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Old 04-02-2016, 03:22 PM
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Default Whats the perviest thing you've ever done?

Whats the perviest thing you've ever done? or admit to anyway!
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Old 04-02-2016, 05:44 PM
cgnok cgnok is offline
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Joined One click chicks. Isn't that pervy enough?
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Old 04-02-2016, 06:09 PM
bit987 bit987 is offline
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Talking Hard to choose just one thing...

I'll go with my most recent for now. So, my boss has been bragging nonstop about how great his daughter is for getting into so many colleges. This is in addition to his normal unbearable talking about how wonderful he is himself.

So I spent a little time searching across the internet and found pictures from his daughter's gymnastics team. It was pretty easy actually since I knew so many specifics from his stories. She's a senior so there was plenty of pictures with her in them. Most were typical pictures of a girls gymnastics team and then I found a set were she was performing a floor exercise routine. I guess she had gotten a wedgie while doing flips and in gymnastics it's a deduction to fix your outfit while performing.

So now I have a few pictures of my boss's senior in high school daughter showing her bare butt during her routine. It's not just a small wedgie either, like it's butt cheeks completely on display to the whole gym (and anyone who browses though the team's pictures). It makes my boss's stories a little more bare...able, haha.
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Old 04-02-2016, 09:57 PM
karlhein karlhein is offline
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On a business retreat at a mountain resort in Colorado, fingered (through her suit) a colleague in the apres ski hot tub. The bubbles hid the action, but she was squirming, I was carrying on a conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. A few minutes later we went to sauna, with the door completely uncontrolled, I pulled her suit bottom aside and fucked her standing up against the wall. Both of us were sweating that one. Don't know if fingering and fucking a nice younger lady is pervy, but it was exciting.
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Old 04-03-2016, 01:29 PM
hamlet's Avatar
hamlet hamlet is offline
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I was in my army duty. Normally in the army the most technological thing you can see is the 50 y/o tv in the cafeteria (for the low levels) but couple of our mates have access to IT room since they are IT guys and their duty is to write programs etc.

Anyways since they have the access to the room 7/24 we used to go there at nights and hang out on internet watch movies etc. One of the those nights I decided to open my skype account on one of the comps to see if any of my friends to chat. To my luck one of my fuck buddy girlfriends was online. we started to chat a bit (through texts) and conversation came to sex of course. I told her how much I missed to see her naked body and fuck her brains out. not much effort needed to convince her to give me quick webcam show. she also easily believed army computers do not have cams so she accepted that it will be only her showing.

After everything agreed she opened her cam and started her show while I directed her by sending texts. she started to undress first and become topless in a short while. before proceeding to lower part she give a nice self boob touch and even licked her both nipples. then get rid of her pajama bottoms which simply exposed her shaved pussy since she never wears panties at home. normally she loves to tease me for a long time on webcam but I told her I have not much time so she quickly started to masturbate in front of the cam and didn't stop until she had an exploding orgasm. It was one of the hottest thing I had in whole my army service.

Perviest part of the story is that while she thinks I'm all alone in front of the computer actually we were 4 or 5 people. So basicly she still doesn't know that that night she showed her whole naked body, licked her nipples, fingered her pussy and came like a good wh*r* in front of a bunch of horny army guys.
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Old 04-03-2016, 06:54 PM
Gnome72141 Gnome72141 is offline
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Joining this forum is pervy for me, too. Even though all my stories I post are completely true, none of them are creepy things like my dad, who took his true pervyness all the way to prison for 5 years. I just happen to not care if someone walks in on me naked, or daring consensual adults to flash their boobs.

But, I did do something pervy back in college, though. A female friend of mine was going to change her shirt into something warmer and asked me not to look. I promised not to, but there was a mirror and I totally watched her change (she was braless). I think she realized the mirror a moment later because she asked me several times throughout the evening if I had noticed the mirror, and I said I didn't notice. It wasn't secretly hoping that I looked, either; she was genuinely concerned.

It was something like 25 years ago, but I still feel badly when I see her from time to time.
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Old 04-03-2016, 07:52 PM
Speedster's Avatar
Speedster Speedster is offline
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Red face The Most-

Many years ago I dated a female my age. She was so-so. She hated sex and pretty much fucked like what I assume a dead fish would fuck like. She lived in an apartment with her daughter and I lived in my own apartment.

The mom was pretty much useless from all accounts, but she had a smoking-hot-blond haired daughter that had just turned 18 at that time. I will call her Kim. I was always trying to get a peak at Kim no matter what she was doing. She had a great ass and a big full set of nice round tits. She was also was an innocent virgin. She was so hot and had no idea that she was hot- I wanted to pop her cherry so badly that it was killing me!

One time we (mother, daughter, and me) all went to the beach. Kim was looking so smoking in her perfect-fitting blue and green bikini. At one point, Kim had to use the restroom. When she came out of the restroom she didnít have her bikini bottoms adjusted right and half of her full-bushed pussy was sticking out for the world to see.

After getting a very good look- I told her about it and she fixed it. She was very embarrassed.

On the car ride home, I drove and Kim sat in the back seat. I adjusted the rearview mirror perfectly so I could see her hairy pussy pushing up against her bikini bottoms. It left a perfect outline of where I wanted to explore.

Iíve never been into clothing in itself, but from that point on- I would grab a dirty pair of Kimís panties from her bedroom floor and take them back to my apartment. They were mostly white-cotton panties and slightly soiled in the front from her innocent-young (virgin) pussy rubbing against them all day.

Back at my apartment-I would spend several hours handling Kimís freshly soiled panties and smelling them. When her sweet pussy smell was gone I would jack-off with them wrapped around my huge-hard cock and cum huge loads in them-day after day- until they were all wadded up and stuck together.

Kimís mother did all of our laundry. So at wash time-I would wait until the washer had started and drop Kimís cum soaked (and hardened) panties in the wash too.

Before I left for the evening, I would grab another pair of her used panties for some more alone action.

Within about a month- Kim had worn every pair of panties that I had cum soaked for her. That turned me on to no end knowing that my cum-stain remains were rubbing against her sweet young pussy every single day.

I never touched her or tried to fuck Kim. I wonder how many other guys have done something like this? I have never done this since.

That is the MOST perverted thing that I have ever done!

Last edited by Speedster; 04-03-2016 at 07:57 PM.
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Old 04-03-2016, 08:44 PM
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Dollybabe Dollybabe is offline
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Default Bra fetish.

My wife works in an office that employs about 85% females. Most of them are hotties! I could never work there. I'd be hauled into H.R. daily!Anyhow, one of the gals in the office got her boobs done. Nothing outrageous, a little bigger and perkier than before. New boobs gal got all new bras to match the new figure and brought in a bunch of her old ones. They're all brand name and in excellent condition. To my wife's delight, she found that most of them were her size. She picked out several to bring home and try on. The fashion show was awesome! So was the sex afterward. My wife decided she felt funny about wearing someone else's bra, so she decided to throw them away. Here comes the pervy part! I rescued them, laundered them and kept them. I get a raging stuffy just thinking about whose tits have been in them and I have to get off when I go through them.
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Old 04-04-2016, 12:14 PM
dftemp dftemp is offline
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Default Rub

I had a massage from a 65 year old woman, a really cracking hottie . . . Who gve me 2 handjobs to completion while her husband was downstairs watching tv. Sadly, she would not let me fuck her . . .
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Old 04-04-2016, 12:58 PM
rednose rednose is offline
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Default Panties

My perviest things always revolve around Panties, Tampons and Pads.
For example:
Whenever I get the chance I search out the laundry baskets of my sisters friends, wifes friends, and of course my houseguests. I extend this to my neighbors when I house sit.
I am always careful not to leave any of my DNA behind.

Over the years I have watched my houseguests and when they are packing I watch them to see where they leave their trash. I've found lots of used pads and tampon applicators. YUMMY

I try to hit busy private gas stations along major roadways and when they have the single seat bathrooms I will try to hit the ladies room. Two come to mind:
RT 46 East in NJ they have a huge barrel in the ladies room, lots of pads and sometimes dirty panties.
RT 84 West in Danbury same thing, large wastebasket and in the evening its always full.
The ladies are always pissed off when they see me walking out..................................
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