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Old 03-20-2017, 03:25 PM
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Unfortunately that was the end of my wife flashing her pussy. As the sun was going down her top also became less transparent. I must say her top had become my favorite to date. Tom and I enjoyed watching her move and walk. The top was tight enough to allow an appropriate amount of bounce and shimmy to hold our attention all afternoon.

Tom walked us to our truck and we completed our conversation and pleasantries before heading out. My wife and I really enjoyed his company. He was a true gentleman. As I told my wife, other than the initial comment I wrote before, Tom only had one other comment. I believe it was towards the end of my wife "playing" on the slide. As she was again laying on the end resting and on display, Tom said, I must say you have a very attractive wife. I said thanks. He continued with, and a very good looking body. I again said thanks. Otherwise we spent our afternoon talking and watching. Never really acknowledging my wife's continued exposures but watching and talking.

When we reached out favorite gas/boat stop, I told my wife I was going to fill up now rather than tomorrow. I was at the pump and getting it ready when my wife came around the back. She asked for my card so she could get a few things from inside. I hand it to her. She turned and asked what I thought about shopping in the skirt. She had the skirt up enough that I could see the start of her ass cheeks. I said a little cheek showing as I'm removing the pump handle and gas cap. She leans a little forward and ask how about now. I am looking at a rear view of her smooth pussy. I lose focus a second and say, I see everything. She smiled and said good. As she turned and walk past me she swatted me on the ass and said I will be right back.

My wife knows me and knew I was watching her ass walk away. She was exaggerating her walk. I loved the sight of her ass almost out and the sight from behind. She has that gap that allows a complete view between her thighs and I'm doing my best to see pussy as she walked to the door. My tank was low and the pump was slow. Once I was full, I got in my truck. I look in the store. I see my wife at the counter. She turns to a display behind her and bends down retrieving a soda. She returns to the counter and then to my truck.

As we are driving through town headed to the house she tells me of the shopping experience. She walked in and to the counter. The owner said that he liked her top without the jacket better. She thanked him. She said they talked a minute and she said she needed a few items. She turned and started down the far wall. She said that as she walked he asked if she needed help. She didn't answer but kept walking. He came from behind the counter and was following her. She said when she saw his reflection in the far glass she stopped and bent over to the bottom shelf and got napkins. As she stood she looked at their reflection and he was behind her staring.

He asked if he could help carry her items so she handed him the napkins we didn't need. She said he followed her through each Isle. Always behind her as she shopped from the lower two shelves. She made a point to have her legs apart and bend. He never said anything. She said they did this five or six times till she reached the back cooler. She said she opened the cooler door to get a few drinks and he stepped forward to hold the door. She turned sideways to the cooler facing him and squatted down to the bottom shelf. She said as she was reaching for the drinks she looked down and saw that her skirt was at her hips and pussy on display. She looked up and he was looking directly between her legs.

She said this made her have butterflies in her stomach and she sat down on the floor with hand over her crotch. He asked if she was OK. She said yes but didn't realise her skirt was up so high. She was faking embarrassment. He said yes and that was why he was following. She asked if he could see up her skirt the whole time. He said almost but really when she bent forward he could see everything. She said she acted embarrassed. She was sitting with her bare ass on the cold floor skirt on her hips and hand over her crotch. She said rather than say anything she decided to just get up. I asked how. She said he had her items in his arms and holding the door with his elbow looking down at her. Her legs were somewhat under the door straight. So she removed her hand and grabbed the side of the cooler. She pulled her legs up. She looked down and was on full display. She looked at him and he is staring at her pussy. She puts her other hand on the ground and lifts herself to standing. She pulls her skirt to full length down and the go to the counter.

She said after he completed checking and bagging he said you never got a soda. She said that it was OK. He said that she could have a complimentary soda from the display behind her. She looked and said I think you are trying to look up my skirt again. He said yes he was. This was what I saw from the truck. Her telling it was better. She said OK I will take one. She said she raised her skirt to her ass cheeks, turned and took two steps to the display. Rather than get one from the top or middle she said she got a wider stance and bent down slowly and retrieved a soda off the bottom and slowly stood. She brought it to the counter and asked how was that. He said that she can come get a complimentary soda anytime he is there working. She left.

As she relayed this experience to me I got too aroused to wait. We pulled off onto a little gravel road and had a quick session. And I'm not embarrassed to say it was quick. I redeemed myself later that night to a good long session.
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Old 03-20-2017, 07:47 PM
spinalator spinalator is offline
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Surely she would recreate that situation and let you post a faceless pic.... maybe the view from the rear like the cashier saw
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Old 03-20-2017, 10:28 PM
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I agree that a picture of that skirt and bend setup would be awesome. That story was pretty awesome with or without the pic.
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