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Old 10-15-2015, 03:29 PM
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Thumbs up

I'm definitely enjoying it! Looking forward to the next installment.
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Old 10-18-2015, 05:14 PM
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Default waiting

We are still waiting fir that next update Mr. Splotch! And i am still waiting for first contact...
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Old 10-19-2015, 07:12 PM
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Default PART 5- Dress up time!

I showed up that very next night. Every other time I'd stopped by I'd waited at least a week. But, for the reason's I've already mentioned I felt compelled to come by sooner.

I got to her place around nine. I went to the sliding door. Still she hadn't found a way to lock it. I pushed it open and headed in. She would've just gotten off work. I looked around. No one about. Then I heard the water running from the bathroom. So, she was in the shower. That would work perfectly...

I moved as slowly as possible. I tip toed to the bathroom. Then, I pulled the door open slowly, avoiding the slightest creak. I peaked. I could see a faint silhouette through the curtain. Now that was tempting. I wanted to see more. I imagined her lathered up, fully nude, covering nothing... but no, I would wait. Instead I scooped up the pile of clothes from her floor. Then I leaned over and grabbed the towel. Then, I left the contents of my shopping bag and sneaked back out.

Now, I set about the rest of my scheme. I gathered up every blanket in the house and put them in a pile in Jane's room. I then locked the door.

I heard the water stop. Realizing I was running out of time, I rushed to my last task. I pulled my camera and a tiny collapsible tripod out of my pocket. I put the camera on record and looked around for a good vantage. There, behind the T.V.! I rushed over, putting the camera filming out in the room.

“Hello? Came Jane's voice from the bathroom. She sounded timid and frightened. “Is someone there?”

“It's me Jane.” I replied, moving away from the camera.

“MAX?!” I heard her yell angrily. She whipped the bathroom door open and stuck her head out. Her hair was soaked, plastered to her head. I could see her bare shoulder, a reminder that she was very nude. “What the hell are you doing here?! This is my house!”

“Really, at this point you shouldn't be surprised.” I said, smirking.

“Where the fuck are my clothes!?” She screeched.

“I took them.” I said. “Don't worry, I left you something to wear.”

“You psycho pervert freak!” She screamed, so loud and angry her voice was cracking “You can't do this to me dammit! You have no right to enter my house and mess with my stuff! I'm calling the police on you! You're going to jail asshole!”

“Well, you're phone's out here.” I said calmly. “So, you'll probably want to get dressed before you call them.”

“I... you...” Jane huffed helplessly. I watched her helplessness in pleasure. Finally she just ducked back into the bathroom. I sat on the couch and waited. I imagined the look on her face when she saw what I'd left for her to wear... Oh man, it was too good!

So I waited. Ten minutes. Then twenty. Around a half hour I was pretty anxious. Should I go in there? What was she doing? Finally, I heard the bathroom door open up. I turned to look. There stood Jane, emerging slowly and shyly. Since I'd taken her towel her hair was still damp, skin clammy. She was wearing the outfit I'd bought her.

I don't know exactly what had compelled me to get it for her. Before coming by I'd gone to the mall. I'd shopped around, looking for exactly what I'd want to see her in. There'd been bikini's, lingerie. I'd considered them all. But, then, I saw something at Hot Topic.

A sl*tty schoolgirl costume.

That had made me remember last Halloween. Jane and I had been dating at the time. We'd gone to a party, though Jane said dressing up was lame, so we were both plain closed. A girl from our college, a British exchange student named Margret, was at the party wearing a similar schoolgirl outfit. She was getting a lot of attention from boys. Jane scoffed whenever she saw Margret enter the room, swaying her hips, showing off her body.

Finally, after a few drinks, Jane had confronted Margret.

“Man, you have some nerve wearing a costume like that!” Jane said, standing before Margret. A crowd gathered, knowing that a confrontation was happening.

“Man, lighten up.” Margret retorted. “It's Halloween! It's just a costume!”

“Yeah, but if you're going to wear a costume, you might as well have the body to do so!” Jane said.

Everyone in the crowd 'Oohed!' We all knew what Jane meant. Margret had maybe B cup breasts, contained under a tight blouse. Jane's massive D cups bulged under her blouse. The comparison made Margret look like she was showing off what she didn't have.

Margret looked uncomfortable, like she wanted to cover her chest but was afraid to show weakness. I felt bad for her. Besides, she looked super hot, Jane was just jealous!

“Jane, that's enough babe.” I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. She shrugged me off, not even looking at me. She got like this when she was drinking.

“What? I just don't want to have to look at some chubby little girl prance around half naked!” Jane said. Everyone looked at Margret’s belly. No one would have called her chubby before. However, compared to Jane's narrow waistline, you had to admit, Margret had a slight belly and little love-handles.

This was all Margret could handle. She threw her hands over her torso, one covering her bare midriff, one over her breasts, and turned, running away. Her miniskirt flapped in the breeze.

“That's right, run away thunder thighs!” Jane said. The whole room laughed as Margret, near tears, ran away. I had been shocked how Jane had demolished a happy flirty girl into an insecure and embarrassed one in a few seconds.

Then, remembering that story, and how Jane looked naked, without her Spanx and padded bra, and seeing the same costume for sale, well, it had all come together. So I had bought the costume.

And Jane was now wearing it.

On top she had a tiny white blouse, which only had two buttons holding it together. It had small poof sleeve, then came together, showing as much midriff and cleavage as possible. Below there was the small plaid miniskirt, which was only about six inches of material. Then the clunky high heels below.

Jane stumbled out awkwardly in the heels. Her bare legs shook, her knees belled inwards. She tugged down at the skirt with one hand. It was so short ever centimeter of her meaty thighs and strongly built calves were on display.

Above that was her bare stomach, which, I had to note, was a fair bit bigger then Margeret's. It wasn't big, but she wasn't nearly as thin as the girl she'd shamed! This led up to her chest, covered by the small shirt. The shirt was meant to show off one's cleavage. Well, Jane had none to speak of. All it did was fasten tight to her small breasts, encasing them in white, thin fabric. Her nipples poked at the fabric, drawing attention to them. Also the clothes were a bit damp, making the white shirt a little transparent. A hint of her pink nipples could be seen. Above this, her small ribs showed where cleavage was intended.

I stared at Jane. She flushed, crossing her arms over her chest. She was frowning angrily.

“You've gone too far, you asshole!” She said angrily. “You've broken into my house, threatened me, and sexually harassed me! You're going to jail after I call the police!”

“Well, here's your phone.” I said, trying to sound dismissive. In fact I was scared. I was going too far and I knew it. This could end very badly for me if it went wrong. I was counting on bluffing my way through it though.

Jane stomped towards me in her high heels. Just as she reached for the phone I held it up over my head. I made sure to turn, so I wasn't between Jane's back and the camera.

“Give it me!” She growled. I just smiled.

With an annoyed grunt Jane jumped up. She was about six inches short. I looked down at her as she did. Her tiny skirt flew up as she came down, revealing everything. I smiled as I got a view of her hairy little muff as it did. She landed clumsily, jumping again. She missed once more, and once more her hairy little friend popped into view. She was unaware of this as she jumped, or how the back of her skirt was doubtlessly blowing up and showing her butt to my hidden camera!

Finally, on her fourth jump she snagged the phone. I let her take it. She scampered away in her heels a few feet.

“Sure, go ahead and call the police.” I said. “Although, just remember that I'll post the videos and photos I have.”

That made Jane hesitate. Then she shook her head.

“I don't care! I'll tell everyone it's a a fake! I'll sue you, make you take them down!” Jane said. “You can't make me do whatever you want! I'm not your slave!”

“That's true.” I said, still trying to sound calm. “But, when the cops come, they'll see you dressed like this.” I pointed at her revealing outfit. “Are you sure you want to invite more people to see you without your Spanx and padded bra? Showing this much skin? Are you sure you can handle that?”

Jane looked up from her phone. Her angry expression faded into confusion and fear. She chewed her lip nervously.

Then, she glared angrily at me.

“I don't care!” She exclaimed, and went back to her phone. She had called my bluff.

So, I ripped her skirt off.

My hand shot forward, almost without my command, and grasped her small skirt. She looked down as I pulled it off her hips, exposing everything from her waist down. Her pasty hips, wide, lined with tan lines, leading down to her hairy crotch. All exposed.

“You ass!” She screeched. She threw her hands over her muff, crossing her legs and hunching over. Still, despite all her best efforts, I could still see her mane of black, thick hair poking out. Man, what a wild bush! I had never seen anything like it. Most girls at least trimmed, if not shaved bare. Jane's body was totally hairless except for her crotch, which looked totally wild and untended. Why would such a stylish girl never groom herself there?

I shook these thoughts just as Jane lunged for her skirt. I pulled it up out of her reach. Jane reached up, still covering her crotch with one hand.

“GIVE IT TO ME!” She screamed.

“Nope.” I said, smirking at the spastic display she was making. “If you want to call the cops you'll have to meet them bottomless.”

She jumped at the skirt. I watched in pure glee as she leapt up, flailing one arm at the skirt while the other cupped her crotch. The knowledge that all of this was on video was all the sweeter. When she landed, after missing the skirt her thighs shook violently and she struggled to hide her crotch again. She hunched again, realizing it was hopeless.

“Give me my skirt!” She yelped.

“Try asking nicely.” I said, smirking.

“Please give me my skirt.” She said, exasperated.

“Sir.” I included.

“...Sir.” Jane said through gritted teeth.

“I will, but only if you stop threatening to call the police.” I said. “deal?”

“...Deal.” Jane resigned, averting her eyes. She was unable to meet my gaze.

I dropped the skirt. It plopped on her head. Hurriedly she grasped it and threw it over her self, re-buttoning it over her hips.

“What do you think Margret would think of this?” I asked Jane.

“What?” She looked up, confused.

“You remember, Margret? On Halloween she was wearing the same outfit.”

“Yeah, so?” Jane said, straightening her skirt, still looking totally flustered.

“Well, you shamed Margret because you said she couldn't fill out the costume.” I pointed out. “What do you think she'd say seeing you in the same clothes?”

“I... I don't care!” Jane stammered angrily.

“Well, I think she'd have a laugh, seeing how you fill it out worse then her.”

“I do not!” Jane yelled. “I look better then that french harlot ever could!” She was hysterical. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Jane's eyes went wide. She looked down at her outfit, then to the front door. She stood frozen in place. So I acted.

I marched over to the door.

“NO WAIT!” Jane yelped as I grabbed the knob. Ignoring her I pulled it open. There stood a guy probably about my age, a nerdy heavy set person with glasses.

“Yes?” I asked. “Can I help you?”

“Uh, I live next door.” He explained. “I heard some shouting and I wanted to make sure everything was fine...”

“Oh yeah, we're just... practicing for a play.” I lied.

“Oh, okay.” He said, obviously relieved there was no confrontation.

“Here, come on in.” I said. Nervously he wandered in the door. Then he saw Jane standing in the living room. She hadn't left, I guess too nervous to know what to do. She stood, legs fully exposed, mini skirt just barely hiding her crotch, stomach exposed, small breasts barely concealed by a tiny shirt.

“Jane?” The neighbor asked in shock. Jane, finally somewhat coming to her sense, threw her hands over herself.

“Jane was trying out costumes for the play.” I said, keeping my lie going. “What do you think?”

“Uh...” Was all Mr. neighbor could muster.

“I thought it was a little revealing, but Jane really likes it.” I kept lying, smiling a bit. It seemed right to make this seem like Jane's idea.

“Oh... really?” the neighbor said, barely listening. His jaw was practically hanging to the floor as he stared at Jane.

“Yeah, she loves showing off her body, though she always gets embarrassed.” I went on with my made up story. “You know girls.”

“Yeah... girls...” He drooled, eyes locked on Jane's thighs.

“Well, it was great of you to stop by.” I said, taking him around the shoulder and turning him back towards the door.

“Really?” He said, trying to shake off the vision of Jane.

“Of course!” I laughed. “Feel free to stop by any time!”

“Oh, okay!” He smiled. “I'll do that!”

I gently pushed him out the door. He peaked one more glimspe at Jane before I shut the door.

“What the hell did you do that for?!” Jane yelped after a few moments.

“What?” I asked, feigning innocence.

“Invite him into my house!” Jane went on.

“What? He seemed nice!” I said.

“That creepy nerd was ogling me!” Jane said, stomping her foot angrily.

“Hey, you were the one yelling, drawing attention to us.” I pointed out.

“I don't care!” She screeched, though she lowered her voice to a harsh whisper. “I don't want that fat slob seeing me like this!”

“Well, he did.” I said. “Besides, I thought he seemed nice.” I yawned, stretching. “Well, I've got to hit the hay.”

I walked past the confused Janet, getting my phone from it's hiding spot. Her eyes went wide as I ended the video which had been going.

“YOU'VE BEEN FILMING?!” She yelled in horrified and enraged realization. “THE WHOLE TIME?!

“That's right.” I said smugly, slipping the phone back into my pocket. “A little extra assurance to keep you obedient.”

“YOU RAT!” She yelped, glaring at me with pure rage on her face. With her current school girl outfit though, she really just looked adorable.

“Careful, keep yelling and your neighbor might check on you again.” I said. When I mentioned the neighbor she threw her hands back over herself again, tugging down her skirt and crossing an arm over her chest. While she was distracted I went towards the door.

“Wait, you're leaving?” She demanded. I was surprised by her tone. She almost sounded... disappointed? I was probably imagining things.

“Yes.” I said, opening the door.

“But I'm locked out of my room! I don't have any clothes!”

“Well tough.” I said firmly. “Looks like your spending another night on the couch.” Something in me loved giving these little orders to this uptight girl who had aggressively run my life for recent memory. A girl who was used to getting exactly what she wanted, having no room to argue. I let her, red faced, pulling her tiny skirt down, arm over her small breasts, an expression of shock, rage and humiliation on her face.
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Default More Please!

Mr. Splotch! it has been over a month! finish it! Please!
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Old 11-14-2015, 05:54 PM
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Thanks MsKittyVicki for cracking the whip. Here's the next part:

The next day I went back to Jane's before work. I found her passed out on the couch again. Still clad in the sexy school girl outfit. I smiled. I could see a glimpse of her butt under her skirt. That butt! I'd seen it biting at her jeans for years. Now, it was exposed for me to enjoy. And boy was it great!

Jane slowly rose. I stood, arms crossed, waiting for her to wake. She looked up sleepily, then saw me. Instantly she scowled. She scrambled to her feet.

“Well Jane, I'll give you a ride to work after you get dressed.” I said

“No.” Jane said. I was surprised by her firm tone.

“No?” I asked, taken aback.

“NO!” She yelled, stamping a bare heel into the ground. “You've been trying to control me, but we're done!”

“If you don't do what I say, I'll post nude photos of you.” I pointed out.

“No you won't.” Jane said. “If you do you'll go to jail. It's sexual harassment, and you won't risk going to jail over it.”

“I... yes I will!” I tried to sound convincing, but I knew she'd finally seen through me.

“No you won't you coward!” She said, now smiling wickedly. “You don't have the balls! I will never do a thing you say! You've lost, you ass! It's over.”

Then, still smirking, Jane slowly reached for her top. I stared in amazement as she unclasped it. She let it fall from her body, arching her back so her breasts jutted forward. I stared, slack jawed. She was stripping for me! I stared at her bare chest in shock. They were small, but perky and perfect really.

“You like?” She asked, in a sultry voice.

“Oh yeah...” I said, a drooling dog to her wiles.

“What about.. this?” I saw her hands undo the zipper on her skirt. If fell to the ground, leaving her bare. She'd stripped for me! She stood naked, bare white form in the daylight. She looked amazing. So confident, like a model. I saw no flaws. Sure, some guys liked big tits, but she was posed like an angel! It was the stuff of my dreams. A nude woman who'd scorned me for so long showing me her goods, stripping for me voluntarily! And she looked cute when she was embarrassed, trying to cover herself. But Naked by choice, thrusting her body like a pro, she looked gorgeous!

“Ooh, you like this, don't you big boy! She pointed down. I followed her finger. She was gesturing at my boner, sticking through my pants.

“Yes....” I said, in bliss.

“Well whip it out, let's see what happens.” She winked, blowing me a kiss. I was going to get to bone the hottest girl in town! I scrambled, unzipping my pants. They fell to my ankles as I pulled my erection out of my boxers.

“Oooh yeah...” Jane moaned. I closed my eyes. She was loving it! She wanted me!

Then I heard a click.

I opened my eyes. Jane was standing there, fully nude. Holding her phone, obviously taking a picutre! She'd just snapped a shot of my junk!

“Gotcha!” She said wickedly.

“W.. what are you doing?” I asked, baffled.

“Get real! You think some small dick nerd like you can get this?!” She gestured at her own bare body, shaking it around. I watched, despite myself, loving the display.

“I'm the hottest girl in town! You're just some loser!” She turned away, pointing her ass at me.

“Yeah, get a good look!” She swayed her hips. “This is what the hottest girl in town looks like! And you're never getting any! I got you pervert! Breath a word about the last few weeks to anyone and everyone will see you tiny package on display!”

Like I said, I knew I was well endowed. But, it the moment, she just got to me! I felt humiliated. I threw my hands over my penis in shame.

“Yeah, cover your shame 'micro max!'” she laughed triumphantly. “Now, go run to mommy, and remember that I've got your number tiny!

I yanked my pants up and bolted.

I had lost. Completely. I couldn't believe how powerful Jane was. Even with nude photos of her she had turned the tables on me. She was a tyrant, unbeatable. I was honestly terrified of her. I skipped school the next day, hiding out watching bad T.V. I couldn't risk facing her.

Suddenly there was a knock on my dorm room door. I opened it a crack. There was my good friend Callie.

“Callie?” I asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Can I come in?” Callie asked.

“Sure, of course.” I opened the door for her.

“Didn't see you in class today.”

“Yeah, I skipped today. Personal stuff.”

“Something to do with Jane?” She asked levelly. I looked at her in shock. “Don't be so surprised. You're pretty transparent actually. You were having all these problems with Jane, then suddenly you started disappearing at night. Then you were all sunshine and rainbows. For a minute I thought you two had gotten back together, but it just didn't add up. So what's going on?”

I hesitated. Should I tell her? I had broken the law, acted inappropriately? But Callie was my best friend. I could trust her. So I decided to tell her. If she turned me in, well, I probably deserved it. She could judge my actions.

So, I told Callie the whole story. She listened, flabbergasted, as I told her everything. From hacking Jane's computer to first stripping her. I even told her about my humiliating experience the night before. Every detail came poring out. I guess I really wanted to tell someone.

When I was finally done we sat in silence. Callie had a shocked expression on her face.

“You must think I'm a real perverted lunatic.” I said glumly.

“Are you kidding?!” She finally spoke. “I think you're amazing!”

“Uh.. what?” That was the last thing I expected.

“I can't believe you! You went and just got your own justice! It's awesome!”

“Uh, it was kind of illegal...”

“Oh screw that! I've done my fair share of hacks.” Callie said causally. “Besides, that crazy b*tch was ruining your life! You had to do something!”

“Wow, thank you.” I said. “I'm glad you understand.”

“I don't just understand...” Callie leaned in, smiling. “I want in.”

“W... what?” I was totally confused now.

Callie looked me seriously in the eyes.

“You know I'm gay right?” She asked.

“Uh, I sort of suspected.” I said. “It's none of my business though.”

“That's why I like you so much! You don't care if I'm a girl or gay, you just treat me as a friend.”

“Of course.”

“Well, not everyone is like you. Almost no one is. Anyways, I'm totally gay.”

“Oh. Alright.” Was all I could think to say.

“And I want in! I want to help you take this b*tch down! Plus, it sounds like, totally hot.”

“A.. are you sure?” I said. “I was just going to avoid her.”

“Are you kidding? You can't let her win!” She said. “You gotta delete that picture she has as blackmail! Then you got to get her to stop slandering you once and for all. And I'm going to help.”

“Uh... sure?” I said. Suddenly Callie was taking over my insane scheme! I had to say though, things had just gotten pretty interesting...

“Great! Give me her address.” She gave me her phone and I typed in Jane's address.

“Meet me in her parking lot tonight, 8 o'clock.” Callie rose to leave. “We're going to have so much fun!”
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Default Interesting

Glad to be acknowledged Mr. Splotch but this latest seemed to lack your usual style. I am sorry for pushing as it it is obvious you have lost your heart fort his story at this time. I am not trying to be critical but this update felt sort of empty and rushed... I know it is uncommon for users to post anything but flag waving cheers but i cannot help myself. I have to be honest and i get plenty of criticism for my works as well. I hope no one gets terribly offended by this.
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I thought it was great just like the rest of your work... a little short, but left it as a cliffhanger for the next section, keep up the great work Splotch, can't wait for part 7
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Will the ending be coming anytime soon Splotch?
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Old 12-02-2015, 02:35 AM
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Default Part 7- Enter Callie!

That night I meant Callie at 8. Callie led the way to Jane's apartment. I followed her to Jane's sliding glass door. Callie threw it open, stepping in as though it was her own home. Jane looked up in shock. She was in pajamas, watching T.V. She obviously had her Spanx and padded bra on. She looked amazing, even knowing it was a lie. Better then real life.

“What the hell!?” Jane yelled, jumping to her feet to confront Callie.

“Get out of my house, and take that small dick pervert with you!” She jabbed a finger at me.

Callie didn't respond. Well, verbally. Instead she just glowered. Then, suddenly, Callie grinned.

“Are you deaf? I said get out!” Jane screeched. Suddenly, Callie pushed Jane. She just lightly shoved. Jane, totally unsuspecting, teetered over backwards. She hit the armrest of the couch and fell onto her back on the couch.

“Get away from me!” She yelped. Callie just smiled, and winked at me. Then she reached out at Jane's leg, grabbing her pajamas. Jane yelped and started kicking. Callie, being much larger, grasped the other pant leg. She started pulling. Jane kicked, but this just aided Callie in sliding the pants down faster. They were off her bare feet in less then five seconds. Jane's white legs came into view, flailing madly. Also her Spanx over her thighs and middle.

“So, it's true.” Callie smiled rufelly. “Perfect Jane wears Spanx.”

“Shut up!” Jane yelled, pulling her shirt down to hide her embarrassing garment.

“Uh uh.” Callie said, coming at Jane again. “You're not hiding anything.”

With that she grabbed the back of Jane's shirt, folding the smaller girl over. Jane, helpless, was rolled into a sitting position, head pointed at her stomach. While she was helplessly positioned Callie rolled her shirt up her body, yanking it off her head and over her arms.

“No!” Jane yelled, scrambling to her feet and pulling away from Callie. Callie appraised Jane. She wore Spanx, her white bulky bra, and nothing else.

“Ooh, looking good Jane!” Callie laughed. And Jane did look good. She looked curvy and perfect. It was all support and illusions though.

“But let's see the real you!” Callie stepped forward. Jane cowered, but had nowhere to go. Callie caught the Spanx from behind. Jane grasped the Spanx, trying to hold them up. There was a brief tug of war, but the Spanx slid down and down until they hit the floor.

Callie pulled them away from Jane's feet. Jane stumbled, slipping on the hardwood floor. She now stood, shocked and red faced, in blue panties and a bra.

“You crazy fucking dyke!” Jane screamed at Callie.

“Oh no sweetness.” Callie glowered. “You used the wrong word.”

Her hand shot out, grabbing Jane's panties. Jane screamed, holding the hem of them. To my surprise Callie didn't pull them down. Instead, with a wicked look on her face, Callie yanked up. She gave Jane a wedgie!

“AAAH!” Jane yelped. She was pulled onto her tip toes, butt arched out against her will as Callie yanked her underwear up six inches.

“HAHAHA now that's a booty!” Callie laughed gleefully. Seeming to remember I was there Callie dragged the helpless Jane around in a half circle so her butt was pointed at me. Her panties were wedged WAY up there! Her modest underwear was now a thong! And there was that heart shaped booty, almost entirely exposed. Shaking as Jane moaned in shame and discomfort. This had gone WAY farther then I ever dreamed, and boy was I okay with it! I stood, arm's crossed, enjoying the show.

“Don't look! Stop it!” Jane whimpered.

“Don't be shy!” Callie said, pulling up and making Jane wriggle. “Ghetto booty's are in!” She gave Jane a playful smack on the butt.

“AHH!” Jane whined. “Stop it!”

“Stop what?” Callie asked, acting confused. “Stop giving you a wedgie?”

“YES!” Jane yelped. Her face was a mass of mixed emotions. Discomfort, embarrassment and anger. Her blush had spread from her cheeks over most of her pale face, her eyes wide, brow furrowed, mouth contorted.

“SURE!” With that, Callie yanked down. Jane's panties fell to the floor.

“OH NO!” Jane yelped. She spun around to hide her butt, throwing a hand over her crotch and slamming her legs together.

“Jeeze, ever hear of the razor?” Callie laughed, seeing the puffs of black hair coming out between Jane's fingers. Jane became all the more humiliated. She looked totally helpless, completely confused and mortified. She bore no resemblance to the girl who had humiliated me the night before.

“And now the last thing.” Callie said. She grasped the strap of Jane's bra.

“NO! NO!” Jane yelped. It was too late though. Callie had her. In seconds, her bra fell to the ground with a heavy thud, weighted down by the thick pads in it.

“HAHAHA!” Callie laughed. “Look at this!” Jane slapped her hands over her chest, trying to hide her breasts. Both Callie and I had gotten a good look already at those perky little mouthfuls, each topped with a shockingly erect nipple.

“Mrs. Perfect, with this flat as a board chest!” Callie laughed. “You look like a 12 year old!”

“I do not you b*tch!” Jane yelled.

“Oh yeah?” Callie raised a mischievous eyebrow. Then she shrugged off her sweater. Both Jane and I watched in shock as Callie threw it aside.

Now, I haven't really talked about how Callie looks yet. Honestly, we're friends and I don't think about it much. Callie has nerd trappings. She always wears skirts, tights and sweaters. With her glasses she looks really nerdy, a Velma type. But Callie was STACKED. She had a D cup breast, and was curvy without any real fat on her. She stood in her black wire frame bra, towering over Jane.

“This is what real woman looks like Jane.” She said triumphantly. “And you look like a little girl!”

Jane bit her lip, face bright red, a hand over each of her small breasts. Callie stood confidently, bra covered breasts jutting outwards. Jane didn't even bother covering her crotch, besides twisting her bare thighs together. She was so ashamed of her small breasts those were priority to cover.

Jane now naked and helpless, Callie went to work. She walked to Jane's purse and took out her phone. Jane looked like she wanted to object, but fell silent, looking at her bare feet instead. Callie quickly pressed some buttons, then looked at me.

“The pictures she took of you are deleted.” She said. I breathed a sigh of relief. Now Jane had no leverage to blackmail me! And, after what Callie had done today, I doubted she ever would again.

Callie wasn't done yet though. She marched into Jane's room. There was some thumping, then she came out with her arms full of something. It was all of Jane's bra's and Spanx!

“Hey!” Jane finally spoke up. “I need those!”

“Really?” Callie seemed genuinely curious. “Why?”

“I... I just do!” Jane stammered.

“But why?”

“To..,. Look the way everyone thinks I do!” Jane said.

“Well sorry, but from now on you're going to look the way you actually look!” Callie laughed.

“Oh, and one more thing...” Callie walked over and whispered something into Jane's ear.

“No, I won't!” Jane seemed shock by the suggestion, whatever it was. Callie leaned over and whispered something else. Jane's eye's went wide. Then, slowly, she nodded.

“Good!” Callie said, turning to leave. We left Jane stripped and helpless, cupping her breasts, cowering and blushing. I was shocked. I was amazed. I was so turned on!

As we were walking out, the neighbor's door opened. Out popped the nerdy kid from a few nights ago. He froze as he saw Callie, still in her bra walking by. Callie was carrying all of Jane's undergarments, so her front was covered. But from her bare back it was obvious she was shirtless. The neightbor stared in amazement.

“Hey!” I said cheerily, walking to talk to him.

“Hi.” He said, finally looking away from Callie. “I uh... saw you walking by... and I wanted to ask something.”

“Sure.” I said, acting friendly to deter suspicion of our actions that night.

“Well, My friend's and I have a booth at a comic convention next weekend.” He explained. “I have some free passes and was wondering if you guys would want to come.”

“Uh, maybe...” I said. I had no interest in comic books.

“Well, there's something else.” He said, seeming nervous. “Do you think Jane would maybe want to come?

“I doubt it.”I knew Jane would never be caught dead at some nerd convention.

“We'll be there!” Callie said loudly. I looked back in confusion. The nerdy neighbor looked at the shirtless girl in amazement.

“We'll all go, it'll be fun.” Callie smiled.

“Uh, sure then.” I said, confused why Callie interjected.

“Great!” The neighbor exclaimed. “Oh, one more thing...” He seemed to grow nervous. “You know the other night, when I stopped by? How Jane was wearing a... a costume...?”

“Oh, yeah.” He was referring to the school girl outfit I'd forced Jane to wear.

“Well, if she wanted to get dressed up for the convention, It would help attract attention to our booth.” He explained, a little too eagerly. So that was his plan! He wanted to see Jane dressed like some saucy Super Heroine!

“Well, we'll see.” I said, waving as I walked away. Callie and I got into the car. Callie tossed the bras into her backseat.

“Wasn't that awesome!” Callie yelped.

“Yeah, totally.” I said, trying not to look at her jiggling bra clad chest.

“I've never done anything like that! It felt like... like being Robin Hood or something! Taking down some snobby b*tch and proving her looks were just a lie!” Callie laughed, causing her large chest to shake about some more.

“Uh, yeah.” I said, still in shock. “Pretty great.”

“It was amazing! I think I should be a dominatrix, I really dug showing the prissy snob what was up!”

She laughed while I tried to gather my totally jumbled thoughts.

“Wh... why do you want to go to that comic convention?” I asked Callie.

“Oh that? Why to show off our new little girl toy!” She laughed. “I'll figure it all out, trust me. Just be sure to be there, it'll be a day you'll never forget!
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