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Old 09-17-2015, 01:34 PM
malakabufo malakabufo is offline
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Wow. These stories take me back many years to when I was in high school. Just got my drivers license and a girl I was interested in asked if I could drive her to a certain clothing store. Little did I know she was going shopping for lingerie!

She chose several bras to try on. I tried, probably with minimal success, to appear indifferent. She went to the dressing rooms and chose the booth innlinemithnthe entrance.

She closed, more or less, the curtain but left about a 9 inch gap betwen the curtain and the frame. Just enough for me standing outside to peer in. Off came the blouse,mother off came he bra. I could see both of her lovely boobs, nipples and all. Repeated three times!

By then I was,,um, displaying my interest in unmistakeable fashion. i quickly retreated behind a rack of clothes until I calmed down enough to be seen in public.

That episode made be very interested in seeing her and she eventually became my first gf.

I've never had that episode repeated, but I sure never forgot my first official,voyeur experience.

Ve often wondered if she knew exactly what she was doing.
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Old 09-17-2015, 10:35 PM
piecenick piecenick is offline
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"I've often wondered if she knew exactly what she was doing."

As my wife explained to me many years ago, "women always know what they are showing".
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Old 09-19-2015, 01:33 PM
ModelT-MsDollie ModelT-MsDollie is offline
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Default Accidental

As my wife explained to me many years ago, "women always know what they are showing".

I used to think that all women know exactly what they are showing, top and bottom. But I'm sure there are exceptions like this.
Beginning in our 20's my wife and I camped at several Indiana and Michigan State parks along Lake Michigan. Even the names had DUNES in them. At that time we had smaller RV's and set up right beside the dunes. To get over to the lake everyone had to climb on hands and knees up the steep sand dune to the other side, and return. Three steps up, slidding two steps back.
Back then I was sort of a pervert and loved titties. I've outgrown that! I'd get ahead of my wife who wore tiny bikinis and watch her climb up. Often her titties rolled completely out to the thrill of strangers. It was after a few times I noticed females from 15 to 75 or older. wearing even high topped one piece swim suits, T-shirts, and two piece suits often had both hanging boobs fully exposed even though still inside their clothes. Yes I'd glance and sometimes take pictures with my film camera. (Damned I wish I had those photos.)
As far as showing pussys or lips, when in a lake with high waves, I've seen many bare c*nts and a lip hanging out with the lady not even knowing it. Same with those nipple slippies!
Still, I agree, most know what is showing and enjoy it. Strangely we are given the "LOOK" and called names.
When it comes to trying on clothes or shoes their minds are in another world and what we can see does not matter. I'm sure 99% of the shop owners and employees know men can peek in the dressing rooms.

Last edited by ModelT-MsDollie; 09-19-2015 at 01:39 PM.
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Old 09-26-2015, 09:01 PM
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OMY OMY is offline
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Originally Posted by piecenick View Post
"I've often wondered if she knew exactly what she was doing."

As my wife explained to me many years ago, "women always know what they are showing".
Yep. I didn't really think about it until your post. After I read this I immediately remembered an event years ago which validates this thought.

My girlfriend was going to a clothing shop by the beach with one of her girlfriends. I was going to meet up with them later at a bar. I ended up getting off work early so I headed to the shop to catch up with my girlfriend. When I got there I found my girlfriend browsing through some of the dresses and bathing suits. A couple of guys from her work had tagged along and were going to join us at for drinks. The shops buy the beach were somewhat small and not like a Kohlís or target. They are pretty cramped and less structured. The changing rooms only had curtains and faced the inside of the shop. After a bit, I asked my girlfriend where her friend was and she said that she was trying on some bikinis and a dress or something. I got bored so I started to leave the shop to wait outside. As I got closer to the door I noticed that my girlfriendís co-workers were hanging out over towards the side of the shop looking across the stands of clothes to the changing rooms. I decided to walk behind them but not so close as they would notice me. I didnít really want to be part of the gang. What I saw was that my girlfriendís friend hadnít closed her curtain all the way so there was almost a foot open on the side. The guys were looking through the opening and seeing quite a show. The friend was only in her panties and showing off her nice chest. She didnít seem to be in a hurry to try on her bikini tops either. I watched for a second or two and then left. Didnít need the girlfriend to see me checking out her friend.

Thank night I noticed that one of the co-workers was paying lots of attention to the friend and I later learned that about a week later he was screwing her brains out. I guess my girlfriend's friend got the result she wanted.
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Old 09-26-2015, 11:40 PM
carbilz carbilz is offline
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Default Vegas dressing room

My wife and I were in Vegas at the Ceasars Palace Shops and she was trying on some jeans and tops. She was wearing a top that had a built in bra. The changing area was at the back of the store near the sale racks. there was an open doorway and several rooms with curtains that were about 2 feet from the floor. The back wall of the dressing rooms were a mirror. My wife took in 2 pair of jeans and 3 shirts. She was in the second closest room, and the curtain did not close well. i only had a 2 or 3 inch gap and my wife was at the other and of the room. The back wall being a mirror gave me a great view of her thong covered ass and perfect(to me at least) tits as she tried on the out fits. I was alone as she showed me how they looked and decided which to buy. as she was about to change into her own clothes a group of 3 men and 2 women in their early 20's came to the sale racks. My wife was 40 at the time but hot. She had already gone into the room and left about a 5 inch gap as the store had been empty. She had her back to us as ahe took off her top, as her bare back came into view one of the girls pointed this out to the others. They all stopped and watched as her tits were visable in the mirror. As she slipped the tight jeans off her thong came to about knee level., giving us all a perfect view of all her charms. She hung up the jeans and put on her shirt before fixing the thong. When she bent to move her purse her pussy and rosebud were visible for a brief moment. I'm not sure if she knew or not, she has never been into showing off, but it was vegas. I never did mention it but thought about it often.
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Old 09-30-2015, 10:35 AM
delt delt is offline
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Default Two fond memories....

Just after college, my wife learned a well-known national ladies store was closing near the school. All sales were final and the sale ran just one weekend. The discounts looked too good to be true. The store sold nice clothes and some lingerie.

I drove her there but there was a mob of women at the door for the opening at 10am, so I left her and went and got donuts and coffee, figuring she was going to be a while. About an hour later---remember this was long before cell phones---I went to ask her if the sale was worth going to and how long she was going to be. There were about 5 guys on benches and maybe 120 teens to women in their 40's packed into the store. There was no way they were going to wait for changing rooms so about one-third of the women were somehow undressed, no nudity but lots of attractive females in bras and panties, some with garter belts and stockings, commonplace back then. There were even a few girdles. My wife, when I found her, was in her bridal set of white bra, sheer panties, garter belt and beige stockings holding up dresses and other things. I pointed out the guys and she said "Who cares? I knew it would be like this so I wore my good underwear". She gave me her blouse and skirt she wore to the sale to hold for her. She came over to the bench several times to ask me questions so my new male friends got a great look at her in her undies. The bikini panties were indeed sheer and they saw her fur and ass in great detail, but she couldn't care less. She was in sale mode, nothing would distract her. Of course, I saw their spouses and girlfriends too. Of the crowd, about one third tried on clothes over their clothes; everyone else undressed to some degree. One other time in Charlotte, NC she tried on sexy undies in a lingerie store, but that is another story.

I went to buy a pool table at a local sporting goods store in early February one year. A couple of carloads of girls got there and went into the back. Soon they were out trying on bathing suits---one piece only---and some changed right there from one to another. Most kept panties on, but some didn't. I asked the salesman helping me and he said the local college and high schools send their swim teams here to order new uniforms for the upcoming season. I asked if they always changed in the showroom like this and he said some do, some don't, but they honestly don't seem to care who watches. I took my time that day looking at pool tables and accessories. I didn't want to miss the right one.

I got on a bench and just enjoyed the view. I asked the guy next to me which one was his wife and he said his wife was at home. Another of the guys there had called him to come enjoy the show. My wife bought about 6 outfits that day and said she wanted to go if I heard of any other of this store's closings. If I may say so, my wife was as attractive as any other female there, but two cheerleader types were nice too.
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Old 09-30-2015, 12:23 PM
yellow_fever_01 yellow_fever_01 is offline
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Default Filene's Basement

is famous for this during their annual bridal gown sales day. Unfortunately, most brides-to-be won't want their prospective grooms to be in attendance.
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Old 09-30-2015, 02:12 PM
uuucdat uuucdat is offline
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Default my wife on display

A few years back my wife had wanted to go to this big outlet mall. It had various clothing stores in this
former fabric warehouse. Most of the stores had dressing rooms along the back wall and were curtains on a pole
I guess cause they were cheap. My wife was looking for a bthing suit for an upcoming cruise. I thought this could
be good, that maybe I'd see some other wives goodies. Store was pretty busy but seemed that most were kinda careful about their curtains. My wife foud a few to try on and went to the dressing rooms. There were chairs facing the rooms for the spouses I guess so when she found an open room and went in, I sat down across from her. There was an older guy, I would say about 60+ yrs old sitting to my left a chair away. My wife had closed the curtain quuickly but I could see on the left side of her booth there was a gap about 2-3". I saw the guy shift in his chair and start to glance towards my wife's booth. I thought, if I can't see someone's wife, maybe someone else could benefit... I stood and went to the right side of my wife's curtain and stuck my head in to check on her. She had removed her top and bra and was sliding down her jeans. I gently pulled the curtain around my face. It slowly made the gap to the left larger. I could see the guy staring into the gap from the mirror and he was staring right at my wife's hanging tits. I started to get a raging hard-on! She then stepped out of her jeans and since the suit she was going to try on was french cut one piece, she slid her panties off. I think I was going to blow my load thinking about another guy sitting about 6 feet away looking directly into my wife's ass and hairy mound! I started talking to her to break her concentration and she stood there and talked to me a couple minutes in full view of the mirror.
The guy was openly staring at her fully naked body and I was just enjoying the fact that I was showing her off. Then, I saw something move in the background behind him. I thought we were busted. I pulled my head out and slowly turned my head to see another husband (I guess) was trolling around the clothes racks to see what he mighht spy. I stuck my head back in and my wife was now getting ready to try on this suit. I said maybe she's like the other color I saw on the rack and left her there. I walked to the rack where she had picked her suit and then checked out what the guys were seeing. Sure enough she was fully visible thru a 5 inch gap and facing away from them. Her beautiful ass was clearly showing. I went back to my wife and debated if I could make the gap bigger without her noticing. I stuck my head back in and placed the next suit on the hook. I told her how good she looked in that suit. She turned back and forth but was looking in mirror at herself the whole time.
She pulled the suit off and I took it from her (leaning into booth) and put it on hanger. She took the next one and started checking it out, I started small talk again to distract her. At this time she was facing the mirror so I would think both guys were seeing everything. I started to ease the curtain to me again. Now there was 6-7" open. She is still completely nude. Then, she turns to her left. OH NO! I was going to be in SO much hot water! She looked and saw the old guy staring right at her full frontal and gasped, she covered her mouth and pulled the curtain shut! But instead of going crazy, she just says to me 'oh my god, I guess I gave that old guy quite a show!" I played dumb, little did she know 2 guys stared at her for MANY MINUTES.
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Old 11-01-2015, 05:37 PM
lollolz9 lollolz9 is offline
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Default Lovely A cups

Last week patience was rewarded. In a small chic clothing store the changing rooms are made from curtains pulled on pipes, so both front and sides of the two "rooms" are made from curtains. Due to the height of the ceiling these pipes are quite high thus making it hard to full close the curtains if you cant reach all the way. It was a quiet day and we were alone when entering the store. First my wife tried on some hot underwear for my great pleasure. Before we entered the changing room I noticed two decently looking girls entering the store, all covered in winter coats the change of skin felt low... As I was standing in the changing room with my wife (making a hidden effort to shake the curtains a bit open) I noticed the other curtain moving and someone entering besides us. Unfortunately I had been too thorough when closing the divider between the rooms, so no chance of peeking there. More clothes was removed next door and I was getting anxious to steal a view of this mystery girl.

My wife dressed up and I went out browsing the store in the direction which might offer a look in between the curtain openings. To my great surprise, this girl was either a hidden exhibitionist or not able to close the curtains fully, because I found a gap of 10-15 cm giving me a full body view of her. The first glimpse I got was her putting on a shirt with some tummy skin showing... She was about 165 cm with light brown hair a body well in shape and a cute face. This seems like a promising situation. I tried to act casual browsing the store while waiting for her to change out of the shirt again. It didn't take long for her to evaluate it and to lift it over her head again. Slowly more and more skin was showing and I was excited to see if she had a bra. She was finally standing in her jeans just wearing a sweet simple black bra gently holding her lovely A-cups in place. It felt like time stood still and I did a mental photo of her

This for sure will be a store we come back to....

What have you guys and girls seen/showed recently?
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Old 03-12-2017, 05:08 PM
MFN MFN is offline
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Default A Dressing Room?--You're Already Naked!

My wife and I were at a clothing-optional resort, and after spending the afternoon around the pool we decided to go check out the gift shop. After picking out a dress she went to the counter and asked the saleslady where she could find the dressing room to try it on. Now, consider the situation: the only clothes anywhere in the shop are on the racks and hangers, and everyone there is nude. Upon hearing my wife's question, we all broke out laughing at the same time. (By the way, after recovering from her own laughing and slipping the dress on and then off, she did buy it--a daring sheer shift made with a lacy pattern that shows plenty but hides just enough that she can wear it while entertaining.)
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