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Old 05-01-2018, 02:13 AM
XXXanderWolfe XXXanderWolfe is offline
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For me its twofold. One, my wife has amazing breasts, and I feel like it is a crime to keep them hidden. Most of our friends have seen them bare either in person or through photos, and I'm not interested in having friends who haven't seen her naked.

Second, I love to hear comments about her body and what others would want to do to her. Its a huge turn on. I don't think about the psychological reasons why, I just enjoy it.
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Old 05-01-2018, 07:07 PM
Hornyinde Hornyinde is offline
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Originally Posted by Beelzebozo View Post
For what I know of my own wife's thoughts are basically she doesn't mind being seen by strangers, it's people she knows that freaks her out. She doesn't want to have people she knows thinking of her "that way" (or at least she can pretend that they aren't). She'll also get naked in a situation where a lot of other people are naked as well, like a hot springs or swingers club. By that logic, I might get to expose her to people she knows by a trip to a hot springs or, if I'd get her drunk enough, at a topless pool in someplace like Vegas.
No figuring wives. Mine is super nervous about going topless or nude at a beach where we know no one and wouldn’t come across people we know, yet will walk around naked except a towel on her head after a shower. Even with the curtains open at night with the big picture window in our bedroom/sitting room area. The chance a neighbor is walking by that moment might be small but bigger than at a beach in the islands. Even so, it turns me on watching her and imagining a neighbor seeing her.
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Old 05-16-2018, 07:02 PM
decepticon643 decepticon643 is offline
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Saw this interesting article on something similar.


I think with me it's about
40% Voyeurism
25% Thrill of the taboo
10% female sexual fulfillment
25% Royalty Perk

Voyeurism hits the top. I love watching her. She is my favorite live porn actress. Watching her is such an amazing turn on.

I guess next would be the royalty idea or that other men find her sexually exciting.

Right up there with that is the taboo nature of it.
I put that on par with the royalty idea because this does make it exciting.

I think in my mind the female sexual fulfillment was up there too. Higher than 10%...I just couldn't get the percentages right. Its higher than where I listed it. At times I think of how awesome it would be for her to have multiple hands, mouths, and tongues on her. Of course two cocks at once. Wow.... The idea that your woman could please two men at one time. So there is that. It may not mean much to her but in my mind it elevates the woman's status....she can please multiple men. Wow....that hardens my cock a bit.

Showing her in photos does the same thing asside from the female sexual fullfilment aspect.
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Old 05-16-2018, 08:03 PM
14sailor 14sailor is offline
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Default My thoughts

We are proud of them. Pretty simple but with a lot of different reasons. Over all we aren’t selfish and lots of reasons to let others look at her with or without clothes.
My mistake was watching her as we were having sex and saw how beautiful she was. It was like owning the Mona Lisa or the most beautiful thing there was. How could you not want others to appreciate it.
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