the numbers advantage and won our match… now you just need to do the same.”

“Although… we at least had each other out there,” Michaels points out. “You’re on your own.”

“You think so?” Mickie asks then tilts her head to the side. “I’m never out there alone. Not anymore.”

“Keep smiling Shawn,” Helmsley whispers, “She sees people…”

Mickie shakes her head and give a sad sigh. “I wasted so much time in one-sided relationships with women like Trish and Beth. I did everything for them… but they never appreciated it. They liked me when it was convenient but then they turned around and ditched me when things got hard… or when something better came along. Now it’s different… now… I’ve got my perverts.”

The perverted fans out in the arena pop at the recognition.

“Did you hear that?” Mickie questions as her face lights up with a wide smile. “There they are showing their support even now. They like me. I don’t have to hold myself back anymore. I can do whatever I want out there and no matter how perverted or depraved it is… they cheer me. I don’t have to jump through hoops… I can just be Mickie James… and they love me for it.”

“A cheering crowd can be a powerful motivator when you’re in the ring giving it your all,” Shawn sagely advises.

“You’re right,” Mickie agrees. “It may say Mickie James versus Torrie, Maria and Candice on the card. But that’s not really the case.” Mickie smirks and is beginning to get riled up. “Tonight, it’s going to be WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James and an arena full of screaming perverts taking on three dumb bimbos who should’ve known better and are in for a night that they’ll NEVER forget!”

The fans out in the arena let out a loud cheer and begin chanting for the Women’s Champion. WE WANT MICKIE! WE WANT MICKIE! WE WANT MICKIE!

plays out in the arena and the chanting becomes a loud cheer.

“I don’t need luck,” Mickie concludes, “I’ve got them.”

Triple H and Shawn Michaels look on as Mickie skips off screen and seconds later comes jumping out onto the stage. After Mickie’s passionate babyface promo, the cheering crowd - despite being smaller in number - is just as loud as the full arena had been when Degeneration X won the main event.

The bell rings and Lilian Garcia stands in the ring with referee Jack Doan as she begins the introductions. “The following contest is a three-on-one Anything Goes HANDICAP MATCH and is scheduled for one-fall! Making her way to the ring… from Richmond Virginia… she is the WWE Women’s Champion… and the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus… Maria… Beth Phoenix… and Victoria… MICKIE JAMES!”

Mickie runs down the ramp but instead of going to the left like she had the last two times, she breaks tradition and goes to the right and jumps up onto the barricade. Mickie walks along the barricade and calls out, “Who wants to trade shirts!?” The hard camera has a perfect shot of Mickie as she shamelessly pulls off her top and stands on the barricade in her brown bra. “Oh! That guy’s already got his shirt off!” Mickie’s chest wobbles in her bra as she holds her arms out to the side to keep her balance as she makes her way along the barricade to the shirtless man holding up a ‘Break a B itch’ t-shirt.

Mickie stops midway along the barricade and sees that the shirtless fan is three rows back. she waves her arms at the fans in the front few rows. “Clear a path!” The fans part and Mickie steps off of the barricade and onto the first row of chairs then climbs over the next row and drops down next to the shirtless man. The fans in the area crowd around them as Mickie and the fan trade shirts. Mickie slips on the Break a B itch t-shirt and gives the fan holding her top a big hug and a kiss on the cheek before she climbs back over the rows of chairs and returns to ringside. Mickie finally gets in the ring and stands by the ropes on the far side as she awaits her opponents.

WHA-OW! Torrie Wilson’s theme A Girl Like That starts playing but quickly cuts and is replaced by Candice’s theme What Love Is. The two Playboy Covergirls come out from the back together with Maria in tow. They’re all wearing the same gear from earlier. Candice is in a black top and shorts with her pink coat over it, Torrie is in a pale pink top and trunks and Maria is in a black tank top with elbow pads and bright pink short-shorts. “And her opponents… the team of Torrie Wilson… Maria… and Candice Michelle!” The crowd is firmly pro-Mickie so the trio that is two-thirds babyface surprisingly receives a loud chorus of boos from Mickie’s perverts. Candice ignores the heat but Maria shrinks back from the harsh reception and looks like she’s on the verge of tears. Torrie shakes her head and grabs Maria’s arm to pull her along. “That lunatic’s driven everyone crazy...”

The group splits up with Torrie and Maria climbing up onto the ring apron together and going under the middle rope to get in the ring while Candice goes around the corner so she can do her usual entrance and pose when she pulls her coat open. Candice slips her coat off and joins her two partners in the ring while Mickie watches them warily from the corner. The referee calls for the bell but Torrie and Candice both stop and stare at Maria who has climbed out onto the ring apron in the tag corner. “Maria… it’s a no disqualification match,” Torrie explains to the ditzy diva. “You don’t have to tag in. We’re all allowed to be in the ring at once.”

But while Torrie and Candice are distracted by Maria… Mickie isn’t. The Women’s Champion surges across the ring and blasts Candice with a running forearm that knocks her into the ropes. She quickly spins around and shoves Torrie from behind which causes the blonde to collide with Maria and knock the doe-eyed brunette off the apron. Torrie slumps against the turnbuckles but Mickie grabs her and hauls her out of the corner by her hair then chucks her across the ring with a snapmare. Candice pushes off of the ropes and hits Mickie from behind but Mickie staggers forward and then fires back with a back kick to the stomach. James grabs Michelle and whips her across the ring then catches her as she cames back and plants her with a big spinebuster. Mickie pushes herself back up onto her knees and grabs hold of Candice’s shorts then yanks them down revealing Candice’s skimpy black thong.

YEEAAAAAH! The perverts cheer as Mickie stands back up with Candice’s shorts in hand but the Women’s Champion stays in motion and quickly takes down a recovered Torrie with a dropkick to the chest. Mickie looks back over her shoulder just in time to see Maria climb back onto the ring apron. She spins and throws Candice’s shorts in her final opponent’s face. Maria reels back in surprise which gives the Women’s Champion all the time she needs to reach the corner and knee her in the stomach. Maria pitches forward and leans across the top rope. James takes advantage and reaches over to grab Kanellis’ black tank top and yanks it over her head and off. Maria pulls back and hugs her arms over her chest in an attempt to hide her sparkly pink bra. But Mickie jumps and hits a low dropkick to the knee and knocks Maria back down to the floor. Mickie grins as she picks up Maria’s top and Candice’s shorts then stands up holds them up with her arms spread wide. Despite the three-on-one situation, Mickie is still playing to her perverts. And her perverts love her for it. YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHH!

But the cheers turn to boos when Torrie and Candice both hit Mickie from behind. The two Playboy Covergirls whip the Women’s Champion across the ring but James lunges and takes down both Wilson and Michelle with a big double clothesline! Mickie kicks Torrie in the side and sends her rolling into the corner then works her over with a series of quick stomps before she turns around and takes down Candice with a running Thesz Press. Mickie tees off on Candice and hits a hard series of forearms to the face before she finally climbs off and leaves her opponent lying on the mat in a daze. Torrie comes out of the corner but is greeted with a shuffle side kick from Mickie that causes the blonde to drop to her knees. Mickie pulls Torrie back up and pushes her back into the ropes then casts a quick glance over her shoulder at Candice before she whips Torrie off of the ropes and catches her ankle with a drop toe hold. Torrie trips and falls face-first into Candice’s thong-clad crotch. Torrie Wilson is now face down on the mat with her face buried between Candice Michelle’s legs. Mickie seems pleased with her handiwork but the perverts love it. YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHH! HLA! HLA! HLA!

Mickie holds her hands over her heart as she takes in the compromising position that she put her two opponents in. “Awww! I’m so happy that I could help you two get back together! Although… your little three-girl group was a lot more intimidating when you had Vicky as an enforcer instead of-” Mickie is cut off when Maria runs in and hits the Women’s Champion with a running bulldog from behind. Mickie’s face bounces off the mat while Maria stares down at the Champion in surprise. Even Maria seems shocked at her sudden surprise attack. Mickie pushes herself up and suddenly Maria is faced with the full force of the unstable Women’s Champion’s crazed gaze. Maria falls on her ass and scrambles away into the far corner. Mickie surges up and charges into the corner then lays into Maria with a series of hard stomps but suddenly Torrie and Candice hit her from behind. Mickie goes face-first into the top turnbuckle and now she has two angry woman clubbing her on the back. Mickie tries to fight out of the corner but ends up staggering when it’s revealed that Maria is holding her leg. This leaves James wide open for Wilson and Michelle to hit a double falling neckbreaker. Mickie is flat on her back. The numbers game has finally caught up with the Women’s Champion.

Torrie and Candice drag Mickie up off of the mat and land a synchronized double kick to the stomach. Mickie is doubled over and the two Covergirls grab her shoulders and throw her down on the mat with a double mat slam. Mickie’s head bounces off of the mat and she rolls over in an attempt to crawl away but Wilson and Michelle stay on her and stomp on her back. The fans are booing in earnest now as Torrie and Candice drive Mickie down into the mat with repeated stomps to the back. Maria is still sitting in the corner and has her hands over her ears in an attempt to drown out the booing crowd. The Covergirls pull the Women’s Champion up off of the mat and throw her arms over their shoulders then hoist her up into the air for a double suplex. But they don’t hit it immediately. They hold Mickie up in the air. Mickie’s skirt surrenders to gravity and her brown panties are exposed as she’s suspended upside-down above the ring. But then Torrie and Candice finally fall backwards and hit their delayed double suplex. Mickie yelps and sits up as her back strikes the mat. Candice grabs Mickie’s borrowed t-shirt and yanks it off then tosses it out of the ring.

BOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mickie is left in her brown bra but both Torrie and Candice are staring at the crowd in open surprise. They’re no strangers to Bra and Panties Matches. But for the first time possibly ever the audience as actually booing when one of the divas is getting stripped. If nothing else, it came down to a simple matter of math. If Mickie won there would be three naked victims. If she lost there would be only one. “She started it!” Torrie insists. “She’s getting a taste of her own medicine!” Candice grabs Mickie and hooks her arms behind her back as she pulls her back up to her feet but suddenly her hand flashes up and pinches the clasp on Mickie’s back. Mickie’s jaw drops and her bra straps sag. Torrie grins and closes in to tear off Mickie’s unfastened bra but in a desperation move, Mickie lashes out and kicks the blonde right between the legs. Torrie’s doesn’t have balls but the kick still hurts and causes her to double over in pain. James doesn’t waste a second as rams her head back into Michelle’s face then jumps up and wraps her legs around the doubled over Wilson’s head. Mickie pushes off of Candice then spins to the side and takes down Torrie with an extremely innovative version of her signature elevated headscissors takedown. The Covergirls collide and crash to the mat. Maria surges out of the corner with a clothesline but Mickie drops down and rolls under it. Mickie just fought free!

Mickie reaches behind her and attempts to fix her undone bra but can’t seem to get it. She looks up in time to see Maria turn around just as Torrie and Candice stagger back up. All three of Mickie’s opponents are back on their feet. Mickie doesn’t want to become the victim of another three-on-one mugging and quickly bails out of the ring. Torrie and Candice split up with the blonde going right and the brunette going left. Both Covergirls get out of the ring and close in on Mickie while Maria simply walks straight ahead and follows the same path Mickie took. Mickie is now surrounded as she finds herself trapped behind the empty commentary table. She’s got Torrie on one side, Candice on the other and Maria across from her. Wait a minute? Trapped? Not likely! Mickie makes a split-second decision and dives over the barricade into the crowd. Torrie, Candice and Maria run over to the barricade and watch in astonishment as the crowd parts to allow Mickie to crawl through to safety but then closes in around the Women’s Champion and blocks off any path her opponents have to go after her. Mickie versus the World? More like Mickie and the World versus Torrie, Candice and Maria.

A cameraman comes closer and films Mickie as guides a woman back down into her chair. The twenty-something woman is slightly-chubby with short dark hair and is wearing a Break a B itch t-shirt. Mickie plops herself down in the woman’s lap so she’s facing away from her. “While I’m here… would you mind fixing my bra? I can’t wrestle like this.” The woman agrees and rehooks Mickie’s bra. Mickie looks back over her shoulder and gives the woman a quick peck on the cheek as thanks. But the woman shakes her head and then gives the surprised Women’s Champion a quick kiss full on the lips. Mickie blinks for a couples seconds then shrugs. “I’m into it!” She spins around so she’s straddling her fan, then cups her chin and locks lips with the strange woman for an enthusiastic open-mouthed kiss. The camera keeps rolling and the image of Mickie James making out with a random woman in the crowd is broadcast on the big screen. The fans in the area cheer and start two chants at once. Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t and HLA! HLA! Another camera flashes over to Torrie, Maria and Candice. Torrie rolls her eyes and looks away. “She’s nuts.” Maria is blinking in surprise, “Are we starting the Kiss Cam?” Candice is glaring at Mickie, “Shameless pervert…”

Mickie finally pulls back and whispers something in the fan’s ear. The woman nods and raises her arms up over her head which allows Mickie to stand up and peel off her Break a B itch t-shirt. There is a slight roll in the woman’s stomach as she sits there in her black bra but she’s still wearing a 10,000watt smile aftering making out with Mickie. The Women’s Champion slips her new shirt on and gives her new friend one final kiss on the forehead before she moves along the rows of chairs to the aisle. Mickie slaps hands with the fans that she passes and once more has a spring in her step. The Women’s Champion had jumped into the crowd a half-naked wreck… but she was coming out fully clothed and reenergized. Candice is standing on the other side of the barricade but there’s still a wall of fans protecting the Champion. “Okay perverts! Make a hole!” And like that, the crowd parts. Mickie rushes through and leaps over the barricade to take down Candice with a flying shoulder tackle. The proud pervert tees off on Candice with a series of forearms to the face but Torrie comes over and drags Mickie off of her partner. But the reinvigorated Mickie James elbows free with a shot to Torrie’s chest then grabs the blonde and chucks her into the barricade. Torrie bounces off and hits the floor leaving Mickie kneeling over both Covergirls.

Suddenly Maria grabs Mickie and spins her around with an irish whip. KONK! Whether by design or completely by accident, Mickie goes face-first into the steel ring post. Maria staggers backwards and clasps her hands over her mouth in shock as she stares down at the laid out Women’s Champion. And suddenly Maria is the focus of a thunderstorm of heat the likes of which has never been seen before in a divas match. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Maria balks under the torrential boos coming from every pervert in the arena, “I’M SORRY!” she squeaks. “I’m not!” Torrie growls as she pushes off of the barricade and goes after Mickie. The Women’s Champion is out cold and does nothing to stop the blonde from pulling off her newly acquired t-shirt. Torrie leaving Mickie lying on the floor in the bra and tosses the t-shirt out in the crowd… only for the middle aged man who caught it to immediately throw it back. Torrie reels back in surprise as the shirt hits her in the face. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? What is wrong with you people!? SHE’S INSANE!”

But while Torrie and Maria are distracted by the crowd’s harsh response, Candice grabs Mickie and drags her up to her feet. The Covergirl rolls the limp Women’s Champion back into the ring then climbs in after her. Torrie turns away from the jeering crowd and joins Candice in the ring. Maria is sitting against the commentary table as is seemingly trying to take in the bizarre situation with a look of utter confusion on her face. “I’m a good person… I didn’t make the match… she was mean to me first…” Torrie and Candice look over at their shellshocked partner but wave her off since they’re in firm control of the groggy bra-clad Women’s Champion. The Covergirls pull Mickie up off of the mat and sent her into the corner with a double irish whip. Torrie backs Candice up into the opposite corner then whips her across the ring which causes Candice to collide with Mickie for a hard turnbuckle clothesline. Mickie hunches over and Candice climbs around her so she’s seated on the top turnbuckle then reaches down wraps her legs around Mickie’s head before calling backwards into her signature hanging figure four necklock, CANDILICOUS! Referee Jack Doan goes over to the corner to check for a submission. No disqualifications means there’s no five-count rope break. Candice can keep it in as long as she wants. Mickie refuses to tap and the match continues.

Torrie decides to help things along and lands a series of kicks on Mickie’s unprotected stomach. Now not only is the Women’s Champion stuck in Candice’s figure four necklock but now the air has been forcibly driven out of her by Torrie’s kicks. Torrie takes advantage and grabs hold of Mickie’s waistband then yanks her skirt down to her knees and pulls it off. Mickie down to her brown bra, brown panties, pale green sash and brown boots. Speaking of boots, Mickie capitalizes on Torrie’s close proximity and kicks the blonde in the head. Torrie is knocked on her back and Mickie follows up by driving both of her elbows into Candice’s back. Candice yelps and is finally forced to relinquish her hold. The brunette Covergirl flips forward and lands on her feet on the floor. But before Mickie can escape the ropes, Candice reaches in the ring and grabs her by the ankles. Mickie falls on her face which leaves her wide open for Torrie to spring back in and catch her in a headlock. Torrie holds Mickie down and shouts to Candice, “GET HER BOOTS!” Mickie’s legs kick furiously as she’s left hanging halfway out of the ring but Candice manages to catch her right foot and yanks her boot off. Mickie’s pale green ankle sock which matches her sash is revealed. Candice tosses the boot aside and then quickly pulls off the other. It’s actually a clever strategy. Mickie’s kick take up a large portion of her offense and without her boots they lose most of their impact.

Torrie releases her hold but the damage has been done. Mickie is down to her underwear, ash and socks. The Women’s Champion drags herself back into the ring and starts to push herself up off the mat but Torrie comes back and creams her with a big running knee. Mickie goes rolling into the corner and sits against the bottom and middle turnbuckles but then Candice comes back and grabs her arms so she’s trapped again. “TORRIE! GIVE HER THE TUSH PUSH!” Torrie’s face lights up with a grin while Mickie frantically shakes her head from where she’s restrained in the corner. Torrie turns around and shakes her ass in Mickie’s face then pulls her bottoms up into a thong. Desperate, Mickie leans back and pushes Candice away with her fully extended arms then surges forward and pulls Candice face-first into the ring post. Candice drops to the floor and Mickie’s arms come free just as Torrie is backing up into the corner. Mickie grabs Torrie’s waist and yanks her bottoms down to her knees. The arena erupts in a loud cheer while a wide-eyed Torrie immediately jams her hands down between her legs. But the cheering gets even louder when Mickie grabs hold of Torrie… AND BURIES HER FACE IN THE BLONDE’S ASS! “WAAAAHHH!” Torrie yells out in surprise as she feels Mickie’s tongue begin working. Her legs give out and she drops to her knees. “Ooooh… ooooohhhh…” Torrie is moaning and Mickie is working her tongue like a the mad woman. Torrie attempts to crawl away but Mickie crawls after her and keeps up her fantic licking. “Oooh! OOOOHH!”

There it is. WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James is going down on two-time Playboy Covergirl Torrie WIlson in the middle of the ring for everyone to see. It can only happen on WWE After Hours. Torrie’s moaning is soon drowned out by the fans’ dueling chants. HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! and HLA! HLA! This dueling chant is even louder than the one before but eventually the HLA chant wins and soon all the perverts and cheering for the Hot Lesbian Action going on in the ring. HLA! HLA! HLA! Candice reaches into the ring and grabs Mickie’s ankles then yanks backwards so her opponent is forcibly separated from her partner and then goes crotch-first into the ring post. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!The fans let Candice have it for interrupting the special moment while Mickie pushes herself up off of the mat and has her mouth hanging open in a silent cry of pain. It’s worth noting that there is a layer of ‘suspicious juices’ coating Mickie’s lips. The same ‘suspicious juices’ can be seen smeared all over Torrie’s ass as she crawls to the far corner. Maria suddenly comes running into the ring and nailed Mickie with a dropkick right to the face. Mickie drops to the mat while Maria covers her ears as she’s treated to an even louder chorus of boos from Mickie’s perverts. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! “WHY ARE YOU GUYS BEING SO MEAN TO ME!?” While the perverted crowd is clearly pro-Mickie… the fact that Maria is so bothered by their reactions only motivates them to get more involved and keep pestering her.

“Ignore them!” Candice snaps at Maria as she gets back in the ring and stomps on Mickie’s back. Candice pulls Mickie up to her feet and uses a front facelock to drag her out in the middle of the ring then plants her with a big DDT. Candice stands up and looks over at Torrie who is pulling her up bottoms in the corner. “Come on Torrie! Let’s finish her off!” The blonde staggers to her feet and looks flustered. “Right… finish…” Maria makes matters worse for her embarrassed partner, “Torrie… there’s something running down your leg…” “I KNOW!” Maria backs away and looks to be near tears, “You don’t have to yell at me! Why’s everyone so angry? That was a bad idea!” Candice pushes between them, “GIRLS! FOCUS! Let’s just finish her off and it’ll all be over.” Candice motions down to the underwear-clad, barely conscious Women’s Champion lying on the mat at their feet. The three-on-one situation has taken its toll on the champion and despite her valiant efforts she’s exhausted. Candice directs traffic and orders Torrie and Maria to drag Mickie to her feet and hold her arms behind her back. Candice stands in front of the restrained Women’s Champion and cups her face then kisses her on the mouth for her own version of Mickie’s infamous kiss of death. Candice pulls away and wipes her mouth. For some reason this causes Torrie to flush and looks away. Candice keeps her hold on Mickie’s chin and leers at her, “This is for Victoria!”


Everyone turns to stare at the entrance ramp as vaguely familiar music plays. Fans who had been around three years prior would have recognized it as Victoria’s old theme song All The Things She Said from her psycho phase. Speak of the devil and she shall appear! Victoria emerges and is still wearing the black hooded sweatshirt and gray sweatpants that she was last seen in. The hood his drawn up and she’s staring down on at the floor so no one can see her face. Candice smirks at Mickie as Victoria makes her way down the ramp. “Now you’re in a big trouble!” Candice turns and motions for Victoria to come and join them in the ring. Victoria slides under the bottom rope and stands up next to Candice but she is still staring down at her feet so no one can see her face. Candice pats her friend on the shoulder. “She’s all yours Victoria. Let her have it!” Victoria slowly looks up and Torrie, Maria and even Mickie’s jaws simultaneously drop when they see her face. Suddenly Victoria lashes out… AND TAKES CANDICE’S HEAD OFF WITH A SUPERKICK! Torrie, Maria and Mickie are all staring in wide eyed, open mouthed shock as Victoria finally lowers her hood. The camera moves around to show her face… the word ‘BROKEN’ has been painted diagonally across it.

Victoria glances briefly at Torrie then her eyes flick to the side and lock on Maria who is now staring at her in open mouthed horror. Victoria takes a step forward and Maria screams like a little girl and releases Mickie’s arm so she can back away into the corner. Mickie immediately takes her freed arm and slams it into Torrie’s face. Torrie staggers backwards but Mickie pulls her into a side headlock then jumps up off of the mat and plants the blonde with her signature jumping spike DDT, MICKE-DT! Mickie sits up and idly watches as Maria bails out of the ring and runs screaming to the back like the forces of hell are chasing her. “BYE MARIA!” Mickie calls after her with a jaunty wave. “I’LL FIND YOU LATER!” Maria lets out a terrified scream and starts running even faster until she disappears behind the curtain. Suddenly it’s two-on-two on the ring. Mickie and ‘Broken’-Victoria are left standing over the two fallen Playboy Covergirls. Mickie walks up to Victoria and smiles at her, “Thanks Victoria!” Victoria shakes her head and Mickie takes a wary step back. But then Victoria smirks, “Call me… Vicky.” ‘Vicky’ closes the distance between them and pulls the nearly naked Mickie fully against her then claims her mouth with a hard kiss. The perverts hoot, cheer and whistle while Mickie enthusiastically returns the kiss.

They finally separate and Mickie smiles at Victoria. “Thanks Vicky! But now I’ve gotta strip and embarrass your friends.” They both look over at Candice who is just starting to recover from Victoria’s surprise kick. Victoria holds her finger up to Mickie’s lips then turns to Candice and hauls her up to her feet then bends her over and yanks her top off. The crowd pops and Candice staggers back in surprise and is now down to her black bra bra and thong. Candice gives Victoria a hurt stage, “Victoria… what are you doing!?” Vicky doesn’t answer and instead grabs hold of Candice’s bra and yanks it down to her stomach then tears it off. YYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH! The fans pop while Candice stands frozen in shock now down to just her black thong and with her naked breasts on full display. The large, tanned 34D mounds sound out proudly. Her areolas seemingly blend perfectly into her skin which further enhances her eraser-sized nipples. Candice finally comes to her senses and screams out in horror as she hugs her arms over her naked chest. “NOOOOOO!” Not only did she just get strippped but she’d been stripped by her broken best friend. The Covergirl squeaks out in a small voice, “Why?” Vicky grabs the topless diva and hefts her up onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry then swings her off and plants Candice with her signature spinning sidewalk slam, SPIDER’S WEB! Victoria stands up and leaves Candice lying flat on her back with her arms splayed out and her naked breasts on full display.

“Not bad, Vicky… it was a good start.” Victoria goes stiff and slowly turns around to see Mickie standing in the corner with a live microphone. Victoria’s eyes are instantly locked on the mic. “Easy! Easy! Look, what you did was very… efficient. But that’s not enough. You’ve gotta have fun with it! Watch!” Mickie drops down to her knees and crawls between Candice’s splayed legs then puts down the microphone so she can lean in and bite down on Candice’s thong. Mickie starts crawling backwards and proceeds to peel down Candice’s thong with her teeth. The perverts are overjoyed as the 2006 Playboy Covergirl is left lying on her back completely naked except for her boots. Her pussy is completely smooth with a small shaved patch of dark hair above it. Mickie crawls back up Candice’s body with the thong still dangling out of her mouth then leans in and spits Candice’s underwear out of her mouth and into Candice’s. Mickie pulls back and uses her fingers to jam the black thong completely into the unconscious Covergirl’s mouth then sits back on Candice’s stomach. The Women’s Champion has an eager gleam in her eyes as she reaches down and begins fondling Candice’s large chest before she eventually leans in and takes each nipple into her mouth in turn and briefly sucks on it. A beaming MIckie sits up and reaches back for the microphone, “Look! I got her nipples hard!”

The perverts pop for Mickie’s enthusiastic handling of Candice. The Women’s Champion is in a position that most of them could only dream of so many of them are trying to live vicariously through her. Mickie idly fondles Candice’s chest and points her microphone behind Victoria.

“See Vicky?” Mickie says, “You’ve gotta put on a show for the perverts. Now try again with the other one before she gets away.”

Vicky turns and sees Torrie crawling for the ropes. She goes after the blonde and grabs the back of her top then uses her hold to drag the Covergirl back into the middle of the ring. Vicky tightens her hold on Torrie’s top to pull her up to her knees then yanks backwards and tears the pale pink top clean off. “AAAAAAAAHHHH!” Torrie screams and hugs her arms over her now naked chest. But that leaves her wide open for a hard knee from Victoria. The broken diva sticks Torrie’s head between her leg and hoists her up into a Gory Hold. YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH! The fans cheer as Torrie dangles behind Victoria with her big, perfect 36C breasts on full display. The red-faced blonde is clawing at Victoria’s arms and trying to get free but can’t break Vicky’s vice-like grip. ‘Broken’-Victoria slowly turns around and pointedly displays the dangling, struggling, topless blonde’s naked breasts to each side of the arena.

Mickie beams as Vicky turns to face away from her which results in the Women’s Champion getting a front row seat to the still struggling Torrie’s exposure. “NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!” she cheers. Mickie jumps off of Candice and skips over to Vicky and the dangling red-faced Torrie with an eager smile on her face. Torrie finally attempts to cover herself and hugs her arms over chest. Mickie smirks and her hands shoot out and grab Torrie’s waistband and then yank it down to her knees in one quick motion. “NOOOOO!” Torrie screams as Mickie peels her pale pink bottoms the rest of the way down her legs. She stops at Torrie’s boots and takes the time to remove them and Torrie’s little white socks before finally pulling the bottoms off of the blonde’s legs. YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH! The perverts love it. The two-time Playboy Covergirl is dangling completely naked behind Victoria.

Mickie steps back and calls out the final order, “LET HER HAVE IT VICKY!”

Vicky finally drops down and hits the Widow’s Peak. Torrie falls forward and lies face-down and completely naked on the mat. Mickie throws her arm over Vicky’s shoulders and the duo are now left standing over the two naked Playboy Covergirls. The referee approaches Mickie and tries to get her attention.

“What do you want?” Mickie asks.

“The match…” the referee attempts to remind the Women’s Champion. “Hurry up and pin one of them.”

“Do you think I’m some crazy woman that forgot where she was?” Mickie demands. The referee wisely decides not to answer. “This is an Anything Goes Match. I can do anything I want while it’s still going on. If I pinned one of them… my fun would end. And you know what? I’m just getting started!”


“My perverts have been chanting for something all night and I’m gonna give it to them!”


“Now let’s see… I piiick…”

Suddenly Candice rolls out of the ring and drops to the floor. Vicky makes to go after her but Mickie holds out her microphone to block her. ‘Broken’-Victoria stops in her tracks and stares at the microphone seemingly transfixed.Mickie pulls the microphone back to her and Vicky’s eyes lock on her. “Let her go. I was gonna pick Torrie anyway. It’s not like me to leave a woman unsatisfied.” Mickie casually unties her light green sash then kneels down and uses it to tie Torrie’s arms behind her back. She sits on Torrie’s back and watches as Candice pulls her thong out of her mouth and attempts to cover herself as she runs around the corner and makes a break for it up the ramp.

“Look Torrie!” Mickie exclaims as she pulls the blonde’s face and shoulders up off the mat which causes the blonde’s exposed breasts to dangle freely under her. Torrie has the perfect view of Candice’s naked back and ass as she runs away. “Your last friend’s running out on you! Do you have anything to say to her?” Micke sticks the microphone in Torrie’s face.

The blonde glares at her rival-turned-partner-turned-traitor and explodes. “SCREW YOU, CANDICE! WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A TEAM!”

Candice stops on the ramp and looks back at the ring. She sees Torrie bound and naked on the mat with the deranged Women’s Champion now sitting on her back. Her eyes flick over to Victoria who is casually leaning in the corner with a wicked leer on her face. Vicky isn’t even looking at Candice and seems more intent on watching the upcoming show. Candice shakes her head. The odds are no longer in her favor. There’s nothing that can make her get back in that ring. “BETTER YOU THAN ME!” The brunette runs to the back leaving her blonde partner alone with Mickie and Vicky.

“Don’t worry, Torrie,” Mickie tells her captive opponent as she gives her a patronizing pat on the head. “Your friends may have all abandoned you… but I’ll take good care of you!”

“DAMN YOU! DO YOUR WORST!” Torrie shouts.

Mickie smirks, “Oh, right, that reminds me! You still think you’re unbreakable! There’s no Beth Phoenix to swoop in and save you this time! I accept your challenge!”

Mickie puts her microphone down beside her and pulls back so she can lift Torrie’s bound arms up and slide under them. Mickie is now pressed fully against Torrie’s naked back as she hooks her arms around the blonde’s waist and then pulls her up and into her lap. The blonde Covergirl’s chest is once again on full display but then Mickie hooks her legs inside of Torrie’s and spreads them apart, finally exposing the blonde’s pussy to the arena. It’s shaved bald with just a thin landing strip of barely visible blonde hair above it and it’s still glistening from when Mickie had been licking her earlier.

“No more softcore porn for you, Miss Wilson!” Mickie taunts. “You’re on WWE After Hours! Here we do things hardcore!”

Mickie reaches down and blatantly cups Torrie’s pussy then starts to rub it.

“Nooooo!” Torrie gasps in protest. But Mickie clearly knows what she’s doing. She uses two fingers to finger her blonde opponent while simultaneously teasing the Covergirl’s cute little clit with her thumb. It doesn’t take long for Torrie’s gasps of protest to become moans of pleasure. “Oooooh… oooohhh... “

The perverts are going nuts. An underwear-clad Mickie James is fingering a completely naked Torrie Wilson in the middle of the ring. ‘Broken’-Victoria is watching from the corner with a wide smile on her face as she blatantly rubs her crotch through her gray sweatpants.

“Ooooooh… mmmmmm…” Torrie closes her eyes and stops resisting. Mickie’s fingers feel too good.

Mickie nibbles at her ear, “Keep your eyes open Whorrie! The world is watching you. I want you to stare out at the crowd of perverts as you cum in this ring in front of everyone!”

Torrie opens her eyes and lets out a loud groan as Mickie’s fingers continue to churn inside her. “UUUGGGHHH!”

“Oh! Wow!” Mickie exclaims. “Your pussy just clenched around my fingers! Do you like that idea? Does Whorrie Wilson get turned on by the thought of all the perverts in the whole world seeing her cum?”

“MMmmmmaaaahh!” Torrie lets out a guttural moan in response. But then Mickie pulls her hand away. “NOOOOO!” Torrie wails in protest as Mickie slides out from behind her and then shoves her face-down on the mat. Torrie looks back at the smirking Mickie and lets out a shrill whine. “WWHHYYYYY!?”

Mickie sits back and pulls a previously unnoticed band off of her wrist and uses it to tie her haIR back. She makes no move to restrain Torrie and Torrie makes no move get away.

“My perverts have been calling for HLA,” Mickie remarks as she finishes tying back her hair. “And I’m gonna give it to them. And by them… I mean you. Now push yourself up and spread ‘em.”

“Mmmmhhhhmmmm…” Torrie whimpers and bites her lip then pushes herself up onto her knees. Torrie spreads her legs and Mickie dives back in. She starts licking and Torrie immediately starts moaning. “OOOOOHH! OOOOOOHHHH! AUUUGGGHH!” There’s a look of pure lust in the blonde Covergirl’s eyes. She’s too far gone to hope to resist anymore. “OOOOOHHH! OH GOD! I’M GONNA… I’M GONNA CUM!”

But then Mickie stops and pulls away. Torrie’s juices once again coat her face.

“NOOOOO!” Torrie screams as she presses her legs together and squirms at the absence of missing Mckie’s fingers. “DON’T STOP!”

“Aaaahh…” Victoria lets out a moan from the corner. Her hand is now stuffed into her sweatpants and is working furiously. “Yes… break her…”

Mickie undoes the sash binding Torrie’s wrists and tosses it away then grabs Torrie’s sides and flips her over onto her back. She slides between Torrie’s spread legs and grabs her previously abandoned microphone. “What do you think Whorrie? Want me to pin you and ends this? Or should I keep going?”

Mickie points the microphone at Torrie. “Please… keep going…”

Mickie throws herself down on top of the naked blonde. “Say my name! SAY MY NAME, B*TCH!”

“MICKIE!” Torrie screams. “MICKIE JAMES!”

“Whose b*tch are you?” Mickie demands as she reaches down with her free non-microphone hand and rubs Torrie’s spread pussy.

“Ooohh… I’m yours… I’m your b*tch!” Torrie cries. “Ooohh… Don’t stop… Please don’t stop...”

“I’m Whorrie Wilson and I’m Mickie James’ b*tch! SAY IT!” Mickie urges

“I… I’m Whorrie Wilson… and… and I’m Mickie James’ b*tch!” Torrie shrieks. “PLEASE MICKIE!”

"Remember Whorrie... the whole world is about to see you cum!" Mickie tosses the microphone aside and grabs Torrie’s face with both hand so she can deliver a hard open-mouthed kiss. She pulls away and then slides down Torrie’s body then buries her face between the blonde’s spread legs and starts licking.

“YEESSSS! YEEESSSSS!” Torrie hisses. “OOOH GOD! MICKIE, THEY'RE WATCHING! MICKIE! MIIIICKIIIIIIEEEEEE!” Torrie’s toes curl and she lets out a shrill shriek as Mickie finally brings her over the edge with a powerful orgasm.

And then she goes completely limp.

Mickie pushes back up to her knees. Her face was glistening and dripping with the results of Torrie’s orgasm. The Women’s Champion has a wide smile while the Covergirl lies underneath her with her arms and legs spread and a glazed look in her eyes.

HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! The fans are shocked by what just transpired. Mickie James just brought Torrie Wilson to a screaming orgasm in the middle of the ring. Mickie wipes her face and stands up then casually plants her sock-clad foot on her spent opponent’s chest. The referee comes over and makes the first and only pinfall count of the match. The perverts all count along with him.


plays as the referee comes over and raises her arm. Lilian Garcia stands up in the corner. “Ladies and gentlemen… here is your winner… the Woman Who Broke Trish Stratus… Maria… Beth Phoenix… Victoria… and Torrie Wilson… MICKIE JAMES!”

Mickie leaves Torrie lying splayed out on the mat and picks up her microphone. The music cuts as the Women’s Champion turns to the broken diva that is still playing with herself in the corner.

“Thanks Vicky!” Mickie calls out to her unexpected ally then turns to face the crowd. “HEY PERVERTS! Let’s give Vicky a big hand! She saved my ass out here tonight! Thank you Vickiy!”

The perverts pick up where she left off and start chanting. THANK YOU VICKY! THANK YOU VICKY! THANK YOU VICKY!

Victoria finally snaps out of it and pushes out of the corner. She grabs hold of Mickie’s microphone then slides the WWE Logo block off of it to leave the mic in a familiar vaguely phallic shape. “My turn...”

Mickie blinks in surprise and watches in wonder as Victoria grabs the waistband of her sweatpants and pushes them down. The sweatpants pool around her ankles and leave her completely bottomless. Victoria steps out of her sweatpants and then turns around to brace herself against the corner. She looks back at Mickie expectantly.

Mickie’s jaw drops as the fans start up a familiar chant from last week. SHE’S A FREAK! SHE’S A FREAK! SHE’S A FREAK!

“Hey! Hey now!” Mickie calls out to the crowd. “A freak is another word for a pervert! And you all know that I love perverts!”

Mickie steps up behind Victoria and hiss her on the cheek as she rubs the microphone against the broken diva’s wet pussy. “Mmmmmm…” Mickie leans in and kisses Victoria on the cheek and then stuffs the microphone inside her.


“AAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!” Vicky screams as the microphone is stuffed inside her in one long stroke. She hunches over the top turnbuckle and clutches at the ropes as Mickie begins to thrust the microphone inside her. “YES! YYEESS! MIICKIIEE F*CK ME! AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGHHHHHH!” Vicky cries out as she has another powerful orgasm at the Women’s Champion’s hands. Her legs go weak and she drops down into corner.

Mickie grabs the mic and yanks it out of her new friend who manages to whimper, “I love you Mickie...”

Mickie pats Vicky on the back and goes to reclaim her championship. She slips it over her shoulder and turns to survey the two divas that she'd broken with pleasure.

Victoria drags herself back up and staggers out of the corner. Mickie grabs Vicky's hand and gives it a squeeze. "How'd you like to leave with me tonight? That way I can thank you more thoroughly." Vicky beams and nods enthusiastically. "Oh... and how 'bout you grab Whorrie too? She should be fun."

Vicky looks over at Torrie who still hasn't moved from when Mickie had broken her. Vicky drags Torrie over to the ropes then gets out of the ring and hefts the unconscious blonde over her shoulder. Mickie leads the way up the ramp in just her socks and her brown bra and panties. The bottomless Victoria follows behind her with the completely naked Torrie thrown over her shoulder.

Mickie steps aside and allows Vicky to carry Torrie through the curtain to the back then turns to face the crowd. "THANKS PERVERTS! YOU WERE WONDERFUL! I'VE GOT A SPECIAL SURPRISE FOR YOU ALL TOMORROW NIGHT!"

WWE After Hours goes off the air after leaving memories that some fans will never forget.


And that's chapter five. I'm going to be breaking the next one up into two parts since we've got two pay-per-views coming up in February.
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dustybrady dustybrady is offline
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haven't read yet, but was almost more excited for it being royal rumble day knowing we were getting a new chapter as i am to watch the ppv
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Made an account just to reply to this. Been following this story from the beginning and I really love it. The last chaptet with the almost-exposure of Mickey was a great touch. But I have to wonder if your version of Mickey is actually okay with herself being exposed. Would definitely fall in line with the crazy behaviour/attitude she has, and would possibly break more divas when they see she simply isn't humiliated when the tables are turned on her.

Either way great story, keep up the awesome work.
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You already know I loved it, and I think the idea of Mickie ending up with a psuedo-harem does make sense. I mean, if she has the talent and she's gonna keep pushing the limit, there would be people falling for her..."technique."

Not gonna lie though, changing Victoria's name to Vicky put Vicky Guerrero in my mind. Imagining her in those scenarios is a bit disturbing...
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Originally Posted by dustybrady View Post
haven't read yet, but was almost more excited for it being royal rumble day knowing we were getting a new chapter as i am to watch the ppv
Here's hoping you enjoyed the chapter once you got around to reading it. You're the one that got me into this board so I'm ecstatic to read that you're a fan of my story.

There are two benefits to my Pay-Per-View update schedule. The first is that you know when each new chapter or update is coming. The other is that you can save the chapter for after the WWE's show so it can either add to a great event or remove the horrible taste that it left in your mouth. *Cough*ReignseliminatingUndertaker*cough*

Originally Posted by Skie View Post
Made an account just to reply to this. Been following this story from the beginning and I really love it. The last chaptet with the almost-exposure of Mickey was a great touch. But I have to wonder if your version of Mickey is actually okay with herself being exposed. Would definitely fall in line with the crazy behaviour/attitude she has, and would possibly break more divas when they see she simply isn't humiliated when the tables are turned on her.

Either way great story, keep up the awesome work.
I'm glad you like my story that much. That's how I started. I liked a certain someone's Power Hunger GM story enough to create an account and comment on it. After that, I became a regular on the board (as far as the wrestling stories were concerned) and now three years later I've finally got my own story.

You'll see Mickie's feelings on exposing herself to her perverts in the next chapter.

Originally Posted by MKDude View Post
You already know I loved it, and I think the idea of Mickie ending up with a psuedo-harem does make sense. I mean, if she has the talent and she's gonna keep pushing the limit, there would be people falling for her..."technique."

Not gonna lie though, changing Victoria's name to Vicky put Vicky Guerrero in my mind. Imagining her in those scenarios is a bit disturbing...
Luckily, in my perverted little world, 'Broken'-Victoria is the OG Vicky. Vicky Guerrero won't be regularly appearing on WWE TV until the Chavo Guerrero/Rey Mysterio Rivalry that starts after the Great American Bash. Huzzah for WWE ten and a half years ago!

You can rest assured knowing that Vicky Guerrero will not be appearing in my story (fully clothed or otherwise) and that Mickie's Harem of Broken B itches will be unveiled in the next chapter.
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