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Old 02-14-2017, 02:39 AM
sloxeiro sloxeiro is offline
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Yesterday i was in my school. I spotted very beautiful slim blonde girl. She was about 21years old. She was wearing blue low jeans and when she was bending over to her bag i saw her pink panties but its not the best thing in this story.
She was wearing low cut shirt and i had great view on her small boobs. When i was looking to her cleavage she was talking to her friend. There was very good light and about 10 minutes i saw her PUFFY NIPPLE. It was visible because her bra was too big.
It was fantastic because she was really beauty i think 9/10.
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Old 02-15-2017, 08:04 PM
mclovin22 mclovin22 is offline
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Default swim instructor warms the winter

There isn't usually much to look at while my kids are in winter swimming lessons at our local pool; bodysuits are the norm for most of the 20-something instructors and even those who wear more revealing one-piece swimsuits are in the water up to their necks most of the time. And while the instructors are mostly in good shape, none of them are head-turners in the looks department.

Today, however, there was an attractive 20-year-old woman leading one of the groups. Dirty blonde, slim waist, shapely legs and bubble butt, with C-cup breasts in a tight blue one-piece. Attractive enough to catch my attention, but she quickly led her group into the water and the show was over. Until she came over to the side of the pool directly in front of my seat, and leaned over to grab something. Waaay over--grab the edge of the pool, hoist herself up a bit and stretch out with both arms--over. With her suit pinched by her stomach and the edge of the pool, the suit stayed down while her chest went up... Nothing popped out, but her breasts came out far enough for me to know that she doesn't have pancake areolas. Deep, beautiful cleavage on perfectly full and firm boobs. Then back into the pool, where she had to adjust her swimsuit. She went with the both-hands-two-straps-out-and-up adjust--not enough for anyone to see anything, but a birds-eye view would have seen it all. Even better, she came back two minutes later and repeated the whole show. Something to keep an eye and imagination going for the rest of the lesson.

So not the most exciting DB ever, but a pretty good show for a winter full of ski jackets, sweaters, and (ugh) scarves. Cheers to life's small joys.
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Old 02-25-2017, 11:40 AM
Couple6872's Avatar
Couple6872 Couple6872 is offline
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Default Few Years

Well this happened a few years back. My wife and I where at the beach with my kids her step kids. we cam home and the dog had gotten into some mud and needed a bath badly. I held the leash while she got all the stuff ready out in the yard. It was a warm summer day and perfect for being outside. So she started to hose the dog down he is around 95lbs so a big dog and lots of fir.
As she was soaping him up leaning over her tank top was hanging down gapping open and I noticed you could see right through her top to the ground her little boobs hanging down swinging back and fourth. I stepped to the side I noticed my teenage son could see right down her top and was getting good look. I told her after that he had seen her boobs her nipples where nice and hard and he saw everything..she was embarrassed that he had seen her like that but now we laugh about it
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Old 03-07-2017, 09:21 PM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
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I've mentioned many times that my wife's sister wears bras that are way too big, so every time I see her, I get a nipple show at least once without even trying to look.

This past weekend she was over visiting and when she sat down, her shirt was pulled up, but it fell completely into her stiff bra cups; I think you all know what I mean when that happens when the bra under the shirt is way too big. I couldn't see anything at that moment, but I knew to be patient as her oversized bra was outlined by her shirt tucked into it.

A bit later, her shirt had worked its way down, and I was standing by her, leaning on the arm of the couch. She must have had a new bra on that was even bigger than normal. The bra was so huge and the cups were so stiff that I saw her complete breasts, both of them, and none of her actual breasts were touching the bra itself. So I got to see them hanging free with the dark hard nipple trying to run away. And they jiggle so much, even when she isn't moving. Just a constant A-cup jiggle in a C-cup bra.

I think she could sense that I was looking, because at one point she pushed her shirt against her chest without looking up at me, but then a moment later she let go and her shirt moved out again enough to look again.

Not a huge deal, but it still got my heart thumping quite a bit!
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Old 03-19-2017, 08:28 PM
sloxeiro sloxeiro is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2015
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Default My gf puffy nipple

I have many nipple stories.
Last summer i saw about 20 nipples because bras were too big.
It is possible when girl has small boobs.
My gf wearing too big bras too. She has small b-cup tits but she is wearing bigger bras. She is 22years old slim blonde girl. Her cups are loose and too much open and many times it is easy to see her nipple.
I remember when our friend saw her nipple.
She was sitting on a bench and it was very sunny day so she was wearing tank top. I saw that he was looking to her boobs sometimes but it was not problem for me. This day she was wearing white too big bra and her light puffy nipples were very visible.
She thought that we cant see her nipple.
I saw that my friend is very excited.
This day she was in a bus, market and many other public places so i think that many people had great view on her puffy nipple.
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Old 05-14-2017, 09:31 PM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2007
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Wow, three months without an update to this thread? Crazy, especially given the time of year!

Anyway, my sister in law was over for the holiday, and normally I see down her top into her bra cups every single time I see her. EVERY single time.

But not today. Today her shirt actually fit in the collar area. First time in, like, 20 years that her shirt fit.

However I got to see something better...her armhole was pretty big, but I didn't just see her bra via her armhole, I saw into the cup of her bra via the armhole. I have never seen this before in my life. But her bra was oversized enough that when she put her arm over her head, I saw entire sideboob and nipple poking out all the way, via a vantage point that I had never experience before. I am sure people caught me staring, but I couldn't help it. It was a new way to gaze at the beauty she had to offer.
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Old 05-16-2017, 05:58 PM
peteflip peteflip is offline
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Default Best ever...

This happened some years ago when my wife and I visited Australia.

We had never been to Australia before and during our trip we decided to visit one of my wife's friends and family who had immigrated there some 10 years earlier. Let's call the friend Naomi. She was married with 2 kids, eldest being 14. Let's call her hubby Mike.

Naomi is a spectacular petite blonde!! One of the most beautiful I have ever seen with measurements (as I later learned through snooping in their clothes hamper and from my wife when drunk), of 34C-22-33. She is so lovely that my wife was reluctant to visit her, even though Naomi had been one of her best friends and they hadn't seen each other for almost 25 years because we had moved to the US about 14 years before they moved to Oz. 'Reluctant' because all of Naomi's friends didn't like their husbands/boyfriends being around her... dare I say female 'cattiness/jealousy'. She was the kind of woman who instantly is the most beautiful in any setting that she enters. A real conversation stopper. There is no doubt that my wife was insanely jealous, as were Naomi's other female friends.

We got to Mike and Naomi's and after a few drinks went outside where Mike fired up the grill. Naomi pulled out one of these digital photo albums and announced that she'd show pics of their Queensland vacation to anyone who was interested. I was only mildly interested but the prospect of being near Naomi was, to say the least, appealing. So Naomi sat upright in a garden chair, leaning forward slightly as she pushed the buttons on the device on her lap to scroll though the 150 or so digital pics. I wasn't very interested because Mike had sent us those very pics about 2 months before using a 'cloud' service, and the pics weren't very good anyway. Obviously Naomi was unaware of this. I preferred to just admire the perfect soft lines of Naomi's face, her medium blonde hair and stunning eyes, shoulders, skin tones and legs.

The show continued for about 2 minutes and I was just about to tell Naomi that I had seen all these pics a few weeks earlier when I noticed that the top of her blouse had gapped open. It had a rectangular cut top and I could see that Naomi was wearing a camisol (is that the word?), rather than a bra. Wonder of wonders, the blouse and the camisol had both fallen open and I had a perfect, repeat PERFECT view of both of Naomi's tits!!! They had a perfect little droop to them (droop = not firm but hung on her chest, nipples pointing up at about a 15 deg angle). But here's the thing, the nipples and areolae were very large and were brown and wrinkled!!! And each entire tit, in full view, was incredibly beautiful!!

All of a sudden I became very interested in these fascinating photos!!! I asked a host of questions and numerous times asked Naomi to 'page back' so I could see a particular pic again!! This lasted about 4 minutes.

Unfortunately I had to break off and move away because my wife was becoming uneasy with my proximity to Naomi and was walking toward us. She suggested that I help Mike with the grill and I shakily walked over and offered to do so.

I have been a 'downblouser' for decades and one of the great attractions of this particular pastime is the surprises one gets when a particular tit and nipple is viewed: namely was it what you would have expected when conventionally viewing the subject woman you were voyeuring? I NEVER expected Naomi's nipples to be so big and brown, and 'DOUBLY' never expected them to be crinkly. One way my expectations were met however, I know her tits and nipples would be gorgeous. I certainly wasn't disappointed in that expectation!!!

By far the best downblouse of my entire life!!!
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Old 05-16-2017, 10:23 PM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jan 2007
Posts: 278
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Originally Posted by peteflip View Post
I NEVER expected Naomi's nipples to be so big and brown, and 'DOUBLY' never expected them to be crinkly.
I love when the view is completely different than expected. I remember seeing a down a friend's pajama top one morning, and since she had really pale skin, I assume her nipples would be pale, too, but nope, her small areolas and nipples were extremely dark.

Another time way back in college, this gal with extremely small breasts sat down while I was standing and I got a perfect view (she was braless). She had teeny breasts alright, but her areolas were absolutely gigantic--at least 2.5" across or more. They were wrinkly, too. I just assumed she would have tiny, pointy nipples, but nope; complete surprise.

The roommate of a friend in college had tiny breasts but gigantic areolas, too. The shade was dark as I expected, though, but the size was a shock. (She changed her top away from me but in front of a mirror. She never knew that I saw, though.) Her breasts were super saggy, too. Tiny and saggy with enormous super dark areolas at 19yo. No problem with me, though!

Even my own wife seeing hers for the first time... I assumed they would be medium sized and medium dark, but they are as pale as her skin--you can't even make out her areolas unless you know where to look. And the nipples themselves are completely flat, so you can't make them out, either!

Usually, though, you can pretty much predict the size and shade after seeing so many, but it's fun to be surprised sometimes!
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Old 05-20-2017, 12:46 PM
oldbuckeye oldbuckeye is offline
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Default The cleavage gap

After a surprisingly good week of upskirts (I’ll post those in the appropriate thread later), my week ended with an amazing downblouse series that I haven’t experienced often. I was visiting a client office when the office administrator walked by. She was wearing a scoop-necked dress displaying some cleavage, but the surprise was that there was a spectacular cleavage gap showing. Most recent dbs have shown some cleavage or a nip slip but the breasts have either been close together or squeezed by a bra, but not this pair.

The lady in question is a trim, early 30s mother of 2. Her breasts appear to be a small-to-medium B-Cup and definitely are saggers as I had a good look at them from a side angle when she walked by again. I made the opportunity to go to her desk for a chat so I could get a better look. The unusual thing is that her breasts had a wide gap between them—enough to make me think that it was the perfect amount of room for me to slide my cock between them. As we talked and she moved around a bit, I got a glimpse of bra and I was able to see almost all of both breasts with just the edge of an areola in one peek.

There was one huge missed opportunity—she bent over to get a drink from a refrigerator that would have exposed all, but her back was facing me and not her front! At least a got a good look at her bunz and legs. I did some online research and she attends amateur belly dancing classes too.

Here are a couple of photos that are NOT her that show a similar view and also what I think she would look like nude—and the cropped photo is actually her in costume.
Attached Thumbnails
dbgap.jpg   beach nude.jpg  

Attached Images
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Old 06-21-2017, 04:55 PM
lollolz9 lollolz9 is offline
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Default Namaste - Yoga and an A cup

Today I opted to go for a yoga class. Besides the calm atmosphere and good stretching, maybe there would be some nice voyeur opportunities. Mhhh yes there was. While checking in for the class other participants slowly came. One girl was already changed wearing a black zipped hoodie. The hoodie did not bring much joy, but as she talked to the teacher checking us in the hoodie was unzipped to reveal a pretty creamy white tank top in a thin fabric. No bra to be seen there, instead two sweet little A cups topped off with perfect little nipples and small areolas, dark, slightly pointy and nearly completely visible through the top.

As I entered the class, it was to my luck that nobody was next to the braless girl and such an opportunity could not be passed upon. Smiling I rolled my mat out and got into positing while trowing some hidden glances at her sweet chest. Throughout the exercises her nipples and breasts were showing beautifully and at times they even got a bit hard pushing extra through the fabric to get attention. I felt more relaxed than ever during that class.

Her top was of the tight but slightly loose kind so when she was on hands and knees her delicate little breasts would hang showing a perfectly shaped cleavage just waiting for a hand to gently caress them. In the final part of the class we went from squatting to hands and knees a few times. I was able to place myself facing her and as she was getting up, the top was gaping more and more till it finally let the breast hang free and exposed a tiny peek to her perfect little dark nipples <3
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