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Old 10-02-2014, 10:58 PM
MickGesitt MickGesitt is offline
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Default Length

Originally Posted by Dayjib View Post

One thing you did touch on, the match length. I know you weren't knocking it, but that was one thing I was concerned about; is it long enough. Maybe I'm just a perfectionist in a way. I dunno.
The length was fine... (well that's clearly an innuendo). It may have been a little short but it worked perfectly... (I'm gonna stop now). This is only the first chapter. The first match of the story doesn't need to be a long and drawn out Match of the Year Candidate. You accomplished everything you needed to. You established both of your characters and their mindsets and you inflicted enough punishment on Bayley that it was believable that she couldn't fight back when Sasha was stripping her. Plus, it kind of fit Sasha's style. I'm not knocking her but I don't feel like she's quite on Paige or Charlotte's level. Its not the size, its how you use it. You used it perfectly...(I'm not apologizing for that one).
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Old 10-02-2014, 11:02 PM
Dayjib Dayjib is offline
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Originally Posted by MickGesitt View Post
The length was fine... (well that's clearly an innuendo). It may have been a little short but it worked perfectly... (I'm gonna stop now). This is only the first chapter. The first match of the story doesn't need to be a long and drawn out Match of the Year Candidate. You accomplished everything you needed to. You established both of your characters and their mindsets and you inflicted enough punishment on Bayley that it was believable that she couldn't fight back when Sasha was stripping her. Plus, it kind of fit Sasha's style. I'm not knocking her but I don't feel like she's quite on Paige or Charlotte's level. Its not the size, its how you use it. You used it perfectly...(I'm not apologizing for that one).
Side note completely here; I think Sasha is MILES better than Charlotte. I think she's super overrated and her only great match was against Nattie, who could wrestle a great match against a broom.

But my opinions on Charlotte is another story for another time.
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Old 10-02-2014, 11:08 PM
MickGesitt MickGesitt is offline
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Default Broom

WWE would probably make her put the broom over.
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Old 10-02-2014, 11:59 PM
Jack_The_Ripper Jack_The_Ripper is offline
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Really enjoyed your story. I like the idea of using NxT, it's different and it has not been done before. I'm big fans of both Sasha and Bayley, because they both play their characters really well and I can't wait to keep reading this story. I'm excited that we may be getting stories from you and 1993wwe this weekend. Keep it up!
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Old 10-03-2014, 12:43 AM
1993wwe 1993wwe is offline
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Yeah, great work Dayjib. Amazing start to your story and an enjoyable read. Excited to see NXT getting some love, especially the consistently underappreciated Bayley. I'm certainly going to be following this story and can't wait to see what you have in mind.
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Old 10-03-2014, 09:25 PM
DoctorOhno DoctorOhno is offline
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So 1993 and the guys at DoctorRipper all like this story? Seems like you're an immediate success, Dayjib! I really love how you chose something that wasn't being done. Looking forward to see the progression of Bayley and Sasha as well as other characters like Becky Lynch and Charlotte in the future.
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Old 10-08-2014, 02:24 PM
Dayjib Dayjib is offline
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Just heads up, sorry about the claim last time that I could get another chapter out by the weekend, I was punching way above my weight in terms of time; work, uni, and general life stuff sorta got in the way. However, I will most certainly have something written either tonight or tomorrow night; I have pretty much a blank slate of time so I can get it done.
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Old 10-09-2014, 10:29 PM
Dayjib Dayjib is offline
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NXT: Proving whose BO$$. Chapter 2

Last week, the NXT universe was shocked by the actions of Sasha Banks, after she stripped and humiliated her opponent Bayley after losing her match. The NXT locker room and Full Sail crowd have been talking none stop about this act all week; some take the side that the actions of the self proclaimed Boss of NXT were completely unacceptable, some even to the point of calling for her suspension or release, whilst others have stood by the argument that she was simply displaying where she stands, and her actions were a justified showcase of her new attitude aimed at dominating the NXT women's division. One thing is for sure though what Sasha Banks did has sent massive shock waves throughout NXT and the WWE universe at large; NXT became the most watched show on the Network this week by a huge margin, and there is even an indication of a fairly significant increase in Network buys, which certain people have directly attributed to Sasha stripping Bayley, with people watching intently to see what she is going to do next. It is also important to note that as of the start of this weeks NXT, no one has heard or seen from Bayley, with the majority of people backstage being unable to blame her wanting to hide away.

The show opens with the major talking point among the crowd still being Sasha Banks leaving Bayley exposed in her Bra and Thong. Nothing like this has ever happened before, and everyone wants to know what is going to happen next; this is truly unknown territory. Would the General Manager William Regal issue any punishment against Sasha? Will Sasha continue in her attempt to exert her dominance over the NXT divas? Will Bayley show her face after her total humiliation? All these questions and more were on the minds of the people of Full Sail university. It is because of this, that the appearance of an old NXT graduate was met with a much more antagonistic response than she would usually receive. To start this weeks episode, Summer Rae's music hits, and is instantly met with extremely loud boo's; more due to the frustration of the crowd possibly not getting an answer to there questions than anything else. The as always picture perfect Summer confidently sauntered out to the ramp, and for a split second was taken aback by the unusually harsh response from the crowd, before brushing it off and continuing her return to the NXT arena. Dressed in a pair of black leggings and a pink WWE Courage, Conquer, Cure crop top, it is quite clear that Summer is not here tonight to wrestle, but instead, has been brought in this week to shill the WWE Network (despite the show being watched via the Network) with the added intention of the people backstage being that her appearance in place of Sasha or Bayley being booked may possibly stem the tide of discussion on last weeks incident.

Upon making her way to the ring, Summer Rae was given a microphone to start her promo, however she found herself unable to say a word for a good minute or two, due to the deafening chants of the crowd, crying out "WE WANT BAYLEY!" and a small, but certainly audible section chanting "We Want Sasha!". Summer attempted to wait out the chants, but upon realizing that these chants would not die down however long she waited, decided to just go with her script and hope for the best.

Boy we sure have a rowdy crowd tonight. This is what I love about NXT, real quality wrestling fans watching real quality wrestlers...

Summer paused anticipating a cheer from the crowd; it was an obvious cheap pop comment which would surely get the crowd on her side. This was not to be, the calls for Bayley were still ringing out across the arena. Summer had to slog on to get the crowd away from Bayley here.

Wrestlers like Sami Zayn...

Still the crowd chanted for Bayley

Hideo Itami...

Again the crowd did not respond

The Lucha Dragons

All the crowd wanted was Bayley, and Summer was starting to get desperate

M-Mojo Rawley...Charlotte Flair

Summer was really starting to get flustered now; she really needed to get the crowd to stop caring about Sasha and Bayley, she was specifically ordered by William Regal and HHH themselves to divert attention away from last week. If she couldn't manage this, Summer knew she would be in real hot water backstage. She had to bring out the big guns, a phrase which even this vivacious NXT crowd would not be able to resist chanting with her.

an..and you can watch all of these wrestlers and so much more on the WWE Network, for...$9.99!

Nothing. The crowd did nothing with her. They just kept on chanting "WE WANT BAYLEY!" and "We want Sasha!". Summer was livid, she was given one job to do, and the crowd was giving her no help at all. They didn't even care about her. Did they know what it felt like to go out in front of all these people, only to spectacularly crash and burn? Did they realize how bad this was for Summer's career in WWE? This could bury her completely in the eyes of the WWE and NXT hierarchy. At this point, Summer decided to give up on the script, and just let her frustration out on the crowd; they had already ruined the segment for her, so what other harm could Summer do to herself now. At least she knew what she was about to say next would get a response from the crowd

Boy, you guys really want to see Bayley. I would have thought all you perverts saw enough of her last week; her tiny undies left very little to the imagination.

That garnered a response from the crowd, a shocked "ooohhh" echoed through the arena. Summer grinned to herself; she had finally gotten their attention, and she wasn't going to let it slip away again.

By the way Bayley, super surprised at your choice of underwear; a bra and thong, I really would have expected some 8 year olds pair of My Little Pony panties from someone as "SPECIAL" as you. And as for Sasha, I find it cute that you want to be the Queen Bee around here, my little sidekick, trying to make it up in the world. So yeah, buy the Network, you never know what you'll see here in NXT; you might get to see a rat faced b*tch steal a big crybabies clothes. But remember, when you are done with these silly, ugly little girls, keep tuning into Raw if you want to see a real woman, like me.

This triade of abuse from Summer aimed towards Sasha and Bayley left the NXT crowd completely stunned; they didn't know whether to boo or cheer, and ended up in a state of complete silence. A silence which did not last long, as it was broken by the theme music of Sasha Banks. She marched out with authority dressed in her set of White shorts and Black top, decorated with diamante, and her leather coat, with diamante again generously applied, spelling out the letters "SB" in the middle where the two sides of the zip meet, and BO$$ on the back. Sasha was met with what can decisively be named a mixed reaction; a third of the crowd booed her mercilessly for what she did to Bayley, another third cheered her with extreme gumption because of her new attitude, and the final third were caught between the two sides and unable to chose which they agreed with more. In any case, the arrival of the BOSS certainly picked things up to another level. Upon entering the ring, Sasha came face to face with Summer, and aggressively sn*tched the microphone from her hands.

Wow, those are some strong words Summer. Where did you get the confidence to speak so abubtlly? Was it when you slept with that Dancer to worm yourself onto Raw? Or when you acted all hot and heavy with that old hag Layla to keep yourself relevant after loverboy dumped you? Or was it when you were filming your stellar performance in the Straight to Discount bin hit "Marine 4"? Oh, and as always, good to see you Summer.

Summer responded to this only with a less than subtle fake chuckle, before getting another microphone from the outside area

Oh look at you, acting like a big shot. Isn't that adorable? I remember when I took you under my wing, you were a chronic loser, you were a goody two shoes, and absolutely no one knew or cared who you were, on your way to getting the infamous future endeavors quote. And now look at you, thinking you can hang with the big girls because you are something in the minor leagues. Well keep reaching for the stars kid, even though you'll never be good enough for Raw, never stop trying anyway.

Hmm, that's funny Summer, I don't remember you doing anything like I did last week; I left Bayley a humiliated crying mess, and gave the whole world a look at her exposed body. Maybe if you would have done the same thing with Paige and Emma you could have been something more than the valet you are today

Phhh, Please. You're taking pride in making Bayley cry? Give me a break; Bayley cries when you tell her robots and her little toys are stupid, so forgive me if I don't think humiliating and making her cry is a big achievement

The tension at this point was at breaking point, the two former friends were inches away from each others faces, glaring into each others eyes. The crowd anticipated this, and pretty much everyone in the arena was on the edge of there seat, just waiting for the situation to explode.

Well, maybe I shouldn't end it at her then...

Instantly after saying this, Sasha punched Summer Rae hard across the face, sending her sprawling to the floor. The Trauma Queen then followed suit by unzipping her leather jacket and throwing the garment hard at Summer Rae, before then delivering a flurry of stomps on the downed Summer Rae. Summer had no intention of fighting tonight and was completely unprepared for this assault; all she could do was cover up as best she can, until she finally saw a small opening; a momentary pause in Sasha's attack. Instantly, Summer rolled out of the ring, before attempting to run away.

This plan was not the most effectively conceived plan however; Summer was already in a lot of pain, and once she rolled out of the ring, Summer found herself on the floor struggling to get up. She did manage to reach her feet, her body bent over hanging on to the guard rail; unfortunately for Summer, Sasha Banks had caught up to her by this point, and delivered a stiff knee right into her stomach, severely winding Summer Rae, causing her legs to give way, making her crumple back down on the ground. Sasha continued the assault by tugging at Summers luscious golden locks, bringing out a loud screech and forcing her back to her feet; Sasha did not relent however, instead she proceeded to throw Summer face first into the steel ring post, almost completely knocking Summer out.

With her new enemy now in a position with very little power to fight, Sasha looked to the crowd with a smug smile across her face, giving them a knowing look and nodding her head. Sasha bent down to Summer Rae, and pulled off her Courage, Conquer, Cure crop top, exposing her white lace bra; a garment suiting the high maintenance nature of Summer Rae. It wasn't going to end there though, and everyone knew it, not after how far Bayley was stripped last week. Sasha picked up the still extremely groggy Summer Rae, who was still oblivious to her current state of partial undress, and unceremoniously bundled her back into the ring. Once both of them were back inside, Sasha again brought the completely spaced out Summer Rae to her feet, before throwing her shoulder first past the middle turnbuckle into the steel post. This left Summer in a rather compromising position; stuck bent over the middle turnbuckle and barely conscious. Not to let this situation get passed her, Sasha immediately moved to Summers behind and grabbed on to her black leggings. Sasha once again nodded to the crowd, who were going wild at this point, having no positive affinity to Summer Rae, and thus more than happy to see her get stripped. Sasha then started pulling at the leggings with such ferocity that they actually ripped in places before they were fully pulled off, exposing Summers tiny white lace g-string, highlighting that she was indeed wearing a matching set of expensive and sexy lingerie.

This left Summer Rae in an extremely humiliating position; bent over with her toned backside completely exposed in an extremely small g-string. Summer was still too out of it to notice however; this was not something Sasha could accept. No, Summer had to know right now what Sasha had done to her, and feel this ultimate humiliation. So Sasha delivered an extremely hard slap right to Summer's ass; this served as an effective measure to bring Summer back to reality, as the stinging shot brought her back with a jolt. Reaching back to rub her bum, Summer instantly realized her predicament with her tiny lingerie on display, and responded by screaming, and rather indignantly struggling to get out of the gap between the turnbuckles; a feat she managed relatively quickly, but not without a degrading scramble on her part. Once she was free, all Summer could do was cower in the corner; she stated earlier how much of a crybaby Bayley was after she got stripped, but now that it had happened to her, after the world had seen her exposed in her lace bra and g-string, all Summer wanted to do was cry herself.

Sasha had not completed her plan however. Oh no. Bayley was stripped to her Bra and Thong, and that was the start of Sasha's new reign of dominance. If she wanted to let the NXT universe know how serious she was, Sasha knew she had to up the antee. So with this in mind, Sasha grabbed the cowering Summer Rae, before slapping her across the face, and then trapping the distracted woman by wrapping the top and middle ropes around her arms. With Summer know stuck in the ropes, Sasha exited the ring to the other side of the apron, and made her way behind Summer. Once there, Sasha grabbed onto the back of Summer's bra. Summer instantly started to freak out, struggling and shaking her head whilst screaming NO!

You said I made a splash in the minor leagues, but that doesn't make me main roster material. Well then, lets see if an even bigger splash will take me to that level.

Before Sasha could do anything though, the NXT Woman's Champion Charlotte and Bayley's best friend Becky Lycnh came running down the ramp, causing Sasha to retreat into the ring, picking up her jacket, before baiting the two girls into the ring, so that Sasha could roll back out and run away halfway up the ramp. Summer went immediately up to Charlotte on her knees, hands wrapped around the champions waist giving thanks none stop. Summer then proceded to stand up and tried to hug Charlotte again, but instead was met with an extremely hard punch, knocking the already damaged diva completely out in a very revealing positin; on the floor, legs spread and arms to the side.

Don't try and hug me. I didn't do this for a b*tch like you; given half a chance you'd do exactly what Sasha is doing right now. No, I came out now because as NXT Women's Champion, I cannot accept such behavior in my division. Sasha, you seem set on stripping you opponents and enemies at every chance you get; this is meant to be a place of true wrestling, and you are ruining it for us women. So now I am coming after you, for the sake of my division. And trust me when I say I will beat you, and hard, for what you are doing here

Once she said this, Becky Lynch, with pure anger, sn*tched the mic straight from Charlottes hands

Screw the division, or any pure wrestling crap, this is personal between me and you now Ratchet after what you did to my friend. I already talked to GM Regal, and he's agreed to a match next week; Me vs you Sasha. And I don't care if it gets me on your bad side Charlotte, but as soon as a beat you, I'm going to do to you exactly what you did to Bayley and Summer here.

Sasha just looked at the two girls in the ring, her face still showing clear cockiness, before she shouted at them to bring it. Sasha then turned around, and that cocky look turned to one of fear, as if she just saw a ghost. Standing behind her, in casual gear of spandex gym tights and a purple nike top, was the woman she stripped last week, Bayley. Before Sasha could do anything, Bayley had put her in a hug, and then delivered a belly to belly hugplex on the ramp. This was no ordinary hugplex however, as Bayley had held on tight to Sasha's black top, and in the process of completing the hugplex, had pulled the top up. Once she had completed the move, Bayley kept pulling the top despite the struggling Sasha, and eventually managed to pull it off all together. Sasha's purple bra was exposed to the NXT universe, sending the crowd wild. Sasha with a look of pure shock on her face instinctively brought her arms across her chest to hide her bra; this time she was the one humiliated. Not wanting to be seen like this too long, Sasha scrambled to her feet, and quickly put her leather jacket on to cover her top half. All the while Bayley waved the top above her head, before handing it to a young fan in the front row, who she obviously also gave a hug. Sasha looked on at the scene infuriated at being humiliated like this, even for only a few seconds All the while Bayley, Charlotte, and Becky looked on happy at this minor bit of retribution before they could finally defeat and humiliate Sasha, and the crowd goes crazy for such a return from Bayley, chanting a slight variant of there usual favorite chant; tonight chanting "Bayley's gonna STRIP YOU!"

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Old 10-10-2014, 12:55 AM
smjimmie1348 smjimmie1348 is offline
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Default Hey

Wow awesome chapter man just a few questions if you don't mind

1) why did you have summer wear white

2) why did Bayley come back so early

3) the match with Sasha vs Becky will that be under a stipulation like a bra and panties or what not

4) why didn't Bayley try to strip Sasha of her bottoms
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Old 10-10-2014, 01:31 AM
dylandartz dylandartz is offline
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Hey can say can u do that story for me that smjimme can't please
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humiliation, stripping, wwe

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