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Old 05-19-2017, 01:17 PM
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Default Thank you

Originally Posted by bj7769 View Post
there are several reasons. i have shown her in flicker many times and get a kick out of men posting pics of their dick with her pic or tributing her pics with their cum. yes, i like the thought of another man's cum exploding on her pictures. she use to be a HUGE prude, 15 years ago. zero pics. i started snapping a few of her naked when she was drunk,usually on vacation. she would get pissed off at me. hated it. but i still had my pics. i kept at it, nearly always when she drinking. after a few years she mellowed out a bit, i guess got desensitized to it. she still has many days when she not not in mood and will yell NO PICTURES. but for the most part she is cool with it. she has even posed for me naked like model shots, posed fingering herself, fucking herself with dildos, vibrators, all kinds of toys and let me both vid her and take pics of her. this is ALWAYS sober which is really strange i find. it's like she likes it sober , turns her on. one time we were having sex and i told her i showed her picture to another man on the internet. she said..."i don't want to talk about it we will talk about it in the morning." she never mentioned it again. she was stone sober. i was ready to share with her that i'd met a guy on the net and we had traded wive's pictures....ALL of the wives and she never brought it up. so she knows she gets showed. but, she never says...don't show my pictures. she knows. she use to be the biggest prude in the world and has come a long long way. i'd encourage you guys to just start snapping pictures when they drunk if they shy. they get use to it. of course now there are so many nanny cams on the market and programs for the iphone to use it's very easy to get pictures. but, i think the way to do it is with her permission, her involved. it's so much more sexy and fun that way. anybody want to tribute mine let me know! a pic of her below.
if have traded with about 5 guys over the years...100%. full frontals, fucking toys, all of her, and they have shared their wives with me. per gentlemen's agreement we never ever repost these pictures. it's a great thrill being to share your wife fucking herself with a dildo to orgasm in a video with a guy u can trust. there is only one time i found a guy had betrayed the trust years ago and had the pictures removed. you can check sight stats over a million photos are loaded to flicker every day. then there is tumble snapchat, etc. if your wife's face accidentally get's posted somewhere and is not send the first day or two. chances are it will be buried 100,000's of thousands of pictures down in a few weeks. six months later i'd suggest her pictures are long gone...deeply buried. fact is 70% of the pictures on the internet are nudes. cosmo reports 9 of 10 millenial woman take nude photos. they end up somewhere. usually on boyfriends and husbands phones to show to their friends and on down the line.

it is a great thrill and privilege to show my wife nude.
She is stunning!
If you like what you see please say thanks.
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Old 05-21-2017, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Commodore_Cunnilingus View Post
A guy recently sent me a pic of him jacking off looking at a large pic of my wife on his laptop. The sight of his extremely long and thick penis that got hard as a rock, sticking up at the ceiling from looking at my wife's nakedness made me so horny I can't describe it. So hot.

I also imagine teenage guys finding her pics and getting so hard that they have to look at her and jack off-even though she's much older than her they get hard, can't resist jacking off looking at her and moan and ejaculate a big load imagining they're coming deep inside her vagina-this turns me on immensely
The same thing has happened to me. There's no greater thrill than to see a man's erection that's caused by my wife's naked body, especially if it's really rock hard. I have a collection of those kinds of pics that guys have sent me over the years. When I see them, I just have to jack off
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Old 05-21-2017, 09:11 AM
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Default Would love it

Originally Posted by Almost_There View Post
The same thing has happened to me. There's no greater thrill than to see a man's erection that's caused by my wife's naked body, especially if it's really rock hard. I have a collection of those kinds of pics that guys have sent me over the years. When I see them, I just have to jack off
Would love to get those type of photos ...anyone wants to feel free to pm them to me
Life's to short not to have some fun!
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Old 05-21-2017, 10:12 AM
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As several members have said, this is such a complex issue--one which I've spent a lot of time pondering. I guess that the main motivation is that I get to show off what I have. It's kinda like having friends over for dinner and showing them the Ferrari in the garage. (Hotwifing is letting your friend actually drive the Ferrari!) Well-to-do businessmen on an out-of-town business trip sometimes hire escorts to accompany them to dinner so they can show them off. Showing the wife's pics is pretty much the same thing.
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Old 05-22-2017, 08:12 AM
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Default Why do we show?

Why do we show?

Because we know that there are 100s of guys out there who love looking at naked women, scratch 100s and make that tens-of-thousands
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