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Old 02-07-2017, 08:49 AM
piecenick piecenick is offline
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Originally Posted by truenorth View Post
Please post them here , Piecenick.
Sorry, long gone. She purged the house of all of those as well as boudoir pics. She had a very serious medical condition 5 years ago, she didn't want anyone else to find them.
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Old 03-20-2017, 02:36 PM
seniornicks seniornicks is offline
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Default Ok, probably the PERVIEST,

Was fucking the thigh gap ( no penetration) of a very close relative when we were both very young, I love thigh gaps even now, very bad I know but was too young to know better - probably....
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Old 03-23-2017, 02:29 AM
Vortexvortex Vortexvortex is offline
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I went on vacation with my wife and her best friend. When we got to the house we were staying at they hit the bathroom to shave their bikini lines and she instructed me to unload the car into the room we were staying in. The bathroom was off to the side. They left the door cracked a few inches as the opening of the door was toward the wall, and not to the room. They knew I'd never open or peek in. However they didn't realize there was a large picture framed on the wall right outside the bathroom door. The bedroom lights were off as it was light enough outside to light he room. They had the lights on in the bathroom. So I could see, very clearly, into the bathroom in the reflection on the glass over the picture on the wall. I stood there for over 30 minutes. I had a bag in my hand ready to pretend I was just bringing it in if my wife came out suddenly. I watched them both undress. And shave their pussies over the sink in the bathroom. They both showered and just hung out in there. They had no idea I was in the other room. They assumed I had just found a way to occupy myself. My wife is blonde, big tits, round ass. Curvy not fat. Her best friend has smaller tits but a thick ass and thighs. I saw everything. Highlight was her friend loudly asking if her ass was too big. Grabbing it and squeezing it and jiggling it saying "god it's so huge".
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Old 07-04-2017, 11:35 AM
Edwardelric Edwardelric is offline
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After I let my finance hook up with her ex I ate her out with his cum in her.
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Old 07-04-2017, 02:32 PM
Edwardelric Edwardelric is offline
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Originally Posted by Edwardelric View Post
After I let my finance hook up with her ex I ate her out with his cum in her.
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Old 07-04-2017, 03:36 PM
14sailor 14sailor is offline
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Originally Posted by zintomx View Post
During our 35 yrs of marriage, my wife has done things for me sexually. Role play, striptease, dress sexy, even had a mmf threesome on vacation. We watching a femdom video and the woman made the man eat her pussy after he came in her. My wife thought that was the hot. She got incredibly wet and we watched it over and over. She said she wanted me to eat her after I came. We've kissed after her sucking me, but never after I'd come in her mouth. I said I would next time we had sex.
The first time I couldn't go through with it. She was bummed but I said next time I would.
Next time I tried. I really wanted to please her but after I just couldn't do it. We had a fight and she told me to just forget it. About 2 months later we were having sex and she was on top. When I came she told me now was the time to clean up. She slid forward and planted her pussy on my mouth. She started grinding and sliding all over my face, talking dirty and calling me names. She had one of the biggest orgasms she ever had. She flooded my mouth with my come and hers. At first I was repulsed but then I got into it. I liked her making me do it. Now she surprises me and sits on my face after sex. I can't do it on my own, but I love doing it when she makes me.
I can understand. There are a lot of things that I get off thinking about doing but need a push. I haven't found a wife that is accepting of anything but straight sex so it never has happened except once. And that cost me the marriage.
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Old 07-05-2017, 12:52 AM
14sailor 14sailor is offline
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Originally Posted by whitetail View Post
to continue from post 101...

So, apparently, this women has some hangups - although that's not readily apparent from her willingness to essentially seduce me and masturbate in front of me. But, moving on...

She couldn't orgasm with me there for a couple of reasons. One is that she could tell I was nervous and was afraid I wasn't enjoying myself. Again, puzzling since I came in record time. Also, she liked it a little more rough. In addition to her nipple clamps, she also had a wide variety of other toys, a leather whip like thing, a butt plug and other clamps that she liked to put on her clit and her pussy lips. I really think she thought she'd scare me with all of her "toys" and was a little nervous about it.

The other thing really enjoyed was anal. So, our next encounter... I dont recall how much time passed between the first one and second one. But, in the interim, we emailed about anal - I'd never been successful at making that happen. Mostly due to the woman waving it off as too painful. She went on about how she loved it and how she had all these tips on how to make it enjoyable. How she warmed up with a dildo first, etc.

Anyway, I go to her house again and we have round two. She again had the nipples clamps and she wanted to ride me this time. I can't remember the foreplay or first part but ultimately, we were down on her living room floor and she got on top of me and was riding my cock - I remember this because her neighbor came and knocked on the door and I was deathly afraid he'd peer in and see us through the blinds. Anyway, after we fucked for a minute or so she said "hold on" and reached into her box of toys and pulled out a butt plug. She asked if I minded and she put it inside her (not me). She seemed to enjoy that. Unfortunately, as we got to moving around with her on top, it kept coming out. So, we'd stop occasionally for her to insert it back in.

I thought she was close to orgasm - which brought me to orgasm so I let it go. Again, she hadn't had an orgasm and said she was nervous. We laid there for a while and she gave me a really great back massage. Eventually I got hard again and fucked her again. Still she didn't cum.

I left and then our conversations basically centered around why she wasn't having an orgasm. She says she does after I leave.

To make a long story short, she wanted me to just take charge and do what i wanted with her - which was difficult for me - what can I say, I was young(er) and never been with a woman like that.

So, the next time we were together, I don't remember all of the details but I thought, "Ok, well here goes nothing". So, I went by her house under the pretense of picking up her part of our group assignment. I mean, I think we both knew we'd be having sex or messing around but we didn't overly plan it like before.

She opens the door and I close it and lock it behind me and tell her to get on her knees and unzip me and suck my cock. She was still dressed and had a shocked look on her face and kinda stood there and I said, "you have a problem with that?" and she said, "No...um... no I don't" and she did as she was told. I managed to get her shirt off and her big titties bounced free and i tried to pinch them as I knew she'd like that. But she still had on her skirt and panties.

Finally, i was close to cumming and told her to stop. she was sitting in the floor of her living room and i told her to lean back and i lifted up her skirt and her panties had a slight damp spot in them. i pulled her panties off and rubbed her pussy which was really wet. I fingered her for a little bit and when she was really enjoying it i slapped her ass really hard. She moaned - I was worried it was too hard and asked her if it hurt. She said, "yeah" so I was like, "well was it too hard" and she said, "no, do it harder". So I did. I left a full on handprint on her ass.

Then I decided to continue that, it'd be best if I fucked her from behind. So, i slide right in and intermittently slap with hell out of her ass. Occasionally, I'd pull her hair. She was loving it. However, I was getting close to coming so I had to stop - and this time I wanted her to come first.

As we stopped to reposition - that damn neighbor showed up again. As a side note, I actually knew him, too. We were both in the ARmy. LOL - come to find out, he was trying to fuck her but never managed to actually do so. This time she said, "shit, I told him to come by to pick up _____" - I dont remember what. So, I gather up my clothes and go to her bedroom while she slips on a robe and answer the door. I couldnt hear what they were saying but it went on longer than I thought.

Finally she comes back in the bedroom and sucks my cock back to life. she gets up on me to ride it and her tits are hanging in my face. I suck on them and start biting the nipples and I can tell she responds to it. The harder I bite, the more she moans and fucks me harder. I back off and she says "bite them harder" - so I do. And, then the thought hits me to start talking dirty to her. I say stuff like, "you're a naughty woman, aren't you? you like to be spanked and have me fuck that wet pussy" and she practically yells, "YES!". I was scrambling with what else to do or say as I could tell she was getting into it and close to orgasm.

As was I... I let loose with how she's a dirty sl*t and how she wants me to fuck her mouth, pussy and ass and i slap her ass super hard. she starts almost convulsing and leaning back to the point that i think my dick is going to break because she's leaning back tooo hard. And then she cums. She is almost trying to be silent. Biting her lip and not breathing - turning beet red. I slap her ass again, bite one of her nipples and then reach down and take my thumb and put it on her clit and that does it. She makes the most god awful noise - not moaning. Like a growling sound and shakes like she's possessed. This is her having an orgasm. It was kinda scary, to be honest. But, she did it. LOL

She said she hadn't came like that in a long, long time.

So, apparently, her key was to slap her, bite her nipples and call her names....
My kinda woman. She could be wife #4
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Old 08-19-2017, 06:10 PM
cpl4fun309 cpl4fun309 is offline
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Default Not our most pervy but close

When my wife and I were both in our early 50's we hooked up with a young black man, about 25, from craig's list. The agreement with him was that he only wanted to jerk off for her. He said his girl friend approved and didn't consider it as cheating if he didn't touch. My wife showed herself to him, played with herself while he watched. He must have enjoyed watching her because when it came time for him to finish he exploded a huge load all over my wife's face. I have the photos to look back on fondly. Too bad I can't post her face publicly.
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Old 08-24-2017, 04:41 AM
aspleyguy aspleyguy is offline
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Default watching neighbours

Back in the 90's I rented a small house that was only 8ft (now illegal to build that close) to my neighbors. I got home about 10pm one night and as I made my way to the kitchen to turn the light on , I noticed light from the bedroom next door. I casually looked though the window and saw both neighbour - about 28-30 years old, were naked and fucking on the bed. As the feet end of the bed was facing the window, I could see his erect cock pumping her pussy, with him on top in the missionary position. I got instantly aroused at the sight, pulled both my jeans and jocks down and started to masturbate as I watched. In less then one minute I orgasmed but kept watching. My cock stayed hard as I watched. I was still horny and started to masturbate again. When he pulled his cock from her pussy, I had full view of her wet pussy and his erection, then he rubbed his cock over her breasts and I saw him orgasm, spurting his cum over her breasts making me orgasm a second time. I have never again seen a similar sight and never again orgasmed twice only a few minutes apart.. Roughly 28 years later I can still visualize the sight..
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Old 08-24-2017, 12:43 PM
daskers daskers is offline
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I have done a few. I might of posted on one of them before, but forget. On another note when I was married to my first wife she was cheating on me with other guys, she had this one low life that she took off with for a few days so he could fuck her. Then him and her came back wanting forgiveness from me, yeah like that was going to really happen. A few months later me and his girlfriend got close, she wasn't bad at all in looks etc. He and my cheating wife was invited over while his girlfriend was with me. We both made them watch me and her fuck and do all kinds of nasty stuff with each other, then she told my wife to lick her pussy, which she did. They both ended up sucking my cock at the same time, after that they both took turns riding me in front of the low life which wanted to join in on the fun but was denied, he was made to watch only. I said to him it would be the last time he would get any from his girlfriend or my wife. End result his girlfriend never did fuck him again nor did my wife, us three ended up having some more threesomes after that, but it didn't stop the wife from cheating, she found another guy to fuck around with later on. I ended up divorcing her in 1997. The above is just one other kinkiest things I've ever done.
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