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Old 05-10-2017, 11:54 AM
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Default Image totally ruined

Hi people, here my new story. I hope you like it.


Frank was a middle aged guy. He lived with his wife Susan in London. He had a nice job and two lovely teenage daughters. But all tough he had a good live he missed excitement. And the main thing he missed was good sex. Frank his wife Susan was a middle aged blonde woman. She was 5 feet 4 high and she had a good figure. Her breasts were ok and he liked her booty but Susan was just not that exciting in bed.

She did not have any extreme fantasies as he did. Frank fell in love with his wife because she had a good character. She was very charming and she looked ok. But while the years went by he got to explore his fantasies more and more. Frank normally loved bigger women. Not fat but women who had curves on the right places.

He also loved women to be cocky and having an attitude. He liked big confident women who were bossy and not afraid to give there opinion. Frank served the internet in the weekends and all ways he googled "big, confident woman". One afternoon he came on a website that belongs to S&M Mistress Victoria. From the first picture he saw from her he fell in love.

S&M Mistress Victoria was a 5 feet 9 high curvy redhead. She looked amazingly hot in her tight leather outfit. On her feet she wore black stiletto heels. An unbelievable black tight leather pants that showed the curvy legs of the hot Mistress. She wore a leather top that pushed against the full, round breasts of the redhead. And she had a beautiful face that had an expression of total confidence. And she had beautiful long, curly red hear that fell over her shoulders.

In her hand she had a small whip. And leaning on one of her impressive hips she watched arrogantly in the camera. Frank checked her site and he read what S&M was all about. And for the first time in his live he knew that he found something that he knew was the missing link in his sex life. Susan was such a sweet woman. But shy and all ways very understanding. But what Frank wanted was an arrogant, dominant lady that would order and comment him what to do.

He was masturbating while he thought how S&M Mistress Victoria was commanding him to sit on his knees while all his clothes were off. He was fantasizing about her whipping his naked ass and say what a stupid idiot he was. She was taking his erect cock in her hands and squeezed it and saying he was a worthless peace of shit.

S&M Mistress Victoria had a successful business he noticed the following day. He wanted to make an appointment to have a session with Victoria and he had to talk to her assistant miss Sara. Sara an older woman told him that she was booked for the next couple of weeks but that he could make an appointment for the end of the month. So he did and he was counting the days.

Finally it was the day and he went to her S&M studio that was based near the docks. VIctoria's assistant Sara, who was a small older lady opens the door and ordered him to wait while the mistress was getting herself ready for the session. After a couple of minutes the door opens and in the doorway he saw the woman of his dreams.

There she stood. Standing on her killer heels she was more than 6 feet high. Looking so confident and hot. Mistress Victoria. She was leaning with one hand on her hips and ordered him to follow and told her assistant Sara that appeared to be her mother to bring them some drinks. While she turned around Frank his cock was rising in his pants. He saw the most sexy and horny ass he ever saw. Mistress Victoria had a big, curvy ass that was pushed into this so tight leather pants that her two buttocks were separated by the tight leather.

When she slowly walked in front of him he saw that big butt wiggle up and down in a leather pants that rose up in her ass crack. He also was hypnotized by the long red curly hair that was d****d over her back. In her hand she wore this small whip.

Victoria turned around and watched him up and down. "So you little man. What brings you to my studio?" And she walked up to him and pressed her impressive bosom in his face and looked down on him. She smirked and told him he was a stupid peace of shit. "Now you dumb piece of shit. Take your clothes off". "eh what you mean ehhh" " Are you deaf? take your clothes off". She screamed.

And Frank started to undress himself. Than he stood naked in front of the arrogant Victoria. "Now on your hands and knees" WACK, WACK, WACK the mistress was whipping his naked ass with her small whip. Victoria was enjoying the control she had on her clients. It made her horny as well.

Victoria beat the shit out of Frank that afternoon. His ass was whipped purple and the mistress also used nipple clamps on his nipples and put handcuffs on. She also used a ball gag. He had to crawl on hands and knees and he had to eat dog food. She humiliated him and it made him so horny.

But when he suffered all this she un cuffed Frank and he may feel her sexy curvy body in that hot leather outfit. She stood with her legs wide in front of him. "So Frank you like me huh. Well honey you deserved to feel my sexy body. This is your chance dear." OHH MMM and he slowly glide his hands over the well shaped thighs and buttocks of the curvy redhead. He felt her ass crack and he slowly massaged her crotch.

"Enough down there. Stand up and massage my tits you stupid piece of shit" "Ok mistress i will do that and he massaged her tits. Than Frank wanted to unzip her leather pants. "Leave that! This is your first visit. If you want to undress me than you have to come back a couple of times more you foolish dick."

So to his shame it stayed with a massage of her sexy body that afternoon. When he got dressed again and he was feeling the pain of the torture all over his body the mistress whispered in his ear. "mmmm and Franky boy. I bet you don't get this at home mmmm hihihi? Btw do you have a pic of your worthless wife?"

"Eh well i do Victoria. This is her" And he showed the pic of his decent wife Susan. "HAHAHAHAHA What a laugh. I can imagine that you come to visit me. MMMM what a piece of shit this wh*r* is. Did she ever spread her legs for you Frank? Or did she ever spread her legs at all? HAHAHAHA" "MMM you know Frank. Why don't you bring this small lady of you into here?

"Why should i do that he responded?" " Well Frank than i can beat the shit out of her! hahahaha" And triumphantly she turned her sexy booty around. And Frank watched this hot, sexy and curvy woman walking back into her S&M studio wiggling that sexy ass of hers in that tight, tight leather pants.

Victoria was very satisfied and very proud of herself. She started to be a S&M Mistress 2 years ago. And in the scene she got very popular and her fans called her "the legend". She was running a very successful business. And Victoria saw herself as a very successful business woman. Her mother Sara that worked for her as an assistant was also very proud of her daughter. Victoria was "the legend". The most wanted S&M Mistress of the country.

Frank visited Victoria regularly. Every Friday night he went to her studio at the docks. And finally after his fourth visit he may have sex with the curvy sex bomb. The only thing about the sex that disappointed him a bit was that after the torture he got the lights went out. And in the dark Victoria undresses herself and than they had this wonderful sex. But the first time Frank wanted to touch her naked body and she told him to fuck off. She was the one that was making love to him. He off course enjoyed the fuck they have but he had the desire to touch that wonderful, hot body of hers. But she ordered him to keep his hands off her. But oh this woman she could give a blowjob. That really was unbelievable.

Now Frank was visiting Victoria for about four months. And when he was getting dressed at there latest sex date Victoria ordered him to listen. "Frank, on May the 15th i will give a special show. You are invited together with four other slaves. I am going to give you a S&M show that also will be followed by thousands of my other fans online. You know i have a camera in the studio that makes movies for my website. So you like to be part of my show? You slaves will all wear leather masks so you don't have to be afraid someone will recognize you the day after. hahaha." "Oh Victoria i would be honored to be part of your show. Yes off course i will be present." "MMMM Slave that is the answer i want to hear. Now kiss my c*nt". And she spread her legs and he kisses and licked her c*nt. To Franks shame she already had her tight leather pants back on.

Susan was aware that her husband had changed the last few months. He never was complaining anymore to her that he wanted to do more extreme things in bed and they were hardly making love at all. Susan tried to be a more exciting woman for her man that she loved. But deep down she knew that he had some extreme sex fantasies that she was just not into. In her eyes these fantasies went way to far. But the last months he was giving her no attention anymore and that was something that made her worry. Was there marriage coming to an end?

One Friday evening when Frank was away to his weekly visit to his friends what she believed she decided to check his computer. She new the username and password because it was a pc that she had to use too for administration etc. The last few weeks Susan was checking the browser history of the internet that Frank had used. Every week she noticed that the history was cleaned so she could not discover what he had watched on the internet. But after a few weeks Susan had success. Frank seemed to have forgotten to erase the history and she could see the internet pages that he had visited.

Susan's mouth fell open. Her husband had been on an internet site that belonged to a S&M Mistress that was called VIctoria. A big and arrogant looking lady with clothes that were two sizes to small. What was this??? This woman, no this wh*r* was what her man was interested in? To her shock she also find chat data between her husband and that red wh*r*. In the chat they were telling each other that they had hot sex last Friday. And this b*tch was telling her husband what a loser he was because he did not have the guts to divorce his stupid ugly wife Susan???

"What the fuck!" Susan's face became red of pure anger. He was cheating on her by having sex with this red haired, fat wh*r* every Friday night! She wanted to trow the computer into pieces but managed to stay calm enough to prevent that. Susan checked the site of the fat wh*r* and read all there chats. She find out that next Friday the 15th of May there would be a special event. Frank and also 4 other slaves were invited to come over to her studio at the docks and along with thousands of people watching on the internet she would give a special show.

Frank came home that evening around twelve. "How was it with the guys she asked?" "It was very nice seeing them again. We had a great evening" he responded. She could have attacked him at that moment because she find out he was a lying piece of shit. But Susan had other things in mind. And Frank would find out soon.

The week went by and it was Friday the 15th of May. Frank was the whole day nervous and excited. Tonight Victoria would give her special show. So finally it was eight pm and he and four other slaves were sitting in the dark studio of there "legends" S&M Mistress. The music started to play and there in the light that went on there was there beautifull goddess. Victoria wore black leather boots with high heels. The boots reached to her knees. She wore dark stockings and an unbelievable tight leather shorts. The leather of the shorts were so tight. You could she a cameltoo infront and her big, solid ass was separated because the pants had risen up in her ass crack. The top of her body was clothed with a tight black corset and her full breast were pushed up so they looked like two big melons at the point of exploding. On her head she wore a black police cap and her lips were full of red lipstick.

With her legs wide she stood proud and arrogantly in the centre of the arena with her small whip in her hands. "So who of your miserable slaves wanted to be punished first?" The five naked man were sitting on there knees around there "master". Them faces were covered with leather masks because the show was also live broadcasted on the internet where thousands of horny fans were cheering and masturbating on there idol mistress Victoria who was at the hights of her fame.

Walking slowly on her high heels and wiggling her sexy butt she was giving away a show. She tortured her slaves and making all kinds of remarks like what a worthless piece of shit they were. The fans loved it when Victoria was yelling all these dirty words that she spoke with such a horny voice. Than something really unexpected happened. The door that lead to the S&M studio opened and a small and slim blonde woman entered the floor. "Huh?" Victoria was amazed what was happening. Never in her career she was interrupted in her work. And she recognized this woman. "What the fuck are you doing here in my studio?" she screamed to the small woman. The naked slaves all turned there heads to see what was going on. At that point Frank was shocked. It was his wife Susan that had entered the S&M studio. "What the fuck?" He was in shock and did not know what to do.

"Now you piece of ugly shit. Get the fuck out of my studio" demanded Victoria. But Susan stayed calm and walked a few steps towards the bigger red-haired woman that looked impressive she had to admit to herself. "No you wh*r* i am not leaving. I am going to take my man with me that is one of these tragic naked man." Victoria was really irritated. She had to give a show to her slaves and all her fans that were watching this happening live on the internet. "This is my last warning you silly cow. Leave or i will force you to leave. And believe me you do not want that to happen." But Susan was determined to stay and she would only leave when her man was coming with her. "Than you have to force me to leave you fat red-haired cow". "OOOHHHHHHHH" The slaves were making this shocking sound. Never earlier it happened that there master was being spoken to in this way.

It was like if there was steam coming out of Victoria her ears. This stupid woman was interrupting her show and was telling her to fuck off in front of her slaves and all her fans that watched the whole thing on the internet? The red-haired woman stood in front of the small blonde. The blonde wore a jeans and sweater and was wearing sneakers. Victoria on the other hand looked so sexy on her high heels. That unbelievable tight leather shorts and her firm thighs covered with a stockings. And that big tits pushed up. If this would come to a fight between the two woman this would be a mismatch. The big woman would kick the smaller blondes ass.

"How dare you to come in my place and insult me in front of all my fans? I am the legendary S&M MIstress Victoria and i am going to trow you out you piece of shit. And the tall red-haired lady walked towards Susan and wanted to hit her on her face with her right fist. But the small blonde grabbed the mistress right fists and bended the arm of Victoria behind her back. "AAHAHHAAAAAHHH" yelled Victoria because she was in pain of her arm that was pressed behind her back. Than Susan placed her right sneaker in the S&M Mistress her ass crack and shoves the big woman forward. "WHOOOOOO" clumsily she makes a few steppes forward her cap flies off and she falls with her face in one of her naked slaves lap. It was a comical sight to see the big redhead lying with her face on someones naked lap and her ass turned upwards.

"RRRHHHHHAAA" quickly Victoria stood up and wanted to forget that this had ever happened. The proud woman stepped towards Susan and wanted to grab the blondes hair with both hands. But Susan slapped away the hands of her opponent and kicked her fully in the crotch. "PPPPPFFFFFHHHHHHH, OOOHHHO" Victoria's eyes spread wide open like they would pop out of her face. And her mouth fell wide open while she grabbed her painful pussy. Her big rear was pushing back while she was bended forever.

Than the smaller blonde grabbed the long red curly hair of the mistress and yanked her around. The bigger, curvy woman tried to follow by taking fast steps while she was circled around by her rival. After when she had been yanked around a few circles Susan let go of the "legend" mistress. "OOOHHHHOOOOHHOOOO" with swooshing arms the redhead flew backwards and ended with her big butt right on the face of one of her naked slaves. "UNNNGGGGGHH" was Victoria grunting while she laid with spread legs on her naked slaves body. "Now i am done with you, i, i, kick your ass and let you beg for mercy" said the mistress who had it difficult to stand on her feet again. "mmm looks like you have some trouble kicking my ass you fat cow" Susan replied.

The two fighters were standing in front of each other again. You could see the doubt in the eyes of the S&M Mistress. The fight until now was not going as she expected. Victoria made the first move again. She swooshed her right fist towards her smaller rival but the slim blonde grabbed her fist again. Now Susan bended the wrist of her rival backwards so it made a 90 degrees angle. "AAAAHHAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAA" the bigger woman grabbed her painful right arm. But Susan continued bending her wrist so the mistress sank to her knees while she screamed ilke a pig. The bigger, curvy woman was forced to the ground while she pleaded. "OHHOHH AHAHAH OOOH PLEASE LET GO OF MY WRIST AAAAAAAHHHHH OH PLEASE, PLEASE"!

The naked "slaves" of Victoria were watching in amazement what was going on. There tough looking and proud mistress was getting an ass whipping by this small and slim woman??? They watched the fight with there mouths open. Peter who was one of the naked slaves watched this with eyes of disbelief. His wife is kicking Victoria's ass?

Susan let go of the begging redhead. The bigger woman had grabbed her painful wrist while she sat on her knees. Tears of pain and humiliation and frustration swell up in her eyes. She had to do something. This cannot be true she thinks. I am the legend!

While the bigger woman was recovering of the painful attack Susan turned towards her husband Peter. "Pete, how could you do this to our marriage?" When the smaller woman stood with her back towards Victoria, the S&M Mistress saw her chance to attack Susan in surprise. The bigger woman runs towards her smaller rival with a face full of rage. "UMMMPPPPPPH, AAAAAHAHAHAHA, OOOOOOHH" the blonde noticed the bigger redhead in time and turned around and rams the big woman hard with her left fist in the soft belly. Than she gives her rival an uppercut and ends with a hard dropkick on the big chest of Victoria. "OOOHHHHOOOOOO" again with swoosing arms Victoria is been sended backwards and ends against the wall where a lot of her S&M tools are hanging.

KLING, KLANG, KLONG while Victoria ends on her big ass against the wall handcuffs, whips and other tools for torture lands on her body. "oohhhooohhh" the redhead was getting sick of the beating she was getting and Susan on the other hand was really mad now.

"You cheap sl*t how dare you to attack me when i turned my back to you. Your a real coward". Now the smaller woman grabbed one of Victoria's large leather boots. The S&M Mistress does not protest because the fall has made her groggy. "ZZZZZIIIIPPP, SWOOOOOSSSSHH" Susan unzips the large boot and pulls it of the redhead's leg. "ZZZIIIPPPPP, SWOOOSSSH" and there the other boot comes off. Than she opens the tight corset of the mistress and is pulling the corset off over the sexy body of the mistress. The naked, pale and soft belly is in view and to the joy of the onlookers Susan also strippes off the black bra of Victoria.

The big DD soft and pale and milky tits of Victoria sank down. "MMMM looks like your tits are much more saggy when they are exposed. hahahaha" said Susan. And indeed. The big tits of Vicoria were always pushed up in her tight fitting corset. Now her corset and bra were off her big tits were even bigger than expected and much more saggier.

The blonde grabbes miss S&M by her hair and yanks her up. "OOHHOO LOOK MY TITS ARE EXPOSED! NOOOO!" While Victoria is grieving of her exposed tits Susan start to punch them. "AAAAHHAAHA, OOOHHHHO, AAAAAAA" The fists of the small blonde punched the big, pale saggy tits of Victoria. She punches the soft tits with her left and right fists. The soft and milky tits were swinging from the left to the right while they get this unbelievable beating. "Those tits are like soft pillows you wh*r*" screams Susan while she is using Victoria's saggy, big tits as two punshing bags.

After a two minutes of tit punishment Susan stops the beating. "OOOHHHHHHO AAAHH" Victoria is in a lot of pain. She has her both hands on her exposed, naked and tortured soft and saggy tits. Tears were rolling down her face. Victoria that calls herself the "legend of S&M Mistresses" is realizing that what is happening to her is one of the biggest humiliation in human kind. She the so called proud and tough mistress is getting an ass whipping by a nerdy housewife!!!

No this cannot happen to me Victoria thinks and she wants to save her honor. She makes a move to attack the housewife but it stops as fast as she started by Susan who kicks the curvy woman again fully between the legs. "UUUUGGGGMMMMMM" again (its getting boring the big woman has grabbed her crotch and her massive butt is pushed backwards. On the face of the redhead she has an expression of total amazement and shock while her mouth hangs open and her tough hangs out of her mouth.

Susan walks around the mistress and while she puts her arms around the bended woman's she unzips the tight leather shorts of Victoria. "ZZZZIIIIPPPPP" than she is grabbing the waistband of the short pants and "SWWWOOOOSSSSHHH" The leather shorts and the stockings of the mistress were pulled down her ass. While the pants and stockings were pulled down the shocked Victoria razes her body and stood as frozen. Suddenly she feels her big rear is naked and exposed.

Now the naked slaves of Victoria as well as all her thousands of fans who follow the beating on the internet see something very surprising.

"Oh my" The slaves cry in unison, not sure if they actually are seeing what is before them. "HUH" Victoria blubbers and she has a stunned expression on her face. Exposed, she reached her hands around holding her large, pale and soft butt. The big butt is pushed back with a jelly-jiggle.

"HAHAHAHA You need to loose some weight. You have a bit to much of derriere. Your ass is like soft with pudding HAHAHAHA" teases Susan. The naked slaves and the fans that watch the ass whipping on the internet are befuddled and stunned. There idol seems to have a large and fat ass, big saggy tits and is not capable to beat a small housewife in a fight.

"So this fat sack of shit with her pudding ass is your sexy S&M Mistress? HAHAHA this fat cow is a laugh" Susan replied. "RHHAAAHA NOW I AM DONE WITH YOU I KILL YOU" The big once proud and gallant woman spits and rushes towards Susan. But she forgets that her leather pants and stockings are around her ankles. "WOOO! WOOO! she trips and falls on her plump, white and saggy ass. PLOOPPPPP!

"Looks like miss big butt cannot stay on her feet" Clumsily and slow Victoria steps out of her pants and stockings and is now completely nude. With her big body jiggle and wiggle she tries to kick Susan but PLUMMP she falls back on her big butt. "MMM Time to beat the shit out of that fat behind of yours" Susan replied and she sits on the back of her bigger and heavier opponent. Than the blonde start to slap the curvy, fat behind of the mistress. PATS, PATS, PATS, PATS, PATS, PATS with an expression on her face that is stupid and full of surprise the ones proud mistress is degraded to a laughing stock. Her big, pale ass is turned into mush by this mad housewife. While Victoria is laying on her belly swoosing her arms and legs while her soft, pale ass is turned into even softer, reddish pudding.

The five naked slaves all have an erect cock while they witness the beating and torture of there "master" the legendary S&M Mistress Vicrtoria. Along with thousands of fans that watch the humiliating of Victoria are totally stunned and befuddled. It seems that there idol is in real a big joke of a fat assed woman.

After an ass whipping of five minutes the soft ass of Victoria has turned into a red mass of soft flesh. The mistress is crying like a little baby. Than Susan is grabbing Victoria by her red hair and asks her. "Repeat me. I am a fat assed wh*r* and i got my ass kicked by Susan" Victoria cries. The tears ran down her face while she stutters. "I. i am a fat, fat assed wh*r* and you have ki, ki, kicked my fat ass. WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA"

Than the doors of the studio open and the assistant of Victoria Sara, who is the mother of Victoria comes in. "What is this? What are you doing to my daughter?" Sara ran towards her daughter and takes the totally naked woman in her arms. "Oh my poor baby what has happened?" The crying Victoria replies with "Oh mommy i got my ass kicked by Susan WHHHAAHHAAA".

The blonde housewife walked up to her husband Peter. "Pete, i do not know if we will have a future together. But i do know you deserve more than this pale, fat cow who thought she was something. haha" The stunned Peter who still cannot believe his small wife beat the shit out of mistress Victoria stands up and watches the defeated redhead.
She is being comfort by her mom and is crying like a child of the ass beating she just had. How was it possible that he could think she was a tough woman???

Than all the slaves and Peter and his wife leave the studio. Peter is going to give his marriage a new chance. And S&M Mistress Victoria? Well needless to say that with her ass beating showed on the internet her life as the "legendary S&M Mistress Victoria" had come to a very unpleasant ending.

Some women are just not as tight and as tough as they look like in the first place.

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awesome additon..!
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Default love it

I love it man nice job again
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