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Old 01-02-2017, 06:46 PM
zidaneix zidaneix is offline
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Originally Posted by MickGesitt View Post
I'm glad to see you went back to this story.

I'm anxious to see who Alexa's first victim is on the main roster.

Is a post draft story? Is she going to be exclusive to Smackdown?

It'd be cool to see Alexa expose Nikki Bella's big fake tits. But that'll only work after SummerSlam.
Nattie was briefly a face in between Survivor Series and TLC. Plus the WWE does enjoy humiliating her.
And you'll probably want Alexa to go after Naomi's big ass before she's revealed as La Luchadora.
I think Becky Lynch would be a good choice too but Alexa should work her way up to the SDL Women's Champion.
I meant to put a date at the start of this whole thing but it's technically pre-draft with no draft happening so she'll have the whole roster to pick from. And for some foreshadowing, managers aren't off limits either!
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Old 01-02-2017, 06:52 PM
MickGesitt MickGesitt is offline
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Originally Posted by zidaneix View Post
managers aren't off limits either!
Ah. Lana and Maryse? Sounds like fun.
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Old 01-04-2017, 11:46 AM
smjimmie1348 smjimmie1348 is offline
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Default Renee ?

Awesome what about Renee ?
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Old 01-16-2017, 05:09 AM
zidaneix zidaneix is offline
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Monday Night Raw

A graphic airs announcing that Kelly Kelly will return next week, being re-introduced by her friend, Maryse.

Natalya makes her way down to the ring in her black and white catsuit. She stretches in the ring getting ready for her opponent. Alexa Bliss' music hits and she makes her way onto the ramp, wearing a “little miss Bliss” t-shirt and her usual tight black trunks, showing off her thick ass and thighs.

Alexa: Well, well, well Nattie. Look what the cats dragged in. You're the old hag they sent me out here to face? Does that fat ass of your's still fart all the time, Nattie? Your career is a joke and I'm about to prove it. But Stephanie McMahon had a little chat with me in the back before I came out here. She wanted me to tell you that there was a change to our match. It's no longer a regular singles match, but rather a bra & panties match. So not only am I going to beat you Nattie, but I'm going to completely humiliate you and revealing that flabby, cellulite filled ass of your's to this whole crowd. And they can get a nice look at those big, fake titties of your's too while they're at it!

Alexa slams down the mic and slowly walks to the ring, stepping through the ropes and taunting Nattie.

Natalya vs Alexa Bliss – Bra & Panties match

Nattie and Alexa lock up and Nattie immediately shoves Alexa onto her back. Nattie mounts Alexa and delivers a few punches before Alexa grabs her by the throat and pushes her off. Alexa runs and dropkicks Nattie in the face as she gets up. Bliss grabs Natalya by the hair and slams her face into the turnbuckle.

Alexa: Let's give you a little makeover Nattie! C'mon, eat the turnbuckle!”

Alexa slams Nattie's face into the turnbukle over and over again, causing her to moan with each slam. Alexa grinds Natalya's face against the turnbuckle pad with one hand while getting a quick smack of the voluptuos blonde's ass in. You hear a muffled “ouch” as Nattie's ass jiggles from the spank. Alexa turns Natalya around, takes her by the hair and swings her to the other side of the ring, making her land on her stomach. Bliss walks over and stands on Nattie's back with one foot on the back of her head and the other on the Canadian's large ass. Alexa plays to the crowd, even bowing, while still keeping her victim in position. Alexa stands over Natalya and begins to start unzipping her body suit, only for Nattie to roll over and push Bliss away with her feet. Nattie gets up and charges at Bliss, clotheslining her. She takes Bliss by the pigtails and sends her face-first into the floor. Alexa tries to crawl away but Nattie grabs her by the legs and drags her back.

Natalya: Where do you think you're going? You wanted to play? Let's play!

Nattie takes Bliss by the legs and catapalts her into the corner before running and splashing her into the seated position. Nattie slowly feels up her legs, rubbing her ass before running into the corner, going hip first into Alexa's face. Nattie gives Alexa a humiliating stinkface, gyrating left and right across her face.

Natalya: Oh yeah Alexa, you like me now? Are you having fun?

Nattie steps forward and alley oops Bliss out of the corner. She sets her sights on Alexa's top and begins pulling it overhead. Alexa squirms and manages to wriggle free, rolling out of the ring. Nattie runs out and follows here, chasing Bliss around the ring. Alexa gets back into the ring and then stomps Natalya as she tries to get in. Bliss takes Nattie by the hair d****s her neck over the second rope. Alexa takes her powerful thing and hangs it over Natalya's head, choking her on the ropes. Nattie coughs and gags as Alexa mocks her. Bliss finally lets going and drags Nattie to the center of the ring for a suplex. Nattie groans in pain as she rolls over on her stomach. Alexa stands over Nattie's body as she gets to all fours and jumps, slamming her pelvis down onto Natalya's back. Alexa gets comfortable, sitting on Nattie's back and locks her in a camel clutch. She wipes the hair out of Nattie's face to show the whole world her humiliating position.

Alexa: Aww let's let everybody see that pretty face! You wanted to play, Nattie? Well you're my little toy now!

Alexa pulls back on Nattie's neck, causing her involuntarily moan each time Alexa pulls.

Alexa: You know Nattie, this moans just make it extra humiliating for you. Might have to change your name to Alexa's b*tch if this keeps up!

Alexa slams Nattie's face into the mat before taking her by the hair and grinding her face into the it. Bliss takes the zipper on Nattie's catsuit and pulls it halfway down to right before her ass. She then pulls Nattie's upper body out of the catsuit, revealing Nattie in just a tan bra, her DD breasts on display. Nattie wakes up and realizes her predicament. She didn't want anyone seeing her breasts or ass, she only even got the fake breasts to assure she'd make it to WWE. Nattie screams as she wriggles free, her breasts bouncing as she crawls away. Natalya decides to continue with the catsuit hanging by her waist, still covering her lower half. Alexa runs at Nattie but walks right into a spinebuster. Natalya begins mounting the much smaller vixen and choking her.

Natalya: You wanna see my tits so bad Alexa, huh? Well how about I give you a little personal tour!

Nattie smothers Alexa's face between her breasts, engulfing Alexa's whole head in the cleavage of her bra. Nattie sits up and Alexa gasps for air. As Alexa is gasping, Nattie grabs Alexa's top and pulls it up over her head, revealing Bliss' black push-up bra. Alexa rolls across the ring, covering her chest as she looks up at Nattie with rage. Bliss tries to take a swing but Nattie ducks and grabs her legs. She puts Bliss in the sharpshooter as Alexa begs and pleads, even tapping out to no avail. Alexa screams out in pain as Nattie apples even more pressure, knocking Bliss out. Nattie smiles as she finally lets go. She rolls Alexa onto her back and plays up to the crowd.

Nattie: Who here wants to see Alexa's ass?

The crowd goes wild as Nattie smirks and begins lowering Alexa's trunks on her body. Alexa wakes up as her trunks are around her knees and boots Nattie in the face with both feet. Alexa scoots into the corner and pulls them back up while also pulling something out of the turnbuckle pad. Nattie walks back over and grabs her by the hair but Bliss hits Nattie in the face with brass knuckles! Nattie hits the floor hard, her breasts still jiggling seconds after falling. Bliss has a sinister look on her face as she rolls Neidhart onto her stomach and begins pulling down the catsuit. She gets the catsuit past Nattie's large ass, now just being covered by a tan thong. Alexa can't help but give it a hard spank, causing Nattie's fat ass to jiggle. Alexa finally pulls the entire catsuit off, winning the match.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Alexa poses, holding Nattie's catsuit in one hand while she's planted her foot on Nattie's big right ass cheek. Bliss mockingly kicks it, causing the fat cheeks to shake. Alexa gets a knocked out Nattie onto her knees puts her ass next to her face.

Alexa: I think it's about time we wake this b*tch up! Remember when you gave me that stinkface? Well my turn, skank!

Alexa takes Nattie by the hair and forces her head right into her ass. Alexa laughs and poses as she grinds Nattie's face against her perfect firm ass. She even makes Nattie 'pucker up' forcing her to kiss each one of Bliss' cheeks. Nattie begins to wake up and can't believe that she's been stripped to her bra and panties. She screams and realizes that her hands aren't even big enough to hide everything. As this happens, Alexa kicks her in the gut and gives her a DDT. As Alexa sits up, she gives yet another smack to Natalya's ass, this time leaving a red handprint on her left cheek. Bliss rolls Nattie onto her back and stands on her stomach before climbing to the top rope. She hits Twisted Bliss, completely knocking Nattie out. Bliss smirks as she sees Natalya, totally unresponsive.

Alexa: Let's see this big tits you paid all this money for!

Alexa immediately goes for Nattie's bra, unclasping it. She slowly removes it, as Natalya's massive breasts fall into place. Bliss swings it around before dropping it in the middle of the ring. She then grabs Nattie's thong and quickly pulls it down her thick thighs and legs, leaving Nattie entirely nude! Alexa grabs a microphone and gets Nattie on her knees, holding her by the hair with one hand and holding the mic with the other. Nattie's pussy and massive breasts are on display for some fans, while other lucky fans get a look at her big bare ass.

Alexa: So was this a great debut or what? But now is not the time to rest. Ya see, earlier in the show I saw something that made me sick. Sicker than I bet poor Nattie will feel when she wakes up. I saw an ad that Kelly Kelly was coming back next week, and being accompanied by Maryse no less! I thought we were past talentless skanks invading this company. I used to watch WWE from home and just want to get my hands on those two little barbie dolls so bad. Before I was even a wrestler I knew I could humiliate them. And to think they've both won the Divas Championship, Maryse even winning it twice. Maryse, all that tells me is that you can suck a cock better than Kelly, hon. You two are the reason that poor Nattie here had to get her big fake tits, in hopes of being hot enough to compete with trash like Smelly Kelly. I've been itching to beat up you two bimbos for years now, so I'm going to issue a challenge for next week. I want both of you in a NO DQ handicap match. And I'll tell you what, to dumb it down for you guys, we'll start in our bikinis. To win, you just have to pin me or I have to pin each of you. And the caveat, the loser, or losers in your case, has to be the winner's servant for a week! Let's just say that what I've done to poor Nattie here doesn't even compare to what I plan to be doing to you bimbos! See ya next week!

Alexa smiles as she tosses Nattie to the mat by her hair. Alexa takes Natalya's bra, balls it up and stuffs it right in her mouth. She mocks Nattie again before stepping on her stomach, walking over her and leaving the ring. A few minutes later, Nattie awakens, choking on her own bra, with drooling running down her mouth as she panics. She quickly bolts out of the ring, trying to cover her pussy with one hand and tits with the other, sprinting down the aisle without even bothering to remove her own bra gag.
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Old 02-23-2017, 12:23 AM
zidaneix zidaneix is offline
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Monday Night Raw

Maryse & Kelly Kelly vs Alexa Bliss – Bikini Match

Maryse makes her way down to the ring first, wearing a blue bikini, with her hair up in a high ponytail, showing off her massive breasts and big ass. Kelly Kelly comes out next in a multi-colored bikini (like this: http://i.imgur.com/qYVeMu1.png) with a very skimpy pair of bikini bottoms, also wearing her hair in a high ponytail. Lastly, Alexa Bliss comes out in a blue and black bikini, showing off her thick ass and thighs. Kelly runs at Alexa first but Alexa immediately grabs her by the hair and tosses her to the ground. Maryse runs at her next but Alexa boots her in the stomach and knocks her over. Alexa aggressively takes Maryse by the ponytail and dumps her out of the ring, sending her right on her head. Alexa follows Maryse out and picks her up. She takes Maryse by her bottoms, giving her a wedgie and tossing her into the timekeeper's area. Alexa heads back into the ring, just in time to knee Kelly Kelly in the face as she gets up. Bliss picks up the perky blonde by the hair and bodyslams her to the mat. Alexa smirks as she puts one foot on Kelly's belly and walks over her, iliciting and audible groan from Kelly. Alexa kicks Kelly in the side, rolling her over before mounting her back. She takes two handfuls of the blonde's hair and grinds her face back and forth across the mat. Bliss pulls Kelly's hair up, showing off her face to the camera.

Alexa: Aww, isn't Kelly so pretty when she's getting her ass kicked? Smile for the camera Kelly!

Alexa fishooks Kelly's mouth, forcing her to 'smile' for the camera while she screams in pain. Bliss pulls Kelly up by the hair and immediately body slams her back down. Alexa mockingly kicks Kelly in the chest, making her breasts jiggle. As Maryse begins to get up, Alexa rolls Kelly out of the ring, pinching and groping her ass as she dumps her out like a piece of trash. Maryse rolls into the ring and Alexa immediately kicks her in the ribs. Maryse moans in pain as Alexa seems to get enjoyment from it. Bliss takes Maryse by two handfuls of hair and d****s her neck on the middle rope, choking her. Alexa turns around and puts her ass on the back of Maryse's head, using it to choke her on the ropes. Maryse coughs and gags before Alexa finally lets up and Maryse falls onto her back.

Alexa: You seem a little gassed Maryse! Maybe lay off the chips and hit the gym occasionally!

Alexa laughs, mockingly slapping Maryse on the belly. Bliss puts her foot on Maryse's stomach and then shifts all of her weight onto that foot, stepping over the French Canadian and illicting another moan from her. Maryse rolls onto her stomach and begins trying to crawl away, amusing Alexa. Bliss grabs Maryse by the top of her bikini bottoms and drags her back.

Alexa: Get your fat ass back here!

Bliss takes Maryse's bottoms and yanks them up, giving Maryse a massive wedgie and showing off nearly all of her tan ass. Alexa spits on her hand and 'shines' up Maryse's large posterior before delivering a thunderous smack to her left ass cheek. Maryse's flesh ripples as her ass has already slightly developed a red tint. Before Maryse can even regain her composure, Alexa raises her hand and delivers another hard spank, this time to Maryse's right cheek. Maryse moans in pain as Alexa begins speeding it up, quickly alternating between Maryse's gyrating cheeks. Alexa moves her hand down to Maryse's thighs, giving them a few hard smacks as well, laughing as she notices them gyrate. Maryse kicks her legs up and down and manages to catch Bliss with one. Maryse gets to her feet and charges at Alexa, only for Alexa to grab her by the throat, stopping her in her tracks.

Alexa: Who do you think you are? Did I say I was done spanking you?

Alexa watches Maryse gag and struggle before letting go but grabbing the front of Maryse's bikini top. She positions her leg behind Maryse's, tripping her and ripping Maryse's bikini right off, revealing her massive DD breasts to the entire crowd. Maryse hits the ground and screams as her bare breasts bounce around. Maryse had posed nude before but she's ten years older now and being stripped against her will was just too humiliating. Maryse goes to cover her boobs but Alexa quickly stands over Maryse and pins her arms down by her side by standing on her wrists. Alexa looks down and laughs as Maryse squirms, meremly making her massive tits jiggle back and forth. Alexa picks up Maryse by her hair and DDTs her to the ground as Kelly Kelly slowly begins crawling back into the ring. Alexa rubs her hands together and kicks Kelly in the ribs as she's on all fours, getting a big scream out of Kelly. Alexa drags Kelly over to the corner and sits her down against the turnbuckle.

Alexa: You love sticking your flabby ass in people's faces, Kelly? Let's see how you like eating some real ass!

Alexa mocks Kelly before giving herself a wedgie and turns around. She slowly backs up before her thick muscular ass is inches away from Kelly's face. Alexa twerks, smacking her ass right into Kelly's face, over and over again, knocking Kelly's face back as the crowd cheers and laughs. Alexa then transitions to a full stinkface, rubbing her ass back and forth across Kelly's humiliated face. Alexa keeps Kelly's face between her cheeks and holds herself there, pumping up the crowd.

Alexa: I guess all those people online saying “Kelly Kelly sucks ass in the ring” weren't exactly wrong! Hope it tastes good Smelly Kelly!

Alexa finally steps forward and Kelly begins gasping for air and rubbing her face as she coughs and gags. Alexa has a devious look on her face as she grabs Kelly by the hair and makes her crawl to the center of the ring. Alexa holds Kelly under the chin and mocks her.

Alexa: Not so funny when it's your face being stuffed up another ass, is it Kelly? Just be thankful I'm not Rikishi or this pretty little face of your's may never look the same!

Alexa gets down to one knee and bends Kelly Kelly over it. She grabs Kelly's bikini bottoms and slowly lowers them down past Kelly's ass and down her long tanned legs and lets them drop around her ankles while Kelly kicks and squirms. Kelly tries to cover her pussy and ass up but she's at the complete mercy of Bliss. Alexa gropes and plays with Kelly's ass before delivering a hard spank to her left cheek.

Alexa: Damn Kelly, this ass definitely wasn't this fat during your first run. Look at all that jiggle!

Enjoy the sounds of Kelly's moaning, Alexa grabs a handful of her hair with one hand and begins spanking her with the other, alternating between cheeks until both are bright red. Alexa savors Kelly's humiliation before Maryse attacks her from behind. Maryse mounts Alexa and delivers strike after strike to Alexa's head. Alexa escapes and crawls into the corner while Maryse checks on Kelly. Maryse helps Kelly to her feet and they both begin walking towards Bliss, looking forward to getting their revenge. As they step closer, the lights go out. When they turn back on, Layla & Michelle McCool are standing behind Mayse & Kelly. They both strike at the same time, sending two blonde bimbos to the mat. Alexa begins laughing uncontrollably as she gets to her feet. Layla takes Kelly by the hair and gets her on her knees in front of Alexa while McCool does the same with Maryse.

Alexa: You two bird brains actually thought I wouldn't have a back up plan? You see I'm not the only one that loves putting dumb bimbos like you two in their places. Laycool, as you should know Kelly, specialize in that. And they were practically salivating when I told them that they could get their hands on you two tonight. So Layla, Michelle, let's finish these two wh*r*s off!

Layla gets Kelly to her feet, while getting a quick grope of both Kelly's breasts as she lifts her. Michelle puts Maryse's head between her thighs and lifts her up, nailing the faithbreaker. Layla spins Kelly around and hits the Layout neckbreaker, putting Kelly to sleep. Alexa drags Kelly on top of Maryse, putting them in the 69 position. Alexa puts her foot on Kelly's back and the referee makes the three count while Layla & Michelle take pictures.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Bliss snaps her fingers and Layla picks up Kelly over her shoulder, showing her bare ass off to the world. Michelle does the same thing with Maryse but gives her bikini bottoms a massive wedgie and even tucks the wedgie between Maryse's fat ass cheeks. Alexa walks over, getting one last quick smack on each of their posteriors.

Alexa: And as our agreement from last week states, you two barbie dolls are now my sevents for a whole week. Let's go ladies, these two are going to have some work to do! And I'll be sure to show all you lucky fans the highlights this week on Smackdown!

Alexa walks in the middle as Michelle and Layla carry off Kelly and Maryse, making sure to show off their asses to the fans as they go up the ramp.
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Old 03-10-2017, 11:57 AM
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man, this is great. can't wait for the next episode..!
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