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Cool The Naked Revenge Gameshow

I am delighted to share with you all an extract from my latest book including ENF and messy elements - "The Naked Revenge Gameshow". If you are interested in seeing the rest, it is available from: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cheri-Grade/e/B014O30I50. Please let me know any comments or ideas for future stories.

The Naked Revenge Gameshow

“Hello and welcome to The Naked Revenge Gameshow. As always, I am your host, Nick Deville. Are you looking forward to the show?”

Nick wallowed in the cheers of the crowd. There was only room for a couple of hundred people in the room, but the noise was intense. Nick knew that he had the best job in the world.

As the camera panned back after getting its shots of the crowd, Nick checked himself in the monitor. His brown hair was styled into his trademark quiff and the stylists had put him in a smart black suit jacket and trousers paired with a neon green t-shirt with a logo on the front. He thought he looked ridiculous but the stylist had insisted that he had to look as eye-catching as possible. The crowd didn’t seem to object. They were as raucous as they had been for the past few episodes.

Finally the noise started to abate. Nick launched into his usual introduction. “As I am sure you all know by now, this is the gameshow where four girls compete to win $100,000. Only one can walk away with the money. The others will be eliminated one-by-one in a series of games. The girls have all been nominated as deserving of punishment and humiliation. If they lose, we will make sure that this is what they get.”

Right on cue, there was an “Ooh,” noise from the audience. Nick felt like he had them in the palm of his hand as he prowled around the stage.

“Without further ado, shall we meet out contestants?”

Without waiting for a response, Nick raised his arms to the side and with perfect timing, the red curtain behind him lifted.

The stage was dominated by a large circular pool filled with brown slime. The black walls of the pool were raised a couple of metres above floor level so the depth was obvious. Some empty harnesses were hanging from the roof behind the pool, suspended just above floor level.

When the audience had had a chance to take the scene in, Nick called out “Contestant number one, please enter.”

Confidently a tall girl strode into the room. She smiled as she looked sideways at the audience, flicking her straight blonde hair at the cameras. She was wearing a simple, tight black dress which showed off her figure. Nick tried his best to avoid his eyes looking at her ample cleavage too obviously. Not for the first time, he wondered to himself where the producers found girls like this who were willing to come on the show.

“So, can you please introduce yourself?” Nick said, holding out his microphone.

The girl grabbed the microphone confidently and stared straight into the camera. “My name is Christy, I am twenty-one years old and I am currently working behind the scenes at a local news channel, but I am hoping to take over the weather bulletins in the next year or so. It hasn’t been paying so well, so I would like to win the $100,000 to keep me going until my big break.”

“Thank you Christy. Good luck with the game. Please make your way to the back of the stage and you will be prepared for the game.” As if on cue, two, black clothed men walked out of the wings at the back of the stage.

With one last smile towards the cameras showing off her perfect teeth, Christy twirled and walked towards the back of the stage.

Turning back to the audience, Nick said “Christy was nominated by some of her colleagues who said that she deserved to be on the show because she was single-minded in her pursuit of fame and needed to learn some humility. Apparently on her first day, she breezed into the room where all of the actual presenters were getting made-up and started pestering them, asking how long it would be before she could get on screen. She has never left them alone since. They thought it was fitting that she should get her first taste of television on this show.”

At the back of the stage, Christy was trying to protest. “That isn’t what they said to me. Who said this?” Without a microphone, her pleas were in vain and they were interrupted suddenly as, having been secured in the harness, she was jerked up into the air. As she screamed, Christy saw that she was now hanging directly over the pool. Her feet were just inches from the brown slime. Her earlier confidence drained away as she realised what she had let herself in for.

Nick called for the second contestant. The girl that approached was much less confident and was obviously trying not to look at the crowd. She was somewhat overweight and had short brown hair. She was dressed in a dark blue dress which accentuated her large breasts which were by far her best feature. Nick thought that it was clear why she had been chosen to appear.

“Tell us about yourself,” said Nick and passed across the microphone which was accepted tentatively. As the girl started to speak, Nick had to gently push her shoulders around so that she was facing the camera.

“My name is Rebecca and I am twenty years old. I came here to win the $100,000 to fix the church. I have been attending sermons since I was old enough to remember and want to give something back. I realise this is a godless show and you do beastly things to people but I am confident that my faith will protect me.”

Rebecca’s voice got louder as she introduced herself, finishing in a defiant shout. The audience seemed unsure how to take it as she walked to the back of the room.

“So, unusually, Rebecca actually approached us to take part,” said Nick. “We told her we only accepted people who were nominated by others, however we would make a special case for her.”

Nick paused, smiling at the confused faces in the audience as he prepared to drop his bombshell.

“Of course, before we did this, we contacted some of her friends to see if there were reasons to nominate her and they were only too happy to oblige. They said she was overly judgmental and needed to lose the overly pious attitude. Ever since she was little, she would tell their parents whenever they did something even slightly out of line and last year, she reported a colleague at work for stealing one chocolate bar causing them to lose their job.”

Looking around, the audience was looking suitably shocked so Nick shook his head in empathy. Taking a look behind him, he saw Rebecca being lifted above the pool, her face expressionless, clearly unaware of the audience’s displeasure.

Looking to his left, Nick saw the next contestant walking in. A short, slim, Asian girl approached him. She was wearing a short green dress. Nick smiled thinking of the view he would get when she was winched up with the other girls.

“So, tell us a bit about yourself,” said Nick as she approached.

“My name is Suki. I am nineteen years old and am studying to become an engineer. I want to win the $100,000 to fund a year travelling the world when I have finished studying.” She stood looking at Nick silently after she had finished, unsure whether there was anything else she had to say. Nick took a moment to savour the situation. He had always been attractive to Asian girls and Suki was a fine example, from her pixie-cut black hair to her flawless slim legs. She had no chest to speak of but you couldn’t have everything.

“Thank you Suki,” said Nick, finally breaking the silence. “Please, join your fellow contestants at the back.”

Turning to the audience as Suki made her way to be strapped into the harness, Nick continued. “Suki is here today because her classmates have nominated her. They say she is conceited and boastful. She is top of the class in every exam and every piece of coursework and doesn’t shut up about it. They say she believes she can win anything. They think this show will teach her that sometimes, you have to lose.”

Suki was now suspended from the ceiling but just smiled at the audience. She knew that her classmates were just jealous and by winning the prize on this show, she would prove her superiority to them. Having watched previous shows, although the games sometimes changed and occasionally had a luck component, it was usually the most skilful contestant who won and seeing her competition today, she thought her chances were good.

Turning now to address the audience, Nick spoke. “We now have three contestants suspended over the slime. As you know, there will be four contestants in the game and if you have watched previous shows you will know where we are going to get the extra one.” Nick paused to flash one of his famous smiles at the audience. A couple of audience members were nodding knowingly and a couple of female audience members were shuffling uncomfortably in their seats.

“You have heard the three contestants introduce themselves and the reasons for their nominations. Only two of them can proceed to the next round. If you look under your chairs, you have an electronic voting device. If you want to see Christy in the slime, press A.”

Watching from above, Christy looked uncomfortable for the first time as a cheer rang around the audience. She had realised going into this that in all likelihood she would end up humiliated, but being eliminated first would even reduce her screen-time.

“If you want to see Rebecca in the slime, press B.” Rebecca was pleased to hear a much more muted cheer than for Christy. What was that dumb blonde thinking wearing such a tight dress. The producers had told them all not to wear underwear so Rebecca had been careful to choose a dress long enough that she wouldn’t be showing anything. She had watched the other two try on a series of dresses picked by the producers as if they thought looking good on camera was more important than maintaining their dignity. Well, now both of the other girls were flashing their naked crotches at half the country when the camera got to the right angle. Well, at least it wouldn’t be long before they got what they deserved, she thought.

“If you want to see Suki in the slime, press C.” Suki was concerned to hear that her cheer was nearly as loud as Christy’s. She still had confidence that the audience would want to see the vacuous blonde covered in slime more than her. Looking at Rebecca, she didn’t think much of her other competition either. The girl’s naivety was breath-taking and Suki couldn’t wait to see her faith shatter when she inevitably lost.

The studio spotlights were flashing different colours over the audience as they voted. Nick looked up at each of the three girls suspended above the slime. It wouldn’t be long now before one of them ended up covered in it and Nick couldn’t wait. It was these moments of anticipation that convinced him that he had the best job in the world. Finally, the music stopped and Nick heard the voice in his earpiece telling him the results were in.

“Thank you for your votes. I am pleased to say we have a winner. Shall we see who it is?”

The audience cheered again at the question as Nick turned and took one last look at the three girls. This was the last time he would see one of them clean. The countdown music started playing. All three girls seemed to have lost confidence at this point and were fidgeting nervously.
The music stopped. There was a moment of perfect stillness. Then a scream filled the room as Christy fell towards the slime with a splash going straight under the surface. It was thicker than he had expected and as Christy resurfaced, her face was entirely covered in lumpy, brown mess. Nick shuddered to think what the producers had put in there this time.

As Christy awkwardly made her way to the ladder at the side of the pool, trying to spit the slime out of her mouth, Nick saw both of the other girls smiling as their harnesses pulled them away from the slime and started to lower them down. As he watched, his eye was caught by the harness that had held Christy. Two halves of her black dress still hung there. With delight, Nick thought the producers had outdone themselves. Rigging the harness to keep the dress as it dropped the girl was a masterstroke. They must have given the girls weakened dresses. The best bit was yet to come. As Christy hauled herself out of the pool and started making her way down the ladder at the side, she seemed oblivious to her nakedness.

Christy wiped her face with her hand, but still could taste the foul-smelling slime. Why had she ever signed up for this? This was not the sort of exposure she needed. Trying to rub the slime out of her hair as she descended the ladder was futile. She would have to spend hours in the shower to get clean. At least now she was out, she could feel the slime starting to drain off her.

Finally she felt the stage beneath her feet. She turned to the audience thinking that she had better try to make the best of it. Maybe there was a way to recover from this. It was only at that moment, covered in cold gunge and facing a camera recording one of the most popular shows on television that she felt a draft and was suddenly aware that she was naked.

Her mouth wide open, Christy tried to use her hands to cover herself. Having wanted to wash the slime off herself only a moment ago, she now willed it to stay sticking to her and cover her up. As she turned to run off the stage, the last audience member she saw was one of her colleagues smirking. She would not be able to look him in the eye on Monday morning.

With the cheers of the audience ringing in her ears, she exited the stage through the door in which she had arrived. Two stagehands were waiting for her and pointed her towards the changing rooms where she could shower. As she followed their directions, she heard them comment to each other about the way her bare bottom wiggled as she ran. Blushing under the remainder of the slime, she finally opened the door to the changing room and darted inside. Her humiliation finally ended, Christy decided that a television career was not for her after all.

“Are you ready for the second game?” shouted Nick...
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Excellent, looking forward to the next installments!
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Great writing! Love the wam and comeuppance elements!
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