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Old 10-29-2017, 02:26 AM
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fheath, love you stories. You are one lucky man. And you retell them beautifully. I went camping a few weeks ago with my wife and it was cold and raining. First and last time my wife will go camping.
Are we ever going to see a picture of you wife? Just her body maybe? Again, you are so lucky. Love that she loves to show off when she is buzzed. Id love to see you two at a campground. Someday
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Old 10-29-2017, 12:11 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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So far I've just worked up the nerve to post a cleavage shot with some nipples I posted earlier. I did that with her approval. She is not aware that I shared online. She thought it was an individual she had agreed i could share. I do feel guilty by not being completely honest.

In this progression she has allowed several photos to be taken by individuals. The guy at the beach hotel and just recently by Keith. I hope to get a wager or some form of agreement with her that I can. I think it would be unbelievable to have at least a full frontal or a bending rear view on the post. I just don't want her questioning my motives by asking repetitively. Believe me I've asked, I would love to show.
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Old 11-27-2017, 06:10 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Ok I have something different to update.

My wife decided she wanted to spend thanksgiving with her father and brothers at her father's house in Florida. This was a last minute decision. So Tuesday we headed to Florida. After one hellava long trip we found a nice hotel and crashed.

Both her brothers were staying with her father. My wife is nothing like them and they are just not my cup of tea. We spend Wednesday with her family. I spend my time enjoying as much private time as I could. They are all about themselves and their lives.her younger brother had his wife and three kids with them. Mid afternoon he decided to go to the movies. Her older brother is different. He is extremely very very overweight and slovenly. Nice but zero social skills. My wife and i have never known him to have a date with a female in his entire lifetime. He lives alone and set in his ways. I once years ago at the encouragement of my wife invited him to attend a gentleman's club but he adamantly declined. She feels sorry for him saying he has to be lonely. I say it's a choice he makes.

Anyway we spend some time visiting her older brother, her father and his wife. My wife finally excuses us to the hotel. On the way we stop by a local store for wine and liquor and mix. We get to the hotel and change clothes. She puts on a balck silk blouse no bra. A plunging neck to her clevage. The blouse formed to her bare tits and nipples. Looked fantastic. She put on a denim skirt and white flat sandals no panties. We headed to a sitting area by the pool. Within an hour she had finished the bottle of wine and was drunk. We are sitting on plastic wicker furniture. Me in a chair with cushions and her opposite on a two person wicker sofa. She has her feet propped on the edge of the table between us. I am getting glimpses of her bare pussy.

Really no one is around but the occasional employee and smokers from the bar milling around. It's late evening. Two men keep coming out walking around behind me then going in. My wife noticed them looking at her. She asked if her tits are visable because the same two guys keep coming out and looking at her. I said no but they may be seeing something else. She had me get up and stand where they stand. Yep they are seeing a nice bare pussy when her feet are propped on the edge of the table.

We continue. They come back. She drops her feet and crosses her legs before they arrive. They briefly hang around and exit. So she agreed that they were looking at her pussy. Each time anyone came out she would drop her feet and cross her legs to my disappointment.

It was also fun watching her walk to the restroom through the lobby. Heads would turn looking at her blouse formed to her tits and bouncing. So to the new thing.

As we were enjoying ourselves her older brother called. Her younger brother and his kids were driving him crazy. He called to see if we had room for him for the night. Long conversation till my wife said she would ask me and text. She gave me the puppy dog eyes and asked if he could sleep on a rollout in the room. I told her no that he is too big for the rollout and our room. She did not like my answer much. We talked. I told her if he stayed she couldn't change her routines. She said its her brother and it wouldn't be right that they are related. I used the example of my brother seeing me naked. She said that's different.

I held my ground. She said to intentionally let him see her seemed wrong. She also added that he has probably never seen a naked woman in real life. I said what about unintentional. We discussed. Many scenarios but she did not like any. I finally came up with one that she agreed. When I went for morning coffee and a smoke. She would sleep with her tits out. If he wakes and sees them then fine if not then good. Her words. I replenish her drink and twenty minutes later we were back.

Her brother is not a drinker but asked for one when he sat in the chair I was in. I sat next my wife. I have slowed my drinking. My wife has not and her brother is on his third and giggling drunk. I notice him staring and I'm not sure how long or how often but my wife had her feet on the edge of the table talking to him. He is looking at her not in the eye. I excuse myself to the restroom. As I walk back they are still talking and I walk by his chair. Yes she is on display and he is looking. Soon my wife excused herself to the restroom. He did not say anything about the view. I said you will have to excuse my drunk wife, we did not expect company so she dressed comfortable. He smiled and said I guess you caught me looking. I smiled back and said yes. He said each time she makes me a drink I can see clear to her bellybutton. I said she has forgotten that she is not wearing underwear. He said it's ok, I just don't want to intrude but those kids were killing me. Before we could continue she came wobbling back.

Skip ahead. We get a rollout bed to the room. This is some time later. My wife is blitzed. Her brother is blitzed. I guide them to the room. Our requested rollout cot is in the hallway by our door. I herd them in the room. While they make another drink I get the cot in. The only place to put it out of the way was at the foot of our king sized bed. They both lay down and are out before they get half way through their drinks. It's not even ten o'clock.

Her brother, as I said is very overweight. He started snoring like a freight train. So loud he eventually woke my wife. She removes her skirt and top. She is actually on her back completely naked with one leg off the side of the bed. She is a complete noodle and back to passed out. Here I am. My naked wife passed out on her back on top of the bed sheet with one leg on the bed one dangling off. As i brushed my teeth to her brothers snoring i stood looking at her totally exposed pussy and tits. I decided to leave the bathroom door open and the light on along with the vanity sink light.

I actually did think that I should cover her at some point. Then I thought that this may be her brother but seeing a naked woman even his sister may at least encourage him to want to see another that's not his sister. Not proper rationale but it's what I concluded. Pussy is pussy, tits are tits. Just looking.

Skip ahead, I'm into a movie. My wife still in the same position. Snoring stopped. I placed the cot against the television cabinet not on purpose but it worked out. He brother is struggling to get up. I kind of giggle at all the sounds because he takes up the whole cot and then some. Again, not on purpose but his bag is on the floor at the head of our bed beside my wife. He eventually sits up facing our bed. He says nothing. He is looking directly at my wife from between her legs up. After a long few quiet seconds, I ask if he's ok. In a drunken slur he said yes, I have to go to the bathroom. He is still looking at her. I asked if he is going to get sick. No answer for forever then he said maybe.

He stood up by putting both hands on the end of our bed. Once up. He stood staring. I asked again if he was ok. He asked why is she naked. I said she's drunk, passed out and got hot. I asked if he wanted me to cover her. He said no. He stumbled to the bathroom. My devilish mind took over again. I put my hand on her knee. I slowly moved her leg towards me and up. I even trace my finger up and down her pussy. No movement.

Her brother is now getting sick in the bathroom. It's a small room. I start playing with her nipple. She does move a fraction but her nipple got hard. I stop.

Her brother finally walks out of the bathroom. The vanity and sink are outside the door. He gargles. He walks back in the room. He stops at her knee beside the bed. I ask if he's ok. He said yes better now. He's staring at her pussy as he answers. He said, I assume you guys sleep nude. I said most of the time. Continuing to stare he said you know she's going to be mad that I have seen her like this. I said well it's not your fault. He asked for his bag to brush his teeth. I directed him to it. He walked to her shoulder got his toothbrush and stood up. He again said she's going to be really mad I'm seeing her naked. I asked why he thought that. He said I know my sister.

He went to the sink and started brushing. He even turned around to look. I said if her nudity bothers you I can cover her till she kicks them off. He shook his head no. He sat on the cot once he finished. He has a view of her pussy from three feet and between all the lights on and television light he can see detail. He sits a few seconds and said want to finish these drinks as a nightcap. He was holding both glasses. I took one. We started talking.

I asked him if it made him uncomfortable to see his sister in this detail. He said yes a little. I asked why. He said to be honest I've never seen a naked woman and now I'm looking at my sister. My jaw was lying on the bed. I asked, you have never seen a naked woman in your life. He said well he did spy on my wife when she was in high school and had seen her in glimpses but that's it. I said this may be redundant but does that mean you have never had sex. After a pause he said yes, look at me. I've been overweight my entire life. Now I felt sorry for him. I asked why he does just go to a strip club for a view or hire a lady.

We ended up talking for that drink and another. He got up a couple of times and looked her up and down. I offered to arrange him a lady for hire and he could use my room. He declined. After the second drink was done I got up and turned off the lights. I turned off the television. Once comfortable, I asked him if he was going to use tonight to rub one out in the future. After a pause, if I say I am I am a perv. If I say no I'm not being honest. We laughed.

Finally, thanksgiving morning. I wake. My wife and her brother are talking. She's actually under the sheet and it pulled up covering her tits. They are both talking about how bad they feel. I get up naked and walk across the bed to my clothes. Her brother is dressed sitting on the sofa. He said I could have gone a lifetime not seeing that. I said don't be jealous. As I dress I ask my wife how was her night. She said she slept most of the hangover away. She said she was glad she woke up before light. I asked why as I finished dressing. She said we might have seen more than we wanted this morning if not. As I walked out I said well you were supposed to be tits out this morning but you are not.

I had a couple of smokes and a couple of coffees before heading up. As I entered the room the cot was folded and room straightened. Her brother was on the sofa and my wife in the shower. I handed him a coffee and asked who cleaned he said it's the least he could do. I asked if she was mad. He said no, and that he told her about seeing her last night. I said I told you she wouldn't be mad. After forever, my wife emerged from the bathroom in her regular after shower attire. A towel around her head and a towel around her waist. Tits out to the room. We stop talking and stare as she starts her post shower routine. She finally turns to us hands on hips and said, look, they are tits so what. You are making me feel uncomfortable just looking. My god you should have got enough last night, right.

We both started talking again. Strange but we held normal conversations as she brushed teeth, applied lotion, applied makeup, etc...tits out the whole time. Once complete she pulls out her sheer bra and panties. She drops the towel from her waist and we watch her put them on. They hid nothing, blonde strip, lips and ass visable. Then the bra. She may have well stood there naked. She followed that with a top and shorts. As she dried her hair she said I almost did this in bra and panties but you two made it awkward again. We all laughed.

I was in my convertible so I first took her brother over. He said thanks for the help and everything. He did say that he may take me up on hiring him a lady visitor when he gets home. Either way I think I convinced him to at least go to a strip club and I would give him the money if he needed. I returned. My wife was surprisingly happy. She knew nothing about the viewing we had. I gave her a blow by blow. She was not so surprised that he was a virgin and never seen a naked woman in person. She did tell me she caught him peeking on her many many times to the point she would give him a glimpse of tit or ass or yell at him depending on how sorry she felt for him. She said that he will definitely use the visual he got for some self pleasure. I asked how she knows. She said I know him. I let that go.

We had a good thanksgiving and nothing was said by her brother about seeing her. On the way home I asked how she feels now. She said I feel the same. She did not care that he saw her tits. As she said if he comes to the house he will see me topless by the pool now. She said she is not comfortable that he got such an intimate view of her pussy because he is her brother. According to my wife, next summer visit he will possibly see her at the pool nude and she will arrange it so Bob and Kenneths wives are there.

Well, it's wordy but that was thanksgiving and really different.
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Old 01-01-2018, 03:12 PM
fheath fheath is offline
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Nothing really exciting to talk about. Many Christmas functions and no real time or opportunity to have some fun. I hate a busy life that takes away from my enjoyment.

I am currently out of town on business and almost brought in the new year from a hotel bar. It has been a great year.

I may have something to update soon. I woke up this morning and checked my phone. Several missed calls from Kenneth and several from my wife after I went to sleep. Also a few text from Kenneth. One saying that he was headed to my house that his wife had remained with her family after christmas. Next, no words, just a couple of pictures of his arm and my wife's tits. I have not talked to either yet but look forward to hear if anything new has transpired.

Here's to hopefully an exciting 2018.
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Old 01-02-2018, 11:26 AM
fheath fheath is offline
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Got the story for new years. Kenneth and my wife were the only solos. They decided to got out and bring in the new year together.

Long story short Kenneth ended the night sleeping in my bed with my wife for the new year. Nothing different from the past to report from their recollections.

Kenneth said he snapped the photos he text me to let me know my wife was safe in our bed. Such a nice guy to look after her.

Here's to warmer weather and a fun 2018.
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