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Old 06-11-2009, 11:18 AM
jwayne jwayne is offline
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Default Another way to expose your wife

I've only been able to pull this off a few times... but if you are really wanting to expose your wife, it works great.
While on trips with my wife, I try to find motels with the front window & door facing the walk - your standard motel I guess. I'll eat her & fuck her until she's exhausted - then as she is falling asleep I'll tell her I'm going to stay up a little while and use my laptop, read, etc. Once I'm sure she's in a deep sleep, I'll pull the covers down - and slightly open the d****s on the front window - not too obvious, but just enough. With the table lamb positioned just right - it works perfect. The absolute best time I ever did this was just outside of Beaumont Tx in June of 07. We were on the road, dead tired & stopped at the first motel we found - one of those off the Interstate motels, restaurant, Truck Stop combos. She was too tired for sex, but I insisted & afterwards she immediately fell into a deep sleep. The setting was perfect! The bed was 5-6 feet from the window, she was partially on her side, facing the window, her makeup still on, perky 34B tits in full view, as well as her bush and legs. I pulled the covers back, tilted the lamp shade a bit & opened the curtains a few inches. Only then did I remeber where our room was situated - we were on the ground floor, near the back corner of the motel - and about 100 yards away was a back lot where truckers were parked overnight. As we unloaded our bags, I noticed truckers used the walkay in front of our room to go to the coffee shop, restaurant, etc. So, knowing mainly truckers would be passing by I got really bold & opened the curtains 3-4 inches, somewhat making it obvious I was exposing my wife. For an hour or so, there was a solid stream of truckers walking back and forth from their trucks to the restaurant getting coffee, eating, etc. Although I never revealed myself, I stood by the door trying to hear if anyone stopped at the window, etc. I guess word spread quick around the truckers, and there were several times I could hear several men whispering just outside the window, although I was never able to understand what they were saying. AND, there were several "flashes" at the window - and my cock throbbed like crazy knowing they were taking pictures of my nude wife - her legs, bush, tits AND face. After that first hour or so she stirred a bit and changed positions - lying on her tummy, her face to the window, and her ass in perfect view - it couldn't have been more perfect! It was short lived though, as she woke up and went to the bathroom - at the point I turned off the light and closed the d****s.
The next morning we went to the Restaurant and I could see several men staring at my my wife, smiling, etc. My poor wife had no idea MANY of them had seen her nude and even had pictures of her!
The only advise I'd give is be prepared to get a tap on the window or worse, a call! You might want to unplug the phone. Either way, be prepared for an explanation should you get caught! The best approach would be to tell her you were totally unaware the curtains were open, and that during her sleep, she pulled the covers off herself.
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Old 06-11-2009, 01:05 PM
bihusband bihusband is offline
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Default Hot!

"Jwayne." that was so damned hot! Had me hard as a rock throughout your recounting that lovely evening of exposing you unknowing wife!

My wife, Vicki, to my delight, is an exhibitionist. We always expose her out of town, however. Malls are a preferred venue for Vicki. She will wear a very short skirt, usually panties, unless she is really feeling bold (and horny). We go to the second floor of a department store at the escalator and watch for a hot looking guy coming up from the first floor; hoping he is continuing on to the third floor, Vicki gets on the up escalator and if the guy is, in fact, heading for the third floor, he obviously gets a good view of my wife's thighs and panties.........or more. I get on the escalator behind him so I can be aroused at seeing what he is seeing.

We also pick out a concourse with seating which faces other seating areas (fountains, etc.). Vicki will pick out a good looking guy and sit across from him. I stand behind the guy and get the same view he does. It is so wonderfully erotic to witness the sensual exposure my wife is sharing with another man.
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Old 07-11-2009, 12:11 AM
jizzman jizzman is offline
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Default Ways to expose wife

With my ex I used to make her open the blinds to our bedroom window and leave the bedroom light on while we fucked. Our bedroom faced the street by the corner and I always made her get on top so that if anyone drove by or walked by they would be able to easily see her through the window. I had always wanted to show her off to other people but she was very, very shy about her body so I came up with a plan to gradually expose her more and more through the window. She'd usually get off fast and I'd take my time and really enjoy the sex, working her over and hold off cuming for as long as I could. She'd get impatient and tired if I was taking too long to cum and she would sometimes even begin to beg me to cum. I thought I could use that to my advantage so I'd tell her if she wanted me to cum faster, then she would have to open the blinds on the window. I promised her that if she'd do that and expose herself some I'd cum faster for her. At first she didn't want to do it but she greatly underestimated my ability to sexually outlast her and it wasn't long before she found out the "hard" way that I could keep up the pounding for a very long time. One night we were having sex and I was just pounding away at her and I could tell she was getting tired and she started begging me to cum. I told her again that the way to make me get off faster was for her to open the bedroom window. She finally had no choice but to do it. She was so nervous and worried that one of the neighbors or her friends might see us and she stood at the window peeking out the blinds for a long time trying to get up the nerve to do it. She kept looking over at me perhaps thinking I might change my mind but I wouldn't budge. Finally she cracked the blinds ever so slightly and jumped into bed and I was so excited that she'd actually go through with it that I did cum fairly quickly but that was just the beginning for her. The more we did it, the more I insisted that she open the blinds even further and the more she opened the blinds the better I became at extending the sex and the longer I'd work her over and hold off cuming which exposed her for longer and longer periods. Usually I'd have her get on top and face the open window so she could see any approaching headlights of cars coming around the corner or coming down the road. Whenever she spotted an approaching car she'd panic and try to duck down as much as she could and at first I let her but as I grew in my desire to expose her I began to hold her up so that if any person did drive by and glance at the window she'd be totally exposed. She would be so nervous and she'd close her eyes I guess hoping that if she didn't see them, they wouldn't see her. All I could see were the lights as they went by or hear the car accelerate. I cannot say for sure that anyone ever saw her but I can say that several times cars came around the corner and slowed WAY down almost to a stop before driving on and once after I had cum and she had closed the blinds and turned off the lights, we noticed a car parked across the street with it's lights off that slowly drove away and I never told her this but one night after we were done I happened to notice a guy smoking a cigarette, kind of half-hiding behind our neighbors car. I don't know who he was and for all I know it could have been the neighbor, but whoever he was, I think he got to watch a very good show that night!! All the close calls were very exciting but knowing that somebody had been that close to that open window most likely watching my wife riding my cock and totally exposed like that really got me off!!
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Old 07-11-2009, 10:44 AM
peeker910 peeker910 is offline
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Default check my post

This is exactly what i love to do, except it was my girlfriend, I posted a couple of our adventures about how we got started, titled first time gf flashed, in essence we go to bars, her in a loose twirly skirt and sexy panties, when dancing lots of twirling to throw the skirt around her waist, all can see panties
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Old 07-11-2009, 03:36 PM
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In one house we lived in, I did that a lot.. Best story was when we were first together, and she was pregnant, in the third trimester, she didn't want to have sex.. but she'd get on her hands and knees and raise her dress or skirt so I could jack off onto her.. We lived across the street from a video store at the time, so I'd hold the curtain open so if anyone was looking at the bedroom window (and yes.. the overhead light was on, providing a great view) they'd see her totally exposed. The way the porch was located and the hedges were placed, I'm not sure if anyone got to see in or not.. but..

The other place I liked to expose her we lived across from an apartment building with 8-10 apartments in it beside a very busy road.. Not only were people in and out of there all the time, but many of the windows faced our bedroom window. Not only would I make sure something was on the dresser holding the curtain open a lot of times, but there were several times I'd blindfold her and tie her to the bed and have her suck my cock while I'd play with her pussy then fuck her. Again, I'm not sure if anyone ever got to see her "in action" but I really got off on the chance that someone would.

Here's a pic of her blindfolded, tied to the bed spread eagle in front of that window.. that was also a night I fucked her pussy with a big cucumber, that way if anyone was watching, they would get a GREAT show!
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Old 08-18-2009, 12:29 PM
simojo simojo is offline
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Default Great Thread

Thanks for this ..very erotic
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Old 08-20-2009, 03:10 PM
eppers eppers is offline
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Wink A couple of our favorites

When my wife and I were in our thirties, decades ago when bikinis were larger, we went to Miami and went to a custom bathing suit shop. They made suits just for you, in your choice of fabric and style for about $100, a lot for a bikini then. Knowing what I wanted her to do, we agreed she would get them to make her the briefest suit possible for her to sunbathe at home, barely covering her furry triangle and nipples. The store manager, a mature man with the obligatory tape measure hanging from around his neck, said he did a lot of them.

We went into the second room in the shop, separated only by a curtain from the front door and the street. He left the curtain open while she chose the fabric she wanted, and it was a solid yellow and thin. She told him it did not need to be lined because she would not wear it in public, just in our pool and at home. I was surprised how many people kept walking into this shop, both men and women, because they sold lots of beachware in addition to the custom tailored stuff. Several men and women stepped into the room we were in to get to small changing booths, also with curtains in the front.

When he told us it was time to measure and see what he had to make, he said she could wear a one-piece if she chose but she said it would not let him make it as brief as possible. He said some let him measure them nude, and she said that was ok with her. He pulled the curtain to the room closed when she called out from one of the changing booths that she was ready. She stepped out and onto a one foot tall small round stage in the middle of the room. It had these 6 changing rooms around this room, each with a mirror not only inside but outside each room. She was standing nude with her hands to her side, and you could see every angle in the surrounding mirrors. As he started taking measurements and asking her how much she wanted covered, we kept hearing the front door chime ring as people kept coming into the store. Each time I was hoping they would walk through the curtain to where we were but it did not happen for about 6 or 7 minutes, then several women came in and three men--two to try on suits and another was with his wife who was buying.

She stood erect, with her hands at her sides, while these men would stare, and then look away when they were caught looking. By now the curtain to the front room was open, and anyone walking in could see her facing the front door. I could tell by her breathing how turned on she was, and with the tailor moving her legs apart to take measurements with his tape, she was very wet. When he measured her breasts, her nipples were as hard as I have ever seen them--and so was I. Soon he was done, and several of the men and women were standing asking questions about how much the cusom suits cost and how long they took to make. She went back to the booth and got dressed. It was a fun night. I just wished I had gone out to our rental car and gotten a camera to take a photo from the front door of the store.

Two days later, we went back to get the suit, and she tried it on then got back on the round pedestal. She wanted several adjustments, so she took it off and gave it to the tailor, and she was then nude once again. We waited in her changing room, with the curtain open, then she went back out, put on the suit and was pleased. Of course, some men saw her then too, but she was only exposed for several minutes.

She did not wear it often, but a couple of times when we had a male friend over without his wife or girlfriend, she would bring out the yellow suit, and it was completely transparent when wet.

The first time we did something like this was in college. We were in Charlotte, NC visiting friends and there was a lingerie shop right near a rail crossing. They had lots of exotic stuff in the windows. Back then, wearing a garter belt and stockings was done every day, and we went into the shop to get her a matching black bra, panty and garter belt set. She took them in the back and I stayed out front, and she would come out to get my opinion. Everyone there loved what they saw. After trying on several sets, she came out in a french cut push up bra that left the top halves of the breasts(and nipples ) exposed, a black garter belt and stockings with her heels. She was holding the matching panties, and said she wanted the two items she was wearing but some different, smaller, more transparent panties. Everyone stared at her now framed pussy, and she walked casually to the area that had the panties. She got more with the help of the salesman, and then went in to try them on, and come back out for me(and others) to see. They were small, and very see-through.

In the store, they had a large wall of Poloroid photos of happy, satisfied customers wearing the apparel the store offered. Some were somewhat revealing,and some of the women were attractive, but not all. My wife, then my girlfriend, when asked told the salesman he could take a picture of her in her new outfit, but she combed her hair partly over her face so you would be unlikely to recognize her. While we do not go to Charlotte very often, whenever we do go, we stop by this shop and her photo is still in a prominant place on the wall with her nipples in clear view and her hairy triangle visible through the thin material. Although I have asked if she would do it again, she says no, but she did enjoy it back then.

We also like for her to walk out of the bathroom at hotels for room service/maintenence/bellman, but that is another story.
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Old 08-21-2009, 11:30 AM
heyyou heyyou is offline
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Default exposing wife in the past

I used to expose my wife all the time, sometimes with her knowledge, sometimes without. She'd try on clothes, sometimes without even a G string and would sometimes leave the curtain open a couple of inches or not latching the door and bumping it open. She always said it was by accident, and she was embarrassed, but it happened a lot. We would go dancing, and I would talk her into no panties, and while slow dancing, I would rub her back which would pull up her dress and expose her bottom. She caught me a couple of times and was pissed. She always went braless then , we are early 60's, and this was sort of the fashion, and a few buttons would accidently come undone until her tits were totally exposed. Again back rubs will loosen and tighten the shirt around the buttons and sometimes the will undo themselves, especially on a shirt that's been worn some. She would sometimes unbutton one or two to be sexy for me. One would usually show nipple. Sometimes in a public park we'd be sitting on the grass, I'd lay down nest to her and slowly put my hand under her dress and discreetly play with her. That would sometimes get her hot and I could talk her into removing her panties so I could do a better job. If she was enjoying it she would sometimes relax enough so I could get her skirt above her waist and play. We are sort of old for this behavior now, and she became real religious so we no longer do it, but it was fun for about 20 years. I have been lurking for awhile, so thought I should add something somewhere, and this does bring back good memories.
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Old 08-25-2009, 03:14 PM
niagfallsguy niagfallsguy is offline
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I rather like light colored tops with sheer lace bras. they do a great job of showing off a woman's breasts and what color her nipples are, with dark brown nipples against pale white skin working best.

Another way I enjoy showing her off in public is in a short dress / skirt with sheer mesh panties. Now that she has a small bush on top, it shows up wonderfully thru the mesh and gives strangers a great show when she is sitting.

With anything, you have to choose the exposure level to match the people you will be around. When kids are likely to be around, I just ask her to wear something cleavage revealing as opposed to being obvious with exposed crotch or seeing her nipples. She appreciated it and is willing to wear the revealing stuff when I ask, because I dont try to embarass her too badly
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Old 08-31-2009, 06:12 PM
juliemad juliemad is offline
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Default Jackie O and the shipping tycoon husband

How does that old joke go?
"Got any picures of your wife naked?"
"Wanna buy some?"

In the mid-70s the answer must have been, "I will pay you to take some."

Just this month, a nude poster of Jackie O showed up, with her autograph on it, in Andy Warhol's estate.

The rest of the story is, her husband, a rich Greek shipping tycoon, had paid to have someone to take the pictures. They also ended up in Hustler magazine, and the magazine made posters of her.

She must have taken it well, to sign a copy for Andy.

You can find a copy if you search for it on-line.
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