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Old 05-29-2018, 03:02 PM
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Default Cosmopolitan Story for Wife

I got my wife to read a story in Cosmopolitan about the benefits of seamen for her. I was trying to get her to give more blow jobs to other men as a fantasy I was having about her. In the article it gave many benifits to swallowing seamen. Again I told her that I would not have any problems with her giving blow jobs as long as I could watch. Up until then she had only given a limited number to a select few men and I was hoping that she would consider doing it more often. It took about a week to get her to agree to try it more often. I told her that I only had one request and everything else was her call. I wanted her to wear bright red lipstick that way if any over flow I could see it on her lips. She asked me when did I want her to start I told her Saturday night we would go to the adult book store since they had glory hole I had to explain what it was and it would be full of young men. So when Saturday night rolled around she got ready.See through top no bra which showed off her small perky breasts and puffy areolas she decided to wear jeans and I didn't push the issue about the jeans. Once we arrived and went in I slowly walked her around so the men could get a look at her breasts through her sheer shirt. I could tell that she liked the attention because her nipples looked long and hard. I went and got tokens for the video in the glory hole to watch before the action really started. Well went into the room and I locked the door I pointed to the jolting the wall and told her that in a while she would be able to see cocks slide through the holes. I told her it was up to her after that. I put tokens in the video player and selected a blonde sucks cock since it was close to what she looked like next I asked her if she would remove her top telling her that I would not want it to get messed up and she did. It only took about a minute until the first cock came through the hole it was white and thick about ten inches long. She looked at me and I said nothing but waved her towards it. I watched as she went over and took it in her hand slowly stroking it. I had placed a towel on the floor for her to kneel on then game on she started to kiss the head of his cock and take it into her mouth slowly sucking on it but it looked more like she was giving a hand job than a blow job so I told her to suck it and less hand. She sucked on. It for five minutes until taking a load in her mouth to show me then swallowed every last drop. She did this four more time before what I was looking for came through the hole. It was the biggest black cock I had ever seen I thought she would have problems getting it into her mouth. She started really slow on it kissing and licking the head before trying to get her mouth around it. I was suprized that she was able to get it into her mouth which looked stretched to the limit but she did. She started talking little by little until she felt comfortable. I watched her mouth moving on and off this was her very first black cock sucking Experance and it made my cock hard watching. After ten minutes I saw him start to cum shooting load after load it started running out of her mouth and down her chin finally resting ther breasts. Again when she was done she showed me what was in her mouth and swallowed. I told her to leave the cum on her breasts and not to waist it off. That night I watched her give fifteen blow jobs and she let some run onto her breasts. At the end of the night I gave her back her shirt telling her to leave the remaining cum on thr breasts and to only button one button on her shirt so if she leaned forward her breasts were in view. When we walked out of the room I noticed several men looking at us I knew that they were the ones who were lucky. On the drive home I unbuttoned the button letting her breasts free. Has anyone else done this? Comment on it.
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