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Old 05-05-2017, 01:55 PM
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Default Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

This is one of my more recent stories and with the recent Charlotte leaks I thought this would be the perfect time to post this story lol

Sasha Banks and Charlotte will end their feud in the 1st ever Bra and Panties Stinkface Match For The WWE Women’s Championship. The object of the match is to strip your opponent to their Bra and Panties and then stinkface them.
The Challenger Sasha comes out in her “Legit Boss” shirt and Red Booty Shorts. While, The Champion Charlotte comes out in her “Nature Girl” Shirt and Light Blue Shorts. Sasha comes out with a fire and hunger that hasn’t been seen in the WWE Women’s Division since AJ Lee left, hitting Charlotte with a series of running clotheslines stunning the Champion Charlotte. Charlotte retreats to the outside to maybe try to recover but Sasha isn’t gonna let her and goes right out after her. Sasha runs right into a Charlotte trap tho as Charlotte turns around and hits Sasha with a Spear knocking Sasha clean out. Charlotte takes advantage immediately ripping Sasha’s “Legit Boss” Shirt in pieces revealing Sasha’s Pink Bra.
Charlotte attempts to finish Stripping Sasha but Sasha come back to and kicks Charlotte in the head and then hits Charlotte with Natural Selection One of Charlotte’s own Finishing Moves on her on the outside and Charlotte is now the one out cold. Sasha immediately gets revenge and rips Charlotte’s “Nature Girl” shirt to pieces reveling Charlotte’s Light Blue Bra that matches her attire. Sasha screams at Charlotte “How does it feel Nature sl*t, well if you think this is bad, I’m just getting started!!!” Sasha then starts slowly ripping off Charlotte’s Light Blue shorts and Charlotte starts coming to and fighting her off but Sasha is ready and hits Charlotte with a Kick right to the face stunning Charlotte enough to where she could finish ripping off Charlotte’s Shorts revealing Charlotte’s Matching barely there Light Blue Thong. Sasha throws Charlotte back in the ring to maybe finish the job and end Charlotte’s 113-day reign as Divas/Women’s Champion.
But as Sasha gets back in the ring she is met with a Natural Selection by Charlotte. Then, Charlotte unbuttons and rips off Sasha’s Red Booty Shorts revealing Sasha’s (skimpier than Charlotte’s) Pink Thong to Match her Bra. The Nature Girl then starts gloating and taunting the WWE Universe “Oh, poor Sasha, get ready to be up close and personal with a Genetically Superior Ass.” She drags “The Boss” to the bottom turnbuckle and starts slapping her ass and getting ready to stick it right in “The Legit Boss” Sasha Banks face. But Sasha is just playing possum and kicks Charlotte right in the Ass as she gets a few inches from her face. She then waits for Charlotte to get up before locking in “The Bank Statement” and Charlotte is tapping but there are no submissions.
So, Sasha keeps the hold in until Charlotte finally passes out. Sasha then wastes little time in dragging Charlotte’s limp body to the corner. Sasha gets ready to stinkface Charlotte when all of a sudden, she gets an idea. Sasha then slowly and erotically takes down her Pink Thong revealing her glorious “Legit Ass” in all its glory. She then starts spanking it and backing up to Charlotte’s dazed and stunned face and sticks it right in her face moving it back and forth.
Here is your Winner and the new WWE Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks.
Sasha still Stinkfacing her taunts Charlotte “How does my Legit Boss Ass Taste b*tch, I told you I was just getting started and now the humiliation begins miss Former Women’s Champ Nature sl*t!!!”
Sasha gets off of Charlotte’s face and drags Charlotte back to the center of the ring “Fans, do you wanna see what a so called Genetically Superior Body looks like. Well Nature sl*t, time to show it off!!!” Sasha then grabs some scissors from under the ring and cuts Charlotte’s bra right in half revealing Charlotte’s enhanced 36C breasts. “Genetically Superior huh, looks you’re your just Surgically Enhanced huh b*tch!” Sasha taunts the now Former Women’s Champ. Sasha then goes and also cuts off Charlotte’s Skimpy Light Blue Thong revealing an out of control Dirty Blonde Bush “Ahh, so the carpet does match the D****s Nature sl*t!”
Sasha then proceeds to bend Charlotte over her knee giving the entire world an even better view of her Pussy and Asshole. “Looks like this Surgically Enhanced Nature sl*t has been very naughty and needs and Spanking delivered Like A Boss” Sasha then delivers a HARD spank to the Former WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte waking her up to her humiliation. Charlotte then starts breaking out in tears and crying like a little spoiled brat not getting a toy at the toy store. “Aww what’s the matter Charlotte, I’m just doing what your Daddy should have done and never did, now who’s the b*tch who crying”
Sasha spanks Charlotte for a good 5 minutes leaving Charlotte’s Ass a dark Blood Red. Sasha gathers her new WWE Women’s Tittle Belt and leaves the ring and goes back to the back Laughing at The now Former Champion Charlotte. Charlotte is left all alone in the ring sobbing like a baby in the fetal position, humiliated, embarrassed, and ashamed.
(And I know about the paragraph break up and stuff this is just my writing style sorry guys lol still think it's a pretty good story and if you also think so let me know and maybe I'll post a couple others I have written recently)
Happy reading everyone
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