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Old 04-06-2017, 06:06 PM
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Default Constance Powers

I've been sitting on this story for months and with recent great stories by Chasmo and Obo I was reluctant to post it. I opened file today and gave it some tweaking. While it is no where near the quality of the two I just mentioned, I will try to express in it everything I love about their work. Both are inspirations for these stories and I'm sure there are many similarities of which I'll gladly give both of them credit for. If you find this ok, I will finish. Thanks in advance for any feedback or input.

Part 1

Constance Powers seemed to have it all. At 35 years old the brunette beauty was the president/ceo of Warm Springs local bank. Standing 5”6 with shoulder length light brown hair it was impossible to determine her most outstanding feature. Her porcelain skin, her magnificent breast (34 or 36 caused much debate among the male population) or that awesome derriere. Whether attired in her form fitting business suit or hip hugging jeans, Constance was the focal point of most of the town’s male population and the envy of the females. Her position of power gave her an aura of supreme sexuality.

Unfortunately for the towns folk Constance took immense pleasure in wielding her power over people in need. It was an almost orgasmic like feeling she got when she turned someone down for a loan and watched them beg and plead. Constance had no time for the so called needy. She was born into wealth and her compassion for those less fortunate was zero.

Constance, wearing a dark gray sleeveless dress that accented her marvelous bottom and heels that emphasized her toned muscular legs, strode confidently into the bank. Although most of the bank employees loathed her they were still taken back by her beauty and confidence. Today would be an extra special day for Constance. On her desk sat a small business loan application from one Toni Adams. Toni’s dream was to open a small clothing boutique and she had saved for years to have the seed money, but still needed capital to get shop up and running. Unfortunately for Toni, Constance viewed her as a threat both in looks and popularity.

Whereas Constance so called friends were either bought or were friends only because they feared her, Toni was a sweet sincere hard working single mom, respected and admired by all in the community. Toni was no slouch in the looks department either. The 5”5 30 year old beauty had close cropped red hair and every bit if not more so a killer body as Constance. Both woman worked hard to maintain their bodies, but whereas Constance constantly bragged about her workouts, marathon runs and yoga etc., Toni just went about her exercise as a form of relaxation. She had no concerns over what others thought of her, she was long past that stage. Constance on the other hand strived for the attention her body and looks brought her. Little did she dream she would soon be getting more attention than she ever imagined.

As Constance read over the loan application she smiled to herself envisioning the scene that was about to take place when she rejected it later that day. Toni had the credit scores and the backing to insure the loan would be paid back. But that meant nothing to Constance, she was going to watch her imagined rival squirm and with just the right amount of prodding hopefully Constance could get her to beg and humiliate herself. She had the begging and humiliating correct only she never dreamed it would be her doing both.

Toni entered the conference room and she immediately sensed a problem. Sitting alongside Constance was Meghan McClintock. Meghan was a recent college grad who quickly realized the fastest way up the corporate ladder was to suck up to Constance at every opportunity. The 24 year old stunner stood 5 8 inches tall with long blonde hair and a head turner body that featured 36c breasts and ass that her always tight cloths emphasized. Meghan was known has the hatchet lady at the bank because she would be the one to deliver the bad news to most applicants while Constance would sit and smirk her way through the meeting. The begging was the highlight of their “show” as both got perverse pleasure out of watching people humiliate themselves.

Toni braced herself as Meghan began to speak. “Well Ms. Adams I’ve reviewed your loan application and quite frankly I think you’ve wasted all our time”. Meghan stopped to let that sink and and watch the expression on Toni’s face. She did not get the reaction she was looking for. Toni remained stoic giving no hint of the rage she felt brewing inside her. Toni responded knowingly, “I’m glad you see it that way, my references, credit scores and backing is impeccable so if you’ll just sign off on the loan I’ll be on my way”. Both Constance and Meghan bolted up from their chairs like they had been jolted by electricity. They were used to people squirming and Toni’s reaction took them totally by surprise. Constance shot back, “why you arrogant little b*tch, you know damn well what we meant. Do you think my bank would loan money to a common tramp like you”. The tramp reference stung, if there was one mistake Toni regretted in her life it was her lapse in judgement on a warm summer night so long ago.

Satisfied that she had put Toni in her place, Constance smiled at Meghan and waited for the groveling to begin. Toni took a deep breath. “You two have taken advantage as well as denied many people of this community loans all based on your desire to feed your ego’s and make you feel like you hold power over someone’s life. But that’s not enough for you, both of you are not satisfied until you humiliate them. Well that’s not happening here, but I will tell you this, one day the tables will be turned and I assure you that I and many others are going to enjoy your comeuppance. Both of you need a good spanking.” The last remark brought giggles from the two other woman in the room. Jenn Meyers and Nancy Craig, both of whom had felt the wrath of Constance and Meghan. The dagger look shot to them by the two stuck up beauties quickly returned them to the reality at hand.

Toni turned and left leaving the two uppity beauties stunned. “How dare she speak to us like that”, wailed Meghan, “to think two adult woman of our stature should be spanked. That woman needs to be taught a lesson and I think I have just the way to do it”.

Toni went straight to her job as manager of a local specialty dress shop. She had worked there for years and the owner 52 year old Kathy Hughes had been like a mother to her. Kathy had lost none of her looks as she approached middle age. She boasted a very toned body on her 5” 7’ frame, obtained by countless hours of yoga and time in the gym. She had expected the outcome of what had just taken place at the bank as she had experience the same treatment first hand from Constance and her crony. But using her motherly instinct she had tried to gently prepare Toni for what might occur.

However it was Toni who did the consoling she knew all too well what the outcome might be, but she did not want Kathy to be concerned over that so she had kept her thoughts to herself. As Toni explained to Kathy the events that had just taken place, both woman could not help but feeling a sense of rage over what had transpired. But they both had a fit of hysterical laughter when Toni relayed to Kathy her remark about the two stuck up beauties needing a spanking and their reaction to it.

When Kathy gained control she said “I would do anything to have either one of them over my knee especially if we had an appreciative audience who I know would enjoy the show as much as I would performing in it. Oh well we can always dream.“

Ah but fate sometimes has a way of dropping opportunity into your lap or over you knee in this case. And the town of Warm Springs was about to get a show no one would soon forget.
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Old 04-07-2017, 08:39 AM
Chasmo Chasmo is offline
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What a great start -- the characters are incredibly but succinctly developed and the build-up is fantastic! Thanks for the kind words but you're far too modest. Your writing is terrific -- can't wait for part 2!

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Old 04-07-2017, 12:43 PM
samos samos is offline
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Originally Posted by Chasmo View Post

What a great start -- the characters are incredibly but succinctly developed and the build-up is fantastic! Thanks for the kind words but you're far too modest. Your writing is terrific -- can't wait for part 2!

You are right:-) I look forward for developing too.
Tell us more about the stuck up "heroines" especially about her passion to humiliate others. Also I would like to hear about their undergarments habits. I hope, they are proud sexy bikini wearers...
Anyway, thanks for your effort again.
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Old 04-08-2017, 06:06 AM
obo1 obo1 is offline
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Hadn't heard from you in awhile and thought you may have given up on this story. What a great start with vivid character descriptions. I'm really looking forward to the next installment.

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Old 04-20-2017, 05:15 PM
hocman hocman is offline
Join Date: Feb 2004
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I'm sorry this is taking so long, but life sometimes gets in the way. I hopefully can finish by the weekend. Again comments and suggestions welcomed.

Pt. 2

Arrogance and cockiness combined with a superior attitude is a recipe for disaster which Constance and Megan where about to find out. Megan’s simplistic plan for revenge and to humiliate Toni for the perceived slight fell squarely into that category.

Every year Warm Springs bank sponsored a charity event where local business men and woman would box 1 round against each other all in good fun. They’d give themselves colorful nicknames and the evening was fun for everyone and raised money. Well fun for everyone except Constance who as representative of the bank would at the next to last bout get in the ring and announce the money they had raised.

Of course she could care less about charities and such and most of the people in attendance she at one time or another had denied loans to or otherwise humiliated. But her one crowning glory for the evening was being the center of attention and the always high end dress or outfit she would wear. Here is where Megan’s short sighted and childess plan came into effect.

They would purchase their outfits for the charity event from Toni’s shop, but in the process subject Toni to numerous indignities in front of as many customers as possible. Megan’s plan in her head went as expected. From the moment the 2 beauties walked into the shop the insults started. As the other customers looked on with a looks of disgust on their faces, Constance and Megan belittled Toni in every possible way. From comments about her looks, employment, dress, ineptitude about her fashion knowledge and the worst of all her single mom status, the insults kept coming.

Finally selecting their outfits they thrust them at Toni. “Alter these and try your best not to screw this up like you do everything else, we need to look our best”. Satisfied they had delivered a verbal spanking to Toni, Constance and Megan turned and pranced out of the shop. Constance stated quite loudly as she left, “that will teach that little tramp to mess with us.”

As Mary came over to console her, Toni said “look their best” and with a mischievous look in her eye said to Mary, “they just crossed the line, I’ll make sure they look their best, bring me a scissor”.

The charity event was held at the local high school auditorium. It was the usual setup, the ring being in the middle of the gym floor with tables setup along one side for people to perform their assigned tasks and the rest of the floor had rows of chairs and then the bleachers. The place was full as the town always look forward to this night that provided not only money for the needy, but great entertainment for the local business community. There was Arnie “The Mad Accountant” Brown, Jimmy “The Italian Assasin” Bellino, Jeanie “Wonder Woman” Cook and so on.

Toni and Mary were seated at the ringside table helping keep track of the fighters and timing the rounds. Toni was decked out in a stunningly form fitting beige blouse and pants, while Mary choose a more conservative black dress. For Toni the night seemed to drag on. She had gone over in her head 1000 times the way she hoped this night would unfold. She would not be disappointed and neither would all those in attendance who were about to witness what would be called for years to come the greatest show on earth.

The 9th bout ended and it was time for Constance to step into the ring and announce the money that had been raised, along with the various raffle prizes that were to be given out. Wearing the red dress and heels she had purchased at Toni’s shop, she strutted into the ring and then ever so slowly walked around the entire 4 sides to make sure everyone got a good look at her. The view was about to get much better.

The event was run and MC’d by Krissy Munson, who had also been subjected to Constance and Megan’s brand of entertainment. She gladly went along with the plan when Toni approached her earlier that evening. Constance did her thing to the polite applause of the crowd and Krissy took the mike. “We have a special treat for you tonight, Toni can you come up please”. “The final bout of the evening will be a wrestling match and Toni has volunteered to participate and will select an opponent from our audience”. Constance smirked and said into her microphone ”wrestling it figures trailer park trash like you would be into such a thing”. Toni just smiled, took the microphone from Krissy. “I choose Constance Powers as my opponent”.

The gasp from the crowd was quickly drowned out by the rage in Constance voice. “What are you insane, do you think I would stoop so low as to wrestle in front of these commoners, besides I’m hardly dressed properly for any physical activity”. “Oh but you will be” Toni said as she dropped the mike and stepped toward Constance.
Moving quickly she grabbed Constance by her hair and before she could reaction, swung her across the ring. Constance did a half a flip and landed on her butt. Toni was on her in a flash, grabbing her by her ears, she dragged her to her feet and quickly placed Constance head between her legs giving the now awe struck audience a magnificent view of Constance’s up turned ass.

Toni ever so slowly began to raise Constance’s dress, stopping right at her upper thighs. “Why Ms. Powers I do believe your ass is almost showing” taunted Toni. “I’m sure our good citizens would love to see more”. The noise in the auditorium was almost deafening as the crowd shouted its approval. The woman in particular were enjoying what was unfolding before them, for years they had been subjected to this snooty snob’s put downs. A public comeuppance was only fitting justice.

Megan, dressed in a white pants with a sleeveless matching top, had been seated directly behind Toni and Mary. She jumped to her feet and started for the ring. Mary stood in her way. “Out of my way old woman” Megan said, “I’d have no problem beating your ass”. Mary stepped to the side “just as I thought gutless”. Megan climbed onto the ring and had one leg thru the ropes the other still outside. Mary grabbed the waistband of Megan “altered” pants and pulled.
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