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Probably everyone in town knew Jane. In a small town like this she was the closest thing to a debutant they had. Hostess at the local diner, most men knew of her, from appearance at least. A slender beauty with long raven dark hair, fair skin with brown large eyes. She was always immaculately made up with designer clothes, high heels, perfect hair and makeup. She had a narrow, angular face with pale skin and long lashes.

The thing most people really noticed though was her body. She had amazing curves. Despite not being exceptionally tall her small frame had a perfect hour glass figure, leading down to perfect muscular little legs. Part of what made her body so appealing though was the fact that she never really showed any of it. She always wore long skirts or tight jeans, and blouses or designer tops. She never showed a bit of cleavage, which, judging by her massive chest, must have been pretty impressive. This tantalized everyone who saw her and left them wanting more.

So, when I started dating her a year ago, I obviously considered myself the luckiest guy in town. I was with the hottest girl in town! My friends were all amazed I landed someone so far out of my league. Sure, I'm a decent looking guy, and the fastest runner in the 100 yard dash at track, but there's certainly more impressive guys out there. But, to my amazement, when I had worked up the nerve to ask her out she'd said yes!

For a while it was bliss. I knew every guy was jealous of me. A lot of them told me so. Other girls started looking at me in a new light as well. Everything was fine except... well, except the relationship itself. I didn't even notice at first. I was so happy just to be with her. Then, as time went on... well, I started to notice some things.

First, Jane wasn't very forthcoming physically.. At first if she wanted to take it slow, I was fully willing to wait. Then, after the first month, I started to want more. We would never go farther then making out. Even if I tried to touch her body over her clothes she'd rebuff me, pushing my hands away and chiding me like a child. After another few months it started to drive me nuts. Here I was, with one of the hottest girl's I'd ever seen, and I couldn't touch her? I'd never even seen her in a bathing suit! What was the point of being partners with a beauty like that if you couldn't get anywhere with them?

Now, this might all sound shallow. Maybe it is, I don't know. I tried not to let it affect me but I'm a warm blooded male, it's pretty hard to be with a beautiful woman who won't let you even get to second base. Jane didn't make it any easier. Besides the sex issue (or lack of one) She was incredibly demanding and controlling. She wanted to know my whereabouts at all times, though would often flake on our plans together without explanation. She had me drive her around, run errands, even clean her house and walk her dog.

Eventually, I started to feel less like Jane's partner and more like her possession. I got nothing from this relationship, and gave entirely. So, about two months ago I decided to break it off. I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. After all, we weren't especially close, we didn't even really get along . To my surprise, she was furious.

“How dare you reject me!” She had screamed at me, eyes full of rage. I tried to break it to her easy, but it was obvious she'd never been dumped before, and took it as an insult. I tried to smooth things over but she was too angry. I felt sort of bad, but really I should've been worried.

About a month after our breakup a decided it was time to get back out there and meet some girls. While I had been with Jane many more girl's had taken note of me. I figured it would be easy to find someone to spend some time with.

To my surprise, I was met with unanimous rejection. Girl's who'd been flirting with me were now rolling their eyes at me. One girl laughed in my face. What had happened? I started to feel insecure. I felt like everyone was mocking me. I noticed conversations would stop when I entered a room, or people laughing as they walked by me.

Then, one day I heard someone call me 'Micro Max”. I had never heard this nickname. I asked them what it meant and they smiled and shrugged, walking away. I started to hear it more and more. At school, in my dorm. Soon everyone but the teachers were calling me Micro Max and I had no idea why. Then, one day Callie, a female friend of mine from a computer class filled me.

“Jane's telling everyone you have a small penis dude.” Callie said mildly. “Hence the nickname Mirco Max.”

My jaw dropped. I was completely speechless for a long moment. Then I burst out angrily.

“Small penis? WHAT?! She never even saw my penis!” I yelled. Realizing what I was saying I looked around, making sure we were still alone at our table in the park.

“I know, I know.” Callie said, raising her hands. “Believe me, I heard you whine about your guy's lack of sex so much I remember. But that's what she's saying.”

“Do people actually believe her?” I asked naively.

“Max, it's a mean spirited rumor: everyone believes it.” Callie said in her cynical tone.

“But why?”

“Because it's a new reason to look down on someone, that's why.” Callie replied.

I put my head in my hands, growling with exasperation.

“I can't believe she'd do this to me!”

“I can.” Callie said. “That chick is cold blooded for sure.”

“Well, I've got to try to talk to her.” I said, standing up. “Maybe I can get her to tell everyone the truth!”

“Yeah, good luck with that.” Callie said sarcastically.

Callie was right of course. Jane had no interest in setting the record straight. I visited her when she was getting off work.

“I heard about the rumor you've been spreading.” I said when I saw her. Jane wouldn't even look my way and kept walking.

“Jane, you've got to tell people the truth.”

“The truth?” She said, rounding on her heels to face me.

“Jane, you never saw my penis.” I pointed out. It felt sort of like a weird thing to say out loud, but it was true.

“Well, it could be small, who knows?” She grinned cruelly. “Maybe this will teach you that Jane Lodge does not get dumped by the likes of you!”

With that she turned and walked to her car, leaving me with a stupefied look on my face. Could she really be so cruel, so malicious? I saw now that she wasn't going to do the right thing unless I made her.

Now, this might be where some of you start to judge me. Rightly so, I have to admit. But you have to understand. I was living in a world of humiliation. Every day I heard mockery, snickering and dismissal. All based around a lie. I honestly am pretty well endowed! I needed Jane to retract her statement, and she wasn't going to do it willingly. So I took extreme measures.

So, the next morning I went to the computer lab. I spent the whole day coding. Then, that night I went and broke into Jane's house.

Well, broke in is an exaggeration. Really, I just knew her sliding glass door didn't lock and went there while she was working. In her darkened house I found her computer, left open and on. I plugged in my flash drive and went to work installing the malware I had made that day. After less then an hour I had remote access to Jane's webcam, and could view it from my own computer without her knowledge.

I know, I know. Totally creepy thing to do. But, I needed leverage over Jane, and this was the only way I could see to get it. So I went home and fired up my computer. This became the routine every night. I would have an open window of Jane in her house to glance at. I was hoping to get some nude photos of her to use to force her to retract her lies. Okay, maybe this whole thing was creepy. I'm not going to defend myself, just explain.

Like I said, I was hoping for nudes, but it turned out Jane was never nude in her house. She'd always bring her clothes with her into the bathroom, and com out in a new outfit. Apparently she was so uptight she never spent an instant naked, even in her own living room. Annoyed, I watched through three nights of this. The most I ever saw of Jane was her in pajamas.

Then, the forth night, I got what I was looking for. Leverage, something to blackmail Jane with.

The next night I knocked on Jane's door. She opened it, looking first surprised and then angry.

“What do YOU want?” She asked bitterly. I pushed passed her into her house.

“HEY!” She yelped, startled by my intrusion.

“Sorry to just barge in. I was hoping we could talk.” I said, unable to keep the grin off my face.

“We have nothing to talk about.” Jane said, crossing her arms angrily.

“Yes, we do. I'm giving you one last chance to tell everyone the truth about me.”

Jane laughed in my face.

“HAHAHA! That'll be the day!” She smirked. I felt anger flash in my eyes. I forced myself to calm down and grin again.

“Well, alright then.” I said, pressing the play button on my phone in my pocket. Suddenly faint moaning sounds could be heard. Obviously it was sexual. A woman moaning in pleasure.

The smile evaporated from Jane's face. She instantly recognized it as her own voice. Smiling all the more I pulled out my phone and showed it to her. On the screen was her from the view of her webcam. She had her hand down the front of her pajamas, obviously watching something on the screen. She was moaning with pleasure, one leg up, free hand pulling on her lip as she serviced herself.

“Ooh Janey, you're so bad...” She moaned in the video, hand in her pants moving faster. “So naughty...”

Jane's face went from blank shock to outrage. Her cheeks were pink, her eyes narrowed. Her lips were quivering in rage. I've got to admit, she looked adorable this angry!

“You son of a b*tch!” She yelled. “How did you get that?”

“Doesn't matter.” I replied, putting the phone back in my pocket.. “What matters is this: unless you want this video all over the internet, you're going to tell everyone that you were lying about my... size, you got that?”

Jane was literally shaking with impotent rage. After a long silence she replied.

“Fine.” She said flatly.

“Thanks.” I said, moving towards the door. “I'll delete the video once I know the truth has gotten around.”

Not waiting for a reply I left her house.

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The next Monday back at college I was ecstatic. My reputation should be cleared by now: The nightmare was over! My reputation should be restored! Excitedly, I went to talk to the first girl I saw that had ever shown interest in me, Kara, who was walking with four of her female friends.

“Hey Kara!” I said, jogging to catch her. All five girls looked at me. “I was wondering if you'd want to go catch a movie some time this week?”

“Sorry, I'm not interested... Mini Max!” Kara replied. All the girl's burst out laughing, hurrying away as I stood with my jaw hanging.

Jane hadn't held up her end of the deal! I felt rage in my stomach. Well, if she wanted to play dirty....

I showed up at Jane's house right when she got off work again that evening, banging angrily on her door. She answered, still in her skirt and blouse from work.

“Max, you can't keep coming over like this!” She said, holding the door shut.

“You didn’t' hold up to the deal!” I said angrily.

“That's right, I figured you were bluffing.” She said, smiling slyly.

“Bluffing? Oh, I don't think so. Why don't' you check your email? Go ahead, I'll wait.”

Jane studied my face. Then, seeing I wasn't joking, she pulled out her phone. I stood on her porch while she opened her phone. I watched as her face fell from a wicked girn to a frightened grimace.

“That's right, I posted that video of you pleasuring yourself.” I said. “I blurred the face and took out the audio, but it's I think the clever viewer might just be able to figure out who it is...”

“Take it down!” She yelped angrily.

“Let me in.” I said simply. Jane glared at me in rage, still blocking the door way. Then, her head lowered in submission, and she opened the door for me.

“I had to show I mean business.” I explained. “Now, are you going to tell everyone the truth?”

“Yes.” Jane said, unable to meet my eye.

“Good.” I said. “though really I can't take you're word for it anymore.”

“What do you mean?” Jane asked.

“Well, you've shown yourself to be dishonest and not hold to your agreements.” I explained. “So, I'm going to need proof of your obedience.”

“Proof? Like what?” Jane asked.

“Well, how about this: strip.”

Jane stood in shock for a moment. Then, she scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Yeah right Max! I'm not stripping for you.”

“Fine.” I said, pulling out my phone. “Then I'm posting the video.”

“NO WAIT!” She yelled.

“Sorry, but those are your options.” I explained. “Either strip to your underwear right now or the video goes up.”

We stood, staring each other down. I half expected the proud girl to kick me out. I could tell she wanted to. The stand off went on, until Jane lowered her head in defeat.

“Look, you win.” Jane said. “I'll tell everyone you have a huge dick if you want! Just don't post that video.”

“Sorry, not good enough. “I said firmly. I need you to show you mean it. Strip to your underwear and then I won't post anything.”

Jane was biting her lip. Finally, she gave a half nod of agreement. I put my phone in my pocket and eagerly sat on the edge of the bed.

Now, I hadn't intended to come here and do this. It had just popped into my head. Mostly after Jane had viciously tried to keep spreading her damn rumor, well I got angry and wanted to strike back at her. Also I was still bitter about having never gotten to see ANYTHING for the almost year we dated. So yes, this was me being mean and creepy. I accept this. I just needed to strike back at her. After the years of cruel treatment without reward, after she had tried to damage my life out of spite, I needed some degree of retribution. And I knew that forcing her to strip was the prefect way to get it. Jane was very protective of her body. Hell, when I'd been spying on her webcam I'd learned she only ever exposes her body in her bathroom! Well, she was about to be exposed now and they both knew there was nothing she could do about it!

For a long moment we were both still. Then, Jane raised a shaky hand to her collar. Slowly, with pained reluctance she began unbuttoning her blouse. Her hand drifted down her torso, each button revealing pale flesh between. Finally she finished and shrugged the shirt off her shoulders, allowing it to fall to the ground.

I looked in amazement. There was Jane showing the most skin I'd ever seen. She stood in heels, her skirt and a white bra. To my surprise the bra was very... utilitarian. In other words, it was the bulkiest bra I'd ever seen. Over her large, probably D cup chest was a white blocky bra. Because Jane was so fashionable I'd expected something more stylish.

Then, I noticed around her stomach coming up from her skirt. A ban of white fabric which reached a little above her navel. Was it some kind of slip or something? Mostly I just marveled at her thin white form though.

“Okay, is this enough?” Jane asked meekly. I'd never seen her be so shy! She was blushing, fidgeting and adverting her gaze. Normally Jane was proud, aloof and cool. The change was startling.

“We had a deal Jane.” I said. “I don't want to see you try to welch on another one. Now take that skirt off and the video doesn't get posted.

Jane hung her head so her raven locks covered her face. Then her small hands reached down, found the zipper on the side of her black skirt. She pulled it down. Gravity took her skirt and pulled it to the floor. It landed in a pile around Jane's ankles.

I looked in surprise. Jane was wearing... something, that covered her from thigh the bottom of her ribs. It was white skin tight fabric. It took me a moment to realize what it was: Jane was wearing Spanx! An undergarment designed to make a woman appear slimmer. He couldn't believe it. This perfect girl was wearing Spanx?

“Alright, so that's it right?” Jane said, wringing her hands before her. “I'm in my underwear, just like you wanted.”

“There's one more thing Jane.” I said, pointing at the Spanx. Jane looked up, wide eyed. Then, seeing I wasn't going to relent, she hung her head. Her hands grasped the edges of the Spanx. She started slowly rolling it down. As it lowered passed her stomach her belly popped into view. It wasn't huge, just a small swell off her front. Still, it was not what I was expecting from the skinny and perfect Jane. Then, it rolled down farther. Once it was on the ground Jane stepped free of the garment. Now she was really in her underwear. Around her lower half she wore white, thick panties. Granny panties was the only apt name for them. Again, not what I was expecting. I guess she didn't expect anyone to see her underwear!

Also, I was surprised to see that her hips were a fair amount wider without the Spanx. While still not fat by any mean, I couldn't help but noticing how different she looked with her true curve revealed.

“Okay, are we done?” Jane said urgently.

“Right, right.” I said, shaking myself out of my stupor. I rose from my seat and started heading out the door. I had one last desperate urge to see her from behind, but she kept her backside facing away. Shrugging, I headed out into the night.

While driving home I felt a strange mix of emotions. On one hand, I had to say I felt a little guilty. I didn't know what had come over me. There was no denying I had taken advantage of the situation, beyond just getting these rumors straightened out. On the other hand though, I was thrilled. After so long under Jane's thumb I had experienced dominance with her. I had to admit, I wanted more.

The next week passed slowly. I went to my classes, ran for track practice afterward, and did homework. At all times Jane was on my mind. I only saw her on campus once. She was walking between classes, swaying in her heels, long skirt and sleeveless cardigan. She looked every bit the debutante I'd always know her as. Almost all heads turned as she passed. She walked, ignoring everyone. Then she saw me. For a moment I saw her persona drop. She blushed, eyes widening as she saw me. Then she looked away, continuing on her path.

Thoughts of the last weekend kept rolling around in my head. By the end of the week I had a plan in my head. Though part of me didn't want to do it I could feel my course was set.
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Ah, secrets! I love secrets in stories.
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Default PART 3


So, the next Saturday I once again drove to Jane's house. She answered her door wearing pajamas, with a vodka tonic (her favorite) in her hand. I could tell she was a little drunk. Her hair was slightly disheveled and her face a little rosy. When she saw me her eyes narrowed.

“What are YOU doing here?” She asked accusingly.

“I came to see you.” I answered truthfully.

“Well I don't want to see you!” She hissed. “Now get out of here.”

“Sure, if you want me to post that video, I can leave right now. I pulled my phone out, bringing up the video and preparing to upload it.

“NO! You can't!” Jane said, a drunken panic in her voice.

“Well then, may I please come in?” I asked.

“You aren't going to... to try do anything to me are you?” Jane asked, frightened disgust in her voice.

“I promise I won't lay a finger on you.” I said honestly.

“Fine then.” She said. I entered her house. Inside, the T.V. Was blaring loudly. I walked over and turned it down with the remote. Jane's face scrunched in annoyance. She was unused to people just taking charge around her. I know in a normal circumstance she would yell at me not to touch her stuff, and was probably biting her tongue now.

“That's better.” I said, sitting on the couch. Jane stood over me, arms crossed.

“Look, what are you doing here?” She asked angrily.

“Oh, I got you something.” I said, handing her the bag I had brought in.

“What is this?” She asked, pulling out a bundle of clothes.

“Some new pajamas.”

“Oh. Thanks.” She said sarcastically. I knew from experience that Jane hated being bought clothes. Her sense of style was such that she didn't think anyone else's opinions were valid. “Will you leave now?”

“Not so fast. Why don't you try them on?” I asked.

“Hurph.” Jane grunted angrily. “Fine.” She picked up the bag and headed towards the bathroom.

“There's no need for that.” I said, smiling. “You can change in here.”

“What?! Is that was this is about?” Jane turned on me angrily. “You're here for another show, is that it? Listen pervert, We had a deal!”

“That's right. And I took down that blurred face video. I still have the original though. In fact, I have it preset to post to facebook, youtube, all my contacts and the several adult websites with the click of a button.” I explained, pulling out my phone.

“HA! If you did that I'd take your ass to court!” Jane yelled. “I'll say you pressured me, you stole the video from my computer, you're a hacker and a creep! You'd probably end up in jail biting a pillow!”

I flinched at how intense she was. I could see she was a little drunk and speaking way more honestly and viciously then she normally would.

“I guess that could happen.” I said calmly. “Though, I doubt many of the charges would stick. I know computers and I'm very careful. Anyways, that would just make the video more popular. Hell, if went to court it would probably make national news! Then everyone would search your name and find a video of you servicing yourself!”

Jane's eyes were wild with rage. Then, slowly, as she could think of no retort, they dropped. She looked to the floor, surrendering, though the fire of her rage was still visible in her shaking fists and angry brow.

“Now, our situation is quite simple: if you want me to not post the video, you'll do what I say.” I laid it all out honestly. “I'm not going to force you to have sex with me, or anything like that. Unless you wanted it.”

“HA! That'd be the day you dirtbag!” She scoffed.

I shrugged and went on. “This will just be... entertainment. I'll come over now and then, we'll hang out, and you'll obey some simple commands. Does that sound good?”

“No.” Jane said, stomping her foot angrily.

“Then you want me to post the video...?” I asked, holding up my ready phone.

“....No.” Jane said, resigning angrily.

“Good.” I put the phone away. “Now, let's see how those pajamas look.”

Jane shot me a look of pure disgust and rage. Then, sighing, she picked up the clothes I had brought.

“Fine, whatever.” She said. I could tell she wanted to sound dismissive, like it was no big deal. I could also tell that she was being dishonest.

Jane, with pained reluctance, slipped off her loose fitting silken shirt. Once again I was surprised To see a bulky white plain bra, more utility then style. I was also surprised to see that same band of white around her stomach.

“Woah, you wear Spanx under your pajamas?” I asked in shock.

“Shut up!” Jane said, throwing her arms over her stomach to try to hide her slimming clothing. “That's none of your business!”

“That's crazy! Do you sleep in it too?”

“No, I take it off before I lay down.”

“Well, why wear it now?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“I... I just... don't like seeing myself without it.” She said.

“Jane, you look fine without it.” I said honestly. I had seen her last week, and she certainly wasn't fat. Not even chubby. It looked more... cute, I guess.

And besides, her giant chest distracted well from it!

“SHUT UP!” She yelped. “It's got nothing to do with you! This is all private!”

“Not anymore.” I said, smiling. “Now, keep undressing.

Now red faced, Jane slipped her pajama bottoms down, revealing her spanx clad lower half.

“Jane, all the way...” I said.

Jane, shooting me an embarrassed glare, rolled the Spanx down. She stumbled, trying to get the tight garment off her feet. As she did I finally got a view of her panty clad backside.

I've got to say, I was shocked.

Now, let me say, Jane has a legendary body. A big part of that is her butt. The way it bit at her dresses and skirts, bulging to perfectly compliment her chest. I had often wanted to see it without clothes. Now, without the spanx... well, it was big. Quite big. So wide it stuck out from her hips, and stood perkily off her small frame.

As if sensing my eyes, Jane looked over her shoulder. Seeing me staring she whipped around quickly, turning her butt away. She was bright red now, her blush going from her cheeks and spreading over her whole pale face. Her hair was wild and unruly. She looked disheveled and... adorable frankly.

Realizing she was standing in her underwear, Jane began getting dressed quickly. She slipped on the bottoms that I had bought her. Pink, thin material short shorts. In fact they barely covered more then her panties. Next she pulled on the pink camosile. It hung loosely over her missle breasts, stopping several inches above her belly button.

I knew this outfit would make her bother Jane in several ways. One, it showed more skin then she ever did. Two, it was tacky. She always looked perfect. And three, it was childish. Girly. I'd never known Jane to wear anything remotely young looking.

Jane looked much younger now then I had ever seen. She was pink faced, clad in pink small garments, pale and nervous. If it wasn't for her huge rack and other lady like features She probably could have been mistaken for a young teenager!

While I studied Jane she pulled nervously at her shirt, trying to tug it over her stomach. She rubbed her bare feet together uncomfortably, obviously unable to look me in the eye. It was such a reversal! And we weren't done yet.

“You know Jane, I have an idea that might help you not need to wear those Spanx...”

“Don't talk about that!” Jane yelped.

“It's no big deal.” I said casually. “But, if you're worried about your weight, why not use that wii fit board you have?” I gestured at the white pad stuck under the table.

“What? NO!” Jane yelped. “Not like.. this.” She gestured at her new pajamas.

“Oh come on, it's just me!” I said innocently. “And, I've already seen you in much less.” Jane blushed at this remark. The memory of me seeing her in her underwear still burned her pride. “Besides, you're acting like you have a choice!”

I had to resort to more threats, but I could tell Jane got the idea. She sighed, red faced. I think she was trying to look defiant, but she really just looked pouty. She pulled out the board and turned on the T.V. She grasped the wii remote angrily from the table and started the game. She set her small feet on the game pad. I was struck by how small her hands and feet were. Sure, women should have dainty bodies, but Jane's hands and feet were so tiny it looked shocking that she could even move around right! Another strangely immature thing about the woman.

I had bought her the wii, thinking it would be a fun thing to do as a couple. Jane had pointed out that obviously SHE didn't need such a toy. She was too mature for toys, and in perfect shape. I had meant it to be for fun but had just been shot down.

The first thing the game asked for was her basic information. Age, height and weight. Jane entered them all, though her height and weight looked fudged to me. I doubted she was five six without her heels, and couldn't believe she weighed 98 pounds after seeing what she looked like under that Spanx thing! I studied her form as she faced away. Narrow arms and shoulders leading to a thin back, with ribs and shoulder blades showing. Then, blossoming below that, her backside. It pulled at her shorts, sticking out proudly. It was startling, so large a butt off such a small frame. Below, her thighs, while still small, were quite wide and meaty, with a slight jiggle to their pale mass. Then the curve of her short muscular calves. Clothed like this, her leg's looked... well, stubby. Like upside down bowling pins, leading from her tiny feet to her large butt. Her stickily frame just stuck above that. It was a very appealing, though strangely off balance sight. I was enjoying it greatly.

She teetered on the platform. The first thing she signed up for was tight rope walking. Pretty tame, though my view made it exciting. Watching her butt flex and wiggle while she carefully balanced was a blast.

Suddenly, while I was utterly captivated with her ass, something fell to the ground. There was a wet 'flop' sound and I saw something hit the floor in front of Jane. Confused, I tried to look. But Jane was already crouched down, picking whatever it was up. I was confused. What was she holding? She was desperately fumbling with something.

“Jane? What was that?” I asked.

“NOTHING!” She screamed loudly. I flinched back in shock. She looked over her shoulder at me. Her eyes were frantic and terrified.

“What's going on?” I asked, now totally baffled.

“NOTHING!” She said, her voice cracking. “Want to watch me... uh... hoola hoop?” She said, picking the next game on the screen. She was obviously changing the subject, but, watching up close and personal as she began swaying her hips, I quickly forgot. I watched as she snowboarded, did yoga, push ups. All while staring at her white legs, her butt which bit at her shorts adorably. Her body was incredible to watch. She had the perfect amount of meat on her. I almost felt like I preferred how she looked without her tight clothes and Spanx! Her butt was a little jigglier, her thighs would wobble before snapping back taunt. She remained facing away from me but I'd get glimpses of her small belly leading up to her bony ribcage and impressively perky C cup breasts and every time it made me catch my breath. I made no effort to hide my erection. Let her see how big I actually was before she started trash talking next time!

Eventually I realized Jane was exhausted. She was half drunk, and had just spent hours exercising. Sweat poured down her brow, her collar soaked with it.

“Well, I guess I'll let you sleep.” I said, rising off the couch. Jane didn't respond, just tried to catch her breath.

“Hope you like the pajamas.” I said, throwing the flustered girl a wink before I went out the door.

Later, in bed, after I had serviced myself three times (hey, I had a lot to think about!) I thought about that moment earlier in the night where something had fallen. It hadn't been the wii remote. It had almost sounded soft. I actually had an inkling of what it might be, but banished it from my mind. After all, I had probably pushed this situation as far as it would go. If everything worked out Jane would stop spreading rumors about me and the whole situation would end.
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Great story so far!
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The next few weeks I mostly kept my head down. After all this Micro Max stuff I didn't want to deal with any more hassle. It was easy to do. There was a track meet to prepare for, classes to attend, homework to do. I never shake the feeling that people were still treating me weird, but figured it was in my head and tried to just go about my life.

For the first time in a while Callie and I were having lunch together. She'd texted that she had something to tell me.

“So what's up?” I asked after we'd gotten our food.

“Well, you're not going to like it...” Callie said in her dry tone.

“Callie, just tell me.” I said, shaking my head.

“Jane's still spreading rumors about you.”

I sat speechless for a long moment.

“Uh, what?” I said, stunned.

“Yeah. Whatever your plan was to make her stop didn't work. I've heard this rumor from three different girls now.”

“Wh... what is it?” I said, feeling anger and embarrassment already welling up in my stomach.

“Well, it's probably already been telephoned a bunch.” Callie said. “Like, exaggerated in retelling a few times.”

“Callie, just tell me what you heard.”

“Jane says you came to her house to beg her to stop telling people about your... small... thing.” Callie said, gesturing at my crotch with a blush. “She says you got so desperate you were begging and pleading. She says you started crying.”

“CRYING!?” I asked in shock. I realized I was yelling. I looked around and saw people looking. I leaned close and whispered. “crying? Are you kidding me?”

“Yeah, and that's not all...” Callie said. “She says then you took out your... thing.” Again she gestured at my crotch. “She says you whipped out your tiny package and started trying to show it to her, crying and saying 'it's not small! Look it's not small!'”

We sat for a long moment. My hand was shaking. I wanted to punch the table, but didn't want to attract more attention.

“Are you serious?” I asked. “She's got to be insane! No one would believe that!”

“Hey, I'm your friend, I know you wouldn't do anything that pathetic.” Callie said. “But it's like I said, the more horrible the rumor, the more people like to believe it.”

“But why?”

“Because it's juicy. It makes someone look bad. It's reason to trash someone you don't know.” Callie pointed out.

“You're just being pessimistic.” I said.

“Max, the girls I talked to... they believed it.”

“Oh god!” I moaned, dropping my head to the table in a gesture of defeat. “What am I going to do?”

“Well, whatever you tried before didn't work.” Callie said rationally. “So my advice? Whatever this scheme you were pulling was... I'd say turn it up to 11.”

I looked up at Callie, questioning.

“Trust me.” Callie said. “It's the only language a girl like Jane understands.”

I pulled up to Jane's house that night. I decided not to wait until the weekend. Well, I didn't really decide. I was so livid with rage I simply had to go there. I was on my way before I even realized it. I had never been so betrayed, so worked over by a person. Sure, I had my fun, but it was all in response. But she was too proud to just give up, she had to keep attacking me. Now I was merciless.

I barged straight in through the sliding door. Jane was there, cocktail in hand, watching TV. When I entered she jumped to her feet.

“GET OUT!” She screamed at my unwelcome entrance. “LEAVE OR I'LL CALL THE COPS!”

She was wearing a tight tee shirt and pajama bottoms, her normal at home attire. I stared down at her. Then, she threw me a smirk. This knowing little 'what are you going to do?' look.

So, I ripped off her shirt.

I wasn't planning to, I swear! I just had such rage. I grabbed her shirt around the bottom and pulled it up. It happened so fast she barely had time to blink before her shirt was off her head. She looked down, messy hair now in her face.

“Oh my god!” She yelled. All that covered her torso was her bulky black bra and her Spanx peaking over her pants.

“You are so dead!” She yelped, throwing her hands over her chest and turning away. She started towards her phone on the counter. “I'm calling the cops!”

So I pantsed her.

Again, no forethought. I just did it. My hands leap forward, grasping the hem of her pajamas. I had them to the ground in a second. Jane stumbled forward as they pulled over her bare feet.

“What's wrong with you psycho?!” She screamed. She now was wearing Spanx, which covered (and altered) her from stomach to thighs, and her bra. It almost looked like a very strange workout uniform. “Get out!”

She screeched hysterically. She scrambled at her phone again. I caught her by her Spanx. The white stretchy material pulled out, then snapped her right back at me. She yelped as she slid back. Then, kneeling down, I tugged her Spanx to the floor.

These were tough to get down. So tight fitting I had to work them down her body. They were pressed completely tight against her skin. I had to use both hands to work them to the floor. The whole time Jane screamed and tried to pull them up. Finally, after much struggle I yanked the Spanx off her feet. Jane barely kept her footing, stumbling a few feet forward before turning back at me.

To my shock, she was naked from the waist down. I looked at the Spanx. Her panties were rolled up inside them. I had yanked down her panties too! I looked back at her. I stared at her crotch in shock.

Seeing my gaze Jane looked down too. We both stared at her crotch. Her hips, much wider then expected, with a very clear bikini tan line, going from milky white skin to blindingly paper white. Standing out from this was a shockingly huge mound of hair.

Jane didn't shave! She didn't even trim. It was without a doubt the largest muff I'd ever seen. A dense knot of black spiky hair, it looked like a porcupine wedged between her thighs. I was shocked. Miss perfect, prim and proper had a jungle between her legs!

“AAAHHH!” Jane screamed loudly, finally reacting to her exposure. She threw both her dainty little hands over her crotch. Black fuzz stuck out on each side. It looked like she was holding a wig to her pelvis!

“Quiet down or someone will hear you.” I said, oddly feeling calm for the situation.

“DON'T LOOK AT ME!” She yelled. She grasped a couch cushion and threw it over her crotch. I stared regardless. Jane, clad only in a bra! I'd been waiting years to see this! Her stubby legs slammed together at the knees, toes pointed inwards. Her hands holding the cushion to her crotch. Her hair a mess, her face

“YOU CRAZY ASSHOLE!” She screamed, her voice cracking in strain. “I'm calling the cops!”

“Well, if that's the case...” I said, calmly walking at her. She stepped back until she bumped against the wall. “If I'm already going to jail, might as well see everything!”

“WHAT? NO?!!” Jane yelled in panic. Her hands were busy holding the cushion over her crotch. I reached forward and grasped her bra. Jane struggled, eventually releasing the cushion to hold her bra with both hands. It fell the ground as we struggled.

“NOT MY BRA!” Jane yelled frantically.

Finally I got a firm grip and yanked forward. The bra unclasped and pulled off Jane's body, yanking her arms with it.

There was two flops. I looked down. There are the ground were two gel, breast shaped inserts. Flesh toned plastic, each one was even topped with a nipple. I knew it! That was what fell the other day! She stuffed her bra!

I looked at Jane to see her real chest, but both arms were firmly clasped over it. I could see her white tan lines, but her hands completely encased her breasts.

I could tell you one thing though, she was no D cup!

Jane stood fully naked. She was clenching her chest so hard I could see the tendons on the back of her hands. Besides that she was totally bare. Her ribs showed off her narrow torso. Her stomach, normally contained by Spanx, bulged out ever so slightly below that. This led to her wide hips, bones leading in towards her uncovered furry crotch. Her thighs didn't quite reach each other, so there was a small gap between her short, cute legs until her knees, which were clamped together. Her tear drop calves led dainty tiny feet, toes awkwardly pointed inwards. Her face was scrunched, bright red blush spreading from her cheeks down to her collar bones. Her eyes were wide, bugged out in shock. She looked nothing like the normal way she appeared. Perfect, cool and calm. Now she was bare, embarrassed and helpless.

While she stood, cupping her body, I began gathering her clothes off the floor.

“What are you doing? Give me those?” Jane demanded. She took a step forward then hesitated, scared. I threw her clothes into her bedroom, locked the door from the inside, then closed it. Jane could easily go out the door, around to the front and go in through that door of her room. I doubted she'd be willing to do so.

I looked back at Jane. Still that same old, beautiful Jane. Yet, different now too. Revealed. Helpless. There was something so hot about the whole thing I couldn't even stand it. I was rock hard. I suddenly realized I had to get out of there or I was going to pounce on her. I couldn't help it. This was, without a doubt, the most erotic moment of my life.

So apparently I'm a voyeur. Who knew?

“I'm leaving.” I said, turning towards the sliding door.

“Wait, what about me?!” Jane said.

“You? Do whatever you want.” I said, trying not to look. It was too much.

“But I'm naked!” She squealed. “All my clothes are in the room!”

“Well, I guess you can go around your house naked, for all your neighbors to see, or spend the night here nude.” I said. “Either way, I'll be back in the morning.”

“YOU BASTARD GIVE ME CLOTHES!!!” She yelled. I looked back at her. Angry, humiliated and helpless. Just like I had been. Revenge. An eye for an eye. Though, her punishment was much more arousing then mine.

Then I left..
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I'm surprised Max didn't take the gel breast inserts with him! Jane doesn't deserve them.
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you never know what the future might bring!
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The next day I returned at 8 in the morning. I had taken care of business (ahem) at home, and felt more ready to be in Jane's bare presence.

Without knocking I slid the door open. The blinds had been closed, of course. I pushed through them. There was Jane, still sleeping. Well, she might actually be passed out. I saw her vodka on the coffee table, now two thirds empty. She was sprawled out, still totally nude on the couch. She was face down, butt up.

It was the first time I'd ever seen her butt bare. It was huge! It stuck off her small frame, belling out like two white volleyballs. It jiggled as she breathed. She had a plainly visible tan line, each cheek going from pale to paler. She was face down, one leg on an armrest, the other d****d off the couch. Not the most dignified pose. I studied her massive butt for a moment longer before I whipped out my phone and snapped a picture.

Jane started to stir. I hurriedly put my phone away.

“Ohh, my head...” She moaned. She rose slowly. She seemed unaware of her nudity, dragging herself into sitting position.

That's when I saw them.

Her breasts. Her tiny breasts.

The D cup of appearance was gone. In it's place was two small tear drop shaped swells. Probably an A cup, though really I don't think she'd need a bra. There was no cleavage, just two perky swells off a bony ribcage. They were tiny! Except her nipples. Those were tiny. They were huge! Perky pink points that rose off each breast, excitedly pointing upwards and waving around.

Jane threw her hair out of her face and looked at me blurry eyed.

“Oh. It's you.” She said dryly. I didn't respond. The sight of her chest left me speechless. Jane looked at me, eyes streaked with smeared makeup. She saw that I was looking down at her and she followed my gaze down to her bare body.

“OH MY GOD!” She yelled, seeing her bare and exposed form. Her small breasts, free and unencumbered, swaying wildly. Stomach pinched from slouch, with several rolls. That mound of hair plainly visible on white hips, pressed between juicy thighs. For one more second she sat, totally naked. Then, as if she remembered I was there, she screamed and threw her hands over herself. One crossed over her chest, pressing over her nipples. The other over her crotch.

“Get out of here!!” She screamed.

“Well, you need me to get to your room and all your clothes.” I pointed out. “So you might want me to stay, unless you've decided you like spending all your time naked.”

“Well... well stop looking at me!” She screamed. She grasped a couch cushion and threw it over her torso. She looked so cute, body hidden by cushion, just little legs and spindly arms poking out. And her rosy face as well.

I didn't even respond to that. I set a coffee and bagel in front of her. “Looks like you had a party last night.” I said, gesturing to the vodka.

“I... I couldn't relax.” She said, “Every sound I was worried was a person about to see me! All because YOU took my clothes!”

“Well, you might want to get used to that.” I said.

“What?!” She screeched angrily. “You're never seeing me naked again you pervert!”

“Well unless you want that video of you playing with yourself online, plus some new images I got, you'd better do as your told.”

Jane opened her mouth, then closed it. She had nothing to say. My blackmail was still in place, preventing her from doing anything in return. I looked at her, naked embarrassed and frazzled one more time.

“Well, I'll unlock your room.” I said. “Then I'm going to go.” I stared at her for last moment, soaking in her body. Enjoying my revenge. I wasn't a wrathful person normally but she'd gone too far. She had escalated things to this point, and now she had to live with it. She stared up, naked and helpless and altogether adorable. Hugging a cushion to her body, bare limbs showing regardless.

So, I decided to get one last potshot before I left.

“I see why you started those rumors.” I said, pointing at her covered torso. “After all, it seems like you're an expert on 'small' body parts.”

Jane's jaw dropped. She had guardedly never been spoken too like that before. She looked completely shocked. Then, her expression changed. Her eyebrows dropped in rage. Her wide eyes narrowed and her open mouth curved into a rage filled grimace. She was livid!

“You son of a b*tch!” She screamed, jumping up while keeping the cushion over herself. “NEVER SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN OR I'LL... I'LL...”

“Yes? What will you do?” I asked. I knew she had no recourse. She was helpless, despite her outrage. For me it was a perfect reversal.

“I'LL.... I'LL...” Jane sputtered angrily. “JUST GET OUT! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!”

“I already said I'm going.” I backed out the door, getting one last look at her bare arms and legs, her red cheeks, angry pinched face and frazzled hair before I was out the door.
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Default Great Story!

Hello Splotch. my name is Victoria and i am an avid fan of your genre of stories. i am an avid writer too and i would love to discuss story ideas with you. please look me up on here. thanks!
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