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Old 03-16-2017, 09:35 PM
winston optic beer winston optic beer is offline
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Many years ago, around the time we were first married, my wife and I visited a posh dress shop in a mall, as you call them in the US. She might have been looking for her wedding dress or a ball gown, I can't remember now. I do recall that everything was expensive and the lady assistant was falling over herself to be helpful. My wife had looked at numerous dresses and picked some that might be suitable. There was discussion about wearing a special bra or not needing one at all due to the off the shoulder designs.

Just as I was starting to get bored with the whole business, she went into the changing cubicle to try some on. The assistant told her she needn't worry about whether they fitted her because they were always altered or ordered in another size. She came in and out of the cubicle in a succession of dresses to look in the mirror and ask what the assistant and I thought of them on her. There was an oldish guy hanging about waiting for some reason and he smiled sympathetically at me patiently waiting and offering advice.

Eventually she came out in an off the shoulder dress that she hadn't dared zip up for fear of causing damage. If she was wearing anything underneath at all, it was just a flimsy thong but there was certainly no bra. The dress was completely open at the back and sides all the way down to her bum. She was trying unsuccessfully to keep her boobs in the dress with one arm while the other was occupied keeping the lower part off the floor. Nevertheless, it was the one she wanted to buy.

With all her attention on the dress rather than what she might be revealing to the guy and any window shoppers, she checked herself in the mirror turned around a couple of times to demonstrate something. The assistant gamely tried to work out exactly how the dress needed adjusting. Every now and again the front on the dress would fall away due its weight and she had to push it back up. During all of this, I was expected to give a measured view of the suitability of the dress taking account of the fact the final item would fit properly.

I didn't dare tell her I loved it exactly as it was. By this point the old guy could take no more and moved away slightly and tried to turn his back on us (there wasn't really anywhere for him to go). Perhaps he was embarrassed or just being polite, but to me he appeared to be totally creased up trying to supress laughter.

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Old 05-18-2017, 10:48 AM
lollolz9 lollolz9 is offline
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Default Thanks heaven for teenage friuts

Back to my favourite store with the dressing rooms facing the street and generous changes of gap wide enough to enjoy the action inside. I prefer this place in the winter when the dark weather outside make the windows perfect for peeking though, at this sunny time of year the amount of reflection is often too much to get a clear view. Today was a good day, upon arrival I notice both rooms busy / curtains drawn. From strolling back an forth in the streets it was possible to see movements through the small gaps, but barely enough to make out the difference between shadows and clothes, curtain and skin. After a minute a girl walks out from one of the room and brings back a long dress with a deep neckline - for sure to me worn without a bra. On lucky days the girls can be casual about closing the curtains from the inside, and with this dress in mind I tried my luck to go for a browse inside. This was the right choice of the day. Walking around I slowly start "browsing" clothes from an angle which will allow me to peek in where the curtains are supposed to come together. The curtains are 5-10 cm apart and on this sunny day it reveals the naked back of a young girl. She is about 175 cm, blonde and in her late teens or very early 20s - the age when fruits are the ripest As I wait in my place she turns to her friend, who is with her in the cabin. Turning around she reveals two beautiful handfuls - a pair of 80B/C firmly pointing into the air as if gravity was non-existing! <3 Little fine brown areolas and the prettiest little nipples rounded of these beautiful breasts. Time stood still and I could almost feel the sensation of standing in the dressing room. Bending down to put on another dress she moved into view with her full body. Dare I say that the perfection did not stop with her breast, an innocent thing white thong snugly ran between in a well formed bum. Almost naked, surely beautiful standing the in from on her friend whilst unknowingly giving me the performance of the day. She tried on another dress where she walked out of the dressing room to get comments from the store keeper, I continued my browsing and smiled approvingly of the dress choice.
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Old 05-27-2017, 08:29 AM
OlliP OlliP is offline
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Default At the chino

It must be 30 years ago, when my ex and I discovered the little shop everyone called the chino. It had only two booths, facing a wall-high mirror to prove, how you look with your new clothes. We had been there over months, and normaly we were the only ones in there. So we never closed the curtains, my wife put down her clothes and slipped into the new ones, watching herself doing that in the mirror.

I think it was nearly a year later, when I was thirsty from a long shopping and sat down at this small table, were the guys offered tea oder water to their customers. At this moment I found out, that you had a nearly perfect view from this seats to the mirror facing the booths. It was a clear view to the first booth, the secon was not so good. I got up, told my wife about it and she stripped down to nothing, giving me the show. I tried different places in the store, but it was only this small table with its three chairs to give someone the opportunity to peep.

When we went shopping to the chinos from then on, we first proved, if somenone sat at the table. Be sure, there was often sitting someone, waiting for his wife to be ready shopping or after shopping some things for himself. And we had a lot of fun continuing our changings without clothing the curtain. It was a lot of fun and spiced up our sex-life.

We left this city in the late 90's, were divorced later and I came back 2010. I don't know, why I never noticed, that this shop was still in its old place. It was 2014, when I walked down this road and had a great flashback form the 80's and 90's. I went in, bought some socks and sat down at the table. As in former times, there were only two more persons in (execept for the staff girl). When I put my cup of tea, I saw this young girl slipping into a short red skirt. And they had left the curtain open. She had not to move out of the booth to see, that the skirt was not proper. She pulled it down an took the next one. Also red.

Now her guy came into the room, looked at me, said hello and took something from a shelf. Then he want back, his girl was now undressed to blouse and slip. The talked and then she stripped absolutely naked. After this she slipped into a bathsuit, turned around, watched herself in the mirror and stripped again. She was very lovely, tall but slim and with perky little A (or maybe B) cups. She showed me everything. Little titties from front and both sideviews, nice shaved pussy with the slit glancing, a perfect view on hjer lips between spread legs when she sat on the stool and put her feet into the bathsuit, a nice ass when she turned round and at the end a perfect bendover with firmly spread legs! She dressed up again and they left they booth. They both smiled at me and looked in my eyes when they passed the table, paid their bill and left. Also her face was so lovely. I'm so sure, they played the same game I had played nearly 30 years ago.

I went to the chinos until it closed in 2016, but I never saw them again. I saw others, pretty ones and ugly ones, but it was never the same as it had been with this young couple.
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Old 07-17-2017, 06:07 AM
linkvskosmos's Avatar
linkvskosmos linkvskosmos is offline
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Default On a dare

So I dared my girlfriend to get naked in a dressing room. We went to a department store with no attendant and my girlfriend went in trying on two dresses. I gave her the idea of possibly getting naked on a dare. She said she would think about it. In the dressing room she had to try on a halter dress. This meant that she had to take off all her clothes except her underwear. The reason I knew this is because when She showed me the dress she took it off before she closed the door showing off her breasts and her underwear. She then took off the dress and tried in a different size dress of the same kind.

This is where things started to get interesting. In trying the other dress she started to run into problems. Being the first time she tried a halter dress she was unfamiliar with how to put it on. She became frustrated and tossed the dress out of the dressing room. I then handed it to her and said to try again since she had put the first dress on. She finally was able to get the dress on. She then showed it to me and she looked sexy. I then suggested that maybe she should do the dare.

She then told me maybe. She then closed the door and told me to hold onto the dress she was just wearing. She opened the door and low and behold she was naked behind the door. The reason I knew was because she was hiding and when I got close she showed me all of her for a full frontal beauty of a piece of art. She looked nervous and scared.

Later, she told me she was nervous but also excited. She then told me that she wants to do it again and possibly she wants to push the boundaries. She thinks next time she will open the door more and even try and step out of the fitting room and enter the sales floor. Needles to say she had an awesome orgasm layer that night.
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