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Old 03-15-2017, 05:36 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Default Original tits

Ok, I know I can post a picture. I did it before. I will try again.
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Old 03-15-2017, 07:17 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Join Date: May 2013
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Default Original tits

Ok. I think I have the original attached....
Attached Thumbnails
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Old 03-15-2017, 07:49 PM
stenxyz1 stenxyz1 is offline
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Originally Posted by fheath View Post
Ok. I think I have the original attached....
Holy sh!t, those are some awesome knockers. Thank you very much fheath.

Please tell your wife I am truly impressed and very jealous.

Thank you!!!
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Old 03-15-2017, 09:13 PM
mrhenderson mrhenderson is offline
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Default Thx - hope this is just the beginning

Originally Posted by fheath View Post
Ok. I think I have the original attached....
Keep those bets going, hoping there's more soon!
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Old 03-16-2017, 12:32 AM
Oramac Oramac is offline
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Old 03-17-2017, 03:18 PM
2dollarbills's Avatar
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Here's hoping she lets you post more of her sometime, cause what I see makes me want too see more
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Old 03-17-2017, 03:33 PM
mamanrc mamanrc is offline
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Originally Posted by 2dollarbills View Post
Even madder the Falcons blew it.
Replay is on NFL Network right now
PM me for YIM, SKYPE or MSN IM
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Old 03-17-2017, 06:57 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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I still have the topless selfy that she sent me on our New Orleans trip. I will see what I can do to arrange a wager for that shot also. The ladies are really diligent about photos on our cell phones. Seems a bit hypocritical that my wife's phone has more pictures of dick than a Richard convention.

I wasn't going to post my weekend last week but I am bored sitting at home alone with drink in hand.

As I said we arrived at our country home. We decided to take a picnic to the lake Saturday. It was not much warmer there. After loading my truck I walk inside and my wife does a pose asking my thoughts on her attire. She is wearing a long sleeve, tight fitting, red under armour workout shirt. Tight enough that I could see a hint of nipples through the material. Not pokies but actual nipples. She had on her denim skirt with yoga pants under. I smiled and said that her outfit looked great. She put a light jacket on and we headed out.

We pulled into our favorite store/gas station and my wife ran in for additional supplies. She came out and said the owner was glad to see her. They talked and she said he was a little disappointed that she was not dressed for the lake as before. She went in with her jacket zipped. We drove around the lake for awhile. We ended up below the spillway in a park adjacent to a campground. There was absolutely no one there. A few people fishing as we drove past but no one in the park or playground areas. We broke out the basket and had a nice hour or so eating and drinking. Since I was driving I just nursed a drink. I mixed her a few strong ones.

She was feeling the drinks because she wanted to go "play" on the playground equipment. I agreed. We put our supplies in the truck. As my wife walked around to my side of the truck she had removed her jacket and yoga pants. I asked if she was cold. She did say a little and asked if I wanted her to redress. I declined. We had to walk a small distance to the playground carrying a small cooler. As I was pushing her on the swing and older gentleman came down the path from the campground. The path led past the front of the swing. As he approached my wife said I quote, "I wonder if he will notice". I said what. She said "I didn't wear anything under my leggings".

By this time he was getting close. The swing is an old style with a solid wooden seat. She is just really moving a little not swinging much as he stopped directly in front of us/her on the path. We do our customary greetings. His name was Tom from some small town in Ohio. He said he spends his winters traveling, spending his time staying in campgrounds, fishing and visiting other campers. We introduced ourselves and said we were just spending the afternoon in the park. He said he was walking for his exercise and gave us a long dissertation of his history and health. He eventually said he was going to finish his walk but would stop by on his way back.

After he had walked away, my wife asked if I thought he could see her. I walked around to where he was standing. She was literally three steps from the path sitting on the swing. I could definitely see that her nipples were hard in the cool air and could still see the outline thru her top. I asked if she had her legs like that when he was standing. She said she has not moved. As she moved towards me I got ano eye full of pussy. As she rotated away not much. Each and every time she would swing towards me I got a clear view. I told her unless he is blind I believe he got a good view. She said if he comes back she will do it again.

We spent time on the swings, merry-go-round, slide, rocking horses on a large spring and a tire swing. We would rest/relax on a picnic table in between time. It had been an hour or more when my wife was on the top of the slide, drink in hand, she said she can see Tom walking up the path. She slid down and said if he comes over she was going to "play". She went back around and started climbing the slide again. Before, she would sit at the top and slide down with little to no exposure and not spilling a drop. This time she looked clumsy trying to sit causing her denim skirt to lift and as she slid down she opened her legs giving a nice sliding view. She asked how that looked. I am sitting on a bench in front and tell her I see everything.

While we are talking Tom walks up. He asked if I minded if he sat down with me to rest. I scooted over and he sat down. My wife is standing in front of us. She asked me for another drink. She sits as I stand and refresh her drink with no alcohol. She is putting on her drunk act. After I hand her the drink she asked if she could continue. We both said sure. We watch her "drunkenly" walk to the back of the slide and climb to the top. She starts making fake attempts to sit at the top. After several attempts she slowly squats causing her skirt to rise. She sits. She extends one leg then the other. Both Tom and I are quietly watching saying nothing. Once seated she smiles and toast her glass to us and takes a big drink. She pushes off and slides to the bottom while laying flat.

When she stops at the bottom, her feet are on the ground and she is laying on her back on the slide. Both Tom and I are looking almost straight between her legs. While lying there she says that almost made my stomach turn. I look at Tom. He is staring. I said, sorry about this she's a little drunk. He smiles and said no worries I just don't want to leave. She sits up and crosses her legs sitting on the end of the slide. She takes another big drink and stands wanting another go. Tom looks at me and said should you tell her she is showing a little more than she thinks. I said, you can tell her but I'm not, that might end my afternoon. He said I guess you are right. He paused a second and asked if I minded him hanging around with us. I said you might want to let someone know where you are before they get worried. He said that he is alone so no one to worry. I said then you may tag along with us.

I got a full on life history of work, deceased wife, family, etc...... while we both watched my wife slide then sit and "drunkenly" talk/listen, then slide and repeat. We spent awhile talking and I found Tom really interesting. My wife announced she wanted to get on the seesaw/tetertotter. We all walked over. My wife asked Tom if he would like to ride with her. He looked at the equipment. It was really designed for small children. Maybe two feet high at the middle and possibly eight feet long. Not adult size at all. I sit on the parental viewing bench. Tom said I'll try.

Tom stepped over and lifted the platform. My wife walked to the end of the raised board looking. She hesitated. Tom asked if she wanted on first. She said no, just trying to see a good way to do this. Tom politely said you step over and sit. She smiled and said I know that. She lifted her leg and straddled the board. This caused her skirt to lift. Tom then stood up pulling his side to his butt causing her side to dip. He asked if that was better. My wife said sure. She now readys to sit. She actually lifts the back of her skirt and sits/squats onto the board. They start standing and squatting. I am sitting to the side so I see nothing as we continue to talk.

After a few minutes my wife ask Tom, another quote "Tom, am I showing too much on the ride". Tom says nothing for a second then says not too much smiling. She looks at me and ask. I said not from where I'm sitting. She has me walk to Tom. As I get in position she is standing and the front of her skirt is mostly covering her pussy. I can see some so I say looks fine to me. She then says how about now. Again, from the bench I could see Tom more frontal than my wife. She starts to go down. As she does her legs open and she is on full display for Tom. I mean full. She pauses in position and says well. I said i believe you are not wearing anything under your skirt. She stands and pulls her skirt down to the board. They get off the apparatus. She apologized to Tom faking embarrassment. Tom said no need to apologize.
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Old 03-18-2017, 11:54 AM
kennycust3867 kennycust3867 is offline
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First off, your wife has lovely tits and and those nipples are perfect. Not that they needed my approval, but I'll damn sure give it!

That was a very hot encounter that you and your wife had with Tom. There is nothing at all boring about it and I'm glad you shared. What makes it such an interesting read is the prior knowledge from previous stories of how shy and conservative your wife used to be and how she now feels confident enough to flash her pussy to a complete stranger. There is nothing sexier than an exhibitionist wife that knows exactly what she's doing but feigns innocence. ) I'm sure the vision of your wife's charms have been permanently etched into Tom's memory.

I'm also hoping the story doesn't end here.
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Old 03-19-2017, 01:34 PM
spinalator spinalator is offline
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Default More please

These are my favorite stories on here. Please continue
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