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Old 02-24-2015, 07:30 PM
ModelT-MsDollie ModelT-MsDollie is offline
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Default Is a hug a Grope?

We love your story Kraig. My wife has fairly large boobs and when she was smaller they stuck out far from her sides. She's told me of many times when she was hugged and felt up. Of course she loved it and most likely told me most times. I've even seen it happen. Making it kinkier my wife wore skimpy clothes so her hugs were bare hands againt bare boobs. Nudist hugs are even more fun!
After we got older and retired we have several male and female friends who are 'huggers." It used to embarrasse me to get hugged by some of those big tittied women. As many tits as I've played with and enjoy most of those public hugs were embarrasing to me. Sure they all felt good and I'll swear those women were doing it on purpose to get felt up. It's not just us men who love tit hugs.
When I was younger it was even worse. I seemed to have a constant erection and some of those women hugged even closer. There were times I'd turn my hip to them. Now I realize they were wanting to feel me as much as I wanted to feel their boobs. My wife loves cock hugs too.
There are and were those men friends who admitted they hugged my wife just to feel her tits against them. After I told her this she gave them extra nice squeeze hugs.
Florida seems to be a hugging state. I get hugged at the drugstore, grocery store, and even Wally-World. So does my wife. But only those women with big boobs are really fun huggers.
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Old 03-01-2015, 09:55 PM
kraignurser kraignurser is offline
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Default Good Position

My wife and I had a friend we saw at least once a week, not a close friend but one we spoke to at times. The strange part was that on some days it looked as though she was very busty and on others as though her breasts were averaged sized. This puzzled me for the longest time until my wife told me this friend was so self conscious about her breasts that she sometimes bound herself so she wouldn't look so large. The reason I found out is that the friend had talked to my wife about her breast reduction (my wife had a reduction back in college in the 80's) and the friend was thinking about having one. Of course I was bummed but since she sometimes bound herself, it was hit or miss as to whether I would see her in busty mode. One of the last times I saw the friend, I was dropping off my daughter and I was sitting in the car. I noticed she was in busty mode and thought I would enjoy the view while it lasted. Once she saw me she approached the car to say hello and started to reach out to give me a hug. Of course being in breast mode I reached to give her a hug and having the confines of the window area limiting my reach, it was easy to hit her tit as I went to hug her. This time though the accident was highly warranted and I got a nice long hug. Again upon the release, I was able to hold onto her side tit as we talked briefly.
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Old 01-18-2016, 02:36 PM
rd1270 rd1270 is offline
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Smile Dentists office

Several years ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. After being sedated I was semi-conscious but aware of what was happening. even though I definitely was feeling no pain. The Dentist was at my head working on my teeth while one female assistant stood in front of me leaning over me the front of me while assisting the dentist. I noticed that she was pushing her crotch against my hand which was on the arm of the exam chair. Once I realized she was doing this intentionally I extended my middle finger protruding up into her vaginal area. This was not visible to anyone else in the area. I noticed a smile on her face she made no attempt to move away, so I kept my finger extended for the entire procedure. After the procedure was completed she and I both acted as if nothing had happened, but I'm sure it is an experience we will both remember.
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Old 01-19-2016, 03:09 AM
thefergieferg1's Avatar
thefergieferg1 thefergieferg1 is offline
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Default Accidental?

I always get on really well with my SIL but there's never been anything more.
The last time I saw my her she was staying for a couple of days. Upon greeting her and giving her a hug, I seemed to accidentally (yes really) stroke the side of her left tit as we separated. She's quite a small lady so it it wasn't easily done.
I felt a bit awkward but it wasn't a lingering grope and she didn't seem bothered so I thought nothing more.
Over her stay we had a few drinks with other family and she was sitting next to me and for some time our arms were touching and she didn't move away, but again I thought nothing of it.
When she left and we hugged again, she twisted her body around as we separated and I ended up with my hand stroking right across her tit quite firmly.
I was convinced it was deliberate but she said goodbye and I haven't seen her for some months. She's due to visit again in the summer.
Situations like this leave me baffled and you have to be careful not to make a fool of yourself.

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Old 01-19-2016, 08:00 AM
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crazyhorse91 crazyhorse91 is offline
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Default Butt patting

I broke myself from patting my kids and Grandkids because of this. I did this for yrs. when hugging the kids I would just pat them on the butt, nothing sexual. We have a friend from Latin America who was visiting us. She is very short. When she and her daughter were leaving she gave me a hug. I never thought an patted her butt a couple of times before I realized what I was doing. I apologized but she just laughed and said it was ok. Surprisingly wife was ok with it too, lol.
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Old 01-19-2016, 02:26 PM
alexossale alexossale is offline
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Was at a bar with some friends and there was a lot of noise due to live music and other patrons. This one girl(a friend's gf) would stand beside me and when she would talk to me , she would lean sideways towards me pressing her tit right into my arm. She is very chesty and did this every time she spoke to me, she would leave it there as we chatted back and fourth.
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Old 01-19-2016, 06:13 PM
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captaintrips captaintrips is offline
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Originally Posted by crazyhorse91 View Post
I broke myself from patting my kids and Grandkids because of this. I did this for yrs. when hugging the kids I would just pat them on the butt, nothing sexual. We have a friend from Latin America who was visiting us. She is very short. When she and her daughter were leaving she gave me a hug. I never thought an patted her butt a couple of times before I realized what I was doing. I apologized but she just laughed and said it was ok. Surprisingly wife was ok with it too, lol.
You just reminded me of an occasion where I really embarrassed myself.
One evening, we were at a house-party of my wife's boss with a lots of her colleagues. One of her colleagues was a real looker, long blond hair, long legs all the way up to ..., and very fit in both meanings. She'd been through a messy separation a couple of years earlier and had stayed with us for about 3 months while getting herself together. She she was almost like one of the family, and if we had a kind of father-daughter relationship, it was definitely one where mental ****** was involved.
Anyway she comes in a bit late to the party with her new boyfriend, also a colleague of my wife, and they immediately come over to greet us. I give her the hug and without me thinking about it I am suddenly aware that she is grinning strangely at me as I realise that during the hug my one hand had slipped down and was patting and stroking her butt. Oooops. Wrong time and place to make that sort of move.
But it has changed the relationship as we now flirt outrageously with each other at any opportunity. My wife finds it amusing and is please to find I still have enough hormones circulating. And I live in hope that one day ...
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Old 01-27-2016, 12:39 PM
enjoyslife enjoyslife is offline
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I had a nice touch encounter and totally unplanned. This was several years ago, back in the late 90's actually, but I was at a fancy well dressed gala event. Everyone was, and had to be, dressed up. Men in tuxedos and women in likewise formal attire. We, wife and I, had a nice dinner along with other guests in this fancy hotel on an upper floor. Then after dinner everyone was to head downstairs to the main ballroom where the main event was taking place.

There were several other dining rooms that has similar guests for this event. Well everyone, other dining rooms too, got the signal at the same time to head to the main event in the ballroom, and several hundred people all headed for the elevators at the same time.

We got into one of the first or second elevators and we were in like sardines. My wife ended up just behind me and to my left as people piled in. Well I thought to myself that this is the most crowded elevator, as everyone wanted to get in, and then even more people came in! I was never in such a tightly filled elevator in my life.

Well just to my front and to the right was a nicely dressed woman and everyone was just arm to arm, wall to wall people, etc. Well finally those in front said no more, and we were finally able to close the doors. However the people in front were in the way of the doors closing so they moved back and everyone behind them moved back as they were pushed back. The woman to my right and in front of me stepped back a little more, she was just fractions of an inch from being into me before she stepped back, and as she stepped back I felt her press back into me and my arm was hanging down at my side and I felt her nice butt press into the front of my hand. I immediately felt her tense up her butt as she felt her butt in contact with someone. As I felt her press into me and her butt tense up it was obvious to me that she was wearing some sort of panty girdle or some support (note this was the days before Spanx). Then she just gave a little turn of the head to see who was in contact with her cheek and when she saw me, I was/am a nice looking guy and was about 8 years or so younger than her and all dressed up in a tux, she just gave a little smile and I gave a slight smile back with a slight shrug of like can't do much about the closeness. And as she saw who I was with my hand on her cheek, she just returned to facing the front of the elevator and I felt her relax her cheek and press into my hand even more in a relaxed mode. I wish the elevator ride was much longer as it was really nice to have this woman knowingly contact my hand like that and just let my hand rest upon her cheek. She could chalk it up to circumstances allowing her ass to be touched by a stranger with so many people around and no one knew. I dare not move my hand as I did not want her to think I was feeling her ass but with her relaxing like she did and pressing into my hand I knew she was enjoying the attention. Then when we finally got to the main floor and the doors opened and people stepped out, just before she took a step forward she gave a little backward press into my hand as if to say thanks and here is a treat before we leave. It was great.

It was great, and remembered to this day. I never told my wife, who knows if she told her husband, and no one on the elevator knew of my hand on her cheek. The ballroom was very crowded and I never saw her again, but I still remember that. And if anyone is interested in knowing I would say she was a size 10-12 in her dress.

Best part of the whole event that night!
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Old 10-29-2016, 08:17 AM
cornishman cornishman is offline
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Talking Groped

Only this week I was in the pub with my girlfriend having dinner, she went to the toilet and this older woman that knew me through my Mum, came over and asked how my Mum was and gave me a fiver to buy a couple of drinks, my girlfriend came back and I told her, oh, she said, I don't suppose you're coming up town with me now, and I said, no, I'm having a couple of drinks now, she was fine about it, and after a while left for town leaving me with my fiver and a couple more beers, when she left, the older woman came over again, and handed me 15! To buy some more drinks, I tried to resist (not too hard though) and she gave me a kiss and a cuddle, during the cuddle I grabbed her huge tits and gave them a good rubbing, and touched her nipples, after she was all red faced and hot under the collar (as was I) as she left she told me that she was now 70! She didn't look (or act ) that old, I'm sure I'll see her again, and am very much looking forward to the next kiss. cuddle and grope.
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Old 10-30-2016, 06:03 PM
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MS05 MS05 is offline
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even at an early age i loved the fact that other men took pleasure in my GF's and wife.
when we were younge (18-24) we would go to concerts and i would persuade my girl at the time to get up and crowd surf.
After she had been passed around ontop of the crowd for a couple of minute and she returned I would get excited when she would tell me how many guys felt her tits and pussy. It was a massive turn on for me back then even though she was fully dressed
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