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Old 01-23-2018, 12:51 AM
magicmerlon magicmerlon is online now
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Default Night Off (ENF)

My first story here! All feedback is accepted and appreciated.

Veda would never forgive him. That gods forsaken half elf with his smug smile and fancy words. She was also sure she’d never forgive herself for accepting the bet, especially in front of all those people at the Drunken Rat Tavern. If she chickened out, she wouldn’t even need to lose the bet to be disgraced in the eyes of the criminal underground.
Currently, Night Elf rogue Veda Erebus sat perched in an old oak tree overlooking the nearby Ravenswood Manor. The moonlight illuminated the huge building, and the wind shook Veda’s tree. She shivered, but it wasn’t because of the warm night air.

Hours ago she had been relaxing at the Drunken Rat, a skeevy bar that no one but criminals and low lifes frequented. She enjoyed the violent atmosphere and the company of her fellow professional thieves. Tonight was supposed to be a night off, and she had been well into her fourth grog.
And then that half elf, Syllus, came waltzing in. Veda immediately curled her lip, she didn’t like the way he always tried to chat with her, as if people came to bars to talk of all things. That night he began boldly by insulting her skills, which quickly drew a crowd. Shouting came next, then bets, then antes being raised. And now…

And now, Veda found herself staring at the Ravenswood Manor, perched in a tree. Her hair was a brilliant white, and reached down to her waist. Her black skin contrasted magnificently, and her purple eyes were sharp and dangerous. She had a refined body, kept in shape through and for her craft. At 5’ she was shorter, but so were all elves, and her chest was impressive on that frame.
Veda had boasted that her skills were so refined, she didn’t even need tools to rob the notoriously iron tight manor. Syllus had snorted and replied her jet black skin would help her if she was naked, and before she knew it, the wager was sealed.
It was simple. She had to strip completely nude, leave all her clothes under the tree, break into the manor without being caught, and return to the tree. Veda blushed purple as she recalled the details.
Slowly, she climbed down the tree and landed on the soft dirt. First, she unbuckled and removed her black boots. Her bare feet touched the ground and she was already blushing a deep purple. Next came her belt of tools, which already without made her feel helpless.
Veda briefly considered quitting, but the smug face of the half elf steeled her nerves. She had to prove him wrong. Shakily, her fingers began undoing the buttons of her tight black blouse. Slowly she let it slide down her slender arms, and it fell onto the ground. With each heaving breath, her modest breasts rose and fell on her naked chest. Veda hugged herself as another breeze curled around her back, her shoulders, forcing her to be reminded of her nakedness.
I am a professional! she thought, I will not do this like a coward. She threw her arms down to her side, her exposed breasts wobbling, her nipples stiffening in the breeze. In a rush, she fumbled with her pants, pulling both her trousers and undergarments to her feet in the same moment.
Veda was completely nude, outside, in the night. Every contour of her body was athletic beauty. Her toned arms countered into her shoulders and back like a marble statue. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned as they kissed the night air. Her defined abdominals flowed artistically into her strong hips and thighs, and her backside was calipidgean. Veda maintained a closely trimmed bush on her lower lips, as alabaster as the hair on her head.
She ran. She let her muscle memory work for her as she focused on the task at hand. As she bounded towards the manor, new complications arose that she never had to confront when working clothed. Her breasts hopped and bounced with every step, flustering her deeply as her blush spread to her chest. Her hair, usually kept closely tied back, now flew widely behind her, and whenever it touched her nude back it reminded her of her nakedness.
Worst of all though was the feeling of the wind against her, like an agent inspecting her entire body. Feeling the air with every movement, every step, accentuated her lack of coverage. It was like a thousand tiny hands all around her, all over her.
Veda reached the wall, hugging against it and gasping for air silently. A run like that would never wear her out normally. She was panicking already?
Not wasting more than a moment, she reached for the stone and expertly climbed. She tried to ignore how her butt was accentuated with the long movements of her shapely legs, and how every other movement brushed her bothered nipples against the stonework.
Up and over, and on the ground now. She ran across the yard, careful to dart from cover to cover, and only when a cloud covered the moon. Near the house, she found the cellar door. With no tools, she couldn’t pick it. Rookie mistake! She was really flustered.
With blushing, blinking eyes she scanned the house, and found an open window on the third floor. She swallowed, counted to three, then leapt from cover to gutter, and climbed. The window was near, when suddenly there was movement!
The sleepy head of some teenage occupant poked out of the window. He looked around, and spotted the naked Veda, clinging to the pole. She stayed perfectly still, didn’t even breathe, her heart pounding. She wanted to scream, she wanted to run, she wanted to… do what?! Why would she want to do that, what the hell?! She pushed the thought away, and noticed the sleepy boy rub his eyes and go back inside.
Veda stayed clinging to the pole for several minutes. Why was one of her impulses to do… do… well that! She went over it over and over again, was she somehow enjoying this? Well, she figured, at least her nipples were enjoying it, and also her… oh wow, maybe she was enjoying this. Maybe just a little bit.
Into the window she crept, passed the sleeping boy and into the dark hallway. She darted again and again, from dark shadow to dark shadow, and she entered a large room filled with statues and antiquities. Far in the back was a small gem on a pedestal, which was her target. As she made her way to it, she heard a door happen. “I need to hide!” she thought.
A man with milky white eyes entered the room. As he walked down a row of statues, he touched each one. The man was blind, and he liked sculptures better than paintings. He could touch and feel them, and form a picture in his head. So he walked down the row of statues, and touched. This one a horse, so pretty, midstride. This one a mermaid, and he always felt a little naughty when his fingers ran over its breasts. And then this one…
This sculpture was new. It felt like a nude, and so detailed! His hand traced over the statue, and he was amazed at the craftsmanship. Why, he could feel each muscle, the shape of the arms was perfect, and the swell of the chest into the breasts as well. The abdomen felt so life like, and these legs were amazonian in strength. Actually, it felt warm, really warm, feverish even. And as his hand roamed, he felt hair on the crotch of the statue. “No,” he thought, “must be mold, a new addition to the collection that hasn’t been cleaned yet.” Eventually, he let the statue alone and continued, eventually leaving the room.
Veda dropped to her knees and gasped, taking everything she had not to panic entirely. She had just been felt up, all over her body. Her own hands ran all over, holding herself as she went over what just happened. Her nipples stood at attention, and she cursed how her heart raced. The subterfuge, she realized, was what made it so exciting. It took more willpower than she was willing to admit to not just find a quiet corner of the room and slip a few fingers inside herself.
She got to her feet however, and put the slickness between her thighs to the back of her mind.

Gem in hand she made it back over the wall. Veda could not wait to shove this damned jewelry down Syllus’ throat, get home, and finally satisfy herself. Her naked feet brought her back to the tree.
Veda saw a piece of paper under the tree. What she didn’t see were her clothes. Rage built up in her as she swiped the note off the ground.
“You sure showed me!” the note read.
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Old 01-23-2018, 06:34 PM
cerindclvr cerindclvr is offline
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Points for using callipygian, points for a fantasy-based ENF story, and points for well, general awesomeness..! I'd like to see more of these!

(edit: I read 'Night Elf' as drow, or dark elf, as long as we're being nerdy here. When I hear 'Night Elf' I think of WoW's 7 foot tall elves... doesn't everyone? anyways, I don't think I've read a single ENF story featuring a drow protagonist! awesome.)
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Old 01-24-2018, 12:20 PM
skullking2 skullking2 is offline
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Default just surprise no one went

I'm surprise that the people at the bar didn't go with Syllus. He may have taken her clothes but it seems to me that she will get home without being seen or maybe Syllus has something up his sleeves. I'm just curious how your next story of Veda would be.

I love your story and I'm looking forward to seeing Veda in more naked embarrassing situations
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Old 01-31-2018, 08:11 PM
cerindclvr cerindclvr is offline
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I forget how this forum feels about ENM, but you should definitely keep posting here either way sir. Our base of fantasy genre/ENF lovers is substantial enough to deserve your work! xD

...and not that I'm one to pressure someone into writing more, but, uh... when's your next episode coming out?
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Old 02-13-2018, 12:24 AM
magicmerlon magicmerlon is online now
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Default I will continue!

I have the next few parts written, I'll be sure to post them tomorrow!
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Old 02-13-2018, 11:42 PM
magicmerlon magicmerlon is online now
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Join Date: Apr 2012
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Default Night Off 2

Now this one is ENM, so, be prepared for that! Part 3 is ENF so hang on!

Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. Dong. The clocktower struck exactly midnight. The good citizens of Alleytown slept soundly, while the bad citizens were hard at work in the town’s dark underbelly.
A Drow named Veda Erebus, thief and rogue extraordinaire, stood on a rooftop dressed in all black and surveyed the shadowy street below. A human would normally see nothing, but the eyes of a night elf could see in the dark as easily as in the day. She leaned back and pulled the mask covering her mouth down to her chin. As she breathed she stared at the house across the street, the home of a half-elf named Syllus Nonacnon.
The loud mouthed bard had been a long running pain to her, constantly bad mouthing her in the circle of thieves and professional murderers they both worked with. Everything had come to a head two weeks ago, when too many drinks and not enough sense led to an insane wager.
Veda shivered slightly. She still recalled the naked run through the mansion, the blind man fondling her like a statue. Worse, that bastard bard Syllus had stolen her clothes by the time she returned with the jewel. The walk home had taken hours, having to avoid being seen and being slowed down by how much it… bothered her.
She shifted her legs, ostensibly, she told herself, because they were getting cramped. More realistically, she was flustered recalling the naked night. This night, this night she planned on getting that half elf back. It had taken her this long to scope out where he lived, and now she simply waited until she was sure he’d be asleep, or at least close to it.
In her right hand she fiddled with the jewel stolen from Ravenwood Manor. The ruby was the size of a mouse and set in a gold lining. Veda held it up to the sparse moonlight and smiled to herself. She put her mask back up so only her purple eyes..
Veda made her way to the street and across, a blur in the night. The house was two stories, with no garden or fence in front of it. Making her way around to the back, Veda was like a phantom. She looked up at the reverse exterior, satisfied to see a second floor balcony. Like a t****ze artist she swung from flower basket to gutter to railing and onto the small balcony.
For a moment she was illuminated against oil lamp light that spilled from inside the house. She was the essence of a dashing adventurer. Her body was lithe and toned, beautiful and well suited to her work. She had a mild curve to her hips, and the only fat on her body resided in her breasts, which were amazingly proportioned to her smaller frame. She wore cushioned boots, flexible soft leather pants, a linen long sleeved tunic, leather gloves, and a combination cowl and mask to conceal herself. All her clothes were pitch black as her midnight skin, and hugged her body tightly. All her tools hung on a thick belt on her hips.
Within an instant she was on the door, file working on the lock. Normally she would pick the lock, and leave no trace that it had been tampered with, but tonight she was in a hurry, and very much didn’t care about damaging Syllus’ property. After a few seconds of sawing the internal mechanism snapped, and silently Veda creeped the door open.
She was careful as she entered, aware that if lamps were lit he must still be awake. The house at least sounded silent, a good sign. The room she entered was a sitting area, and Veda was surprised to see so many books scattered around the room and burgeoning the shelves. With quiet steps she creeped inside, eyes darting towards every entryway. One hand rested on one of many daggers on her person.
Making it to a dark corner of the room, wedged between a bookshelf and a wall, she listened. Her elven ears gradually faded out the white noise of the house, wind and creaking wood falling into silence.
There. She heard mumbling, someone talking to themselves. Carefully, she entered the hallway, approached the only door ajar with light coming from inside. She peeked through the crack, carefully to keep her body from blocking the light.
Inside, Syllus sat on a stool. The half-elf had pale skin, but callouses here and there proved he wasn’t a complete shut in. He had stubby pointed ears, nowhere near as long as Veda’s, and sharp eyes. Otherwise, he looked human, with tousled brown hair, grey-blue eyes, and light stubble. He wore a baggy short sleeved shirt, baggy brown trousers, and wool socks on his feet. The shirt had a deep V in the middle, and Veda caught a glimpse of his chest and abdomen when he bent over.
He actually has a touch of muscle on him, she thought, he’s still skinny though.
She watched as Syllus seemed to be writing something on parchment. Veda wondered what it could be, and then saw him pluck a few strings on an instrument he cradled in his lap. Then she took in the rest of the room, and saw it littered with sheets of music, instruments, different heights of stools, and the desk Syllus was writing on. Other than the oil lamps lighting it, everything in the room was for music.
Veda was impressed, but it didn’t last long. She saw Syllus smile, most likely at a satisfactory melody or some such trivial thing, but all Veda saw was that same smirk that had sealed their wager.
As Veda considered how to proceed, Syllus plucked a string of notes. A small mote of magical fire appeared in the air in front of him. It danced around and then disappeared. This seemed to be his goal, as Syllus smiled and wrote something down.
Of course! Veda thought. Syllus was a magical bard, and his music was where his powers derived. It didn’t have to always be an instrument, singing or even humming could activate it. Even that annoying clicking of his tongue when we made the wager, Veda thought. She was now sure he had charmed her then, made her more open to suggestion.
Enraged, she barrelled through the door. The half elf was caught completely by surprise, and he dropped the instrument as he jumped up at the noise. Before he could say or do anything, Veda had grabbed him by his wrist and forced him to the ground. She shoved his face into the carpet, satisfied with how much more powerful she apparently was than him, at least physically.
Veda straddled his back, keeping his devils tongue from muttering a spell by pushing it into the floor. “You charmed me!” she hissed.
“?!” Syllus muffled confusion.
Veda grabbed his face with her palm over his mouth, squeezing his cheeks roughly, and turned his head so he could see her. She pulled down her mask so he could see her clearly.
“You charmed me!” she repeated.
Syllus desperately shook his head “no” but it only angered Veda. She reached for her belt and pulled out a gag, composed of a ball of wool embedded in a linen scarf. It was promptly applied to Syllus as she bound his wrists and ankles together. Getting off of him, she rolled him over and propped him against the wall. His eyes stared at her. There wasn’t fear, but there wasn’t confidence either. Just blank, assessing the situation.
Veda just stared back at him, fangs bared. “Did you see me?” she asked.
Syllus tilted his head.
“Did you see me?” she repeated.
He tilted it farther, he didn’t understand.
Veda gave an exasperated groan. “Did you, see me, when I was naked, the night of the bet?”
Syllus’ head straightened out but he didn’t nod or shake his head.
“Answer me and do it honestly or I swear, half-elf, I’ll cut out your tongue.”
He considered this, then shook his head yes.
Veda blushed and growled. “And did you charm me, to accept the wager?”
Syllus shook his head no. Veda was displeased. She grabbed Syllus and dragged him out down the hall, through the sitting room, and onto the balcony. It was still the dead of night outside, and not a soul was in sight. Above the door to the balcony was a large hook meant for someone to hang a bucket from to catch rainwater. Veda hooked the ropes binding Syllus’ wrists together into it. She checked the bindings, making sure they stayed secure.
The half elf was now taut, tip toes on the ground, arms kept straight above his head. The light wind of the night tousled his brown hair and tugged slightly at his baggy clothes.
“Don’t lie, did you charm me with your, your, your perverted magic?!” Veda spit at him.
Syllus just stared at her, not answering. But Veda saw fear creep into the edges of his expression.
The Drow paced up and down the balcony in front of Syllus, deep in flustered thought. He’d been spying on her, admitted to it, he’d seen her naked, running around like an idiot. She was an idiot, she thought. Now giving him a black eye and bruises didn’t seem enough, she wanted to really hurt him, something he couldn’t recover from easily, something fair for what he did to her. She wanted payback, she wanted revenge, she… stopped, and stared at the breeze tugging at his loose shirt.
Veda took slow, tiny steps towards Syllus, a devilish grin growing on her face. She withdrew a knife, and panic briefly flashed in his eyes. It was amazing to see, Veda thought.
The tip of the blade came to a gentle rest on the part of his chest exposed by the shirt, balanced on his sternum. Veda leaned in close and clashed her teeth right next to his ear. She saw a single bead of nervous sweat trail down his brow. In a flurry she slashed her knife, and the half-elf’s shirt separated down the middle. With each breeze it fluttered open, and Veda smiled mischievously at his exposed torso.
Her night vision let her see perfectly in the dark, and now free of most of the shirt, she could see that he did have a touch of muscle. It wasn’t enough to call him “buff”, he was still a skinny half-elf, but there was enough definition to be pleasing to look at.
Syllus’ eyes were wide, darting everywhere. Veda kneeled down and tugged off the socks, throwing them over the balcony. She stood up and looked in his eyes, her expression was diabolical. Her free hand shot forward and grabbed at his waistband, the other holding the knife to his neck. She laughed cruelly, and jerked the pants down slowly, gradually.
First she saw wisps of curly brown hair peek out of the trousers. She pulled further, slower, until the very edge of the base of his cock was exposed. Her eyes glittered in delight. She noticed a defined shape inside the pants.
“You’re… hard?” she wondered aloud. Syllus was blushing a deep red, eyes closed.
“You actually have an erection right now, are you enjoying this?” Veda asked, incredulous, shocked but amused. Syllus nodded a couple times, then shook his head no violently, then stayed completely still.
Veda laughed sharply. “Oh ho ho oh, my gods.” She whipped the pants down to his ankles. His erection sprung out, barely missing Veda. She fell back and laughed more.
“It’s pointing at me!” she gasped. Syllus blushed terribly, and hung his head.
Eventually Veda calmed down and stood up. She touched the tip of her finger against the head of his erection. Syllus quivered and his cock bounced up and down at her touch.
“Wow you’re really up there.” Veda commented. “Anyway, bastard,” she took out the amulet. “Recognize this?”
She tied it around his neck. “It looks good on you!” she commented. Taking a step back, she took one last look. Syllus, bound, gagged, stripped naked except for that damned amulet. Woefully erect, completely trapped. Veda was satisfied.
“Don’t worry, you’ll have someone at sunrise to help you… probably. If not I’ll check up on you tomorrow night, no reason for me to add a murder charge to all,” she gestured at him, mainly at his dick, “this. So long, Syllus.” and she left, leaving him there till, yes, sunrise, when his enraged landlady cut him loose after a twenty minute lecture regarding debauchery and vices.
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