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Old 09-14-2016, 02:01 PM
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Now we take off. Bob flying, his wife nude in copilot seat, me nude with a dripping hard on behind him and my nude wife beside me behind bobs wife. My wife and I discussed some sexual activities but the cramped quarters were not conducive to enjoying any related activities. The flight was good except bobs wife was smart with the additional pee. We continued drinking during the flight which by the end bladders were full.

We landed at our destination. We tried to convince the ladies to redress outside the plane but for a small airport in was quite busy. The ladies immediately ran to the main building to use the restroom while we tied the plane and unloaded. When we made our way inside the evening manager was giving the ladies a tour. Neither of the wives were holding their blouse closed or crossing their arms. As we passed on the way to the restroom he was showing them a map of the city and directions to our hotel. My wife had ample cleavage showing but the pockets covered her nipples. Bobs wife had cleavage but her pockets were over to the left exposing partial nipple.

When we made it back to the desk the girls arranged with the manager to use the airport courtesy car till Sunday. We thanked the manager and Bob left to complete pilot stuff so we loaded the car. The manager was nice enough to ignore the others in the lobby to assist in locating the car and watch us load. As we walked out the door I said the managers really attentive to my wife. She said he's been staring at bobs wife's nipple the entire time. When she asked about a rental car he offered the courtesy car.

We are walking a distance in front of bobs wife and the manager. I said you are letting her get all the attention. She said I have bigger tits. The weather was scattered showers and had rained earlier so was a bit more windy there. I said you do but she is winning his attention. She responded with I had all Daniel's attention she should get this one's attention. I said well at least undo a button and let the wind do what it will. She looked down and said it is.

She had pulled the larger shirt down her front and the wind was billowing the front exposing her tits off and on as the pockets would land at different places at different times. We had to stop to allow the manager to lead us to the car. As he passed he looked at my wifes shirt and hair blowing in the wind and made a comment that the weather should be better tomorrow.

Now we are behind them and walking into the wind. Her shirt is now skin on her front. The pockets covered her nipples perfectly. I suggested we stop and rearrange her shirt. She stopped, set her bag and container down. While bent down moved her shirt to the right. She stood up with her luggage in each hand and said you might want to fix this side. The left pocket was in her cleavage and the right pocket was almost undressed her arm. Her left tit was exposed through the material. Her right tit was half covered and half out. I said "my pleasure". I moved the folded top over so that it covered her chest and tit but was also exposed through the fabric.

We had slowed to the point the manager and bobs wife were ahead and turning to the open car trunk. As they turned the manager looked at us. He stopped in his tracks and watched us all the way to the rear of the car. As we turned to face the car her shirt went from skin back to a flag billowing. My wife gave a half hearted I'm sorry but it's so windy to the manager. He said the weather will be better tomorrow. The manager and I are standing to the left of the open trunk. My wife is facing the trunk. As she lifts her bag and bends to place it in the trunk the wind billows the side of her shirt. I can see her full tit from the side as she is bent over. I look over and the manager is seeing what I see. She stands and the right side of the shirt has folded on itself exposing half a bare tit and nipple. She adjust her shirt back to pockets over her nipples and smiled at us saying I guess I chose the wrong shirt to go braless on this trip. I said looks good to me. The manager stood there saying nothing.

My wife asked where Bob was and I had no idea but said completing his flight stuff I'm sure. She said she didn't want to stand there holding her shirt forever. I suggested she get in the car with bobs wife. She said she would rather stand after being cramped in the plane. The manager is now talking to bobs wife. I said well let's have a drink and let the shirt do what it will. I got glasses out of her bag and filled three drinks. My wife is leaning with her butt on the trunk putting her hair up in a pony tail as I take a glass to bobs wife.

I return to my wife. I'm standing in front of her. Mental picture. Sometimes the wind will billow the shirt to her left other times the left side would fold over exposing most of her tit. She asked how I was doing. I raised my glass and said good drink and great scenery. She smiled and unbuttoned the top button. It is now unbuttoned again to above her navel. She said how's the scenery now. I said after a sip and smoke absolutely fantastic.

Now the wind catches the left side of the blouse and fully exposes her left tit and I'm enjoying it. Each time she lifts her drink she covers her tit but the wind has it exposed in seconds. After a minute passes the manager comes to us. She had just fixed her shirt. He ask if we needed directions or restaurant recommendations before he heads home. Turns out he was leaving when the girls came in the terminal. My wife asked while holding her shirt in place if he could do anything about the wind. He laughed and said not today but he can possibly clear it tomorrow.

As he was talking my wife released her shirt. She raised her glass to take a drink. First the wind was nice and kept it in place then looked like a flag. As she lowered her glass her left tit was completely out and the right partially exposed by the pocket. As he finished his sentence we are looking at her exposed breast till she recovers with her blouse. She again apologized for her lack of appropriate clothing. This time he said I understand, you ladies are her to relax and be comfortable. I have no problem with your attire. He said he just told the same thing to our friend in the car. My wife then asked for a good restaurant recommendation. As he responded she again took a drink.

Again after she lowered her arm her blouse flapped open exposing most of her left breast. This time she did not move. She acted interested in what he was saying. He talked about restaurants for a good minute or two with her top partially exposing to fully exposing her tit. She would casually replace the blouse but would let the wind do as it would. After he had exhausted his restaurant knowledge my wife thanked him replaced her top and said she had better get in the car before she loses her top in the wind and gets arrested.

We eventually made our way to the hotel. We got adjoining rooms. We were all hungry but need a sexual release. My wife said we were going to go fuck real hard before we go eat. Bob asked if they could watch. My wife said viewers choice. She took my hand and we went straight to the sofa. We stripped down. She bent over the back of the sofa and guided me home. I would like to brag again about my abilities but with all the showing and teasing earlier I could have lost a nut at the glimpse of a Victoria's secrete catalogue. Maybe two minutes of pumping into her hot pussy and I was done. We took a shower together while Bob and his wife did their thing.

Bob didn't fair much better. As we were almost done showering bobs wife came in wrapped in a towel. She dropped the towel and got in the shower with us. I again wish I could say I watched the wives soap and bathe each other but no. I did soap up bobs wife.

Now we are preparing to go out. My wife opened her bag. She brought out the white string bikini from a previous outing. Another black thong. A short blueJean skirt. Another loose blouse but blue. No other clothing. Bob had packed essentially the same including a white string bikini. The ladies decided to wear what they flew down in but add the bikini tops. We stopped short of the door. We announced this is a no bra weekend. With some reservations they agreed and now we are back in the car all dressed the same. My wife nor I could remember a thing about any restaurant the airport manager suggested. We drove around till we found a seafood place that had a seafood look.
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Old 09-14-2016, 04:41 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Looking back, sorry for all the details but without them the excitement would be my wife flashed a man.

Now we found a restaurant. More of a seafood bar and grill away from the main tourist areas. My wife has sobered up. She is walking with arms crossed but talking and happy. Bob and I are walking behind them. As the ladies reach the door bobs wife calls my name and lifts her skirt. I see a smooth ass and no panties. They laugh and walk in. I look at Bob and say no underwear. He smiled and said it was her idea.

We get a corner booth. I was disappointed because I suggested we sit on stools at the bar but was voted down. We had the drinks flowing. I was voted the Designated driver. So I sat and sipped as the others were really putting it away. After our meal we adjourned to the bar. There were two pool tables in an area to the right so we took the one in the back. Boys against girls.

It was really good viewing when they would lean over for a shot. When bobs wife had to extend for a shot on the table ass and pussy was visible. We were early so we spent another hour in the bar before everyone announced the place dead. We the literally Google bar and grill. Drove by several places till a consensus on an establishment. A pool table on each side of the main room with a dart board behind. Maybe twenty or thirty people in the place.

We order drinks and head to the table on the opposite side of the building. Now none of us play pool or own a pool table so the entertainment factor is the inability to finish a game. Again we are playing to some good viewing. Three young guys enter the area and start throwing darts. They are keeping an eye on both our wives as they play. Now both wives are conscious of the guys watching so they are more reserve in their play. No over leaning and bobs wife using the bridge instead of extending over.

We are having a good time and drinks continue to flow. Bob said he was going to get them shit faced then watch them play. After an hour of playing and drinking things are getting loose. A different group of four guys take the dart board and they are watching the ladies also. I make a bet with my wife. If she sinks a ball on her break I take her shopping. If none then she looses a button. She complained that there was too many people around and she didn't want to hold her shirt all night. I said OK. Bobs wife kept saying take the bet. As she pulled back the stick for the break, she looked at me and ok you are on. I won and the button was undone.

Granted with the muted light and the sheer shirts every time the girls leaned to make a shot, if you were standing to their side you got a great profile of their hanging tits through the shirt. Now when my wife leaned you had two extremely large d****d gaps open. If you stood to the front of her and a little angle you got a view of bare tits and nipples hanging. It was entertaining watching the guys jockey for position when the girls turn arrived. My wife noticed. As she sat on my lap between turns she said the dart players are looking down my shirt. I said i know and it a fantastic view. She kissed me.

Now both wives were drunk. They were missing the cue ball. My wife stopped readjusting her top. On a trip back from the restroom I see my wife sitting on the stool one pocket askew with half her nipple visible talking to bobs wife. The dart players are standing talking and staring. I walk over and she stands up let's me sitting. She sits between my legs and I say " your pocket is not covering your nipple and the dart players are staring". She looks at them and they are caught. They start playing and drinking again glancing at us. She says "oh well". Yep, she's drunk.

Bob and I decide to move the bridge assist. The first time his wife needs it Bob told her the other table took it. She turns with her ass towards us. She extends onto the table. Her skit rises and we have a very good view of her assume and pussy. She hits the ball, pulls her skirt down and continues. I look at Bob and say too bad for the dart players she wasn't on the other side of the table. The dart players are now six. I am stone sober so it's all exciting to me. After a few more shots Bob said watch this. He hit the ball off the rail leaving it in the middle of the table with his wifes only shot to extend onto the table facing us ass toward the dart players.

She circled the table several times looking. She tried to partially extend to reach the shot. She circled again. She then slowly extended across the table, ass in the air on one foot laying on the table. I am watching the dart boys. Three guys are standing maybe ten feet away looking straight at her ass and pussy. One guy grabbed another and pulled him over. Now for guys are staring at her pussy. She took her time. She made the shot. Stood up and straightened her skirt walked by Bob calling him an assholes.

We played a while longer till the ladies wanted to go back to the hotel. It is now around midnight. Bob called one more game. Winners choice. Now we were about even on skill to start but now I look like a pro compared to them. Never to turn down a dare the ladies immediately said shopping trip tomorrow. As we racked the balls they asked our choice. Before I could say anything, Bob said same as before, a two second flash of the titties by both. No argument or discussion, they started chanting shopping trip. God bless alcohol.

It was not hard. It was really simple. We (I) won. The wives asked ok where do we do this. Bob said right here and now. They looked shocked. Bob said just stand in this corner and flash for two seconds. They said nothing but stood looking shocked. Bob stood in the requested corner and said look, from here no one in the bar can see. They looked at the six dart players. Bob said they won't mind. Then I almost fell on the floor. He addressed the dart players. Do you guys mind if our wives pay a debt for losing the last game by flashing us. All six guys stopped and one guy spoke for the group saying go right ahead. Just ignore us.

Bob looked at the wives and said see. Bobs wife grabbed my wife by the hand and they went to the requested corner. Now all six guys are lined up beside the pool table waiting. The girls are slowly removing buttons preparing. My wife standing there holding her unbuttoned shirt together told the dart players to slide their phones across the table. I didn't notice but they had them on ready. A little complaining but they all did as requested. Bob said OK ladies. Both girls opened their shirts to reveal two pair of magnificent tits with very erect nipples. The guys started chanting. Just as the chants started they closed their shirts.

One guy said damn I wish I had a picture. Bob said hand me your phone. Bobs wife opened her shirt and Bob took a headless picture. He showed it to his wife then said how's that. They all started wanting one. Bob said send it to them. One of the others asked my wife if he could get one like hers. She said no. Roars of begging while she was finishing her drink. She whispered should i. I winked at my wife. She was enjoying the begging. She somewhat relented. She said all phones on the table again and I will flash you when I done with this drink about to leave. Phones came crashing on the table.

She finished her drink. She had not rebuttoned her blouse which led me to think she wasn't done. She backed into the corner and said ready. Everyone concurred. She said rather than flash she will allow us to watch her rebuttoned her top. Here we are all crammed into a corner. My wife releases her top. It separates and falls between her tits. She buttons the first button. Bob complains followed by all of us. She removes the button. She takes her blouse and opens it to either side of her tits. Now she is standing in front of six strangers with bare tits out. Comments were made while she buttoned. I promise it took her a long time to complete the task. When she finished the last button her tits were still exposed. She reached over and pulled one side over till the pocket was in place then the other. Everyone was thrilled.

We walked out and left. I have never seen my wifes nipples so tight and hard. As we drove back my wife said she would like to fucked all weekend she is so horney.
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Old 09-14-2016, 04:51 PM
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Default UPDATE

thanks for the update, I have read all you post and have been waiting for new. never disappointing
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Old 09-14-2016, 06:55 PM
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We made it back to the hotel. We were on the 4th floor overlooking the pool. Nice large balcony and we had two.

The drive back was entertaining. Three drunk people and me. Bob was doing his best to get the girls to flash cars or people walking to no avail. When we parked and exited the vehicle my wife pulled her blouse to the side revealing both nipples through the shirt. She said pockets covering or like this. I kissed her and said her choice. She covered one completely and half the other. We walked in to no one in the lobby. The bartender was behind the bar cleaning. I guided my wife to the bar. I was looking in the mirror and the wind or my arm/hand had shifted the pocket exposing a full nipple but too late.

I asked if I could order a drink. He said the bar closed 30 minutes ago. However I can get this beautiful lady a beverage. His eyes on her chest. She ordered me a crown and water in a large glass. As he went to the other end of the bar I said look in the mirror. She whispered I did but I can not change it now. He brought the glass and prepared the drink in front of us while talking and staring. Bobs wife ordered drinks also. He prepared all while talking to my wife. He kindly made me another when he heard I was the designated driver. Two water glasses of crown and water. Heaven.

We decided to go by the pool to have our drinks. It was uneventful as we were alone. The conversation did turn sexual. Fun planning a night.

We now headed to the room. I immediately stripped with hard dick standing. Here I am standing around nude while everyone is looking at me. I asked who is ready. Bobs wife said "me". I kissed my wife and we went straight to the bed room. I did not give her time to undress. I pushed her skirt to her hips, i started licking at her navel and started going at her pussy. I tounge fucked her till she exploded. Not long but we were all ready to orgasm.

Now she stripped. I said go see what the others are doing. She came back and said same. Bobs head buried in my wife's pussy. I took her by the hand and crossed over to their bedroom. We entered and she was correct. Bob was giving my wife's pussy an oral what for. They didn't notice till I sat on the bed we were there. It startled them. I said scoot over. They did. I laid on my back and I thought bobs wife was going to straddle me. No. She started giving me a NICE slow blow job. At the same time Bob restarted where he left off. Luckily I had lost a Nutt earlier so I was maintaining till I her my wife tell tell sign that she was about to have an orgasm. I had to stop bobs wife and we enjoyed watching my wife have a full on orgasm.

As she was getting her breath and Bob still at the foot of the bed I pulled his wife up. She straddled me. She arched her back so Bob had a clear view and guided my dick into her pussy. She started slow giving Bob a view from a foot away of my dick sliding in an inch then up. Then two inched then up. Then three inches several times then up. She did this till she was slowly sliding up and down the full length of my dick.

Bob then did the same. I had a slight view but saw his dick in and out of my wife's pussy. Here's the picture. Bob and I on our backs side by side as our wives road each of us like seabuscuit. I know I've said this before but bobs wife has a very tight pussy. My wife can squeeze you dick with her pussy and make your eyes cross. Bobs wife just has a tight pussy on me.

After many minutes of riding my dick and one orgasm I want a new position. We swap. Now I take a leg on my shoulder and guide myself in. I start slow fucking her. I lost track but at some point Bob and my wife changed to a similar position. Now I am getting my second wind. I look over and Bob is laying beside my wife hand on breast finger tracing her nipple.

Now Im gonna give them a show. I continue a slow progression with one knee on my shoulder. She is now wetter and I can really maneuver. I'm now slowly inserting and driving the last two inches. She is vocally going nuts grunting and talking to God with "oh gods" and a few intermingled curse words. I reach down and put her other knee on my shoulder while I am to the hilt in her pussy. I ask her how she was this to finish. She breathlessly said harder.

I start slower. I progressively get harder and harder. Before I can get full blown hammering she screams "I'm cumming" and starts to groan and flow while I slow. Now this pussy is loose and wet. I ask if she wants to stop. I'm still in her. She said keep going and cumming inside her.

I start again. I am soon hammering her pussy. I look at my wife and she is laying beside us looking at me smiling. Well that's all it took. I started unleashing stream after stream inside bobs wife. This is a good first. Normally I would pull out and rest beside her. Instead I collapse on her. I am still inside bobs wife laying on top. I reach over and grasp my wife's left tit. My mind is racing. I start to get a stiff dick inside bobs wife while I am playing with my wife's tit. Bobs wife notices and moans in my ear. I lift up and take her right nipple in my mouth.

Here I am. Inside bobs wife's sopping wet pussy with a semi hard dick. My left hand playing with my wife's nipple and titty and bobs wife nipple in my mouth. An almost dream come true. As this continued I got more excited and hard. Bobs wife whispered oh no not again. I stopped what I was doing and slid out of her pussy. I rolled over and off the bed and sat on the desk chair at the foot of the bed with a hard dick. As my wife was getting off the bed she asked if she needed to take care of that pointing at my dick. I said absolutely. She said come on. Bobs wife said we were welcome to finish here.

We declined. We didn't make it to the bedroom. I laid her on the floor in the sitting area in bobs room. I put a knee on each shoulder and slid right in. She smiled and said you know you are getting seconds, some of bobs cum is still there. I said it could be thirds but I didn't care and I started again. This time my wife had an exploding orgasm. I was wet from bellybutton to kneecaps. It took some time but I did get my third nut of the day. We showered and went to bed promising to sleep late before any adventures.

In bed I admitted that while I was inside bobs wife and playing with my wife's tit I got hard right away. My wife asked if I want to have them at the same time alone. I said by the evidence I would say yes. She just said uhhh.
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I have some alone time so I thought I would continue. Bob and I were up early so we had coffee on the balcony. We talked about the events to date and he gave me my first information on daniel. He also talked about how hot it was watching the dart guys watch his wifeson pussy. I only relayed one occasion but they got three.

One of the topics was bobs disappointment in himself performance wise with my wife. He said he has fantasized for so long about her he gets overly excited. I told him I had no advice other than throw a nut prior to us getting together. He asked how the hell I got hard again after having sex with his wife and accused me of use a stimulant. I explained what went on. He suggested I offer a session with both wives. We talked in detail and he offered to assist with his wife. I asked about him. He said he can not seem to keep it together with my wife much less both.

We discussed possible plans for the dayear and adjourned to wake the wives. My wife woke to a massive hangover. She asked if she embarrassed me or herself at any point. I said absolutely not that she had me so aroused I almost lost control. She asked if the dart guys took her picture. I said no she didn't allow. She said she thought that was the case. She was a little embarrassed about Daniel.

We talked while she dressed in the white top black thong and short blueJean skirt. She asked if she could wear the bikini top because there were no pocket to hide the hint of her being braless. I said sure if she wore it later at the pool.

Bobs wife came out in a similar white top but had pockets. She also added the bikini top. She wore black yoga pants also. I laughed and told them they looked like they swapped clothes from yesterday. The wanted to go shopping. Bob and I walked to a bar and grill down from the hotel.

Hours later they returned. It was around 2p.m. They bought clothes and shoes. We decided to go lay by the pool. The girls made fun of the fact they were wearing a swimsuit by a pool for a change. They both said they were sunning only. As I said before my wifeson top gives a very subtle hint of color behind it but wet the top and bottoms become transparent. Bob had done the same to his wifes top but no noticeable nipple apparent.

Our wives also stopped by the package store and picked up some adult beverages. We sent them down wrapped in towels while we prepared our drinks and drink dispenser. We went out on the balcony to spy but they were the only ones by the pool. We made it down and relaxed with our ladies. Since we had the pool to ourselves they both got in the pool. When they exited it was glorious both suites were see thru. My wife's was a little more transparent but all they had could be seen.

The first show came when an employee walked past. Both ladies were on their bellies with legs open sunning. Bob and I were on either side reading. As he walked by he glanced over. He did a double take and walked through the gate. Bob said he almost fell looking. He got up for the view and motioned me over. Both girls legs were open and the crotch was still wet and tight against their pussy. You could really see a lot but not details. Definitely see through.

A few minutes later the same employee came through the gate and walked to the ladies feet. He stopped and asked if he could get us towels or anything while fixated on their crotch. Bob said sure on the towels. Bob told the wives that the hotel employee was eyeing their crotch. Both said so what he can not see anything. Bob took his glass and dipped it in the pool. He poured water on the backs and butts. He looked, reached down and pulled the back of their suits up. Both girls protested, Bob said now that looks better. He motioned me over. Both girls had opened their legs a little more and the transparent bottoms were hiding nothing. You could clearly see the transparent cloth had attached to every crevasse and crease.

The employee came back with a buggy loaded with towels. He started laying them on several chairs working his way down. He parked the buggy at the feet of our wives and was making to bones about staring at their pussies. After a second he took several towels and ask where we want them. He handed Bob two and Bob said just lay theirs at the foot of their chair. The wives are not moving. He took one and laid it at the foot of bobs wife's chair pausing to stare. He did the same for my wife pausing to look. He then unfolded and resolved several towels while staring at their pussies before moving on. When he went back inside my wife looked at me and asked if he got a good look. I said i believe he did. She laughed and rolled over.

Not long after, and I believe the other employee was talking. The bartender from last night came out. He couldn't stop staring at bobs wife's crotch. My wife's legs were together and on her back. He said since it was slow at the bar he could bring us drinks. So the girls ordered exotic mixed blended drinks. Bob and I declined preferring our own.

I told my wife they should jump in to cool off before he gets back. They declined. He returned with their drinks. He said that he would check on us later. We sat drinking for a while. Finally the girls got in the pool. After several minutes the bartender came out to bus their empty glasses. He asked if they would like another. Both said yes but would not stand or come near the side. We talked a minute with him and he left. The girls came out of the water and wrapped in towels before walking to the chairs.

They asked what we were talking about with the bartender. Bob made up a story. He said the bartender said our wives were fine and he hoped to find a wife like ours some day. They were all giddy. Bob continued that he said he really enjoyed their choice of tops last night and he complemented your swimsuits. Both said he could see us. Bob said you can see everything in the pool. My wife got up and jumped in. She asked bobs wife if she can see. Bobs wife said yes a little. They both laughed.

Bobs wife laid down on the chair and dropped the sides of the towel. She looked down and said crap. She rolled over and said I'll lay like this till he comes again and leaves. My wife took the opportunity to do a lap. As she walked out of the pool and headed our way the bartender walked out walking towards her. All he said was "WOW, nice suit". My wife started funneling to cover. She ran to the chair and wrapped up in a towel. The bartender laughed at her as he placed the drinks beside the chairs. He said, miss if I was built like you I would wear that suit also. She half laughed.

He said don't worry I won't tell your husband I saw your breast last night either as he walked back inside. My wife said I either need a different suit or more to drink. Bobs wife said amen as she rolled over. Over the next hour we made trips back and forth to the room and a few people came out to swim but didn't stay long. The bartender was attentive but the girls left little to show.

Later while I was reading my wife looked over and said can I give the bartender a show on his next visit. I said what you got in mind. She walked to the steps went waist deep and walked back. While standing she tightened her bottoms. She then sat down with her knees lifted. She said is is see through and can you see. I stood up and walked to where he was serving. It was transparent but too tight. She then said move it over on the sides. I moved the left so some lip was out. I moved the right so a lot of lip was out. She asked how it looked. I said it's showing some. She smiled and I jumped on the pool.

When I got out and as I walked by the left side was as I had it. The right side has slipped down into her slit exposing her full lip. I sat down and said I believe you suit moved exposing more. She smiled and said she moved it. She asked does it look accidental. I said sure. He took some time but did come out. He walked to the foot of the chairs in between the ladies. My wife was still sitting in the same position. Knees up slightly reclined with a book at leaned on her lap.

As he walked up his eyes went straight to her crotch and her smooth lips. He paused a second and asked if her could get another for them. My wife agreed. He stood pretending to write staring at her lip. He said I'll be right back. As he turned my wife said I need to get in for a second. She stood and the back of her suit was half in her ass. She jumped in swam to the steps and walked back without covering except no one was around. She laid on her belly and side can I make her suit a thong for the bartender. She has no tan lines.

I said yes but the crotch will not. She said fix it so it doesn't. I loosened the sides. I pull down on her suit instead of up and it slid in the Crack of her ass. I then stretch the crotch down and toward her feet. She opened her legs a little so I did it again. Holy crap. My wife is on her belly. Her su it is in her ass and the crotch is away from her pussy to the point when standing beside her it is completely exposed.
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Out walks the bartender with her drink. He turned between the chairs and stopped. He didn't say a word. He stood there for a long pause. I am looking at him through the side of my sunglasses. I looked over and said just set it down she's asleep. He did and the sat on bobs wife's empty chair. He has a close full on view of my wife's pussy from two feet. He ask where we are from. We start a conversation and for the next five minutes he is either talking to me or to my wife's pussy I couldn't tell. He finally says he should go back in.

Within minutes here comes the first employee. I'm sure the bartender said go have a look at this. He is carrying folded towels. He stops at her feet and ask if we need dry towels. I said sure. He walks between the chairs and places the towel at my wife feet while oggeling her pussy. He pauses and goes to other side of bobs wife's empty chair and takes his time folding the two wet towels while looking at her pussy. He then replaces them with dry. He then wipes down the empty chair with the wet towel looking at her pussy the whole time. He then gathers the towels, pauses looking and goes back inside.

My wife asked without moving if we were alone. I said yes. She said my god you could have invited him to dinner he stayed so long. We laughed. She said the other employee must have seen her too. I said it's no missing if you just look. She asked how much is showing. I said with your legs open that wide I can see everything. She responded "oh my".

I have two more pool experiences but will try to complete tomorrow.
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Several people came out and swam while we were by ourselves. My wife was feeling the drinks. Bob and his wife came back down. As Bob passed he complimented my wife. She asked sarcastically why a complement now. He said I like the view from your new style bottoms. I relayed what transpired. Bobs wife was disappointed she missed the opportunity.

The bartender returned,I assume he saw Bob and his wife come out. He stood between their chairs and took an order for bobs wife while staring at my wife. He lingered asking if we needed anything else and left. Bob said damn he couldn't keep his eyes off her pussy. I said i can't blame him. Bobs wife, never to be outdone, said OK then. She got up and dipped waist deep in the pool and sat on her chair. The front of her bottoms revealed everything. She even had her legs extended and apart.

My wife didn't move. Out came the bartender. He was followed by a group of maybe eight guys. All looked to be members of a college sports team (basketball on their outfits, Texas school). The bartender walked over eyes darting between the two. Rather than have him set the drink down, bobs wife sat up and put a leg off each side of the chair and he handed her the drink. I couldn't see what helse was looking at but he looked at both ladies and said, " you girls are going to kill me". My wife smiled and said " girls don't wear suits showing the cheeks here". He said "yes they do but you ladies wear yours to please". They both said thank you for the compliment.

The girls laughed about the comments. As we talked the guys circled the far end of the pool talking and glancing at the girls. My wife asked if she should move. Bob said no I said up to you. She did move her legs closer. The guys made their way around and looked as they went by. They went back inside.

Bob then said we are in the way of the girls ability to relax. He suggested we take our drinks and go to the balcony. I asked my wife and she was indifferent. We went inside and sat on the balcony. The girls were on the deep end corner of the pool. We were above and right. Perfect view of the pool.

Both wives were on their backs flat and sunning when the guys returned in swim trunks. They took chairs from the shallow end and set up on the opposite side of the deep end. They all were eyeing the ladies. Time passed and they were in and out of the pool passing the wives and looking. Bob text his wife that they had an audience. She text back, yes. He text back what's on show. She sent bikinis. Bob text take a swim. We saw her talking to my wife. She text back no.

At one point all the guys went inside. Bob said be right back. I watched as he was talking. He came back inside. I asked what he said. He said to go down and see if I approve. I headed down. Both ladies were reading sitting reclined. Bobs wife legs straight open and bottoms we Tisha gripping her lips but not completely transparent. My wife is sitting reading hat and glasses in place. Knees up and her right seem of the suit firmly planted in her slit, a full smooth lip on display.

I walked past and to the room. Bob asked what I thought. I said suits were askew. He text back what I saw. Not long they came back. The entry door is on the opposite end. Bob and I decided to see if we could tell the first to notice. They all had towels and Gatorade. No one seemed to notice. They sat and talked for some time not staring but looking at the girls.

Finally one guy pushed another in. He swam to the shallow end and started walking towards the girls. As he got closer his pace slowed looking at our wives. There was only about five or six feet from the end of the chairs to the pool. As he reached their feet he stopped. He paused looking. He turned around and walked into the pool on the first step. Came back out and slowly walked looking. As he got to their feet he stopped paused looking and walked around to the group. He obviously saw the "accidental" lip or bobs wife's semi transparent bottoms or both. All the group was listening to him and looking over at the girls as he quietly talked.

Bob text his wife I believe you now have their attention. She text back we know. Two of the group got up and jumped in. They repeated what the first guy did but in one pass pausing and blatantly staring then back to the group. All started making passes by the ladies. The girls stayed this way giving the whole group opportunities to see. One group of four swam to the side and stayed in the pool facing the girls for a long time. Eventually the girls rolled over.

Bob text back asking is the show complete. She text back only if the don't want to see our assessment. Bob headed down as I refreshed drinks and lit a cig after the excitement. Bob brought them drinks and talked a minute. He came back. I asked if the show was over. He said not sure. His wifes bottoms are still semi transparent and my wife has not repaired her "accidental" malfunction.

The girls were laying reading with legs closed on their bellies. They had the occasional pass by but just a glance and keep walking or jump in the pool. We assumed it was over. Bobs wife text for refill, the bar was full. No bartender. Bob came back. He said look down, I had stop looking only the occasional glance. Legs open and reading. I headed down with towels. Same as before for bobs wife semi transparent view but cloth hugging the creases. Either my wife set this or in rolling over the right side of her suit was almost in her ass Crack and the seem of the suit was firmly in her slit revealing just a little more than just a lip.

I got back. The group was still just housing around. I asked Bob to text his wife if my wife knew she was a little more exposed than just a little. Bobs wife text back oh well.

Then the first sight happened. A guy swam over and as he was lifting out of the water stopped. He stayed half in and half out for a second before swimming to the steps and walked to maybe a foot from the chairs and stopped looking to the side directly at my wifes overly exposed pussy. He jumped in swam to the others and this time they were a little more brave. The girls had stopped reading. My wife had her oversized hat on covering her head. Bobs wife had a rolled towel over herso.

At one point they had five guys staring from the side of the pool. Guys would stop facing and lean over looking. This went on for some ten or more minutes. The only time I almost went down was when the camera phoneso came out. Bob stopped me saying there's no way they can see a face. One guy extended his arm maybe a foot from my wife's pussy taking pictures. I'm sure they took a hundred in this amount of time. Bob finally text his wife that we want to head out in an hour. Both girls started moving and the guys scattered.
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The wives ended up on their backs talking and drinking. Bob received a text. His wife said they were thinking about getting in the pool before heading inside. Bob sent back really. I mentioned the camera phones. Bob said let's wait and see what they decide. Eventually Bob got a text saying we are just going to put our legs in sitting on the side of the pool before coming up.

I watch my wife tie her bottoms tight stand and readjust. They walk midway of the pool and sit with legs in the water. Some of the guys were in the pool. Several minutes later all but one. They started talking to the wives. According to the wives they were trying to convince them to get in the pool. We could see the wives shaking their heads and laughing. They told them that they wore laying out swim suits and can not get them wet. All we could hear was some of them saying "aww come on".

Cutting to the bottom line. According to the girls. Bobs wife was going to slide further down to get her entire legs wet. As her butt reached the side my wife put her hand in the middle of her back and pushed. She went in. Only things to stay dry was ball cap sunglasses and hair. Cheering ensued. Then bobs wife turned and grabbed my wife by the ankle as she was attempting to get up. My wife went in and under oversized hat sunglasses and hair. More cheering.

Both wives are in the pool keeping below water. They made their way to the steps staying below water. From our perspective it looked like my wife had wet toilet paper on her ass under the water. They start getting out my wife has one arm across her chest and one hand over her crotch. Bobs wife gets out doing a hand bra. They are laughing as the guys are hooting whistling and cheering. We can plainly her them shouting nice ass and other assorted compliments. They get to the chairs and wrap the towels around them. The guys started booing begging to see their suits. All but one was in the water hanging on the side in front of our wives.

Again we could not hear regular conversation but bobs wife said if you are all in the pool and stay here we will jump in before going inside. They explained that the one guy couldn't swim. Bobs wife said you guys have fun. We could her them telling the lone guy to get over there and hang on the side of the pool. He did slide in between two guys holding on.

Both girls walked to the deep end dropped the towels and dove in in unison. The guys got a quick view of a full frontal of my wife and a semi transparent frontal of bobs. The one thing the two drunk ladies said they did not think of was their towels. They swam under water to the shallow steps. Bobs wife got out and started walking to the towels covering nothing. From our position we could see the suit was showing nipples. She walked to the towels and wrapped one around.

My wife said it wasn't fair because her suit becomes clear not semi transparent and did not want to walk that distance. She swam back to the deep end. Bob and I could clearly see her naked ass. She got to that end. She said something to bobs wife who was holding her towel. She then lifted up and made it to her hips. Ass out of the water giving everyone a view. She throws her leg out and wrestles to her feet to cheers. She does a quick catwalk turn and reaches for her towel. Bobs wife turns and runs to the chairs leaving my wife standing with her hand out. She lays the towel on the ground between the chairs. My wife casually walks to her chair, she looks completely naked. I was zoned out and did not hear the guys or anything watching her. She turns and looks up at us. Now this comes from bobs wife who was standing at the end of her chair waiting wrapped in a towel. Bob and i witnessed this four floors up. She said my lovely wife, with legs a little over slightly apart, bent over slowly, no knee bend and picked up the towel. Rather than stand back up she proceeded to dry her hair while in that position. Bobs wife said from where she was standing she could make out every detail of my wifes pussy and also the details looked like my wife was aroused. My wife in fact took her time giving everyone plenty of opportunity to remember every detail of her pussy.

She stood up with her back to the crowd, looking at us drying her body. The crowd continued to get a good view. She then wrapped the towel around herself and turned. The guys were cheering and begging for a frontal. We could hear them. They were saying her turn was too quick. My wife grabbed her book and drink. Drink in left hand and book in right she opened the towel as she walked towards them between the chairs and closed it as she turned to head inside. While inside the elevator bobs wife stole her towel but no one was in the hall on their return.

Bob and I met the at the door. All I could say was holy he'll that looked fun. Now Bob and I were curious so this is when we got the detail from them. We were also curious as to the guys view of what my wife offered. Bobs wife set it up. My wife went to the shower in her bikini. She had Bob and I lay on the floor to get the perspective from the pool. She laid a towel at the proper distance. Out comes my wife. Completely see through almost clear. She turns in front of us and I need to see no more. Her ass and a hint of pussy was already in plain sight as she walked the step to the towel. She moved her feet the distance of the two chairs and straight legged bent from the hip. She was absolutely, positively, with out a doubt on complete display. I could see every intimate detail of her cleanly waxed pussy.

I took a picture with my phone. She jumped up saying no pictures and took my phone. When she saw the picture she said "oh my god", "I thought the crotch of the bikini was lined more". I said it was but you know I removed both a long time ago. She stared at the picture and said "I look naked, I can see everything" Bob and I looked at the picture and agreed. Bob said if you look between your legs past your pussy you can see your tits hanging.

We asked the girls what they wanted to do next before we eat. Bobs wife said skinny dip in the Gulf. All agreed. My wife and bobs wife agreed to wear matching skirts. Bob and I were ready to go having a drink on the balcony looked at the abandoned pool. The wives come out on the other balcony looking extra hott. They both had on matching short black pleated skirts. As the wind blew revealed matching pink thongs. The both had purchased a vest. My wife had a red vest unbuttoned enough but tight enough to supply ample cleavage. Bobs wife had the same vest but white. To be honest can not remember the shoes. I believe some sort of sandal.

We drove a distance down the coast and parked at a empty lot. We crossed the road over the dunes and sent a half hour skinny dipping. Once dried reclothed and headed out. We let the ladies choose where to eat. Very nice place but seafood again. Only thing happen till then was we had the girls remove their thongs before we left the car. As the waiter took our order my right middle finger was buried in my wife's pussy. As she ordered I would wiggle my finger interrupting her thoughts.

After the meal I wanted to go somewhere and have a drink and something non seafood to eat. We stopped at the first bar we saw. We went in and was a bar in the true sense. We almost left but the bartender said have a seat. Ended up being a good place and with only three other customers we were laughing and having a good time. The bartender walked over. As he was clearing empty glasses and my dishes he asked if we wanted a check or another order. We ordered another round. He looked at bobs wife and said good I can not get enough of you in that little skirt. Bobs wife was flattered and thanked him. My Drunk wife spoke up saying I'm wearing the same skirt. He smiled and said yes but she's facing the bar as he walked off.

This was actually and unplanned show. We had no idea. We are sitting on elevated chairs at a wooden table. We laughed and started teasing my wife. When he returned and as he sat the drinks on the table my wife said her feelings were hurt. He said he was sorry. He then passed bobs wife her drink and said your drinks are on the house and headed back to the bar. Now we are really teasing her while bobs wife sips her free drinks. My wife has me swap seats. Now the bar is to her right. She swings he long ass legs crossed towards the bar and starts sipping.

Next order bobs wife's was again on the house. My wife asked the bartender if he can see her skirt now. He said yes as he walked away after taking our order. She asked bobs wife what the hell. She said walk to the bar and turn around. My wife came back laughing. She said I couldn't think why he didn't like my skirt. I looked under the table. She had the skirt pulled up, feet on each side of the stool, pussy on display.
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I swear I will finish this trip but again without details and some perspective it's misses my excitement.

We left driving. The girls, mainly my wife wanted to go back and play pool again. She said if the same crowd came someone else can choose. We went in and was about the same number as the previous night with same bartender but different crowd.

The girls went to the table while Bob and I went to the bar. The girls were ready. I said if you don't sink a ball you unbutton a button. She said no need and unbuttoned one. Let me describe the vest. Black, drop neckline to the first button between her tits. Loose on top last three bottoms tight. Now when she bends to shoot her tits hang in the loose top with a view of tit and nipple. When she stands loads of cleavage.

We start. My wife bends to break. I am behind her to her left in the corner on a stool. The skirt lifts as she bends to the crease of her ass cheeks. So close. We are alone shooting pool. The girls never even tried for the bridge to assist. They are bending and stretching exposing two beautiful pussies regularly. I am trying to decide where to look tits or pussy. After several games and drinks it's my wife's turn to break. I am on the stool. She bends to break and the skirt lifts exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks and a mice view of a pussy. She comes over and I whisper I think your skirt has ridden up. She smiles and say no it hasn't. I am dying. My luck so far, since the pool. No one playing darts on this side.

I have stopped drinking for driving purposes. It around 10 p.m. three men come into the area we are playing. They sit on three stools against the wall by the bartender board. They are watching us off and on but the girls are not getting any shots to give an angle for tits or ass. Not that they are not dressed to kill. My shot. The order of go at this time is me, bobs wife, Bob, my wife then back to me. Well I miss and the ball is where his wife will have to be ass up at the three guys. They watch intently but she didn't have to stretch so I assume they saw nothing. Bob left the ball at the far end. My wife will bend letting her tits hang. They are only three steps away so I'm watching. My wife takes forever to hit once she is over the stick. She bends and the guy in the middle elbows the guy to his right and nods at my wife. They are obviously getting a side view of tit and nipple. This room is no muted lights. Two lights over the table and two sets of track lights to the dart board. Extremely bright.

She hits and sinks a ball. They are all three watching. She is facing them but they are taking in the cleavage. They get several views of the wife tits. One even walked to the only bar table between the two areas to watch bobs wife. Bob asked if he wanted winners. These guys were older, mid 50's. One, hair graying and sporting a beer belly, one short skinny graying, one tall, black and shaved head. The short guy asked if they want winners. I will refer to them by my nicknames because I can not remember their names.

Bob and I won, we took on the short guy and tall guy while beer belly moved to sit at the table. They played no better than we did. The girls stood in the corner cheering us. We decided to lose. We lost, now it comes. My wife loves to break. The tall guy is setting up to break. My wife asked if ladies can go first. He stood and said of course. My wife bounced around the table. I scoot back in the corner. The tall guy stands by me against the wall. My wife then bends to address the ball. She has not pulled her skirt down.

Let me describe how my wife shoots pool. Legs overly apart, bent only at the waist and takes forever to hit the damn ball. As she bends beer belly has a angle to see partially from behind. Short guy is looking at tit. I am looking at almost half an ass Crack with her shaved pussy poking out as she is bent. I look at tall guy behind her and he is standing directly behind her. While she is over the ball, tall guys starts to bend his knees and slide down the wall a foot or so. My wife breaks and sinks a ball, and walks to the side of the table.

I ask tall guy if he is OK, he is still pressed to the wall knees bent. He stands, looks at me and asked, "did I just see what I thought I saw". I said what's that. He said quote, "the blonde white girl, I don't think she's wearing anything under that skirt". I said no she lost the underwear and bra in a bet. He asked about bobs wife and I said the same. He walked over talking to beer belly then to short guy. Now they all know. My wife walks over and props up between my legs, I on a stool. I whisper, did you forget your skirts up and buttons undone. She grinder into my crotch and said no I'm going to win, is that OK. I said sure.

Well all three guys got different views of my wife shooting pool. I just sat and watched reactions. The winning ball is by the far pocket. Short guy took position by my left and tall guy by my right. My wife would have to stretch to get to the question ball and they knew it. She paced a few seconds, she tried but couldn't reach. She then laid across the table lifted her right leg and started to address the ball again forever. We are directly behind looking at a full on bare ass hairless pussy. She sinks the ball for the win. She and bobs wife are high fiving at the other end. The tall guy ask how long is the bet. I laughed and said tonight. You guys mind if we join in the table. Everyone said sure. Now beer belly and short guy are playing.

Tall guy went to the bar area and brought in two regular sitting chairs. He smiled saying he needs back support. He sat in the chair as my wife came around to break. She called time and they went to the restroom. We explained to the guys that they are very competitive and lost a bet so the less they say the more comfortable they will be playing. They all three said mums the word. I did tell beer belly that they should offer a bet. He asked what I said no idea what you bet but bet them to loose a button. The minute the girls turned the corner her said how about a friendly wager. The girls said OK what. He said we win you you guys remove another button on your vest. We loose you get 100.00. They took the bet.

This time bobs wife will break. I noticed that she too now is exposed when she bends. Tall guy had her exposed pussy three feet from his face. As she walked by she slapped my leg and said your wife's idea. The guys lost. Girls got a hundred. Beer belly said that's the best fifty he's ever spent. Bob and I played. All three guys are sitting in the chairs around the table. If the girls have a shot near they adjust their seat to behind them saying let me get out of the way.

Bob and I won. Both girls removed a button. The problem was my wife had removed one earlier. The vest has four buttons. She now has two but nothing holding things together up top. Bob and I gave up the table. Tall guy and beer belly against the girls. Same bet. My wife's top looked fantastically sexy standing and she knew it by the way she was acting. Bobs wife again had the break and gave me and tall guy a nice viewing. Soon my wife's turn. She is on the far end giving short guy a view. As she hit the question ball her right tit spilled out. She stood watching her shot miss as everyone but short guy was looking at her tit. Once she realized she missed she immediately put it away complaining that this will mess her up. Next few shots she was awful and complaining about altering her stroke. Tall guy said we don't mind winning another button.

Next shot my wife made it and her tit shot out again. After seven or eight tit spills the girls won another 100.00. The girls called last game. Here's the fun.

Bob and I left it to the new guys. They huddled and talked. Tall guy and short guy against the girls. Tall guy called new bet. The girls happily accepted and called terms. He said if we win you have to model nude. We get to see everything. If you win we will pay 500.00. The girls huddled and accepted. First bobs wife wanted to see the cash. Beer belly pulled out 500.00 tall guy 1000.00 and short guy never counted.

The game was close no one really tried to get too many looks. Maybe they had seen enough, maybe they were trying to win. After uncountable number of my wife's tit exposures the girls won. They collected an additional 500.00.

As we left they followed talking. Turns out they were from Orlando staying down the road from us for a week. Bob invited them to the hotel for a night cap they accepted.

When we got back we had my wife ask if we could sit by the pool outside. He finally relented I believe to my wifes extreme cleavage. He unlocked and put a wedge in the door. Bob had quit drinking earlier so it's my turn. Bob and his wife went to get the drinkingredients needs from the room. My wife and I sat at a table by the pool. She is drunk asking if she has gone too far this weekend I said I didn't think so. She then started drunkenly telling me how much fun she has had and loved how everyone thinks she's sexy. I agreed.

Not long Bob and his wife came out followed by the three guys. As they sat down short guy said I'm glad to see you girls didn't change clothes. I said they can not till we go to bed. Drinking and talking ensued. Skipping details, both women were drunk and casual about sitting and all. So we go the occasional glimpses.

Now as the three guys got drunken they started with trying to dare the wives. They really wanted to see them naked. We would get on a subject and they would dare. Over and over. Finally bobs wife said I dare you guys to swim naked. They refused. My wife said see how it works. We laughed. Now we had moved to the end where the girls were before. The girls are laying on loungers drinking and we are in chairs at their feet.

Skipping ahead. Beer belly laid five one hundred dollars bills on the lounger. He said there's five hundred, I dare you to get naked. Our drunk wives perked up. Bobs wife said, that dare is more costly. The three excused themselves to the car. While gone the girls discussed. My Drunk wife said slurring that after all the games of pool what else can they see of me. She continued, they must want to see bobs wife. They both started laughing. Bob and I agreed it was their decision.

They come back and lay another five on the lounger. My wife again slurring said we won that letting you look up our skirts. Down came another five with all the claiming that's all they got. So the wives asked what's the dare. Tall guy spoke up. He said completely naked on the lounger for fifteen minutes that's one a minute. We get three request for you to show. Bobs wife said we will take the dare if you drop your pants and underwear standing for one minute. They started trying to negotiate. My wife said now or never and nothing requested touching or sexual. Beer belly was holding out. Tall guy say stand your ass up and take the dare.

The girls gathered the money. Funny but pussies were on full display while doing this. They sat back and said let the dare begin. Clock starts when you are all three naked. Bobs wife set the timer. They stood and dropped. Short guy was at attention, tall guy was at attention, beer belly was not. Bobs wife asked if he was nervous. He said obviously. One minute is a long time to look at three Dickson but they completed their half of the dare. They dressed faster than superman in a phone booth. They almost all three said it in unison it's your turn. As they whipped out their phones. The girls declined. They handed over the phones. Bobs wife handed me her phone set on 15 minutes. They both stood by their lounger, my wife almost falling down.

In unison the unzipped and dropped their skirts. Both unbuttoned paused and removed their vest. They are standing completely naked. I start the clock. They received multiple comments from the guys. My wife asked the time and I believe they had for teen minutes and twelve seconds remaining. Both ladies nipples were so hard they could cut diamonds. My wife was looking like she was going to pass out. Then the first request. Tall guy said open your legs by placing you feet on the ground. Both ladies complied. Tall guy asked how close can they get. Bobs wife said no touching. All three got up and was hovering around the girls. I looked and still had over twelve minutes. Tall guy head his face so close to my wife pussy I thought he was going to lick it. They spent three plus minutes inspecting everything. I called eight minutes.

Tall guy said use your hands and open your pussy. Bobs wife said nothing sexual. He said exposing the entire pussy is not sexual. My wife is laying there eyes closed. I thought she had passed out. Nope she took her left had and opened her pussy. At the same time she adjusted her fingers and spread open everything, eyes still closed. Only thing missing was my tounge or dick entering that opening. Bobs wife had done similar but not quite as efficiently as my wife. They all took turns with close inspections. I call four minutes. Short guy said walk in the pool and come back to this position.

My wife releases her pussy and stands wobbly. Same from bobs wife. The walk into the pool go under and wobble back. They did look good bouncing. Both girls straddled the lounger and fell back. Both with eyes closed. They sat there as the guys just kept telling us how lucky we were and how beautiful and sexy they are. Short guy was talking about how he wished his wife had a body like them. The timer went off and I called fifteen minutes. Both ladies just laid there eyes closed. Bob and I just continued talking. Maybe ten minutes passed we said we better call it a night.

The guys were real gentlemen. They asked if we needed help dressing and getting them to the room. Bob looked at me. I looked at him. They continued to say they really didn't mind helping dress them (sarcasm). I walked over and attempted to sit my wife up by one arm. She is completely passed out. Bob did the same, he lifted her to a sitting position. She mumbled and started vomiting, down her chest and crotch and chair. I took my wife's skirt and vest and covered her. Bob and I took his wife into the pool and cleaned her. She was now totally passed out. We got her back to the lounger and laid her down.

The three guys again offered assistance. I will definitely finish tomorrow. This was the best trip of my life.
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Again this sounds like a weekend of debauchery but I am only hitting the sexual time. Granted, Bob and I made it clear to the ladies we wanted and expected wild behavior and exhibition of their bodies at any opportunity and they agreed.

My wife admitted when we arrived back that she had fun with the weekend of exhibitionism and I also believe she spoke her true uninhibited feelings when she drunkenly admitted that she enjoyed all the attention she got.

I believe I left off with the wives totally passed out on the loungers. We sat back down talking as did the three guys. I had placed my wife's clothing over her but from our seated positions we could still view her pussy. Bobs wife was wet naked and out. After several minutes we discussed options. I came up with rather than redress let's get towels from the desk. Wrap them in towels and take them in.

I went to the desk to get towels from the manager. First time I looked at the clock, almost 2 a.m. He brought me two towels and asked if everything was OK. I said yes but we have two passed out ladies. He asked if we needed assistance. I said not now but thanks and returned with the towels. I walk out to short guy standing by bobs wife. He was sliding his hand down her belly and across the top of her mound. As I walked up beer belly said my turn. I am standing there with towels in hand frozen at the foot of the chairs. He leans down and slides his hand across her breast slowly. As he went over her nipple he would catch it in between his middle fingers and continue pulling each to the left. He then ran his hand down her chest and belly and across the top of her pussy.

They all three thanked Bob. I look at his wife and she has not moved. I'm thinking what the hell. They then start begging to touch my wife. I said I'm not comfortable doing this without her approval. They continued to beg. I said look if she was awake I would have no problem but without her approval I think not. They seemed to take the hint. Bob said, you know they would say ok if awake. I said wake her up and ask. Bob stepped over his wifes chair and started trying to wake up my wife. Nothing was working. He took a piece of ice from the decanter and started rubbing her face. Her eyes started to flutter as he talked. I thought damn, she may wake up and start drinking. Bob kept saying her name. She eventually mumbled. Bob said can you hear me. She opened her eyes.

I again thought damn she's going to wake up and go upstairs. She looked around and said what. Bob said we lost a bet and the guys get to touch you. She half smiled and said you suck at bets slurring. He said can we finish the bet. She looked at me and said you suck at bets too. Bob is still holding her up. He again says are you ok if we finish the bet. Slurring she said yes if I lose a bet I pay, give me a minute. Bob laid her back down and looked at me smiling and shrugged his shoulders. Everyone said OK can we in differing questions. I looked at Bob and said she didn't lose a bet. He said well she thinks she did.

I debated whether to include this because I'm sure everyone will say I violated my wife's trust and she was in no state to make decisions. We have discussed this similar type of event while discussing the Ranger touching her on the boat. She has said that she is OK with touching in the right circumstances and if she's really drunk. I also thought of Daniel on Friday. So here goes.

Again, I said give me a minute. After a long pause I ask what's the deal. Immediately tall guy said I'll pelt my right arm to rub between her legs. The others said both. I'm stalling and trying to think. I say, we let's just do the same as Bob allowed. I said there's too much you can get me in trouble with touching her pussy. Many promises of many types. After several minutes, short guy said I'm OK with this. I sat on the foot of the lounger. Bob took the vest and skirt and stood at the head of the lounger holding her clothes.

There is a difference in the way bobs wife is laying and my wife. When we brought her back to the lounger we laid her down and put her legs on the lounger. My wife is in the same position as before. Not flat reclined but slightly raised at the head. She has both feet off the chair pussy wide open completely naked.

Short guy kneeled beside my wife's hip. He took his left hand and placed it over her left tit. He paused. He then started slowly dragging his hand across her chest. As his palm crossed her nipple he did the same as beer belly to bobs wife. He caught her nipple between his middleft fingers squeezed and pulled as he slowly crossed. My wife has bigger tits so he held on longer. When his hand reached the other tit he released her tit. Is bounces back to place. My wife's eyes opened. She looks at me then short guy as he starts doing the same to her right tit. Bigger tits took longer. As her released her tit jiggled back in place. My wife spoke startlingly them. She smiled and slurred quote, " you guys may won this bet but I won the rest". Eyes back closed. We all stood there quiet. I asked my wife if she was OK. No response.

We took a pause. I asked again, nothing. So short guy started at her chest and ran his hand down to her right hip. He looked at me and said her legs are open, I will touch more than before. I paused. I believe my wife is awake. I said OK but keep you hand flat. He started at the very top of her thigh and started across. Rather than stay on her public mound he turned his hand and slowly rubbed across her pussy. Her left leg did tense. Short guy stood up saying that's the softest tits and pussy he's ever felt. Beer belly kneeled. He did the exact same, maybe slower, motion across her chest. She did not move. He did the same motion and placement across her pussy. He actually looked to apply more pressure as he slowly crossed. He completed and stood agreeing to the softness.
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