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Default BEthany Hill Saga

Night Shift
Starring: Bethany Hill, Amy Johnson & Janelle Washington
Written By: Victoria Elaine Black

”Look at her tits!”
“Oh my god….”
“Never thought I’d see the day…” The voices rang out like the sound of symbols as Bethany stands at the edge of the pool. A moment ago Bethany Hill was the queen of the pool. Her swimsuits the stuff of legend, she was stuff of dreams that every boy from adolescences to full-fledged teen ‘men’ would jerk off too time and time again. Now, her swimsuit was in tatters thanks to the handiwork of one Becka Bittle. Totally topless, Bethany’s biggest secret was finally reveled. Behind her, floating in the pool were her glory mounds, the massive 38DD’s that jutted from her chest like two Hindenburg dirigibles inspiring awe and multiple fantasies about what her massive, milky white tits would be like if unsheathed. Well, they were certainly unsheathed but not in the way anyone expected. Her little pancake tits fully exposed to the gawking eyes of onlookers, Bethany was momentarily paralyzed as she stood there unable to accept the new reality.
“Where did they go?”
“Is this what I was jerking off too all summer?”
“She’s shaped like a pear! Wow Beth is fat!”
“No wonder why she is always digging between her legs, all that sweat must really itch after a while!” If Bethany thought that was bad, the cat calls from the girls, the same girls she lorded over all summer long, the same girls she would thrust her massive, torpedo like tits in front of and laugh when they didn’t measure up, were worse...
“Wow… talk about us, look at her…” A finger is thrusted square at her chest.
“Flat little tits… no wonder she was always bent over.”
“So much for being busty… more like a board, a fat, chubby board but still tit-less none the less.”
“Busty Bethany was STUFFING her BRA!” That last comment was the one that sent Bethany running. Covering her tears of shame, the once illustriously busty Bethany bolted, her hands too busy covering her face to cover her laughable, sags of skin that are supposed to be breasts as they bounced and bobbled all the way to the lifeguard shack.
Bolting up from her bed, Bethany’s eyes are wide open as a cold sweat covers her face and body, her plush covers falling from her chin exposing her torso. Looking around, Bethany blinks rapidly as she erases the bad dream from her mind. Feeling the cool air hit her naked chest Bethany finally finds her blankets and pulls them up slowly to her chin. Taking one last look around the empty bedroom, Bethany lets out a long, slow sigh of relief. Dropping her blankets again, she takes another deep breath as she kicks her legs out from under the covers. Chunky and pale, Bethany looks down as her feet finally touch the carpet below. Still looking down, she sighs as her soft belly bulges out further than it used too. Now 26, it has been eight years since that fateful day, but the memory still haunts her as if it happened just yesterday. Changing her focus, Bethany looks from her body to her chest. The same, tiny pancake like tits droops from her chest, her puffy brown nipples the only protrusions of puberty other than the stubble of blonde covering her obstructed pussy.
Rising from the bed after looking away, Bethany plods from her bed room and down the short walk through the hall to her cramped bathroom. Flicking on the light, Bethany looks in the mirror. The once beautiful Bethany has not aged well. Gone is the youthful, chiseled face of a young 18 year old woman of long ago legend. Staring back at her now is the face of woman whose pride has been deflated. Now round in the face, her cheeks have since ballooned but not to the point she is a butter face. No longer striking, Bethany has to try harder for selfies that used to come easy. Looking down again, Bethany sighs. Years of dieting brought no results as healthy food was pitched in favor of bean burritos, ice cream and liters of soda. Still though her body gained evenly and after eight years she has only put on an additional twenty pounds, but twenty pounds on a body that was already forty pounds overweight has done little to help the former diva of diva’s, her trips to the gym having helped little in maintaining her plush body. Turning around, Bethany cannot look at herself too long as her humiliation and shame has also resulted in the need to wear diapers, if only in bed, due to a horrible college experience where she woke up having completely soaked the sheets. Thankfully she was able to hide the evidence before her roommate awoke. After that she pressed for a single and was granted the privilege after she had to obtain proof of night time incontinence which did little to assuage her growing guilt of returning to her pre exposed state. Bethany returned to stuffing her bra.
Unable to handle the truth, Bethany bolted to UCLA and tried to return to her former life. At first everything went well. Bethany was soon known as the queen of the campus and every available male was lining up to be with her. Thinking that the shame of the pool was over, Bethany dived fully into college life. Enrolling in the nursing program, Bethany soon shot to the top of her class while juggling a very full and robust night life. Yet the rigors of class and maintaining her diva-dom soon wore on her and instead of readily lifting her skirt for the hardness her crotch burned with desire for, Bethany soon found out that the boys wanted more than her bent over a bed baring her chubby, round ass. The guys wanted nudity and soon, the well dried up. The guys, tired of screwing the blonde chubby bimbo who never shed her skimpy white t shirts, moved on. Distressed, Bethany tried the bulky white bra approach, but when they grew tired of that, Bethany soon found she was servicing her poor, chubby pussy more and more. The night Bethany wet the bed was the last time she touched herself, for as she thought was nearing release, her slumbering roommate was unaware having passed out hours earlier, Bethany felt the warm wetness of pee instead of her warm, gooey, sticky cum erupt all over her fingers. After a couple more mornings of wetting her bed, Bethany went to the campus doctors.
Scaling back her social life as a result Bethany graduated and took her degree, a registered nurse, wearing the blue and gold of UCLA. Bethany smiled as she stuck out her glorious chest as she took her degree while wearing a diaper underneath her gown, a diaper she proceeded to soak throughout the rest of the ceremony.
Padding from the mirror, Bethany turns on the shower and peels the sticky tabs from the big disposable diaper and lets it fall. Ignoring the wet plop, Bethany slips behind the curtain and prepares for another day.
Rolling into the parking lot, Bethany checks her blonde, wavy locks and make up. Still wanting and needing to exert sex appeal, Bethany smiles a pearly white smile at her own reflection in the rear view mirror. Looking down at her sweater, Bethany adjusts the now 40 E cup jutting bust protruding from her chest before exiting the car. Kicking the door closed, Bethany winces as the tight denim digs into her fleshy thighs before she marches through the parking lot towards Mercy East General Hospital. Having landed the job a few months ago, Bethany has quickly made a niche for herself. Strolling through the front the heavyset buxom blonde looks over at the receptionist with her blazing blue eyes and big smile.
“Good morning Nancy!” Bethany says smiling, her back arched.
“Good morning Miss Hill.” The receptionist replies with her usual plastic smile as the bouncing, bobbing orbs of Bethany’s womanhood fills her gaze. Looking down, the receptionist resists the urge to roll her eyes as the chubby blonde’s too tight jeans look ready to burst over her big, round rear.
“Been busy today?” Bethany detours and heads straight for the desk while tilting her head.
“Not really, it has been pretty slow actually.” Nancy responds sounding bored as she flicks her eyes down and stares at Bethany’s signature beefy camel toe.
“Ah well, that is good, it means that maybe for once we are doing our jobs.” Bethany says as she rests her crossed form arms on the edge of reception desk, her massive tits pressing into the counter top.
“That or no one is out getting hurt or otherwise dying today.” Nancy replies with a smirk as the full expanse of Bethany’s breasts push into the sweater catching her attention for a brief moment.
“True, well I need to get changed, I’m already late.” Bethany says standing erect once again. With her heavy tits high atop her chest, Bethany grins as she catches Nancy staring at her Hindenburg like breasts yet again.
“Make sure that Dr. Carter doesn’t run into you beforehand or he’ll have your ass.” Nancy warns with a smile now looking into Bethany’s eyes.
“How do you know he hasn’t?” Bethany quips as she spins on her designer heel boots and struts off to the locker room.
I’m sure he would, that guy has always had the hots for you… Nancy looks away as the sight of Bethany’s over ripe ass lurches side to side, the designer jeans struggling to contain the enormous amount of flesh contained within.
Pushing through the double doors to the recovery wing, Bethany is all smiles as she walks by the rows of beds. Every day is like this as ogles of stares greet her. Even though she is overweight, Bethany more than makes up for it with designer clothes and the curves, cleverly hidden to fill them out. Feeling her heavy breasts bounces and wobble as she walks, Bethany loves how they draw her so much attention. If I were in a bikini top right now, no one would care as long as they got to see my tits… Bethany thinks to herself, even imagining herself wearing just that and all the men who would be at attention at the sight with a few Vesuvius like explosions soaking the thin blue sheets.
“Bethany?” a familiar voice calls out. Stopping dead in her tracks, Bethany looks around as the female voice calls out again. “Bethany!”
“Oh hey Amy!” Bethany turns when the figure of her coworker appears from behind a closed bed curtain. “Have you seen Dr. Carter?”
“No and thank god, he has been looking for you. Your patient, Mr. Gibbs is having bladder problems again and Dr. Carter has been looking all over the wing for you.” Amy says with a warm smile. “Don’t worry though I told him you were indisposed at the moment, you know, using the bathroom and that as soon as you were available I would send you his way.” Amy says as she clamps a clipboard to her chest. Tall and slender, Amy is the definition of beauty. Five foot nine compared to Bethany’s five foot seven, Amy’s figure is a perfect hour glass. Her ass is nice and tight complete with long legs, Amy’s tummy is flat, her scrubs flattering her. Other than her dyed strawberry blonde hair, Amy’s biggest and most prominent curves are her breasts. A full 34D, it is no secret that Amy had a boob job as her naked breasts in the showers attest too.
“Thanks hun.” Bethany smiles as she turns and resumes her route to the locker rooms.
“No problem Miss Hills!” Amy giggles. Turning around, Amy is about to head back to her patient and her poor CNA when she almost trips over Janelle.
“Jesus girl, watch where you’re going!” Janelle barks with her typical attitude. Her arms filled to the brim with patient files up to her nose, the diminutive, plump nurse from Missouri stares with her piercing brown eyes.
“Oh, I’m sorry Janelle, I didn’t see you there!” Amy says in a rushed voice as she bends over at the waist and holds out her hands to catch any potential falling binders.
“Well, hunny, maybe if you didn’t have those big, plastic tits obstructing your view, you might not have almost run me over.” Janelle says with disgust as she rebalances the binders in her arms. “In fact, where is your equally dumb friend Bethany at? She has patients waiting on her fat ass and Dr. Carter is about to lose it if he doesn’t have her on the floor in the next five minutes.”
“I know, she just came in, she was running late…” Amy is in the middle of launching her excuse when Janelle cuts her off again.
“Yeah, yeah save it Pam Anderson. Just make sure your equally poor excuse for a nurse is out here stat. Got it?” Janelle fires back, her big bottom lip sticking out.
“Yes ma’am.” Amy nods and rushes to the locker rooms.
Already in front of her locker, Bethany is already down to her bra and panties when the locker room door bursts open and Amy comes crashing in. “Bethy, you need to hurry, Janelle…” Amy fires off quickly but stops when she sees the almost naked Bethany standing in front of her.
Looking over wide eyed as the door crashes open, Bethany instantly grabs her scrub blouse and covers her massive chest. “Oh my god, Amy!” Bethany shouts as Amy quickly covers her eyes.
“Oh my god, I am so sorry Bethy, I didn’t know, I was just coming in here to tell you that Dr. Carter is hunting you down.” Amy says looking away as she holds up her hand.
“I know I know…” Bethany mumbles as she lowers the blouse and reaches into her locker for her scrub pants.
Unable to not sneak a peek Amy moves her hand away slightly. Seeing the overweight blonde in just her underwear is shocking. Wearing a bulky white oversized bra and equally unflattering panties, the normally sex oozing Bethany Hill is anything but without her designer clothes or scrubs. Staring at Bethany’s soft, bulging belly and fat filled, dimply thighs, the only saving grace are Bethany’s huge, propped up breasts and equally large, if pitted and very fat ass. Slowly lowering her hand, Amy cannot help but stare at the white cotton prison that conceals Bethany’s jaw dropping tits.
“Damn Bethy, is that bra big enough or what?” Amy says with a chuckle as she takes a couple of steps into the locker room.
“Oh my god, don’t look!” Bethany cries as she covers her chest with her bottoms now and turns towards her friend without thinking.
“Wow Bethy… Calm down… We all wear ‘em, I just expected you to be in something way sexier than that.” Amy says smirking. Looking down her friends, chubby, soft figure, Amy cannot help but stop as she catches sight of her friend’s crotch. “Uh, is that a sanitary pad?” Amy questions slowly as the pad bulges into the white cotton crotch of Bethany’s panty.
Her eyes opening wide, Bethany is speechless as Amy stares at her crotch. Touting her camel toe as the one and only true cock sucker, Bethany is unable to answer her friend as the truth is painfully revealed. And as if in defiance, Bethany feels her crotch open up and feels the pad slowly expand until it can handle no more and the rest of her expulsion runs down her naked, fat filed thighs.
For Amy, this is a shock as the giant bulge between Bethany’s legs, long believed to be her pussy is nothing more than a pad to keep her friend from visibly showing signs of wetting herself. Now, right here in front of her, the self-titled cock queen is wetting herself. At first Amy watches as the pad expands under the vast cotton expanse of Bethany’s panty, but soon the flow of her pee is more than the pad can take as the crotch of her panty turns dark, the stain spreading larger while the glistening yellow of urine runs down the curvy woman’s pale white legs and puddle on the floor between her feet.
Looking down, past her jutting and propped up tits, Bethany is speechless as she empty’s her bowel in front of Amy. “Oh my god…” Bethany moans as her jaw hangs open Trembling where she stands, Bethany slowly looks up and into the eyes of her equally shocked friend and co-worker.
Sensing Bethany’s distress, Amy looks from the floor and into Bethany’s sapphire eyes. “Listen, it will be okay, just take those off, I may have a pair of underwear you can borrow. Just make sure you wash them before you give them back, alright?” Amy replies as she walks over to her locker. Turning the combination, Amy pops open the steel door and pulls out her duffle bag.
Meanwhile, Bethany pushes her large panties down exposing her freshly shaved, fat filled pussy. Hearing the saturated pad plop when it hits the floor, Bethany shakes her head as she steps out of the offending panties and wipes her eyes. “I have bladder issues.”
Pulling out a pair from her duffle Amy turns and looks at the chubby blonde and grins. “Hunny, you are not incontinent. If anything I think you are starved.” Amy says expertly. “I have a feeling you used to get laid... A lot… So you put on a few pounds. I think you need a pair of these to restore your confidence.” Amy says as she pinches the panty between two fingers of each hand and pulls them open.
Staring as the little red thong unfurls, Bethany stares at it dumbly. “A thong? I haven’t worn one of those since I was 18…” Bethany shakes her head and bends over to grab her panty, taking care to place a hand over the expanse between her bulky white bra cups.
“Stop it Bethy…” Amy smiles as she lets go of the underwear with one hand and touches Bethany by the chin lifting her face up. “The right pair of panties can make or break a girl and hunny, you need a thong.” Amy says as Bethany slowly takes the panty from her dangling fingers. “Now that’s a girl, go ahead and slip them on and before you now it, you will truly have the one and only true cock sucker. Babe, that pussy needs release. I promise you after an hour, you will need some relief. I’d offer you a matching bra but I think your tits are way too big for it. Please babe, get a matching red bra to go with those panties, something sexy so that you can stare at the beautiful cleavage you keep hiding away.”
Looking down at her big white bra, Bethany sighs. “I don’t know about that, I don’t want them popping out, I kind of like having them nice and high, who would want to see saggy tits?” Bethany says still staring at her chest, imagining her naked chest, the memories of the pool exposure creep back into her vivid imagination.
Seeing Bethany’s face go pale, Amy smiles and rubs her friend’s exposed shoulder. “I’m not saying go skimpy, but there are bras that offer the utmost lift and projection while still giving you tasteful treat of those milky mounds. You don’t seem ashamed of them so why are you hiding them behind this?” Amy says as she slips her index finger between the bulky white strap and Bethany’s pale, fleshy shoulder. Giving it a playful pull, Amy laughs as Bethany covers her chest in an instant as the thick strap snaps and echoes throughout the room. “Loosen up Bethy. It is one thing to look like a sex pot, but it is way more fun to be a sex pot.” Looking at her watch, Amy’s face goes ashen white as her eyes open wide. “Holy shit, get dressed, I promised Janelle that you would be in front of Dr. Carter five minutes ago.” With that Amy scrambles from the locker room leaving Bethany to finish getting dressed.
Walking out of the locker room and back into the recovery wing, Bethany is finally ready for work. Wearing her trade mark black scrub pants and pink designer scrub top, the cut is designed to flatter her enormous chest while minimizing her tummy. Walking across the floor, Bethany’s pink Nike’s pat softly along the tiled floor. Not even three feet from the door, Bethany is rudely cut off from her strut, the very strut that makes her huge tits jiggle and bounce.
“Damn it Bethany, you are 45 minutes late! Dr. Carter is fuming! He has been looking for you all morning! What the hell is wrong with you?!” The stout black woman spouts in her trade mark southern twang.
“Look, Janelle, just back off. I had some business I had to attend to, I’m sorry I forgot to tell you.” Bethany says snottily as she shoves her tits right in Janelle’s face. Topping that off, Bethany raises her arms above her head to tie her hair back in a ponytail, the effect being that her tits are now suspended, her designer scrubs bunching up under her mighty swells.
“If it included a stop to buy some slim fast, than I would understand but if It was to get that fat c*nt of yours stuffed for the umpteenth time by a janitor than I don’t give a shit!” Janelle growls as she shoves a pile of binder’s right under Bethany’s chin as she stares at Bethany’s bulging belly as a sliver of white pale flesh pokes out beneath the hem. “Go find Dr. Carter and review these case files. I am the lead nurse in this wing and I demand some respect, especially from you Miss Hill. Do you understand or do I need to unlatch that big, fucking bra so you can breathe properly and maybe that will help you hear properly?”
“That will not be necessary,” Bethany smirks as she lowers the case files from her chin and smiles sarcastically. “I can hear you just fine even if I cannot see you.” Bethany quips as she makes a show of looking over her jutting tits to see her superior.
“You are just lucky that Dr. Carter sees something in you…” Janelle pauses as she looks the chubby, busty blonde up and down. “That I don’t.”
“Well, Dr. Carter is a man after all and I obviously have something he wants.” Bethany says with a knowing smirk before turning around, making sure to stick out her hip, her large ass rumbling to the right.
“It ain’t that ass…” Janelle quips under her breath as she watches the overweight blonde sashay her ass side to side as she struts her stuff in search of Dr. Carter.
With her hands full, Bethany presses the files to her chest as she goes off in search of Dr. Carter. Spotting him by the nurse’s station, Bethany smiles as she walks up next to him and slams the files down on the counter top. “So sorry Doctor, but I had a last minute gynecologist appointment this morning.” Bethany says with a weak, tired smile.
Hearing Bethany’s voice sends a shiver of aggression up Dr. Carter’s spine. Turning to face his favorite nurse, Dr. Carter cannot help but glance down when the word gynecologist exits her ruby red lips. Behind the desk, the two nurses roll their eyes at Dr. Carter’s obvious stare at Bethany’s crotch. “Well, um, I see. Next time make sure to notify me or Nurse Washington.” Dr. Carter flicks his gaze back up, pausing momentarily over Bethany’s huge tits before finally finding her sapphire eyes as she finds his ready to explode larynx gruff a rather weak reprimand instead.
“Of course Doctor,” Bethany smiles as she feels his gaze ogle her body.
“Right, so what case files were you assigned today?” Dr. Carter asks as he shoves his hands in the pockets of his white lab coat. Turning away from the desk, Dr. Carter strolls into the recovery wing leaving Bethany to catch up.
Jogging slightly, Bethany smiles as her huge boobs rumble and shake in protest as she is forced to quicken her stride. “Janelle assigned me three cases today, Mrs. Lassen, Mr. Doudry and Mr. Gibbs. I was only able to sneak a peek at one of the files and it seems that Mr. Gibbs is having problems urinating again.”
“Correct. I need you to make him urinate so we can make sure everything is working correctly after his colonoscopy.” Dr. Carter says straight faced. “Just watch your bedside manner, alright Miss Hill?” Dr. Carter stops.
Stopping mid stride, Bethany is forced to halt rather abruptly and spin on her heels, “My bed side manner?”
“Yes, I understand from some of your co-workers you are quite skilled with the hand, we need you to make him pee, not have an erection Bethany.” Dr. Carter says flatly, but the slight curl of his lip sends an entirely different message to Bethany.
“Well of course doctor. I know exactly what you mean.” Bethany steps a little too close, “If you ever have a need for some assistance you know who to call.” Bethany winks deftly before heading off to Mr. Gibbs curtain.
Feeling her warm breath hit his lips, the sweet smell of her minty breath filling his nose, Dr. Carter closes his eyes momentarily as he clears his mind, but for that brief second they were closed. Dr. Carter imagined in full vividness, a scene in which Bethany was topless, her heavy tits naked and exposed milking his cock with her deft hand.
Smirking even after she reaches the bed of Mr. Gibbs, Bethany flings the curtain open enough and lets herself in. Laying in the bed, a man no older than 50 is on his back and in pain.
“Oh nurse… It hurts so bad I have to pee but I can’t… You gotta help me!” Mr. Gibbs howls in pain as the CNA checks his vitals.
“Mr. Gibbs is in a lot of pain. Do you think you can help him?” The CNA, a young, Latina nurse says with a Spanish accent.
“Of course I can, just if you don’t mind, could you leave? Not many people would want to be watched doing something like this.” Bethany says softly but professionally.
“Of course Nurse Hill, page me if you need assistance anyway, alright?” The CNA replies with a warm smile.
“Of course, now go and I will let you know when it is okay to finish your checks.” Bethany says with a smile and watches as the young CNA leaves the bed. Waiting for the curtain to stop fluttering Bethany walks over to the rolling cart to grab a pair of latex gloves. Slipping the gloves on with a snap each, Bethany turns towards her patient and smiles down at him. “I understand you need some assistant in order to urinate.”
“Yes I do nurse…” The stricken man looks over and up at the chunky blonde. Seeing her huge, zeppelin like E cups completely dominating her chest, the man groans in pain as his cock hardens underneath.
“Mr. Gibbs I need you to regain control or I will not be able to help you right now.” Bethany says mocking seriousness but secretly is thrilled at the sight.
“Please, don’t I need your help please.” Mr. Gibbs protests as his face wraiths in agony.
“Well, I can get a male nurse to assist you…” Bethany says coolly as she starts to remove her gloves.
“Listen, if you help me, I won’t tell a soul how you do it. Just please. I’ll be quiet.” Mr. Gibbs responds quickly, if in a lot of effort as he looks up at Bethany’s tits with pleading eyes. Watching when Bethany pauses, the man smiles.
“Alright fine, but if anything leaves these curtains, I’m out of a job.” Bethany whispers watching as Mr. Gibbs nods his head. “Good! Glad to see our problem has receded and I can start the procedure!” Bethany says a little too loud as she starts rolling her tunic north.
Not believing what he is seeing, Mr. Gibbs watches as Bethany slowly rolls her pink blouse up, exposing her bare, pasty white belly at first, Mr. Gibbs’ eyes are soon filled with the two, huge, bulky, but tautly filled cups of Bethany’s big bra. “This should help, correct Mr. Gibbs?’ Bethany says slyly arching an eye brow along with a knowing smirk. Nodding his head eagerly, Bethany bends down and slips the blanket down exposing his gown. Pulling it up slowly, Bethany unveils Mr. Gibbs burgeoning cock and slips it in her mouth. Feeling his throbbing erection along her tongue, Bethany expertly gives her patient a blow job, her tongue straddling his shaft as her hand milks his balls firmly but with a soft touch. Feeling his hips begin to buck, Bethany is pleased as the man remains quiet even though his cock is telling her otherwise. Gently pressing her bra clad breasts into his hip, Bethany doesn’t feel it as Mr. Gibbs begin prodding and groping her tit. Instantly her mouth fills with seaman. Swallowing it all, Bethany stands back up and fixes her blouse. Looking down at his limp noodle, Bethany quickly festoons a baggy to a tube and places it over the head of his penis. Instantly he fills the bag and Bethany pulls it away once he is done and replaces the gown and blanket. Placing the baggy in a bed pan, she ties it closed and pushes the call button.
“Did you manage to get Mr. Gibbs to urinate?” The Latina CNA comes back behind the curtain with excitement.
“Of course I did.” Bethany replies matter of fact as she removes the gloves with two successive snaps and deposits them in the trash. “You may call on Dr. Carter so he can finish his post op.” Bethany says with a grin.
“How were you able to do it so quickly?” The Latina asks with budding excitement hoping to learn a new skill that she can use when she eventually decides to become a nurse.
“Good hands capable of a great and non-invasive touch.” Bethany replies while casting a quick glance at Mr. Gibbs.
“Really?” she says looking down at the patient.
“Truly exceptional, she did an excellent job.” Mr. Gibbs replies in the affirmative still smiling.
“Thank you Nurse Hill,” The young girl says with a smile as Bethany collects her binders and proceeds to leave the bed.
“Anytime,” Bethany stops and glances back, catching both the young CNA and Mr. Gibbs checking out her big ass. Thank god for black scrubs. Bethany thinks as she takes a step back out into the recovery room. Not even paying attention Bethany stumbles when her foot finds the outstretched leg of an unused IV pole. Lurching forward, Bethany drops the binders all over the floor.
Instantly everyone one in the room, from medical staff to patients looks as Bethany stumbles but regains her balance. Still watching, after the mesmerizing shakes and jiggles of her ginormous breasts, Bethany crouches down to pick up the fallen binders. Everyone watching from behind instantly gasps when Bethany’s designer cut pink scrub blouse slides up her ample back revealing the racy red too small thong jutting out from her tight ass hugging black scrubs. Even Dr. Carter is privy to the sight and finds that he has to use his clipboard to hide his excitement.
Returning to her feet with her binders, Bethany looks around as everyone quickly returns to what they were doing. Seeing Dr. Carter, Bethany smiles and walks straight for him, noticing right away his labored breathing. “Everything alright Dr. Carter? You are breathing heavily.” Bethany says smiling, sticking out her big breasts.
Unable to look away, Dr. Carter looks down. “I could use some assistance with going over Mr. Gibbs chart.” Dr. Carter says nervously.
“Hmm, I think I can help doctor.” Bethany replies matter of fact. “We should go somewhere private so we can discuss the procedure I performed before you go over his post op results.”
“Good, were you able to assist Mr. Gibbs in urinating?” Dr. Carter asks with a smirk as he walks with Bethany to the on call room on the other side of the recovery wing.
“Of course Doctor,” Bethany smiles. “And no need to worry, my bed side manner was most appropriate considering the task.” Bethany adds in with a last minute wink.
“I see…” Dr. Carter shakes his head as he opens the door and waits for Bethany to walk in. Closing the door, Dr. Carter smiles as Bethany sets the binders down on the small table and turns around. The on call room is no bigger than a closet has only a bunkbed along with the small end table. The blinds already closed so the sun light casts a soft, warm glow onto the room. “May I be frank with you Bethany?”
“Of course Tom” Bethany replies with a smile as she walks up to him and slips his lab coat from his shoulders.
“I see the way you look at me and I know you know I stare at you. Bethany. You are beautiful and I must have you.” Dr. Carter says with a smile as he cannot stop staring at Bethany’s breasts.
‘I know…” Bethany responds coolly as she rolls her shoulders back. Feeling her pink top stretching even more, Bethany is pleased when Tom’s jaw drops at the sight of her chest.
“Please, may I see them bare?” Dr. Carter groans grabbing the hem of Bethany’s blouse and slowly lifts it up. Not even looking at Bethany’s face, Tom stares intently at the giant orbs of womanly flesh locked away behind Bethany’s intentionally cropped and cut blouse.
“We won’t have much time for that Dr. Carter, you know as well as I do that time is short.” Bethany moans quietly as her hand finds the bulge pressing into his pants. “And besides, if you see them now, then all the illusions you have of them being perky and perfect will be shattered.” Bethany says biting her bottom lip. “I want our first time to be everything you dreamed of.”
Looking up from Bethany’s breasts, Tom Cullen looks into Bethany’s eyes. Other than her piercing sapphire blue eyes and ruby red lips, Bethany has a rather plain face, but at the moment, the corner of her bottom lip sucked under her teeth, nibbling softly, Tom agrees. “Alright,” Nodding his head, Tom gives in to Bethany’s touch. Hearing the zipper of his pants fall, Tom feels his slacks drop to his ankles.
Looking down, Bethany is surprised to find that her dirty doctor is wearing tighty whities. Keeping a straight face Bethany continues to rub his groin, acutely aware of his average length and girth. “Mmmm, you are so hard Tom Cullen. I need that man stick.” Bethany moans as she stops touching his rock hard penis and steps back. Pushing her black, designer cut scrub pants to the floor, Bethany reveals her meaty, pale and pasty thighs, thick and fat and the little red thong cutting sharply into her fat pelvis.
Looking down, Tom is surprised by the amount of weight that Bethany was hiding behind her clothes. He knew she was thick but by judging her by her outfits, Bethany seemed to be thick and curvy, but upon seeing her naked thighs and too small and too tight panty, Tom was suddenly aware he was standing at attention for a fat girl. Taking one more look, Tom could see that Bethany’s pussy was buried. Suddenly he feels a soft touch on his chin and soon his gaze is brought back to her chest. Seeing the ginormous breasts stretching the too tight pink scrub top Tom groans as he is pulled in for a kiss and his chest is pressed into Bethany’s big soft tits.
“Just look at these…” Bethany groans after their short lived kiss was interrupted. Keeping his gaze on her chest, Bethany pushes the really tight thong down her body with one hand as her other hand goes to work keeping Tom hard. “That’ right, stare at my big jugs you dirty man.” Bethany growls smiling as she hears herself talk about her chest. “Good now take off your underwear.” Watching as Tom begins pushing his underwear down, Bethany smiles as Tom’s hairy cock pops into view, his dark brown bush thick and heavy, Bethany licks her lips as she crawls onto the bed on all fours. Bent over, her large ass smooths out and as she leans side to side gently, Bethany spreads her legs revealing her naked pussy. “I’m so wet…” Bethany moans.
Walking up to his prize, Tom guides his cock into Bethany’s waiting pussy, the wet, warm folds inviting his cock in as he presses himself into her large ass. Damn her ass is huge… Tom thinks as he starts pounding the plump nurse from behind. Pushing as deep as he can, Tom begins to realize he is not big enough to push past Bethany’s meaty thighs. “God I’d love to give it to you like this, but I am having a hard time keeping it in.” Tom says with a tinge of embarrassment.
Realizing he is right, Bethany groans and pulls her pussy away. Rolling over, she lies on her back and opens her legs as far as she can. Her fat pussy fully exposed and open, Bethany licks her lips as she grabs Tom’s hard cock and pulls him closer. “Will this work?”
“Oh yeah…” Tom says smirking as she plunges his cock deep into Bethany’s fatty folds. Pushing and prodding hard, Tom tries to ignore the soft rolling body that is Bethany and instead focuses on her giant, sloshing tits. Her top restricting them, Tom moans as he claws at Bethany’s blouse.
Realizing that her pussy was not enough, Bethany glances at the door before grasping her top and pulling it off. Revealing her soft rolling, pale white belly, Bethany instantly grabs her bra clad breasts and begins moaning loudly. “Oh god Tom, they are so big… Ohhh… mmmm… Fuck yes…” Bethany moans and groans as she feels Tom’s dick stiffen even more inside of her. “Big girls have bigger tits…” Bethany moans a little lower as she continues to grope and rub her chest. “I’m a big girl and I have the biggest tits!” Bethany’s voice rises to a pitch as her body starts to buck and roll in rhythm with Tom’s hard thrusts.
Watching as Bethany gropes herself, Tom starts to feel like he is watching a porn video. Watching as Bethany touches her giant, sloshing and rolling tits, Tom can feel his climax coming. “Reach inside your bra and touch them.”
“Yes…” Bethany moans, now totally caught up in the feelings rolling up and down her spine. Without a thought, Bethany plunges her hand into through the sides of her massive bra cups. Feeling the contents in her hands, Bethany moans even louder as she grasps and squeezes. “Oh fuck they feel so nice, so big and soft. Oh fuck…” Bethany groans as she orgasms instantly.
Feeling the rush of warmth envelope his dick sends Tom over the edge. Pulling out fast, Tom barely has cleared Bethany’s fat pussy when he explodes all over her thick, creamy white thigh. “Oh shit…” Tom moans as he rubs out the last of his cum. “That was incredible.”
Waiting for her rush to subside, Bethany faintly feels the splash of cum hitting her thigh as a more powerful force, her own orgasm reverberates throughout her body. Minutes pass by before Bethany returns to her senses. Looking up, Bethany is surprised to find that Tom is no longer in the room. Slipping her hands from her massive bra, Bethany sits up. Finding her clothes on the floor, she gets dressed and re ties her pony tail. Waiting a few minutes longer, Bethany finally leaves the on call room only to be confronted by Amy.
“So I see you finally got some… and Dr. Carter huh? Nice.” Amy says, her arms crossed under her breasts pushing a hint of her tight, bubbly cleavage to the small v neck of her scrubs. “Was he big?”
Blushing, Bethany adjusts her pink blouse over her gargantuan chest as she thinks about how best to answer that pivotal question. “Let’s just say that Tom, I mean Dr. Carter was more than adequate at satisfying my craving.” Bethany responds along with a little grin.
“So Bethy’s itch was finally scratched! Yay!” Amy cheers as she claps her hands under her chin while hopping.
“Uh huh…’ Bethany nods with a growing smile. The celebration is short lived when Janelle walks up, another pile of binders in her hands. “Amy, take the top half and get these done, Bethany, you have the rest.” Janelle says as Amy takes her portion and without waiting dumps the rest in Bethany’s less than ready grasp. Looking over at Bethany, Janelle looks past the chubby nurse and into the on call room. “I see you haven’t finished the other cases that were assigned to you princess big tits.” Janelle remarks after seeing the same three binders from that morning on the small end table. “Either you were tired after your first patient, or…” Taking a whiff, “You decided to go relieve yourself all over the sheets. You better clean that room.”
“If I clean that room than I will not be able to finish all of my patients for the day or do the work ups, so I guess if you want I can clean the room and you can help me with my patients or have a CNA clean the room.” Bethany replies with a smartass look plastered on her face.
“You think it is alright to have another human being clean up after you? You are disgusting.” Janelle spats back jamming her fist into her plump hips.
“So you think it is beneath a certified nurse’s assistant to clean bed pans then, or give patients a sponge bath then. So why do we have them, to look cute? I have real work to do, send one of them in here and tell them that a patient snuck in there with their spouse and had a little fun. Okay?” Bethany says all smiles and walks off before Janelle can even utter a retort. Walking with her friend, Amy can only laugh as Janelle stalks off extremely pissed off.
Getting down to business, Bethany makes her rounds. Whether it is sewing a laceration, or assisting with a stint and even a couple of catheters, Bethany works hard and even finishes her work up with Dr. Carter, still smiling after, earlier that afternoon to sign off on all her binders, at the nurse’s station. “Looks like you were invigorated Miss Hill, you finished all of your patients and your work with thirty minutes to spare. Nice work.” Dr. Carter smiles as he glances at Bethany’s titanic sized jugs once more.
“Thank you Dr. Carter, if it wasn’t for your kind words of encouragement earlier today I do not think I could have made it through my shift.” Bethany says as she sticks out her jaw dropping rack.
“I am glad I could help.” Dr. Carter grins as he looks up into Bethany’s eyes. “I was wondering Miss Hill if you would care to have dinner with me Friday night? And maybe a night cap afterwards?” Dr. Carter’s gaze drifts south, staring at Bethany’s big breasts once more.
Turning towards him, Bethany leans on the edge of the desk and smiles. Taking a deep breath, she buries her toe into the tile as she lets her heel sway side to side gently. “Sounds wonderful Mr. Cullen…” Bethany remarks as she lets a hand travel from her shoulder and down over her giant tit.
Standing off to the side, Janelle shakes her head at the blatant flirting going on between Bethany and the department head. “If it weren’t for her huge tits, that fat ass wouldn’t even be working here.” Janelle mutters under her breath as she signs off the day’s timecard. Hearing the phone ring next to her on the wall by the rolling cart she is lounging by, Janelle answers the phone. “Mercy East General Hospital Recovery, how can I help? Oh? Not a problem, I will make sure your shift is covered. Get well soon Diane.” Hanging up the phone, Janelle smirks as she knows just who will be covering Diane’s shift in the ER tonight.
“Well, I am on call tonight, ER is short of surgeons or it would be tonight.” Dr. Carter replies, he gaze never leaving Bethany’s hand as it stops over her tummy.
“Sorry to hear that…” Bethany croons as she allows her bottom lip to pout as she crosses her thighs just as her hand inches down to her crotch.
“Bethany?” Janelle calls out.
Instantly Bethany stops and stands straight up blushing slightly, the sound of a record screeching to the sharp and sudden stop echoing in her mind. “Yes Nurse Washington?” Bethany turns towards her superior who she addresses professionally in front of Dr. Carter.
“I need you to cover Diane’s shift in the ER tonight, she has the flu and cannot make it.” Janelle replies with a cheeky grin. “I need you to pull a double, I’m sorry.”
“But I had plans!” Bethany instantly whines, her hands flying into the air.
“You are a registered nurse, it is your duty and responsibility to think of and be here for our patients and cover when a colleague calls out sick. We would do the same for you.” Janelle replies matter of fact.
Looking over at Dr. Carter who looks away instantly not wanting to get involved, Bethany looks over at Janelle and nods her head in resignation. “Fine… But I need a shower can someone stick around for an hour while I freshen up at least?”
“I’ll ask Amy to stick around for an extra hour so you can do that. Make sure you wash well, can’t have you stinking up the place in the wee hours of the morning.” Janelle replies with a nod.
Walking off to the lockers room, Bethany sighs as she has another ten hour shift ahead of her. Walking in, Bethany grabs her toiletries and finds a secluded shower. Stripping to the buff, Bethany hates showering at work. Covering her underwear with her towel, Bethany turns on the water and takes a nice, relaxing hour long shower.
Returning to the floor, Bethany reports to the nurse’s station to check out of recovery for the day and proceeds across the hospital to the ER. Finding the ER empty save for a couple of patients, Bethany hopes that it will not get much worse than that. Grabbing her binders, Bethany makes her rounds and checks in with the morning shift to go over notes before they leave. Satisfied she knows all she can, Bethany finds that after setting up some IV’s and plugging notes into the computer, her shift is rather boring. Looking around the near empty ER, save for a nurse at the other end of the large Emergency Department, Bethany cannot help but drift off into her imagination. Sitting behind her computer, Bethany finishes the last patient update. Pushing herself from behind the desk, Bethany walks over to the other night nurse. “Do you mind if I catch a few hours in the on call room?”
Looking up from her post, the elderly nurse looks over the young and radiant twenty-something nurse, still fresh behind the ears. Noting the dark circles under her beautiful eyes, she replies, “Go ahead, I will page you if you are needed.”
“Thanks.” Bethany smiles as she turns and hurries to the on call room. Finding it down the hall a ways from the ER, Bethany shuts and locks the door behind her. Grabbing at her blouse, she stops herself. Deciding to lay on the bed, Bethany shuts her eyes and tries to get some sleep. After an hour of tossing and turning, careful not to lie on her chest, Bethany opens her eyes. Frustrated beyond belief, she is about to rise when a distant thought enters her mind. Soon that thought comes raging full force and hits her thoughts like a broadside from a battleship. Feeling her crotch on fire, Bethany bolts from the single bed and strips off her clothes, even kicking off her shoes. Left in just her bra and panty, Bethany peels the shoulder straps of the bulky bra down and slips her arms from now loose, thick straps. Hanging loosely along her sides, Bethany looks down at the mountains of lust jutting from her chest. Grabbing the tops of her big bra cups, Bethany peels them down slowly revealing their contents to her wanting eyes. Face to face with her two biggest secrets, Bethany has traded breast forms for chocolate pudding filled pink water-balloons. Double lined by carefully pushing one balloon into the other followed by injecting the pudding using a pump. Staring at her oversized fantasies, Bethany takes hold of one of them as her other hand finds her burning crotch. The moment her fingers feel the latex brazing against her finger tips, Bethany is lost in her own self awakened euphoria.
Meanwhile back in the recovery wing, Janelle is tending to the extra patients. Already short two scrub nurses, Janelle is forced to come back to the hospital and care for the patients. Making her rounds, Janelle is just about done when a low, barely audible moan comes from one of the secluded rooms. Rushing to the scene, Janelle’s eyes open wide as a blood stain is slowly growing over a recent heart transplant’s chest. Spinning into action, Janelle rushes to the nurse’s station and proceeds to page a 911. Picking up the phone, Janelle then calls the on call surgeon.
“Dr. Carter? Janelle, I have blood seeping from Mr. Robert’s chest. He was recently put into outpatient after an apparent successful double bypass. Yes sir he is bleeding, the front of his tunic is saturated. Yes sir I sent out the 911. I will make sure OR-1 is ready for your arrival. Twenty minutes? We will be ready. Yes sir.” Janelle fires of in rapid succession. Soon all available nurses and a resident are gathered and prepping the OR while a nurse and an available Nurses Aid preps the patient.
“Nurse Washington, we sent out the 911 page fifteen minutes ago and Nurse Hill has yet to report. Should I go track her down?” A scrub nurse says as she tugs down on her mask. Ready for surgery, she is wearing a skull cap and gown whereas Nurse Washington has yet to scrub in.
“Don’t worry about it Kim, I know where to find the delinquent Miss Hill…” Janelle grunts angrily before stalking across the hospital to the ER. Walking into the now vacant ER save for the elderly nurse left to watch over it, Janelle storms up to her station, her hands unintentionally slamming into the counter. “Where in the hell is Bethany Hill?” Janelle demands of the shocked elderly RN.
“She went to the on call room over an hour ago. We were so slow over here that I did not see the problem.” The elderly nurse replies with the voice filled with years of experience.
“Well she hasn’t responded to the 911 page I posted fifteen minutes ago! I need her in OR-1 we have a bleeder from a double bypass that was in recovery from earlier today.” Janelle fires back.
“I am sure you will find her sound asleep on the on call bed, she probably cannot hear her pager.” The elderly nurse summarizes on deaf ears as Janelle is already storming down the hall and round the corner.
Meanwhile back in the bed, Bethany is doing anything but sleeping, instead of the sound sounds of sleep, Bethany is filling the room with the grunts and moans of a very hot and richly satisfying self-pleasure fest. Groping the giant pudding filled balloon, Bethany’s other hand is working overtime on her tired and overworked clit. Having already orgasmed seven times in the last hour, Bethany is unable to stop as another orgasm rattles through-out her fat, jiggly body. “Oh baby, I love my big fat titties!” Bethany screams as her eighth orgasm rips down her spine and covers her tired, cramped fingers. Squeezing the life like breast even more, Bethany moans and groans as the pudding filled balloon, an idea she stole from the movie Now and Then, flattens realistically atop her almost naked chest, save for her bra which is still strapped around her thick torso.
Storming up to the door, Janelle is fully expecting to hear silence but when the echoes of Bethany’s moans reverberate through the closed door, Janelle is in shock. “That damn girl is so obsessed with her chest that instead of sleeping she would rather be finger fucking her-self as she touches her fat girl tits!” Rapping hard on the door Janelle yells through the old wood door. “Damn it Bethany! Stop finger fucking your fat c*nt and get your ass down to OR-1! I have been paging you multiple times in the last fifteen minutes! Let’s go!” Pounding the door one last time, Janelle smirks as the moans come to an instant stop and the creaking of the old bed floats through the door instead.
Hearing the pounding on the door and the familiar voice of Janelle screaming, Bethany looks down as Janelle goes off on her ‘finger fucking her fat c*nt’ spiel. Unable to suppress her smile, Bethany looks at the door and when ’OR-1’ finally registers, Bethany jumps to her feet. Cradling her heavy tits which add an additional twenty pounds of weight, ten pounds per breast, Bethany hurriedly cradles the giant pink balloons back into her oversized cups. Bending down to find her panties, Bethany cries out as her massive mammaries fall from her bra and plop onto the floor with two loud SMACKS! Seeing that her tits have not burst, Bethany instead finds her skimpy little, too tight red thong and pulls it on, not caring at the moment that the little crotch has buried itself between her soaked pussy lips. Finding her black bottoms, she hauls them up and reaches for the draw strings. In her furry to get dressed, Bethany accidently yanks on one string as her other hand misses the other end completely. Yanking the string all the way out, Bethany simply grabs her pink, designer top, cut specifically to properly fit over her large bust and pull it over her head. Slipping her arms into the sleeves, Bethany forgets to pull on the shoulder straps of her bra and instead grabs her giant tits from the floor. Re-stuffing the big baggy cups, Bethany is curiously wondering why she has to hold a cup as she rolls one side of her pink scrub blouse down than the other repeating the process. Fixing her hair, Bethany pulls open the door and rushes from the on call room and down the network of halls and stairs to the operating rooms.
Reaching the double doors, Bethany finds herself adjusting her bosoms yet again, before she pushes open the door and starts to scrub in. Waiting for her a scrub nurse to suit her up properly, the nurse instead pushes for Bethany to wash up as there is no time for her to suit up at all. Looking through the glass, Bethany knows she is already late as the OR is in a frenzied state as the slow bleed has turned into an all-out blood bath. Drying her hands, the nurse slips Bethany’s gloves on and pushes her towards the OR door. Bursting through the door, Bethany stops dead in her tracks. The shouting of Dr. Carter and the resident doctor sends everyone in every which way as they struggle to contain the bleed out. Tugging on her bra through her fitted top, Bethany is suddenly aware of everything but what is going on that moment. Running her hand over her shoulder, Bethany freezes as she realizes she forgot to slip her sturdy straps back on over her shoulders. Suddenly panic sets in as Bethany realizes that twenty pounds of pudding filled latex, aka her imperious chest, the very chest that sent Dr. Carter over the edge and her own self to eight straight orgasms was in a perilous state. Glancing down at her heavy knockers, Bethany swallows hard as the teases of the security her big bra straps normally provide are now tickling her sides and the only thing holding her 40E cup chest to its dizzying designed heights was an unsecure bra and a designer scrub top. Feeling nauseous, Bethany wants to run, run and fix her bra. Forget the patient this was her life hanging in the balance. She needs those big tits. Those big tits got her the job, got her through med school and more importantly are the secret to her revitalized sex drive!
“Bethany! Get your ass over here!” Dr. Carter’s voice rings out shattering Bethany’s thoughts. “I need you to help to stop this bleeder! I need another set of hands! Come on!”
Suddenly Bethany is forced back into the present. Taking a step towards the calamity between the life and death of Mr. Roberts, Bethany is about to jump all in when a subtle, yet strong reminder of her possessive self divides her focus once more. The moment she takes that fateful step, Bethany’s bowels lurch. Not in nerves but in a sudden need to empty themselves. Feeling the pain lurch through her stomach and bowels, Bethany stops halfway to the operating table, her face frozen in fear.
“Bethany, come on!” Janelle yells through the chaos to the stunned and bountiful blonde. “We need you over here, not over there concerning yourself that your panties are riding up your ass!”
Bethany looks from Janelle and down as her hand is behind her. Her ass cheeks clenched tightly shut, Bethany soon realizes that it looks as though she is busy picking a wedgie. “Sorry Janelle!” Bethany calls out above the noise of the operating room that is in disarray. Resuming her walk, Bethany finds that she is pulling her pants up. “Okay, okay I am here Dr. Carter, what do you need!?” Bethany shouts above the noise as vacuums run nonstop to soak up the blood as surgical tools clatter and are shoved into the open chest cavity to stop the bleeding.
“We have most of the bleeds under control but we are out of hands as the main source of the bleed is coming from where the aorta and the left ventricle meet. I need you press a surgical towel down and onto that bleed. The pressure exerted will help keep the blood flow going to the heart as I repair the minor bleeds and then do a repair to that junction. Can you handle that?” Dr. Carter fires of rapidly.
Shocked and stunned, Bethany listens as she looks down at the crowded cavity, already full of hands. “Yes!” Bethany shouts as she reaches for a surgical towel. As she grabs the towel, Bethany feels a pair of hands wrap a mask over her mouth while another pulls her pants up for her. “Thanks.” Bethany says through the chaos as she shoves the towel down into the narrow cavity and over the bleed.
“I need more pressure Beth!” Dr. Carter shouts as he works frantically to stop the bleeds that keep bursting from the elderly man’s weakened arteries.
Grunting, Bethany rises to her tippy toes as her arms press harder. Putting more of her body weight into it, Bethany smiles as the bleeding finally stops and a rousing cheer erupts from group of nurses and doctors.
“Heart rate is steady Doctor, looks like we are gaining control of the situation.” The resident doctor reports from the monitors.
“Good now get in here and patch up these micro holes while I get to work on the tear where the aorta and the left ventricle interconnect.” Dr. Carter says still with heightened alert as he knows that in less than a second the situation could turn against them and this patient will die.
Rushing over to the table the resident doctor squeezes in between Janelle and another nurse and gets to work. Feeling her space suddenly tighten, Bethany feels her arms being pushed together more. Glancing down a her buxom chest, Bethany’s eyes open wide as her swells of molten lust press together even more. The front of her pink scrub top showcasing perfectly the massive bubbling of her breasts as her tits stretch further from her chest, the once round, perfect melons festooned to Bethany’s chest now resemble long bubbling blimps as they elongate further between her outstretched arms.
Standing next to the overweight, buxom blonde, Janelle is not oblivious to the effect that the overcrowding has had on Bethany’s breasts. Smirking under her mask, Janelle is happy to see that Bethany’s ‘perfect’ tits are a mere illusion and the fact that her breasts are clearly elongated as the tight pink top clearly shows.
Looking from across the table, Dr. Carter too has noticed that Bethany’s overly large pair is less than stellar. Seeing that Bethany’s breasts have clearly stretched out and away from her chest instead up and bubbling to just under her barely perceptible double chin, Dr. Carter has come to the conclusion that Bethany definitely needs that big bulky bra to keep her big, heavy tits from slapping her in the knees.
For Bethany though, the situation is far graver than any of her colleagues can fathom. Still pressing hard on the burst junction of the two major arteries, Bethany is also fighting herself. Having to hold her arms along the sides of her breasts, Bethany is fighting to keep them where they belong. Under normal circumstances, Bethany could rely on her bra to hold her heavy hitters in place while she would apply pressure and simply cross her arms over her twin personalities. Now she is forced to not only do her job, but also support her tits as her bra had given up the fight the moment she entered the fray. Unbeknownst to the others, Bethany felt her big bra cups flutter away the moment her tits began to stretch. The loose cups, unable to cope, now lay inside out atop her tummy, the overburdened bra having rolled completely over. Without the job of supporting her big heavy tits, the now, loose bra sits upside down still wrapped around her torso. For the nurses standing out of the way, the fact that Bethany’s big, thick white shoulder straps are now peaking out below the hemline of her designer pink scrub top, is a source of light hearted chuckles.
“Bethany, I need a little more pressure!” Dr. Carter calls out as blood begins to splatter from the tear.
“I’m giving you all that I go!!” Bethany wails in protest as she looks up from her elongated tits and into Dr. Carter’s eyes.
“Stuff your cry baby shit and give him what he needs Miss Hill!” Janelle cries out as she elbows Bethany’s outstretched arm.
Feeling her body reverberate from the blow, Bethany looks down as her big, over stretched tits wobble in protest between her arms. Fighting back a resurgent howling and rumbling bowels, Bethany clenches her ass even tighter as she feels the growing movement move deep inside of her. Oh god I need to shit... Bethany moans to herself in her mind as she struggles to comply with Dr. Carter’s urgent request. Glancing at the blood now shooting up from the open chest cavity, Bethany hears the resident doctor shout out that the patient’s blood pressure is dropping and that his heartbeat is ‘fading fast’ Bethany knows that it is all because of her. Stretching even more, Bethany feels her torso stretch as her designer blouse can no longer conceal her midsection and her soft, bulging belly slowly unveils itself as the hem acts like a curtain to a play.
Looking to the side for a brief moment, Janelle smiles as the bottom of Bethany’s pasty white, fat gut finally starts to appear. Lacking the cover her blouse provides, Bethany’s big soft belly finally bulges out forcing her blouse higher. Still looking, Janelle giggles as it becomes apparent that the designer scrub top has a built in second panel to help Bethany hide her expanded mid-section as the relatively stiff garment exposes.
Behind her, the two scrub nurses giggle as they can now see the extent of Bethany’s soft mid-section, her hidden love handles now painfully exposed.
Feeling her top shift suddenly north, Bethany also feels that the sudden shift of her scrub top has also affected her painfully stretched out titties. Glancing down just as the big breasts start to shudder, Bethany watches as one breast suddenly surges up and out from between her outstretched arms and presses into her now bunched up blouse. Instantly, Bethany moves her opposite arm to cradle her unsupported breast and using her arms pushes it up and into the cavity of her expanded blouse. With her huge tits now safe atop her arms Bethany can smile as they return to their round and visually stellar goodness. Looking up at Dr. Carter Bethany continues to smile as he can be seen grinning through his mask as her magnificent pair return to their ‘natural’ shape.
Glancing over again, Janelle’s jaw drops as she watches Bethany’s breasts pop up from the depths of her arms and return to their jaw dropping shape. But the celebration is short lived however when in the same breath, Bethany’s huge, white bra slides down her elongated torso and stops along the top of her big, chubby tummy. The big, full, empty cups now hang in plain sight. The large swath of white cotton is a sight to behold as the bra was earlier supporting Bethany’s huge tits, the thick straps now dangling by her hips.
Still watching from behind, the two nurses stare at the giant bra still wrapped around Bethany’s body. “Damn that bra is huge…” One of the nurses says to her colleague who nods in agreement.
Then without warning, Bethany’s body shutters. Having held back her biological needs this long has sent an uproar throughout her body. Around the table, everyone looks over as Bethany lets out a muffled groan of protest. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head, Bethany nearly faints but is able to hold on to keep from collapsing.
Still standing next to her, Janelle looks over as Bethany’s body rumbles and she crosses her legs. Watching as the blonde relaxes her big behind then abruptly clamps it shut, Janelle soon realizes that Bethany is in serious need of a bathroom break.
Suddenly another shot of pain rumbles deep inside and Bethany is forced to bend at the waist. Everyone watches as the blood spurts up from the bloodied and soaked surgical towel as Bethany is forced to release the pressure on the still torn crossroads of arteries as the combined pressures in her lower abdomen push against Bethany’s will. All around her the surgeons gasps as Bethany bends down, her hands still defiantly inserted in the open chest cavity as she struggles to contain herself. Even as Bethany struggles to carry on, everyone is too busy staring at her two, very large distractions. Already impossibly high, the moment Bethany bends down, everyone watches as Bethany’s heaving, heavy tits rise further still and stop right beneath her chin. “Oooh…” Bethany moans as another shockwave rumbles from her abdomen. Trying hard to keep her chin up, Bethany is fully aware that her glorious breasts are brushing against her cheek bones as she feels her nipples, still hidden behind the sanctity of her blouse, finally slide out from under the monstrosities that are her enviable, overabundance of womanhood. Only the sudden shift of her pants down at the same time diverted the attention of Janelle who was fixating her gaze on her incredible bust, went suddenly to her waist.
As if by divine fortune that only Bethany could truly appreciate. Her sudden dip and rise along with the expanding and retracting clench of her large bottom, coupled with the uncrossing of her thighs, all thanks to the fact that the pain in her abdomen recedes suddenly, allowing Bethany to resume her tippy toed position and apply the correct level of pressure to the wound once more. The cost being that her black designer bottoms flutter to the floor.
As Bethany’s pants suddenly fall, Janelle gasps as her eyes are now filled with the pale and pitted flesh of Bethany’s hips and bulging bottom. From behind the sight is even worse as not only is Bethany’s bumpy thighs and ass is totally exposed but also the fact that even around her ankles, her black designer scrub pants still show off what was once believed to be Bethany’s picture perfect, rounded rump, leaning against the back of her calves. Looking from the grotesque, bumpy pitted flesh that is Bethany’s au naturel behind to the perfectly shaped panel, complete with individual shaped cheeks and little dimples, the scrub nurses cannot help but burst out in laughter.
Knowing full well that the illusion of her perfect rear has been shattered, Bethany bites her bottom lip as she stands there in just her blouse and now her little red too small thong, the tight fabric jammed up her exposed, fleshy, pale white, fat girl ass. Twenty pounds ago, Bethany still had a very enviable bottom, but her recent weight gain went straight to her hips and ass destroying the last vestige of bodily beauty the young, twenty-something possessed. Realizing that all she has left are her titanic sized treasures, Bethany concentrates on keeping the wobbly, unstable behemoths positioned right where they belong. Stretching up Bethany smiles as she feels her hidden, brown and puffy nipples graze once again as her majestic chest returns to its natural place, Bethany looks up at Dr. Carter who is now midway through the junction repair and much more relaxed now. Watching his eyes flick up, Bethany can feel the look of satisfaction beaming from his face as Bethany smirks and rolls her shoulders back.
Watching as her massive breasts push forward in their majestic might, Bethany can feel that very soon it will all be over and before Dr. Carter is the wiser, Bethany can cover her nasty ass with the veneer of perfection and have the snickering scrub nurses fired as Tom would do anything to make his chubby, busty princess happy. Watching as the last tear is 80% sealed. Bethany playfully tosses her pony tail and smiles, her face beaming. Still required to apply pressure until she is in the way, all of the other nurses and the residents must wait until the rupture is completely closed and all surgical fixes are double checked. Yet as soon as she smiles, Bethany’s jaw drops as a quick and volatile pressure rivets through her body below the waist. For a tense second, Bethany feels her thunder thighs jiggle and shake but then it is over. Resuming her bust enhancing position, Bethany is ready to smile and tease when all of sudden she feels something warm dribbling down her naked inner thighs.
Taking one last look over at the arrogant blonde nurse, Janelle can see the change in Bethany’s eye. Looking down, Janelle catches sight as something yellow sputters from between Bethany’s thighs. Knowing how long Bethany was clenching and holding it all back, Janelle correctly deduces that when the muscles finally grew tired and relaxed, so did the pain which gave Bethany a false sense of security. Now Janelle has a front row seat as Bethany’s bladder finally opens. Watching as the sputters turn into a stream, Janelle watches as Bethany’s bladder muscles give up the fight and finally relax. Then without warning, Janelle is forces to jump back as Bethany suddenly turns, her arms cradling her tits as her pent up and over worked bladder explodes spewing urine all over her naked thighs, her pants and all over the floor where ever she turns.
As the dribbles quickly turn into a slight stream than an all-out burst, Bethany instantly pulls her hands out of the open chest cavity and attempts to cradle her heavy tits. Struggling to hold on to her treasures, Bethany is instantly freaking out as her bladder explodes down her legs and some even flying out in short bursts. “Oh my god, no!” Bethany yelps in surprise and anguish as she spins around. Containing her breasts with one arm, Bethany suddenly and foolishly attempts to cover her urinating pussy with the other in the vain hope that that she can conceal her sudden shame. Having hobbled far enough away from the operating table, Bethany is slowly revealing all of her shameful secrets. Her big bulging gut that even the huge empty cups of her thick white bra cannot completely conceal, that moments before was tucked safely behind the front double panel of her designer pink scrub blouse, the very same blouse that was let out to make room for her ginormous E cup tits. Turning yet still, Bethany slowly reveals to the rest of the room what Janelle and the two remaining scrub nurses already knew, that Bethany’s ass is a fat, pasty white, bubbled and pitted mess while still leaning against the back of her calves is the illusionary mold of perfection, crafted into the back of her designer black bottoms.
Staring is disbelief at the self-destruction of the formerly sought after buxom blonde nurse, Dr. Carter cannot believe that he had just seen her naked hours ago and could not remember her that way at all. Then as Bethany kept spinning around and crying he looks down at her tits. No wonder… He thinks to himself as he watches Bethany struggle to keep her massive mammaries from sagging in front of everyone.
Still moaning and in full tears, Bethany cannot help but cry as her bladder continues to empty itself. Her pants now soaked, Bethany moans as her hand is now soaked too. Then all of a sudden, Bethany is thrust forward. Nearly forced over, Bethany stares wide eyed as her massive mounds lunge forward and tumble from the cradle that was her arm. Reaching up in a last ditched attempt to save her last vehicle of sexuality, Bethany is oblivious to the gassy fart that erupts from her ass. The fart, powerful in its release rumbles her already jiggly ass and soon something hard, thick and long slides from her ass like a torpedo. Popping out instantly, the tip of the long, hard expulsion catches onto to the red strip of her over stretched panty and pushes defiantly out from her rumbling ass cheeks. The only problem being now the too small thong is buried even deeper into Bethany’s sore, fat pussy which sends a shock wave of pain coursing from her crotch and right up her spine.
“Ow!!” Bethany wails as she thrusts her hands down to her crotch. Grazing her fingers between her fatty folds in an attempt to pull the offending underwear out, Bethany’s jaw drops as her massive tits rumble down her chest and over her belly, her pink scrub blouse capturing all the action for the array of onlookers who watch in disbelief as two huge pink balloons fall from under her blouse and land on the floor with a soft plop before rolling away. Seeing her huge, jaw dropping tits on the floor, Bethany forgets all about the pain ricocheting from her crotch and bends over even more, her arms outstretched in an attempt to retrieve her lost objects of ultimate desire. Unfortunately for Bethany though, that sudden lunge was all that it took for the little red thong to finally break as the heavy, hard expulsion drops into the seat of her artificial enhancing pants. Scuffing her feet in an attempt to catch up with the slow rolling mounds of fem-dom, Bethany is mere inches from retrieving her fallen glory mounds when a pair of black chubby hands scoops them up from the ground. Rising as her breasts rise from the ground, Bethany stares as Janelle holds up each pudding filled monstrosity of fakery by the tied knot of each oversized balloon.
“So these are Bethany’s titties huh? These are the back breaking monstrosities that you would shove in my face to get your way. These are molten mounds of womanhood that you used to attract men to your bed then keep covered up as they mercy fucked you in hopes of seeing your big, jiggly, fatty tits.” Janelle exclaims, her face twisted into an evil grin.
Freezing, Bethany looks from her captured wonder jugs to the hardened expression plastered across Janelle’s face. “Please, give them back. Those are mine!” Bethany pleads as she reaches out with one hand as she wraps her other arm over her chest.
“So you can go back to stuffing that massive bra of yours and strutting about this hospital like you are god’s gift to humanity? Not a chance!” Janelle laughs as everyone stares dumbstruck at the fallen diva. “I don’t think Dr. Carter will want to take you out to that fancy dinner any more now that your little secrets are out, right?” Janelle looks over to Tom Cullen who looks away, his face lit brightly by three shades of red. “That’s what I thought… Scrub nurses?” Janelle looks past the stricken and horrified Bethany to the two scrub nurses who never left their posts along the wall, nod and stalk up quickly behind the nearly exposed, chunky former diva.
Finally realizing what is about to happen, Bethany is not quick enough as her arms are suddenly jerked above her head. “No, please, don’t. Please don’t…” Bethany pleads as she is stuck there by her own pants and now the firm grasps of two, finely trained scrub nurses.
“Don’t what? Do you mean…” Janelle smiles as she grabs the hem of the pink scrub top and pulls it up. Slowly the full extent of Bethany’s bulging belly and love handles are exposed but what everyone was dying to see was Bethany’s true breasts. Considering her size and plush features, everyone was fully expecting to see a decent pair of fat girl tits. Not large as the extent of the pink balloons can attest, but at least a handful of milky white flesh that worn in the right type of bra could be succulent, if one could ignore the rest of Bethany’s ill maintained body. Yet when Bethany’s top was tossed away the entire room gasped one last time as Bethany’s pancake miniatures were exposed. Two little flaps of skin topped with two brown, puffy nipples greeting their eyes.
Seeing the expressions on everyone’s face, Dr. Carter’s more than anything sent Bethany bawling. Covering her face in shame, Bethany wept as Janelle and the scrub nurses went to work on her clothes. The scrub nurses, brandishing scalpels, cut along the waist band of her designer pants and pulled the large rubber molds from the rear. Without the additional support, Bethany’s black scrub pants finally completed their descent. As the two scrub nurses worked on Bethany’s bottoms, Janelle meanwhile poked a hole into each of Bethany’s gargantuan falsies.
Amazed as the brown, gooey pudding squirted out and into a waiting bed pan, Janelle watched as two massive breasts deflated to the size of something less than baseballs. Covering the holes with surgical tape, Janelle walks up to the still stricken and bawling Bethany and begins pulling up the former diva’s massive bra.
Not even having to say a word, Bethany naturally slips her chubby arms into the shoulder straps and lets Janelle adjust them over her shoulders. Next, Janelle drops each reduced tit into the massive bra cups and smiles as the two tiny boobies sag downwards a full four inches or more. Pulling on the shoulder straps and hauling down on the back strap, Janelle smiles as the massive bra is way too high but at least Bethany’s tits are where they should be. Meanwhile the two scrub nurses pull up Bethany’s pants, leaving the long, rock hard expulsion in the seat of her pants to serve as a reminder of her fallen glory. Wrapping the waist with surgical tape, Bethany’s pants will no longer fall and as the final straw, Bethany’s pink top, the front now way too big, d****s ridiculously over her much smaller artificial offerings.
Feeling all of this happen at once, Bethany looks down and screams bloody murder as she is now dressed once again, but without her jaw dropping rack and a quick feel behind results in another falling jaw as her hand runs the length of her latest disgrace.
“I think it is time you resigned Bethy…” Janelle says mocking Bethany’s nick name.
Little does Bethany know that after she collected her designer clothes from her locker and left for good, the following day, her former friend and colleague, Amy Johnson was found strapped to a chair in the main lobby topless. Severely lopsided now, Janelle and her scrub nurses cornered her and pulled the contents of her saline implant out via a needle. Hanging from around her neck but below her lopsided tits the sign reads, “Don’t you love my all natural D cups?”
End of Part 2
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Default Bethany Hill in Trials & Tribulations

Trials & Tribulations:
The Bethany Hill Story Continues…
Starring: Bethany Hill, William Hill, Janet Hill, Ashley Hill & Jane Hill
Written By: Victoria Elaine Black

Returning to her apartment that evening, Bethany Hill pulls into her parking space and shuts off the car. Breaking heavily, Bethany is still in shock. Just less than an hour ago, Bethany was fully exposed in front of her co-workers in her au naturel state. Looking down at her pathetic chest, Bethany can hardly believe that her enormous mounds of feminine lust, her glorious 40 E cups are now two little (still fake mind you) handfuls of feminine cruelty. Looking over at the passenger seat, Bethany eyes her sweater and jeans. Looking up, Bethany looks out the car windows and makes sure the coast is clear. Struggling to change while still in the front seat Bethany wiggles and squirms around as she finds it especially difficult to take her scrub pants off. Seeing her fleshy, cellulite covered thighs exposed to the shoddily lit cabin, Bethany moans as she lifts her ass from the seat, realizing full well that her bumpy, nasty fat ass is still covered by bits and pieces of the forced expulsion that was left in the seat of her pants. Using her scrub pants to wipe her bumpy bottom, Bethany then grabs her designer denim jeans and reaches down below the steering wheel and sticks her feet in the leg holes.
If pulling them on at home is a chore that requires hopping around, than attempting to maintain her vanity while seated in the cramped car is even worse. Tugging and pulling, Bethany is forced to move her steering column to its maximum height. Lifting her more than generous rear from the driver’s seat, Bethany grunts and groans as the jeans slowly make their way up her expansive thighs. Feeling her fleshy fat fight to stay free, Bethany pulls even harder as the tight, leg shaping denim slowly, but eventually works its magic and soon Bethany’s legs are wrapped and shaped by the specially fabricated jeans to resemble the powerful, shaped legs that she is infamous for. The hardest part for Bethany though is getting her massive ass to fit in the tight, conforming pants. When she is standing up straight, Bethany still finds that she has to literally cram her gelatin like rear into the double paneled back side that transform her ass from one hot mess of dimple covered shame to the big round aura of rounded perfection that she needs. Sitting in the car though Bethany struggles to the point that while still half hanging out, Bethany has to change her blouse next.
Grabbing her sweater, Bethany pulls off her pink scrub top and tosses in the passenger seat next her ruined pants. Looking down at the huge bra still fastened around her shamefully flat chest, Bethany pulls out two reduced pink balloons and looks at them. Resting in the palm of her hands, Bethany holds them up. On a much smaller girl they would be pretty and cute, but on a woman like her, they are diminutive and disgusting in her eyes. Letting them fall to the floor, Bethany instead fixes the massive white bra. Wondering what to do in order to properly fill the massive folds of loose cotton dangling down her chest, the answer is literally sitting right next to her. Grabbing her discarded uniform, Bethany rolls it up and stuffs her pants filling both cups to a less than satisfactory result. Still though, Bethany has her boobs back while pulling on her sweater, Bethany is glad that the tuft of fabric that is bulging between her jutting white cups does not show through.
Taking one last look, Bethany finally opens the door and exits her car. Standing between the open door and the car, Bethany frantically stuffs what remains of her lily white Jell-O like ass by hand into the rear of her shaping jeans. Struggling to button and zip them, Bethany smiles as she looks almost normal. Shutting her car door, she locks the car and heads down the path to her apartment. Acutely aware that her chest is not bouncing at all, Bethany’s only escape is the fact that it is still the dead of night. Walking up to the first floor apartment, Bethany inserts her key into the lock and fumbles to get the door open. Shutting it behind her, she turns the bolt, fastens the chain and slides the bar, locking herself in. Finally feeling secure, Bethany pads down to her bedroom and strips.
Even though she got fully dressed, just walked to her apartment which was less than fifty feet away from her parking space, Bethany knows that at any time someone could have walked out and seeing her in less than her self-invoked, sexy state, would be a tough pill to swallow and even harder to explain away. Leaving her clothes discarded on the floor of her bedroom, Bethany showers and prepares for bed. Walking back into the bedroom thirty minutes later, wearing just her diaper, crawls under the sheets and finally goes to sleep.
The rest of the week finds Bethany spending more time at home as the lack of any contact from Mercy East General Hospital leaves her hanging. On Friday and over the weekend, the now reclusive chunky blonde, still wearing a massively stuffed bra filled with the much less sophisticated rolls of toilet paper decides to send out resumes and cover letters including pictures of herself in her uniform, the very same pictures she had professionally done right after graduating from UCLA. Knowing full well that she barely landed her last job, Bethany is acutely aware that finding another hospital who would hire an RN that barely lasted ninety days would be a long shot.
Come Monday morning though, Bethany, naked save for her pee laden diaper, wakes up to the flashing red blip of her cell phone. Picking up the huge smart phone, Bethany taps the screen and starts the message.
Hello! This is a message for Miss Bethany Hill, Registered Nurse for Mercy East General Hospital. This is Madrid Flores of the Human Resources Department. We would like to talk with you today about your recent experience at work the night of the 5th. Please call us back and reserve an appointment to meet with me regarding your future in our hospital. My contact number is 919-866-8700 extension 212. Thank you and I look forward to your call.
Falling to the edge of her bed, Bethany stares at her phone as the message beeps and returns to the beginning. Playing it again, Bethany scribbles down the number. Dialing it, Bethany waits for the typical monologue to finish before dialing the extension. “Ms. Flores? Yes this is Bethany Hill, when would be a good time to make the appointment today?” waiting… “One hour? I don’t think I can be ready and be there in that time, can we do it for this afternoon?” Waits… “Oh good, thank you so much, I will see you then. Good bye.” Bethany hits the end call button. Looking at her phone, she looks at the time and snaps into action. Having only three hours to get ready, Bethany knows she has a lot to do.
Spurring into the kitchen, Bethany grabs everything she is going to need to make instant pudding. Adding the necessary ingredients, Bethany furiously stirs the contents. Making two large bowls, Bethany then covers them in saran wrap and throws them in the top of the fridge where it is the coldest and gives the pudding the best chance to settle quickly. Aware that her diaper is over laden, Bethany pushes it down and leaves it on the floor as she hurries to take a shower. Taking the fastest shower she has ever taken, Bethany jumps out and dries off. Doing her hair and make-up, she makes sure her trademark lipstick is put on properly before she pads to her bed room, her big, fat ass wobbling and bouncing freely behind her.
Pacing quickly to her closet, Bethany pulls out a red, flowered dress. Holding it up, she smiles as the top half of the dress hangs loosely before stiffening around her midsection before it free flows to her knees. Complete with a wide black belt with buckle, Bethany smiles as the belt is designed to conceal the built in double panel. Next Bethany goes to her dresser. Rifling passed the oversized white, boring bras, she uncovers her college bras. Assorted colors and styles, Bethany pulls out a demi cup black one complete with thin straps. Tossing the bra on the bed, Bethany knows the bra will hold as she had every seam and joint reinforced to support her ten pound tits. Finding a matching black thong, one that is more to her size, Bethany pulls it up her chunky thighs, happy that the front panel is pre stuffed with a dual purpose sanitary pad. Shaped like a larger version of her pussy, Bethany smiles at the jutting mass between her legs.
With one piece of artifice back on, the still nearly naked Bethany runs back into the kitchen to prepare her pump. Opening a small side drawer, Bethany finds the baggy of pink balloons and pulls out four of them. Setting them on the counter, Bethany turns around and opens the fridge, pulling out the double batch of gooey, chocolatey pudding. Setting both bowls on the counter, she pulls off the saran wrap and throws it away. Connecting the hose to her special pump, she plugs it and sets the pedal on the floor. Readying her foot, Bethany grabs the first balloon and rolls it over three of her extended fingers. Once that is complete, Bethany repeats the process as the second balloon is rolled over the first. Grabbing the hose, she sticks it in the first batch then grabs the nozzle. Slipping it between her fingers and the latex, she then remove her fingers and pinches the latex to the nozzle on the outside. Applying pressure to the pedal, Bethany hears the machine gurgle to life and watches as the double balloon slowly fills up. When the first balloon is fully inflated and the bowl is empty, Bethany removes the nozzle and ties it off carefully. Licking away any residual pudding, Bethany repeats the process for her second breast. Looking at the clock, her eyes open wide as she hurries the duplicate procedure and ties the big pink balloon off quickly.
Staring at the marvels of womanhood resting on the counter, Bethany quickly washes the bowls and equipment then puts the pump back in the cupboard. Grabbing the two inflatable dirigibles, she holds them to her chest and smiles as the pudding filled boobs wobble in her hands. Returning to her bedroom, Bethany sets them down her bed and grabs the big black bra. Slipping it on, she snaps the clasps and adjusts the big empty cups over her chest. Lightly lined, the big cups hang from her chest empty but at least round. Grabbing the first boob, Bethany holds the cup open and gently sets the first massive breast in doing it again for the second one. Bethany smiles when she looks at her reflection in the mirror. Seeing that her massive mountains are where they belong, Bethany decided to jump a couple of times. Even though nearly a third of her balloons are showing as the bra cups themselves are not large enough to completely cover them, Bethany is satisfied that they are secure and even does the shake test and watches as the giant tits sway side to side, still sitting perfectly in her bra.
With her figure nearly complete, Bethany bends down to open the bottom long drawer. Feeling her massive breasts lurch down, Bethany has always hated bending over as the secure feeling of her massive tits touching her chest is gone, having to depend purely on her big bras to contain the wealth of power invested in the two giant orbs that transform Bethany Hill from a grotesque fat girl into a buxom, curvy goddess of the opposite sex. Pulling out the large rubber mold that hides her bumpy, pitted, fat filled derriere, Bethany stands up and places it over her ass. Bending over slightly, Bethany coos as her mass of mess fills the mold and stands up. Bethany knows that for a short while at least, the mold will stay in place just long enough for her to pull on her dark brown panty hose.
Grabbing the semi sheer hosiery from her top drawer, Bethany slips one foot than the next and slowly rolls the stretchy nylon up her thick, fat, sloppy thighs. not designed for shaping purposes, the nylons simply mask the pitted flesh to give the illusion of smooth legs. Knowing that the hose is never enough, Bethany finally grabs her dress and pulls it down over her body. The rear zip fully open, having been extended to stop below the swell of her ass, Bethany can easily d**** it down her body. Slipping her arms through the sleeveless, but wide straps, Bethany maneuvers the fabric so when she zips, it is one seamless motion. Completely covering her chest, Bethany turns and zips the dress. In one fluid motion, save for the extra effort as the built in tummy slimmer fights to mold her generous belly and sides into something more suitable for a woman of her size, Bethany is finally complete. Slipping on a pair of black pumps, she does a turn and inspects for any sight of pink. Normally the sight of her bra would not bother her, but bearing in mind that her bra is far more risqué than usual, Bethany double and triple checks to ensure that her mouthwatering secrets are completely concealed.
Grabbing her purse on the way out the door, Bethany walks confidently to her car, her ginormous bosoms bouncing along, her molded rear, looking completely natural sashaying behind her, the nylons doing the job. Walking up to her car, Bethany smiles broadly as a couple of guys look over and whistle at her. Opening the door, she places one foot inside and ducks, swinging her bulging, perfect looking wide rear into the seat, the guys stare as the dress hugs her curvaceous bottom as it disappears inside the car.
The moment her ass hits the bucket seat however, Bethany freezes as multiple issues, all completely unexpected happen at once. First, the midsection shaping panel of her dress doesn’t bend and the result is that her dress shifts up as her waist pushes on the bottom. That in turn then pushes on her big bra shifting her tits a full two inches higher on her chest. The chest area, completely stretched by her massive bust, doesn’t give thus making the wide shoulder straps, along with her tight bra straps, buckle and bunch. Instantly Bethany feels her massive swells shift as the big balloons slide apart atop her chest. Moving her arms down, Bethany pales as she feels the slight exposure of latex touching her inner arms.
Not only that, Bethany cringes as her nylons, the waist stopping a mere half inch above the swells of her ass, slip carrying the rubber mold with them. Feeling the molded rubber collapse under her weight, Bethany cringes. Deciding to start the car as there is no time to reconsider her outfit, Bethany defiantly pushes down on her big boobs only to make a face when they shift back up again. Keeping her arms tight over the now exposed edges of her Hindenburg sized appendages, Bethany backs out and smiles, giving a little wave to the awe struck men who are too busy imagining her in all sorts of dirty lingerie. Pulling out of the complex, Bethany finds the entrance to the highway and heads to the hospital.
After making the trip of forty minutes in thirty five, Bethany finds her parking spot, her name Bethany Hill, R.N. still emblazoned on the sign. Turning her car off, Bethany collects her little black purse and gets out of the car. Fixing her dress and even having to physically push on the bottom swell of her nylons, Bethany picks at the waist and feels for the right spot. Satisfied that her bum is ‘cute’ again, Bethany walks up to the double doors of the hospital using the brief walk from the car to the entrance to adjust her chest and dress. Walking in the double doors, Bethany enters the main lobby.
Looking up from the reception desk, Nancy smiles when she sees Bethany walk in. “Hey Bethy, where have you been?”
Walking into the vast lobby Bethany turns and heads straight for the counter. Resting her arms as she always does, Bethy lets the tip of her dirigibles touch the counter, but unlike before, does not press them into the counter for very obvious, if just recently discovered issues. “At home, I am sure you heard…” Bethany says nibbling her bottom lip.
“Yeah… I did…” Nancy replies slowly, looking from Bethany’s sapphire gaze to the large protrusions jutting into the top of her sexy, fitted dress. “I heard that you had a rather embarrassing accident in the operating room, but worse than that...” Nancy lowers her voice as she leans close to the raised counter. “I heard a nasty rumor that your boobs are made of pudding?” Nancy looks from Bethany’s big tits to her face wearing a queer look on her own face.
Pausing for a moment, the silence is deafening. “That is preposterous!” Bethany exclaims as she stands up and sticks out her glorious mounds. “Big girls don’t stuff their bras, and who in their right mind would inflate their jugs to such ludicrous sizes? Wow… the things some people say.” Bethany says with a big grin.
“Yeah when I heard that one I didn’t believe it, but that must have been horrible when you had that major accident in the OR that night.” Nancy says when she sits back smiling once again.
“Yeah, how about we don’t talk about that, alright?” Bethany replies as she pat’s her hand on the counter softly refusing to look back at brown haired woman who is sitting behind it.
“Sounds like a perfect plan. You had better get going I heard that Madrid hates to be kept waiting.” Nancy says changing the subject. “Let me know if you are going to be returning to work, alright?”
“Sure thing,” Bethany replies as she heads towards the elevator banks along the back wall, letting her hand drag along the marble counter a ways before it falls away.
Watching the buxom blonde walk away, Nancy smirks as Bethany’s large bottom rolls from side to side as she walks. “Rubber mold huh? That would be the day…” Nancy mutters as she picks up the phone before it rings.
Walking into the elevator, Bethany pushes the button for the second floor. Riding alone in the steel paneled box, Bethany takes a deep breath and checks her hair and dress in the stainless steel walls real quick before the elevator dings and the doors open. Spinning on her heels, Bethany stares down the pale off white walls of the offices. The only flare being a scattering of dull paintings and some fake planters dotting the walls and edges of the carpeted floor as row after row of dull oak colored doors break up the monotony of the walls. Walking down the hall slowly, Bethany feels her heels sink slightly into the tightly wound Berber carpet. Finding the door she seeks, Bethany reads the silver, engraved plaque, Madrid Flores, Director, Human Resources. Knocking on the door gently, Bethany turns the dull metal round handle and lets herself in.
Sitting behind the big oak desk, Madrid Flores is busy responding to e-mails from the various members of management and isolated complaints. Lining the wall behind her is a matching bookcase. Stretching across the length of the wall, the shelves filled with volumes of bound books and assorted personal pictures. Looking up from her IBM ThinkPad laptop, Madrid lowers her Ray Ban’s to the tip of her long, slender nose. Aged 58, Madrid Flores has been in human resources for over thirty years, over ten at Mercy East General alone. Having been around for so long, Madrid is used to such bullshit as she would personally attest too, but this case is by far the worst she has ever been asked to oversee. Rising from her leather executive chair the slender woman smiles, her thin, sunken cheeks revealing naturally high cheeks bones and a disarming smile. Wearing a black blazer and matching knee length skirt Madrid’s white blouse shows off her obviously padded white bra, a hint that her stomach is unnecessarily flabby thanks to years of Mexican inspired dishes that have obviously contributed to her waistline.
“Good afternoon Miss Hill, thank you for coming to see me. Please a take a seat.” Madrid waves her arm offering Bethany one of the two chairs arranged in front of her desk. Waiting as Bethany walks over to the chair Madrid sits back down never taking her eyes from plush, curvaceous body as it draws near. Admiring the flowered dress that expertly clings to every curves of Bethany’s supple body, Madrid is suitably impressed with the enormity of Bethany’s breasts. Every decent woman needs to exude her femininity every chance she can and Bethany surely has more than enough to satisfy any potential suitable husband. Being of the old school, Madrid sizes up every person she meets by that very standard, suitability
Finding the chair, Bethany pulls it out a little, more out formality than necessity since the chair has plenty of room for her to maneuver her large, curvaceous frame. Taking her seat slowly, Bethany runs her hand down her large rear and holds her dress to her nylon covered thighs, her hands doubling to ensure that her bottoms stays right where it belongs and so her dress will hopefully not ride up. As her curvy bottom finds the cushion, Bethany feels her hosiery stretch and slide down a little but at least her bottom is where it belongs. Bethany blushes as the broad shoulder straps of her dress buckle like before when the bulk of her dress slides up. Feeling her breasts shift, Bethany casually presses her arms over the broadened open arm holes as she settles her clasped hands in her lap. Crossing her legs at the knee her meaty legs keep her from crossing them any higher.
Watching as the buxom blonde takes her seat, Madrid observes Bethany’s behavior as she executes the simple task of sitting. How she runs her hands down her backside and leaves them there, more so under the swell of her bottom than to simply keep her dress down to protect her modestly, all the way to how she holds her arms, covering the arm holes of her dress as the shoulder straps loosen considerably and the lurches of her big breasts north. “Are you comfortable Miss Hill?” Madrid waits to ask. Observing the curt nod, Madrid continues. “I have asked you to come in today to inquire if you are at all knowledgeable or involved in the recent class action lawsuit, your coworker Amy Johnson filed against this hospital and the civil suit against Janelle Washington and associated co-workers for defamation of character and intent to harm.”
Sitting in her seat, Bethany’s jaw drops. “I had no idea that Amy was doing all of that. I cannot blame her for such a reaction as Janelle seriously crossed a line.”
“I personally agree with you. As of now Janelle has been terminated along with any and all coconspirators.” Madrid replies as she gathers her files on the case and opens the first docket. “Now let us talk about you. According to reports you were rushed from the on call room to OR-1 after not responding to pages for fifteen minutes. Were you sleeping?” Madrid reads after pushing her glasses back up her nose.
Shifting slightly in her seat, Bethany flips her lips resulting in a loud pop as she looks away and rests her chin on the top of her hand, her elbow holding the load as it rests on the arm of the chair. “I was…” Bethany hesitates. Placing her hand back in her lap Bethany tilts her head as she looks back at Madrid. “I was masturbating ma’am.”
‘To what?” Madrid jots the note into the dossier.
“To myself.” Bethany replies flatly, her head straightening as she stares right into Madrid’s eyes as they continue to look down at the open docket.
“Yourself?” Madrid looks up, the pen now dangling from her fingers as she rests her elbow on the desk top, her fore arm rising towards the ceiling. Her face still, Madrid’s mouth hangs open slightly as she returns Bethany’s stone cold gaze,
“Yes, I was enjoying these.” Bethany suddenly grabs at her chest, her fingers digging into the massive mounds filing out the tight dress. Feeling the pudding shift and press into her chest, Bethany feels the shiver run down her spine and down to her crotch.
“Hmm, so you were groping your breasts and masturbating thus you did not hear your pager vibrate. So am I to understand that you were disrobed at the time?” Madrid looks from Bethany’s chest and back down to the type written notes displayed below, dropping the pen to the paper again.
“Correct…” Bethany says nervously as she curses her crotch for getting fired up while her future hangs in the balance. Glancing down at her lap, Bethany instead is distracted by the giant orbs perched atop her chest and feels her crotch sputter. Knowing full well she is insanely wet, Bethany claps her thighs tightly hoping that Madrid cannot smell her.
“I wish I could look at myself and feel that way.” Madrid looks up smiling. The distinct smell of sexual apprehension has not gone unacknowledged by Madrid’s sensitive nose. “Are you turned on now? Do you find that your clothes and your figure are a constant burden for you?
“How does this pertain to the current situation?” Bethany suddenly and rudely is brought back the present and lurches forward aggressively while grasping the arm rails of the chair, her knuckles turning white.
Quick to respond to the sudden change in Bethany’s disposition to one of intense defensiveness, Madrid quickly slips her fingers into the docket and holds up one of Bethany’s photos she submitted along with her application, resume and cover letter. “It is very apparent that during the application process, your job performance as noted by your superiors and even now, your sexuality has everything to do with the current situation you are facing Miss Hill.” Madrid smiles as she thrusts the picture out with the full extension of her arm.
Staring at the image, Bethany suddenly chokes. Seeing her smiling face, her long blonde hair done up as it d****s over her shoulders. Wearing her pink, trade mark scrubs, the neckline a little lower than regulations would allow. Posed leaning against the edge of a reception desk, Bethany can see the slight mounds of (photo-shopped) cleavage peaking from her blouse as her scrubs clings to her prominently displayed and obviously pushed out mounds as her arms are obviously crossed underneath them. “Uh… but me being forced to shit and piss all over myself and the floor has nothing to do with me pleasuring myself.” Bethany replies as she subtly sits back and messes with the top of her dress.
“True, but if you consider everything that led to the fact that you did not have time to consider your bodily needs and ensure that you were completely ready to respond at a moment’s notice as your job description implies is your first responsibility, than your ever present need to not only impose, but also satisfy your burgeoning sexuality has a direct consequence to your behavior.” Madrid replies matter of fact. Watching Bethany shift in her seat uncomfortably, Madrid lets a small grin spread across her lips.
“You know, it may be wise that I obtain a lawyer…” Bethany says as she readies to push herself up from her seat.
“If you may, I am here not to diminish your record but I do have to discuss your personal habits and necessities that may have indirectly contributed to the situation that occurred that evening. No matter what Miss Hill, the hospital is acutely aware of the fault we share in your unfortunate situation. Regardless of your personal desires, there were two scrub nurses that could have replaced you so you could properly relieve yourself and possibly ensure that your bra was adequately worn so as to contain your, ahem, large breasts.” Madrid finishes her monologue which leaves Bethany’s jaw dropping.
“What does my brassiere have to do with any of this?” Bethany sits up a little straighter suddenly nibbling her bottom lip.
“In a counter suit of sexual harassment aimed at you Miss Hill, Mrs. Washington and her associates has put forth that because you were not adequately dressed and that the procedure would have been concluded much sooner had you been. It is alleged had you not had to spend time holding your breasts up with your arms or if you were wearing more appropriate panties, aka ones that fit better at the very least, than the pressure exerted on your groin and bladder would not have been enough to force you to defecate all over the floor.” Madrid replies looking back up. Now taking her glasses off, she moves her gaze down to Bethany’s bosoms again.
“Well in my hurry to make up for lost time due to my need to exfoliate myself. I did not situate my brassiere properly. I had forgotten to situate the shoulder straps of my bra appropriately.” Bethany responds coolly as she crosses her arms under her breasts.
Madrid looks back down to continue reading the allegations. “As it says here that during the procedure your bra had slipped down to a point that other nurses and doctors were able to see the full expanse of your white cotton cups as it was laying over the broad expanse of your belly.” Madrid looks up from the docket looking concerned. “Judging from your figure, the broad expanse of your belly is mere shot at trying to further their argument that instead of providing valuable assistance in saving a patient’s life, that you were more of a distraction.”
“That is a total fabrication!” Bethany shouts flabbergasted. “Yes my bra was dangling in plain view but my belly is not huge!” Bethany says quickly as she pushes herself out her seat. “I may be a bigger woman, but I by no means a slob!” Bethany says as she plungers her hands on her hips and sticks out her tits. “My actions were in direct correlation to saving Mr. Robert’s life!”
“That is not in question Miss Hill. What is in question is the state of your dress. You are being accused of sexual harassment. Mrs. Washington and her associates are accusing you of using your exorbitant curves to create a hostile work environment and that it came to a head when you willingly allowed your bra and bottoms to fall so you could flirt with Dr. Carter during a life-saving operation. The suit further claims that you were in gross negligence of your duties as a nurse on staff that evening. Right now Miss Hill it is appearing that this suit may result in court with you having to testify. What I am trying to prove here, with your cooperation, is that you were temporarily distracted that evening by the nature that there was nothing pending and that with the sudden situation in your department, that you were not assigned too that evening, you had no way of knowing that your assistance was needed until Mrs. Washington came to inform you personally. Now I understand it is a requirement to wear your pager at all times, but due to considerations that your supervisor allowed you to rest in the on call room and that due to the excessive amount of time that lapsed between your initial disappearance and the state of the emergency, that you felt it would be okay in exercising your privilege to utilize the room however you saw fit. So far I have it on record that you made the decision to explore ways in which you could maintain a clam, yet alert awareness while you are on the hospital floor and that due to your desire to better yourself, you become distracted in your studies. Would you assume that is a fair statement?” Madrid sits forward in her chair as Bethany lowers herself into her seat once again, noting once again how Bethany holds her arms to her sides.
“Yes,” Bethany says solemnly and with an affirmative nod.
“Good, now let’s continue. It is also alleged that you purposely allowed your pants to remain loose so they could fall so you could seduce Dr. Carter with your skimpy display that allowed the folds of your pussy to be shown in order to excite him. One of the scrub nurses attached to this lawsuit noted that before you began to assist Dr. Carter, she had to pull your pants up?” Madrid looks up from the paperwork again.
“Yes,” Bethany responds much more coolly.
“Why?” Madrid presses on.
“When I was trying to re dress after my exploration of finding inner happiness, I had accidentally pulled the draw string out thus rendering my scrub pants unnecessarily loose.” Bethany answers but holds up her hand as she can see that Madrid wishes to continue. “I have to add that not once did any of the two scrub nurses offer to wrap the waist of my pants with surgical tape in order to hold them in place. It was not until after I had defecated that they did so and that was after they forced me to wear my soiled pants out the door that night.”
“Very good Miss Hill,” Madrid smiles as she jots another note. “Now the next allegation refers to the fact that you stuff your bra and wear shaping changing, enhancing clothing to make your body even more attractive Miss Hill. In an effort to cause further disruption during the working day and especially that night, the suit claims that you would then use you’re stuffed bra to humiliate and reduce superior’s in their efforts to manage the business. The suit claims that if you had not been artificially enhancing your bust to such extremes or molding your bottom to make it appear curvier, than the operation that occurred the night in question and other mistakes made during your shifts would not have occurred.” Madrid finally sets the pen down on the desk and leans back in her chair tapping her fingers together. “Is this last allegation true Miss Hill, do you stuff your bra with…” Madrid leans forward and adjusts her glasses, “With pudding filled pink balloons?” Madrid sits back again this time removing her glasses.
Reacting quickly, Bethany laughs as she looks away awe struck. “Seriously? I cannot believe we are discussing my body in this way.” Bethany exhales incredulous.
“Yes Miss Hill, we are. It is implied that you utilize false body parts to further your position in the work place and cause unrest. If this allegation is true than it can have dire consequences on the hospitals ability to not only win the suit but also attract new and talented individuals if it is discovered that we hire people with poor choices in judgement.” Madrid looks at Bethany in all seriousness.
“Most certainly not and if I were using beauty tricks it is for my own purposes and not to disrupt the work place. Tell me what woman doesn’t use make up?” Bethany fires back, her gaze ablaze with furry even though her posture suggests she is calm.
“It can be a liability if it is discovered that you are stuffing your bra. What if an alleged ‘falsie’ was to spill from your bra and exploded all over a patient?” Madrid counters.
“Well I do not need to stuff my bra. The very thought is ludicrous!” Bethany finally shouts out loud resisting the urge to rise from her seat once again.
“Then I need you to prove that you are not Miss Hill. You do not have to if you do not want too, but this extreme proof I am asking for will go far in proving to the courts that you are not embellishing your body to the extent they claim. With your permission I will ask you to remove your brassiere and panty and lay them out on the desk for photographs and then have you lean against the wall, your hands held above your head as to allow your breasts to hang freely of their own accord. That along with other photo graphic evidence of your displayed cleavage will be more than enough to derail their counter suit in which we can proceed fully with ours, that Mrs. Washington and her colleagues had full intention of humiliating you based on ill-conceived notions stemming from their own insecurities.
“Why do you need to see me out of my underwear?” Bethany asks as she shrinks into her chair.
“Your bra for those two obvious reasons and your panty as it was alleged you were wearing a rubber molded device to create the illusion of a very round and very distracting bottom, all in an effort to disrupt and cause a hostile work environment. So with your permission Miss Hill, will you acquisite to my request?” Madrid smiles as she leans forward and flashes her disarming smile once again.
Sitting opposite, Bethany nibbles her bottom lip. Glancing down at her propped up and prominently displayed breasts, Bethany wants to acquisite to the request but is momentarily stunned into how to pull it off. If she can do it, it will save her career, if she cannot than the rumor will surely spread and wherever she goes or works the rumor will follow her like an ominous shadow that is indeed true. “Yes…” Bethany is surprised as the words spill from her mouth.
“Fantastic, now if you don’t mind, could you please stand up and relieve yourself of your bra and panties please and lay them down on the desk so I can photograph them?” Madrid asks as she opens the top left drawer and pulls out a Nikon camera. Placing the camera in front of her atop the open file jacket, Madrid waits patiently. Hesitating a little longer, Bethany finally lifts herself from her chair and walks over to the wall. Waiting for Madrid to raise as well, Bethany starts to turn around. “Miss Hill, you must be facing me when you do this. I need to be able to testify that I have an unobstructed view or the prosecution could claim that you were situating yourself to appear to be natural thus raising doubt to our counter claim.”
“Seriously?” Bethany stops mid spin and turns back around. Her nerves over taking her, Bethany’s knees start to shake as she lifts her arms up her back. Forced to partly unzip her dress so she can get at the clasp of her bra, Bethany slowly pulls it down. The small sound of the zipper echoing like thunderbolts in her ears while in reality it barely makes a sound. Knowing her triple clasp is exposed Bethany reaches under her breasts and cradles them as she releases the straining clips. The successive pops of the three clasps echo off the walls as Bethany feels her mounds of lust filled ambitions fall into her waiting arm. Cradling her enormous boobs, Bethany slips her free arm into the arm hole of her dress and down the side, an action the tight material responds by groaning in protest. Feeling her tight shoulder strap as she pushes it with the tips of her fingers from her shoulder, Bethany cringes as she pushes her arm back from her dress. Trading her cradle, Bethany repeats the motion with her other arm. Looking over at Madrid who readies her camera, Bethany takes a shallow breath as she reaches into her dress one more time. Feeling the double underwire of her massive black bra, Bethany carefully tugs the cups from her sweater stretching mounds. Feeling the bra slip away, Bethany cringes as she pulls the massive bra out from under her dress. Letting it fall and holding it by the shoulder strap, Bethany waits as Madrid begins taking pictures.
Walking up to the clearly embarrassed overweight blonde, Madrid takes the huge, molded cupped brassiere and takes it to her desk. Laying it down she takes a couple of pictures than turns it over to take pictures of the empty cups. Lastly she takes a picture of the tag, being sure to focus on the size, ‘40E Demi Cup by Versace’. Looking up from the massive bra Madrid smiles than she walks back in front of her desk. “Now please take your arms away from your chest Miss Hill and raises your hands above your head with your arms at a ninety degree angle.”
Looking down at her cradled breasts, Bethany stands against the wall. Now cradling each massive tit in each hand through her dress, Bethany prays that they stay where they belong, or at least appear so. “May I please re zip my dress before I do so?” Bethany asks is a vain attempt to add some security.
“You may, considering the point of the photographs is not to be misconstrued as pornographic, merely as a statement to your counterclaim that you cannot help your biological build.”
“Thank you.” Bethany says with a forced smile. Cradling her breasts with an arm once more, Bethany reaches behind her back with her free hand and zips her dress back up.
“Why are you still cradling your bosoms Miss Hill?” Madrid asks more out curiosity than a desire to get the record straight.
“Because I am terribly ashamed at how much my breasts sag when not properly lifted with a properly fitted bra.” Bethany replies as she deftly raises her arms away as instructed. Biting her bottom lip, Bethany can feel them fall, not only as they slide down her chest but how her dress tightens over her shoulders as the dress expanding orbs fall a full three inches from their dizzying, jaw dropping heights. Instantly the mighty orbs stop, the built in double panel that serves to contort her grotesque belly into something more palatable and give her the semblance of an hour glass shape also serves to play a new role. Looking down, Bethany is shocked. There, still stretching the top of her dress are her big, juicy tits. Yay!
“Impressive Miss Hill, do not take offense but it seems you do actually fulfill the expectation that your surname portends.” Madrid says with a smile as she takes a couple of pictures of Bethany’s smiling face and heavenly, most certainly not terribly saggy breasts. “Now please turn to the side if you will Miss Hill.” Madrid says raising the camera to her eye once more. Turning to a profile view, Bethany keeps her arms in the air as the camera clicks again. Focusing on Bethany’s bra less breasts, Madrid cannot help but wonder as Bethany’s breasts, while extended, still look weirdly round. Earlier when Bethany was supporting them it made sense as she assumed that the rounded look was due to her holding them high but now unsupported they still look that way even as they rest much lower on her chest. Noticing with a deft eye that Bethany’s second skin like dress hugs them tightly which alerts her attention to the watermelon shaped breasts that seem oddly detached from the big blonde’s body. “Alright, well, could you bend over? I forget to mention this before but as I was taking pictures of your brassier I happened to notice that legal would also like to see you bent over at the waist so there is no doubt what so ever of the truth of your natural disposition.”
Sighing, Bethany looks over her eyebrow arched. “And what about my arms Mrs. Flores?” Bethany replies with a tinge of evident sarcasm streaming from her ruby red painted lips.
“Just hold them straight out as if you were superman.” Madrid replies. Watching as Bethany complies and bends forward at the waist, Madrid watches as Bethany’s heavy tits surge and fall into the tight dress, the weight of her enlarged gifts stretching her already tight dress just a little more. Instantly Madrid is suspicious as Bethany’s huge boobs now flatten some as they lay in the sanctuary of her expanded dress. Knowing full well that these pictures were never asked, Madrid raises her camera and takes a couple more then zooms in the expanded arm holes. Seeing the tops of the inflated pink balloons that obviously are suggestive of Bethany’s large breasts, Madrid smirks as she clicks a couple of pictures, even getting a shot of Bethany’s natural, tiny sags of skin as they stretch from her chubby chest, the brown puffy nipples looking rather comical in her silent opinion. “Alright Miss Hill, you may stand up.” Madrid smiles as Bethany stands back up not bothering to support her massive chest.
“So is everything in order?” Bethany asks as she takes the big bra from Madrid’s outstretched hand.
“Of course Miss Hill, now please put your bra back on and proceed to remove your panty.” Madrid smirks as Bethany begins the arduous process of covertly re-securing her massive bra.
Slipping the bra between her body and her dress, Bethany finally turns around and begins juggling her massive balloons back into the crushed cups. Once they are back in the cups, Bethany reaches around her back and pulls down the zipper of her dress to right below her shoulder blades. Pulling the front of her dress down her arms, Bethany holds her bosoms to her chest as she slips one arm, after a quick trade, the other into the straps. Pulling them and over her shoulders, Bethany leans forward slightly as she grabs the dangling clasps. Knowing the massive cups will hold her massive jugs just long enough, Bethany gets a firm hold before standing back up and deftly re clasps the straps. Slipping her arms back into her dress, Bethany pulls it back up, covering her delicious mounds behind the sanctuary of her sexy dress.
Knowing her work has yet to be done, Bethany mutters as she now has to lift her dress. Revealing more of her panty hose covered legs, Bethany shutters at the thought of what Madrid Flores must be thinking.
Wow… Madrid stares as Bethany lifts her dress slowly revealing her nylon covered legs. As the hem rises higher, Madrid is privy to a sight usually hidden behind a pair of designer jeans or the straight leg cut of scrub pants, as Bethany’s legs widen considerably above her portly knee. Even covered in dark hosiery, Madrid can see that Bethany’s legs are indeed thunderous as the dress expertly hides just how large Bethany truly is.
Knowing her legs are on full blown display, Bethany pouts as she is forced to roll her nylons down. Letting her dress fall as she does, Bethany hopes that she hasn’t revealed too much as she pulls them delicately from her recently exposed feet. Something she was able to do as she readied herself to remove her hose. Not able to see much, Madrid watches as Bethany begins to shimmy her panty down through her dress. Reaching behind her back, Bethany bites her bottom lip as she is forced to hold the large rubber mold with one hand as she rolls the skimpy black thong with her other hand down her hips and body. Feeling the bulging sanitary pad/ camel toe enhancer slip from between her legs and down her inner, naked thighs Bethany takes a deep breath as the panties are now rolled and held up by her thunderous, fat legs. Pausing briefly, Bethany looks up and smiles at Madrid returns the smile with a look of impatience. Bethany then uses both hands to press the rubber shaper back over her large cellulite ridden posterior. Feeling the large mold stay, Bethany slowly reaches under her dress and pulls the black thong down. Stepping out of them one foot at a time, Bethany leaves them on the floor as she grabs her hose and pulls them back on. Rolling them up her legs carefully, Bethany cannot help but flash a glimpse of her pale white, fleshy, fat ridden thighs and not to sexy fat filled pelvis as she pulls the material up over her ass and stopping aright above her hips. Bending back down, Bethany picks up the panty, still rolled in a ball and hands them to patiently waiting HR Director.
“Thank you Miss Hill.” Madrid replies dryly as she gets a sense that maybe the allegations made of Bethany are true and in fact Bethany does enhance, mold and contort her otherwise grotesque figure to better serve her ambitions by creating an illusion of ostensible beauty. Taking the panties back to her desk, Madrid unfurls the oversized thong and stares at the big mold staring back in her face. Incredible… Bethany stuffs her panties too, obviously she is not satisfied with having big breasts, but also requires an obnoxiously large looking c*nt as well… Folding the panties over, it becomes painfully obvious to Madrid that not only does Bethany enhance her crotch, but based on the smell, it has another use as well, to keep the oversized woman from peeing down her leg. Pulling the pad from the panty, Madrid walks back over to the now blushing Bethany and hands her the molded foam monstrosity. “I believe you require this sanitary pad, you may insert it back between your legs if you wish.” Watching Bethany take the pad, Madrid knows the moment she turns around that Bethany will no doubt be using the opportunity to replace her dual purpose pad, hearing the faint sc**** of material rubbing Madrid smiles. Returning to the thong Madrid spreads it out over her desk and takes pictures, both inside and out, the fresh white streak of Bethany’s cum quite obvious in the shot. “Alright Miss Hill, please pull up your dress and open your legs shoulder width apart. You do not have to remove your hose the material is sheer enough to reveal any alleged secrets.”
Lifting her dress, Bethany is painfully aware that she is showcasing her flabby, fatty thighs. Even though the nylons hide how bumpy and disgusting they are, there is no doubt that Bethany possesses a pair of big girl legs. Watching Madrid take a few pictures, even zooming in on Bethany’s crotch, the nylon does well to conceal the true nature of the enormous bulge. Watching as Madrid twirls her finger, Bethany turns around and bends over slightly sticking out her big round rear. Hearing the faint click of the button more, Bethany hopes beyond hope that nothing is amiss.
From Madrid’s stand point, it is a little too late to change her opinion now. The paperwork already jotted with vague half-truths already, to do a sudden turn around and cut their losses would be a huge mistake. Snapping a few pictures of Bethany’s perfect looking derriere, complete with a pair of cute dimples saddling the swells, there is no denying that the visual difference from Bethany’s chunky legs to a sudden, chunky-less back-side is the result of some form of fakery, even if the eye cannot detect it. “Alright Miss Hill, you may lower your dress. Thank you very much for your cooperation.” Madrid says with a smile as she hands the curvaceous blonde her panties back.
Having decided to slip her thong on top of her hosiery Bethany smiles when she takes her seat for the last time. “So now that I have been able to more than disprove the counter claim that I am artificially enhancing my biological body, what is the future looking like for my employment here at Mercy East General Hospital?” Bethany inquires as she crosses her legs at the knees again.
Taking her seat, Madrid ejects the SD card from the camera and slips it into a little baggy before stapling it to the paper work, Madrid finally closes the dossier. “Well you have two choices Miss Hill you can either stay or transfer to an affiliate hospital. While we cannot discourage you from staying on the record, off the record I highly suggest you take the transfer and the substantial pay raise along with a settlement of $250,000 that was preapproved for by the board. From personal experience while the evidence proves that you have not embellished yourself in any way save for some make up and panty hose, the rumor that you are still cheating will persist. If you decide to leave then over time the rumor will dissipate and if you ever return the memory will be long in the past in which it would be considered a fresh start so to speak.” Madrid says putting on her professional face.
“I see, well how much will I be making an hour and what hospital will I transfer too and when do I start?” Bethany replies pursuing the idea of a transfer.
“Either way you would get the raise and the settlement but I do believe this is on your best interest all the same.” Madrid replies dodging the question for the moment. Opening a new file, Madrid replaces her glasses and pulls out the offer letter. “Seeing how well you performed overall in the cardiovascular case of Mr. Roberts, we would reclassify you for that department in which the median salary for a nurse in that particular profession is $62,000 a year. Right now you are being paid $58,000 a year in your current profession so not only would that in it-self be a substantial raise but the board has also authorized an additional $6,000. Are you satisfied with such arrangements Miss Hill?” Madrid smiles as she slides a document from the file.
“Yes, of course!” Bethany replies with excitement as she leans forward and grabs the page and instinctively begins to read it.
“Good, now what you are reading is a non-disclosure. By signing this document you not only accept our offer but also relinquish any and all claims that the hospital has done anything wrong and will not participate in any class action lawsuits filed against us alleging to any wrong doing as a result of the actions experienced by you or any collaborating associates. If you decide to betray the signed agreement, you will be subject to a counter suit which would claim that you violated a written and agreed to contract and any and all penalties there within, do we have an understanding?” Madrid fires off as she slides a pen across the table next.
Taking the pen, Bethany nudges her chair forward, the soft, plush carpet hampering her as her massive chest bounces and jiggles under her tight dress. Situating the paper on the edge of the desk, Bethany scribbles her signature wherever it is indicated before pushing the paper back across the desk to Madrid. “There, I believe we are in agreement and as such our meeting is over?” Bethany smiles as she pushes her chair back and stands up with a broad smile.
“I believe so Miss Hill, you are free to go and I forgot to tell you, you have a two week paid vacation starting today, enjoy it and report to your new hospital, St. Francis Episcopalian.” Madrid smiles and stands up shaking Bethany’s hand. “Good luck and I hope I do not here about any more bizarre situations involving you, your pussy or you exposing yourself to other coworkers.”
“It will not be an issue Mrs. Flores.” Bethany replies back as she releases the HR Director’s hand.
“Call me Madrid, Bethany.” Madrid smiles warmly, truly genuine as she waves When Bethany walks to her heels and slips them on with ease before letting herself out of the office. Waiting for the door to click closed. Madrid retakes her seat and pulls out the SD card. Inserting it into her Laptop, Madrid finishes the electronic file as required by the board and legal. Saving it, Madrid then scans all of the documentation and forwards an electronic copy off while sealing the hard contents in a manila envelope. Placing along the edge of her desk, Madrid finally opens the SD card and looks at the pictures. All of them even the ones in the locker room where multiple stills of Bethany Hill changing, exposing all to the lenses as she exposes her grotesque body in every picture. Finally at the most recent stills, Madrid smirks as Bethany poses for the camera, completely unaware that in every shot her luscious breasts look completely fake as she poses braless. To legal, the evidence that Bethany still has a large bust without the bra is all they care about, but to a female, this is more than enough proof of Bethany’s deceit. Finally clicking over to the definitive proof, Madrid smirks as she stares at Bethany’s unexpectedly exposed natural breasts as they hang like limp sacks of skin from her otherwise healthy chest, the massive pink balloons, only partially exposed in the picture, creating the illusion of large, feminine breasts. Saving the pictures to her personal flash drive, Madrid smirks as she has fresh fodder to sell to the owner operator of Naughty Nurses Exposed. Of course, the faces will be swapped out for generic ones but still, even if no one knows who the body truly belongs too, the fact that their dirty little secrets will be exposed to the rest of the world is more than enough satisfaction for the double crossing HR Director.
Meanwhile already on the highway returning to her dingy apartment, Bethany Hill pulls off on her exit and after a short trip down the busy road, she soon feels the car stop for a final time, in her parking space. Exiting the car and hearing it close with the intentional slam, Bethany is all smiles as she sashays her ripe round bottom all the way to her door. Inserting her key, she turns the lock and twists the handle. Stepping inside, Bethany sets her purse down on the kitchen counter and pulls out her smart phone. Flicking through the numerous text messages she has received already, Bethany finally checks her voicemail. Holding the phone to her ear, Bethany clicks the number seven as she deletes the unnecessary messages until she hears the familiar voice of her mother.
Hello dear! This is your mother calling. Your father has asked me to give you call and remind you of the annual family vacation down on the ocean at our summer cottage. We know you are really busy now-a-days but we hope you can take some time off from your hectic life and spend some time with us and your sisters. As always we will be staying on Shell Island in the same cottage we stayed at ever since you were a little girl. We all love you hunny and hope that you can make it this year, we miss you!
Hearing the familiar beep, Bethany exits from the voicemail app and opens her calendar. Seeing the date, Bethany knows that the family vacation is already almost two full days in. Clicking the button that darkens the screen, Bethany leans on her outstretched arms along the edges of her dingy counter top. Looking down, Bethany smiles as her infamous breasts bubble against each other, squeezed between her outstretched arms. Looking at the clock with a quick glance, Bethany decides that a little time devoted to her crotch is in order and stands up. Slowly pulling the zipper of her dress down, Bethany moans as her hand slides down her dress, her fingers grasping and pulling the now loose fabric down from her body. Letting the dress crumple around her feet, Bethany runs her hands over her belly and down her nylon covered lower half and gently touches the monstrosity bulging between her legs. Feeling the foam press into her hot crotch whenever ever her fingers apply pressure, Bethany uses her arms to press her overfilled black bra cups together, moaning more as the pink expanses of her pudding filled balloons inch up her chest.
Her chin pressing into her chest, Bethany opens her eyes as the pink latex slowly expands from the large molded cups. “So hot…” Bethany moans softly as the Latex is soon stretched to where nearly more than half of her latex globs of heavenly desires are nearly exposed. Releasing her hands from her burning folds of hot desire, Bethany festoons each hand to the large bra cups as the pink latex instantly slides down her chest and return to their normal shape. Squeezing her titanic sized latex tits, Bethany gropes and presses her fingers deeply into them, alternating as each faux breast expands then recedes back into the sanctuary that is her big, 40E cup bra. Enjoying the show, Bethany feels her fat pussy spasm as a glob of hot, gooey cum expunges into the enlarged foam pussy pad nestled securely between her chunky thighs. Feeling the heat between her legs skyrocket, Bethany releases her grip on her massive fake tits and quickly rolls her thong and nylons down. Hearing the rubber mold covering her ass hit the linoleum floor below Bethany pulls the foam pad out and jams a hand deep in her hot, dripping fat c*nt.
Working her clit and slick hole with furry, Bethany does the reach around alternates from teasing her wet love hole to jamming her thumb up her fat, pitted ass and thumbing her O ring, “Oh yeah! Oh shit…” Bethany moans as she finds herself hopping around her tiny kitchen, unable to please everywhere all at once. Looking around, Bethany finds a broom handle and makes the fateful decision. Removing her thumb, she quickly grabs the handle. Pushing the bristles in the wedge created by the floor and the wash board, Bethany spins on her heels and sits on the handle. Feeling the rubber gripped handle split her chunky cheeks and press into her O ring, Bethany returns to her drool inducing bra. Taking hold of the monster sized cup, Bethany cannot help it as she assaults herself harder. The double penetration over working her senses, Bethany’s burning pussy is literally soaking her hand and thighs as she continues to pump herself for the ultimate prize, the everlasting orgasm. Squeezing her inflated tit, Bethany stares as the pudding filled balloon slowly expands from the big cup of her bra. Opening her hand, Bethany presses her hand hard into her chest, the big tit cannot pop out as she forces the chocolate pudding to stretch the poor latex balloon to its limit. Staring in aww as the pink balloon stretches and fades to white as the chocolate presses on and soon turns the thinning doubled up balloon brown. Refusing to burst, the balloon continues to expand when finally, the very tit she tied off in a hurry earlier that morning, the knot finally slips. Wearing a mixed look of shock and awe, Bethany cannot believe it as the big tit suddenly squirts chocolate pudding all over her face and chest. Feeling as though she is on the receiving end of a naughty, porn quality chocolate facial, Bethany finally feels the effect of the always vaunted everlasting orgasm.
Her body shaking uncontrollably, Bethany lunges into the counter as she struggles to remain standing. Holding on for dear life as wave after wave of rushing pleasure envelops her body as her pussy is literally pumping out her juices faster than she can produce them, Bethany’s entire body shakes nonstop as her jaw locks wide open, her mouth forming a giant ‘O’. Her eyes rolling hard into the back of her head, Bethany sinks to the floor, the broom handle still jammed up her rectum forces Bethany to lay in the fetal position as her body spasms continuously as if she is having a seizure.
Twenty minutes later, Bethany is passed out on her kitchen floor, her hosiery and panty rolled around her thunderous thighs, her feet still dressed and a broom sticking out her ass. As her lopsided breasts rise and fall with her deep snoring breaths that emit from her still wide open mouth, Bethany’s pussy spurts to life once more as a steady stream of pee runs down the back of her legs and onto the floor below.
A few hours later Bethany finally sputters back to consciousness. Lifting her torso from the floor she feels a sharp pain in her back side. Reaching back as she looks over her shoulder, Bethany pulls the broom free and tosses it away as she finally rolls onto her hands and knees. Still covered in chocolate and other obscenities, she climbs to her feet by way of her kitchen counter and looks down. Seeing the mess on the floor, her legs and her chest, Bethany cannot believe she was even capable of such intensities. After pondering what to do in the kitchen for a few minutes, she finally works up the energy to shower and clean up. Emerging from the shower twenty minutes later, a completely naked Bethany is in the middle of mopping the floor when a sharp knocking reverberates from her door. Twisting her head, her eyes as wide as saucers, Bethany looks down at her clean, but disheveled state. Seeing her black bra on the floor, with only one of her big luscious tits still intact, she bends down and hauls the bra up from the floor. Slipping it on as quickly as she can, “Give me a minute!” Bethany calls out as she transfers the balloon to her left cup. Finding some paper towel, Bethany quickly creates the right tit before scurrying to the bathroom to grab a towel. Walking as fast as she can, Bethany strips her shoulders of her bra straps and tucks them under her towel right before she answers the door. “Can I help you?’ Bethany says with a rising tone, her body partially covered as she opens the door partially.
Seeing the smiling round face of the blonde, the UPS delivery driver stands there holding a brown box. Always has to be the fat ones… he laments in his inner thoughts. Holding a brown box, he a smiles half-heartedly. “I have a Delivery for a…” The man’s voice fades as he looks down to read the label. “Miss Bethany Hill?” He says looking up but pauses as the door opens a little more. Staring straight at Bethany’s huge tit, the man cannot help as his jaw drops, if only just a little. “Are you Bethany Hill?”
“I am… do you have a package for me?” Bethany says coyly as she stands up and opens the door. Covered from chest to knee, Bethany makes for quite a sight as her huge tits completely dominate door way. Not to mention she is sucking in her belly big time.
“I… I do…?” He replies suddenly unsure of himself. Just a second ago he was lamenting about delivering to another obese b*tch, but now this woman is jaw dropping hot… Well, her tits are anyway. Her face? Not so much, but damn this b*tch has JUGS! And the fact she is only in a towel? Oh yeah… “I just need your signature here.” The man says as he tries to hand Bethany the electronic signature pad.
Clutching her towel over her body, Bethany simply makes a face while arching an eyebrow. “I don’t think so, just rest it on the box or my towel will fall down and I don’t think I want some delivery driver seeing my naked body, especially right here…” Bethany replies her lips finishing with a grin.
“Oh right, of course…” The delivery driver responds suddenly more professional even though it is plainly obvious that he disappointed. Arranging the device on top of the box, he watches as Bethany signs her name then stands back.
“Set it on the floor by the door.” Bethany commands and waits. Smiling as the man places one foot in the door and sets it along the wall, she waits until he is safely outside again. “Thank you.” she says politely while shutting the door in his face. Hearing his footsteps fade away. Bethany drops the towel and bends down. Acutely aware that her gelatin like ass is wobbling as she rips open the box with her fingers, Bethany is ecstatic as she pulls out her brand new bathing suit. Holding it out away from her body Bethany stares at the brand new neck to toe wet suit. Specially ordered from her favorite web site, wannabesexy.com, the wet suit is designed just the way she ordered it. Big in the chest with a built in ‘secret’ bra to house her ginormous fake tits, the torso is triple paneled to shape and mold her chunky belly and love handles into an hour glass shape. Not built to make her look like a model, the bodice is designed to ‘distribute’ her burgeoning middle into something more ‘palatable’ to the eye. Turning it around, Bethany smiles as the rear has a built in, hollowed out, rubber bum. Termed ‘The Perfect Posterior’ Bethany has made sure that every pair of work pants, bathing suit and dress pants has the artificial mold built in so no matter what she wears, her ass always looks exactly the same. Having purchased a couple of ‘naked’ pairs, Bethany is constantly assured that no matter what she wears she always has ‘The Perfect Posterior”. Finishing the suit are triple layered legs that will shape as well as hide her unsightly pale thighs.
Taking the suit to her bedroom, Bethany folds it neatly and sets it on the bed. Even before packing though, Bethany returns to her kitchen to make more boobs. Not just one, Bethany makes enough pudding and lays out enough balloons so she has enough to last her the next two weeks as she plans on vacationing after the trip to the coast and doesn’t want to be bothered with trying to make more when she is not at home. Making eight sets of tits and one more for her paper towel filled bra, Bethany smiles as she parades back into her room with two pink latex tits cradled in her massive bra. Going through her closets and drawers, Bethany arranges twelve full outfits. Not stopping at tops and bottoms, Bethany ensures she has a bra and panty set for each outfit along with shoes. Packing four full bags, two for her outfits, one for her cosmetics and rubber butt molds, Bethany saves the last one for her counter-full of boobies. Zipping that one last, Bethany watches as the sixteen pink, pudding filled latex balloons, each weighing ten pounds each, is sealed away.
Walking out to her car with all of her bags in tow, Bethany is surely struggling as she is determined to make it to her car in one trip. Walking across the way, Bethany sees a drop dead gorgeous man walking a little further down the sidewalk heading straight for her. Lifting her head, Bethany smiles as the man continues his stroll.
Taking a stroll around the complex in the late afternoon, the man is enjoying the weather as the sun, still shining, is visibly on its way down for the incoming evening. Minding his own business, the man is pleasantly surprised to see the smiling face of a round faced blonde looking right at him. Obviously on the larger side of the scale, he can tell that this woman in particular is very well built. Her breasts are large and perky, her middle doesn’t stick out and even shows a slight hour glass curvature which flares back out to generous hips and an even more generous backside, her denim jeans clinging to her every curve. Independent in their beauty but striking as they seamlessly come together to build her bottom half. Suddenly though a yelp comes from the curvaceous blonde’s mouth as a bag falls from the stroller bag she is pushing in front of her. Letting go of the bags, the man smirks as she bends over to grab her fallen luggage, enjoying the sight as two overly large watermelon halves shoot up into the air. Quickening his pace, the man notes that the woman’s thighs still look great, curvaceous and firm to the eye, even if she is bigger than she should be.
Struggling to pick up the suit case which is home to her beauty supplies, Bethany is quite shocked when she sees a man bent down in front of her smiling. Her shock is soon replaced with a big smile as she takes in the man’s stunning good looks. Possessing a strong jaw and chin, the man has piercing, yet soft green eyes. A thick patch of wavy hair nestled atop his head.
“Could you use some assistant miss?” The man says as he looks into Bethany’s sapphire blue eyes. Instantly the man can tell that this woman who is probably in her mid-twenties used to have a beautiful face, but time and extra weight have taken away from her natural beauty as the slightly visible beginnings of a double chin and round cheeks attest too. But he does not dwell on her face as her jaw dropping, gravity defying, Hindenburg like breasts draws his attention down to her blouse. red with a deep plunging v neck, the white camisole worn underneath hints at the massive swells the woman’s bra is seemingly struggling to not only contain, but also push up to their dizzying heights. Noticing that the woman’s girth is flat and curving in along the sides tells the man that this woman possesses a great figure underneath.
“Please, I am headed to the coast to spend time with my family and I really need to get on the road, hence why I am being stubborn and trying to make it to my car in one trip. Obviously it didn’t pan out the way I had hoped.’ Bethany says with a crooked smile as she can see that man crouching before her is built like a brick house, his short sleeves showing off his biceps.
“Well, let’s see what I can do.” The man replies with a gentle smile as he grabs the fallen bag and lifts it with ease. Catching sight of her denim covered crotch, the man swallows uneasily as the sight of her denim devouring pussy lips temporarily deters his posture. “What are you bringing? The kitchen sink?” The man laughs a deep, but cool, easy laugh as he grabs a rolling bag and pulls it behind him. Putting the sight of the blondes crotch to the back of his mind
Collecting the other bag and stroller which didn’t fall apart on her, Bethany pulls it behind her, glad that her bouncing, jiggling breasts are catching the gorgeous man’s eye. “Nah… Just some clothes and other necessities,” Bethany muses as the man unknowingly drags her artifices behind him, namely her eight sets of 40 E cup tits.
“Oh? Well the other bag is definitely heavier, building a house of bricks when you get there?” The man jokes as Bethany leads him to her car.
“Nope, that bag has gifts for my sisters and parents.” Bethany lies as she pops the trunk and the man effortlessly places both bags inside. Stopping right next to him, Bethany is pleasantly surprised as the man places the other two bags in her trunk as well. “And the last two? Those are for my clothes.” Bethany adds wondering why she felt the need to defend herself to this stranger.
“Well, every beautiful woman will go to great pains to remain that way no matter where they go or what they do.’ The man turns and faces the big, beautiful blonde.
Blushing instantly, Bethany teases the pavement with her toe as she twirls her wavy, long hair in her finger. “You think I am beautiful?” Bethany asks innocently, biting her bottom lip softly.
“Well of course I do.” The man says glancing down at Bethany’s titanic sized chest. “I am sure you are just as beautiful out of those clothes as you are while wearing them. The man replies as he glances at the swells pressing into her camisole, admiring how round they are as the tight, white top hugs every curve of each breast.
“My, my, you are forward.” Bethany blushes and looks away while sticking out her chest. Glancing back at the man, Bethany’s lips curl into a slight smirk as she catches the man losing his breath for a moment.
“I’m very sorry Miss but I cannot help it when I like what I see and would enjoy very much to get to know you better, maybe over dinner?” The man suggests as he catches Bethany unconsciously brush her hand over her crotch.
“Well…” Bethany pauses playfully before returning her gaze to the man. “I think a date would be an appropriate way for us to get to know one another better. But it will have to wait until I return home.” Bethany replies with a big smile.
“Well than Miss, I will wait until I see your car return and after I help you take care of your belongings, I will arrange a table for two at the DuPont Hotel.” The man replies smoothly as he ‘adjusts’ his growing crotch.
“Sounds wonderful,” Bethany replies as she lets her hand fall from her long, blonde locks and brush past her jutting, big breast than slips it into her purse to produce her car keys.
“My name is Jack, Jack Carpenter.” The man says holding out his hand.
“Bethany Hill, it was a pleasure to meet you Jack.” Bethany slips her hand in his and shakes it gently.
Watching Bethany’s big tits jiggle softly through her top. Jack smiles while he looks back up and into Bethany’s eyes. “The pleasure is all mine Miss Hill. Drive safe and I will see you again when you return.” Jack replies and releases Bethany’s hand. Turning, Jack resumes his stroll down the drive, crossing the street after a few feet and returns to the sidewalk.
Getting into her car Bethany starts the car and backs out of her parking space. Driving past Jack, she waves with a smile before turning out of the complex and starts the long, two hour journey from Raleigh to Shell Island. Arriving late into the evening, Bethany looks at the radio, the glowing green lights showing 7:00 PM. Having driven nonstop, Bethany can feel it as the foam sanitary pad stuffed inside the crotch of her red thong is soaked. Touching the inside of her jeans, Bethany is assured by the touch of bone dry denim. Pulling down the old, broken paved road, Bethany takes it slow as the pothole ridden road would ruin her shocks and cause other, unrepairable problems. Seeing the drive way up ahead, it is just as she remembers it. Cloaked in the tall pines, it is barely noticeable except for the bright blue mail box standing atop the old rusting pole. Turning down the dirt driveway, Bethany drives another half mile, her big boobs jiggling as the car bumps along the freshly grated drive. Seeing the soft glowing lights emitting from the bay window, Bethany can see the moon’s brilliant white reflection off the gently rolling waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
Built in the early 1900’s, the blue cottage is straight from a fairy tale. Two stories, but with only one livable where the roof peaks the tallest, the lone chimney belches a steady stream of thin, rolling black smoke. Pulling up along the side of the house, the flash of her headlights creates movement from the occupants inside as the figures head to the door. Coming to a stop, Bethany barely has the driver’s side door open when her two sisters come bolting out of the house, the old, rickety wood framed screen door opens with a smack, the old, metal spring creaking in vivacious protest.
“Bethany!” A young voice cries out as the silhouette of her youngest sister Jane comes running towards her.
“Janey!” Bethany calls out a big smile spreads across her face as she opens her arms to receive her excited younger sibling. Embracing in a big hug, Bethany is full of joy as she hugs her now 14 year old sister. Having been three years since she last saw her, Bethany cannot help but shed a tear as her sister buries her face into her bosom.
“Bethy! It has been way to long!” Jane cries out as she pushes her face between her sister’s big breasts, her arms wrapping around her oldest sisters shapely waist. “I’m so glad you came this year! I can’t wait to hang out with you on the beach and do other grown up stuff!”
Pushing her sister back Bethany smiles as she looks down, not as far as she used to, at her youngest sister. “Me neither.” Looking up, Bethany smiles when she sees Ashley. “Hey Ash,” Bethany says smirking.
Watching as Jane steps aside, Ash smiles as she walks up to her sister and gives her a modest hug. “Hey Beth, long time no see, how’s the new job?” 17 and on the cusp of womanhood, Ash is proudly showing off a pair of B cup breasts, the tops of which bubble from the modest V cut neckline.
“Great actually, I was offered a raise and a transfer to our premier hospital after I rocked a really dangerous surgery.” Bethany replies with confidence.
“Really?!” Jane says with the excitement that only a naïve teen girl can pull off.
“Really Janey,” Bethany answers in the affirmative.
“Nice,” Ash says crossing her arms under her budding breasts pushing them up a little further.
Looking from her sister Bethany smiles when she sees her mom and dad standing on the porch smiling. “Mommy, Daddy!”” Bethany exclaims as she runs past her sisters and up the short steps to her parents.
“Hi honey,” Janet Hill says softly, but happy to see her daughter. Embracing her eldest daughter Jane smiles as they embrace for the first time in a long time. Holding her at arms-length after a long, overdue hug, Janet cannot help but glance down. “Gotten a little bigger huh?”
“What?” Bethany looks down confused. “Oh, um yeah, I think this is it though.” Bethany replies with a blush.
“Good, if they got any bigger than I would start to think that maybe you were switched at birth.” Janet replies jokingly.
“Mom!” Bethany replies mocking shock.
‘You know I’m just kidding sweetie. But still…” Janet says her voice trailing.
“I know, I know, I am the only woman in our entire family history to have boobs, I get it. Trust me, I do, but it looks like Ashley is growing some too.” Bethany says in her new found defense.
“Don’t bet on it girl,” Bill, Bethany’s father says wistfully. “That is the creation of modern science, one of those newfangled push up bras… what is it called again honey?” Bill turns to his wife asking.
“A bombshell bra…” Janet answers rolling her eyes, “I swear Bill you will do anything to keep that girl from crying. All last year all I heard from your sister’s mouth was ‘I want boobs like Beth, why’s Beth the only one with boobs… So we took her to Victoria’s Secret and bought her a bra that would give her boobs a lift. It adds two cup sizes.” Janet looks back at Bethany who is giggling softly. “What is so funny?”
“Nothing mom… just nothing…” Bethany answers after calming down.
“Fine…” Janet sighs then looks over at her husband. “Bill, help your daughter get her bags.”
“Yes dear…” Bill rolls his eyes playfully as he walks by his eldest daughter who turns with him and walks back down the steps to her car.
Watching from up above on the small porch Janet smiles when she looks down at her three daughters. They maybe Hill’s, but the Enevoldsen blood runs through their veins thicker than maple syrup. Like her, Bethany, Ashley and Jane have prominent hips and thick, shapely thighs that narrow down to shapely calves before they end with small feet. The waists, naturally taper to give them all an hour glass shape while little tummies stick out, but not enough to detract from their looks. Blonde with blue eyes, along with sharp jaws and chins and eyes that can hold any gaze steadfast they only lack one thing… Breasts. Barely able to fill a training bra, Janet gave up on bras long ago, instead allowing her prominent nipples to show through her tops. Yet her daughter’s do not share that that sentiment as they grew up looking up to Bethany. Being the only female in the family to have them, Janet watched as her younger daughters watched Bethany grow into bigger and bigger bras. Bethany… has boobs so now her daughters want boobs, Ash in particular begging so bad that she cried on Christmas morning when there wasn’t a bombshell bra among her gifts. Looking from Ashley to Jane, Janet can see it in Jane’s eyes too. The envy, the jealousy and the wonderment that fills her daughter’s eyes as she keeps stealing glances at Bethany’s chest. Insisting that if Ashley gets a bra, so should she, Janet relented and bought her youngest daughter a lightly lined A cup, even if she has nothing at all to fill it out with.
“Can you tell I’m wearing a bra Bethy?” Jane smiles as she poses for her sister as she, along with her father and Ash haul her heavy bags from the trunk.
Stopping mid pull, Bethany looks over and smiles. Seeing the faint outlines of the small, circular cups, Bethany nods. “I can congratulations!” Bethany replies with matching enthusiasm as her sister beams proudly.
“Damn it Beth, what the hell did ya bring, bricks?” Bill says gasping as he struggles to haul one of the heavy suit cases down the dirt drive way.
“No, just some clothes and make up.” Bethany giggles as she hauls the next bag out.
“Here let me get that for you Beth,” Ashley offers as she reaches for the bag, barely getting her fingers on the handle before a stinging slap to her hand sends her yelping in ‘pain’. “Ow! Hey, what was that for! I am only trying to help!” Ash pulls her hand back rubbing the top of it.
“I know, okay? It is just that this bag is especially important. It has breakables in it. I will get it you can grab the next one.” Bethany responds quickly pulling out the bag with a heave. Setting it on the ground carefully, Bethany pulls out the next one and hands her sister the last bag. “Take this one instead.”
“Whatever… Jiggle jugs…” Ash spits out the last part under her breath as she takes the still heavy bag and carries it to the house. “Jesus, what the hell do you have in here?”
“Clothes!” Bethany answers with fake sweetness as she sets her special suit case atop her last rolling bag. Slamming the trunk closed, Bethany struggles to pull the last two suitcases down the gravel drive way and up the short flight of stairs. Walking into the warm cottage, Jane closes the door for her as she walks through the antique filled dining room and to the den. The pull out couch already made up into a bed, Bethany stops in the door way as she watches her sister Ashley set the last bag against the wall. Bent over a little, Bethany admires her sister bubble butt bulging into her jeans.
Wearing a blue v neck top, Ashley is smug as she crosses her arms under her boobs. Watching her sister’s eyes watch as her exposed flesh bubble a little more, Ashley smiles thinly. “I guess you aren’t the only sister with big boobs anymore.”
“I guess not…” Bethany replies flicking her gaze back up into her sisters matching sapphire blue gaze. “Now we can both rock the beach. We both got the booty’s and now the boobies to create quite a stir, right?”
Her smile finally growing into a full blown big one, Ashley shakes her head while looking down, her straight blonde hair waving softly as it hangs down covering her face. “You are so right!” Ashley says, finally looking up. “Sorry about the jiggly jugs stab.”
“Whatever no skin off my back,” Bethany says with a smirk. “May the truth shall set you free.” Bethany adds with a laugh.
“Shut up!” Ashley replies, her jaw open, her eyes glittering. “Just make sure you come out of your room when you are done unpacking.
“Well duh.” Bethany says as she watches her sister walk out the other door and disappear into the kitchen. Shutting the door to the dining room behind her, Bethany then shuts other one to the kitchen. All alone, Bethany looks out the big bay window and watches as the ocean laps along the beach, the surf turning into gentle white foam as the waves recede back into the vastness of the ocean, Looking out the window for a few more minutes, Bethany turns around and tackles her bags. Unpacking all of her pre-arranged outfits and shoes into the dresser drawers, Bethany slips the empty suitcases under the bed before grabbing her special bag. Laying it gently on top of the comforter, Bethany unzips it slowly then pushes the lid back. Staring at eight pairs of pudding filled pink balloons, Bethany smiles as she checks each one for leaks. The bag weighing 160 pounds alone, Bethany flips the lid closed and zips it up slowly. Carefully setting it on the floor, she pushes it under the bed than opens her last bag. Filled with makeup, soap, shampoo, a toothbrush and tooth paste, Bethany pulls them out and lays them out on the bed. Returning to her bag, Bethany looks at the remaining contents. Staring at her diapers, bed time bra, pajamas, contoured foam sanitary pads, an extra rubber butt mold, a handful of plastic bags and a shower bag, Bethany looks to the dresser and shakes her head. Not a good idea… Deciding to close the bag, but not before pulling out her pajamas and night time bra, Bethany slips it under her bed along with her ‘extra tits’.
Satisfied she is as unpacked as she can be Bethany changes. Pulling her red top off, Bethany tosses it to the floor leaving her in only her camisole and jeans. Seeing how her camisole covers her chest and doubles to shape her bulging middle, she decides to leave that on and push her jeans down. Feeling her legs and ass balloon as they travel down her legs, Bethany feels free, if only for a moment as she stands there in her skimpy red thong and bulging camel toe enhancer/sanitary pad, Bethany is about to reveal her red shelf cup bra and change it out for her bed time bra when her bedroom door suddenly opens. Caught with her thumbs hooked into the shoulder straps of her camisole, Bethany freezes as her mother lets herself in and closes the door.
“Hey honey, I was just making sure you were unpacked… Oh my…” Janet immediately looks away and holds her hand up to shield her eyes, but not before she caught sight of her daughter’s chunky thighs and hips along with her over stretched red thong and huge crotch. “I am so sorry, I had no idea you were changing dear.” Janet finishes apologetically.
“Mom!” Bethany hisses as she grabs her pajama pants and pulls them up quickly, the legs are double lined so the inner leg shapes her thighs and hips while the outer layer appears to d**** loosely but clinging enough to show off her ‘shapely’ legs.
“I know, I know, I am sorry… I know how much you hate being walked in on but I just wanted to make sure you were unpacked.” Janet replies still hiding her face, looking at the wall.
“Well, just let me change my bra real quick and I will be done, alright?” Bethany replies sounding a smidgen annoyed as she pulls her thumbs from the skinny little straps.
“I still don’t understand why you hate changing in front of me…” Janet says with resigned curiosity while she backs up the door. Fumbling with the handle, Janet pulls it open and backs out of the room, still covering her eyes as she closes the door.
Hearing the door click closed, Bethany rushes to the door and locks and then to the other to make sure. Pushing her pants back down, Bethany digs out her bathroom suitcase and pulls out a fresh sanitary pad and a bag. Putting the items on the bed, Bethany pushes the suitcase back under the bed and proceeds to dig her saturated pad from between her legs. Putting it in the bag, she then slips a new one into the built in pocket of her thong panty and pulls her PJ bottoms back up. Changing her bra next, Bethany pulls on her PJ top and is about to exit when the wobble of her bottom stops her. Returning to her bathroom suit case she pulls it back out with an annoyed grunt and pulls out the rubber butt mold and slips it down the rear of her pants. Pressing the mold in her cellulite covered ass, Bethany waits for the mold to warm to her body before finally leaving her bed room.
Walking out into the family room, the rest of the family is sitting around the TV watching re runs of Friends. Finding a spot on the couch, Bethany sits down next her father who smiles as he wraps his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close. Looking up from the floor, Ashley and Jane stare as Bethany’s arms push her huge tits together, her top creating a canyon of cotton cleavage, “Nice to see you are still alive after unpacking all of those bags baby girl.” Bill says with a laugh as Bethany smiles.
“I’m not a baby anymore Daddy…” Bethany responds playfully as she slaps her father’s chest softly before sitting back up.
“No matter how old you are or how grown up you look Bethany, you will always be my little girl.” Bill says softly, but proudly as he looks over at his eldest daughter.
Shaking her head, Bethany snuggles into her father’s arm and watches television with him and her sisters. Walking in from the kitchen with a tray of hot cocoa Janet smiles as she observes her eldest daughter having quality time with her father. Walking up behind the couch, Janet looks down as her daughter snuggles with her father, looking past the top of her daughter’s head, Janet peaks down Bethany’s top and smirks as she can see down the camisole and at a glimpse of the big white bra her daughter changed into for the evening. Coming from around the back of the couch Janet continues to smile as she stands there holding the hot steaming cups, “Cocoa any one?”
Looking up from their respective places, everyone nods appreciatively. Handing Jane and Ashley theirs first as she had to sit up from laying on the floor, Janet shakes her head as she can see down Ashley’s spaghetti strap top and see that not only is Ashley wearing her bombshell bra but has also augmented it with foam push up pads. Next Janet hands Bill and Bethany their cups, observing how Bethany has one foot up on the couch, her tight PJ pants hugging her large looking pussy lips.
“Thanks mom,” Bethany says smiling as she brings the cup to her lips and takes a sip.
“Your welcome dear,” Janet replies as she sits down on the couch next to her daughter and sets the tray down on the floor. Sitting back up, Janet looks over at her daughter and husband and smiles again, the sight of them being close never getting old. Looking down, Janet notices that Bethany’s bottom seems to be rounder than before and perfectly smooth.
Watching TV for the next couple of hours, the family cannot stay silent as light hearted conversation soon breaks out. As the hours pass, the family is soon laughing as Bill launches into one of his trademark jokes which sends the family reeling. Laughing so hard, Bethany is near tears. Hooting hard, Bethany is almost going to fall off the couch which sends everyone else into even more uproar which in turn makes Bethany laugh even harder. Slapping her knee, Bethany’s massive chest rises and falls hard, her big breasts wobbling when she suddenly feels something wet between her legs. Her legs wide open, Bethany suddenly stops and jumps from the couch and to the steel circular steps.
Watching their sister jump from the couch clutching her crotch, Jane cannot help but shout, “Bethany’s gonna pee her pants!” what Jane and no one else realizes is that Bethany had already started. Running to the stairs in the corner, Bethany vaults herself up the steel steps as she feel bladder empty right in her pad. Rushing like Niagara Falls into the crotch of her stuffed underwear, it doesn’t take long as the volume of pee saturates the already thick pad and soon runs down both her legs. Running through her sister Ashley’s room, Bethany finds the sole bathroom and slams the door. Pushing her soaked bottoms and panty down, Bethany feels the false bottom hit the floor as the thong forces it from her ass. Sitting on the toilet as fast as she can, Bethany barely has any pee left. Looking down at her pajamas, Bethany is on verge of tears. Her PJ bottoms soaked along with her thong, Bethany stares at the huge foam pad and cries. Getting it together, Bethany stands up and removes her bottoms. Squeezing the foam pad, Bethany watches as pee runs down her fingers and into the sink. Next she shoves her thong under the running water and washes her panties with soap. Repeating it with her bottoms, Bethany finds a blow dryer and waits for her underwear and pajama’s to dry off. Satisfied, she puts them all back on and stuffs the rubber mold down the rear of her pants. When she walks down the iron stairs twenty minutes later, Jane blurts out. “I guess ya really had to pee huh Bethy?”
“Shut up Jane…” Bethany huffs as she walks to the kitchen to get a glass of water. “I’m going to bed…” Bethany says and then disappears into her room.
Not long after the rest of the family retires with Jane getting a talking too from Bill about how inappropriate it was to joke about her sister like that. “You always defend Bethy daddy.” Ashley responds before going to her room in the back of the house.
The next morning Bethany wakes up. Looking over at the clock sitting on the end table next to the couch, Bethany groans…10 o’clock… Argh… Pushing the covers back, Bethany reveals her nearly naked body, save for the oversized diaper she wears during the night. Finding her camisole and pajama’s, Bethany yawns as she gathers her shower stuff and takes off her urine soaked diaper. Grabbing her bra from the floor, Bethany is relieved that her breasts are still filling the cups. Bending over to put it on, she stands back up and pulls on the camisole before putting her PJ’s, along with her rubber bum on. Grabbing her shower bag and outfit, Bethany marches into the living room, surprised to see Ashley wearing a skimpy bikini. “Ashley?” Bethany stops and stares wide eyed. Having never seen Ashley in anything but jeans and t shirts, Bethany is surprised at her sister’s body. Lean and fit, Ashley is a true knockout, her bell like curves thinning as she shows off her rock hard tummy, Bethany doesn’t care that the bikini top is noticeably padded.
Looking up from messing with her cleavage enhancing pads, even though one would think that the severely padded bikini top would be enough, Ashley smiles when she sees the way her sister is looking at her. “Finally decided to get out of bed huh lazy bones?”
“Yeah, a girl needs her beauty sleep...” Bethany yawns, pushing her arms up and over her head, the effect of the move means she is sticking out her zeppelin like tits as if they are going to launch into the air at any minute.
“Yeah sure, with tits like those I wouldn’t need beauty sleep.” Ashley remarks as she stares at her sister’s giant jugs as they return to orbit.
“What are you trying to say?” Bethany responds defensively, unable to cross her arms as she is holding her shower bag and outfit, including a pair of strappy heels.
“Nothing!” Ashley returns the defensive tone with one of her own.
“Good, so what is the plan for the day?” Bethany asks, her smile returning.
“I’m going down to the beach to catch some sun before we go to the flea market today, you?” Ashley asks.
“Shower and see what mom and dad are up too.” Bethany says then heads for the stairs.
“Oh, okay, cool.” Ashley responds before leaving the living room and out the front door.
Looking down as she climbs the stairs, Bethany watches Ashley leave. Crossing through Ashley’s room to the bathroom, she shuts and locks the door. Once undressed Bethany showers and shaves. Getting out after twenty minutes of enjoying the warmth of the water cascade overhead and down her body, Bethany gets out and proceeds to get ready for the day. After making a stop back to her room to take care of her things, Bethany finally emerges outside, the bright sun shining as clouds dot the bright blue sky. Wearing blue jeans and strappy, open toed heels, Bethany is wearing a cute cream sweater. Just like the rest of her outfits, the sweater has a built in midsection shaper but the neckline is truly daring. While the sweater is moderately tight where it needs to be so Bethany can show off what really matters, her breasts, the neckline is what makes the outfit. Deep to a point that the top can fall completely down if she wanted it too, the neckline opens up into a large swath of fabric that when done correctly acts as a scarf. Folding it properly, Bethany leaves a little V but enjoys this blouse as it affords her the ability to look at her bubbling bra clad treasures whenever she wants. Wearing a sexy pink lace bra and matching thong, Bethany doesn’t care that they do little to hide her faux curves or foam monstrosity situated between her legs. The way she sees it, no one but her is ever going to see it.
Walking down the porch steps, Bethany smiles as her gargantuan breasts bounce and jiggle her bra only holding a third of the total volume of her bountiful breasts. Not wanting to bend over because of the sweater, Bethany decided on this outfit for the sheer fact that it is risqué. Walking from the steps to the garage on the other end of the circle driveway, she finds her father under the hood of his old, rusting Studebaker. Leaning against the door frame to the old little blue shingled barn, Bethany crosses her arms under her breasts. “Still trying to get that old piece of junk running huh dad?”
Bent over under the hood, Bill has the carburetor in pieces all over the place. Some of it on towels on the ground others all over the engine as he struggles with something in the throttle body. “This is an American Classic, not some piece of junk, not like your car honey.” Mr. Hill looks over at his daughter with a wistful smile as he chuckles to himself.
“Excuse me if I value other things than a car daddy…” Bethany says with a roll of the eyes as she stands up and walks over to the other side. “What ya doing?”
“Been trying to get the motor to turn over all morning, I think there is something keeping the throttle from turning. See this?” Bill points down as he makes room for Bethany to take a look.
Bending over the hood of the car, Bethany clutches her top to her chest and peeks. Sure enough the throttle body is rusted closed. “I see. It’s rusty.” Bethany comments then stands back up.
“Yeah, I have to break it free without damaging the motor. Why don’t you take Jane out for a while? Ash is busy on the beach no doubt with Jake. It would be good for you two to spend some time together, she has missed you terribly.”
Pondering the idea as Bill gets back to work, Bethany smiles and turns around and leaves the garage. Walking around the front, past the patio, Bethany finds her mother and Ash playing checkers on the small wrought iron table located on the edge of the grass overlooking the beach atop the cliff. The wind picking up, Bethany’s hair begins to dance behind her. “Hey!” Bethany calls out as she draws within a few feet. “What’s up?”
“Just playing a game of checkers!” Janet calls out happily. “You look wonderful honey!” She replies when she looks up from the game.
“Yeah sis, you look amazing!” Jane says beaming. Wearing a sweater and jeans too, Jane smiles even more. “We look like twins!”
“We sure do, want to go into town with me and look around?” Bethany asks her little sister who immediately looks to her mother with a big smile and even bigger eyes.
Looking from Bethany to Jane, Janet looks down at the unfished game and pouts playfully. “Fine… but you better finish our game when you two get back, got it?”
“Yay! Thank you mom!” Jane jumps from her seat excitedly and runs around and squeezes her mother’s neck.
“Yeah, yeah, just go already.” Janet says smiling as she pushes her daughter back. “Have fun, alright?”
“Okay!” Jane replies and rushes up to her big sister.
Turning around, Bethany and Jane walk across the grass. Reaching the car, Bethany gets in first and reaches over to unlock the other side. Watching through the window, Jane frowns when she doesn’t get to see any of her sister’s tremendous cleavage. Hopping in, Jane shuts the door and immediately buckles her seat belt. “This will be so much fun!” Jane says as Bethany starts the car.
Looking over, Bethany is about to drive when she watches Jane open her purse and pull out some tissues. Watching as her sister plunges the crude balls down her sweater, Bethany’s jaw drops. “Did you just seriously stuff your bra?’
“Yeah so what? I can’t go out without my boobs and no one would believe we are sisters if they see you with your big boobs and me having none, Ash wears one of those super padded bras and still has to use extra pads, why can’t I?” Jane says without regret as she adjusts her ‘boobs’.
“True.” Bethany quips then drives around the driveway and then up half mile drive. Turning onto the main road, Bethany skillfully avoids the major bumps, but the car still pitches and bounces as they drive down the uneven surface much to Jane’s delight as she gets to watch her sister’s huge tits bounce and jiggle all over her chest. Pulling out onto the main road, Bethany drives down the road. Seeing the small downtown up ahead, Bethany finds a parking spot. Exiting the car at the same time, Bethany and Jane each lock their doors.
Looking out at the small buildings, the down town is more like a fishing village as the cold waters of the Atlantic crash into the old stone surf wall. Walking down the side of the road, both girls smile as the wind blows past their faces sending their golden hair back in silky waves, the edges of Bethany’s scarf billowing.
“So what do you want to do?” Jane asks as they pass a small hardware store.
“We could nose around some of the shops than have a bite to eat?’ Bethany looks over and down at her little sister. Glancing down, Bethany smiles as her sister sticks out her small boobs proudly. Even at 14, Jane looks older as her bottom has developed into a nice bubble shape and has hips to match.
“Okay.” Jane responds much more cool this time. Seeing some boys her age Jane smiles as she walks past them, sticking out her chest and rolling her hips. Yet when they all stare at Bethany instead, Jane pouts.
Seeing the look on her sister’s face change Bethany smirks. “Those boys were totally checking you out.” Bethany says coyly.
“No they weren’t.” Jane replies sounding annoyed. “They were staring at your big bahumba’s.”
Glancing down at her chest, Bethany then looks over at Jane who is sad. “Listen, stop and just trust me, alright?” Bethany says and before Jane can say or do anything she is pulled to a stop.
Almost losing her balance, Jane is about to yelp when a pair of deft hands reaches down and pushes her cotton full backs down under her jeans. “Hey!” Jane shouts in protest but before anything can be stopped her purse is yanked from her shoulders and knocked to the ground. “What was that for?” Jane grumbles as she bends over at the waist to retrieve her fallen personal property. Suddenly a loud yelping and cheering erupts behind Jane as the boys are not only staring at her round, jutting bum, but without her panties to protect her modesty, Janey is suffering from the typical Hill female flaw. The boys are also getting a healthy dose of Jane’s exposed ass crack. Standing back up a slowly, Jane is blushing three shades of red but most importantly, she is smiling. “Thanks Bethy.” Jane says softly. “But screw you anyway! How could you!”
Laughing as a purse slams into her arm, Bethany rubs her arm still chuckling. “Just say thanks next time and save the violence, alright?” Bethany says having to duck as the purse flies by her head.
“Whatever!” Jane says scowling and stomps off slipping her purse back up over her shoulder. Walking ahead of her big sister, Jane is comically trying to pull her underwear back up.
Walking behind her, Bethany giggles as her sister is walking bow-legged ahead. Seeing her sister’s hands finally reach up, Bethany giggles more when she sees that her sister’s panties are not only pink, but have cartoon characters on them. Walking into a local trinket shop, Bethany and Jane ooh and ah, show each other cute trinkets and joke and giggle about others. Finding a cute souvenir each, Bethany and Jane take them to the front. Seeing that the cashier has her back turned to them Bethany sets her trinket down a little harder than necessary on the glass display case that doubles as the register stand. CRACK!
Spinning on her heels, the cashier looks surprised but when she sees the two smiling blondes, she smiles her eyes leering on Bethany’s expanded sweater and not in a good way. “Hello Bethany…” The girl looks up from the jutting orbs and right into Bethany’s sapphire eyes.
If the cashier looked surprised, Bethany felt faint. Staring slack jawed at the cashier Bethany knows exactly who it is, Becka Bittle. “Uh hi…” Bethany replies slowly and nervously.
Looking from her sister to the raven haired girl who is as skinny as a wisp and just as flat in the chest, Jane looks at Becka curiously. “How do you know my sister?”
Looking from Bethany to Jane, Becka glances down at the two little mounds sticking out from Jane’s chest. “Runs in the family I see.”
“What runs in the family?” Jane asks naively. Instantly Bethany blushes as Becka looks back at Bethany, namely her chest. “Oh nothing, I am sure your big sister will fill you in, isn’t that right Bethany?”
“Fill me in on what?” Jane asks curiously yet again as she looks from Becka to where she is looking at, Bethany’s big, heavy tits. “Oh… You mean how I am on my way to growing big boobs like my big sister? Oh I can’t wait. You should meet my sister Ashley. She is in a full B cup now.” Jane says smirking as she instantly sticks out her budding boobs.
“Oh is she? So I guess the Hill name really means more than a last name I take it.” Becka looks to Jane now playing along, even smiling as Jane shows off her ‘boobs’.
“Oh yes, all of the daughters have boobs now. It’s like Bethany started a revolution! I mean up until our generation no one on my mother’s side had tits and look at us. Look at Bethany, she has GIGANTIC boobies!” Jane says proudly as she looks over at her sister’s big tits with budding prides. Meanwhile Bethany is biting her lip nervously as Becka looks back and forth between the two blondes.
“Sure must be hard to carry such burdens. It must be a pain when you aren’t wearing a bra. Lucky for me I don’t need a bra to hold up such monstrosities. Pathetic how some girls are so desperate that they would stuff their bra’s isn’t that right Bethany? Girls like us are confident in our natural bodies, right Bethany?”
“Uh… Yeah?” Bethany says regretting she made her answer sound like a question than the usual confidence she usually has. “Pretty unbelievable,” Bethany says restoring her confidence some.
“Well, your total will be a whopping $15.00 Bethany.” Becka says clicking the buttons on the register and bags the items.
Fishing in her purse, Bethany hands Becka a five and ten. Watching as Becka places the money in the drawer, she takes the bag from Becka’s outstretched hand. “Thanks.”
“My pleasure you two have a great day.” Becka replies cheerily. “I hope you have some big plans today!” Becka says full of sarcasm as she looks down at Bethany’s jumbo sized tits and smirks.
Looking back at Becka, Bethany smiles weakly and heads towards the door with Jane following close behind, once outside, Bethany sighs, her giant chest heaving up and down slowly.
Waiting for the door to shut, Jane looks at her big sister and frowns. “That was weird. The way that girl kept looking at you was way off the charts. It’s like she has seen you topless or something.” Jane says as she takes the bag from Bethany’s frozen fingers and walks off oblivious.
“You’re naked.” The words that poured from Becka’s mouth all those years ago ring in in Bethany’s mind like pounding church bells only feet away clanging after a wedding. Becka stripped me, she stripped me of my confidence and pride. Stripped me of my womanhood, but more importantly, she made me scared… Bethany thinks to herself as she follows behind her little sister. Feeling her big tits bounce and wobble, Bethany looks around as everyone stops to watch her as she walks down the side walk. Why are they all staring at me? Bethany wonders aloud in her mind. On any normal day, Bethany would be loving it but today, after the confrontation with Becka, she cannot help but wonder.
“I’m hungry Bethy…’ Jane starts to whine as they walk down the sidewalk. Seeing a restaurant up on the corner Jane stops and turns around. “Can we eat there?” Jane points behind her, her sweater stretching tightly over her chest.
Looking down, Bethany is suddenly at ease. “Sure, but only if you fix your crooked boobs.” Bethany smirks.
Clutching her chest, Jane blushes three shades of red. Looking down, Jane tries desperately to fix her budding ‘bosoms’ but only manages to turn them into a crumpled mess. “Oh my god Bethany!” Jane looks up crying, tears running down her cheeks, Jane ties desperately to fix her chest but only makes it worse. “Bethany! Help me! I can’t be seen like this! Please!”
Looking around, Bethany can see a couple of people walking about, her sister’s antics drawing attention to them. “Jane, just shut up and turn to the wall.” Bethany says, giving up as her sister continues to cry like a child. Grabbing her sister’s shoulders, Bethany forces her to face the wall. Staring down at her sister’s chest, Bethany wonders what she can do now that the soft tissues are ruined. “We have to take them out hun. There is no way to fix it.” Bethany says dejectedly.
“But you have to! I can’t walk in there without my boobs! There will be boys in there!” Jane’s wailing only getting worse.
Looking around, Bethany nibbles on her bottom lip as she ponders what to do. Opening her purse, Bethany finds a pair of nylon stockings and pulls them out. Quickly rolling them into balls, Bethany holds them out. “Here, just stuff these in your blouse then.” Bethany says.
Grabbing at the nylons, Jane reaches under her sweater and pulls the crumpled tissues from her bra and stuffs them in her own purse than re stuffs her bra. Fixing her sweater Jane’s eyes open wide as her boobs look massive. “Wow! I look huge!” Jane says smiling as she looks down at her new and improved bust line.
Looking at Jane’s chest, Bethany is surprised by how big her sister’s new boobs look. “Well I guess you grew… huh?” Bethany smiles softly. “Now that you have your boobies back, let’s go eat and get home, okay?”
“Okay!” Jane says smiling now, wiping her cheeks. Walking with Bethany to the restaurant, the two girls have a nice meal together and spend the time catching up. Returning to the cottage, both girls exit the car laughing about a time when Bethany lived at home. Waiting for them on the small patio, Janet is frowning.
“Hey mom!” Jane calls out all smiles.
“Hey,” Bethany says much more calmly.
“Janey, take out whatever it is you are stuffing your bra with and go out back, your father is bar-b-queuing and Ashley is with him. I need to talk to your sister inside.” Janet says sternly.
Staring Bethany down with a look that could melt ice, Jane looks from her mother to her older sister and frowns. Pulling the nylons out from under her sweater, Jane hands them to her sister and walks off the other way. Stuffing them in her purse, Bethany watches as her sister rounds the edge of the cottage. Bethany looks back at her mother. “Listen mom, it’s not a big deal…” Bethany starts to say but stops when Janet holds up her hand.
“Inside Bethany… Now,” Janet says sternly but with an even tone. Spinning on her heels, Janet walks inside leaving the front door open as the old rickety screen door slaps a few times with the old spring groaning in protest.
Walking up the short steps and across the patio, Bethany follows her mother inside. Closing the screen door slowly, Bethany sees her mother in the den, aka her bedroom and follows her inside. Once in her room, Bethany tries again. “Mom, look I’m sorry, it’s just that…”
“Bethany, just shut up.” Janet says rudely. Walking past her eldest daughter, Janet shuts the den door and walks out and stops right in front of her daughter. “I don’t need my little girl ashamed of whom she is. Letting her stuff her bra is like saying that she isn’t good enough the way she is and I do not agree with that and nor will I allow you to corrupt her, do you understand?” Janet says staring deeply into her daughter’s eyes.
Bethany shifts in her place uneasily as her mother’s gaze unnerves her. “Listen, it wasn’t my idea…”
“That doesn’t matter Bethany!” Janet bursts out loudly as her hands fly into the air. “The point is you encouraged it! You didn’t stop her! Those were your nylons in her bra Bethany! Why would your hosiery be in my youngest daughter’s brassiere Bethany?” Janet replies exasperated, “What would you do if I made it so you couldn’t wear that big bra of yours hmm? What if I took your bras away? Then what would you do? Hold your tits for the rest of the week?’”
“Mom, stop it…” Bethany instantly pleads as she watches her mother go to her drawer and open it revealing her big bras.
Pulling one out, Janet holds it up. “Black and lace… Big too, I’m sure those heavenly breasts of yours wouldn’t be so pretty if I took all of your bras away now would they?” Janet says grinning as she walks up to her daughter dangling the big sexy bra from her held up hand.
“Mom, stop it, put my bra away!” Bethany says pleading now on the verge of tears.
“Stop encouraging my daughter’s to stuff their bras Bethany or I will take yours away along with Jane’s, got it?”
“Do you want me to try and talk Ashley out of it?” Bethany asks as she fixes the neckline of her blouse. Looking up finally, Bethany looks back into her mother’s matching eyes and waits.
“No, she did that on her own. You had no part in it. If she wants to stuff then I cannot stop her, but I can stop you from encouraging it.” Janet says with smirk.
“Got it.” Bethany replies crossing her arms under her chest.
“Good.” Janet replies with a smile. Walking up to the door, Janet turns the handle and lets her-self out. Waiting for the door to close, Bethany swallows hard and waits for her heart rate to slow down.
Walking outside, Bethany finds the rest of the family out back around the grill. Standing in the middle is Bill wearing his favorite apron. Emblazoned with the saying “Kiss the Cook” Bethany walks up to her father and kisses him on the cheek. “Hey Daddy, What ya cookin’?” Bethany says and smiles as her father as father looks over at her grinning.
“Hot dogs, hamburgers a double cheese just for you and corn on the cob.” Bill replies as he flips the burgers as flames from the dripping grease arch high into the sky.
“Can I have extra cheese?” Bethany says smiling as she poses cutely for her father batting her eyelashes.
“Of course baby girl, you can have all the Vitamin D you want.” Bill says laughing as he nudges his elbow accidently into Bethany’s jutting E cup tit.
“You mean Vitamin E right Dad?” Ashley laughs as she walks up. Wearing a tight tank top and shorts, Ashley proudly sticks out her widely known padded tits.
Looking over at Ashley, Bill glances down for a second but then looks into his middle daughter’s eyes. “That is inappropriate Ashley.” Bill says patronizingly.
“Whatever Dad, you were the one who just elbowed Bethy’s tits.’ Ashley giggles as Bill puts a couple of hot dogs on her plate.
“Not intentionally Ashley and if you keep this up you can say bye-bye to your wonder bra.” Bill warns.
“It’s a bombshell bra dad…” Ashley retorts under her breath as she walks to the picnic table.
Ignoring the last comment, Bill heaps the double cheese burger with gooey, extra cheese on Bethany’s plate than hands it to her. “Buns are on the table sweetie.”
‘Yeah and in Bethy’s jeans too!” Jane says all smiles as a burger is placed on her outstretched plate.
“Just… go away!” Bill bursts out laughing as Jane walks off. “What have we done?” Bill sighs shaking his head when Janet walks up smiling.
“We didn’t do anything dear it is all Bethany’s fault…’ Janet says giggling. ‘If she didn’t have such big breasts or a perfect bubble butt, than our girls wouldn’t want to go around wearing fake tits and tight jeans.”
“Well, you take the cake on filling out a pair of jeans baby.” Bill grins as he gives her big round butt a delectable squeeze.
“To bad you don’t pay attention to my chest the same way you do my ass William Bartholomew Hill.” Janet chides as she gives her husband’s bulge an affectionate squeeze.
Biting his lip, Bill glances down at his wife’s flat chest and grins. “I always do later.”
“Just shut up and join your daughter’s at the table.” Janet giggles and shimmies over to the table.
Loading his plate, Bill turns around and grins as Janet shakes her ass side to side. Still the best ass I have ever laid eyes on. Bill thinks to himself smiling wistfully before joining his family for dinner.
The following day after a hearty breakfast everyone decides to go down to the beach. Already in their swimsuits, Bethany is absent as she has ‘slept in’ again. In fact Bethany decided to spend the morning servicing her-self in silence, pumping gobs of pent up juices into the blankets. Waiting for the door to close Bethany smiles when she collects her things to take with her for her morning shower. Walking throughout the house naked, Bethany feels free as she walks up the steel stair case and decides to take a nice long shower. Drying off and doing her hair and makeup, Bethany exits the bathroom. At the top of the stairs, she stops as the front door opens and the familiar voice of Ashley and Jane float up from the family room.
“God I have to pee.” Ashley says as she walks inside first. Wearing a green and blue tie dyed bikini, Ashley’s jutting cups look stiff and obviously padded.
Walking in behind, Jane is wearing a pink one piece, the rear crawling up her generous backside. “Yeah, I wonder when Bethy is gonna wake up?”
“Who knows, all she ever does is eat sleep and strut around anyways.” Ashley says sarcastically.
“Yeah so? I would if I had boobies like her.” Jane says giggling.
‘Well I do and you don’t see me doing it.” Ashley says as she sashay’s her shapely behind side to side.
“Only cause you wear really padded bra’s Ashley.” Jane says laughing.
“Shut UP!” Ashley fires back.
Looking down the wrought iron, round stair well, Bethany is covering her naked chest as she can see her sister’s bickering below. Seeing Ashley bent over shoving a finger in Jane’s face, Bethany can see the padding filling Ashley’s bikini top. Nervously, she looks back to the bathroom. Stark naked and a shadow of herself, Bethany is acutely aware that if her sisters saw her in all of her naked glory than it would be all over. Looking back down, Bethany squeaks when she sees Ashley start to walk up the stairs.
“Look Jane, just cause mom yelled at you for stuffing your bra doesn’t mean anything. I am 17 years old, I am a woman if I want to enhance my chest a little I am allowed.” Ashley replies as she looks up the circular stairs and resumes her climb.
“Yeah a little my ass…” Jane giggles as she turns and heads into the kitchen for a snack.
Having already rushed from the stop of the stairs, Bethany is hiding in a dark corner, her hands clamped over her shrunken breasts. Naked and afraid, Bethany stays quiet as she hears her sister pad across the room and into the bathroom. Hearing the door click closed, Bethany tip toes from the corner and to the top of the stairs. Peering down, Bethany looks. Hearing nothing, she thinks Jane has already left and starts walking down the stairs. Her body jiggling with each step, Bethany hates how her chunky thighs and cellulite covered ass jiggles while her protruding tummy and love handles are exposed completely.
Nearing the foot of the stairs, Bethany stops cold when she sees her sister in the kitchen readying to fill a glass with water from the sink. Hearing the water run, Bethany turns and runs through the living room, her body jiggling and bouncing every which way. Slamming the door behind her, Bethany thinks she is home free until a knock on the other door is heard. “Bethy? Are you awake?”
Oh shit…Bethany instantly freaks. Looking down at her pale, less than stellar body, Bethany knows if her sister’s see her like this she will be a laughing stock. “Hold on! I am getting my swimsuit on!” Bethany calls out as she grabs her swimsuit from the dresser. Holding it out from her body, Bethany eyes all of the goodies built in and proceeds to slip it on. Struggle is a better term as she tries to get her legs in. The material being super tight, it inches up Bethany’s chunky thighs slowly as it has to push her fat into the correct shape. Once up, Bethany pulls the rubber encased mold over her bulky, chunky ass. Feeling the stiff middle rest against her bulging belly, Bethany struggles as she inches the zipper up her back. Her stomach slowly concealed and shaped beautifully, all Bethany has left is to fill the massive built in bra. Bending down, Bethany pulls out her special suitcase and unzips it. Revealing her spare pairs of tits, Bethany pulls a couple of them out and sets them on the bed. Zipping the bag closed Bethany smiles as she stands up and cradles the front of the suit as she places the big fake tits in the large empty cups. Slipping one arm in as the other cradles her bosoms, Bethany trades arms and slips in the other. Hauling the heavy chest up, Bethany leans back and finishes zipping the zipper up to the nape of her neck.
Finding her other ‘tits’ on the floor, Bethany stows them away before walking out of her room. Standing in the kitchen, Bethany poses thrusting out her hips and chest, her hands on her hips. “What do you think?”
Holding the cup full of water, Jane’s jaw drops. A look of surprise plastered all over her face as she soaks in her very curvaceous sister. Wrapped head to toe in a navy blue wet suit, Bethany’s body is stunning as it starts narrow by her ankles and flares out at the hips in one smooth line before narrowing around her waist. Then like beacons, Bethany’s ginormous breasts jut from her chest, perky and round letting the eye soak in her thick, but flat tummy and tapered sides. Once you get past that you see Bethany’s face, her neck wrapped in a military styled collar. “Wow….” Jane says dreamily as she stares at her sister’s body, even glancing down at her sister’s crotch, the wet suit showing every curve and bulge of Bethany’s big pussy.
“Come on let’s get down to the beach.” Bethany says as she walks back into her room for a minute to slip on a pair of sandals, giving her youngest sister a chance to drool over her perfect derriere.
Walking out of the house, the two sisters make the careful descent down the nature created path among the rocks, bolstered by wooden stairs and hand holds at dangerous points. Finally down on the sand, Bethany comes walking up behind Ashley who is sunbathing while reclined in a lounge chair.
“Glad you could finally join us Bethany.” Ashley states while looking into the sky. A pair of sun glasses protects her eyes from the sun.
“Going to go swimming?” Bethany asks while looking out at the water with childish interest.
“And risk looking like an idiot? No way!” Ashley sits up suddenly pulling her glasses down to the tip of her little nose. “Further down there is the hell-a cute boy… if he sees me frolicking around in the water he will think I am child!” Ashley says with a tone of fear in her voice even though she is trying to sound mature.
“Yeah and lying around acting like a snob has done so well for you. Do you even know his name?” Bethany retorts while looking down at her sister with an arched eyebrow.
“No…” Ashley responds dejectedly.
“So come play with us. If he sees you having fun then he will be more comfortable in coming over to say hi to you.” Bethany replies while holding out a hand.
Reaching up, Ashley is surprised by the ease in which her older sister hauls her to her feet. “Wow you are strong.” Ashley says smirking as she adjusts her overly padded bikini top and then pulls on her tiny tits to recreate her cleavage.
“Being a nurse… and having to hoist these tits certainly helps.” Bethany cannot help but ad as she arches her back.
Meanwhile further down the coast, a young man, the jewel of Ashley’s distant eyes watches with interests. The hot young man of eighteen stops and stares at the two curvaceous women as the smaller one is lifted to her feet quite easily by the bigger one. Wearing board shorts, a blue Hawaiian shirt and a pair of colorful Ray Ban’s, the sandy haired boy with hazel eyes grins. “Here I thought the girl in the two-piece was bangin’… but if that is her older sister… fuck!” He says aloud but being alone it is no different if he were thinking it to himself.
Running her hands through her long blonde hair, Ashley turns and looks back at the boy who is now staring slack jawed. Knowing that he has stared at her cheeks before, Ashley bends over as she slips on her sandals, her little bottoms creeping between her generous, firm ass cheeks.
Watching her sister, Bethany simply shakes her head at her sister’s obvious ploy to attract the boy. “Why don’t you just start stripping for him next…” Bethany says shaking her head. “Come on Jane, let’s go swimming.” Bethany says as she takes Jane by the hand and leads her to the ocean.
Seeing the curvaceous older sister with humongous cans walk away, the boy smile and decides now is the time to approach the equally sexy middle sister.
Standing up, Ashley feels her heart lurch to her throat as the boy starts walking down the beach. Blushing instantly, Ashley cannot help but stand there, swaying her delicious ass side to side gently as if using it as a lure.
The boy smiles as he watches Ashley swaying in place in the sand. Appreciating the fact she is nervous, he cannot help but constantly peek at her partially exposed ass cheeks.
Seeing him only a few feet away, Ashley smiles as the word “Hey,” pours from her full lips.
“Hey, I’m Brad.” The boy says with a smile as he glances at the jutting peaks of Ashley’s bikini top. Noticing instantly they are overly padded, Brad’s smile fades a little as he looks back into Ashley’s sapphire blue eyes. “I am staying at the next house down the road.”
“Cool, I am Ashley, staying in the house up there.” Ashley replies smiling as she turns and points up at the old blue cottage.
Glancing down when Ashley looks up at the house and points, Brad looks right at her tits. Wow that top is padded… Making mountains out of molehills… Brad thinks to himself and looks up as the curvaceous blonde looks back at him. “Cool. Do you guys come here often?” Brad asks as he glances down and smirks at Ashley’s attempt to create the illusion of bigger breasts.
Oh my god he is staring at my chest… Ashley thinks to herself as she catches Brad glancing at her mounds. “Yeah every year we come down for a couple of weeks.” Ashley says smirking as she buries her tippy toe into the sand while holding her hands behind her back.
Noticing how Ashley continues to show off her ‘boobs’ Brad blushes too as he cannot help but continue to glance down at Ashley’s padded top and ‘cleavage’. “Are those your sisters?” Brad asks as he looks out to the ocean and watches Bethany and a Jane splash around.
“Oh that is my younger sister Jane…” Ashely turns to the ocean and smiles as she points out her younger sister in the once piece. “She is wearing the one piece and the other is Bethany.” Ashley says while turning back to Brad. “She only shows up when she has time. Big time nurse back in Raleigh, but I am here every year and will continue to come as long as I can help it.” Ashley quickly adds, her voice becoming sultry when she mentions herself.
“So then where are your parents?” Brad asks as she continues to watch Bethany and Jane play in the water.
“Out, they won’t be back for a while…” Ashley purrs as she ‘adjusts’ her bikini bottoms.
Looking back over, Brad instantly notices that Ashley has pushed her bottoms a smidge lower so they only cover her puffy crotch in an obvious attempt to show him that she ‘shaves’. “Oh?” Brad replies glancing down. Feeling his crotch begin to stir, Brad is still a man and when a hot young girl is practically showing herself off, even he cannot help but get a little turned on, tiny tits or not.
“Yeah… care for a drink?” Ashley spills the line from her lips as she crosses her shapely thighs, her crotch suddenly wet.
“Yeah sure,” Brad smirks as he watches Ashley cross her legs. Looking back up, Brad stares as Bethany’s huge tits bounce and sway, the surf crashing in her heavenly body. “But I’d rather go swimming with you. I think a beautiful woman who shimmers in the sun with wet hair and glistening body is very sexy.” Brad looks over at Ashley.
‘I see.” Ashley looks out at the ocean sounding sad but when she sees that Brad is staring at her, her confidence instantly returns. “Okay.”
Smiling, Brad takes Ashley by the hand and leads her to the surf. Their feet lapping in the warm, ocean water, Brad soon finds that Ashley is having fun by playing scared. Having to take her by the hand, Brad laughs as he inches Ashley into the water. Finally up to their knees, Brad grabs Ashley and hoists her easily to her his shoulder. “Alright, time to get in!” Brad pronounces courageously as he marches into the ocean with his prize.
Yelping as she is lifted from the ground and over his shoulder, Ashley giggles like an excited child while trying to sound mature as she pleads to be let down. “Let go of me you big brute!” Ashley barks out while giggling, kicking her feet.
Looking from twenty feet away, Bethany and Jane stop their game and watch as Ashley comically kicks her feet, her loud yelp attracting her attention. Watching Brad carry her, both girls giggle as Ashley’s kicking feet makes her big round bottom, practically exposed, jiggle and shake. ‘I think Ashley is gonna go for a swim!” Jane says giggle.
“I think so too.” Bethany says smiling as she admires the chiseled, lean body of Brad march effortlessly in deeper. He must be a swimmer… Bethany thinks to herself as she catches her eyes glancing down at Brad’s very noticeable bulge sticking out into his broad and baggy board shorts. Hung too…
“Time to go!” Brad announces proudly finally stopping. The water lapping right under his hard shaft, Brad glances over at the busier bigger sister. Bigger, but definitely stacked, the older sister is definitely the hottest… Brad remarks in his mind as his cock jumps to the same conclusion. Feeling his member harden even more, Brad winces as he feels his balls start to fill, his penis very tender as the sight of the wet suit clad woman overloads his senses. Damn that one had huge tits… and she knows it.
Watching Brad stand there triumphantly, Bethany can only grin as she waits to see Ashley get tossed into the ocean. Of course when Bethany grins she happens to have to pose and true to her nature, Bethany finds herself sticking out her obnoxiously large and pushed up titties.
The wet suit clinging to every curve of Bethany’s body, Brad cannot help but lick his lips as his burgeoning penis twitches for release. Admiring the full view before him, Brad knows who he really wants to bang. Seeing Bethany strut her stuff, the bulge of her crotch looks inviting as her big lips could suck his cock easily. Suddenly he tosses Ashley into the ocean.
“Hey!” Ashley screams as she is flung easily into the ocean. Her arms and legs splayed out. Hitting the water hard, Ashley finds herself under the water for a brief moment before finding the sand below and rising up. Running her hands through her wet hair, Ashley blinks repeatedly.
Staring with wide open eyes, Brad just scored the jackpot. Watching as Ashley comes out of the water, Brad is treated to two very exposed, tiny tits topped with two very puffy and noticeable brown nipples. Still staring at Ashley’s chest, Brad can see that Ashley’s top was all padding and is still too big for her. Seeing the push up pads floating by her waist, he smiles.
Finally able to focus, Ashley can instantly tell what Brad is staring at. Knowing full well she was wearing a padded bikini top, Ashley coolly pulls her top back up and takes the pads from Brad’s hands. Never taking her eyes off of his, Ashley grins as she situates the pads in her top and then reaches in her top and pulls on her tiny tits. “Did you like your little show you pervert?”
“Yeah…” Brad replies instantly blushing, the sight of Ashley’s bare breasts burned into his mind.
“Good.” Ashley says with a grin as she suddenly splashes Brad with water, hitting him right in the face. “Now stop staring at my chest and let’s play!” Ashley giggles as Brad snaps out of his daze and handily drenches her with even more water.
Watching Brad and Ashley start to play, Bethany turns around smiling when suddenly she is sprayed in the face with a healthy splash from Jane’s cupped hands. “Hey!” Bethany cries out playfully as she wipes water from her face. “That wasn’t very nice!”
“So what!” Jane replies as she splashes her older sister more and more.
Being hit with splash after splash, Bethany raises her hands as water continues to hit her face and eyes. Stumbling back, Bethany feels the ocean slowly rise from the tops of her thighs to around her hips, unaware of the building wave coming up behind her. Still trying to wipe her eyes, Bethany retorts with splashing of her own, albeit weak and uncoordinated as her sole hand just splashes water everywhere while Jane simply laughs at her sister’s attempts at retribution.
Suddenly, Jane’s smiling face vanishes as a look of horror crosses her face. “Bethy! Watch out!” Jane stops and points really quick before bolting for the coast line.
Hearing Jane’s cry, Ashley and Brad look and see the rising wave bearing down on them. Coming in fast, both teens race for the beach, Ashley not even caring that her padded and stuffed bikini top is bouncing hard and her pulled up bits of cleavage suddenly disappear behind the bulky, over padded swimsuit top. Reaching the sand together, Ashley turns around breathing hard. “Bethany!” She cries out but is too late.
Turning around instead of just running, Bethany is paralyzed as the mountain of water rises well above her head. Facing the wave head on, Bethany closes her eyes as a cry rings out from her wide open mouth. The wave breaking right above her, Bethany is hit squarely in her face and chest sending her back like a rag doll. Her arms and legs flailing out, Bethany crashes into the water as the wall of water cascades down on top of her.
Watching from the shore, Ashley and Jane cry out in terror as they watch their older sister disappear under the crashing water. “Brad! Do something!” Ashley turns towards the lean and muscular teen grabbing him by his shirt she shakes him back and forth.
Feeling the wall of water slam right into her abundance of womanhood, namely her jaw dropping chest, Bethany cries out as the water overwhelms her. The confusing current pulling and pushing everywhere at once, Bethany cannot find the ground as she struggles to collect her bearings. Spinning in circles, Bethany is on verge of drowning. Out of control, Bethany feels her breasts roll around under her wet suit as the constant changing pressure expands and contracts, especially between her legs and her ass.
Stunned, Brad looks from the ocean to Ashley and back to the ocean. His head bobbing back and forth, Brad finally snaps out of his daze and rushes into the water. Shedding his shorts and shirt, Brad reveals his white Speedo’s; already wet they are sheer enough to reveal his puckered, firm ass and raging hard cock. Running into the water with determination, Brad doesn’t really care that his enlarged cock is bouncing up and down and all over as he runs to save the busty and curvaceous blonde twenty something stunner. Diving into the water, Brad quickly swims to the spot where Bethany went under. Finding her arm, Brad quickly drops his feet into the sand and hauls her up. Struggling more than he thought he would, Brad is surprised by how heavy Bethany truly is. When her head finally breaks the surface, Brad smiles as Bethany takes a large breath, his eyes flicking down as the diva’s huge tits rise into the air.
Waiting with baited breath back on the beach, Ashley and Jane hold each other’s hands as they wait for the dramatic scene to finally end. Seeing their sister’s head finally appear they cheer loudly as Brad is seen hauling Bethany to her feet.
Feeling the ground once more, Bethany breathes a sigh of relief, but her feeling of safety and reassurance does not last long as she feels something oozing down her chest beneath the sanctuary of her wet suit.
“Are you okay?” Brad looks over at Bethany as she catches her breath and finally stands on her own. Having this buxom, curvaceous woman, the very reason he came over to begin with, so close causes Brad to hold his breath as the rising and falling orbs of Bethany’s large tits draws his dirty minded gaze.
Looking over after a moment, Bethany cannot help stare at the chiseled, lithe body of the eighteen year old that saved her life. “Yes… Yes, I am fine.” Bethany replies still out of breath. Glancing down, Bethany is taken aback by his very noticeable erection pushing out the front of his Speedo’s. Not helping is the fact she can see pretty much everything. Grinning as she is close enough to touch it, Bethany instead arches her back to show her gratitude. “Thank you for saving me…” Bethany’s voice fades out as her eyes open wide.
Watching as the blonde sticks out her big tits, Brad doesn’t seem to understand why the blonde is nervous. Having never met Bethany until now, Brad doesn’t understand. But for Bethany it is pure horror because the moment she arched her back, Bethany felt the cool, creamy filling of her falsies, aka the chocolate pudding inflating the double layered pink balloons suddenly squirt against her chest. Knowing that her bosoms have been compromised, Bethany looks over at Brad and quickly gives him a kiss on the cheek before running out of the water.
Watching Bethany splash water everywhere as she runs for the shore, Ashley and Jane think that Bethany is still scared and overwhelmed, but when she rushes past them too and to the path back to the cottage along the cliff face, they wonder what the hell had gone wrong to send their big sister to run away. Turning back around, they watch as Brad collects his shorts and Hawaiian shirt and then plods out of the ocean. Glancing down at his Speedo’s, Ashley smiles as he still has a raging hard on. “You were so brave!” Ashley smiles a she runs up to her new hero, her arms outstretched. Her tits perfect once again, Ashley wraps her arms around his neck and hugs him hard. Feeling his cock push into her stomach like a stick, Ashley is all smiles.
“Yeah… it was quite a rush having to save someone and all.” Brad smiles as he ends the embrace and looks down at Ashley smiling.
“It looked so hard…” Ashley replies blushing as she knows she is looking down at Brad’s big dick.
“Well…” Brad says unable to hide it. “It was hard the entire time, all I could think of is, what if it was you Ashley?”
Looking up, Ashley is slack jawed. “Oh my god… Brad, you were thinking of me even as you saved my sister?” Ashley asks her heart melting, her hands now clamped over her chest.
“Oh course!” Brad replies a little excitedly. Seeing before how the two older sisters were dressed and how Ashley didn’t care that Brad could see that her top was padded, Brad assumes that Ashley will be the easier one where Bethany would be harder to get out of her clothes.
“You are so sweet!” Ashley cries out in excitement as she pulls Brad in for another, sensual embrace.
Watching the entire time, Jane rolls her eyes as she watches Brad constantly look up at the cliff. He was so staring at Bethany… how do I tell Ashley that this guy is a pig? Jane asks herself as she watches Ashley start to make out with the two timing teen from next door.
Meanwhile, it is everything but great for Bethany as she hurries up the cliff wall on her way to the den, and a fresh pair of jiggly tits. Every movement of every step makes her breasts jiggle and shake which makes more and more of her pudding filling ooze and pour down her chest. Glancing down, Bethany wants to cry as she watches her breasts continue to slowly shrink. When she reaches the front door, Bethany is on the verge of tears as her big breasts have shrunk to a paltry C cup, her jutting boobs now seem to swim in the oversized cups of the built in bra of her wet suit. Feeling her chest covered in pudding, Bethany yanks on the screen door and pushes the front door forward crashing it into the wall. Once inside, Bethany turns and runs right into her bedroom. Slamming the door, Bethany leans against the door breathing hard. Looking down again, Bethany watches as the remains of her once bountiful breasts deflate all way.
Staying far away from the big bay windows as possible, Bethany reaches around her neck and slowly starts to unzip her wetsuit. Sliding the zipper down all the way, Bethany grabs the collar and carefully pulls it away slowly. Looking down as the garment is pulled away from her body, Bethany stares at her chocolate covered tits and as the wet suit is pulled away further, Bethany watches as the puddle of pudding cascades down her expanding tummy. Taking the wetsuit all the way off, Bethany watches as the two, torn, pink deflated balloons plop to the floor as she takes it all the way off. Now naked and covered in chocolate, Bethany finds a towel and wipes off most of the chocolatey, sticky mess. Standing in her room stark naked, Bethany is a sharp contrast from the curvaceous hotty from moments ago. Now a jiggly, fat mess possessing tiny, pancake flaps of skin for breasts. Bethany changes into her pajamas, including her bulky white bra, her spare rubber mold bottom, a skimpy thong complete with a fresh foam monstrosity and a fresh pair of falsies before leaving her bedroom and up the stairs to shower.
Emerging an hour later from the bathroom, Bethany walks back down the iron, twisting stair case to find her entire family sitting in the living room. Rising up from the couch, Janet looks at Bethany with concern. “Are you alright honey? Ashley told your father and I that you were hit by a wave and almost drowned.’ Walking to the foot of the stairs, Janet holds her arms out and smiles as Bethany walks in for a hug.
“It was pretty scary.” Bethany finally replies as they finish the loving embrace. “I went under and I couldn’t find the bottom to stand up, but then Ashley’s new friend came from nowhere and pulled me up.”
“Yeah, he was very heroic!” Jane shouts excitedly.
Sitting in the easy chair, Bill finally stands up and walks up to his eldest daughter and pulls her in for a tight embrace. “Glad you are alright Bethy Boo.” Bill says while invoking the old childhood nick name he had for her.
“Thanks Daddy,” Bethany says suddenly crying as she hugs her father tightly, tears streaming down her face. Pressing her body hard into his, Bethany doesn’t care that her big tits are on the verge of exploding.
Feeling his daughter’s titanic swells press into his chest, Bill sighs as he hugs his daughter. “I don’t know what I would have done if you had drowned Bethany.” Bill says as tears free flow down his cheeks. Standing alongside, Janet wipes away a tear as Ashley and Jane both watch from the couch, holding back tears of their own. Holding his daughter with two hands and at an arms-length, ending the drawn out and emotional hug Bill smiles. “Come on, get dressed and lets you and I go out.”
Nodding as she wipes away her tears, Bethany, still red in the face, smiles and nods. “Okay, just give me a few minutes to freshen up.”
“I will be waiting.” Bill replies with a soft smile as he watches Bethany walk off into the kitchen.
Shutting the door to her bedroom, Bethany walks over to her drawers and opens one. Deciding right away that a cute dress with minimal controls would best suit her, she pulls out a cute red piece. Holding it up, Bethany likes how the dress conveys innocence while still affording her the appearance of a slim waist while the skirt is long and loose enough so she doesn’t have to wear control hose, aka her legs can be free and hidden. Laying it on the bed, Bethany next grabs a matching red bra, the sides of the cups designed to stop right under arm pits while the front dives into a deep cut thus making sure that no embarrassing ‘side boob’ will show while the front of the dress, a straight across the top cut, will hide her ‘cleavage’. Next Bethany decides on a high waist panty. Holding them up, Bethany looks with approval as the top half is a built in tummy control while the bottom half is large enough to conceal the rubber mold she needs to wear in order to give her butt that perfect, round and most important of all, smooth shape. Still though, before she can begin, Bethany needs her pussy holder. Deciding on a matching little red G-String panty, Bethany smiles as the huge foam pad dominates the front panel of the otherwise skimpy panty.
Taking her pajamas off, Bethany leaves her big bulky bra on as she proceeds to get dressed. Pulling on the g string first, Bethany moans softly as the thin, wire like strip of nylon creeps between her chunky, pitted, fat ass cheeks. Adjusting the foam wonder crotch that doubles as a pee pad between her chunky and exposed, fat thighs, Bethany purposely takes a couple of steps, simply to enjoy the wad of foam as it slides between her legs and over her fat, juicy c*nt. Grabbing the big red panties next, Bethany slips one foot than the other in. Bending over, Bethany feels her fat nasty ass spread open as she pulls the tight, restrictive panty up her large, soft thighs. With her panties clamping her legs closed, Bethany than waddles to her bed once more and grabs her spare ass. Pressing the rubber mold over her large ass, Bethany wiggles and hops as she jiggles her beefy butt cheeks into each mold just right. Still holding it to her backside, Bethany begins the slowl pull north as the tight panties fight every inch along the way. After what seems like hours and after much adjusting, Bethany finally slips her fingers from the high waist and smiles as she runs her hands down her sides. Feeling her love handles smoothed out, Bethany notes her tummy still looks distended but knows that when she puts on her ‘simple’ dress, that her tummy will be the same, flat, curvaceous mid-section everyone constantly drools over. Changing her bra last, Bethany smiles while she situates her bosoms in the broad cups of the plunging 40E cup red bra.
Bethany smiles with approval as she stares at herself in the mirror. Admiring her figure, Bethany preens as she crosses her meaty, pale white thighs together while pressing her pudding filled balloons together to create a mile of pink, latex cleavage. Seeing herself as a pin up, Bethany coos as she releases her bra straps and runs her hands down her panty controlled sides and over her smooth feeling butt. Giving her ass a playful slap, Bethany uncrosses her legs and looks at her bulging camel toe with further approval. Walking back to the bed, Bethany slips on the dress and zips it up. The wide straps covers her thin bra straps while the straight neckline covers her breast but still leaves the top of her chest and collar bones exposed. Zipping it up, Bethany feels the scrunchy like middle portion of the dress finish the job her tummy control panty started while the flowing portion of the dress d****s to her knees concealing her pitted, grotesque legs while showing off her calves which are still very sexy and firm. Slipping on a pair of black platform heels, Bethany comes out of her room after styling her hair with bangs and a black hair band.
Looking up, her parents and sisters all smile when she emerges from the kitchen. “Wow honey, you look gorgeous!” Janet is the first to say something as she stands up from the couch.
“Yeah sis, wow!” Ashley says as she was already standing. Wearing a tank top and shorts, Ashley is still wearing her bombshell bra, her boobs looking very padded and stiff.
“You look pretty!” Jane replies. Wearing jeans and a t shirt, Jane is all smiles.
“Well, I guess we should be going huh?” Bill is the last to stand. Bill’s chest swells with pride as he looks Bethany up and down. Secretly, Bill has always enjoyed how his daughter has filled out over the years, glad that one of his girls has ‘fully’ developed. Watching her walk towards him, Bill simply smiles and turns as she walks up to him clutching her purse.
“Come on, Daddy.” Bethany says sweetly along with a big, pearly white smile.
Walking out the door, Janet, Ashley and Jane all look to one another with the same exact thought Bethany’s big boobs make her the favorite… For Ashley and Jane this is a fact of life, for Janet it makes her a little self-conscious about her own flat chest. Sitting back down, Janet yet again ponders where in the family Bethany could have gotten such a voluptuous body from. Drawing blanks, Janet simply thinks that either god chose her eldest daughter to break free of the biological constraints or her daughter is simply stuffing her bra, albeit a hell of a big bra.
Meanwhile, outside Bethany smiles as they near her father’s Dodge Dart. Yet when they walk past it, Bethany frowns. “Daddy, we walked past the car, it is back there.” Bethany turns and looks back over her shoulder while thumbing behind her.
“I know…” Bill replies curling his lip. Glancing at his daughter, Bill winks which sends Bethany into even more confusion.
“You don’t expect me to drive you in my, as you love to say, hunk of junk do you?” Bethany spins her head back around. Walking a little faster than normal to keep up with her father who is well over six feet, Bethany’s big tits bounce more than usual.
“Nope! In fact, it is a surprise.” Bill says finishing with another wink. Nearing the old barn, Bill pulls the keys to the old Studebaker out of his pocket.
Seeing the keys flash in the moonlit sky, Bethany’s jaw drops. “You finally got that piece of junk to run? What if we break down? I don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road!” Bethany wails in protest as her father boldly walks on.
“Don’t worry and if we do, just show a little leg…” Bill laughs as he spins the old wood bar from the cradle and pulls the doors open one at a time. Walking inside the pitch black garage, Bill fumbles with the keys.
Hearing the door screech open, Bethany waits outside as the old straight eight roars to life. Seeing the dual circular headlights blaze a bright yellow, Bethany backs up a couple of steps as the old two door Studebaker Champion rolls out into the night sky. Recently washed and already repainted, the red car with the white door ascents shines like a new penny. Complete with solid chrome hubcaps and broad white wall tires, the car is a throwback to an era long forgotten.
Rolling to a stop, Bill is full of pride as his daughter walks around the nose of the sportster and opens the passenger side door. Watching as she holds her skirt to her legs, Bill notes that they are thicker than they used to be. Waiting for Bethany to strap the waist belt Bill admires his daughter’s throwback style outfit. “Ready/” Bill looks over at his daughter with a broad smile.
“As I’ll ever be…” Bethany smiles back, albeit nervously. ‘Resting’ her hand on the door handle, aka gripping it as tight as she can, Bethany swallows as her father pulls the car forward and around the gravel drive way. The ride, especially harsh finds Bethany wishing she wore a sturdier bra as her giant breasts bounce, bob and wobble all the way up the drive and especially down the pitted, uneven and pot hole filled road.
Laughing the entire time, Bill finds his daughter’s musings about the ride quite hilarious as he watches her cover her huge chest with her arms. “Your mother and sisters do not have that problem you know.” Bill jokes which earns him a hate filled stare which sends him laughing even more. Pulling out on the road, the car hits the edge of the road hard sending another yelp from his eldest daughter as she tries to keep her big boobs from popping out of her dress one last time.
Glad that the rest of the ride into the small coastal town is much smoother, Bethany soon forgets the rough ride from before and she enjoys her father’s pride in getting the old classic running. Finding the Sand Island Restaurant and Bar, Bethany smiles as her father finds a parking space. “Why so far away?” Bethany pouts as she unbuckles her lap belt.
“So no one dings the paint honey.” Bill replies matter of fact as he climbs out from behind the wheel. Manually locking his door, Bill reminds Bethany to do the same before they walk up the parking lot to the old style wooden double doors.
Admiring the frosted nine panel glass windows situated along the top most half of each door, Bethany loves how the door opens smoothly and effortlessly. Walking in first, Bethany is all smiles as the hostess and a waiter smile when she walks in. Feeling beautiful, Bethany can feel the gaze of many patrons staring at her, namely her chest.
“How many tonight?” The hostess asks smiling standing behind the podium.
‘Two please,” Bill smiles as he walks in behind his daughter beaming. Seeing the looks his eldest daughter is receiving tells Bill over and over that he did something right on the night of his honeymoon.
“Very good, a table or a booth?” the hostess asks tilting her head.
“Bethy?” Bill looks down at his daughter giving her the magnanimous decision of where they will sit.
“A table by a window if one exists…” Bethany asks as she looks out over the full dining room. Seeing that the booths are along the wall, Bethany is happy to find that tables do indeed line the big windows overlooking the bay.
“Of course Miss,” the hostess replies smiling. Unable to look Bethany in the eye because of the large tits sticking out.
“Thank you!” Bethany replies stifling a giggle as she catches the hostess staring at her chest.
“Right this way.” The hostess blushes as she refuses to look up, afraid she will leer at Bethany’s big bosoms again. Leading Bill and Bethany past many tables, they finally stop right in front of a table right smack dab in the middle of the long line of big bay windows. Waiting for them take their seats the hostess smiles as she sets a menu down in front of each. “Your waitress will be with your shortly.”
Watching the skinny hostess walk away, Bethany smiles as she looks down at the small square table, her silverware wrapped in linen. Un-wrapping it carefully, Bethany lays the linen napkin in her lap and looks up just as the waitress arrives.
“Good evening and welcome to the Sand Island Restaurant and Grill. My name is Melissa and I will be your server for the evening.” The brown haired woman smiles genuinely. Wearing a black t shirt and nylon like pants, Melissa is curvy. Possessing ample sized breasts, most likely a D cup, and curvy hips, Melissa also has a noticeable round belly but not large. Slightly round in the face and curly hair, Melissa is pretty. “Can I start you off with something to drink?”
Looking up at the server, Bill is satisfied as the girl’s tight top shows off her meaty chest. “I’ll have a beer, Coors please.”
“Excellent choice sir,” Looking from Bill the Bethany, Melissa smirks as Bethany looks up from her menu. Eyeing the blonde’s big tits, Melissa glad to finally serve someone her own age and a girl who is bigger like her. “And you Miss?”
“Pepsi please?” Bethany replies after having turned the menu over and looked over the drink selections.
“Excellent choice.” Melissa says as she turns and walks away.
Both of them pleased with Melissa, they both watch as she walks away, her shapely legs and hips hinting at a nice ass, but when they see the small handfuls and the obvious muffin top, they are both somewhat disappointed.
“Sorry honey, not everyone is built like you.” Bill replies jokingly.
“Daddy!” Bethany cries out giggling as she covers her face with her menu.
A couple of tables away, Becka, who is out with her husband for a romantic dinner for two, immediately looks over when she recognizes Bethany’s voice. “Babe that is the girl I told you about.” Becka instantly indicates with a thumb.
“Huh?” He looks up from his plate and looks over. Studying the blonde in the red dress, he looks back over at Becka, his mouth full of food. “That’s the fat girl who stuffs her bra?”
“Yes! And here she is wearing that stupid dress and strutting around with those ridiculous boobs! No doubt trying to lure that older man into emptying his wallet for her,” Becka says looking back over at Bethany, her eyes narrowing with disgust.
“Who cares, it will be his loss when he gets her home and takes her clothes off.” Becka’s husband replies, not really caring while he continues to devour his meal.
“Men…” Becka grumbles as she can only push her food around her plate, pissed off that Bethany, Miss Jelly Belly, Bethany Baby Boobs is here throwing her weight around. “God what do guys see in her?’ Becka looks back at her husband, her tone demanding an answer.
Rolling his eyes, her husband sighs as he looks up from his plate. Looking over, he takes his time before returning to his plate. Swallowing what was left in his mouth, he finally answers. “Well she appears to have an hour glass shape, a great ass and huge, perky tits. The fact she is covered up is a tease that makes every male here imagine her naked.”
Deciding not to reply, Becka simply stuffs a forkful of green beans into her mouth and chomps away angrily.
Back at Bethany and Bill’s table, the father daughter duo is engaged in a lively debate. “I think that having medical records on a national database would be far more efficient than the current system of having to beg physicians to share their patient’s files.” Bethany retorts.
Enjoying his daughter’s passion, bill simply smiles. “But then you leave the chance that a dishonest person could access a patient’s file and have their hands on a wealth of personal information. The thought that millions of people’s lives are exposed to potential thieves is scary, not the mention mind boggling.” Bill shoots back.
About to respond, Bethany stops herself when Melissa arrives with the drinks. “Okay a Coors for you sir and a Pepsi for you.” Melissa smiles as she sets the drinks down in front of Bill and Bethany respectively. “Have you come to a decision on your main course for the evening?”
“Well, before we do, my name is Bill and this is my beautiful daughter Bethany.” Bill introduces himself and Bethany while extending an open hand towards his dinner guest.
“Ah, well it is certainly a pleasure Bill and Bethany.” Melissa responds with a big smile. Turning towards Bethany, Melissa continues. “I love your dress it really suits you.”
“Thank you!” Bethany replies as she sits up a little straighter, her breasts sticking out just a little further. Smiling Melissa looks back to Bill.
“Ah, right…” Bill acts surprised as he fumbles with the menu. “My daughter and I have decided to have the same meal and she has graciously allowed me to order for the both of us. We will have the porter house steak, medium rare with the Caesar salad, Ranch dressing on both please.” Bill says as he holds up the menu.
“Excellent choice Bill, I know you will both enjoy it.” Melissa replies as she takes the menus. “We are busy tonight so it will be forty minutes or so before your food will come out.
“Thank you Melissa.” Bill responds cordially. Watching as Melissa walks off, Bill cannot believe what comes out of his mouth next. “God damn that girl has nice tits!”
“Daddy! How dare you!” Bethany is taken aback by her father’s sudden outburst. Staring at her father in shock, Bethany is surprised when her father looks at her and shrugs his shoulders. “I mean mom doesn’t have boobs. What would she think if she heard you say that?”
Looking at his daughter, Bill knows he screwed up and the fact that his daughter is defending her mother the way she is fills him with even more pride. “You are right… I should not have said it, much less think it. I find your mother very attractive.” Bill says in resignation.
Sensing her father is sorry, Bethany’s look of indignation softens into a smile. “Listen, it’s okay…” Bethany reaches across the table and takes her father’s hand in hers, stroking it gently with her other. “I think she has nice tits too.”
Staring back at his daughter, Bill is shocked. Did Bethany just say that our waitress has a nice rack? Wow… Catching his breath, Bill collects himself and smiles. “Never thought I’d hear that after the talking too you just gave me.”
“Just don’t say stuff like that in front of mom. She is self-conscious about it and I’m sure seeing me doesn’t help.” Bethany says softly.
“Oh baby girl, don’t think that!” Bill replies scoffing the notion. “Your mother loves you.”
“I didn’t say she doesn’t but whether you want to say it or not, I have big boobs and I’m sure mom wonders where I got them from. I don’t know but I’m sure she wonders all the time how out of all the women of the family, I am the only one to grow boobs, but not just boobs, huge boobs even.” Bethany continues on, her voice raising as she talks more and more.
Suddenly uncomfortable, Bill cannot help but feel exposed as he has wondered the same thing. Trying to look in his daughter’s eyes, Bill suddenly finds himself unable to even look at Bethany as he is afraid all he will look at are her breasts. ”Please stop Bethany, that’s enough.”
Seeing her father is unable to look at her, Bethany realizes that the subject of her rapid breast growth has been discussed time and time again between her parents. Sitting back, Bethany cannot help but smirk as she has suddenly revealed the fact her parents are both proud but curious of her body. “Sorry Daddy…” Bethany finally acknowledges her father’s sudden discomfort and even rolls her shoulder’s forward in an attempt to minimalize her chest.
Hearing her words, Bill looks over and feels instantly guilty. Seeing his proud daughter suddenly concealing her breasts, Bill switches places and now he is rubbing Bethany’s hand. “Don’t be ashamed of them honey. I am just not comfortable talking about your… things… you know… You are my daughter for Christ’s sakes!” Bill bursts into a belly invoked laugh.
Seeing her father laugh, Bethany cannot help but laugh too. “I know I get it!” Bethany finally says after calming down.
Still picking at her plate, Becka looks over at Bethany again with disgust. “God I hate that fat b*tch. Wouldn’t you agree that after the first time I exposed her tiny, disgusting tits she would have learned that stuffing her bra was dumb?”
“Who cares, as I said before, it will be her problem when she finally has to take off her tits when she has sex…” Becka’s husband rolls his eyes again. “Just let it go…”
“Let it go, let it go!?” Becka slams her fist down on the linen covered table with a glass shaking bang! “That b*tch struts around showing off a pair of titties that are not even hers and has no problem pushing them in everyone’s face! And now they are bigger! When will it ever stop? Someone has to expose the b*tch yet again…” Becka replies in a huff.
“And it won’t be you Becka Hart, do you understand me?”
“Yes…” Becka replies under her breath.
“I didn’t hear you!” Becka’s husband suddenly raises his voice, tired of his wife’s b*tching.
“Yes Nathan.” Becka says begrudgingly as she notices Bethany rising from her seat out of the corner of her eye. “Well, I guess all those drinks finally want out, I will be right back.” Becka says with a smile as she exits her chair.
Rolling his eyes, Nathan returns to his plate. Watching Bethany walk towards the bathroom, Becka stays far enough back. Watching her enter the ladies room, Becka takes her time. Finally reaching the door, Becka opens it slightly. Seeing the bathroom empty except for a single pair of ankles, Becka walks in softly, quietly closing the door behind her. Slipping off her heels, Becka holds them in a hand as she walks up to the stall next to Bethany’s. As she carefully lets herself in and closes the door, Becka is rudely shocked as Bethany passes a wet, greasy fart. Curling her face as Bethany deposits her load noisily in the toilet, Becka climbs atop the toilet seat. Peering over, Becka covers her mouth.
Looking straight down, Becka sees more than she could have ever bargained for. Not only can she see Bethany’s pink balloon tits through the gap in Bethany’s dress. Forced to unzip her dress and pull it up higher so she could roll her control panties down, Bethany is unaware that she is being watched. For Becka this is pay dirt. Not only is Bethany still stuffing her bra, but now she is a fat assed whale. The control panties in full view, Becka can only imagine the gut that they hold back as Bethany’s pasty white thighs can only attest too. not only is Bethany wearing control panties, but they appear to be padded as well which means Bethany’s big ass has grown too, but not in a good way or why else would she be hiding it? And then when she sees that Bethany is also wearing a g string and stuffed in the crotch is a big pad, sends Becka over the edge. So little miss titty sl*t is a fat girl now… Forced to wear shaping panties and a fake butt to hide her gross ass and stomach. What’s up with the padding in the crotch of her never seen g string? Probably so she doesn’t wet herself or something… Slipping out of the bathroom, Becka doesn’t want to watch Bethany wipe her ass and instead hurries back to her table.
Looking up from his plate, Nathan looks at his wife confused. “Thought you had to go?”
“I realized I didn’t when I got there.” Becka says sounding relieved when she sits down. Taking a couple more bites, Becka watches from the corner of her eye for Bethany to appear, when she does, Becka snorts when Bethany walks through the crowded dining room, strutting her big tits and big, flawless looking ass, her tummy and sides tucked in making her chest and bottom look even more striking.
Noticing Bethany when he hears his wife snort, Nathan immediately assumes correctly that his wife went to the bathroom to spy on the big blonde. “Just couldn’t help yourself, could you Becka.” Nathan says sure of his assumptions.
“Shut up already…” Becka says and looks away visibly angry at her husband’s insistence that she mind her own business for once in her life.
Returning to her table, Bethany smiles as she sits down to a full plate of steaming hot food. Digging in, the rest of dinner goes flawlessly as she and her father pick up right where they left off. Meanwhile, a poor bus boy assigned with cleaning the ladies room is disgusted when he runs into the toilet Bethany clogged with her most recent expulsion.
The ride home goes much like the first only now Bethany has to hold her ginormous bosoms the rest of the way home as her father tries to avoid the roughest spots, but still fails miserably as his daughters whining attests too. Backing into the old barn/garage Bill finally kills the engine and flicks off the head lights. “Thanks for a wonderful dinner. You were a marvelous date.”
Bethany looks over at her father smiling. “You too Daddy,” she replies as she exits the car. Slamming the door closed, Bethany walks out of the barn and waits as her father closes and swings the wood bar around, latching the door closed. “I had fun, thank you.” Bethany repeats herself, only now standing on her tippy toes to give her father a kiss.
Bill smiles as he crouches down low enough so his daughter can kiss his cheek. “It is my pleasure honey.” Bill replies standing back up. “Come on, it is late, let’s get inside and off to bed, okay?”
Nodding in approval, Bethany follows her father to the cottage. Once inside, they smile as everyone else has already gone to bed. Waving, Bethany retreats to her bedroom. Changing into her pajamas, she crawls into bed. Servicing her pussy, Bethany moans as she floods her fingers and panties before nodding off to sleep.
The rest of the week goes along smooth enough. Family dinners and outings and another day at the beach, Saturday finally arrives. Packing her bags, Bethany spends the early hours loading her car. Wearing a yellow sun dress, Bethany completes the cute outfit with a pair of dark nylons that go completely black around her ass and crotch. The nylons have the desired shaping effect that allows Bethany to wear the slightly higher cut dress without regret. Knowing that the neckline is lower than she usually prefers, Bethany has augmented herself with a careful slab of duct tape, the effect giving her the rounded tops of bubbling breasts. Wearing a yellow lace half cup bra beneath, Bethany is stunning as the built in waist cincher conforms her mid-section to the hour glass and flat tummy curvature she desires. Thick straps adorn her shoulders hides her yellow bra straps completing the look as a pair of straw looking pumps lift her to her desired five foot ten. Half bent over in the trunk of her car, Bethany doesn’t realize that Ashley is staring at her bent over, broad round butt.
“Are you leaving already?” Ashley finally speaks up which sends Bethany’s head crashing into the trunk lid.
“Ow!” Bethany scrunches her face in pain as she rubs her head. her left breast rising as her ‘cleavage’ conforms perfectly. “No, just packing.” Bethany answers as she closes the trunk, cursing the stinging pain radiating atop her head.
“Oh good, I was hoping would be going to the fair with us tonight, it would be cool to go on some rides with you.” Ashley says smiling.
“Yeah but I don’t think I will be going on any rides, I’m not exactly dressed for them and my clothes are all packed away.” Bethany replies. Walking away from her car, Bethany looks down at Ashley’s chest. “Where’s your bra?’ Bethany asks as she eyes her sister’s semi flat chest, two mounds of perky, teen breasts and long, semi hard nipples now push into the tight t shirt instead of the usual heavily padded B cups of her bombshell bra.
“In the wash,” Ashley responds. Looking down at her chest, Ashley hates how her long nipples overshadow her growing mounds. “I hate how tiny my tits are. I look twelve.”
“But what about Brad, aren’t you two a thing?” Bethany asks looking back up into Ashley’s piercing eyes.
“Yeah, we fooled around but Brad didn’t like that my chest was all bra. He got tired of flicking my nipples, last time I saw him he was with some busty brunette.’ Ashley says dejectedly. Looking up Ashley looks past her big sisters tits. “Will I ever meet a guy who will like me for what I am?”
Looking back at her sister, Bethany shakes her head. “You already know the answer, look at mom and dad.” Bethany says before turning and walking back into the house.
Watching her sister walk away, Ashley watches her sister’s big round ass roll side to side. Looking down at her own, chest, Ashley looks back up biting her bottom lip. It’s easy for Bethany to say when she has a body like hers. I’d love to see her be so confident without her big boobs. Following her sister in the house, Ashley is soon busy as she joins the family in packing up the trailer. Hours later and the cottage cleared of personal effects. Ashley with her ‘boobs’ proudly strapped to her chest, walks back outside. Changing her shirt for a V neck that shows off her hand made ‘cleavage’, Ashley walks up to her father. “Daddy, when we leave, can I ride with Bethany to the fair?” Posing confidently, Ashley sticks out her jutting chest as if it helps to make her case.
“Um, okay?” Bill answers. Watching Ashley smile and spin on her heels, Bill shakes his head. “What is wrong with our daughters?” He asks aloud as Janet is busy tying down the rope that will hold the last of their belongings to the roof of the car,
“Honey, this always happens when Bethany comes around. They see her with her breasts getting stared at and they want to be like her. We tried to make them proud of who they are but it is obvious they want to be like Bethany.” Janet replies. Looking past her husband, she looks over as the three sisters share a laugh.
Turning to look too, Bill watches for a moment then faces Janet once more. “Did you know that Jane wants one of those insta-boob bras now too?”
“I do,” Janet replies with a grin. “I believe it because when she came back after hanging out with Bethany she was stuffing her bra. Don’t worry, I told Bethany to encourage Jane to be herself and be happy with what the lord had provided her but when the messenger is busty and Jane dreams of being busty, it is a hard pill to swallow.” Janet replies as she tosses the rope over to Bill.
Grabbing it, Bill ties it off and turns around. Looking from Jane, to Ashley and finally Bethany, Bill can also see that Bethany’s tradition busting bra cups are encouraging his remaining daughters to pump up their bust lines as well, even if they have to stuff a bra, they will do it so they can look more like Bethany. Then he remembers back to the dinner he shared with Bethany and the words that spilled from his mouth. Suddenly he understands. His daughters are not little girls, but teenagers and as teenagers their wants change. “Damn it…” Bill shakes his head.
“Honey, you and I weren’t that much different when we were their ages. If I recall I lost my virginity to you.” Janet says, now resting her chin on her husband’s shoulder’s looking over at her girls. “We can try and fail to keep them from having sex, or we can encourage them to be smart about it. Our parents failed to keep us from having sex we will not do any better.”
Hearing his wife’s words of wisdom, Bill sighs. Placing his fingers in his mouth, Bill whistles loudly. Watching his daughters hop in their shoes, Bill waves his hand. “Alright gang! Let’s get on the road! We have a fair to crash!”
Smiling as she peels herself from her husband’s broad shoulders, Janet waits as Bethany and Ashley climb in Bethany’s car and Bill and Jane get in the other. Opening her own door, Janet finally climbs in and closes the door.
Driving down the road in a train formation, the two cars rumble towards the annual Sand Island Fair. For Jane, it is always fun as she looks forward to the ride. To Ashley, being ‘Busty’ means she will get the attention she wants, just like Bethany. For Bethany, she hopes to get on the road soon, her own bed and apartment now calling her more than ever.
Pulling into the fairgrounds, Bethany along with Ashley and the rest of the family walk to the ticket booth. Shelling out two hundred dollars for the all you can ride wrist bands, Bill stares at his empty wallet as his girls trot inside laughing and giggling.
“Just remember that we do this for the girls every year…” Janet pats her husband on his shoulder.
Begrudgingly Bill closes his wallet and stuffs it back in pocket. “I know baby but it still hurts every year.” Bill pats his heart mocking pain on his face.
Wrapping her arm around his waist, Janet shakes her head as they walk in side by side.
Walking together up ahead, Jane is the first to break the silence. Looking around as all of the flashing lights and the spinning, twirling and rocking rides, Jane cannot help but hop up and down on the balls of her feet. “What should we do first? I think we should go on that one!” Jane points at the Zipper.
Staring up at the monstrosity of rusted steel, Bethany shakes her head as the giant arm spins around, sending the fifteen carriages spinning round and round even faster. “You are crazy…” Bethany says while secretly wishing she decided to wear a sturdier bra and even a pair of jeans.
“What, are you scared that your giant boobs will plop out? Are you hiding knee knockers Bethy?” Ashley joins in and jokingly jams her elbow into Bethany’s exposed, pale white arm. “Come on scaredy cat!”
Looing from her sister’s smiling, egging on faces to the ride, Bethany swallows hard and finally ascents. “Fine, but if I get on and my tits fall out of my bra, there will be hell to pay…” Bethany warns. Her threat falls on deaf ear as she is suddenly pulled. Staggering along behind, Bethany is pulled by both hands all the way to the line. Waiting for only a few minutes, the three sisters are suddenly next.
“Only two of you can get on the ride.” The lazy looking attendant comments when he looks down at the sets of wide hips. “One of you needs to find another passenger.
Looking behind her, Ashley sees a cute boy who winks at her. Turning around, she grabs him by the hand and drags him forward. Hanging onto his arm, she looks at the attendant. “This boy here will accompany me.”
Seeing the grin plastered on the boy’s face as he finds his arm hugged by the busty teen with a hot ass, he offers no objection. “Fine…” the attendant relents and helps Bethany and Jane into the first carriage. Closing the cage, the attendant winks at Bethany as her huge tits barely clear the safety bar, he slips the cotter pin into the latch. “Enjoy your ride.” He says with a toothy grin as Bethany, squeezed alongside her sister looks like a stuffed olive, her arms squeezing her buxom breasts together tightly.
“I hate you Jane.” Bethany mumbles as she wriggles in her seat.
“No you don’t you love me!” Jane says excitedly, oblivious to her sister’s discomfort.
Rolling her eyes, Bethany rests her arms on the safety bar and waits as the carriage lifts higher as the next car is loaded. Once the ride is loaded, the attendant turns on 80’s themed rock music and pushes the lever all the way forward. Watching through the cage, Bethany holds her breath as the cage picks up speed. Her sister’s screams of joy drown out the music as Bethany is suddenly spun round and round, the attendant masterfully using the controls to coax the carriages into faster and faster spins.
Spinning around suddenly and quickly, Bethany feels like she going to vomit as her huge boobs threaten to come flying out of her yellow dress. Forced to hold her breasts, Bethany screams out in terror as the ride continues on. Jane meanwhile is screaming as the ride is exciting and fun for her. Unaware of her sister’s terror, Jane doesn’t even notice as her sister is busy clutching her huge breasts or that her sister’s dress as flown up revealing her nylon covered legs. When the ride finally ends and the attendant opens the door, Jane jumps out excitedly. Taking a moment longer, Bethany is stunned. White as a ghost, Bethany doesn’t care that her thighs are spread open giving the attendant and any bystanders a great view of her bulging, nylon covered camel toe. Finally regaining her senses, Bethany steps down from carriage with the helpful hand of the toothy grinned attendant and stumbles to the exit gate.
“You can let yourself go now…’ Ashley smirks as she looks at her older sister who is still holding onto her tits with one arm.
No longer dizzy, Bethany finally lowers her arm. “I’m not going on anymore rides like that!” Bethany declares frowning when her proclamation is answered with giggles.
“Told you Bethy doesn’t want anyone to know she has saggy titties.” Ashley prods her little sister who bursts into giggles.
“Shut up!” Bethany responds with a swift punch to Ashley’s chest. Feeling her fist crash into Ashley’s padded bra, Bethany is shocked when a push up pad pops out from her sister’s v neck top.
“What the fuck Bethany! I was only joking around!” Ashley grumbles as she is forced to fix herself, blushing when the guy she was just on the ride with happens to notice and laughs, pointing her out to his friends. “See! Now look what you did! Everyone’s gonna know I’m stuffing my bra!” Ashley hisses venomously as she turns around.
“Serves you right for saying I have saggy tits.” Bethany says proudly as she arches her back. Her big tits sticking out proudly, the same guy that was just laughing at Ashley along with his friends, stare suddenly slack jawed. “Now they are gonna think that you will be big like me, so say thank you.” Bethany says patronizingly as she turns and struts down the dirt covered fair grounds.
Pouting still, Ashley grumbles a “Thanks” as she finds herself cowering, hiding her padded and stuffed bra behind her crossed arms.
Walking around the fairgrounds, the three sisters soon forget the incident at the Zipper and find themselves laughing as they share a cotton candy, courtesy of Bethany’s credit card.
“Can we play some games now Bethany?’ Jane looks over at her sister and smiles.
“Sure…” Bethany dives into her purse and pulls out five dollars. ‘Here, go win a stuffed bear or something.” Bethany says holding out the bill.
sn*tching the money, Jane runs off to find a game she feels confident she will win. Watching as Jane runs off, Ashley looks over at her other sister who is suddenly looking sick. “You alright Bethy?” Ashley edges closer to her sister and wraps her arms around her sister’s waist. Feeling the firmness of her sister’s dress, Ashley thinks she feels something else under the dress but pays no mind to it. “You look like you are going to be sick.”
“I’m fine…’ Bethany replies out of breath as she waves her hand, pushing a shallow breeze over her suddenly flushed cheeks. “I think I need to…” Bethany starts to say but is cut off as she is suddenly spins around. Finding a barrel, Bethany suddenly heels over and throws up.
Seeing her sister bent over, Ashley helps by holding her sister’s long blonde hair as Bethany fills the barrel with the sounds of yacking followed by wet splashes. Looking over her shoulder as Bethany coughs Ashley decides to take a peek at her sister’s big ass. Seeing how the yellow dress d****s down the swells of her sister’s perfectly shaped bottom, Ashley can also see the waist band of her sister’s nylons. Her perving cut short as Bethany finally stands up wiping her mouth. “Better?”
“Yeah,” Bethany replies, instantly curling her nose. Digging in her purse, Bethany pulls out a pack of gum and quickly stuffs five pieces. Chomping and smacking loudly, Bethany giggles as her sister stares back at her in disgust.
“You are gross Beth.” Ashley says before looking away. Moments later Jane runs up holding a stuffed bear.
“I won I won!” Jane cries a she shows off her miniscule stuffed animal with pride
Unable to answer since her mouth is still stuffed full with gum, Bethany nods in fervent approval. Seeing that Bethany’s mouth is still full, Ashley smiles “Nice job Jane, we knew you could do it!” Ashley says patting her sister’s back. Waiting for Jane to squirrel, Ashley leans close to Bethany “Spit it out already, you look like a squirrel, not like your cheeks are round enough already.” Ashley scolds.
Opening her mouth wide, Bethany drops the gum in her hand then throws it away. “Thanks a lot…” she mumbles as she is left to play catch up, Jane and Ashley having already walked off.
Convincing Bethany to get on more, ‘slower’ rides, the three girls have fun riding the tea cups, the swirling swings and every other spinning ride with each ride making Bethany throw up again and again. Deciding to keep a stick of gum in her mouth for now on, Bethany follows along her stomach a wreck.
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to either party, Becka and her husband Nathan are enjoying the pleasures that the fair has to offer. Deciding that a night out of fun would be a good thing, Becka thinks she just may let Nathan have a little fun later at bedtime since he been such a great date and the upmost gentleman. Strolling past the various eateries, Becka stops dead in her tracks when she notices Bethany stumbling off of another ride. Letting Nathan order her a slice of pizza, Becka watches keenly as Bethany throws ups in a trash can. No wonder Miss Fatty can’t handle a ride, if she wasn’t squeezing herself so much she might actually enjoy it. Who would enjoy watching her fat ass if she was wearing clothes that actually fit her? Becka muses as she watches Bethany begrudgingly follow her younger sisters to another ride. Suddenly, Becka has an idea. Turning towards her husband, Becka pulls on his shirt sleeve. “After we eat can we go on the new ride, you know what I’m talking about, ‘Hells Deception’?”
Turning around holding two slices of pizza Nathan smiles, handing Becka a plate he answers. “Sure but you know I have to wait at least a half hour before. You know how my stomach is.”
“Of course I do honey!” Becka says happily as she takes the plate. Finding an empty picnic table, Becka munches her pizza quickly, downing the slice fast enough to make Nathan arch an eyebrow.
“In a hurry?” Nathan asks as he suddenly inhales his slice.
“Yes! I really want to go on that ride! It looks like tons of fun!” Becka exclaims as she watches Bethany and her sister’s order salted pretzels. Watching as the three girls find a table, Becka looks back at Nathan. “I have to go pee, wait right here, I will be right back.”
Nodding, Nathan pays no attention as Becka rises from her seat. Walking past the throngs of people happily stuffing their faces with overpriced food Becka finds Bethany, her yellow dress and blonde hair giving her presence away. Sitting down behind the overweight blonde, Becka sits back on the bench seat and looks over at the grinning younger blonde. “That ride sure looks fun!” Becka says out loud but to no one in particular, even changing her voice so as to not alert the twenty-something over stuffed olive sitting with her back towards her.
Hearing someone talk about Hell’s Deception, Jane looks over at the flame painted ride and stares. The brand new twisting and spinning amusement, a ride that causes Jane to stand up from her seat with an excitement that borders on the hysterical, she points out the ride with an extended arm. “We have to go on THAT!”
Looking up from her pretzel, Bethany’s jaw drops as she looks to where her youngest sister is pointing. “No way… I am not going to get on that!” Bethany shouts in rebuttal.
“Please, please, please, let’s go on that. I swear it will be the last one I ask you to go on Bethy, please!” Jane begs as she leans across the picnic table clutching her hands, bobbing them up and down comically.
Looking from Jane to Bethany who is shaking her head no, Ashley glances down at Bethany’s jutting tits and grins. “Come on Bethy, all the guy’s would love to see your spin round and round. Think about it, your tits pouring out of your dress, everyone staring, jealous that you are so stacked.” Ashley says looking from Bethany’s tits to her worried face.
“I don’t need to spin around at fifty miles per hour to show everyone my tits.” Bethany replies arching her back. “How about you two go and I will watch.” Bethany grins as a couple of guys look over and stare.
Seeing that the vanity approach is not going to get any results, Ashley looks over at Jane.
Looking over at Ashley, Jane notices Ashley tilt her head while wearing a wicked grin.
Suddenly without warning, Bethany is hauled to her feet as each sister grabs her by an arm. “Hey! Let me go!” Bethany screams out as Jane and Ashley drag her towards the ride. “I don’t want to go! Someone help me!” Bethany calls out.
Staring in shock, Becka along with everyone else doesn’t move as they all secretly wish to see the crying and kicking blonde with the big tits be spun round and round. Standing up, Becka quickly follows and slips in line behind the three girls. Giggling as Bethany cries out to be let go, Becka can’t wait to get on the ride and be strapped in right next to the panic stricken blonde with the big (fake) tits.
Watching in fear as the ride starts, Bethany continues to try and wrestle free from her sister’s zealous inspired grip. “Come on! I don’t want to go! Please let me go!” Bethany cries out but her cries fall on the deaf ears of her seventeen and fourteen year old sisters. ”I’m wearing a dress! I am not dressed appropriately!” Bethany cries out in vain as she watches with horror stricken eyes as the ride spins faster and faster. Unable to watch any longer, Bethany closes her eyes. A good thing for Ashley and Jane as the rides does a lot more than spin around in circles.
Watching with anticipation, Jane and Ashley wait as the ride finally ends. Waiting by the gate as the attendant’s ferry the passengers out the opposite side, their budding excitement only grows as the smiling attendant opens the gate and lets them through.
Opening her eyes when they finally move again, Bethany looks at the attendant with panic stricken eyes. “Please, please get me out of here! I don’t want to go! Please I want to watch! Don’t make me get on this! Let me out!” Bethany pleads yet again.
Holding up his hand, Jane and Ashley frown as the lead attendant considers making the two girls release the panic stricken blonde with jaw dropping tits. Staring at her heaving tits as the buxom blonde hyperventilates, the attendant is about to say something when a chant from the crowd catches his attention.
“Make her ride! Make her ride! Make her ride!”
The crowd’s chanting only grows as Bethany’s cries are soon drowned out. Now deaf, the attendant smiles and waves the girls on through. Walking up behind them, Becka grins. Wearing a leather jacket, jeans and a ball cap, she lowers the bill and waits.
“Stop it!” Bethany screams, even spitting on Ashley and Jane accidentally as they push their big sister into the waiting partial seat, quickly buckling the lap belt. A blue, hard plastic, Bethany finds that she isn’t really sitting, but that she the seat is designed to give her the feeling of standing. Suddenly Bethany watches as the vertical torso bar is lowered, the slow controlled journey down Bethany watches as the dual bars press into her chest hearing them click in the ‘locked’ position.
Feeling her own bars lock as well, Becka looks over and smirks. Seeing Bethany squeezed behind those bars reminds her of a stuffed olive. Yet Becka cannot help but hear the wolf whistles permeate from the crowd as the bars have only served to make Bethany’s huge tits look even larger. Arrogantly situated high on atop Bethany’s chest, Becka can only fume as already Bethany is being ogled even more.
Looking over, Bethany smiles weakly as her sisters, Ashley and Jane look over and wave. Wearing big smiles on their faces, either they don’t see or they don’t want to see the worried and scared look plastered across her round face. Feeling trapped behind the bar, Bethany wraps her fingers around the handles and waits with baited breath for ‘Hell’s Deception’ to begin its fateful ride.
The cheering of the on looking crowd follows the ride as it begins its sickening spin. The cheers of the passenger soon turn to shrieks worthy of the name in which the ride was christened as the ride spins faster and faster,
For Bethany, it is a cruel and gut wrenching twisting of the fates as the glittering lights of the fair and all of the people walking around, filling the grounds turn into a sudden blur. Feeling dizzy, Bethany is at least thankful that the torso bars are squeezing her big beautiful tits into her body but the constant spinning, going faster and faster is making her sick. Her stomach turning, Bethany wants to throw up, but having already lost her bowels multiple times, Bethany can only dry heave.
Focusing on Bethany the entire time, Becka is not feeling the effects of the constant spin that seems to go faster than the Graviton. Instead she is enjoying Bethany’s rising discomfort. Watching that wanna-be buxom blonde constantly rears her head forward, wanting to puke. Looking down, Becka stares as Bethany cannot help but press her titanic sized tits harder into the bar as she is unable to hold her body rigid, the effect being that her pushed up ‘cleavage’ bulges out further, enhancing the effect as her big, bulbous tits squish flatter, the top of which threaten to peak out from the sanctuary of the broad expanse of the straight cut neckline of her yellow sundress.
Down on the ground, the lead attendant is smiling as the creams of fear fill the night sky. Deciding now is the time he pushes the lever that raises the spinning ride higher into the sky then tilts while it spins at nearly fifty miles per hour already to a forty five degree angle.
Oh fuck me… Bethany groans as she feels her seat suddenly tilt but going to fast already, Bethany now feels as if she is being thrust up and down, but of course it is only in her mind. Her head spinning, Bethany groans softly as her grip loosens on the hand grips. On the verge of blacking out, Bethany’s head slumps forward as her body presses into the safety bars. Unable to move her arms at all, Bethany just lies against the bars, begging for it to stop.
Watching Bethany suddenly slump, any chance of seeing Bethany’s fake tits pop out of dress is over as Bethany’s posture forces her torso down and her back to arch. Suddenly, Bethany’s big boobs drop back down returning to their heavenly, round shape. Are you fucking serious! The fat b*tch passed out! Becka is infuriated but when a stream of spraying piss erupts from her wide open legs, Becka suddenly smiles.
“We got a squirter!” An assistant attendant calls out as the ground is suddenly dotted with little wet spots.
Smiling from his post behind the controls, the lead attendant now pushes the final lever that makes the ride spin on its final axis. Shaped like a sphere, it rolls sending the ride bobbing up and down eliciting the loudest screams of terror of the night.
Still passed out, Bethany doesn’t even know but her slumped body now bobs around like a rag doll. Sliding up and down and side to side as far as the safety equipment will allow, even Becka is scared now as Bethany doesn’t respond. Oh shit! Becka’s eyes open wide as she watches Bethany’s lifeless body bounce around. Suddenly Becka starts screaming. “Stop the ride! Stop the ride! This woman has passed out! Stop the ride!”
Hearing a stranger start screaming, Ashley finally looks over. Seeing her sister passed out completely. Ashley begins screaming in utter terror that alerts Jane who is next to her.
“Stop the ride! Please! My sister has passed out! Stop!”
Hearing the call amongst the throes of screaming, other passengers start screaming in unison, “Stop the ride!” As more and more people join in in, one of the assistant attendants hears the screaming as now everyone on the ride is screaming the same message. “Stop the ride!”
Rushing over to his superior he taps his arm. “Hey man, I think one of the passenger’s has passed out, we have to stop the ride right now!” He shouts above the noise and points.
Looking up from his stool, the lead attendant jumps into action, immediately leveling the spinning ride, he hits the emergency stop button and hauls the lifting lever down. Suddenly the ride slows down fast as the emergency brakes are applied. Coming to a quick halt, the three attendants rush to where everyone is pointing. Running past Ashley and Jane who are crying and pointing frantically at their sister, they hit the emergency switch which unlocks the torso bar. Immediately both of the assistant attendants catch the falling blonde, ignoring the fact that her big tits are pressing directly into their respective chests. Pushing her up, the lead attendant unbuckles the safety belt and helps his team as they pull Bethany from her seat. Grabbing his walkie-talkie from his belt, he orders for an ambulance as the crowd which moments ago was enjoying the deafening screams of fear are suddenly silent as the three men haul the lifeless body of the blonde to a safe distance and lie her on her back.
Breathing short shallow breaths, the three attendants wait for the ambulance to arrive. Having one parked right outside the park just for emergencies like this, the paramedics jump into action. Rushing into the park, their siren’s blazing they weave as fast as they can as they motion for the bystanders to make a hole with their arms through the windshield. Arriving within minutes they jump from the cab, the third pushing the thick double doors open quickly as they pull out the gurney. Extending the wheels, they roll it through the exit gate, avoiding the mass of people waiting in line to get on the ride.
Rushing up to the passed out female, they immediately get to work. Dropping to his knees, the led paramedic listens to Bethany’s heart rate, noting her shallow breaths. He pulls the stethoscope from his ears and looks up at his battery mates. “This woman is hardly breathing. She is suffering from a panic attack and for whatever reason she cannot get enough oxygen. We need to get her to the nearest hospital stat!”
Rushing into action, the other two paramedics assist as they lift Bethany from the ground while one lowers the gurney in an instant. Laying her on the gurney, the three paramedics each take hold of a side and haul the gurney back up.
Free of their restraints, Ashley and Jane both watch, tears streaming down their pretty faces as their sister is wheeled out from behind the metal temporary fence and into the back of the diesel powered ambulance. Hearing the heavy doors slam and the ambulance drive down its predetermined path, Ashley and Jane stare as they hold each other in their arms as tears roll down their cheeks.
Meanwhile, Bill and Janet have been enjoying some much needed alone time. Sharing a milk shake, the two of them smile as they had decided to have a relaxing evening of strolls around the fair, a couple of rides on the Ferris wheel, all the while simply enjoying the buzz around them. Lost in their own little world, they are jolted back into reality, the silence filling their minds eviscerated as the loud sounds of screaming children and the buzzing and humming of the game and rides suddenly come crashing back as the sound of ambulance sirens pierce the warm, summer night. Rising from their picnic table, they both watch as the ambulance rushes through the throngs of people who have to scurry out of the way. Looking to where the ambulance has just come from, they immediately notice that the newest ride, a ride they would never go on at their age has suddenly stopped. Wandering down the dirt covered lane that leads to the fair’s newest attraction, it doesn’t take Bill or Janet long to find out who the ambulance was for.
“Mom, Dad!” Ashley calls out when she sees her parents suddenly appear. Grabbing a still freaked out and crying Jane, Ashley pulls her by the hand through the mass of people who has already forgotten the incident. “Bethany is going to the hospital!” Ashley cries out the moment she and her sister and standing in front of their parents.
“She’s what!?” Janet instantly starts to freak out, waving her hand to keep from hyperventilating.
“It is all my fault!’ Jane finally comes out from behind her older sister. Wiping away her tears, Jane looks to her mother, avoiding her father’s fiery glare. “I begged Bethany to get on that ride! It was wrong! I’m so sorry!”
“Wait, wait, wait…” Bill tries to calm everyone down but is interrupted by Ashley.
“No! It is my fault. I knew that she was going to be sick! I mean she threw up after every ride but I convinced Jane to help me force Bethy onto that scary ride! It is me! Be mad at me!” Ashley shouts, bursting into a fresh set of tears, her jutting breasts heaving up and down as she works herself into a sob.
“Wait, what?” Janet says next as she looks from Jane to Ashley confused.
“Wait, let me get this straight. You both knew that Bethany was getting sick after every ride and so you two thought it would be fun to make her go on that ride right there?” Bill points at Hell’s Deception. Watching his daughter’s nod, Bill raises his hands above his head, letting them fall as he turns around sighing. Running his hand down his face, Bill cannot believe that his girls could be so stupid.
“I am disappointed in you two. When we get home you both will be having a long conversation with your father and me.” Janet says with her motherly tone.
Watching their mother tilt her chin to the sky and look away, both girls gulp as they know that usually means. Meanwhile Bill flips open his cell and makes a call to St. Francis Hospital.
Meanwhile the ambulance cruises down State Route 76, headed straight for New Hanover Regional Medical Center.
“Russ, this girl is not waking up.” The raven haired paramedic, possessing a widow’s peak, looks up. Her face, long and pale, the sharp features truly stand out as her pale blue eyes fit in well with her dry personality.
Looking down from the screen which monitors a patient’s oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure, Russ looks from the raven haired paramedic and to the very voluptuous, yet noticeably chubby blonde lying there sound asleep. “She just suffered a panic attack. I’m pretty sure the ride freaked her out. She will be fine. Have you ID’ed her yet?”
“Nah, she didn’t have a purse with her, probably left it at the fairgrounds.” The woman says and looks back down adjusting the oxygen mask over Bethany’s nose and mouth.
“Well until we figure out who she is, we have to report her as a Jane Doe, Sam.” Russ sighs as he grabs the phone and calls it in.
Looking back down at the buxom blonde, Sam is impressed with the woman’s figure, especially her big round tits. Unable to help it, Sam is constantly distracted as Bethany’s big tits rock back and forth as the ambulance cruises down the road at nearly sixty miles per hour.
“Dispatch? This is unit five. We have a patient on route to the New Hanover Regional Medical Center Emergency Room. Patient was riding a theme park attraction and apparently suffered a panic attack.” Russ says into the phone. Listening, Russ begins to answer all of the questions. “Blonde hair, blue eyes, approximately five foot seven…” Looking over, Russ gives his patient a once over, “210 pounds, mid-twenties… Yes full figured. Alright, I’ll hold.” Cupping his hand over the mouth piece Russ looks down at Sam, “Check her bra sometimes women will stuff their ID down there.” Russ circles his extended finger in a circle motion indicating Bethany’s massive breasts.
Nodding, Sam faces her patient. Looking from her round face, she glances at the delicate bubbling of Bethany’s breasts as it peaks from the top of her fitted dress. Looking away, Sam lifts the top of Bethany’s dress and covers her mouth instantly to keep from being heard as she loses her breath in an instant. Blushing, Sam instantly releases the dress and looks away, biting her hand as the quick, but vivid view of the two inflated pink balloons filling the patient’s large, yellow lace bra remains etched in her imagination.
“Hey Sam? You didn’t check for her ID yet have you?” Russ turns around instantly, the look on his face changing instantly to one high alert.
“Uh… No?” Sam replies opening her eyes wide as she holds her hands up while her eyes dart to the side.
“Good, just got word that we have a Cardiovascular Operating Room Nurse out of St. Francis on the bus. We have been instructed to give her adequate, but noninvasive care. They are sending a doctor and nurse team over via chopper who will arrive in less than an hour. I guess this one is pretty important.” Russ says hanging up the phone. “Just keep her breathing alright?”
“Do we get a name?” Sam asks as she adjusts the pillow under the blonde’s head.
“Nope, they prefer that we don’t know her name but I was told she has no allergies to common medications.’ Russ replies as the ambulance turns onto State Route 117. Only lasting another five minutes, they turn once more onto South 17th St.
Seeing the glairing lights of the hospital up ahead, the ambulance turns into the complex and heads straight for Emergency. Coming to a stop, a team of nurses and a doctor wait. Pulling the doors open they pull the gurney from the back of the ambulance and wheel Bethany inside. Trading what little information they have, the doctor grumbles as he is made to wheel the patient from emergency and into a waiting room on the third floor.
“This woman can hardly breathe and instead of letting us treat her, our Admin wants us to wait for a St. Francis Quack and some scrub nurse to fly in instead.” The doctor grumbles as he throws the chart into the plastic pocket affixed to the door. Returning to the ER wing, the doctor later finds out that the ‘Quack’ is none other than Dr. Thomas Carter.
Rushing from the helicopter pad, Tom Carter is noticeably worried. Following close on his heels is Nurse Amy Johnson, Bethany’s friend and former colleague.
“It will be alright Tom, Bethany is probably just in shock.” Amy says trying to calm Tom down but to no avail. Walking as fast as she can, Amy’s D cup tits bounce hard as she tries to keep up behind him
“If she is in shock who knows how long Bethany can stay that way before her brain shuts down. We need to get to her stat!” Tom barks his response. Scared and worried all the same, Tom is frustrated that politics has kept Bethany from receiving the care she needs. “Fuck Janelle, if she would have just helped Bethany in that operating room instead of allowing Bethany to suffer the indignity of being stripped and exposed, than we wouldn’t be in this mess right now!” Tom continues on, his anger noticeably rising.
“And then what Tom?!” Amy runs in front of Tom stopping him dead in his tracks. “Let’s say that Janelle did do her job and help Bethany from spilling out of her clothes? Then Bethany would be stripped while unconscious causing an uproar that would only serve to ruin her more than Janelle ever could have! Is that what you want? Do you want an entire hospital knowing that Bethany’s hills are nothing but pudding filled balloons while her hour glass waist and big, jiggly ass is a result of modern shapewear? Think about it Tom… if Bethany woke up to that, she would never live that down. At least right now only a few people know and because of Janelle’s stupidity it will stay that way?! Did you forget that the same b*tch cut my tit off? Yeah she did. Now here I am, still employed and soon that b*tch will be in jail. Right now, we need to save her life instead of b*tch about how another hospital doesn’t get to cut her clothes off and expose all of her secrets.” Amy retorts, her anger exploding from her body sending Tom reeling back a couple of steps.
“You’re right let’s go.” Tom replies with a straight face while pushing Amy to the side with his shoulder. Storming down the hall Tom finds Bethany’s room and opens the door. Waiting for Amy to walk in first, Tom finally closes the door and locks it.
Walking up to the end of the bed the duo looks down at the overweight blonde. ”We need to get her out of that tight dress and get those ridiculous tits off of her chest.”
“Her tits aren’t ridiculous Tom, but I agree, until she is breathing normally we need to free Bethany of all of her artificial enhancements. I will need your help at first to turn her over so I can get at the zip of her dress but after that I can do the rest.” Amy says. Walking up to either side, Tom pulling and Amy pushing, they manage to roll Bethany on her side. Staring at Bethany’s back, Amy pinches the zipper and works it down slowly.
Slowly the zipper slides down from Bethany’s back down to her ass. “Got it?” Tom asks impatiently.
“Yes, but there is something else I need to undo but...” Amy’s voice trails off.
Making sure Bethany is not going to roll, Tom hurries around the end of the bed and looks. “That is a waist cincher. You need to pinch the material so the eyelets come undone before you can pull the zipper down.”
“Oh,” Amy giggles. Waiting for Tom to return to other side of the bed, Amy pinches the taut material and unhooks the four eyelets. Admiring how Bethany is able to conceal her shapewear inside of her clothing, whether it be her scrubs or this dress, Amy almost feels guilty for having to strip her friend of her beauty creating secrets. Starting to pull the zipper of the waist cincher down, Amy doesn’t get very far when the garment literally blows open.
Jumping back simultaneously, both Tom and Amy watch as Bethany’s hour glass midsection instantly expands. Still possessing a somewhat tapered middle, Tom and Amy watch as Bethany rolls onto her back, her stomach now sticking out and much wider. “Come on, get her undressed…” Tom comments when he suddenly covers his nose.
Following suit, Amy does the same. “I think the release in pressure allowed Bethany’s bowels to finally let go. As Bethany fills her bottoms, Tom and Amy watch as Bethany, still passed out, suddenly takes long normal breaths.
“That is a good sign.” Tom comments. “Finish getting her undressed while I make a phone call to down to the pit and have them get a cart ready.” Tom finishes off and walks to the phone.
Watching Tom walk off, Amy looks back at her friend, “I’m sorry.” she apologizes as she gets to work. Pulling the dress down from Bethany’s shoulders, Amy blushes when she exposes Bethany’s big lace bra and the two pink latex pudding filled balloons that dominates her chest. Staring at her friend’s artificial bra busters, Amy hates that she has to remove her friend’s ginormous jiggly titans but by telling herself it is part of the job, she slips the massive and heavy falsies from Bethany’s skimpy lace bra. Watching the giant cups deflate, Amy lets her eyes linger on Bethany’s deflated tufts of skin, the puffy brown nipples the only part of her otherwise fat filled body that could be called ‘perky’ as she sets the heavy ‘tit’ down on the side table. Next she slips her hand between the bed and Bethany’s body, unclasping the reinforced bra clasps. Removing the massive bra, Amy gently d****s it over the massive mounds of pudding and finally removes the cute, yellow dress. Setting it on the bed side table and not in the chair that so far contains Bethany’s ginormous curves, Amy could not help but admire the craftsmanship that went into Bethany’s dress as the waist cincher, while attached on the inside gives no hint on the outside.
Returning to her friend, Amy looks down. The top half bare exposing Bethany’s soft middle and love handles along with her tiny, cruel little jokes that are her breasts while from the waist down, Bethany reminds Amy that there, behind her fat shaping nylons is a woman who used to possess killer legs and even more importantly, an even more incredible ass. Grasping the nylons, Amy carefully pulls them down, knowing full well that Bethany has stuffed them with her faux rubber bottom, designed to smooth out her chunky, unsightly behind and to keep from spreading Bethany’s recent expulsion all over the sheets below. Pushing her passed out friend aside just enough, Amy is able to contain the mass in the mold.
Walking back just in time, Tom grabs the wet wipes and helps Amy clean Bethany up before they finish removing the nylons. Peeling them down all the way, Amy removes Bethany’s shoes real quick before pulling the nylons away. Depositing the contents in the nearby toilet in the adjoining bathroom, Amy returns to see her friend completely stripped. Where moments ago a very attractive, thick blonde with killer curves was has been replaced with the exact opposite. Meaty legs covered in fat, Amy stares at the one piece left of her friend’s former jaw dropping sexuality, her panties. Staring at the micro panty as it slices into Bethany’s bulging and pitted fat, Amy looks between the meaty thighs and stifles a giggle. Right there for the world to see is Bethany proudly showing off her expanded camel toe as it bulges between her legs while the word Juicy is emblazoned right above. Seeing that the panel is covered in dried pee, Amy shakes her head knowing that while Bethany has a squirting problem, hence the pad, she is pretty sure that Bethany did not mean to completely wet her-self. Pulling the panty off last, Amy feels bad as she watches Bethany’s chunky stomach and thighs completely hide her sex behind the cloaks of cellulite.
Staring at the panty too, Tom can only chuckle as he knows what Bethany meant by them too. Imagining her playing seductress, Tom can see Bethany flirting with a guy and teasing him with her make believe bulging c*nt, much like she did to him back then in the on call room. Waiting for Amy to disappear back into the bathroom with the panties and the nylons, Tom hears the shower run as Amy cleans her friend’s underthings as he gets Bethany ready for her IV’s.
After receiving the crash cart, which he insisted be left outside by the door, Tom and Amy begin working and soon, they leave Bethany to sleep it off.
The next morning, when a patient should be able to wake up in a calm, soothing environment and gradually come to realize where they are, reality instead sets in.
Bethany is immediately confused. Sitting up, her eyes open wide as she looks around and sees that she is in a hospital room, connected to an IV but worse than that, when she looks down and sees that her big, suckable looking tits are gone and she is face to face with a simple gown that d****s over her tiny, pancake deflated tits, Bethany releases a blood curdling scream. Screaming so loud, she is like a banshee as she throws the covers off. Lacking any of her figure contorting and enhancing clothes, Bethany can see that her fat, disgusting body has been seen and not feeling the security of her sanitary pad between her legs, Bethany can also feel that she woke up in a puddle of her own piss. The sheets beneath her wide, wobbly and chunky ass are completely and utterly soaked. Screaming even louder, other patients in the adjoining rooms are startled as Bethany’s high pitched screams force all of them to cover their ears while shouting for the b*tch to shut up!
Looking over as her door opens, Bethany renews her screams as she tries to hide her chest in a lame attempt. Not even fooling herself, Bethany looks away bursting into tears. “Don’t look at me! Get out now!” Bethany starts yelling as she thrusts an arm at the door. “Get out! Get out! Get out!’ Bethany repeats over and over.
Shutting the door quickly, Amy locks it and immediately rushes to the side of the bed. “Bethany, calm down! It’s me Amy!” Amy takes hold of her distraught friend and shakes her shoulders. “God damn it! Just shut up and look at me!”
Still screaming, Bethany starts pushing the nurse away, not really listening as she is too consumed by her own fear and guilt. Kicking her feet, Bethany starts acting like a child. “Just go away and leave me alone!”
Watching the blanket fly off the bed, Amy watches as Bethany kicks her fat legs wildly. Deciding not to say a word, Amy simply grabs Bethany’s head and forces it around. Holding her head while staring into her eyes, Amy waits as Bethany slowly recognizes her. “There, there hun, It is only me.” Amy says much more calmly now that Bethany has suddenly stopped screaming and acting like a baby.
Taking in the familiar face, Bethany blushes hard as she finds her blanket and pulls it up under her nose. “Who else saw me?”
“Just Tom and myself but now everyone knows you are here since you had to scream and piss everyone off.” Amy says with a chuckle. “Tom asked me to stay here and make sure you didn’t do anything stupid.”
Watching as Amy walks around the bed and to the dresser, Bethany lowers the blanket and smiles. “Well I guess I over reacted…”
“Guess?” Amy stands up laughing, cradling Bethany’s fresh, clean clothes, the same ones she washed and dried by hand in the shower the night before, Amy sets them down on the end of the bed. “Tom said you can get dressed after does his final check up on you.”
“Where is Tom?” Bethany asks expecting to hear her say, he is getting breakfast or something.
“Talking with your family,’ Amy replies matter of fact instead.
“He’s… What!?” Bethany cries out as she crashes back into her pillow. Ever since the exposure after the surgery, Tom had avoided Bethany like the plague. Leaving the following day, any and all attempts to contact Dr. Carter either ended in messages to his cell or the polite, ‘I will have Dr. Carter call you when he returns…’ from his secretary. Either way Bethany is suddenly scared that when she sees her parents next, they will never look at her the same again.
Just as Amy had said, Tom is sitting in a private conference room with Bill and Janet Hill, Bethany’s parents. Having been called upon all through the night to meet with them, Tom kept pushing it off. His personal feelings about Bethany aside, he cannot be the one who ruins her to her parents. That will be up to Bethany to do that. And who knows maybe they already know that their eldest daughter stuffs her bra big time and has to wear terraforming clothing. Meeting Janet for the first time, Tom gets the feeling that maybe they already know as Janet’s blouse reveals her barren expanse of a chest while her pants show off her curvy hips and most likely a very large, but round, firm bottom.
“Thank you for finally taking time away from our daughter to meet with us Dr. Carter.” Bill is the first to speak after everyone takes a seat around one side of long conference table.
“I know we must have been a pain trying to get through to you all night but we were scared and worried that something serious had happened.” Janet adds in while Bill, being the typical male plays off his concern with a roll of his eyes.
“I completely understand Mr. and Mrs. Hill but your daughter is an adult and it is not my place to tell you anything of her current condition without her explicit permission. Until I obtain such permission I have to cut our meeting short.” Tom says pushing his chair back. About to rise to his feet, he stops suddenly when Bill jumps from his chair sending it backwards.
“I do not care about any of that shit!” Bill spats his face turning red. “We have been trying to see her all night and all morning and you have been blowing us off! We demand answers! So does Ashley and Jane, Bethany’s sisters! So sit your ass back down and talk to us! Please!” Bill slams his palms on the table with a crash.
Standing up quickly, Janet immediately d****s her hands on Bill’s broad shoulders. “I am so sorry for my husband’s outburst Dr. Carter. We are just worried. Is she at least awake?”
“Yes Mrs. Hill, she is just fine. I apologize for not sharing that earlier.” Dr. Carter replies as he returns to the conference table. Sitting down again, Bill and Janet return to their seats with Bill breathing hard, but slow breathes trying to calm down.
“Is Bethany’s life in danger at all?” Bill asks much more calmly but still gruff.
“No Mr. Hill, Bethany will be alright. She just needs to rest.” Tom says while pondering to divulge any more information. “She suffered an acute panic attack caused by the ride at the fair. She should have never ridden it.”
“That much we already know but why can’t Bethany ride it going forward?’ Bill shoots back, confused by the last sentence.
Shit! Unsure how to put this, Tom treads carefully. “Until your daughter loses a healthy amount of weight, she shouldn’t put herself through such extensive stresses.”
“Are you saying Bethany is fat?” Bill feels his anger rising as his face turns red. “You have seen her, she maybe larger but she is not fat.”
“Correct, because her weight is evenly distributed as such, she appears to be healthier than she is. All I am asking is that you both insist that Bethany lose some weight.” Tom responds.
“Fat people ride amusement parks all the time why should that matter to our daughter?” Janet asks cutting Bill off immediately.
Seeing how hard Bill is trying to keep from having another outburst, Tom looks to Janet who is looking back at him curiously. “Bethany was… how should I put it, cultivating her figure with shape wear. The night she was on the ride, her corset was cutting off her ability to breathe adequately, hence why I suggest she should lose some weight.”
“Our Bethany is that overweight?” Janet looks over to her husband is now staring at the wall blankly. “Bill, did you have any idea that Bethany was this fat?”
“No…’ Bill says in a daze. “I had no idea, that night at dinner we had a great time. How was I supposed to know that she was wearing a contraption around her stomach to make her look thin?” Bill looks over at his wife with a crestfallen look plastered across his face. “I cannot comprehend that one of my daughters could let herself go so far as to need to wear that stuff…”
“William Hill!’ Janet stands up, her turn to be flabbergasted. “How can you say that about our little girl!”
“She isn’t little any more Janet! She is a fucking heifer!” Bill exclaims raising his voice.
POW! The sudden slap echoes throughout the room as Janet stands there, her hand still held in the finish position. “How dare you!” Janet yells, staring her husband who is rubbing his face in complete surprise, with a look of pure hatred spread across her face. “Bethany is still my daughter! Don’t you dare talk about her in such a way! We need to be supportive so when you do see her you better look at her with the same eyes you have been! Do I make myself clear William Hill?!”
“Yes ma’am…” Bill says softly, noticeably cowed by his wife’s sudden outburst.
Watching the explosive scene unfold, Tom cannot help but smile as Janet reacts like a mother bear taking down the much larger male before her. The force of Janet’s personality, hidden behind the veneer of a proper upbringing, is unleashed in full force. Suddenly Tom has a new respect for Bethany who, like her mother continues to assert herself regardless of the consequences. Finally standing up, Tom smiles. “I will go check on your daughter. Please be supportive of her and do not let her know you know about her artificial slimming, alright?” Watching as both Janet and Bill nod, Tom excuses himself from the conference room. I could have told them that their daughter is also stuffing her bra with huge balloons while wearing a butt smoothing edifice while accentuating her crotch with a molded sanitary pad, but why humiliate her more than she already has been? Returning to Bethany’s room, Tom knocks on the door gently three times before letting him-self in. “Glad to see you are up.” Tom says smiling. Seeing that Bethany is wearing her ginormous fake tits under her smock, Tom shakes his head as he walks up to the side of the bed. “I thought I told Amy not to let you get dressed yet.”
“I’m only wearing my bra Tom, These babies need support or have you forgotten?” Bethany replies smirking as she looks down at her huge boobs with girlish pride.
“Come on Tom… You know Bethany’s breasts are heavy and require support, what’s the big deal? Amy replies with a knowing smile and nod.
“Fine….” Tom shakes his head again smiling. “Now Bethany, before I can release you I need to do a thorough examination.”
“Okay.” Bethany says smirking as she still finds Dr. Tom Carter to be incredibly sexy. “Do you need to inspect my privates too? Amy said it was alright for me to wear my panties.” Bethany says as she lifts her knees and spreads her legs.
Watching the smock fall away, Tom cannot help but stare at large pussy sticking out between Bethany’s meaty, pitted thighs. “Cute…” Tom says smiling as he glances at the bright red triangle containing Bethany’s camel toe molded sanitary pad, the word Juicy etched above the foam carved lips.
“It is more than cute Doctor, or did you forget how warm and inviting I am?” Bethany replies, her heart beat rising as she playfully bites her bottom lip.
Feeling flush, Tom grabs the smock and d****s it over Bethany’s wide open knees. “I am not going to need to do a gynecologic examination Bethany. All I need to do is check your vitals and listen to your breathing, alright?”
“Yes…” Bethany answers sounding slightly disappointed as she sits up in the bed. Standing off to the side, Amy giggles as Bethany rolls her eyes playfully. Watching as Tom walks over to the monitor, Bethany can see that he is having a hard time. “But if you do want to explore my bottom half, I will be more than happy to roll over and be your b*tch.” Bethany says while gently squeezing one of her huge breasts.
Swallowing hard, Tom knows Bethany will and seeing her touch herself, even if it is a big fake tit filled with pudding, still turns Tom on. Feeling his crotch stiffen, Tom blushes as he tries to hide his erection by turning away from Bethany only to elicit a giggle from Amy. “What?”
“Jesus Tom, even though you know Bethany is a big liar you still get a boner over her. Just let her suck on it while you check her heart rate.” Amy replies before leaving the room.
Hearing the door click closed, Tom sighs and checks the monitors. “Everything is all good Bethany. Now let me check your heart rate and breathing.”
Wiggling in the bed, Bethany looks up at Tom. “Do you want to see them or keep them covered?” Bethany smiles as she holds her smock open.
“Keep them covered, they look better that way.” Tom winks as he slips his stethoscope over his ears and holds the horn. Slipping his hand down the offered hole, Tom controls his breathing as the giant pudding filled balloons envelope his hand. Pushing the horn under the protruding falsie, Tom listens to Bethany’s heart beat and breathing. Pulling his hand out, he pulls the stethoscope from his ears and smiles. “Everything sounds good Bethany.”
“Good…” Bethany says laying back. ”Now why don’t you probe me further make your patient exceedingly happy…” Bethany moans softly as she pulls the smock down from her knees exposing her panty again. “I know I’m fat Tom but that didn’t stop you before and you can pretend I have big boobs.” Bethany replies groaning rubbing her tits.
Watching Bethany caress herself, Tom knows that having sex with a patient is wrong, even if he shared a bed with her before. “This is highly inappropriate Bethany.” Tom says trying to keep a straight face.
“Say that to your burgeoning cock.” Bethany replies. With a grin as she looks from Tom’s worried face and stares at the pitch of his pants. Suddenly, Tom’s eyes open wide as Bethany strokes his hardness through his pants. Losing control, Tom finds himself staring at Bethany big, fake tits licking his lips. “It’s alright Tom, I won’t tell.” Bethany sits up and moves her body so her legs are dangling from the edge of the bed. “There is no shame in having fun with a bigger girl.’ Bethany groans as she unzips Tom’s pants. Dropping them to the floor, Bethany smiles as the front of Tom’s tighty-whities reveal a growing wet spot. Spreading her legs, Bethany reveals her jutting panty again and begins prodding her foam filled panties as she takes Tom’s cock in her mouth. Sucking loudly, Bethany greedily sucks Tom’s hardness, loving how he is dripping pre cum down her tongue.
Feeling Bethany’s expert mouth go to work on his pulsating member, Tom looks down and watches as Bethany slides her mouth along his shaft. Seeing her body covered, Tom ponders whether to reveal her in her entirety or not. The question reverberating in his mind if he would still find Bethany attractive after seeing her completely naked, albeit her breasts, figuring that Bethany would die if he took them off. Feeling the loose ties separate seals his fateful decision and when the smock falls away revealing Bethany’s pasty white body, bulging in all the wrong places while her skimpy lace, shelf cup bra holds her magnanimous falsies to her otherwise dumpy chest.
Feeling the smock fall away results in a muffled grunt of satisfaction as Bethany feels Tom’s cock only grow and stiffen more, now practically naked, Bethany sucks even faster as all that separates them is her skimpy little red g string and her foam wonder crotch. Pushing his pants to the ground, Bethany coos as she slides her hands up his hairy thighs, pulling at them gently as she continues to lather Tom’s dick with her warm, wet spit intermixed with his warm, wet pre cum.
Lost in the sensational blow job that Bethany is performing, Tom pulls his button up shirt off last. Now completely naked himself, Tom cannot stand it anymore and rudely pushes Bethany to the bed. Watching her big fake tits wobble and jiggle atop her chest, Tom mounts himself between Bethany’s thunder thighs and presses his throbbing erection right into her Juicy inscribed panty. Crawling up Bethany’s expanded body Tom sees her giant balloons and starts kissing them all over as if they are real tits.
“Oh Tom…” Bethany moans as she runs her hands through his hair, enjoying the sight of her lover/doctor making out with her behemoth sized falsies. “I told you my big titties were fun…” Bethany says with baited breath as she starts creaming her panty.
“So juicy…’ Tom’s moans are muffled as he squeezes Bethany’s fat filled body all over while kissing her big fake tits and rubbing his boner into Bethany’s aptly named underwear. Unable or unwilling to penetrate the big woman lying beneath him, Tom rubs his cock into Bethany’s fake c*nt faster and faster. “Do you like that big girl?” Tom groans suddenly sitting up as he starts pounding Bethany’s crotch.
“Oh fuck… Tom! Fuck me! Please!’ Bethany starts begging as her pussy starts pumping out wave after wave of pre cum. Reaching down between her thick thighs, Bethany tries to pull the foam filled crotch aside so Tom can slip his rock hard cock deep inside of her aching sex, Bethany is frustrated as Tom’s humping keeps her false crotch firmly between her legs. “Tom! Please!”
Ignoring Bethany’s pleas for penetration, Tom continues to hump the foam monstrosity. Rearing back, Tom lets out a long, low groan as he begins pumping his dick, suddenly exploding. The long shot of thick cum hitting right where the all to true word is embroidered. “I couldn’t…I couldn’t live with myself if I had sex with you again Bethany. You lied to me and when I saw you fully naked that night in the operating room, I felt that everything we shared was a lie.” Tom says as he gets up from the bed and gets dressed.
Shooting up, Bethany grabs her bumbling breasts and holds them in her bra. “But Tom, you got a boner over me! You came all over my panties! What the hell!” Bethany grabs the discarded smock from the edge of the bed and holds it up over her chest.
“Just because I feel that way doesn’t mean my penis agrees.” Tom looks down as Bethany blushes and looks away. “I’m sorry.”
“Asshole,” Bethany looks away visibly pissed and more importantly, frustrated.
“Get dressed your family is waiting for you.” Watching Bethany look up, Tom smiles. “My professional diagnosis is that you succumbed to affixation brought on by a panic attack that was further complicated by your extensive use of shapewear and your heavy breast forms.”
Jumping from the bed, Bethany still protects her modesty. “Did you seriously put all of that in your report!?” Bethany cries out punching Tom in the arm.
‘Not yet…’ Tom replies rubbing his arm. “I won’t mention the fact you stuff your bra but I cannot leave out the fact your waist cincher kept you from breathing so you fell unconscious.” Tom says before finishing getting dressed and exiting the room. “Go on a Diet…”
“Go on a Diet…” Tom’s words echo through Bethany’s mind as she walks down the carpeted hall of the Administration Offices back at Mercy East General Hospital. Finding a familiar door, Bethany knocks on it gently. Hearing Madrid’s voice call through the door to come on in, Bethany turns the knob slowly and steps inside.
“Ah, Miss Hill pleasure to be seeing you again so soon.” Madrid Flores stands up from behind her desk taking off her glasses. “I love the suit. It looks very nice.”
Closing the door Bethany turns around smiling. Wearing a black, tailored dress pant and matching jacket, Bethany decided to wear a more professional infused outfit. Completing her more conservative look is a white button up blouse and black, closed toe pumps. “Thank you Madrid.” Bethany replies smiling as the jacket hugs her tapered waist. Walking to the chair, Bethany finds it has been pushed right against the desk. Grabbing the chair she pulls it back immediately feeling a different air in the room. Feeling suddenly claustrophobic, Bethany’s body shaping panties and curve inducing nylons feel more like a cage than the usual feeling of sexual expression. “What’s going on that you feel it appropriate to interrupt my two week vacation?” Bethany sits down, the soft cushion cradling her rubber molded ass cheeks. Her jacket falling away reveals Bethany’s titanic sized swells, contained by a more appropriate white cotton bra this time around. Deciding on aggression rather than pleasantries considering how Madrid Flores convinced her to strip once already, Bethany cocks her eye brow, her lips puckered in mock annoyance.
“It has come to my attention that you lied to me during our interview Miss Hill.: it has been submitted to me your latest physical that you weigh nearly 250lbs, not the two-ten you indicated on your application. That you utilize shape wear and your sanitary pad to seduce co-workers and not to mention that you accentuate your rather large behind with a rubber mold to give an appearance of smoothness that your natural rear no longer actually possesses.” Madrid says matter of fact. “It has also come to my attention that you do indeed stuff your bra. After reviewing the photographs you so quickly were willing to pose for I found discrepancies in your testimony.” Madrid further says as she spins her laptop around and reveals a blown up image of Bethany bent over. “See here? These are the pink pudding filled balloons that you were allegedly stuffing your bra with the night of your incident which Janelle Washington claimed distracted her and her colleagues from providing adequate assistance when you claim you needed it.”
Slumping in her seat, Bethany is flabbergasted. Staring at the close up of her swollen monstrosities, the pink latex clearly exposed to the lens. “So now what?”
“Well Miss Hill, that is up to you. Now that I know that you substitute healthy eating habits and life style for shapewear and fake tits, I have no choice but to terminate our previous offer.” Madrid answers turning her laptop back around. Placing her glasses back on, Madrid starts typing away.
“You can’t be serious!” Bethany leas forward suddenly scared. “There must be some way to keep this quiet! I had an accident while I was on vacation and Tom Carter was the physician! He testified that he saw none of that! It’s already in the official disposition!” Bethany cries out in her own defense.
“You are correct Miss Hill.” Madrid says still clicking away. “After or interview I will be asking Tom to change his affidavit to be more in line with what actually happened.” Madrid replies while unbeknownst to Bethany, Madrid is clicking through the hundreds of pictures she has on her laptop of Bethany, each photo compromising the blonde, busty nurse in every single one.
“That can’t be possibly in the best interest of the hospital!” Bethany exclaims standing up. Pacing back and forth, Bethany bites her nails nervously.
Watching the curvaceous blonde pace back and forth in front of her, Madrid smiles crookedly. “I could cancel the interview if you are willing to submit to a full on photo shoot detailing for the official hospital record of your true body shape. These we will keep safely tucked away so in case of any medical attention, a physician will be aware of your proper body statistics before making recommendations. Of course I will ensure that the doctor is briefed to keep the true nature of your figure secret Miss Hill.”
“But that doesn’t mean people will not talk!” Bethany turns and faces the senior Latina HR manager with a fallen face and a body language that screams out in desperation.
“You are correct Miss Hill now unbutton your blouse so I can photograph your stuffed bra properly.” Madrid says flatly as she reaches into her desk drawer and pulls out her camera.
“Please don’t make me do that!” Bethany instantly begs as she pulls her jacket over her expansive chest.
“If you want me to honor our previous docket, I will need evidence of your deceit.” Madrid replies.
“This is blackmail! You could have photo shopped that image!” Bethany says in desperation.
Her eyes opening wide, Madrid Flores knows that Bethany’s outburst could be plausible if properly vetted. Trying to recover quickly, Madrid presses on. “But Bethany, it is on record you wear shapewear. How can I possibly refute such glaring proof?” Madrid looks down and stares at Bethany’s bulging crotch and tapered midsection.
“As it was stated before, I require a sanitary pad to help keep my shrunken bladder a secret from my co-workers so my accidents do not affect my work with patients and cause unnecessary distractions for my coworkers. I simply shape it to resemble a pussy so the no one is suspect of how much protection I require and diapers are out of the question. I am a grown woman I cannot be walking about with a puffy butt that crinkles.” Bethany retorts releasing her jacket. Revealing her huge breasts again, Bethany resumes sitting.
“Alright… What about your shapewear? Including your faux rubber mold to smooth out an otherwise disgusting fat girl’s fanny?” Madrid asks.
“I could hire a personal trainer. When is the court date?” Bethany answers back, following with a question.
“Ninety days Miss Hill. I do believe you should contact our legal department. I am sure the attorney assigned to the case will want to show pictorial evidence that is contrary to the pictures that the plaintiff will no doubt present to provide as evidence to your deceptive nature.” Madrid says as she finds the number from her rolodex. “Ah here it is.” Madrid says, her face lighting up. Scribbling the name and number, on a post-it, Madrid reaches and hands it to Bethany.
“Thank you,” Bethany replies as she takes the note and slips it in her jacket pocket.
“You are welcome, I will arrange a meeting with him first thing tomorrow morning.” Madrid replies. Turning to her laptop, she shoots off an e-mail. Standing back up, Bethany smooths her black, knee length skirt and walks to the door. “Bethany?’ Madrid looks up, removing her glasses again.
Her hand gripping the handle, Bethany spins on her heels. “Yes?”
“Mr. Ricks loves a nice short skirt and really tight tops, just saying.” Madrid adds with a wink.
Taking Mrs. Flores’ words into consideration, Bethany leaves the offices and finally heads home. Glad she packed a suit for whatever reason, Bethany smiles when she sees her parking place. Pulling to a stop, Bethany looks to open the door when the familiar face of Jack fills her window. Rolling it down Bethany smiles up at him. ‘I guess you were true to your word after all… Creepy as that may be.” Bethany says as she unbuckles her seat belt.
“When the expectation of ravishing beauty is promised, I have done nothing but wait as I said I would.” Jack replies smoothly as he opens the door. “You look ravishing as always Bethany Hill, but I thought you were on a family get away?”
“I was but I always pack for every conceivable situation.” Bethany cannot help it but smile as she exits her car and closes the door. Leaning against her car, Bethany looks up at the hulk of the man smiling above her. Nibbling her bottom lip Bethany wishes she could just rip her blouse open and smother his face with the promise of her bra bulging flesh.
“I saw that the moment I ever laid eyes on you…” Jack says glancing down at Bethany’s blouse tightening breasts.
“You are such a pervert…” Bethany teases while fingering the button of her blouse.
“And you are a really big tease actually those are two very big teases. Dinner tonight?” Jack replies finishing with a smooth slip to the original plan made a week ago.
Looking up at him, Bethany remembers keenly how Tom Carter humiliated her. With that memory still fresh in her mind, Bethany shakes her head. “I can’t Jack. I have to unpack and meet with my attorney in the morning.”
“I see, well at least let me help you unpack your bags. It is the least you can allow me to do since dinner has been inexorably refused regardless of what was agreed too.” Jack replies still smiling, seemingly not upset.
Feeling a pang of guilt at her refusal, Bethany for some reason, while her reasoning is sound still feels bad. “I had a bad experience before I got home, that’s all.” Bethany says looking down at her feet.
Seeing Bethany look down, Jack raises his hand. Tilting her chin gently, Jack looks into Bethany’s eyes deeply. “If it involved a man, he doesn’t know what he was missing out on. Don’t punish me for his transgressions. It is not right. I am only asking for dinner, not a night cap.”
Feeling the gentle touch from his otherwise strong hands, Bethany sighs. A smile slowly spreads her lips. “Fine, pick me up at 7:00 pm sharp. I don’t like a man who is late.” Bethany says her confidence returning.
“Of course my beautiful lady across the park, I will see you at 7:00 PM sharp.” Jack says letting his hand fall from Bethany’s chin, gliding it gently don the swell of her prominently displayed breast. “Firm with plenty of elasticity, you are indeed blessed Miss Bethany Hill to have the fortunate pleasure of possessing such magnificence!” Jack replies before turning and walking to the back of Bethany’s car.
Shocked, Bethany stares at her chest momentarily before looking back as Jack pops the trunk and effortlessly pulls out all four bags. He just violated me! But… But… what will he think when he takes off my dress later tonight and finds out my bra is completely stuffed? Waiting for Jack to close the trunk, Bethany is still nimbly processing his last words. He made no mention that they were my breasts though… But he must obviously think I am stacked. Seeing him standing there, Bethany turns and leads him to her apartment. Unlocking the door, she lets Jack in first, “In the bedroom.” Waiting as Jack disappears down the short hallway she cannot look him in the eye as he walks out.
Stopping out front of the door, Jack senses something is wrong. “I am sorry for copping a feel. I just couldn’t resist the temptation of knowing what I was hoping I would get a chance to feel later. It would be foolish to deny that there is not a connection between us Bethany Hill. I find you ravishing and you stare at me like a love infected puppy. Either way, I am canceling our dinner arrangements on the fact I have somehow disappointed you.” Jack says then walks away.
Hearing his footsteps echo down the narrow hall separating her building from the next, Bethany emerges from the door. “Jack!”
Stopping, he turns around looking crestfallen.
“Don’t cancel our dinner date, please!” Bethany blurts out, her hands reaching out. “I can’t wait to go out with you!”
“I know…” Jack says his trademark grin returning. “See you at seven.”
Closing the door behind her, Bethany leans against the door breathing hard. Fuck…
Ten minutes later, Jack returns to his apartment. Kicking off his shoes, Jack finds his computer and fires it up. Going to the website naughtynurses.com, Jack finds his favorite model, Nurse Sweet Cheeks. Clicking the smiling picture of a chubby brunette, Jack opens his jeans and begins to jerk off at the chubby brunette who stuffs her bra with the big pink balloons. The camera shots exposing her body while other pictures show her being a complete flirt, the perfect candid site where the girls are shown going throughout their day while their transgressions are secretly recorded. Only for Jack, he knows the girl’s head is photo shopped and in fact, the brush of Bethany’s big tit confirmed it, Nurse Tracy is in fact Nurse Bethany Hill.
Later that evening, at exactly 7:00 PM, Jack is waiting out front of Bethany’s door. Knocking firmly, he waits as his busty blonde date is heard crashing around inside.
Looking up at the clock, Bethany is barely dressed. Wearing her shaping nylons, and a little pink thong, her pussy bulging between her shaped and contoured thighs proudly, Bethany hasn’t even begun to shimmy into her dress. Wearing a matching pink lace demi cup bra, Bethany barely got her tits in the massive cups when the door reverberates with the three steady knocks. “Give me another minute!” Bethany shouts at the door. Running through the house, her bare mid-rift bouncing and rolling, Bethany finds her dress and her massive mold. Quickly slipping the ass smoothing mold under her nylons, Bethany finds her dress and slips it up her sheathed legs. Shimmying the tight material up her girth, Bethany fastens the eyelets of the built in waist cincher and begins to pull the zip closed. Feeling instantly controlled, Bethany hooks the rest of the eyelets before zipping her dress. Pulling the dress up and over her chest Bethany smiles as the front dips playfully highlighting her taped together cleavage. Looking in the mirror she smiles when she looks at the figure staring back at her. Wearing a black dress with a red waist sash, she turns to the side as she slides her hand down her flattened tummy. I need to look like this without all of this help… Bethany tells herself as she slips her feet into a pair of black strappy heels.
When the door opens at 7:10 PM, Jack wears a sour look on his face. “You’re late Miss Hill and you live here.” Jack says his tone suggesting he is more amused.
“As you said before, you appreciate a woman who cares about looking good. I think I look fabulous!” Bethany giggles as she does a slow turn.
Watching Bethany spin, Jack’s jaw drops as the beautiful blonde shows off all of her goodies, goodies he knows are squeezed, shaped, enhanced and smoothed out, but still, she knows how to dress and how to fill it out! Holding the bouquet of roses dumbly, Jack simply holds them out. “For you…” He says his usual smoothness temporarily disabled.
Sensing that Jack is in awe, Bethany smiles broadly as she takes the flowers and sets them on the table right by the door. “I will put them in water later.” Bethany says as she walks out into the cool, star lit evening. Turning around, she closes the door and locks it.
Seeing Bethany’s big, smooth ass mere inches from his hanging hand, Jack resists the urge to reach up and give it a heft squeeze. “I love the dress. You look ravishing in it.” Jack says instead as he tightens his fist, holding back.
“Thank you!’ Bethany says with a big, ruby red smile. ‘You have no idea how long it took me to get ready.” Bethany says making small talk.
“I am sure a woman with your natural beauty had no trouble at all.’ Jack says as he wraps his arm around Bethany’s waist. Feeling the taut waist cincher, Jack smiles as his crotch, already aching, stirs even more.
“You are too kind.’ Bethany says looking over and up at Jack. “You look handsome.” Bethany says licking her lips. Wearing a button up shirt and a pair of tight jeans, Bethany can see every muscle, and Jack’s very impressive bulge as it presses into the tight denim.
Wearing black leather shoes, Jack’s gentle steps lead them both to his waiting car. Driving a Jaguar, Jack holds the door open with a smile. Sliding in, Bethany can feel the lap of luxury as she settles in to the brown leather seat. Swinging her legs in last, Bethany waits as the door shuts with a firm click and waits for Jack to climb behind the wheel.
The ride to the DuPont was smooth and quick as they pass many a green light. The dinner? Marvelous. The chat light and free flowing and by the time Bethany is returned home, she is on cloud nine. Being told in a hundred different ways how perfect she is, Bethany is especially happy about how Jack talked about his perfect ideal of a woman.
“A woman should be strong of will and of the utmost in character. When it comes to her body, the right man should love her no matter what for it is the mind more than the body that he should love. I am no such man. If anything I value the female form more so than her mind. Piggish as it may sound, it is most certain of truths. I appreciate a woman who will go to all ends to achieve the perception of perfection that she, in her heart of hearts desires. When a woman achieves that they are their happiest and their sexiest. Nothing will hold them back as every single one who achieves that feeling will be the sexiest woman in the world. You have achieved that Bethany. Right here, right now I throb for you. I throb just looking at you, you’re breasts, you’re hips you’re midsection. I know you know it too, that aura of perfection. What you show the world is what you want them to see but what you show me will be the reality. Whether the reality is remotely close to the imagination I won’t care because for me, you are always in my dreams.”
Turning around as the final door closes, Bethany is staring at Jack in the same way a lion stares at dinner. Her eyes filled with desire, her breathing labored.
During dinner Jack could smell it. The sweet musk of Bethany’s scent as it intermixed with the smell of her sweet piss. Something Bethany would never admit to is that while laughing at the table she accidently squirted into her sanitary pad.
Looking down, the hungry and hot Bethany stares like an animal at Jacks bulging erection, his tight jeans unable to hide the girth of his manhood. Licking her lips, Bethany doesn’t care as she prods her bulging pussy through her dress or the fact that Jack is watching her do it. Her hair frazzled, Bethany slides her hands up to her mighty breasts and squeezes them. “Do you want these?” Bethany asks, her voice low, full of heat, her pussy throbbing, torturing her thoughts.
“Yes.” Jack replies, his own member throbbing for release, he knows what he going to squeeze. Knowing that fact while he knows Bethany has no idea drives him even more.
“Then come get them.” Bethany growls louder as she pushes her huge tits up her dress then lets them drop with a wobble and a bounce.
Throughout dinner, Jack figured out that Bethany was in love with her cup size more than anything. The way she carried herself, the slight body movement that drew the eye to her heaps of bra stuffing bliss. How Bethany never moved to show off her cleavage to draw attention to what she could show, instead she would draw the eye to the very swells she didn’t naturally have. The very swells he yearned to have. Walking up to the hot and heavy Bethany Hill, Jack knows where he should put his hands. Grasping Bethany’s big tits in his hands, Jack watches as Bethany instantly runs her hands through her long blonde hair as she presses her heaving breasts harder into his hands.
“Tell me how much you love these big titties baby…’ Bethany growls as she tosses her hair atop her head while rocking her shoulders back and forth, squeezing her tits into each hand more and more. Feeling the heat between her legs grow, Bethany doesn’t care that her pad… and her panties are soaking wet.
“Oh I want them bad baby…’ Jack growls back squeezing the monstrosities of Bethany’s adulations in his hands. Digging his fingers into the massive, cloth covered mounds Jack thoroughly enjoys how hot it is making the chubby blonde groan. “You must be so wet, I can smell it…” Jack groans as he speaks the truth Bethany’s crotch is wafting her scent hard.
“God I am so fucking horny… my beefy c*nt needs your fat, throbbing cock…” Bethany moans. Letting go of her hair, she grabs the front of Jack’s pants. Tearing at the denim, Bethany is literally trying claw his cock out.
“God you are feisty little b*tch aren’t you?’ Jack muses as he suddenly lifts Bethany from the ground. Cupping her large ass, Jack grins as Bethany wraps her nylon covered legs, the heat of her wet thighs pressing into his sides as she immediately starts groping her big, jutting breasts all by herself.
“Shut up and kiss me!” Bethany commands. Releasing her mounds, Bethany grabs the back of Jack’s head. Pushing her wet, open mouth into his, Bethany loses all control as she kisses him with so much passion she is sloppy, practically licking his face.
Carrying the nearly ready to pop heavy set woman to her apartment, Jack is beginning to think he has taken it too far. Fishing her keys from her dangling purse as he tries to keep up with her tongue and lips, Jack manages to unlock the door. Carrying the hot and bothered woman inside, he kicks the door closed and continues to try and make out as Bethany is all over the place. Finding her bed room, Jack throws her onto the bed.
Falling on her ass, Bethany bounces her eyes sharp as a hungry lion. Seeing the massive bulge bulging into his jeans, Bethany licks her lips and crawls across the bed.
Unbuttoning his shirt, Jack grins as he bares his muscle imbued hairy chest. Hearing Bethany growl at his display of manhood, Jack suddenly finds her face in front of his crotch. Running his hands through her hair, he takes a firm hold as the sound of his zipper going down makes him grunt.
Flicking the tab with her tongue, Bethany bites down and pulls it down. Licking her lips as her prize is so close, Bethany allows herself to be dragged upwards by the hair of her head. Feeling her head tilted back, she looks into Jack’s hungry eyes. “Take me you fucking incredible hulk of a man. Use me like the fucking sl*t I am…”
Hearing those words spill from Bethany’s mouth sends a shiver up Jacks spine as she unbuttons his jeans and shimmies them down. Revealing his boxers Bethany cannot wait as she licks the cloth covered shaft, purring as her tongue runs up the entirety of his thick, quivering wood.
Amazed that the heavy set blonde could be so dirty, Jack reaches down and pushes his boxers to the floor. Immediately he feels Bethany take him in her mouth. Sucking loudly, Jack tilts his head back as Bethany greedily sucks his cock as if she were eating beef jerky. “I told you that when you found your perfection you would be totally hot…” Jack moans as Bethany sucks him so hard and so well, almost legendarily, he cannot help but let his raging orgasm release.
Immediately Bethany chokes as the hot cum assaults the back of her throat. Pulling away, Bethany holds her throat gagging as more cum shoots all over her face. Finally swallowing, Bethany smiles as Jack’s cock softens to a limp long noodle. “Good, now the real fun can begin…” Bethany says sitting up.
Releasing her hair, Jack watches as Bethany stands up on her bed and shimmies her tight short dress to her waist. Baring her nylon covered hips, Jack can see the massive bulge of Bethany’s pussy, or more correctly, her sanitary pad. Jack watches, his arousal returning as Bethany pushes her nylons down. Her smooth hips and thighs revealed to be nothing short of a fat, cellulite covered mess, the cute pink thong looking rather out of place on her fat filled bottom half. “Do you still want this juicy c*nt?” Bethany growls even deeper as she grabs the massive pad and rubs it with the palm of her hand.
Watching Bethany palm her big looking beaver, Jack feels his cock stand at full attention as the waterlogged pad, filled to the brim with a mixture of cum and piss starts pouring down her chunky thighs. “What I want are those.” Jack points at Bethany’s heaving chest,
“So you want my tits first huh?” Bethany moans deep as the mere mention of a man wanting her massive melons makes her cum. With no more room in the already soaked pad, Bethany’s cum rolls out from behind her enhanced panty and joins the other juices still running down her legs.
Seeing the slowly expanding vixen literally oozing down her legs, Jack finds this disgusting display even hotter. His cock throbbing again he leans forward, his hand caressing his cock as he pulls Bethany towards him.
Falling to her knees, Bethany snaps her jaw, clicking her teeth together loudly as she starts man handling her own boobs. “You want to grope these?” Bethany looks down at her heaving chest, her fingers digging into the giant mounds jutting from her chest like ballistic missiles.
Yet what happens next shocks even Bethany. Watching as Jack seemingly reaches for her tits, Bethany’s jaw drops as he grabs the thick straps of her dress instead. His hands tightening around them, Jack enjoys the look of instant shock, his lioness suddenly subdued as he is left holding the leash. “Somethings wrong?’ Jack asks menacingly as he turns his grip. Knowingly not gripping Bethany’s razor thin bra straps, Jack instead flexes his massive muscles, his big biceps tightening.
“No…” Bethany says meekly nibbling her bottom lip. Frozen, her hands still clutching her big tits, Bethany’s eyes open wide as Jack’s muscles harden, his tight skin showing every fiber of his massive arms.
“Good!’ Jack says with a big smile. Pulling his arms away, Jack rips Bethany’s dress away as if he is tearing a flimsy napkin. Instantly the curvy, buxom blonde before him is exposed. A frozen look of fear plastered all over her face, her beautiful sapphire eyes open as wide as saucers. Looking at her hands, which haven’t moved, Jack stares as Bethany’s fingers claw into the massive pink lace bra cups, the pudding inflated pink balloons still jiggling slightly from the inertia of the force required to tear the dress away. “I love those big juicy tits Bethany Hill. They are everything I ever dreamed of.” Jack says hungrily as he reaches back and claws at Bethany’s fat, overhanging gut. “And the fact you were hiding so much woman behind that powerful waist cincher makes me want to cum all over you.”
Looking down at her suddenly exposed tits and fat, Bethany slowly tilts her chin. Seeing the massive cock quivering at full, rock hard attention, Bethany’s face finally relaxes as her hungry lioness look returns. “Well what are you waiting for? Hammer my hot and horny pussy! Make me squeal like the little piggy I am you hulk of man! Make me moan, make me roar! Make my pussy purr it’s gooey, sticky release. Make me cum so much I cover those hairy, thick legs in all of my disgusting juices!” Bethany suddenly shouts as she leaps into his waiting arms. Pressing her enormous falsies into his muscle bound, hairy chest, Bethany kisses him again, only with much more control and precision as Jack lifts her from the bed. Her fat unencumbered by her shaping nylons and terraforming dress, Bethany feels free as Jack claws at her lumpy, fat ridden ass. Laying her down, he rips the wispy thong away, tossing her cum and piss soaked ruined article to the floor. Guiding his cock into Bethany’s fat girl pussy, Jack howls as his cock slips inside.
Pounding her poor pussy for hours, Bethany starts on her back then finds herself on her knees, the entire time his meaty hand clawing at her pudding filled tits. “Oh fuck you are so hot Bethany Hill… God I love your big tits!” Jack howls as he continues to assault Bethany’s dripping hot pussy hard and fast. Groaning loudly, Jack loves how Bethany keeps pounding herself into his pelvis, taking his huge dick nice and deep and how her body shudders, her fat legs and gut jiggling widely. Flipping her on her back, Jack looks down as Bethany plays with her massive fake tits, the huge balloons making her hands look small. Reeling back, Jack tickles his shaft, aching for release as he darts his throbbing, massive dick in and out of Bethany’s wide open slit. Suddenly Jack spasms, pulling out just his cock explodes, sending his hot, gooey cum all over Bethany’s big, pale white belly. Falling to the bed next to her, Jack waits as Bethany arches her back.
The moment Jack remove his cock and the hot cum splatters all over her soft, bulging body, Bethany finally finds her own release. “Oh… Oh!” Bethany can only say as her mouth opens and closes, her eyes opening wide, Bethany suddenly arches her back, her big tits rolling under her chin as her pussy pumps out wave after wave of the gooey, messy substance all over her thighs and bed sheets. Recovering slowly, Bethany rolls to her side, holding her head up with her hand. Tracing her finger trough Jack’s chest hair, Bethany smiles. “That was amazing…” Bethany says softly, stopping only to keep her latex swells from falling out of her bra.
Looking over at the naked, less than stellar body of Bethany Hill, Jack smiles back. “Do you always get that crazy my scrumptious sex kitten?” Jack turns to his side as he places his hand on Bethany’s tit, half rubbing it, half holding it in the big, flimsy bra cup.
“Well, no…” Bethany blushes and looks away trying hard not to smile.
“Liar!’ Jack lets the big fake tits drop from the cup. “Either tell the truth or I let the tit have it!” Jack jokes sounding like a corny mafia character from a bad gangster movie.
Feeling the big boob slide down her chest, Bethany freaks but when it doesn’t fall and is pushed back into place, she visibly calms down. “One time I masturbated so hard I blew up my own tit while sitting on a broom stick…” Bethany admits blushing three shades of red.
“That’s pretty intense.” Jack says his voice trailing as an ominous cloud descends over them. Without the rising expectations of sex and the curiosity that drove it to its dizzying heights, the two of them, one really out of shape and stuffing her massive bras, the other chiseled from stone with an oak tree of a cock to match, look suddenly odd together.
“Jack?” Bethany traces her finger through his chest hair again gently.
“Yeah?” Jack responds looking at Bethany’s big pink tit, playing with it now absent mindedly.
“Did you mean what you said when you said I was perfect because I found my own reflection of perfection? And that even in my reality you would still find me that way?” Bethany sits up and scoots so she is facing him sitting cross legged.
Sitting up himself, Jack looks at the imperfect Bethany. From her round face, down to her fake tits and bulging belly. “Yes, why?”
“Well… I won’t believe it until I see how you react to this…” Bethany says as she reaches behind her back. Unclipping her bra, Bethany lets her massive tits fall to the bed. Revealing her tape created cleavage. Bethany bites her lip as she pulls the sticky tape off fast. Exhaling hard as her skin feels on fire, Bethany unveils her tiny pancakes topped with two little scoops of chocolate ice cream like nipples. “This is me bare. I have never in my life willingly exposed myself like this.”
Staring at Bethany’s tiny, disgusting tits, Jack has a choice, rather simple in its complexity, to lie or tell the truth. “Your tits are disgusting.” Jack makes his choice and sits up turning away as Bethany’s jaw drops in utter surprise.
“You think they are gross?” Bethany looks down at her dumpy little tits and covers them easily with her hands.
“You asked…” Jack stands up. His ass facing Bethany, Jack avoids all eye contact as he bends down to find his shirt. “I should probably be going Bethany.”
“I know I did, but don’t go yet. You said I was perfect no matter what, but now you admit I’m not. So you lied.” Bethany replies as she edges to the Jacks side of the bed.
“No, I didn’t. I told you the truth.” Jack replies finally turning around. Seeing that Bethany is covering her chest Jack smiles. “You hate those tiny, disgusting lumps of nothing too. The way you pushed them was merely for effect because of the dress. You love those big fake tits you had no problem strutting around, teasing every male in the restaurant with, including me. If you truly loved your tits you would show them off as much as you can but you don’t. Admit it. You’d rather be wearing that huge bra and those big fake tits than be seen with those dangling from your chest. Tell me differently if you can.”
Sitting there, Bethany looks away. “Your right, I hate them, I utterly hate my chest! I love my big fake tits if I wear them will you stay?” Bethany suddenly turns around and grabs her bra and boobs. ”Please?”
“Well, if you want me to stay I expect you to always stuff, unless you shower. I don’t want to see those sorry excuses ever again, alright?” Jack says as he walks back over to Bethany and holds up her bra. “Put them on, I can wait.” Jack says and turns around.
Quickly slipping her bra back on and her breasts, Bethany reaches and taps him on his lower back. “Look!”
Turning around, Jack smiles as Bethany’s smile has magically returned. “Much better babe.” Jack leans down and kisses Bethany hard.
Clasping her hands to his cheeks, Bethany moans as she shares an intimate kiss with him. Pushing his face back Bethany has one more question. “Do you like my body?”
“Do you? Do you feel sexy when you get naked?” Jack answers the question with a question, smirking when Bethany shakes her head. “Then neither do I. Don’t worry baby, I’ll fuck ya as long as you show off the body of your dreams, but don’t expect me to get turned on as your walk around here naked showing off a body you hate.”
“So you don’t get turned on by me expanding into a butter ball?” Bethany asks in surprise.
“No.” Jack shakes his head. “I get turned on when you strut your hot self. If it requires you to wear a waist cincher and a fake ass to do it, then fine. I’ll gladly get you all worked up, admiring your own perfection, than rip your clothes off and pound you when you are so hot you don’t even care. But when you are not overwhelmed with desire, I don’t see you feeling sexy unless you are dressed.”
Finally understanding, Bethany stands up, her fat nasty ass wobbling to the dresser, Bethany pulls out a pair of high waist panties. Slipping them on, Bethany croons as the tight material pushes her stomach and sides in as the massive rear panel, pre stuffed with a shaping pad, smooths her ass out considerably. “I’m not as critical about my bare legs, but my jammy pants have built in leg shapers.” Bethany smiles as she pulls out a pair of leopard print, white and black spotted bottoms and pulls them on. Grabbing a semi tight t shirt, Bethany pulls that on too.
Seeing Bethany transform back into the curvaceous, hour glass vixen he has come to know, Jack is even more interested as Bethany’s fire returns to her eyes. “I think you forgot your pussy.’ Jack looks around, finding a fresh pad on the floor and throws it like a Frisbee. Catching it midair, Bethany giggles as she lifts her blouse and shoves it down her panty. Her arm disappearing up to her elbow, Bethany situates the bulging piece between her legs. Smiling even more, Bethany walks up to Jack and grabs his head. Pushing him to the bed, Bethany then presses his face into her huge tits. “Enjoy them anytime you want.”
“Most certainly…” Jack replies though his voice is muffled as he doesn’t bother to pull his head from Bethany’s balloon titties. Instead he hums as he starts squeezing Bethany’s t shirt covered mounds of wanna be flesh with his hands.
The following morning, Bethany is waiting in the attorney’s office. Wearing her patent nylons and high waist panties that gives her figure and the edge she desires, Bethany sits in the waiting room wearing a tight little black skirt and a cute pink, tapered and tailored button up blouse. Wearing her blonde hair down, framing her face, Bethany begins to tire as she has been waiting now for over an hour. Crossing her legs, Bethany blushes when the receptionist happens to look up and right up Bethany’s short skirt and gets an eyeful of her domineering crotch.
Damn that girl has huge pussy… I bet no matter how big a guy’s cock is, it gets lost in that. Or maybe not… the receptionist changes her mind as she notices the aura of bliss radiating from Bethany’s smiling face, her eyes simply glittering today. I bet she got it good… the receptionist smiles at Bethany and nods knowingly.
Is it that obvious I got a good fucking last night?” Bethany asks herself as she nods back in return. Not another second goes by when the office door opens and a client walks out. Watching the man walk out, Bethany smiles when the attorney, wearing a sharp, black, pinstripe tailored suit says something in a hushed voice to the receptionist.
Nodding in understanding, the receptionist returns to her work, typing up some legal documents and stuff. Sighing, Bethany slumps in her seat her smile gone as she starts to look around. “Bethany Hill? Mr. Ricks will see you now.” The receptionist says finally looking up. Standing up, Bethany fixes her cute blouse and tugs down on her short skirt, not wanting to show off her stocking tops. Walking confidently up to the door, her tall pink heels tapping softly on the carpet below, Bethany glances down at the receptionist smiling. Watching as the receptionist returns the smile with one of her-own Bethany opens the door and walks in.
“Miss Bethany Hill?” The attorney, Mr. Ricks says staring out the window. Seven stories from the ground, the view of downtown is superb.
“Yes?” Bethany answers, standing in the middle of the room.
“Thanks for your unending patience. A skill I am sure you learned to enhance once you started working at the hospital.” The attorney says turning around.
“Thank you?” Bethany responds not sure what else to say.
“My pleasure Miss Hill, my name is Gerald Ricks, Attorney at Law. I specialize in slander and defamation based cases, which I am to understand is why you were referred to my office by Madrid?” Gerald walks around his desk and stops a few feet away from the very busty blonde. “Pardon me Miss Hill but you sure represent your surname.” Gerald says glancing down at Bethany’s bulging breasts.
Blushing profusely, Bethany cannot help but roll her shoulders back. Showing off the full power of her swells, Bethany is all smiles. “Thank you very much.”
“Ah, so in the case about you I was handed it was noted that you preen whenever someone mentions or looks at your chest. A very prominent pair indeed, unfortunately the result of two over inflated latex balloons, pink in color to represent your buried sexual frustration at puberty and inflated to the desired size with delicious chocolate pudding that represents your affection for sweets but also your infatuation with your pre disposed idea that breasts are beautiful.” Gerald says with confidence as he tears his gaze away from Bethany’s perfect pair.
‘I uh… what?” Bethany says startled. Glancing down at her chest, Bethany wavers but decides to stand her ground and continue to stick out her mountains of lust.
“I believe you heard me Miss Hill. I was told you stuff your bra. I know we can’t do anything right now about that without arising suspicion and subpoenas for any recent medical records which would clearly indicate you required or desired breast augmentation.” Gerald states as he sits on the edge of his desk. “The rest you can fix with diet and exercise.”
“Do I look like I need to exercise?” Bethany says challengingly as she storms up to within inches of Gerald’s face.
“No you don’t look like you do, but that is the point isn’t Miss Hill? That your conflagrations of underwear shape your body to your current configuration? Miss Hill if any of this is untrue, than feel free to prove me wrong.” Gerald snaps back, his patience tried. Seeing a blank look, Gerald waits as Bethany takes a couple of steps back. “Much better, Now listen to me, I am here to help you get out of this logjam you put yourself in even though the way it was done is highly inappropriate. Even more, it may require you to disrobe in front of the judge in order to disprove the pictures the plaintiffs sent to my office showing your current bodily state in which we will compare those to newer pictures showing off a much more shapely you, minus the butt smoothing, tummy contracting underwear.”
“Jesus Christ, how is it everyone knows about me?” Bethany raises her hands in utter frustration, letting them fall to her sides as she spins around.
Perving on Bethany’s enhanced ass, Gerald licks his lips. Having always had a thing for chunky, fat girls, Gerald especially loves it when that girl has dumpy, tiny tits, so seeing Bethany hiding all of that behind her big fake boobs and her powerful shapewear, sends Gerald’s mind racing. “Because you enjoy being the center of attention Miss Hill and when you command a spot light, others will do anything to knock you off that perch. So if you plan on salvaging your reputation, I highly suggest you use the next ninety days to find a personal trainer that will take an under the table payment and drop enough weight so when you do disrobe you can show the judge that your flamboyant curves are nothing that you enhanced or ad control over.” Gerald says wishing he didn’t have too. Instead he is only imagining Bethany naked in all her grotesque, fat filled glory, her tiny saggy tits dangling before his face tempting him to suck on her puffy brown nipples.
Turning her head, Bethany swears that Gerald is staring at her as if she is naked. Turning around Bethany plants her hands on her hips, sticking out her big tits, “Why do I get the feeling you are imagining me naked? Is that why you took my case so you could see me without my clothes on?” Bethany says knowingly, the look on Gerald’s face resonating with guilt. “Fine, if you want to jerk off to me, than do it.” Bethany says stepping back. Unbuttoning her blouse, she exposes her pink satin bra. The giant pink balloons filling the massive cups, Bethany pulls them up and drops them to the floor. “There, I took out my big fake tits dirt bag.” Bethany spats. Suddenly pissed, she pulls the massive cups down exposing her dumpy little tits. “Now pull out your cock and wank it. Hurry up so I can leave because I don’t want your ugly ass staring at me like that anymore.”
Seeing Bethany’s tiny tits, Gerald cannot help himself. Unzipping his pants he whips out his cock eliciting a muffled giggle as Bethany covers her mouth. His face reddening, Gerald further humiliates himself as he creams in less than three pulls. Looking up exhausted, Gerald watches as he dream girl bursts into tears laughing as she re stuffs her bra.
“My g string is bigger than that!” Bethany cannot help but blurt out as she buttons her blouse restoring her confidence. “Now before you go off and try to humiliate me in court, let me tell you one thing. I have a man who fucked me so good, so hard last night. He saw me in all my naked glory. I deserve to have a better body than this and so does he. When I get naked I shouldn’t your fantasy, I should be his. He loves me for now as long as I continue to enjoy wearing all of these body shaping clothes but mark my words, when you see me again I will have the body I did at 16 and the big, fake tits to go along with it, so don’t screw me over. If you’re a good boy next time I’ll let you suck on my bare tits, but only if you don’t tell.’ Bethany walks up to disheveled lawyer and plants a nice long kiss on his quivering lips. Satisfied she has shut him up, Bethany leaves the office.
Watching Bethany sashay her false bottom out the door, Gerald collects himself before he phones his receptionist and goes out for lunch. Littles does Gerald know as he looks through the pictures of the chunky nurse, that those will be last pictures he will ever see as Bethany finally decides to embark on a long overdue Trial, filled with Tribulations.
Starting the very next morning, Bethany warns Jack “This will be the last time you ever fuck me looking like this.” Surprising her muscle bound, gentle giant, Bethany starts a rigorous workout regimen. When not at the hospital, Bethany is with Jack in gym. Pushing herself little by day, she starts off by slimming down to 240. Great for two weeks, but not nearly enough to get her by when court is set to begin in less than ten weeks. Changing her diet, Bethany cuts out the fatty foods and fills her fridge and pantry with healthy alternatives. Learning to cook for the first time, Bethany finds that eating healthy makes her happy. Choosing carrot sticks over candy bars, Bethany smiles as the weight soon begins to fly off. Relying less on her shape wear, Bethany starts ditching her shapewear infused clothes, but not all at once as no one is supposed to know she is losing weight.
Jack is happy for the sudden change too as every night he slowly finds himself more and more intoxicated by Bethany’s shrinking body. Still possessing her wide hips, big bottom and thick thighs, Jack can tell that they are starting to take a more round and curvy shape and the fact that Bethany is walking around the house in little shorts instead of long pants shows him that Bethany is slowly regaining her lost confidence. After six weeks Bethany ditches the rubber molded ass, her ass firming up enough that simple pants hides her dimple covered bottom, Jack decides it is time to change up Bethany’s routine.
Switching from a muscle building routine, Jack insists that Bethany is ready for a more lean inclined routine designed to shape and carve her tummy, ass and legs, he even tells Bethany it is time to shrink the wonder tits. Watching as Bethany drops her bra size to a 38 DDD, Bethany is still plenty top heavy but the reduction of her volume is better in line with her shrinking midsection. As Bethany nears her target weight of 180 pounds, a vicious debate ensues whether Bethany should ditch the jiggly boobs for a firmer pair of breast forms. Having fallen in love with her pink, pudding filled titties, Jack is able to dissuade her attachment by stating that:
Your attachment to pudding filled balloons means that you will always be tempting yourself back to gluttony. Not at first but over time the brown hue of the tasty, fat filled chocolate will slowly take over and become a craving. Fat free is not a substitute honey. You need to ditch all reminders of how and why you got so big to begin with.”
Immediately following his passionate plea, Bethany special orders a pair of breast forms from thebreastformstore.com. With a pair of scrumptious, life like 38DD’s on the way, Bethany returns to her rigorous workout routine.
Finishing her last work out, Bethany lets the weight crash as she stands up from the bench press. Glistening from head to toe in sweat, Bethany stands there breathing hard. Her long blonde hair tied into a pony tail, she looks over as Jack finishes his reps with the dumb bells. “Time!” Bethany calls out as she looks her sweat drenched rubber coated Timex.
Wiping the sweat from his brow with a towel d****d over his shoulder, Jack smiles wistfully as he looks over at Bethany, her giant chest heaving hard, he stops and checks out his curvaceous, busty girlfriend. Wearing only a sports bra and tiny shorts Bethany has come a long way from the long pants and baggy t shirts days where Bethany refused to workout unless her ass looked ‘perfect’. Now she stands there showing off a firm, flat tummy, still thick but her hour glass shape is definitely there. Letting his gaze drift south, he cannot help but stare at her legs, thick and full, now powerful and curvy just like she wanted. Her legs coming together at her curvy, prominent hips, the swell of her stuffed crotch is all the more noticeable. “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?; Jack asks catching Bethany by surprise.
“Yeah why?” Bethany asks as she bends down to grab her water bottle. Tilting her head back, she squirts a long stream in her mouth, her prominent, perky tits sticking out high into the air as her taut tummy stretches, including her cute navel.
“Have you really looked?” Jack replies smirking. “Come on, turn around and really look babe.” Jack smiles. Tossing the sweaty towel over his shoulder, Jack walks up, his grey wife beater sticking to his muscular body. Wearing a pair of shorts and tennis shoes, Jack has no qualms about letting his cock stiffen the moment Bethany turns around. Staring at her big, round, tight ass, Jack is impressed at the body Bethany was hiding beneath all those layers of fat only two and a half months ago.
Looking at herself, Bethany doesn’t see it at first, as she is too consumed with staring at her bust line. “I hate the fact my tits are smaller…” Bethany whines instantly.
“Babe, your tits are fine.” Jack says reassuringly as he gives her stuffed sports bra a playful squeeze. “In fact you look good with 38DD’s you should be proud.”
“But I loved my big, jiggly tits…” Bethany moans anyway as she frowns at their smaller diameter.
Seeing that Bethany is only seeing her cup size rather than herself as a whole, Jack decides to do something radical. Reaching from behind, he grabs each of Bethany’s tits and starts groping them. “Baby, you know I miss them too, but I need you to see it from my perspective.” Suddenly and without warning Jack pulls them up and off.
Frowning as Jack caresses her smaller tits, Bethany is suddenly thrown into a state of shock as her arms instantly fly into the air as her chest is stripped away. Now staring at herself topless, Bethany cannot believe it. “Jack! What the hell are you doing! Give me my boobies back!” Bethany turns around and reaches for them but can’t as he is simply too tall and holding the big fake boobs too high for her to reach. “What if other people were in here!?” Bethany howls as she crosses her toned arms across her chest.
“But there aren’t any and there won’t be any. Since this is the gym located in the complex, I reserved the room just for us. Now stop freaking out and look at yourself and maybe this time you will look at everything else instead of whining about how your precious boobs are a little smaller…” Jack says. waiting for Bethany to quit acting like a baby, something he enjoys when they play that as part of their naughty school girl routine, it also makes sense as Bethany revealed to him weeks ago she needs diaper at bed time after running out of excuses for wetting the bed.
Sighing, Bethany turns around. At first all she can see is her nonexistent chest. But it is the focus on her puffy nipples that finally turns on the light in Bethany’s horribly one tracked mind. “My saggy little tits are gone!” Bethany’s face lights up as she stares at her completely flat chest, the only hint of puberty being her brown puffy nipples. Looking back like a child who just made the discovery of a lifetime, Jack can only shake his head and smile as Bethany turns back around and starts looking everywhere else. “My tummy, it’s flat! I haven’t seen it this good ever! I mean when I was 16 it was flat, but it was soft, now look!” Bethany bends over as the only roll is of skin. “And my arms! Look, look, look! They are toned and sexy! I have girly guns!” Bethany holds her arms up and flexes admiring her little but noticeable muscles. Lowering her arms, Bethany finally looks at her legs. Thick and powerful, they may not be thin or skinny, but they are toned and firm, wrapped in a thin layer of toned muscle. “Holy shit… my legs are HOT!” Bethany says getting excited. When she turns around, Bethany is stunned. Seeing the big, round firm cheeks filling out her shorts, Bethany cannot believe it. Poking her finger into the firm, hard swells, Bethany has to double check she is not clenching. Still unbelieving, Bethany does something radical. Standing up straight, Bethany pushes her little black shorts to the ground. Staring at her nearly bare ass, save for the tiny wisp of string that still disappears into the crevice of her big round cheeks. “Holy shit… my ass is awesome!” Bethany says excitedly as she stares at it through the mirror, peering over her shoulder.
Meanwhile Jack is too busy staring at Bethany’s jumbo crotch. When she was heavier the pussy looked hot, but now that Bethany has slimmed out, it is looking rather big, even if it shaped like a bigger version of what she already has. Aside from that he cannot help but smirk as Bethany is now wearing her skimpy g strings, and not even realizing it. Eyeing the word embroidered across her pussy, Creamy Jack shakes his head knowing how true they are. “Did you order smaller pads? I know you pee a lot but that giant was of foam looks silly now.” Jack muses but still grinning.
“Huh?” Bethany says absentmindedly as she continues to stare in awe of her Kardashian sized butt. Coming back to reality Bethany spins around and blushes. Looking more like a giant pad than a prominent c*nt, Bethany immediately pulls it out. Watching as the tight material clings to her natural pussy, Bethany is quite pleased that her big slit and puffy lips are still prominent. “I guess I should just face the music and accept the fact I have a big, scrumptious pussy.” Bethany laments. “I should just go pee more often instead of wearing a giant maxi pad.” Bending down to grab her shorts, Jack watches Bethany’s big ass expand and tighten even more as she pulls her shorts up. Snapping the waist band, Bethany looks back up at Jack and holds her arms up over her head. “Now can I have my boobies back, pretty please?”
Accenting to the request, Jack holds the still stuffed bra above Bethany’s outstretched arms like a cardinal would crown a king. Lowering the broad sports bra, Jack holds the big breast forms with his fingers as he slides the fake chest down Bethany’s arms. Stopping right where they belong, Jack lowers his hands and waits for Bethany to situate her big tits on her chest. “Are they big enough now?”
Bethany spins around. Looking at them with a brand new appreciation, Bethany realizes that now her tits look truly impressive in comparison to her much smaller body. She may no longer be fat, but couple those tits with her thick, powerful, toned legs and tapered, if wide midsection, her tummy taut and flat, Bethany is truly a stunner and has an hour glass shape even if she still is thirty two inches around her waist.
Finally realizing what Jack has been ogling for the last few weeks, Bethany rewards him back at the apartment with two hours of rough, dirty sex.
With one week to go before the trial, Bethany finally makes it back to the attorney’s office. Wearing a tight hot pink skirt and a jet black blouse, Bethany carves a path thought the waiting room. Wearing nothing under her skirt the tight hem stops midway down her toned, thick thighs. Bound with a new found confidence and brand new breasts, Bethany feels a strange comfort as she wears the same sized bra she wore in high school and up to two years ago, a 38DD.
“Miss Hill you have to wait…” The receptionist goes to stand but stops when she catches sight of Bethany’s unencumbered legs. In awe of the power and of her devastating curves, the receptionist sits back down dumb struck, the sight of Bethany’s gorgeous, firmly bouncing tits and the snap of her big, round ass temporarily overloading her optical nerves.
“Mr. Gerald Ricks Esquire?” Bethany pronounces boldly as she slams the door behind her. Stopping in the middle of his office Bethany’s jaw drops as she walks in on Gerald in the middle of screwing an obese client… with tiny tits. Staring at the oversized white drawers hanging from her spread open legs, Bethany cannot help but laugh as Gerald pumps his small dick in and out of the moaning woman’s fat, sloppy, pimple covered c*nt, her supersized legs spread open and jiggling wildly as he has to reach to cup her saggy, A cup tits.
Looking up, the overweight redhead blushes as she stands up, her blouse unbuttoned. The tiny, cotton fiber bra pulled down exposing her tiny fat girl tits complete with faded, oversized areolas and chubby nipples. She covers her chest with her chubby hands as her round cheeks blush three shades of red. “What the fuck is she doing here Gerald? You told me we had an hour!” the big redhead spins around on her naked feet, her big belly wobbling.
“Damn it!” Gerald exclaims as he tries to bury his hard, dripping cock back in his pants, but before he does he orgasm all over his hand.
“I don’t think you had much to miss…” Bethany says rolling her eyes as the overweight woman pulls up her bra. Cupping her breasts to situate them in her little cups, the woman huffs as her little mounds jiggle as she storms away from the desk ad over to her discarded clothes pulling up her huge panties.
“You better not say a fucking word!” The woman threatens as she grabs her beige skirt and pulls it up. Finding her blouse next she hurriedly throws it on then pulls on her matching blazer.
Breezing past Bethany with disheveled hair, Bethany catches her name etched into the golden badge. ‘Anna Wight, Branch Manager.” Waiting for the door to slam shut, Bethany waits as Gerald cleans his hand as the uproar from the lobby, mainly laughter dies down too. “I wasn’t wrong when I suggested you liked them big.” Bethany muses.
“Just don’t say anything okay?” Gerald says nervously as he finds his chair and almost stumbles trying to sit down. Frantically finding Bethany’s work docket, he finally pulls it out and opens it, papers flying everywhere. “Oh jeez!”
“Well considering how small your prick is, it is easy to fuck the heavy ones, especially heifers like Anna who probably don’t get it enough. How do you put up with the smell?” Bethany laughs as she finds papers all over the ground and bends over to pick them up.
Rushing around his desk, Gerald skids to a stop as he comes face to face with Bethany’s big, firm bottom. Sticking up in the air, Gerald looks at it unable to tear his gaze away. Rubbing his eyes, Gerald crouches down, mainly to hide his hard little prick as he helps Bethany pick up all of the paperwork. Waiting to stand, he looks up at Bethany who is standing there wearing yet another shit eating grin. “What?”
“Thought you liked the fat ones?” Bethany simply says as she walks off and sets the papers on the desk. Finding a chair, Bethany sits and waits as Gerald struggles to get a grip. “Having problems Mr. Ricks? There are no fat women in here to get all excited about.” Bethany says teasingly.
Looking up, Gerald sighs. “Sorry, I was just thinking about Anna’s ass, alright?” Gerald goes to stand up but when he gets a glimpse up Bethany’s skirt he loses it right there in his pants. “Uh…” Gerald stutters as he clasps his hands over his crotch. Seeing the black panel of Bethany’s lacey panty, Gerald can only imagine seeing her naked again, no illusions of unveiling a fat girl this time as Gerald truly soaks his pants.
“Sometime today I would like to go over my case, considering the trial is tomorrow…” Bethany rolls her eyes as she sits patiently and waits for Gerald to recover. Giving him a polite round of applause, Bethany watches as Gerald finally finds his chair, blushing as the spot smearing the front of his pants is huge.
“I’m sorry Miss Hill.” Gerald blushes as he rearranges the papers. Taking some time, Gerald finally looks up. ‘Alright, so have you completed your weight loss regimen?”
“Naturally…’ Bethany says coolly as she blows on her fingers nails teasingly.
“May I take photographic evidence of your subtle changes?” Gerald asks producing a professional camera.
“Are you going to be able to contain yourself?” Bethany replies as she stands up from her chair.
“I will do my best.” Gerald says as he holds up the camera.
“I’m sure you will,” Bethany winks as she starts to unbutton her blouse. Unbuttoning it slowly, Bethany’s bra slowly pops into view. Black in color and demi cut, Bethany pulls her blouse open not caring that her big breast forms are on display. “You already know I stuff my bra, but I am sure you will not care if I cover my breasts?”
“Not at all…” Gerald says as he takes in Bethany’s stuffed bra but more importantly her trim, flat tummy and hour glass waist. Seeing her stretched navel, Gerald licks his lips as he takes the first picture.
Tossing her blouse to the ground, Bethany unzips her skirt next and lets it flutter to the ground. Wearing nothing but a matching black lace thong, Bethany reveals not only her toned hips and thighs, but also her naked, shaved pussy lips. Waiting for the next picture to be taken, Bethany turns around as Gerald takes the last picture, the one that shows off her tight, big round ass. Firm and toned, Bethany loves showing off her new body. Turning back around, Bethany sticks out her big fake tits and grins. “Other than these glorious displays of femininity…” Bethany waves her hand over her stuffed bra, “I do believe I will pass the litmus test?”
“Very much so Miss Hill,” Gerald says looking away as he pops the SD card out and slips it in the file.
“I do believe that for your efforts you deserve a chance to suck on these…” Bethany smirks as she reaches around her back and unclasps her bra. Lowering the giant falsies away, Bethany bares her completely flat chest, save for the little scoops of chocolate ice cream sticking out from her chest. “Take a seat and let me make your dream come true…” Bethany says as she lowers her dainty thong. Stepping from the frail underwear, Bethany, in just her pink pumps, walks up to the sitting and stunned attorney. Mounting his chair, Bethany tosses her hair to one side and dangles her puffy brown nipple right in front of his mouth. “Afterwards tell me how it tastes…” Bethany whispers softly as she lowers her puffy nipple into Gerald’s waiting lips.
Her big, round ass facing the door, Bethany is moaning like a hooker when the office door opens. Walking in the receptionist closes the door behind her softly. Turning around, she stops, jaw dropped as she sees the fully nude Bethany perched atop Gerald’s chair, wearing only her pink heels moaning. Looking down, the receptionist lets out a gasp as she stares at the giant falsies and bra lying on the floor amongst her clothes. Looking back up and now wide eyed and white as a ghost, the receptionist stares into the deer caught in the headlights look plastered on Bethany’s face. Glancing down, the receptionist can see that Bethany is totally and completely flat as Gerald hungrily munches on the proffered nipple. Staring wide eyed her-self, the receptionist starts mumbling something as she backs out of the room shutting the door as quietly as she opened it. Returning to her desk, the receptionist shakes her head while muttering, “I need a new job…”
Staring at the door, Bethany swallows hard. Turning her head, she looks down at her attorney and blushes. “I guess this isn’t the first time she has caught you with a client has she?” Bethany asks as she dismounts the chair freeing her nipple from Gerald’s mouth. “I think I should get dressed and get on my way…”
“Yeah….” Gerald says obviously on cloud nine.
“See you at court tomorrow?” Bethany asks as she sashays her perfect derriere side to side, walking towards the pile of clothing on the floor.
“Yeah…’ Gerald says still daydreaming, his mouth sucking the air. By the time Gerald wakes up, Bethany has already left the office, every stitch of her prior existence gone.
The following morning Bethany is sitting in the waiting room. All alone on an old fashion wood bench, Bethany squirms, the hard seat being not very comfortable on her big ass. Looking around the empty room, Bethany reaches up and cups her jutting 38DD’s and pushes them up her chest to a ‘perkier’ position, her little sliver of cleavage just the beginning of what promises to be a treasure trove of feminine abundance.
Walking in to the waiting room, the plaintiff’s attorney, Mrs. Jenna Rowe, stops in the open door way and smirks. ‘Aren’t you a little old to be stuffing your bra Miss Hill?” Staring down from her lofty 5’10’ height, Jenna folds her arms under her medium size breast smirking.
Looking over to the door, Bethany is in complete shock. Her hands still cupping her firm, perfect looking tits through her white, silk button up blouse, Bethany’s eyes narrow on the tall, slender brunette. “Only if you consider a bra full of my womanly flesh to be anything less.” Bethany states flatly rising to her feet. Turning slowly towards Jenna, Bethany arches her back slowly, her breasts stretching the front of her blouse slowly, like weapons poised to attack.
Unimpressed by the blatant display of one up-man-ship, Jenna simply laughs. “Ha, ha, ha, you think you sticking out those pudding filled falsies will subdue me? You have another thing coming.’ Jenna says smirking smugly. “Be prepared to lose Miss Hill.”
“Kiss my ass…” Bethany says retracting her breasts.
“Not in a million years fat ass.” Jenna retorts before walking past Bethany who simply turns her head as Jenna walks through the opposite door.
Still staring the door down as it clicks closed softly, Bethany is smirking. Turning her face forward, Bethany is looking smug when the first door opens and Gerald finally walks in.
“Hey!” Gerald says with a big smile and a wave. “Are you ready?”
“As I’ll ever be…” Bethany says wearing a knowing smile. Still posing with her hands on her hips, Bethany is a pillar of confidence, her tight blouse showing off her jutting round tits.
“Good, good, glad to hear it!” Gerald smiles, stopping a few feet away he cannot help himself as his eyes wander down to Bethany’s impressive bust line.
“I met the prosecution’s attorney.” Bethany says licking her lips after taking a peak at her own jutting bosoms.
“You really love those boobs don’t you?” Gerald says smirking.
“You bet I do.” Bethany replies with confidence. “Ready to win?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be Beth.” Gerald answers confidently.
Walking side by side into the courtroom, Bethany notes with supreme satisfaction as the crowd looks up at her with awe. Wearing a grey pencil skirt, Bethany’s ass looks simply outstanding as the skin tight material carves out each toned mass of oversized female ass. Pushing through the barrister Bethany and Gerald walk up to their table and take their seats opposite of Jenna Row and Janelle Washington.
When the Judge walks in, the bailiff announces, “All raise, the honorable Judge Olivia Rutgers presiding!”” Rising to their feet, Bethany and the others, including the seats full of onlookers stand up as Judge Olivia Rutgers walks behind the bench and sits down.
“ You may all be seated.’ Judge Rutgers says as she takes the case file.
“Your Honor, I am to present docket number 54214, Washington vs Hill, defendant is accused of sexual harassment and improper behavior in the work place.” The bailiff announces as everyone takes their seats.
“Defendant, how do you plead?” Judge Rutgers asks never looking up from the docket arrayed on the bench in front of her.
“Not guilty you’re Honor.” Gerald answers standing up then sits back down.
“Mrs. Rowe, you may proceed.” Judge Rutgers says flatly finally looking up after jotting down the answer with a flick of the pen.
Pushing her seat back, Jenna Rowe walks out from behind the desk. “You’re Honor, the case presented before you is a complaint against the defendant, Bethany Hill for indecent behavior in the work place that inadvertently caused my client, Janelle Washington to respond improperly during the night of the 15th. For months the defendant used her body, a body that she enhanced with waist cinchers, stuffed bras and even a false bottom to get her way and knowingly break work place decorum to be openly insubordinate. It is our case to prove that the defendant, Bethany Hill knowingly altered her appearance to such a degree as to cause disruption and ruin the harmonious culture that my client, Mrs. Washington spent years cultivating.” Finishing her opening entertaining, opening statement, in which Jenna utilized theatrics to make her point. Jenna returns to her seat and sits.
“Thank you prosecutor, it is your turn now Mr. Ricks.” The judge looks over to the defense and waits.
Standing up next, Gerald stands behind the desk clasping his hands in front of him. “You’re Honor. These allegations are false. It is simply a case of a jealous co-worker, supervisor, excuse me drumming up a weak case to defend her heinous actions on the night in question. My client cannot help that she is voluptuous and neither is it her fault that the plaintiff, Mrs. Washington cannot handle working with certain people, or refused to follow simple supervisory procedures to keep a very talented nurse in line with her expectations. Any allegations that my client enhanced her appearance for the purpose of usurping Mrs. Washington’s job are unfounded and slanderous. Miss Hill by all accounts is naturally imbued with such beauty and shouldn’t be punished for it.” Gerald says calmly never moving an inch.
Looking from the defense to the prosecution, Judge Rutgers sighs. This is going to be a long day… as the fiery attorney Jenna is always theatrical while Gerald is going to play the innocent victim of circumstance.
Bethany thought the trial would be fun and exciting, full of drama and suspense like Law & Order. In the beginning Bethany paid attention with vigor but as the time dragged on and minutes became hours, it soon dawned on Bethany that the legal system was boring, the only highlights being Jenna Rowe’s lame theatrics. Bored out of her mind, Bethany slumps in her seat as arguments are made back and forth, evidence is presented and witnesses are called. Before long, Bethany nods off.
“Mr. Ricks, who are you calling for your final witness?” Judge Rutgers asks. Noticeably exhausted herself, she has already made up her mind but like a dutiful civil servant, she will see the trial to the end.
“You’re honor I call to the stand, Miss Bethany Hill.” Gerald says with burgeoning pride. Fully expecting his client to stand up and take the stand with a confidence only a true beauty can possibly possess, Gerald is fully expecting to see the pinnacles of Bethany’s powerful projections jutting from her chest first but when he hears a gentle snoring instead, Gerald blushes. “Umm, your honor, I think my client fell asleep.”
“What makes you think that Mr. Ricks?” Judge Rutgers says with a bemused smile as this is possibly the best thing that has happened all day. The crowd in the court room also snickers when they too look over at Bethany sound asleep. Splayed out in the uncomfortable wooden chair, Bethany looks like a broken pretzel. One arm dangling while the other hangs limply from the back of the chair. Her legs as wide open as her skirt will allow, with one sticking straight out while the other is bent at the knee, her head all the way back. Snoring softly, Bethany’s ruby red painted lips are wide open, her massive chest heaving up and down, breathing deeply.
From this angle, the Judge can clearly see that Bethany possess’ killer legs, even if they are thick, they are most certainly toned and everything a leg lover would want. “Could you wake up your client please Mr. Ricks?” Judge Rutgers asks with a genuine smile.
“Can you believe this? Bethany is so arrogant that she fell asleep during her own trial!” Janelle whispers excitedly into Jenna’s ear.
Looking over, blushing, Gerald nudges Bethany with his elbow to elicit an errant snore. Turning to face her, Gerald tentatively reaches out. “Time to wake up!” Gerald says with a loud whisper as he pushes Bethany’s head to the side.
Her head rolling from the force of the push causes Bethany to bolt up in her seat, her hands instinctively clamping to her chest. Her eyes wide open as she looks around forgetting where she is, the crowd laughs as Bethany feels herself up. “Huh… Wha… Where am I?” Bethany stammers groggily finally looking back then up at Gerald who is blushing even harder.
“You are in court and I called you to testify…” Gerald says slowly staring as Bethany has yet to release her tits.
“Has to make sure that they are still there...” Janelle jokes to Jenna again.
“Seems to be that way…” Jenna responds, her lips curling into the smallest of smiles.
Finally getting a sense of where she is, Bethany slowly lowers her hands from her bust. Standing up slowly, Bethany looks over at the plaintiff’s table and catches them giggling, obviously about her. Steeling her resolve, Bethany stands up straight. Walking around the table and to the witness stand she sticks out her chest confidently, her mighty orbs bouncing firmly leading the way. Taking her seat in the witness box, Bethany smiles as the bailiff walks over
Stealing a glance at her chest the bailiff blushes when Bethany winks at him, snuggling her-self into the chair flirtatiously. “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help you god?” He asks as he holds out the Holy Bible his eyes never leaving Bethany’s impressive bust.
“I do…” Bethany says provocatively batting her eyelashes while teasing his gaze with the gentle swaying of her firm, DD breasts.
“Miss Hill… This is a court of law, not a bordello. Now you either control your urges or I will hold you in contempt.” Judge Rutgers warns leaning forward in her chair.
“Yes ma’am…” Bethany replies apologetically pushing her shoulders forward, her tits dipping.
“Thank you Miss Hill,” Judge Rutgers says with a smirk. Seeing the buxom blonde playing nice, she looks over at the defense attorney. “You may proceed Mr. Ricks.”
“Thank you you’re Honor.” Gerald replies. Walking around the table he strolls to the bannister, his hands behind his back. “For clarification, your name is Bethany Hill, correct?”
“Yes.” Bethany responds.
“And on night in question, the reason for this court to be in session, were you employed at Mercy East Hospital?’ Gerald asks.
“Yes.” Bethany answers.
“On the night in question were you working in the ER and not assigned to your normal job, the recovery wing?” Gerald turns away, pacing to the middle of the floor.
“Yes.” Bethany answers
“And on the night in question, what were you doing that caused you to not pay attention to your pager?” Gerald asks spinning on his heels, still relaxed, facing Bethany.
“I was masturbating.” Bethany answers calmly.
“When you were finally found and asked in person did you respond?” Gerald asks ignoring the bemused smile of the Judge.
“Yes.” Bethany answers.
“Could you please elaborate to the court the state of your undress so as to provide clarification as to what happens later?” Gerald asks calmly, his hands still behind his back.
“Yes,” Bethany replies. Turning in her seat, Bethany looks at the Judge. “I was completely naked. I was servicing myself while groping my chest. When Mrs. Washington informed me that I was fifteen minutes late and that I had to be in surgery to assist in an emergency double bypass repair. At once I tried to get dressed as best I could but in my haste I pulled the draw string to my pants completely out and forgot to slip my bra straps back on. By the time I arrived to the OR and was scrubbed in, it was too late to fix my wardrobe.” Bethany replies while watching Judge Rutgers face contort to one of shock and surprise.
“Thank you Miss Hill, now please describe what happened to the court inside the operating room?” Gerald walks up to the bannister and leans on it with a smooth, handsome smile.
“Yes, during the surgery I was tasked with applying pressure to the major eruption while the bleeders were dealt with by Dr. Carter and a resident. I had to use two hands and a towel to keep the bleeding at bay. During the surgery I stood there as my loose pants fell down revealing my nearly naked bottom half while my bra, improperly put on slid down into full view of everyone. To compound the issue I had to expel a buildup of bodily functions while two capable scrub nurses stood against the wall watching.” Bethany answers calmly.
“So would it be safe to say Miss Hill that had Nurse Washington and her co plaintiffs, Scrub Nurses Adeline and Thompson had done their part to relieve you that this would have all been avoided?” Gerald replies as his imagination races to when Bethany was overweight, seeing her nearly naked body exposed gives him a silent boner which a simple cross of the leg hides easily enough.
“Yes.” Bethany says and looks over at Gerald.
“That is all You’re Honor.” Gerald states and returns to his chair.
“You’re Honor, permission to redirect?” Jenna Rowe asks and stands up.
“Granted,” Judge Rutgers answers to no objection from Mr. Ricks.
“Thank you you’re Honor.” Jenna replies smartly. Walking to the bannister, Jenna takes a moment to pull down on her blazer before launching into her first question. “Miss Hill, on the night in question what was your bra size?”
“Objection you’re Honor! What does my client’s brassiere have to do with anything?” Gerald shouts and jumps up from his seat.
“Your honor, Miss Hill’s bra size is one of the core disputes in the allegation.” Jenna replies coolly.
”I will allow it you may answer the question Miss Hill.” Judge Rutgers replies with a wave of her hand.
“Forty E,” Bethany answers.
“Forty is that right? That bra is quite large is it not?” Jenna asks coyly.
“Yes.” Bethany answers.
“For clarification I have a representative bra for accuracy.” Jenna replies. Walking over to the evidence table, Jenna holds up the massive white bra. “And it is this size bra you would wear to work every day?”
“Yes.” Bethany affirms.
“For what purpose?” Jenna continues as she walks back to the witness box carrying the bra.
“To hold my breasts?’ Bethany answers looking confused for the first time today.
“And at what height on your chest would your bra hold your breasts to? Here?” Jenna holds the bra at a normal, uninspiring height.
“No.” Bethany responds.
“Here?” Jenna holds the bra much higher, more appropriate to where earlier pictures show Bethany’s breasts to be.
“Yes.” Bethany answers.
“So the straps…” Jenna then tightens them significantly, “Had to be approximately this tight?”
“Yes.” Bethany responds now appearing nervous.
“So you wore your bra tightly so you could hoist your breasts to such a height as to be closer to the eye and thus be a distraction?” Jenna asks, her lip curling slightly.
“No.” Bethany answers defensively.
“Then why?” Jenna asks flatly her hands flaring out innocently.
“For comfort,” Bethany answers calmly now.
“So you mean to tell me you wore your bra tightly, not to use them as sexually infused, exploitive devices but to be comfortable?” Jenna asks with a tinge of sarcasm while returning the bra to the table.
“Yes, you would have to be me in order to understand.” Bethany replies defiantly.
“Just a moment ago you were warned by Judge Rutgers to stop teasing the bailiff with your breasts. It appears that you still wear your breasts high on your chest but in this case you were using them to tease him. You claim that was never the intent before, but why now?” Jenna asks sensing victory is on her grasp, she struts forward pushing out her own bosoms.
“I cannot help that I am a flirtatious person.” Bethany answers defensively.
“I find that hard to believe Miss Hill. Media is inundated with images of woman with bigger breasts getting significantly more from the opposite sex because of their bust size at the expense of those who are not so generously endowed. Are you saying that in your case this is not so?” Jenna asks tilting her head with a curious expression on her face.
“No, it is not my fault that men cave to me because of them or women are subdued because of my endowments. That sounds more like a personal problem in my opinion.” Bethany replies with a smirk still keeping with an innocent posture.
“I see…” Jenna spins around on her heels tapping her chin. “On the night in question, how much did you weigh?”
“240 lbs.,” Bethany answers blushing immediately.
“I see, that is quite big for a woman who is merely five feet four inches and yet you still appeared, for all intents and purposes to be curvaceous and wore your weight well?” Jenna turns around as she asks.
“Yes.” Bethany answers.
“Can you confirm that these are, I mean were the scrubs you wore that night or ones that best represent your uniform that evening?” Jenna asks as her heels click on the tile floor as she walks back over to the evidence table and holds up a replica pair of pink and black scrubs.
“Yes.” Bethany answers.
“Thank you Miss Hill for your honesty,” Jenna says smiling as she takes the clothing off the hanger and turns them inside out. “May it be recorded that these have come from Bethany’s former locker. Inside is a second skin so to speak, a device to conform one’s belly to appear flat and the scrub bottoms have a molded rear built in to accentuate the wearer’s behind.” Jenna replies as she brings the uniform to the bench and lays it out for Judge Rutgers inspection. “As you can see your Honor, the defendant’s uniform was tailored to mold, shape and conceal visible flaws in an effort to appear trimmer around her waist and stomach while the bottoms were made with a false bottom made of rubber substitute to enhance and smooth out her rather large bottom. What is to say that the defendant wasn’t also stuffing her bra, a forty E cup as confirmed by the defendant herself in order to appear larger in the bust in order to manipulate and seize control of the work place? The defendant’s claim of comfort is obviously an excuse to hide the truth from this court, your Honor. Bethany Hill knowingly enlarged the appearance of her chest and then positioned them in such a way, as her uniform suggests she did with other parts of her body in order to cause chaos and disruption of the hierarchy in order to secure her own set of rules and expectations! The proof is right there you’re Honor. Bethany Hill knowingly altered her appearance and then used the power her molded and modified figure gave her to commit acts of insubordination, sexual harassment and work place misconduct!” Jenna says with flare, her face instantly determined as her body stiffens, sticking out her chest imperiously. “Is it true you had sexual relations with your attending physician and Mrs. Washington’s direct superior?”
“Objection your Honor! This calls for speculation!” Gerald flies from his chair sending it flying backwards enraged.
“Sustained,” Judge Rutgers nods her head. “Mrs. Rowe, while the evidence suggests that Miss Hill is a victim of shape wear and a low self-esteem that is a stretch to assume that the defendant stuffs her bra.” The Judge then looks to Bethany. “Miss Hill, do you stuff your bra with any artificial enhancements that would be decreed to rapidly expand your bust line in excess to typical standards?”
“That depends on what typical is defined as. I can say with a clear conscious that my bra is filled no differently than any other average woman’s.” Bethany states confidently, her sapphire eyes penetrating Judge Rutgers deeply. Sitting back down, Gerald sighs audibly.
“What do you consider average Miss Hill?” Judge Rutgers asks.” Please explain to the court your definition.”
“With pleasure you’re Honor. The average woman wears bras of many shapes and sizes. Some wear small ones, some wear big ones. Some wear minimizer bras while some wear push up bras. Some wear push-up bras that may give a little boost to a woman’s cleavage to bras like the wonder bra or the bombshell bra that not only create the illusion of deep cleavage but also significantly larger looking breasts. Last time I checked what kind of bra a woman wears is not illegal.” Bethany answers.
“Counselor?” The Judge turns to Jenna questioningly.
Tapping her fingers along the top of the Judge’s bench, Jenna is turning it all in her brain. “Miss Hill, can you prove without a doubt that you do not stuff your bra?”
“Are you asking me to take off my blouse and bra and expose my breasts to you?” Bethany asks raising her voice in a comically high fashion that elicits muffled laughter from the gallery. “You can’t be serious?!”
“You’re Honor it appears that the witness is assuming I am asking for her to commit a crime which I would not do.” Jenna then walks over to the television set sitting atop a rolling cart. “I have in evidence pictures that will prove that the defendant has committed perjury during sworn testimony.” Jenna states confidently creating a sudden stir amongst the gathered onlookers. Grabbing the remote, Jenna flicks it on and pulls up a photo of Bethany in just her underwear changing for work. The giant pink balloons filling her bra are unmistakable along with her fat, grotesque body. “May I present to your photographic evidence that was presented earlier in the trial. Here it shows that without her generous array of supporting edifices, the defendant is far from the glamorous woman that she appears in the next photo.” Flicking the button the next picture is brought up of Bethany in her full uniform posing for the camera, a picture obtained from her application. “Here is the defendant in her uniform. In this picture it portrays Miss Hill as a curvaceous, if slightly overweight buxom blonde. Clearly enjoying the camera as it shows off the body she preferred to show to the public. See her pose? Clearly designed to appear confident while the way her breasts are poised to be sexually arousing. A clear indication that Miss Hill knowingly utilized beauty tricks and fake breasts to subdue coworkers, intimidate her superiors and have sex with management. All of which is highly illegal and punishable under the law. Those are pictures of you, are they not?” Jenna states then turns and asks Bethany with a look that screams I win b*tch!
“Objection!” Gerald rises from his chair furiously again. “The first picture is a clear violation of my client’s right to privacy!”
“Sustained, Jenna Rowe, if you do not explain how you came across this photograph then I will be forced to throw you in jail for indecency and violation of Miss Hill’s right to privacy!” Judge Rutgers retorts angrily, shocked that such a picture was shown so blatantly.
“You’re Honor, the locker room is allowed to be filmed to promote safety and ensure that crimes are not being committed. I have in my possession a letter from the hospital and floor plans that show that all employees are provided changing rooms and showers and that the locker room is classified as a public room. There was no need for Miss Hill to change her clothes in a public area when proper facilities were already provided for.” Jenna states as she whisks to her brief case and pulls out the documents referenced. Returning to the bench she hands Judge Rutgers the documents.
Opening the documents, Judge Rutgers looks them over. After a few minutes she puts the documents to the side and nods. “You may continue Counselor.”
“Thank you you’re Honor.” Jenna replies with a smile. “Miss Hill, remember you swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, please confirm or deny that those pictures on the TV are of you.”
“They look like me but I do not remember having pink tits.” Bethany replies with a grin.
“But the photographic evidence clearly shows that your bras are artificially filled Miss Hill.” Jenna states her jaw dropping like anvil.
“The first picture is not me. It looks like me but it is not.” Bethany replies confidently.
“You’re Honor, the witness is clearly lying under oath, I move to have her removed and arrested.” Jenna states confidently stepping back to the center of the court room.
“Now, now, Counselor, let’s see if Miss Hill can provide proof of her denial. Mr. Ricks do you care to cross examine your witness? Providing of course that the opposition has no further questions…” Judge Rutgers says calmly, her bemused smirk returning to her face. This trial is a joke…
“I have no more questions you’re Honor.” Jenna says trying to sound and remain confident but the Judge’s refusal to commit Bethany to jail has visibly taken the wind out of her sails.
“Certainly you’re Honor.” Gerald stands up tugging on his suit jacket much in the same way Jenna did before she started her line of questioning moments ago. Looking back, Gerald casts a wink. Sitting in the gallery, Anna Wight, clad in a too tight business suit winks back, her short skirt showing off her behemoth legs and big belly, her tight blouse clinging to her chubby, saggy tits as they jut out nearly six inches apart. “Miss Hill, is the first picture on the television of you?”
“No.” Bethany says proudly as she sits up straight showing off her incredible rack.
“Why not?” Gerald asks calmly but smirking.
“Because I don’t stuff my bra with pink water balloons” Bethany says smugly.
“Do you enhance your chest at all?” Gerald turns facing the gallery.
“Not unlike any other woman would. A bra is a form of enhancement all on its own.” Bethany states confidently.
“Would your breasts appear so perky without the assistance of a bra?” Gerald asks again not turning around.
“Not as perky, but I think they are still very sexy on their own.” Bethany says resisting the urge to lick her lips as her crotch begins to burn.
Turning to the television, Gerald grabs the remote and flicks to a third picture. It is the same as the first with Bethany clearly naked and showing off a healthy, if somewhat saggy pair of E cup tits along with a very large looking vagina jutting between her chunky legs while her belly still hangs out grotesquely. “Is this a picture of you Miss Hill?” Gerald asks looking from the screen and back to his client.
“Yes, it was…” Bethany says proudly as a collective groan rises from the crowd.
“Can you explain to the court why you wore such clothing to slim and smooth your figure?” Gerald asks smiling.
“Certainly. I wore such clothes because I was having a hard time then keeping my weight in check, at the time I felt it would only be appropriate to appear slimmer as to not cause undue hardship on my patients and coworkers by parading around with an unsightly body. I did not like how I looked so I used shapewear to boost my confidence.” Bethany answers calmly her smirk still spread across her face.
“And what would happen when you went to work?” Gerald continues.
“Men would incessantly flirt with me women would either vie for my attention or become jealous. Even my boss asked me to perform services for him. He was attracted to me as I was him.” Bethany answers.
“And did you have sexual relations with him?” Gerald asks smugly.
“Yes, consensual sex. He proposed we meet in an on call room and then we proceeded to have hot sex. I have to say he was well endowed…” Bethany says eliciting claps from the men and gasps followed by giggles of approval from the women.
“Watch it Miss Hill… Another outburst along those lines and I will hold you in contempt!” Judge Rutgers warns, her patience with the buxom blonde and her sexually infused antics stretching perilously thin.
“Yes Ma’am…” Bethany replies in her sweetest, little voice.
“Carry on counselor.” Judge Rutgers says shaking her head, a small smiles creeping across her lips.
“So you are you telling the court that even when your boss saw you like that…” Gerald turns and points to the picture of a naked Bethany. “He still wanted to have sex with you.”
“If anything he got harder…” Bethany answers taking a deep breath, her breasts rising, her blouse tightening…
“So according to your testimony, your shapewear was not used to affect others in a negative or harassing manner, but that people were naturally inspired or jealous on their own accord?” Gerald asks.
“Yes.” Bethany says.
“Objection! The witness just admitted to having inappropriate relations with a superior, using shapewear to elicit sexual interest and to be insubordinate to her immediate supervisor!” Jenna stands up incensed pointing at Bethany, her extended finger shaking.
“You’re Honor my client has simply admitted that she felt more confident. If people are jealous of her then so be it! Her boss willingly asked her for sexual favors and after taking off her clothes proceeded to have sex with, thus committing his own moralistic crime of fraternization.” Gerald retorts, facing the Judge.
“Overruled,” Judge Rutgers gives her answer to both attorneys, one obviously upset. “Continue counselor.”
Returning to her seat, Jenna knows that as long as the bra stuffing cannot be proved than her case will be lost.
Seeing the look of frustration overwhelming the opposition, Gerald presses on. “Are you wearing shapewear now?”
“No.” Bethany states with pride.
“Why not?” Gerald asks knowing this is his coupe de grace.
“Because I lost weight, I now weigh 180 pounds.” Bethany answers proudly. “I was tired of being overweight and gross.”
“You’re Honor, I have no further questions.” Gerald states then returns to his seat.
“You may step down Miss Hill. The court gives you its thanks.” Judge Rutgers says. Watching Bethany stand up it is apparent that the defendant no longer requires shapewear, her skin tight skirt attesting to it as her thick, powerful and shapely legs propel her back to her seat beside Mr. Ricks, her perky, firm ass rolling smooth side to side making even the judge consider her own sexuality.
“I am holding off on a decision until tomorrow. It is apparent that there are discrepancies in Miss Hill’s testimony as well as photographic evidence that tell two very different tales as to the state of Miss Hill’s body. We will convene tomorrow at 8 o’clock in the morning. Court is adjourned.” Judge Rutgers announces as the sound of the gavel echoes throughout the court.
“If we don’t prove that Bethany is stuffing her bra than our entire case is forfeited.” Jenna Rowe says to her client as she stands up closing her brief case.
Waiting until they are outside and in the parking lot, Bethany walks with Gerald to his car. “We need to find a way to switch the numbers on the last photographic evidence so when the expert witness is testifying he is referring to the correct one.”
“You can’t tamper with evidence Bethany.” Gerald says dryly, more or less sounding defeated. “If we were caught, we would both go to jail and I would be disbarred.”
“You passed off forgeries and had me testify to their validity!” Bethany exclaims suddenly. “You made me lie!”
Spinning around on his heels, Gerald covers Bethany’s mouth with his hand. “Why don’t you just announce that to the whole world why don’t you?” Gerald hisses. “Either way I will not risk my career to save your precious reputation. Only an act of god will do that.” Gerald says removing his hand, getting into his car, Gerald backs away and drives off.
And act of god, personified in the form of Olivia Rutgers. Retiring to her chambers after the trial, Olivia removes her judicial robes and takes a seat behind her desk. “Edwin McPherson please? Yes this is Olivia Rutgers, yes everything is going well, yes, do you think it is possible to come down to my office let’s say around seven o’clock this evening wonderful. See you then.” Olivia smiles as she replaces the handset on the base. Sitting back in her lofty leather throne, Olivia pours over the case file, the evidence condemning Bethany is overwhelming with enough pictures and veiled testimony that Bethany did indeed utilize her figure and on many occasions, caught on camera actually, using her supposed big breasts and shapely rear to elicit sexually infused responses both good and bad from co-workers, the most glaring of which, a piece of evidence withheld from the trial is the footage of Bethany’s exposure especially the point in which Bethany was filmed on security footage pissing everywhere while releasing a grotesque bowel movement and worst yet, her pink latex water balloons falling from her blouse. Olivia stifles a giggle when Bethany is covered in the chocolate pudding that was used to inflate the ginormous falsies that imitated massive breasts. Yet this evidence is not to be used against but for another case filed by the District Attorney’s office. Even though Bethany’s face is blocked out, it is not hard to connect the dots.
The next morning right at 8:00 AM, the court reconvenes and as in the day before, Judge Rutgers appears and walks to her lofty perch behind the bench while everyone is standing. Looking from the full gallery to both, the plaintiff, the defendant and their respective lawyers, it is apparent that they are all dressed as if today is the deciding day. Janelle Washington is wearing an ill-fitting blue cashmere suit. Jenna Rowe is dressed in a sleek, tailored power suit. Sharp grey in color it clings to her narrow frame like a glove while her white blouse is one of those with intentional missing buttons showing off a splash of her chest while hugging her medium sized breasts tightly, only the jacket is covering her firm mounds of luscious womanhood. Opposite Gerald is wearing a brown suit with a black tie but Bethany is dressed to kill. Wearing a thigh length white skirt, there is no question that Bethany has opted for a g string as the tiny lines of the bold red panty testifies too while covering her torso and huge tits is a red button up blouse, tailored exactly to her body leaving no doubt as to where the eye should be staring at, her huge DD tits. Her blonde hair done in a bun and her make up flawless, Bethany looks like she should be walking a cat walk as her little strappy heels suggest, as if she is a naughty librarian.
“You may all take your seats.” Olivia Rutgers says flatly as everyone sits, the audible sound of stretching threads groaning from Bethany’s too tight skirt echoes faintly but most definitively. “In breaking with normal practice I have asked for the photographs to be looked over by an independent photographic expert. Bailiff, please bring Edwin McPherson into the court room please.”
“Yes Ma’am.” The bailiff walks to a side door and opens it motioning with his hand the bailiff steps back as a short, but average looking man walks in. Wearing a patchy grey jacket with black pants, Edwin is no ladies’ man as his flagrant hair suggests, having given up on trying too tame the beast years ago. Be speckled and with a round face he appears to be in his late forties. Possessing a thick nose that dominates his face, he does have a genuine smile. Taking the stand he is sworn in.
“Mrs. Rowe, you may begin the questioning.” Judge Rutgers sits back.
“Thank you for coming on such notice. Janelle Washington and I am sure, Bethany Hill is excited to clear up any issues between competing photographs.” Jenna says smartly standing up, this time throwing her jacket open, her tight blouse clinging to her chest, giving Edwin a great view of her naked chest between the V.
“Thank you counselor,” Edwin replies, his vice light and cheerful.
Walking over to the television, Jenna grabs the remote and turns it on, both pictures of Bethany standing in front of her locker naked and severely overweight on display, one with her in her underwear, her bra stuffed and the other completely naked. “Can you please explain to the court which picture is real and the other is a forgery?”
“Yes, the one on the right, where the defendant is in her underwear is the forgery, along with all of the other pictures produced by the plaintiff showing her naked with a deflated chest cavity.” Edwin replies with a smirk.
“So you are telling the court, that in all honesty that the overwhelming evidence brought forth by the plaintiff and MY firm was faked?” Jenna says suddenly stopping mid stride, her face transforming from confidence to complete shock.
“Yes, according to court records the plaintiff provided you with photographs that were errantly processed and certified by a company that had their license revoked last night for providing other courts supposedly faked evidence. I do not feel in my opinion that your office is to blame.”
“Thank you Mr. McPherson.” Jenna says recovering with a noticeable look of relief. “I have no further questions. “ Jenna states and returns to her chair, her client’s shocked expression and rage hard visibly rising.
“Do you have questions defense counselor?”
“No ma’am!” Gerald says unable to hide his excitement.
“You may step down Mr. McPherson the court appreciates your testimony.”
“Thank you you’re Honor.” Edwin replies and steps down. Walking between the tables where the defense and the prosecution are sitting, Edwin McPherson finds a seat in the crowded gallery and takes his seat.
“Any more witnesses?” Judge Rutgers asks looking to each attorney’s.
“Yes ma’am, I would like to call to the stand Dr. Thomas Carter.” Jenna says eliciting a shocked expression from the defense. Turning around as the public doors open, Thomas Carter walks in. handsome as ever, his thick mane of hair combed back in a modern pompadour, his button up shirt and slacks fit perfect. Sitting in her seat, Bethany licks her lips as she only cares about one thing. Her eyes stare at the ever apparent semi hard on bobbing up and down in Tom’s slacks makes her wet. Now without the burdensome fat and the sanitary pad, Bethany’s musky scent begins to slowly waft from between her thick, sexy legs. God is he good in the sack… Bethany remembers the one and only time the two had sex and since she is blinded by his good looks, forgetting it wasn’t much to write home about.
Taking the stand, Tom holds up his hand as the bailiff holds out the Bible. Reciting the swearing in process to a T, Tom waits as Jenna stands up.
“Thank you for appearing today Doctor,” Jenna says with a big grin while sashaying her small ass side to side, sticking out her breasts.
“It is always a pleasure to provide any assistance when it comes to assuring justice is properly served.“ Tom remarks, is eyes only glancing at Jenna’s display.
“Please tell the court Dr. Carter, on the night of the 15th, were you employed at Mercy East General Hospital and in what capacity?”
“I was, and I was the attending cardiovascular surgeon on duty placed in charge of the recovery wing.” Tom answers in the affirmative.
“Thank you. Would you please inform the court the nature of your relationship with the defendant?” Jenna says stopping, her hand resting on the bannister, turned slightly sideways sticking out her chest.
Unable to look any higher, Tom feels his member stiffen making a noticeable tent in his slacks. “She was one of my subordinates, but she was directly subordinate to Nurse Janelle Washington.”
“Was there more to the relationship than just subordination?” Jenna looks down her eyes screaming fuck me…
“Yes. We had sexual relations that afternoon.” Tom looks up with a twinkle in his eyes.
“And were you attracted to Miss Hill?” Jenna looks over at Bethany and waves her hand in that direction.
“I was who couldn’t be? She was a blonde with big tits, pardon the expression and the way she walked around showcasing them, it was hard not to.” Tom says.
“Showcasing them? Please define that for the court Dr. Carter.” Jenna says her flirty disposition dissipating as she feels she may get somewhere with this witness and pull this case out of the gutter.
“You know, show them off? Bethany, excuse me, Miss Hill was very intent on making sure that everyone saw them and knew how big they are. At least twice a day she would make some sort of reference to her chest.” Tom responds while watching Bethany sink in her chair.
“I see and how did this make you feel?” Jenna asks, her body language conveying a growing confidence as her motions become more pronounced and fluid.
“Well at first it was fun to watch but after a while it took its toll, especially on her co-workers, especially Nurse Washington. Bethany would especially use them to great effect in order to keep Janelle from issuing direct and concise commands to the staff.” Tom answers again, now it is Janelle’s turn to be delighted while Bethany turns red with rage and embarrassment.
“Did Bethany break protocol and bypass Nurse Washington whenever there were disputes and or issues with other co-workers?” Jenna asks beginning to zero in for the kill.
“Yes, she did, all the time. She would barge into my office and make a scene and every time she would be sticking out her big tits as she talked and talked and talked about not being given good assignments or bypassed altogether or being sent home, but she made sure I saw that she had big tits.” Tom replies.
“And when you two finally had intercourse, who asked who?” Jenna asks licking her lips, sensing she has just slammed the door on Bethany’s hopes of getting out of this alive.
“She did by her suggestive behavior and constant passes at me, even bending over in front of me numerous times dropping charts or other things.” Tom says, still staring at Jenna’s tits.
“And when you did have intercourse with her, did she show you the big tits she teased you with for months?” Jenna asks again.
“No.” Tom answers.
“When did you see them?” Jenna asks turning towards Tom leaning forward on the bannister, pushing her tits between her arms.
Uh…’ Tom stutters, the sight of Jenna’s small mounds coming together promising to reveal much more if the big white brassiere was not in the way. “During surgery?” Tom answers sounding unsure.
“Why do you so sound unsure Tom? You were there weren’t you?” Jenna asks standing up slowly, her delectable treasures spreading away instantly as her breasts spring back across her chest.
“Yes, I finally saw them when her top was removed.” Tom says still staring at Jenna’s chest, suddenly looking a lot bigger in his imagination.
“And were they big, juicy tits or tiny little pancakes?” Jenna asks as she backs away slowly and turns cutting a jaw dropping pose but quick enough to avoid the wrath of Judge Olivia Rutgers.
“Yeah… they were huge…” Tom says sounding more like he is in a daze than actually focused on the question. His imagination running wild, he can only imagine Jenna slowly stripping from her blouse, revealing her perfect breasts, perky and round.
“What?!” Jenna shouts suddenly startling everyone including Tom who snaps out of his day dream.
Suddenly aware he just committed perjury, Tom decides to continue on. “Yeah, they were big but not nearly as nice without her big bra hoisting them up.” Tom says quickly looking away beet red.
Raising her hands high into the air, Jenna sighs as they fall hitting her thin hips loudly. “I give up… No more questions.” Jenna says storming back to her seat.
“Interesting, providing there are no more questions from either the prosecution or the defense, counselor?” Judge Rutgers looks to Gerald who simply shakes his head with a big smile. “Then I am forced to rule that since the plaintiff’s evidence was found to be forged and not one witness other than the plaintiff’s claimed that Bethany was stuffing her bra then what a woman wears to work or the fact that her boss succumbed to sexual advances, which you did consensually, correct Dr. Carter?”
“Yes…” Tom says sighing.
“Then I find the defendant not guilty of all charges. This civil suit is closed. Sorry for wasting your time Miss Hill, you are free to go.” Judge Rutgers declares.
Standing up from her seat Bethany is ecstatic. Clapping like a little girl, Bethany is all smiles as she hugs her attorney, gladly pushing her giant jugs all over his chest as she plants kisses all over his face. Caught in the sudden storm of kisses and big boobs smothering his chest, Gerald pops a boner as his hands are held far apart, his hands shaking like leaves blowing in the wind.
“This is bullshit! I know what I saw! That dumb blonde stuffs her fucking bra!” Janelle shouts standing up so fast her chair crashes into the bannister separating her from the gallery of suddenly shocked onlookers in the gallery.
“Don’t do it Janelle!” Jenna says looking up from her seat but is quickly pushed away, her face slamming into the table.
“Dumb b*tch lost the case that was in the bag!” Janelle shouts but can only take one more step when suddenly she is restrained by two police officers. “Hey let go of me pig!” Janelle shouts trying to break free.
“Janelle Washington you are under arrest for assault, battery providing false witness, defamation of character, slander, false accusations defrauding a court of law, being out of line in a court room and causing a riot…” An officer begins but suddenly keels over when a heel to his crotch sends him to his knees. “Assaulting a police officer…” he finishes out of breath.
“Officer, take her away! Bailiff escort Mrs. Rowe Mr. Ricks and Miss Hill to my chambers now!” Olivia jumps from her seat behind the bench and pounds her gavel repeatedly.
Suddenly caught in the cross fire as Janelle loses control, Bethany along with Jenna and Gerald quickly leave the court room as Olivia shouts “Order! I want order! Order god damn it!” As it takes five police officer’s to wrestle the crazed Janelle to the floor and restrain her having to use two stun guns and a can of pepper spray to her eyes.
“Police brutality! I’m a black woman! I’m a fucking minority! AHHHH…! I’m going to sue you stupid crackers! AIEEEE!” Janelle cries out like a raged lion, her body flinching and quivering as 20,000 volts of electricity course throughout her thick, stocky body.
Seeing Janelle finally subdued, Olivia exits the courtroom. Shutting the door to her chambers, she sighs in relief. “That was… Different.” Olivia says shaking her head.
“Judge Rutgers, I will am so sorry for my client’s outburst! I will do anything to make it up to you! Please don’t hold me in contempt!” Jenna cries out dropping to her knees. Standing to the side, Bethany and Gerald stare in surprise as the hot shot lawyer is suddenly groveling for forgiveness. “Please!!!” Jenna cries and cries clutching her hands as if in prayer shaking them.
“Mrs. Rowe… please…” Olivia looks from the bawling attorney lean attorney with the perfect tits to Bethany and Gerald who are shaking their head in a slow ‘no’ while rotating their hands to indicate you should go on with it. Slowly Olivia gets it and smirks. “After what your client pulled in my court, I should hold you personally responsible. In fact I may make a motion to the bar association and have your license revoked!” Olivia says her voice rising in mock anger as she points her finger towards the ceiling her hand shaking with playful rage.
“Oh god, please… Don’t do that Madam Judge! Please! I have bills to pay! I would lose everything! I will do anything! Please!” Jenna drops her face to the floor wrapping her lithe arms around Olivia’s ankles bawling like a child, tears free flowing down her cheeks.
Looking in utter bemusement, Olivia looks to Gerald and Bethany who suppress their own giggles as they motion for Olivia to have Jenna stand up. “Jenna, you are behaving like a child. Quite pathetic really… Stand up already and take your punishment with dignity!” Olivia says with the perfect voice of a posh woman with utter disdain for Jenna’s groveling.
“Oh yes ma’am, anything for you you’re Honor!” Jenna readily stands up as Bethany indicates that Jenna should remove her skirt.
“If you want all of this to disappear and ensure that I will not hold you in contempt than please remove your skirt Jenna.” Olivia says maintaining her act flawlessly.
“Muh… My skirt? Oh, okay of course!” Jenna stammers as her hands reach deftly behind her and pushes the flimsy zipper down. The soft sound fills the room followed by a WOOSH! As the tight skirt falls easily revealing Jenna’s white, frilly thong. The thong, satin with lace trim looks big on the buxom brunette, the rear strip not even penetrating her skinny bum while the front looks like a layer over her skinny pelvis. “Is this what you wanted ma’am?” Jenna says nervously, still scared as she bares her skinny legs and little ass to Olivia, Gerald and Bethany.
“Sad…” Olivia shakes her head as she walks slowly around the bottomless brunette. “You really should put on some pounds but I’m afraid if you do it will just go to your bra…” Olivia says lamely as she stops and tugs the tailored jacket from Jenna’s shoulders. Pulling the jacket off slowly Olivia looks from the thick shoulder pads to Jenna’s slumped shoulders. Now left in only her blouse frilly white thong and power heels, Jenna is looking less like the confident power attorney and more like a skinny rail with medium sized, perfect tits. “Interesting Mrs. Rowe…” Olivia says softly as she faces the flamboyant attorney again. “I saw you applied to the DA’s office. I am sure you are still interested in becoming an ADA?”
“Oh yes… yes I do! Please don’t let this little incident derail my career! I have an interview tomorrow morning with the District Attorney. I know I lost the case but I still have a sixty seven percent win rate! If this gets out I will be forever asked to provide free services and I cannot live off of the meagre pay of court appointed cases!” Jenna sputters as she covers her crotch with her hands.
Smirking, Bethany pushes the envelope and motions to Olivia to have Jenna take off her panties. Nodding subtly, Olivia flicks her eyes back to Jenna. “I am sure you will make a great Assistant District Attorney Jenna Rowe but an up and coming attorney should not be wearing such inappropriate panties to court. Please take them off. I will not condone such indecent panties in my courtroom, especially my chambers!” Olivia declares.
Suddenly afraid, Jenna mutters apologies as she quickly whisks the sexy panties to the floor. Fully nude below the waist, the sexy and trim Jenna Rowe is revealed to be nothing but a bean pole, her ass small and her pussy, not much more than red bumps of razor burn her labia extending noticeably from her long, featureless slit. Reminding the onlookers of a micro penis, they all stare at Jenna’s awkward looking pussy, wondering what it must be like to have her riding a cock, her labia fully extended. “Is this better Judge Rutgers?” Jenna chokes as the cool air makes her labia suddenly stiffen to over an inch long.
“Yes, next time wear more appropriate panties to court. Do you understand?” Olivia responds with a grin as she crosses her arms under her own breasts. Looking down at Jenna’s feet, Olivia smiles. “Please remove your heels. They are far too high. You should wear more conservative heels if you plan on being an ADA.” Watching Jenna slip off her shoes, Olivia is surprised by the size of Jenna’s feet. Bending down, Olivia picks up the shoe. “Size twelve? Are you serious?” Olivia asks as she sets the errant heel on the desk behind her.
“Yes ma’am.” Jenna answers now blushing hating her big feet ever since she was a child.
“Fine, now remove your blouse, I want to make sure your bra is appropriate before you big interview tomorrow.” Olivia commands.
Watching Jenna instantly unbutton her blouse, Olivia is shocked, along with Bethany and Gerald as they cannot believe that Jenna is not even arguing. Watching the blouse hit the floor, everyone stares in shock, but not necessarily surprised when it is revealed that Jenna is wearing a triple layered, supersized Victoria’s Secrets Bombshell Bra Plus! Lacking any curves at all, the bra sits atop Jenna’s chest comically as the padding struggles to push what little tits Jenna has into mounds of little cleavage, her nipples clearly sticking out.
“No wonder you were convinced I was stuffing my bra…” Bethany cannot help but comment as she saunters from the wall and stands between Olivia and Jenna. “Look at you chicken shit…” The words cutting through the veil like a lightsaber snapping Jenna out of her trance.
“You… you made her do it! I was never in trouble!” Jenna says indignantly, her confidence returning like a raging inferno. “Do you know who I am? The hottest attorney this side of North Carolina! I will take your ass down in a law suit so fast it will make your pretty little head spin!’ Jenna says sticking out her super padded pushup bra created tits,
“Right…” Bethany rolls her eyes her hand shooting like a bull whip. Taking hold of the big, over padded brassiere, Bethany yanks it deftly from Jenna’s chest, her noodle arms flailing as the bra is yanked clean off!
“You b*tch!” Jenna screams as she covers her sunken, skinny chest topped with two little A cup tits quickly, but not quick enough. “Judge Rutgers I demand my clothes back or I will sue you and county for degradation among other charges!” Jenna spats out venomously.
Stepping out from behind Bethany, Olivia smirks as she looks at the naked up and coming attorney. Left with only her good looks, Jenna from the neck downs reminds her of a horrible mixture of genes gone wrong. Tall and lanky, Jenna possess’ a narrow chest and odd looking breasts with slumped shoulders a labia that could be mistaken for a micro sized penis and equally lanky, skinny legs and bony nonexistent hips. “If you threaten me again Jenna I will throw you out of my office with only your stupid bra!” Olivia replies with rising indignation.
“But I am naked!’ Jenna protests whining like a little kid. “I want my clothes back! I want my sexy panties back and damn well want my boobs, I mean bra back!” Jenna shouts posing powerfully instantly thrusting her hands on her hips. “I am going to be an ADA! This is humiliating!” Jenna snorts collecting her flailing confidence as best she can.
“Not with titties like that...” Bethany says smirking crossing her arms under her big perfect DD tits.
“Yeah well I bet you look stupid without your shirt on!” Jenna fires back sticking out her chest proudly. “Without those big fake tits I bet I’m still bigger than you!” Jenna says then sticks out her tongue like a child.
“ADA material?” Bethany remarks sarcastically. “Lawyers should wear bras like this…” Bethany says as she slowly moves her hands up to the top of her blouse. Unbuttoning it slowly, Bethany watches as Jenna gets visibly excited. Slowly Bethany pulls her blouse open, revealing her big, black satin bra cups and convincing two inches of cleavage sticking out between them. Thrusting out her titanic sized chest, Bethany proudly shows off her firm looking tits as well as her trim and fit hour glass midsection. “If I were a lawyer I’d rather look like this than… That any day.” Bethany says smartly pushing a generous, firm hip to the side, holding the big bra by the tip of her finger.
“Whatever…” Jenna mutters while pouting. Snapping the bra from Bethany’s finger, she clutches the cups to her chest. “Listen I won’t press charges as long as no one ever finds out about this.
“Fine,” Olivia says handing Jenna her shoes. “Come on, let’s go, I think soon to be ADA Rowe needs some privacy so she can put herself back together.” Olivia says as she, Bethany who buttons her blouse back up and Gerald leave the Judge’s chambers so Jenna can get dressed.
Walking out minutes later a redressed Jenna, her confidence restored shakes each individuals hand before walking away down the long tiled hall, her heels clicking, echoing her confidence. “She will make a fine ADA.” Gerald says as the two women nod approvingly.
Later that evening, Bethany returns home. Kicking off her heels, Bethany groans as she sets her purse on the small kitchen table.
“Hey gorgeous, how was court?” Jack asks, wearing a wife beater, jeans and a backwards ball cap, he is covered in dirt.
Seeing her hulk of a man leaning against the wall at the end of the short hall of her apartment Bethany stares, licking her lips. “I won…”Bethany says letting her words drag as she suddenly feels flush.
“I knew you would babe.” Jack says pushing himself of the wall and walking slowly towards his gorgeous, blonde girlfriend. Admiring how she fills out her sexy blouse and skirt, Jack smiles knowingly as the musk of Bethany’s pussy makes its way around the room.
“I need to shower…” Bethany says looking up, her sapphire eyes glowing, sucking on her bottom lip.
“So do I…” Jack says now inches from his buxom blonde. “Let me help you out of your blouse…” Jack says softly as he reaches out with grubby, meaty fingers and delicately unbuttons it. Exposing her big black bra, Jack takes a moment to savor the sight, loving how Bethany looks so natural with big, luscious tits. Pushing the silk garment down exposing her shoulders he slides it down her arms. Not uttering a word he reaches around Bethany’s broad, lithe back and unsnaps her triple clasped bra. Watching as the heavy cups fall from her chest like bricks, Jack smiles as he stares at the dainty silicon cups of Bethany’s Nu-Bra, evidently pleased at Bethany’s cheating display of ‘convincing’ cleavage. Pealing the stick on bra off, Jack grins as Bethany doesn’t flinch as her flat chest is suddenly exposed her chocolate ice cream scoop nipples even puffier.
“Do you like my tasty little titties now?” Bethany says as she tosses her long, blonde hair back sticking them out confidently.
“Now that you do, but you wouldn’t be mad if I asked you to wear the big ones from time to time would ya?” Jack asks as he pulls Bethany close, tilting her head up with his hand. Pulling her in for a kiss as Bethany nods in excitement, Jack slips his hand from her back down to her skirt. Unzipping that, he pushes the tight skirt down leaving Bethany in only her heels and g string panty. With their lips still locked, Jack picks up Bethany by her firm ass and carries her to the shower, Bethany squealing in delight along the way. Their tongues dance in anticipation of another round of wall shaking, sound barrier bursting sex.
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Thank you for the views and to the one who posted a thank you to me. if any of you want to comment, please do!
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Loved these stories as I love all your stories. Keep up the great work.
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I know you do...
You might have forgotten.
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must be nice for you too since you have only one NAG in your life...
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must be nice for you too since you have only one NAG in your life...
Who would that be?
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