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Hi to you all. Here is my new story. Hope you like it.



Bowie Styles was the lead singer of the soft rock band BB4. The first B in that name stood for Blonde which what Bowie Styles was. The second B stood for Bowie and the 4 stood for the 4 remaining band members which were all men.

Bowie Styles was the proud, 29 yo blonde lead singer of this band who had 5 top 10 hits the last 2 years which two of them even topped the charts for several weeks. BB4 was the latest sensation in music history and not in the last place because of the blonde bombshell.

The proud blonde stood 6 feet high. She was a very hot and attractive woman. Her curvy body was perfect. Long, strong and firm legs. 2 perfect DD soft and creamy breasts. She had a perfect and beautiful face with high chuck bones that gave her a graceful look. Perfect teeth, beautiful blue eyes and long golden blonde curly locks that dangled around her shoulders and back like a golden flag.

And the most famous part of Bowie Styles was her spectacular sexy ass. Bowie always wore very tight fitting pants. Tight leather pants or really skintight jeans that hugged her voluptuous forms and hugged her thighs and that curvy, solid and big (not fat) buttocks. When Bowie walked by in her tight jeans you could see all the men turn there heads to have a good look at that curvy behind that slowly wiggled from one side to the other when she walked by.

There were lots of men that when they saw that spectacular ass they had to run to a toilet and masturbate there cocks immediately. Her looks and that body and ass were so hot that there cocks were just on fire and are on the edge of exploding.

And Bowie Styles knew she was very hot and sexy. She knew that all the men wanted her and that she just had to sn*tch her fingers and they would do anything for her. She loved beijing a very hot woman and successful rockstar. She loved her life and partied it.

The blonde sex bomb had a relationship with Sunny Harrison the guitar player and songwriter of BB4. When 3 years ago he started this band with 3 of his best friends he needed a lead singer. When one day he was at a club he saw this amazing sexy blonde Bowie showing her sexy ass on the dance floor.

He made his move to get in touch with her and fortunately she liked him. He told her he was planning to have a new band and he still needed a lead singer that he wanted to be a woman. To his joy Bowie told him that she was not only a good dancer but could also act and sing because she went to acting school and played some small parts in musicals.

From the start Bowie Styles was the missing link that now perfectly fitted in his new soft rock band. The big, sexy woman could indeed sing and what was even more important she just knew how to perform. Using her sexy body and sexy low voice this woman became soon the new sensation in pop culture.

The big blonde sexy singer turned out to be an arrogant piece of shit. She knew she had it all and made sure she got everything she could wish for. Proud and arrogant she decided every thing that involved the band. When they would play, where they would have a show and the most important deal how much they got paid.

And Bowie Styles as the "brand mark of the band" made sure she got the biggest piece of the pie. Sunny knew the other band members hated the blonde. They all were jealous at him because he had a relationship with the curvy sex bomb and all wanted to fuck the blonde but her attitude they hated it.

Ok she knew how to give a show and she could sing. But when of stage she was snotty, and handled the other band members like shit. They toured with a big bus trough the country. In the back of the bus she had her own "room". After each show they went for the bus Bowie Styles undressed herself and lay naked on a bed in a closed part of the bus. Only her boyfriend Sunny may come in and the other, jealous members of BB4 herd how Sunny was fucking his goddess.

At other occasions the arrogant blonde ordered a masseuse that gave her a very erotic Tantra massage. And all the way while touring in that bus trough America Bowie lay naked in her "room" of that touring car and was getting fucked or was been spoiled with some other men who had to fill her desires.

But even the other members of BB4 had to admit that this band was a hit machine with a woman that became soon a brand.
On all there 5 hit records and 2 albums on the cover there was a pic of Bowie Styles perfect derriere. Her buttocks were on the album cover of each record. Every time in a really tight jeans of hot leather pants.

BB4 had a lot of fans over the whole world and there were fan clubs. The boys/men that were fans loved their music but all wanted to fuck the big blonde sex symbol. The girls/women all wanted to be as hot, pretty and to have such a tough attitude as their idol.

In every interview Bowie gave, you could she how sure she was of herself. She gave answers with confidence and she played with the journalist. She just knew how to perform and to present herself and the band.

Bowie was a sensation on stage. Every show the band started there was a flashlight that was searching the stage. And than her famous and hot ass came into the light. Cheers from the crowd when they witness there idols butt. Her butt was shown wearing skintight jeans or tight leather pants. In one of BB4 last shows Bowie was wearing an one piece race chicks spandex suite. Her ass in that suite. Oh what a horny sensation!

Today the band got a invitation for a charity show. "Oh people please listen" Sunny announced. "We got this letter from Bono. You know mister U2" "MMM what it says? Bowie replied. "Well he invites us to a charity show he wants to give to race money for Africa. He wants to give a big show in the O2 Arena with all the hot artists of the moment."

"Yes and hot we are hahaha" Bowie replied. "What is it he got to offer? And i mean bucks" the blonde asked. She wiggled her butt towards her boyfriend who was reading the invitation. The other 3 members of the band were very excited that Bono invited the band for this charity.

"Well honey. It is a charity and he just wants us to do it for free". "Eh free? You mean doing a show for nothing? Well hun that is not going to happen. Without BB4 his charity will not succeed. We are todays sensation. And let them pay for it" the arrogant blonde suggested while she placed her hand on her hip and looked with confidence to the others. She had an expression on her face what says: We are the hotshots. Why should they not pay for us?

"Well hun eh" Sunny stumbled. "You know, Cold Play, Bruce Springsteen, Katty Perry and Jody Collins do it for nothing." "What the fuck Sunny, Jody Collins i hate that fucking b*tch!" Bowie replied. "That is such a stupid bimbo! They are gonna pay for us. And they will pay 1 million dollars! Just because we are on the same stage as that fucking nerd Jody fucking Collins" she replied.

Bowie Styles hated the singer Jody Collins a lot. The last two years when BB4 had there 5 hit records Jody Collins was also very successful. She have had 3 hit records and 2 of them were responsible that the singles of BB4 did not reach higher than the second place in the charts.

BB4 was a soft rock group with a very sexy singer. Jody Collins was a singer like Karen Carpenter was in the seventies. Very sweet looking girl. Making very, very sweet love songs sitting behind her piano/wing. The fact that she was such a lovely person that was very innocent really irritated Bowie.

She just had the desire to kick her ass every time she was on the Tv or the internet. She hated the crap she made and she hated the fact that she was also very successful the last two years.

So what Bowie Styles wants that happens. The manager of the band went to Bono and told them their demand. They wanted to have one million dollar to go on stage for this charity event. And to the surprise of the other band members Bono said yes. In the papers the next couple of weeks there was some criticism when the reporters found out that only BB4 got paid to play on the event. And that it would be 1 million dollars.

The news stations said it was a big disagrees. But the fans just were very happy that BB4 and especially Bowie Styles would be part of the charity concert.

Bowie went to her clothing designer when it was public they would be at the concert. Chong a Chinese young woman designed all the clothes for the band. "Hi Chong. I want you to make a jeans for me that is so tight. I want it to be the tightest jeans people ever saw. Can you do that?" asked the blonde. And so Chong went on to make the most sexy jeans ever in history. She liked to be challenged.

One month later it was the big day. The charity concert that U2 arranged was held in a big football stadium. The famous artists all over the world went to the Arena. So did BB4. They were heading in there touring bus towards the stadium.

As always Bowie was laying naked in her private room at the back end of the bus. She was having hot sex with her boyfriend. "OH SUNNY, YES, YES, YES FUCK ME! OH FUCK ME! YES, YES, YES!!! When she had a great fuck they were lying in the bed. "Haha so i told you hun. They would pay to have us. hahaha" the blonde says with an arrogant grin. Sunny said "Oh Bowie your so hot. The fact that we are the only one that get paid. What a sensation. mmm love you. Come here. I want that pussy. haha"

The bus entered the Arena. A lot of fans run towards the bus of BB4. Cheering there names and hope to get a glimbs of there idols. They saw 4 of the members sitting in the bus. Bowie Styles they could not see because she still lay naked on her bed. Touching and stroking herself. She was horny. And the fact that outside the bus thousands of fans were yelling her name while she lay naked on the bed made her so wet.

"mmmm i am gonna give them a show they never will forget." she thought. When the bus got parked in the parking garage of the stadium the four other members went to go backstage. BB4 would have their show in about 4 hours right after the 15 minutes that Jody Collins did perform.

So after a couple of hours extra sleep, a good shower Bowie Styles had to dress for the show. She unpacked the box that she got from her clothing designer Chong. "MMMM Feel that fabric of that jeans. Wander how it feels when i put it on" she thought. After she put on her sexy red thong Bowie put on the new jeans. SWOOOSSSH was the sound when she slowly put her right leg in it. Than her left and she held up the jeans.

"UNNGGGHH, UNGGGGH, OOEEFFF UGGGHH" was Bowie grunting because the jeans was so, so, so unbelievable tight. It was made of elastic material. But it was still hard to get it pulled up her sexy ass. But after a few minutes the jeans were buttoned and she went for a mirror. "HAHAHA OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT." Bowie checked herself in the mirror and she saw this amazing and tight jeans hugging her sexy legs, hips and butt cheeks.

It looked like the jeans was painted on her body. It was so unbelievable tight and sexy. The blonde singer was very satisfied about how sexy she looked. "wow look at my ass!" giggle, giggle "it even turns me on hahahaha." She looked satisfied in the mirror touching her full and firm derriere. "MMM that feels good. giggle, giggle. Than she puts on a very tight white blouse. The top buttons of the blouse stayed open so her sexy double DD big bosom was for all to see. She put on sexy black and low boots and to complete the outfit she puts on a tight fitting leather jacket.

Satisfied she checked herself in the mirror. Her beautiful long blonde hair d****d over her shoulders. Her perfect face that all shows confidence. And her body sexy as hell. "MMM this is gonna be a unforgettable show hi, hi."

When the charity concert was busy for about 3 and an half hours BB4 started to prepare their gig behind the big stage. Other big artists and groups were also behind the stage but they already did their show. Than they saw superstar Bowie Styles entering. "What the fuck, look at that!" some say and other thought. They all saw this spectacular sex bomb entering backstage.

"Hi to you all" the blonde said while she slowly paraded by towards her band members. "What the fuck man, look at that jeans! It looks like it is fucking body painted on her ass. What a horny sight this is". That were remarks of the other artists and people who worked back stage. Nobody could get their eyes off this unbelievable sex object.

"Oh my god Bowie? How did you get that jeans on? haha" was what Sunny asked when he saw his fiancé in this tight outfit. "Well hun it got me some work to get my ass in it. haha but i manage to do so." "Oh baby please turn and let us have a good look". And while the big blonde turned around all the people took a lustful look. The jeans was so unbelievable tight that it looked like her own skin. Only now covered with a print of a fading jeans.

Bowie's long and firm legs were visible. You could see every curve of her shapely legs and thighs. And her wide hips and that round solid ass of hers. The two massive buttocks were separated by the elastic material of the jeans. The material was rising up in her ass crack. And as always her delicious breasts were clearly visible in her tight and half open blouse. Her short leather jacket and low black boots with heels gave her a cool and strong appearance. People gathered around her and some men feel the desire to touch her sexy body.

Bowie was feeling very confident and strong in her outfit. Proud she paraded behind the stage. She could not wait to get up and give a spectacular show. But what was she hearing? "Oh no was is that fucking boring b*tch of a Jody Collins behind her piano?" Yes it was Jody Collins that did her show now. And after her 15 minutes it was to BB4 to do the shows final 15 minutes.

Bowie Styles was just bored with waiting. And she certainly wasn't plan to wait for that boring Jody. So she ordered the members of BB4 to get their instruments and to go on stage by following her. "But Bowie you cannot go there now? Jody Collins is doing her performance now?" Sunny said. "Ha ha you call that a performance? Don't let me laugh. Now just follow me!" the cocky blonde demands.

So while the blonde lead singer wiggled her butt on stage her 4 colleagues followed her. The whole arena that was packed with thousands and thousands of people were surprised that BB4 were entering the stage just after Jody Collins started her 15 minutes of show. "Wow look at that!" a lot of people shouted and thought when they saw the sexy appearance of Bowie Styles.

For the fans that were in the back rows of this big stadium there were placed video screens so they still got to see their idols. And all the people were getting exited to see the most sexy woman in pop culture entering the stage with a jeans that looked like it was printed with paint on her sexy ass. A lot of people start to scant her name. "BOWIE, BOWIE, BOWIE."

At that point Jody Collins who was sitting behind her piano stopped singing and looked what was going on. "What is this?" she thought. "I am just singing my first song and now BB4 is already on stage?" Jody Collins stood up and walked towards the big blonde singer Bowie Styles. "Eh hello, there must be a mistake because i am not ready with my performance yet."

Bowie styles turned towards the small Jody and looked down on her. She had placed her left hand on her sexy hip and with her right hand she held her microphone. "Oh hello miss Jody Collinsssssssssss, i have decided that your boring shit is enough and now we want to play."

The whole arena herd what the beautiful blonde was saying to Jody. And off course did Jody had fans, BB4 was todays sensation. So when they herd the rude comment of Bowie Styles they were surprised but were also thinking that they wanted to see the blonde sex object doing their routine. So half of the arena started to scant for BB4.

"So you hear it you ugly midget. Time to fuck off this stage! hi hi" And arrogant and full of confidence she stared into the public. She also gave the other members the instruction to get to their place behind the drums and guitars.
Oh she was so fucking enjoying the attention she got. She eyed the public and was stroking her cross slightly.

Jody Collins on the other hand did not no what to do. She really was honored that U2 had invite her here to play. And now after just a few minutes this b*tch of a Bowie Styles told her to get lost. Jody had turned around and was planning to go off the stage even tough she really did not want to.

"mmm hahaha look at that poor midget. She is luckily getting off this stage where she not belongs HAHAHA" That was the remark of Bowie who satisfied laughed about Jody. At that point something just snapped. Jody Collins was a very nice woman. And in her younger years before she was a singer she got bullied at school and in her neighborhood for years. It was because she was a shy person and not that big. She was just 5 feet 3 high. Her success as a singer the last two years gave her some more confidence also as the fact that she trained fighting skills the last 5 years.

But now she was letting herself send away by this arrogant blonde??? "No way" she thought. She turned around and walked back on stage towards Bowie Styles. "My god what is she big." was she thinking. When she stood next to the blonde she grabbed a microphone and said: "I am not leave until my 15 minutes of singing is done. So i want you and your band off this stage now!"

Bowie was a bit puzzled of the reaction of this small woman. She turned towards her and looked down on her. Than she said "what the fuck are you thinking. If i order you to leave the stage than you leave the stage. Is that clear?" Jody responded by telling Bowie to get off the stage now or she would force her.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA Do you hear that people. This midget and bad singer to my opinion wants me to get off the stage and if i don't go she will force me. Can you believe that? HAHAHAHA. Bowie paraded on stage showing all her fans her hot sexy body and that horny ass of hers in that tight jeans that was hugging her body.

In the arena 80 percent started to laugh and giggle. The big blonde wiggled her butt towards Jody again and said to her. "So if i reject to leave this stage what is it you gonna do about this?" Jody was really impressed by this big woman. She was scared of her. This Bowie Styles was not only very sexy and pretty but she looked very strong too. But Jody was so mad now that she just took the risk to get into a fight with this much bigger and stronger woman.

"Bowie Styles if you do not leave this stage i will force you. And i will force you to kick your ass!" "HAHAHAHA You kicking my ass??? Don't let me laugh. hahahaha" And with her microphone in her hand Bowie spoke to the public. " Fucking Jody says she will kick my ass if i do not leave the stage. Can you imagine? hahahaha" 80 percent of the arena started to laugh.

Behind the stage U2 wanted to interfere but the guards that were around the stage prevented that because they just wanted to see this show. If this would come to a fight a lot of people in the stadium were looking forward to see the sexy Bowie kicking some ass. Even if it was poor Jody's.

"So you think you can kick my ass? haha mmm well why don't you try?" The blonde stood in front of her smaller opponent and looked to her boyfriend. She gave him a wink. The blonde slowly turned around and than bended herself. Her solid and sexy ass was pushed back. And at that moment she slowly, slowly started to wiggle her ass from the left to the right. What a fucking sexy sight this was. That horny butt pressed back while she wore a jeans that rose up in her ass crack.

And while she slowly wiggled her butt standing before Jody she spoke in the microphone; "Kick my ass, kick my ass, kick my ass giggle, giggle." Bowie enjoyed giving the people a show by moving her ass in front of Jody. Jody looked at that big, solid behind of the blonde. Than she decided it was enough. And to the shock of the stadium and not the least Bowie she gave her a hard slap on her well shaped behind.

PAAAAATTTTTTTTSSSSSSSSSS! "Huh, AAAAAAUUHHH" Was what Bowie did while she jumped up of the ass spanking she got. "What the fuck how dare you to spank me? So you wanna fight? You can get one." And with that saying the blonde singer put off her leather jacket and role her sleeves up. The thousands of fans were cheering her name while she prepared herself to fight.

The blonde was getting very exited and aroused. Hearing all these people cheering her name. Now she was gonna kick Jody Collins ass in front of the Arena and 200.000 million people who watched the show live on television and the internet. She was thinking of the ass whooping she had in mind for small, irritating Jody.

Jody Collins on the other hand was getting a bit nervous. It felt great to slap that arrogant blonde on her fat ass. But now Bowie Styles was preparing to fight her. And one thing was for sure. This blonde b*tch was big and very impressive. She was worried that the blonde would beat her up.

It sure was a big contrast. The sexy, curvy blonde standing eye to eye with the much smaller and slimmer Jody. The two women were having there fists in front of their body and everybody was curious what would come next. SWOOOSHH, SWOOOSH Bowie swung her right arm towards her smaller opponent trying to hit her on the face. Jody avoid the swinging arm as she also did when the blonde rock chick followed with her left fist that swung towards her.

Than Jody took a step towards her bigger foe and punched her right fist fully in the unprotected belly of the blonde. "FFFOOOEEEEE!!!" was what the sexy blonde mumbled while the air was hit out of her lungs. She grabbed her painful belly and her sexy derriere was pushed back for all to see. Jody walked by her opponent after she hit her in the belly. And again she slapped the well shaped behind of her foe. PPPAAAATTTTTTSSSSS!!!

The camera in the stadium was filming the slap on the blondes ass. It was hot to see that curvy ass taking the blow. It was shaking when the hand slapped the flesh of that delicious ass. Bowie Styles jumped up again and grabbed her sore ass with both hands while she had a stupid grin on her face.

The face of the blonde was blushing red. Now this irritating midget had slapped her twice on her behind. This was not what she had in mind of how this fight would go. Bowie turned towards her rival and was massaging her curvy ass. "Oh you irritating b*tch! Now i am so done with you!" she screamed and took two big steps towards Jody and wanted to punch her face.
Jody saw the punch coming. She blocked the right fist of the blonde and responded by giving her rival a hard punch on the face.

"UNNNNGGGGGH!" screamed Bowie while her head snapped back of the blow. And when the blonde grabbed her painful nose Jody walked around her foe and again slapped Bowie's sexy and curvy behind. PAAAATTTTTSSSSS! "RHAAHHAHAAA this is so irritating!" Bowie yelled. She wanted to beat the shit out of Jody Collins but until now it was herself that was looking like a total fool.

With her red face of anger and frustration the blonde attacked Jody again. Her arms were in front of her and she wanted to grab the smaller woman by her neck. Jody grabbed her bigger rivals right arm and twisted Bowie Styles arm behind her back. It was a hilarious sight to see the stunned expression on the sexy blondes face. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open while her arm was grabbed and turned behind her back.

"AAHHAHAHAAHA, AUW, AUW" was what she screamed when her arm was twisted behind her back. Than Jody placed her right foot on her rivals ass crack and shoved the blonde forward. KLLINNNGG, KLAANNG, KLONNNGGG! The sexy well shaped singer landed with her head first on the drum kit that was on the stage. After her fall she hang with her body over the drum kit. Her sexy ass pointing in the air while her face was in the crotch of the drummer of BB4.

"HAHAHAHHAHAHA" there was this wall of sound that came from all the thousands of people that were in the stadium. When the fight started everybody was expecting to see that Jody Collins would get her ass whipped. But until now the blonde was the one that was looking like a rag doll at the hand of Jody Collins.

"Hahahaha" Jody was laughing too. She saw her rivals ass pointing in the air while she lay over a drum kit. She herd her opponent grunting while she had it difficult to stand up. To her surprise until now she was the one that was kicking some ass.

It cost her some efforts but finally Bowie stood again. Her face was red not only of rage but also of shame. She had herd the laughter in the stadium and she knew that she had to do something now or she would be finished.

With much less confidence she attacked her smaller rival. Swinging her arms again trying to punch her foe. But Jody ducked every punch and responded by giving the blonde hard punches to her big breasts. With every punch the full bosom of Bowie took a hard blow. The blondes tits were shaking from the left to the right every time when the smaller singer hit her big, creamy soft tits.

What a spectacular sight this was. The bigger sex bomb with her big and solid body was getting hard body punches from her smaller foe. The big tits of the blonde shook and shake and jiggled while they were punished by a raging Jody.

Than Jody finished her series of punches with a hard drop kick on the blondes chest. "WWHWHHAAAAAAAA!" screamed the blonde while she got kicked on the chest. With swinging arms she fell back wards. PLUUMMMPPPPPPP, KLLAAANNGGG, KLINNGGG!" was the sound when she landed on her big butt after she fall over some instruments and a big sound system.

"HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA" Again all most all the people in the stadium were laughing while the blonde was getting her ass kicked by "nerdy" miss Collins. But there were also a lot of fans of BB4 that were speechless. Bowie Styles was their idol and a symbol of confidence, sex and power. They just could not believe what they were looking at? Their idol was getting her ass kicked on stage by fucking Jody Collins???

"OOHHOHO" Bowie did not know for a moment where she was. The kick on her chest had made her groggy also because the hard landing she had on her ass between all these instruments. She had it difficult to stand up. But finally she managed and was whipping her pants off and was starting to panic.

She was breathing heavy of all the efforts she did to kick her rivals butt. Her body was wet because she was sweating. She felt her sweat all over her body. In her ass crack and on her forehead. She was totally out of breath and a sweaty mess. Jody Collins on the other hand was still in the same shape when this fight started.

"I must do something to stop this or i will be finish." Was what the blonde thought. So again she desperately attacked her now smiling rival. "RRRHHAAHAA I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!" She screamed. Bowie wanted to kick her foe fully on her chest. Just as Jody did to her. So she swung her sexy right leg towards her smaller rival.

RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! "HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" When Bowie tried this high kick she swung her leg high up in the air. That was something the so unbelievable tight jeans could not take. So when her right feet was at the highest point (she did not manage to hit her foe) the tight jeans ripped in the back. "UUULLMMMPPP???" was the shocking sound the blonde made while she herd her jeans rip.

She grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and looked over her shoulders to see what the damage was. The blonde looked like a total fool. Her legs were pressed together and she had her hands on her well shaped behind while she was checking the state her jeans was in while she had a look on her face of total shock and panic.

"Seems like you have a problem" Jody noticed with a big grin on her face. The four other members of BB4 were on the stage too and they were looking with open mouth what Jody was doing with their tough and cocky lead singer. Sunny was blushing too. It was his hot fiance and the icon of their band that was looking like a total fool at this charity concert followed by millions of people.

The sexy blonde stood on the stage with her mouth open. Her face showed an expression of total shock and disbelieve. She stood with both hands on her bottoms. Her jeans had ripped open in the back and Bowie felt a cold breeze trew the big rip in the backside of her jeans. Jody Collins went on by kicking her rivals ass. "HIIIIAAAA" with a hard karate kick she kicked the stupefied blonde fully between her legs.

"OOOOOHHHHOOOO" Screamed the arena when Jody's point of her right shoe deeply penetrated in the arrogant blondes crotch. "UUNNNNFFFFFHHHHH" was the only thing that came out of Bowie her mouth while she grabbed her painful cxnt.
She stood on the stage both hands on her crotch and her famous ass pushed backwards. Her butt was in full view and because she bends so deep the jeans continued ripping. "RRRRIIIIIIPPPP"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" the laughter in the arena was hysterical. It was just such a stupefied image seeing the once self confident, arrogant blonde looking so stupid while she got her ass whopped by small Jody.

The smaller singer followed her kick by giving the hot blonde hard and powerful blows on her nose. She gave three fast fist punched with her right fist on her rivals face. "UNNGGH, UNNNGGH, UNNGGGH" were the sounds Bowie made while her head was snapped back by the three blows on her face. Her arms were swinging to her sides and she walked back a few passes by moving backwards as a drunken sailor.

Bowie Styles fell backwards but before she would lay outstretched on the floor her fiance Sunny protect her from falling. He had his dazed girlfriend in his arms and shouted "what the fuck are you doing stupid cow! you really need to get a grip on yourself and beat the shit out of Jody or we will be finished! You understand!!! And he pushed his hot girlfriend up and towards Jody again.

"Whaa, whwwyyy?" was what came out of the blondes mouth. She was totally disorientated and dazed of the ass whipping she have had. And now she was pushed towards her rival she wobbled on her sexy legs and was dizzy. So when she was at Jody Collins range the small woman grabbed the blonde by her right arm and judo tossed her over her shoulder.

"HHHAAAAAAAAAHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" the curvy blonde screamed in surprise while she was lithely flipped upside down. Her heels were in the air while her head was just a few inches from the floor. The blonde made a turnaround of 180 degrees and landed flat on her big ass and back on the stage. "UUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG"

The arena went wild. There were a lot of fans of BB4 that were watching the fight with open mouth. They just could not believe what was happening here? Their idol. Always a very self confident and big woman. Was getting ass whipped??? But there were also a lot of men and women who were ecstatic and aroused of what was going on on stage. This fight looked like a total mismatch. And it was but not in the way as you would expect.

Bowie Styles lay flat on her back. She felt a terrible pain in her back and ass of this unbelievable blow she just made on the stage. Now she felt how Jody grabbed her ankles and was folding her double. Jody folded Bowie's sexy legs. Bowie Styles her feet were next to her head while her sexy ass turned upwards while she was lithely folded double!!!

"RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PPPPP!!!" the tight jeans could not take the pressure and was getting totally ripped. It ripped in the back. It ripped in her crotch and it even ripped at the sides. This because of the blondes curvy figure pushing against the material while she was folded double. What a sight this was. The hot blonde lay with her sexy ass upwards. Her ass was shown because she just wore a tiny red thong. The jeans hang a bit around her legs as flared and torn paper.

"HAHAHAHA your just a stupid weak cow. Your such a joke" was Jody telling to the shocked blondes face while she had her pulled under her body. The blondes arms lay outstretched on the stage and her ass was upturned and her face was between her ankles. The blonde was mumbling and just was in total shock.

Jody let go of Bowie's legs so the blonde lay outstretched aging. Than the smaller singer grabbed the blondes blouse and started to yank at it. The bigger blonde was yanked over the floor while Jody was tearing at her blouse. "OOHHOO LEAVE THAT OOOH" she screamed while the sexy blonde was yanked in circles by Jody who had a firm grip on her blouse.

After Bowie was circled three times over the stage by a mad Jody who tore at her blouse the blouse ripped. "RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, HHHAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!" the blouse ripped completely off the sexy blondes body and this causes the blonde to fall backwards while her blouse was ripped off.

"KLIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG, KLLLLLLLLAAAAAANNNNNNGGGG!!!" With her big butt the blonde fell backwards between a group of standing guitars. "HAHAHAHAHA" the people in the arena could not recover from laugher. "HAHAHA LOOK AT HER STUPID FACE HAHAHA" And is sure was a stupid sight to see the goofy look on the blonde who lay outstretched with her legs spread on the stage. Only wearing her red thong and matching bra and her boots.

Clumsily and slow with a lot of grunting the big blonde managed to stand up. Her body was allover wet from her sweat. Her blonde hear was a sweaty mess and to her horror she only was wearing her underwear!?

Bowie saw all these people pointing and laughing at her. This could not be true. I am the cool singer. How could small Jody Collins kick my ass??? She looked over her shoulder to her band members. They were all speechless. She saw the shock in Sunny's eyes. No this cannot be true. And in rage she run towards Jody Collins.

Jody saw the big blonde coming towards her making big steppes. Gone was her fear for this stupid bimbo. She knew now she was much stronger and a much better fighter than that fat cow of a Bowie Styles. She again grabbed the blondes right arm and judo tossed her again over her shoulder.

"WWWHHHHHAAAAA??? BANG" flat on her ass again. "unnnnggg" the blonde tried to get on her feet again. Her sexy ass pointing in the air. Her back unprotected. At that moment Sunny unhooked the blondes bra. When the raging blonde was finally on her feet. She tried an attack. "BAAANGGGG" And again the smaller woman judo tossed the rock chick upside down and letting her end her journey on her well shaped behind. "PPPUUMMMPP".

"huh, where is my bra?" was what Bowie said while she find out she lay outstretched on her back with no bra on!!! The crowd went wild they saw the sexy big, creamy tits of the blonde exposed.

Bowie tried to get up. She was on her hands and knees. Her ass pointing upwards. She breathed heavily and her muscles were burning. She was just not capable to stand up again. The smaller woman had beat the shit out of her and all her spirit was just broken. Than Jody went for her thong. She grabbed the waistband of the tiny red thong. Hooked her fingers around the thin waistband of the blondes tiny red thong. And slowly lowered the material over the rock chicks ass.

Bowie gasped for air when she felt that her thong was lowered over her curvy behind. She felt how her womanhood got exposed. She was in total shock and started to breath heavily. Her thong was lowered over her shapely, sexy legs and finally it came off with the last rests of her ripped jeans.

The arena went wild again. "Does somebody wants to have the dirty panties of Bowie Styles?" Jody yelled and when the public all screamed they wanted to have it she tossed them into the public.

Jody grabbed Bowie by her long blonde hair and forced her to sit on her knees. Her naked tits and bald pussy were for all to see. Bowie Styles watched at the public while she was a the mercy of her small rival. It just was to much for her. She started to cry like a little baby. The famous tough rock chick Bowie Styles was turned into a weeping little child.

"Oh little baby. Now you don't have such a big mouth anymore is it?" And with that saying Jody gave the blonde a few slaps on her exposed derriere. "Now stand up you big sack of shit" she ordered the blonde. Bowie stood up. Exposed, humiliated and not able to take a look at all these people who laughed about her. Her face was beet, beet red of shame.

"You still want to sing miss Styles?" Jody asked while she had grabbed a microphone. The big blonde just stood there with her hands trying to cover her womanhood and her big breasts. "I asked you something you stupid bimbo?" Bowie's spoke in a soft voice and was saying she did not want to sing anymore.

"Than you don't belong on the stage you shit bag" and with that saying Jody grabbed Bowie's right arm, forced it behind her back and placed her right feet in the exposed ass crack of Bowie. Than she shoved the blonde forward.

"Whaahaaaaaaiieeeee!" the big, once proud woman got shoved forward. And with swooshing arms and a stupid expression on her face she took a few big uncontrolled and clumsy steps and with jiggling ass and tits she fell over the drum kit again.

"KKIIIINGGGGG, KLLAAANNNGG!!!" "Hahahahahahahaha the whole arena laughed and pointed at the humiliated blonde who lay outstretched over this drum kit. Her naked white ass upturned and exposed to the public while her upper body lay over the instrument. Her arms and legs lay limp and she looked extra ridiculous because she still wore her boots.

The small Jody took Bowie Styles microphone who was small at the top. And to the laughter of the crowd she shoved the microphone in Bowie Styles anus!!! While the once arrogant blonde lay over the drum kit she felt to her horror that a microphone was pushed into her tiny pooping hole! Her eyes widened and her mouth fell open of total shock.

She just lay there over the drum kit. Not capable of moving anymore. She was frozen and in total shock. Jody Collins than came back with a black marker. She walked to her defeated foe and was writing something on Bowie Styles famous and now exposed ass.

When she finished the writing the stadium erupted with pleasure and laughter. There the once cocky and arrogant Bowie Styles lay totally naked and with a microphone stuck in her ass. While on her left ass cheek was written: BB and on her right ass cheek: OUT! The four other members off BB4 were standing on the stage with stupefied faces.

Jody Collins who was very satisfied of what she did to the blonde went on singing again while the blonde lay there in a humiliated pose and not able to move anymore. Just her mouth hanging open and eyes of what the fuck had just happen to me???

A few days later Jody Collins new single came out and it was called: "I kicked someones ass" It was clear who's ass it was. The number went to number one in the charts and the money that was earned with it went to the charity. So after all it was not bad hiring BB4 for one million because the charity and the single "I kicked someones ass" razed millions and millions for the good case.

Needless to say that after that day BB4 did not existed anymore. Bowie Styles married a rich producer and never wanted to be in the spotlights again. The other members off BB4 continued there carrier in music but they just stayed behind the scene out of the spotlights.

Bowie Styles vs Jody Collins was a very unexpected outcome indeed.
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Default Love it!

Great story!
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