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Old 04-30-2017, 06:03 AM
Jackelaine Jackelaine is offline
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Location: Dublin, Ireland.
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Default Spying on the babysitter

Abby had minded our son Dan before,but we didn't think she did a great job.She was 18,but maybe she was too immature.We came home last time to find little Stuart in a dirty nappy, and a rash on his bum.Abby said he must have just done it before we came home.She was all smiles and looked very innocent in her pigtails and short summer skirt.So we paid her and vowed not to use her again.But we were stuck. my wifes sister had supposed to babysit but cancelled at short notice.So we asked Abby again,and here she was,same short summer dress.And pigtails.She was a very pretty blonde cutie. She was slim, not too tall, and a bit flat chested to be honest.But very cute. A bit like Brittney Spears in her first video.
So we borrowed a nanny cam from my wifes sister who used it with her Au Pair.
So we left for a concert, The Killers.
Five hours later we returned.Little Stuart was in bed,no nasty smell greeting us.So I paid her.An extortionate 50 quid.I walked her around to her house,only around the corner.I hurried back,hoping for a shag from the wife,but found her snoring.How disappointing, and how routine.I considered turning on the lap top,have a quick wank before hitting the hay, when I remembered the nanny cam. Even though Abby had obviously done her job, I thought I'd take a look.
It recorded directly on to a memory card.I removed it and loaded it onto my Acer Lap top.A pop up soon appeared, and before long I was watching a slightly dark view of our sitting room where we had moved the cot containing Stuart who was fast asleep.I could also see Abby on the sofa,watching t.v.,which I couldn't see but could hear.
I recognized the programme,friends.I watched for a few minutes,but soon fast forwarded it.Nothing interesting appeared for ages,until..... Abby's had fell between her legs and quite obviously started rubbing her pussy. Fucking hell. I stopped quickly and rewound.I could hear Abby was channel hopping.I heard the friends theme tune,a crap reality programme, then True blood, a vampire series which was often raunchy.
I seen her hand go between her legs and another pop up appeared,this time my hard cock. She was casually rubbing herself but not making any noise,which was a shame.Then,she paused the t.v. using sky plus, and stopped touching herself.Damn I thought.She's finished.I planned to rewind and finish myself.She stood up and walked to her bag.She bent over and removed 2 bottles of Heineken from her bag.The cow,drinking on duty.As she bent over I got a great view of her legs,almost up to her arse. Nice,very nice.I stroked my cock as I looked.Oh God.I was finding her so damn sexy.She came back to the sofa and opened a beer with something on her key ring.She pressed play and drank her first beer while watching Sookie get some nookie.That's what it sound like.I seen her bend forward and put her empty bottle on the floor.Then,incredibly,she quickly put both hands under her skirt,lifted her ass up,and pulled off her knickers.I almost came.I wanted to.It took all my inner strength not to.She then pulled up her skirt revealing the most beautiful and most inviting pussy I ever seen.I prefer a waxed pussy but it looked like it was trimmed short,and glistening.She finished the second bottle in one go as her t.v. show finished,and turned off the t.v. She then proceeded to use the Heineken bottle as a dildo ! She fucked her young pussy hard with one hand and with her other hand,or one finger anyway. With the telly off, I could hear her softly moaning. And quietly, perhaps so as not to wake my child, she obviously came.I shot my load all over my clothes.Halfway up my top too,as I experienced the most intense orgasm I had felt in years.I sat there glowing,covered in my own cum, as I watched her put her knickers back on,and place the the two bottles back in her bag.
I burned a copy onto a d.v.d. disc for my wank bank. A d.v.d. I would undoubtedly watch many times.And I don't think we would be getting the wifes sister to babysit either.She work's hard enough all week,deserves a break. And 50 quid didn't seem so expensive now.
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Old 04-30-2017, 12:58 PM
Jackelaine Jackelaine is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Dublin, Ireland.
Posts: 14
Thanks: 135
Thanked 49 Times in 14 Posts
Default Spying on the babysitter part 2

Part 2
Abby, who had recently turned 19, had been our regular babysitter for a few months.I had purchased a nanny cam of my own since borrowing one the first time Abby minded our son Stuart. I had discovered Abby was a right dirty little thing.She was a very pretty petite blonde.She hadn't got long legs,but they were very nice all the same.And more importantly, she almost always masturbated on my sofa while babysitting. I always recorded her on my nanny cam and masturbated myself afterwards.I had many d.v.d.s but they were more or less all the same.Sometimes she used a beer bottle as a dildo,and once,when she had no beer,she used her hair brush.I had seen her naked from the waist down many times,and she had a small but beautiful arse that I loved.I had as yet never seen her breasts and was desperate to do so, but I could hardly ask her.
Then, at last , something new. The wife and I were going out for a meal in our local Italian,followed by a few pints in the pub.Abby turned up wearing a cotton tracksuit with some American college on it,and had her hair tied up,and had no make up on.I had seen her look a lot better to be honest.
That night I didn't even check the cam, which I usually did.I believed it would be the same as usual,Abby watching t.v. till she was bored, then having a quick play with her pussy.
Next day when the wife went to her gran with our son I put the football on the t.v.
Liverpool were boring the tits off me, then I remembered I had some new Abby to wank over. I plugged a usb cable directly from the nanny cam to our Samsung smart t.v.
I probably wouldn't even bother recording it on t a disc like I usually did.
Abby watched Dr. Who for an hour,which surprised me.Then afterwards she picked up her bag which she always brought.Usually she brought a couple of bottles of Heineken and maybe some chocolate.She surprised me for the second time when she took out her make up and proceeded to put it on . Then she took the elastic band thing that tied her hair up, and she shook her hair loose.She looked very hot now.She had checked her watch several times during her makeover but I thought maybe she was waiting for a t.v. programme to start.Maybe x-factor which I know she liked.Then the door bell rang.
That was strange.Abby literally ran to the hall door.I believe she was checking who it was.I heard her say "Hold on Tommy". She unlocked the door and let in Tommy,our next door neighbours son who was about the same age as Abby.Perhaps he wanted to borrow some sugar or milk I thought. I thought something else when she fell into his arms and snogged him.I could see his hands drop to her arse and squeeze it.My cock which was already semi in anticipation now sprung to full hardness.He moved his hand and tried to put it down inside her tracksuit bottoms but she stopped him."Abbs", he whined.
She pushed him down on to my sofa, and told him to wait like a good boy.
She took a step back and in perfect view of my cam,facing away from him, she hooked her hand in to the bottoms and slowly lowered them, giving me a perfect view of her freshly waxed ,or maybe shaved,pussy.This was the first time I saw it without hair.She usually had it trimmed.I was in heaved.He was staring at her beautiful ass and I heard him groan.I could also see he had quickly stripped naked.Abby was doing a little dance which was a little awkward but incredibly sexy. As she moved I could see Tommy a little,not that I wanted to really, but I did notice he had his cock in his hand.It wasn't huge,only about 5 or 6 inches.Mine was bigger by at least an inch,and thicker I proudly thought.
He did have two things to make me jealous though.One, he was much slimmer and better toned than me.And two,he had Abby doing a striptease for him.The lucky bastard.
Abby moved closer to him and proceeded to grind on his cock.I heard both of them moan as his cock entered her wet pussy.She sat down on his lap,his cock still inside her.Then Tommy done something that made me want to run next door and thank him.He pulled her top upwards revealing Abbys beautiful breasts.The top pulled them up and then they sprang down.Oh my god.
I have to confess I actually came at this point.I didnt want to.I wanted to wait to the end.I had been stroking my cock slowly but I couldn't help it.I was kneeling facing the telly and I shot my load.It shot through the air actually almost reaching and covering the screen.I groaned out loudly.
Normally after cumming to Abby, I would usually stop and keep the rest for later,but I couldn't.
Tommy was cupping Abby's breast which I reckoned to be about a 34b. She was moving up and down furiously . A few minutes later,and not many,but I couldn't blame Tommy for cumming,he shouted a loud scream."Shush Tommy,you'll wake the baby", Abby giggled.She told him not to move.And with his cock still inside her , she moved his hand to her pussy to play with her clit.She squeezed her tits and came a few minutes later.
I had been stroking my now sensitive cock watching this,and I was quite hard again.
She stood up and turned to face him and then dropped to her knees.She took his his cock in her hand and proceeded to lick him clean. I was stroking furiously again at this stage.Her fabulous ass was facing me,and I could see cum dripping down her ass.And when she put his cock in her mouth Tommy and I both came for the second time.
Tommy left soon after and Abby fell on the sofa after dressing and tying up her hair.
I saw Jenny and I arrive home and I barely looked at her after my beer.As I said,she hadn't looked great,lol. But as I walked up the stairs,Jen was walking Abby home, I saw on cam Abby look up at me.Look up at me...with a funny smile.Look up at me the way I sometimes look at her her when I think she's not looking. I felt my cock twitch..
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Old 05-01-2017, 07:38 AM
Jackelaine Jackelaine is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Dublin, Ireland.
Posts: 14
Thanks: 135
Thanked 49 Times in 14 Posts

Part 3
Abby had been babysitting for my wife and me for about three years, but now often said no, she was unavailable more often than not.My wife Jen didn't even want to ask her anymore,but as I had been secretly recording her on a nanny cam for years,I insisted on always asking her. I had seen her fucking three different boys her own age , and once, saw her order a curry to be delivered, and opened the door only wearing a long t-shirt.The delivery guy might have thought she had knickers on that night,but I knew different.
I had seen her masturbate most times she was alone.Sometimes with just her finger,sometimes a beer bottle,Heineken,which I started drinking,and always kept a supply in the fridge when she was minding our two boys.Once,she even used a hairbrush.She was the sexiest little blonde bombshell I ever had the luck to see naked.Seen naked many times,not that she knew.God bless the guy who invented nanny cams.
The times she wasn't alone, some boy would come over about ten minutes after we left, and fuck every hole she had. I learned that Abby was a cum sl*t.Not only did she love to suck cock, she usually swallowed.Sometimes she would make them cum on her face,licking the guys cock afterwards.But most times she took his cock in her mouth,grabbed and squeezed his ass, and swallowed every drop.
She also like a bit of anal.No lube either.She would suck cock for a while,wet her own ass with spit,then coax some young cock up her beautiful ass.
Then she got pregnant.Stupid cow.She never used condoms,but I had presumed she was on the pill.Maybe she was, I don't know.So now she had little Tommy for one of the neighbour's sons.She wasn't even dating him anymore.
But now Jen was in Barcelona at a hen party, and I asked Abby to mind the kids while I had a few pints with the lads.I told her I would be back about one thirty.She arrived wearing a Dublin jersey and cotton tracksuit bottoms,and a pair of Nike runners that probably cost 2 days pay for me.But, down the pub, I had argued with big Tony, a friend of mine, and left the pub at about 11:30. He had made a racist comment which I did't like. and I ended up leaving early.
I got home and tried my key, but it would't turn in the lock.Abby must have left the key all the way in,on the other side.I rang the bell.Abby answered the door minus her tracksuit bottoms,and minus her expensive runners.In fact, I would bet the Dublin jersey was the only thing she was wearing.I dropped my keys,and my jaw dropped too."Oh my God",screamed Abby, as she realised it was me.She ran in, her jersey flapping exposing her bare ass. Her perfect bare ass.I heard a car pull up behind me and a Domino's Pizza delivery guy handed me a pizza box and asked for payment.I handed him a 20 and told him to keep the change.
I walked into my sitting room and Abby was sitting on the sofa crying.I showed her the pizza. "If you want 12 inches I'll have to fuck you twice Abs", I said.
Abby looked up and laughed."I'm s.. s.. sorry", she stuttered. I threw the box on the coffee table and sat down beside her.I told her it was o.k. not to worry and it was o.k.
I put my arms around her and she sobbed into me.I could feel her tits heave up and down.Her top had raised up exposing her ass again.My cock raised up also.My hands were on her waist, I let them drop to her bare skin.Not on her ass,just above.But It was electric.And she felt it too.She looked int my eyes,and said nothing.Her lips fell on mine,at last,after years of wanting her.My hands went under her top,cupping her breasts.I gently squeezed them.She gasped,in obvious joy.Her hands dropped to my jeans and I was quickly naked.She grabbed and squeezed my rock hard cock.It was my turn to gasp.I pulled her top up over her head and we were now both naked.My mouth dropped to her left breast and sucked hungrily.I could taste a familiar taste, breast milk !
I loved that,always had.She lay back on the sofa and I climbed on top of her,my cock quickly slid inside her very wet pussy without help from either of us.She was soaking wet.I fucked her hard for several minutes,my mouth sometimes kissing her,sometimes sucking her tits.
Then I sat up and moved her hands to her pussy.She knew what I wanted her to do.She started playing with her clit.She told me to rub my cock on her ass so I did.Soon I knew she was close to cumming.It was a sound I was very familiar with ,having spied on her for years.I pushed harder,and harder still.She grimaced,I was hurting her.I stopped pushing.Her eyes flew open."Don't stop you fuck.Harder", she cried.So I pushed again,much harder.She cried out in pain,but my cock slid in. Soon, after some ass fucking,she came.Loudly.So did I. Also loudly,inside her ass.
We collapsed in a heap,kissing gently.My cock slid out.There was a big wet patch,but not cum.Had she gushed ?
I sat back in a dry spot.She fell to her knees.She took my semi hard cock in her mouth.Ass to mouth.The dirty b*tch.She sucked and licked me till I was not only clean ,but hard again.She stood up and swung a leg over mine, and sat down,my cock inside her again.What a sight.She was so beautiful
I asked her what time she had to be home."Tomorrow", she said.It was going to be a long night.I looked over at the nanny cam, which I had completely forgotten about.I was going to have a memento too.Life was good.
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