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Old 03-15-2016, 09:59 PM
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FYI the matches will be in more detail for the PPVs. They'll be fairly long so would you rather see me post each match as their own individual parts or one huge post for the whole PPV?

Part 3: The War Begins

Paige and Summer Rae make their way down to the ring first and stretch. Lana and Naomi come out, with Lana holding a large sign, with a blown up picture of Summer Rae hogtied with Lana straddling her. Summer is furious and waits and wants Lana to start off the match with her.

Lana & Naomi vs Paige & Summer Rae

Lana and Summer start in the ring and Summer immediately tackles Lana to the ground. She mounts Lana and slams her head off the ground, over and over again. Summer yanks up Lana by her ponytail and brings her over to the turnbuckle. Summer slams Lana's face off the turnbuckle and turns her around. She uses her long legs to choke Lana while nowhere for her to go. Summer drags Lana over to her corner and tags Paige in.

Paige send Lana into the corner and running forearms her in the face. Paige pulls on Lana's arm, making her walk into a clothesline. Lana starts to crawl to her corner but Paige grabs her legs and drags her back. Paige tags in Summer, who stomps on Lana's back a few times. Summer puts one foot on Lana's back and pulls on her hair, putting a lot of stress on Lana's neck. Summer goes to run off the ropes but Naomi pulls the rope down, sending Summer over the top rope and down to the outside. Lana recovers and goes out after her.

Lana picks up Summer by her hair and throws her into the barricade. Lana picks up Summer and throws her into the apron. Summer gets rolled back into the ring by Lana, who begins stomping away. Lana drags Summer over to the bottom rope and starts choking her on it. Naomi gets off the apron and taunts Summer from the outside, mocking her choking. As Lana distracts the ref, Naomi slaps the taste out of Summer's mouth. Lana pulls Summer up and body slams her. She puts one foot on Summer's stomach and steps over her, causing Summer to scream in pain. Lana smiles at the sight of Summer's misfortune.

Lana makes the tag to Naomi who gets in the ring and has a smile on her face. Lana grabs Summer by the hair and Naomi turns around and bends over. Lana shoves Summer's face directly into Naomi's ass crack as Naomi twerks on her face. Lana finally releases Summer and tosses her on her back before getting on the apron. Summer can't believe her face was forced so deep into Naomi's ass. She can still taste her. Naomi stands over Summer and grabs her by a clump of hair and gets in her face.

Naomi: That taste good Summer? That big beak of your's practically got me off! Hungry for more Summer, how about eating the mat?

Naomi pinches Summer's nose and then rubs her face into the mat. Naomi grabs a handful of Summer's hair and wipes her own boots on Summer's hair, 'cleaning' them. Naomi drags Summer over to the middle rope and d****s her chin on it. Naomi turns around and uses her ass to choke Summer on the ropes, bouncing up and down and causing Summer to gag. Naomi tosses her back into the middle of the ring. Summer tries to crawl to Paige to make the tag but Naomi stands over her, jumps and slams all her weight onto Summer's back. Naomi brings her back over to Lana and makes the tag. Naomi puts Summer in a full nelson while Lana grabs her from under the chin.

Lana: You like eating ass, Summer? Did Naomi taste good to you? Huh?

Lana slaps the taste out of Summer's mouth and mocks her. Lana slaps her yet again. Then Lana goes for a forearm the face but Summer ducks and it hits Naomi. Lana turns around, only to be spinning heel kicked by Summer. Summer desperately crawls over and makes the tag to Paige right as Lana tags Naomi back in. Paige spears Naomi to the ground and punches her in the head, multiple times. Paige also knocks Lana off the apron.

Paige picks up Naomi and puts her head between her legs. She spanks Naomi's large ass a few times, causing a shriek from her. Paige picks up Naomi for a powerbomb but Naomi rolls through for a roll up that Paige kicks out of at two. Naomi turns around into a superkick by Paige. Lana tries to get up on the apron but Summer Rae comes from behind and tosses her backwards. She grabs Lana's legs and puts her in the Indian Deathlock outside the ring. Lana is in massive amounts of pain. Meanwhile in the ring, Naomi misses the Rear View, allowing Paige to kick her in the stomach and nail the Rampaige. 1....2....3!

Winners: Paige & Summer Rae

Summer finally breaks the hold on Lana and Paige and Summer celebrate in the ring. After spending a few minutes in the ring, Lana limps her way in and starts yelling at Paige & Summer. Summer clotheslines Lana and Paige immediately reaches for Lana's skirt. Paige gets the crowd riled up as she tears off Lana's skirt, revealing a pair of black panties. Lana crawls towards the apron where Naomi is on the outside. Naomi and Lana lock hands but Summer is pulling on Lana's legs, stretching her out and giving the crowd and amazing view of her ass. Finally Summer lets go, sending Lana into Naomi and forcing both of them to run off. Stephanie McMahon comes out with a microphone.

Stephanie: Do you two think you're funny? You got lucky tonight. But next week, I make my return to the ring. And I'll go one on one, with Kelly Kelly, in a bra and panties match, where the winner is the one to strip them down to the underwear AND either pin or make them submit. And if anyone interferes in that match, they will immediately be fired. Ya see, I could fire all six of you right now, but that just wouldn't be fun, no. I want to humiliate you, I want you six to beg for me to fire you. And I can guarantee to you, I always get what I want.
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Old 03-15-2016, 10:18 PM
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Default Bra and Panties

Wow awesome story the length is totally up to you the writer because I'm pretty sure everyone here can agree that you're really good , and that you really know what you are talking about .

Also , bra and panties for Kelly Kelly vs. Stephanie McMahon woo- hoo .

Oh and seperate matches because I think that's a little easier like I'm doing w/ my series , but that's still in progress lol .
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Old 03-16-2016, 01:38 PM
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I prefer full PPV, personally. Makes it easier to find each chapter when you're re-reading it.
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Old 03-18-2016, 02:58 PM
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Monday Night Raw Week 4 (No Mercy is next)

Stephanie McMahon comes out first, wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a Triple H t-shirt. Kelly Kelly comes out next, wearing a pair of blue short shorts and a blue crop top. Stephanie looks extremely confident, while Kelly seems nervous bu still high fives a few fans. Kelly slides into the ring and the two stare each other down.

Stephanie McMahon vs Kelly Kelly – Bra & Panties match (win by pinfall)

Kelly immediately spears Stephanie to the ground and grabs her by the hair. Kelly manages to bounce Stephanie's head off the ground a few times before Stephanie manages to get one of her feet up and kick Kelly back. Kelly runs at Stephanie and hits a huracanrana. Stephanie is dazed as Kelly stands over her and grabs the bottom of Stephanie's top. Stephanie holds on with all her might and kicks Kelly off. As Stephanie is getting up, Kelly comes back and hits a running crossbody, knocking Stephanie down. As Stephanie is trying to get up, Kelly yanks on the back of Stephanie's shirt and in one swoop, pulls it up over her head and off, revealing Stephanie's massive 36DDs in a black bra that is keeping them up quite nicely. Stephanie immediately shields her chest and rolls out of the ring, giving herself time to recover. Meanwhile Kelly tosses Stephanie's top into the crowd.

Kelly goes outside the ring and begins to chase Stephanie. Stephanie manages to turn around and clotheslines Kelly to the ground. Kelly holds her back in pain as Stephanie realizes she's in control now. Stephanie grabs Kelly by the hair and whips her, back first, into the steel steps. Stephanie smiles as she picks up Kelly and rams her back into the apron. Stephanie could strip Kelly a bit right now but she wants to do it in the ring, where all the world can see, and rolls Kelly back in the ring. Stephanie takes her time getting into the ring. Kelly is on all fours and Stephanie runs at her and punts her right in the stomach. Stephanie picks up Kelly and backs her into the turnbuckle. She grabs Kelly by the face and talks some trash.

Stephanie: What's the matter, Kelly? C'mon Smelly Kelly, put up a fight!

Kelly swings one of her arms at Stephanie, however Stephanie catches the arm and slaps the taste out of Kelly's mouth, sending her to a seated position in the corner. Stephanie puts her foot on Kelly's throat and chokes her for a few seconds. Stephanie then gives Kelly the “Suck it” sign and runs into the other corner. She charges at Kelly and delivers a long, humiliating Bronco Buster, stuffing her crotch into Kelly's face, over and over again. Stephanie drags Kelly out of the corner by her legs and into the center of the ring. She stands over Kelly and grabs the bottom of Kelly's crop top. She easily pulls the top off of Kelly, revealing her modest sized breasts that are being heavily pushed up by her purple push up bra. Stephanie mounts Kelly and pins her arms down while looking her right in the eyes.

Stephanie: What's the matter, Kelly? Not strong enough to get me off of you. Nice bra, by the way, trying to turn those B cups into Ds? Well how about I show you what some actual D cups look like?

Stephanie immediately presses her chest down on Kelly's head forcing Kelly's face to be smothered in Stephanie's breasts. Kelly tries to struggle but Stephanie is just too powerful. Stephanie pulls up for a moment to let Kelly breathe. But right as Kelly gasps, she presses down again, literally choking Kelly with her breasts. Kelly is completely humiliated, not only by Stephanie's breasts but the fact that she's too weak to get Steph off of her, even though she's a wrestler and Stephanie isn't. As Kelly is gasping for air, Stephanie finally lets up and can't help but laugh.

Stephanie: Kelly, this must be so humiliating for you, even my tits can beat you up. I bet you regret taking my top off now, huh?

Stephanie sits, mounted on Kelly, with her knees on top of Kelly's arms, completely pinning her down. Stephanie begins to push her knees in a bit, pushing Kelly's breasts together. Kelly screams out in pain as Stephanie can't help but be amused. She repeatedly pushes her knees in and then back out, making Kelly's boobs press together and then go apart. Stephanie mockingly grabs Kelly's face by under the chin and smiles at the look of embarrassment on Kelly.

Stephanie: Aww, what's the matter Kelly? I was just trying to make your tits look better! Do you not realize by this point that you're just a toy to me?

Stephanie gets up and grabs Kelly by the legs. She lifts her legs up high, putting her in a big swing like position with all of Kelly's body raises up except her head. Kelly's breasts, are literally under her chin now and actually choking her.

Stephanie: Well Kelly, you just outdo yourself. First you have my tits in your face, and now your own tits are choking you out. Wouldn't that be an embarrassing way to go. Let's go for a little ride, Kelly!

Stephanie begins Kelly around by her legs for about six revolutions before stopping. Kelly is on the ground trying to crawl away and Stephanie grabs the top of her bottoms. Stephanie yanks Kelly's shorts right off, revealing a pair of satin black panties. Kelly tries to cover up while Stephanie swings the shorts around her fingers. Stephanie gets a quick whiff of Kelly's shorts before tossing them into the crowd.

Stephanie: No wonder they call you Smelly Kelly, gross.

Kelly cowers into the corner, knowing she's down to her bra and panties and all that has to happen is be pinned and Stephanie wins. Stephanie points and laughs at Kelly as Kelly slowly gets to a feet. Stephanie grabs Kelly by the hair and places her head between her thighs, setting up for the pedigree. Stephanie flexes but in her act of arrogance, Kelly frees her head and rolls up Stephanie. She grabs the top of Stephanie's yoga pants and yanks past her ass, revealing Stephanie's black panties. Kelly keeps pulling and the entire pair of pants comes off as Stephanie kicks her legs in humiliation. Stephanie gets to her feet and Kelly goes for a huracanrana again. Stephanie catches her and powerbombs her to the ground. Stephanie goes to one knee and grabs Kelly by the hair, she d****s Kelly over her knee and gets ready to give her a spanking.

Stephanie: That's a bad girl, Kelly! Bad, bad girl!

Stephanie holds a handful of Kelly's hair with one hand while she begins spanking Kelly's ass with the other. Stephanie makes sure to give each ass cheek attention as she slaps her right hand down, alternating between them. Stephanie begins slowing down the spanks but giving her a smack and then watching Kelly's ass ripple. Stephanie finally shoves Kelly off her knee and gets to her feet. She picks up Kelly by her hair and places her head between her thighs again, setting up for the pedigree. This time Stephanie gets an evil look in her eyes. She grabs the top of Kelly's panties and yanks them upward, giving her an enormous wedgie and no way to cover up. Stephanie laughs as nearly all of Kelly's ass is exposed. Stephanie hooks both of Kelly's arms and delivers a pedigree. She rolls Kelly over and sits on her face, while pulling Kelly's legs over her head for the cover. 1...2....3.

Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie holds the pin an extra five seconds after before finally removing her ass from Kelly's face, giving her a small taste of what may be her fate come Sunday. Stephanie begins rolling Kelly's body out of the ring like she's taking out the trash.

Stephanie: I hope you appreciate that Kelly. I could have kept you in this ring and done whatever I pleased to you. But I'm feeling generous and my hand is a little tired from giving that big ass of your's a spanking. But I wanted to save your real humiliation for Alexa this Sunday. She's been talking all week about the things she's going to do. And Paige, I hope you were watching, because if you think that was bad, just wait until Sunday when I make you quit.

Stephanie steps out of the ring and steps on Kelly's stomach. She walks over Kelly and makes her way backstage.
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No Mercy 2016

The show opens with a camera shot of the large pool of gravy (around 3 ft deep) on the left side of the entrance ramp. Next to the pool are two large wooden tables, filled with different thanksgiving themed food and beverages.

Aksana vs Layla – Gravy Bowl Match

Aksana comes out first, wearing her usual red bodysuit showing off the curves of her body. As Aksana is posing at the top of the ramp, Layla runs out from behind and clubs her in the back, sending her rolling down the entrance ramp. Layla is out wearing a black top and black tight leather pants. Layla follows Aksana down towards the ring, mocking her. Layla picks up Aksana by the hair and throws her into the barricade. Layla grabs her again and throws her face first into the ring post. Aksana tries to crawl away and Layla stands over her and begins pulling off he bodysuit. Layla pulls the sides down on the bodysuit, revealing Aksana's large breasts covered by a small strapless black bra. Aksana manages to kick Layla away as she keeps crawling around the ring. Layla goes into the ring and through to the other side, cutting off Aksana. Aksana gets up and runs at Layla but Layla drop toe holds her.

Layla grabs a hold of the body suilt and begins slowly pulling it down Aksana's thick legs. Layla manages to pull it off and reveal to the world, Aksana's black panties. Aksana begins crawling backwards as Layla taunts her.

Layla: Aww, what's the matter Aksana? Too ashamed of your body to show it off? Well that's just too bad! Guess what b*tch, you're going for a swim!

Layla grabs Aksana by the hair and begins dragging her up the stage towards the pool area. She gets over towards the tables and slams Aksana's face off the ground. Layla grabs the salt and pepper shakers and begins shaking them over Aksana, who is humiliated by the way Layla is literally treating her like a piece of meat. Layla grabs Aksana by the face and looks at her.

Layla: Ya know what would go great with these breasts of yours? Some gravy!

Layla puts Aksana in a rear naked choke while feeling up each of Aksana's breasts. She slowly walks her to the pool, but Aksana swings her head back and headbutts Layla. Aksana grabs Layla by the hair and throws her hard into the side of the entrance ramp. Aksana comes over to Layla and dropkicks her head into the side of the ramp.

Aksana: Not so tough now, huh? Let's see how you like being stripped!

The crowd goes wild as Aksana easily removes Layla's top, revealing a white push up bra, not a very good choice for Layla considering her future circumstances. Aksana then rolls Layla onto her stomach and seductively begins rubbing Layla's thighs and legs. She slowly removes Layla's tight black pants, revealing a pair of white, skimpy panties underneath. Aksana grabs a clump of Layla's hair and paintbrush slaps her, waking her up. Layla can't believe that she's stripped to her bra and panties and scurries to get away, but Aksana has a strong grip on her hair and the pain is too much to not give in.

Aksana: Where do you think you're going? It's dinner time, Layla.

Aksana drags Layla over the first food table and slams her, face first, into some cranberry sauce. Layla is completely flustered while Aksana mocks her. Aksana grabs Layla by the mouth and begins shoving handfuls of mashed potato into it. Layla is choking on the potato, which is now all over her face and in her bra, as Aksana grabs a turkey leg and smacks her in the face with it. Aksana puts Layla over her knee and begins spanking her with the turkey leg. Layla can't believe how quick the tides have turned. A few minutes ago she had Aksana in the palm of her hands, now she was being spanked with a turkey leg, in her underwear and could barely breathe with all the mashed potatoes in her mouth. Aksana finally stops spanking her and picks Layla up by the top of her head. Layla is clearly coughing and choking on the potatoes still.

Aksana: Oh no, you're choking! I think you need something to wash that down. How about a little gravy?

And with that, Aksana tossed Layla into the large vat of gravy. Aksana can't help but stand back and laugh as Layla struggles to even get to her knees, now covered in gravy and still spitting up potato. Aksana wasn't even all that embarrassed to be in her bra and panties anymore, knowing that she has Layla right where she wants her. Aksana sneaks up behind Layla in the gravy and grabs her by the hair. She immediately slams Layla, face first into the gravy, which is about three feet deep. Aksana picks up Layla by the hair and dunks her under the gravy, causing Layla's arms to flail all over the place the place. After a few seconds, Aksana lets her up for a moment, only to dunk her back down again. Aksana lets Layla back up, still grapsing onto her hair, and can't help but laugh as she realizes Layla how flustered and humiliated Layla is. Aksana gets a great idea. She unclasps the back of Layla's bra and rips it away, revealing Layla's 36Ds to the world. Layla is still too busy spitting up gravy and trying to catch her breath to do anything about it. Aksana throws Layla out of the pool and she rolls towards the second table.

Aksana: It's time for dessert, Layla, yes?

Aksana takes a whole tub of ice cream and dumps it on Layla's head before picking up a full blueberry pie and smashing it in her face. Layla falls backwards onto her back. Aksana wipes some of the pie off her face and holds her by the chin. She picks up and shakes a can of whipped cream. Aksana begins spraying the whipped cream right into Layla's mouth.

Aksana: You swallow, right, Layla? I've heard you tell the other divas that. And I know you like having this happen too!

Aksana begins spraying the whipped cream all over Layla's breats. She then leans Layla back against the table and chops her chest. As Aksana plays to the crowd, Layla grabs a blueberry pie and smashes it right into Aksana's face. She mounts Aksana and smashes her head off the ground over and over again. Layla picks up Aksana and bends her over the side of the pool, drowning her in the gravy and leaving Aksana's ass up in the air. Layla delivers seven hard slaps to Aksana's backside before finally pulling Aksana up by her black hair. Layla holds her by the hair and begins walking her around the pool, showing off Aksana's gravy covered body to the crowd. Aksana reaches over to the food table and grabs a plate, which she smashes over Layla's head.

Aksana picks up Layla and dumps her into the pool. Layla tries to swim away through the gravy which can only be described as pathetic. Aksana grabs Layla by the hair and dunks her under once again. She lets Layla up and holds her by the chin.

Aksana: Do you wanna give up, Layla? C'mon, tap out! No? Well okay, time to finish this sl*t off.

Aksana stands up in the gravy and bends Layla over. She puts Layla's head between her thighs and begins squatting up and down, causing Layla's face to continulously go above and below the gravy, as well as her head being crushed by Aksana's strong thighs. After four seconds of this, Layla gives in. Layla screams out “I give, I give, I'm tapping”, however because she's being drowned, it comes out inaudible.

Aksana: What was that Layla, did you say something?

Aksana stands up, bringing Layla's face above the gravy.

Layla: I give, I tap, stop, let me go, please!

Aksana finally lets go and Layla slips and slides around the pool, escaping as Aksana can't help but laugh at the pure humiliation she put Layla through. Layla runs up the entrance ramp, falling over her own feet as her breasts and ass jiggle everywhere.

Team McMahon 1, Team Paige 0.

Backstage with Stephanie McMahon & Lana

Stephanie McMahon and Lana are backstage, watching a replay of Aksana making Layla tap out on the TV.

Lana: Well look at that, we're up one to nothing and after that humiliation, I'm not even sure Layla will want to show up tomorrow to endure her second helping.

Stephanie: Well if Layla doesn't show up for some reason, she'll be fired and blacklisted by every major wrestling company in the world. And let's be honest, what else does she have?

Lana: She could always do porn!

Stephanie and Lana get a good chuckle out of the idea of Layla leaving wrestling and getting fucked for a living.

Stephanie: Lana, remember, you have a big opportunity tonight. You're in a falls count anywhere match with Summer Rae. That means if you want to give her a little swirly in a toilet, you can. If you want to give her a little snack from the concession stand, feel free. If you wantto beat her ass around the streets of her home town, Chicago, she's all yours.

Lana smiles at the thought of giving Summer the humiliation of a lifetime. It will be hard to top what she did to her four weeks, hogtying and gagging her.

Lana: Ya know, ever since you announced that match, I've just had idea after idea coming into my head about how to humiliate that sl*t. Can you believe she had sex with Rusev? But what she doesn't know is that 'RuRu' told me everything about how she is in bed, and tonight I think I'm going to reveal that to the rest of the world.

Stephanie and Lana laugh as we go to an ad.
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No Mercy 2016: Part 2

Back at ringisde, we get ready for our second match. Alexa Bliss' theme hits and she comes down, wearing just a white Blake & Murphy t-shirt and a black thong, showing off her fit and toned ass. Next comes Kelly Kelly, wearing a blue bikini top, pushing up her natural breasts and a white thong.

Kelly Kelly vs Alexa Bliss – Stinkface match (winner is the one who gives their opponent a stinkface for at least 5 seconds)

Kelly and Alexa circle each other, Alexa licking her lips at the thought of rubbing her ass in Kelly's face. Kelly walks towards her and Alexa kicks her in the stomach. Kelly suplexes Alexa right onto her back. Alexa rolls onto her stomach and Kelly gives her a swift smack on the ass, making Alexa's ass jiggle. Alexa rolls out of the ring and looks pissed at Kelly. Alexa sides back in and tackles Kelly. She slams the back of Kelly's head off the ground a few times and picks her up by the hair. Alexa throws Kelly off the ropes and Kelly bounces back with a huracanrana. Kelly stands over Alexa and grabs a handful of hair, she slams Alexa's head on the mat. Kelly jumps in the air and slams her ass onto Alexa's stomach and follows it up with another.

Kelly irish whips Alexa into the corner and tries her cartwheel handsprings. Alexa gets both her feet up, kicking Kelly in the back and sending her face first into the mat. Bliss stomps away at Kelly's back, even lightly kicking her in the ass a few times, as more of an insult than an attack. Alexa pts her knee on Kelly's back and plays to the crowd, taunting her. Alexa grabs a handful of Kelly's hair.

Alexa: You like spanking, huh? You wanna touch my perfect ass? Well you're gonna pay for that!

Alexa winds up her arm and lays down a hard smack onto Kelly's ass, causing a huge ripple on her left cheek and iliciting a scream from Kelly. Alexa can't help but enjoy the screams of Kelly. She pulls even harder on Kelly's hair and lays down another hard smack, this time to Kelly's right cheek. Bliss begins speeding it up, altenating between spanks on each ass cheek of Kelly. Alexa gets sick of Kelly's screams and takes her hand off Kelly's hair and decides to smother her mouth with it instead. Alexa keep spanking Kelly as the muffled sounds of her whining are heard through Bliss' hand. Bliss even runs her fingers on the top of Kelly's thong, lifting and snapping it against Kelly's ass. She licks her hand and gives it one more hard spank before finally getting up. Alexa picks up Kelly by the hair and takes her to the corner. She goes to smash Kelly's face off the turnbuckle, but Kelly gets her foot up and blocks it. Kelly takes Alexa by the hair and slams her face off the turnbuckle.

Kelly smiles and pulls Alexa back by the hair and does it again and again and again, turning Alexa's head into a basketball. Kelly grabs the bottom of Alexa's t-shirt and pulls it up over her head and off. Kelly chokes Alexa with the t-shirt and uses it to toss her across the ring. Kelly swings the shirt around over her head and chucks it to a lucky fan. Alexa is stuck in her red bra, pushing her small breasts up just a bit. Alexa looks horrified but angry at the same time. She charges at Kelly but misses and goes shoulder first into the ring post and falling out of the ring. Kelly follows out after her and picks her up. She d****s Alexa over the steel steps, giving the crowd a great view of Bliss' ass. Kelly puts her elbow on and poses, holding Alexa in pace. Kelly smiles as she smacks Bliss' ass a few times. Alexa kicks her legs trying to get away before Kelly finally lets her up. Alexa kicks Kelly in the knee and throws her, face first, into the steps. She grabs Kelly and throws her back in the ring. Alexa strong irish whips Kelly into the corner, knocking her into a seated postion. Alexa gets a smile on her face and begins shining up her own ass for a stinkface. Alexa starts backing up into Kelly but Kelly kicks her in the ass, making her fall forward.

Kelly dives onto Alexa's back and begins rubbing her face into the mat. Kelly picks up Alexa but Alexa grabs her by the back of her hair and pulls her down. She drags Kelly over to the ropes and chokes her on the middle rope. She signals for the camera man to get a close up of Kelly.

Alexa: Aww, look at this pretty face. Look at these cute fat cheeks. You look like a little chipmunk Kelly. I can't wait until those cheeks are engulfed by my cheeks. Smile for the camera, Kelly!

Alexa plays with Kelly's face and finally pulls he off the ropes, causing Kelly to gasp for air. Alexa rolls Kelly onto her stomach and stands on Kelly's back. She mocks Kelly who is screaming out in pain before finally getting off. Alexa bends down right next to Kelly's ass and gets an evil look on her face. She pinches the skin on Kelly's butt, causing her to yelp. Alexa smiles before giving Kelly's, now red, ass another spank. Bliss smiles at Kelly Kelly's dispair. Alexa drags Kelly into a seated position in the corner and backs up. She goes for a running hip attack but Kelly moves and Alexa hits her head on the back of the turnbuckle, knocking her into a seated position in the corner. Kelly smiles and begins shaking her ass to the crowd. She backs it up and begins stinkfacing Alexa. After two seconds, Alexa manages to low blow Kelly, stopping the stinkface shortly after it began. Alexa has a disgusted look on her face beause for a moment, her face was engulfed by the ass of someone with the nickname “Smelly Kelly”. Alexa, not playing around anymore, picks up Kelly and hits a DDT.

Alexa: It's time to end this, you little b*tch!

Alexa climbs to the top rope and smiles before hitting the Sparkle Splash to Kelly Kelly, completely knocking her out. Bliss gets up and smiles, as Kelly is out. Bliss drags Kelly by her hair into the corner and props her up, sitting down. Bliss is about to give her a stinkface but gets a smile on her face.

Alexa: Oh no, she's not gonna be asleep for this one, I want her to get the full experience!

Bliss squats over Kelly and grabs her from under the chin with one hand and slaps her with the other. She slaps her 3 more times and Kelly finally starts waking up.

Alexa: C'mon Kelly, you can't miss this. Ya know, there's a lot of guys that would pay good money for this service.

Alexa stomps on Kelly's chest and turns around. She backs her ass up and directly into Kelly's face. Alexa shakes her ass back and forth, engulfing Kelly's face in it. Kelly can't help but be humiliated because at this point she can pretty much taste Alexa. Alexa holds the stinkface for over five seconds, winning the match.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

But as the bell ring, Alexa doesn't quite feel like stopping. She continues to shake her ass in Kelly's face, making sure she's getting a nice little makeover. Alexa steps forward for a moment, giving Kelly a second to breathe before twerking and bopping Kelly in the face with her ass. Bliss gets great satisfaction out of the embarrassment this is causing Kelly, who can't do a thing about this except take the ass shots to the face. Kelly knows that when this is all said and done, she's going to have to pucker up and kiss Alexa right on her ass. But she's been humiliated so much in this match, from the stinkface, the spanking, the slapping, the ass pinching, that she feels she's had enough pain tonight.

Alexa finally stops and turns around, laughing at Kelly who hardly has any energy left.

Alexa: Guess what Kelly, my fun with you is far from over. Ya see, the loser of this match has to kiss the winner of the match's ass. So right there, I was just letting you get familiar with my ass, maybe go steady with it before you get all sloppy. But then I remembered who you are, Kelly. With most of the guys you meet, usually the dick goes in your mouth before words even come out. So I think you're ready to pucker up and kiss my big, sweet ass.

Bliss goes to grab Kelly by the hair but she rolls out of the ring and stumbles away. She tries to run up the entrance ramp but Aksana comes out, all showered and fully clothed, and clotheslines her at the top of the ramp. Aksana picks up kelly and puts her over her shoulder, carrying her down to the ring. On her way, she gives Kelly a few smacks on her ass, getting a laugh out of Bliss. Aksana rolls Kelly back in the ring and comes in after her.

Alexa: Where did you think you were going Kelly? Huh? You think you could just wimp out on me like that? You're pathetic. Aksana, make this skank pucker up and kiss my ass.

Aksana grabs Kelly by the hair and drops her to her knees. She pulls out a tube of lipstick and begins applying it heavily, all over Kelly's lips. She then takes Kelly and puckers her and forces her face directly into Alexa's left ass cheek. Aksana holds her there for a good 20 seconds before finally pulling her back, revealing a big lipstick stain in the form of lips on Alexa's ass cheek.

Alexa: Ya know, Aksana, I think she needs to give the other one some love too.

Aksana smiles and puckers Kelly up again and this time plants her face right into Alexa's right as cheek. Alexa can't help but smile as she realized that her ass alone has caused Kelly a lifetime worth of humiliation. Aksana then pulls Kelly's head back for a moment and shoves her face straight into Alexa's ass. Kelly is humiliated but there's nothing she can do about it as she struggles. Bliss grabs a hold of both Kelly's arms and pulls, only pushing her deeper into the round ass of Alexa Bliss. Aksana pulls her out and slams her face against the ground. Meanwhile, Alexa calls for a microphone. She grabs one and stands over Kelly, who is on all fours.

Alexa: Now Kelly, before I let your pathetic ass go, I want you to tell all these people what you do. Tell 'em you eat ass, Kelly.

Alexa pulls hard on Kelly's hair and holds the microphone up to her face. Kelly is crying now and because of the microphone, it can be heard by much of the crowd.


Alexa pulls hard on Kelly's hair and she finally succumbs.

Kelly: I...I eat ass.

Alexa: Aww, how embarrassing for you.

Alexa hits Kelly in the back of the head with the microphone, knocking her out. She gives her one last, incredibly hard spank on the ass, making Kelly's butt ripple before her and Aksana leave.

Commercial break
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We return to action as Naomi's music hits and Naomi and Michelle McCool make their way to the ring. The Bella Twins music hits next but only Nikki comes out. She looks worried, wondering where her sister, Brie is. As Nikki is near the ring, the titantron shows video of Brie knocked out backstage and doctors tending to her. Nikki looks scared, realizing she's about to have to face Naomi and Michelle on her own, and if she loses, her whole team will be publicly humiliated tomorrow night.

The Bella Twins vs Naomi & Michelle McCool - Street Fight

As Nikki has her back turned, Naomi clubs her in the back of the head, sending her to the ground. Michelle and Naomi take turns stomping away at the small of Nikki's back, even getting a few kicks in on her butt. Naomi runs off the ropes and hits a jumping knee into the side of Nikki. Michelle takes Nikki by the head and slams her face off the mat, sending Nikki's hat out of the ring. Michelle tosses Nikki's hair a bit and slams her back down onto the mat. Michelle picks up Nikki and holds her arms behind her back. Naomi grabs Nikki's face from uner her chin, squishing her face.

Naomi: We beat your skanky sister's ass because we want you all to ourselves! We love how you got these nice big tits and have that big fat ass. And I just couldn't help but want to play with them. So let's see those real Bella Twins!

Naomi teases Nikki, spinning around the strings on her wrestling top and lightly smacking the laces against her breasts. She slowly unlaces Nikki's top's strings while Nikki struggles trying to break free. Naomi loosens the strings and rips Nikki's wrestling top right off, revealing her 36D cups in just a red bra.

Naomi: Well well, look what we have here! Is it cold in here, Nikki?

Naomi mocks Nikki and runs her finger over each of Nikki's erect nipples. Naomi teases Nikki and mashes her breasts together before backing up and going to elbow her in the face. Nikki breaks free and ducks, taking out Michelle with the elbow. Naomi turns around and Nikki tackles her to the ground. Nikki slams Naomi's head off the ground over and over again. Michelle is standing up on the apron. Nikki picks up Naomi and throws her into Michelle, sending them both out of the ring. The big breasted Bella Twin goes to the other side and leaves the ring. Nikki looks under the ring and grabs a kendo stick, a paddle, an ice chest full of gatorade and a plunger. She rolls those objects back into the ring and gets in herself.

As Naomi and Michelle are getting up on the outside, Nikki dives through the ropes onto both of them. Nikki picks up Michelle and brings her into the ring. Nikki scoop slams Michelle and immediately puts her hands on the top of Michelle's bottoms. Michelle starts to squirm but it just makes it easier for Nikki to pull them down to her ankles, revealing Michelle's black thong, barely covering her up. Nikki pulls off the bottoms completely and throws them into the crowd. She takes one of the gatorades out of the cooler and opens it. She dumps the blue gatorade all over Michelle's face, hair and chest. Nikki takes the plunger and puts the suction end on Michelle's face. She pumps it up and down and poses to embarrassher. Nikki stands over Michelle and begins dancing, only for Naomi to come up from behind and grab her by the hair. Naomi lifts Nikki by the hair and slams her back-first onto her knee. Naomi and Nikki each have handfuls of each other's hair but Nikki knees her in the stomach and forearms her in the head. Nikki picks up Naomi and alabama slams her onto Michelle, who is still lying on her back. Nikki picks up the kendo stick and pretends it's like baseball bat, playing to the crowd. She turns both Naomi and Michelle onto their stomachs and grabs Naomi's bottoms. She yanks them off in one swoop and tosses them onto the floor outside the ring, revealing Naomi's back panties. Nikki picks up the kendo stick and stands behind them.

Nikki: C'mon b*tches, it's time to take your punishment. You thought you could come out here and humiliate me? Well jokes on you now!

Nikki begins lightly smacking each of their asses with the kendo stick, not enough to really hurt them but enough for some nice jiggling. Nikki winds up and begins smacking harder. She lays into Michelle's ass, nailing her left cheek three times in a row with hard shots from the kendo stick. She winds up again and this time smack's Naomi's which causes it to bounce around like jello. Nikki takes the end of the kendo stick and digs it into Naomi's ass cheek. Nikki plays with Naomi's ass, digging her hands into it and giving it a few hand smacks. However she doesn't realize that Michelle is up and has the plunger. She hits Nikki over the back of the head with the plunger. Naomi gets up and she's pissed. She gets Nikki on her knees and grabs her by the hair. She gives her a hard slap to the face, followed by a back hand and then multiple slaps to the side of Nikki's face. Michelle and Naomi each grab a handful of hair on different sides of Nikki's head and pull, causing her to scream in pain. Michelle picks up Nikki and throws her in the corner. Michelle runs at her and clotheslines her, sending Nikki into a seated position in the corner. Naomi runs to the other side of the ring and then runs at Nikki, slamming her ass into Bella's face. Naomi twerks her ass into Nikki's face, giving her a modified stinkface and humiliating her. Naomi grabs Nikki by the face in the corner.

Naomi: You like having fun with my ass? You think you and these big fake tits of your's can beat us? Well you're about to become a lot closer to my ass than you'd like to be.

Naomi stands in the middle of the ring and bends over. Michelle grabs Nikki by the hair and gets her on her knees. She drags Nikki over and shoves her face right into Naomi's ass crack. Naomi can't help but smile as she clenches and shakes her ass. Nikki is utterly humiliated as she realizes her wide open mouth is being pressed deep into Naomi's huge ass. After around ten seconds, Michelle finally lets go and Nikki starts gasping for air. Naomi grabs a handful of Nikki's hair and wipes her face across her ass, pretending Nikki is toilet paper. Naomi turns around and kicks Nikki in the head, causing Nikki to fall onto her stomach. Michelle stands over Nikki and grabs onto Nikki's trunks. She pulls them down and completely rips them off her ankles. Nikki is wearing a pair of red, skimpy panties and is now completely in her bra and panties and at the mercy of Naomi and McCool. Nikki is squriming all around until Naomi splashes onto her. She goes for a cover and Nikki kicks out at two. Naomi grabs Nikki by the hair and puts her on her knees.

Michelle: Let's see these moneymakers of your's Nikki! How many cocks have been between those badboys?

Michelle unclasps the back of Nikki's bra and pulls it off, letting Nikki's massive breasts free to the public. Nikki tries to cover up but Naomi holds her arms back. Nikki is struggling and can't bare the thought of all these people seeing her breasts, however that nightmare has become a reality. Michelle brings the cooler over and takes a green gatorade out and opens the top. She dumps the gatorade all over Nikki's chest and gets a little on her face. Michelle reaches into the cooler and grabs an ice cube. Nikki knows what's coming next and shakes her head, begging for Michelle to stop. Michelle takes the ice cube rubs it on Nikki's nipples, making them even more erect than before. Nikki squirms around as Michelle runs her fingers around Nikki's nipples. Michelle winds up her arm and chops Nikki, right across the chest. Nikki screams in pain as her breasts wobble around. Michelle opens the cooler and takes Nikki by the hair. At this point, the ice in the cooler has mostly melted, leading to a large pool of water in the there. Michelle dunks Nikki's face in the water and holds her head down.

Naomi: What's the matter Nikki? Can't breathe?

As Nikki flails her legs in the air while Naomi takes advantage of this situation and gets a few smacks in on Nikki's thick backside. Michelle finally lets out Nikki, who is drenched in water and holds her up, standing, by her hair. Naomi runs off the ropes and hits the Rear View. She sits on Nikki's chest and leans back, putting her ass right in Nikki's face for the pin. Nikki just barely kicks out at two! Naomi can't believe it. She picks up Nikki and pushes her into the corner. Michelle takes her boot and chokes Nikki with it. Michelle grabs Nikki y the hair and tosses her across the ring. She stands over Nikki and wipes her boots on Nikki's breasts, 'cleaning' them off. Suddenly...

Brie Mode hits and Brie Bella comes running down with a steel chair. Michelle rolls out of the ring to meet Brie at the end of the ramp, only to take a chair shot right to the stomach. Michelle hunches over and Brie hits her on the back with it. Brie slides into the ring and throws the chair into Naomi's face. Brie picks up Naomi by the hair and slams her face into the turnbuckle over and over again. She turns Naomi over and rips her top right off, revealing Naomi's black strapless bra, barely containing her large breasts. Brie slams Naomi's face off the ground and grabs the paddle from in the ring. She goes outside and hits Michelle over the back with it. She drags Michelle over to the steel steps and smashes her face into them. Brie pulls out a pair of handcuffs and smiles as Michelle tries to find her wits. Brie cuffs one of Michelle's hands and then wraps the cuffs around the ring post and cuffs her other hand. Michelle is trapped and Brie smirks as she gets an idea. She unclasps the back of Michelle's wrestling top and rips it right off, revealing Michelle's perky C cups! Michelle is humiliated but before she can realize it, Brie bends her off and grabs the paddle. She spanks the hell out of Michelle's ass, causing her to wimper. Brie heads back into the ring and as she slides in, Naomi stomps on her. Naomi picks up Brie by the hair and stuffs her head right between her breasts.

Naomi: C'mon Brie, suck on these titties!

Nikki gets up and hits Naomi over the back with the paddle. She falls over and starts crawling towards the ropes. Nikki takes the edges of Naomi's panties and rips them right off. Nikki swirls the panties around in her hand and throws them out of the ring. Naomi screams as she tries to cover up her pussy and enormous ass. Naomi tries to crawl out of the ring on her stomach but Brie and Nikki each grab a leg. Brie holds Naomi down and Nikki takes the paddle and begins slamming it hard off her ass. Naomi's ass turns into jello and jiggles everywhere. In between paddle shots, Brie gets a few hand spanks in for humiliation. Nikki puts down the paddle and digs her fingernails right into Naomi's ass cheeks. Naomi yelps as Nikki is relentless, playing with her huge ass. Brie picks Naomi up and hits the Bella Buster. Then she picks her up again and Nikki puts her on her shoulders! The Rack Attack! Nikki mounts Naomi and pins her with her breasts right in Naomi's face. 1...2...3

Winners: Brie & Nikki Bella

Brie and Nikki hug as Naomi lays spread eagle in the center of the ring, unaware at the moment of her situation. As they leave the ring, they look over at a handcuffed Michelle McCool, desperately wishing she could cover her bare breasts and only thong covered ass. Michelle screams at them as they walk by. Nikki and Brie put their hands on the forehead, forming an L and call Michelle a loser.

Team Stephanie 2, Team Paige 1

Next up: Summer Rae vs Lana - Falls Count Anywhere
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We come back and Summer Rae is seen in the arena's gym, working out on a weight machine wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants. Summer wanted to get a quick workout in before her match with Lana. She doesn't realize that Lana is sneaking in behind her, with a referee. Lana is wearing her demin jacket with a demin top, pushing up her breasts and a small black skirt.

Lana vs Summer Rae – Falls Count Anywhere

Lana sneaks up behind Summer Rae and yanks her by the ponytail. Lana takes Summer's face and throws it right into the side of the weight machine, sending Summer to the ground. Lana takes off her own jacket and whips Summer with it. Lana plants her foot on Summer's back and grabs her pony tail again. She pulls on Summer's hair, putting an immense amount of pain on her neck as she screams out.

Lana: You stupid American bimbo. You know you weren't strong enough to take me down so you tried to work this scrawny ass out one more time. What's the matter Summer?

Lana lets go of Summer Rae and Summer's face hits off the gym floor. Lana picks up Summer's water bottle and unscrews the cap. She dumps the bottle all over Summer's hair and then on her ass. She smiles as she kicks Summer right on her ass cheek, causing her squeal. Summer tries to crawl away but Lana keeps kicking her on the ass and sending her back down to the floor. Lana looks at the camera and laughs as she gives Summer's ass another kick. Summer's ass jiggles through her yoga pants with each kick. Lana picks up Summer by the top of her yoga pants and lifts her, creating a massive wedgie, really outlining Summer's ass through her pants. Lana shoves Summer face first into one of the walls and she falls backwards onto her back. Lana takes her shoe and rubs it across Summer's forehead. She grabs the bottom of Summer's t-shirt and pulls it right off, revealing Summer Rae's 34C cups, being heavily pushed up by a white bra. Lana takes Summer's top and wipes her own ass with it before choking Summer with her own top. Summer's body is extremely sweaty as she panics, trying to free herself. Lana uses the shirt to drag Summer across the gym and over to a workout bench. Lana gets Summer on her knees and slams her face off the bench, over and over and over again. Lana d****s Summer over the bench with her ass sticking out in the air. Lana grabs the waistband of Summer's yoga pants and pulls down, revealing Summer's white, skimpy panties. She pulls them all the way down but leaves them around Summer's ankles in case she tries to run away. Lana stands up and sits down on Summer Rae's back, facing Summer's ass and legs. She smiles as she loads up her right hand and slams it down on Summer's right ass cheek. Summer screams in pain as the camera picks up a clear handprint on Summer's ass.

Lana: Let it be known Summer, your ass is mine. But I'm not the first person to claim this ass, am I Summer? Ya see when I talked to Rusev, he told me that you were a dirty little girl in bed. And my fiance told me that you loved this big ass being pounded.

Summer begins to tear up as she is helpless and being humiliated in front of a huge PPV audience. Lana was revealing Summer's most intimate secrets that Rusev had told her. Lana winds up and begins lightly smacking Summer's ass, mainly to make it jiggle for the camera and humiliate her. Lana takes one finger and pokes the nail right into Summer's cheek, making her shriek.

Lana: Rusev told me that you just loved having his big cock rammed inside your ass. You know what else he said you loved? When he pulled on your pretty blonde hair while he was fucking you, kind of like this!

Lana reaches back and grabs Summer's ponytail and yanks her head up. She pulls back and forth very quickly, jerking Summer's head all over the place. Lana finally lets go and goes back to playing Summer's ass like it was a bongo drum. Summer's tight ass still ripples with every smack from Lana's hands. Lana pulls off Summer's pants completely and tosses them across the gym. She picks up Summer by her hair and throws her right into the door of the gym, sending her into the hallway, in her underwear. Summer tries to crawl away but Lana follows her out and kicks her right in the ribs. Summer drops to the ground, moaning in pain. Summer starts to get on to her hands and knees again and Lana stands over her and sits on Summer's back. She grabs a hold of Summer's hair with her left hand and spanks her ass with her right.

Lana: Giddy up you stupid American horse! How do you like it Summer? Being completely powerless to someone so superior to you? Are you humiliated yet? Don't you want to quit? C'mon Summer, quit. Tap out, tell me you're my b*tch and I'll let your pathetic ass go.

Lana continues smacking Summer's red ass as Summer slowly crawls down the hallway. Multiple WWE superstars walk by and cat call as Lana laughs and Summer turns bright red. Summer manages to bump Lana off of her and gets up. She turns around and runs at Lana but Lana kicks her in the head and puts her back on her back. Lana takes Summer by the ponytail and begins dragging her down the hall where they get to a concession stand. There seems to be a soda spill on the concrete ground next to it. Lana walks up to the clerk, still with Summer's hair in her hand.

Lana: Don't worry sir, I'll clean up this mess for you. Hey Summer, let's use this pretty blonde hair of yours to clean up this mess, yeah?

Lana gets on her knees and holds Summer by her hair above the mess. Lana pulls out the rubber band, keeping her ponytail together and letting Summer's hair down. Summer shakes her head and begs her to stop but Lana rubs her face and hair all over the soda, even getting Summer's white bra wet as her nipples begin poking through. Lana finally lets Summer up and holds her face from under her chin.

Lana: Aww Summer, you're all sticky and dirty! I'm sure that's not the first time you've been sticky. Let's clean you off a bit, huh?

The clerk at the concession stand gives Lana two water bottles and she begins dousing Summer Rae with them as Summer struggles to get to her knees. Lana takes a few steps back and runs at Summer, slamming her knee into Summer's face and knocking her on her back. Lana picks up Summer and puts her over her shoulder. She gives Summer's ass a few smacks and begins taking her towards the part of the arena with the entrance ramp.

Lana: I'm gonna take you down to the ring, Summer. I've got a little surprise for you that you're just going to love.

What Summer doesn't know is that Lana has been listening in on her conversations all week. Summer Rae has a huge crush on Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs. Lana overheard Summer telling Paige this week and got a great idea. Being that No Mercy is in Chicago and that the playoffs just ended, Lana pulled a few strings and got Anthony Rizzo a nice front row seat for tonight's show, in Summer Rae's home town. Lana has legitimately taken pleasure in humiliating Summer Rae but this was going to take the cake for her. They come out through the entrance and Lana begins walking down the ramp, still slapping Summer's ass occasionally. She sees Anthony Rizzo in the front row, right by the steel steps to enter the ring. She throws Summer into the barricade right in front. Summer suddenly wakes up and realizes in horror what Lana has done. Lana picks up Summer by the hair and holds her up, right in front of Rizzo.

Lana: I know you've got a little crush on Mr Rizzo here, Summer. So I pulled a few strings so he could watch you wrestle live. Isn't that so great! And Summer, you just look so lovely right now. But you know, I'm not so sure that you're good enough for Anthony here. But I'll tell you who is, Summer.

Lana holds Summer Rae's hair in one hand while she struggles on her knees in front of the barricade. Lana uses her other hand to grab Rizzo's head and begins making out with him. Tears of humiliation begin running down Summer's face as she watches Lana liplock with the man she has a crush on and she can't get away. Summer struggles to run but Lana pulls her right back by the hair. Lana finally pulls back from Rizzo and smiles at Summer.

Lana: Aww, what's the matter Summer? Don't you wish that was you? I bet you do. But let's not sell yourself too short. Maybe you're not a good kisser, but I'm sure you're good at something. Just stay right here for a second!

Lana throws Summer's face into the barricade, leaving her right in front of Rizzo, who seems to be enjoying the show. Lana goes over to the ring and pulls up the apron. She finds a little tub filled with gatorade and some fruit. She grabs a banana and gets back up. Lana begins unpeeling the banana as she walks towards Summer. She grabs Summer by the hair again and picks her up to her knees.

Lana: C'mon Summer, let's show Anthony what you're really good at. You see, Rusev told me a few things about you. He said while you weren't all that great of a fuck, at least compared to me. But he said you were quite good at sucking. Which is no surprise to me given these sexy lips of your's.

Lana grabs Summer's face from under her chin, showing off her lips.

Lana: So let's get to it Summer. And if you don't, I'll start revealing some more of the little secrets Rusev told me about you in bed.

Lana slaps Summer in the face with the banana a few times before Summer finally opens her mouth and Lana inserts the banana about half way. Summer begins begrudgingly sucking and slurping the banana, right in front of her crush. Summer's face couldn't be more red as the saliva falls from her lips onto her lap. Lana slowly moves the banana back and forth and goes a little bit deeper into Summer's mouth. Lana pulls out the banana, causing Summer's saliva to spill off of it.

Lana: C'mon Summer, I want you to kiss it. I want to see some passion here. Anthony wouldn't want a blowjob from a zombie. Put a little emotion into it, b*tch!

Lana holds the banana to the side and Summer kisses it lightly a few times, getting lipstick on it. Lana slaps Summer in the face with the banana again and throws it in the crowd to a lucky fan. Lana grabs Summer by the back of her bra and panties and rolls her back in the ring. Lana grabs a microphone and gets into the ring. Summer is on all fours at Lana's feet. Lana gets Summer to her feet and puts her head between her legs, in the pedigree position, only without the arms hooked. Lana swings her hips sexily as Summer struggles to try and break free. Lana rests her elbow on Summer's back with one arm while she holds the microphone with another.

Lana: What do you say, Summer? How about you finally just tap out to me. I've stripped you down, spanked your ass, mopped the floor with you, made you watch your crush make out with me and had you give a blowjob to a banana in front of 20,000 people. But I don't have to be done with you Summer. You see, you're still in your bra and panties. This crowd still hasn't seen your sorry excuse for tits or that pink pussy yet. So if you want to give up, Summer, just take your hand and spank my beautiful, superior ass with it three times. I'll let you go and you can go prepare yourself for even more humiliation tomorrow. So what do you say, Scummer Rae?

Lana gives Summer a second before running her hand down her back and grabbing onto Summers panties. She pulls her panties up, as hard as she can, giving Summer a huge wedgie. Summer tries to break free as Lana lifts her hand and delivers even more spanks to Summer's red ass. Summer's face can be seen going from humiliated to angry. With all her might, she forces herself to stand up, flipping Lana over her back and onto the ground. Lana gets up quick and runs at Summer, but Summer kicks her right in the head, knocking her down. Summer mounts Lana on the ground and grabs her by the ponytail. She pulls Lana's hair up while slapping her in the face, over and over again.

Summer Rae: You fucked up, Lana. Now I'm in control. And if you think what you did to me was bad, just wait what I do to you.

Summer grabs the buttons on Lana's top and rips it right open, revealing Lana's black bra, heavily pushing up her breasts. Lana tries to cover up and crawl away but Summer kicks her right in the ribs. Summer puts her knee on Lana's back and signals to the crowd after pointing at Lana's skirt. She feels up Lana's legs before grabbing the botton of the skirt and ripping it right off, revealing Lana's large ass in just a small pair of black panties. Lana looks absolutely mortified as she realizes that this large crowd is seeing her doughy ass jiggle. Lana kicks off Summer and tries to run away but Summer grabs her by the hair and d****s her over the top rope. Summer licks her hand and slaps Lana's ass with authority, causing it to jiggle. Lana tries to kick her legs but to no avail.

Summer: So, who wants to see me give this b*tch the spanking she deserves?!

The crowd goes wild as Summer toys with Lana's panties, giving her a wedgie. Summer takes turns, spanking each cheek of Lana's ass while Lana screams, dangling over the ropes. Lana finally manages to make her way down from the ropes and outside the ring. Summer follows her out and grabs Lana by her ponytail. She drags Lana right by Rizzo's seat and flips him off before taking Lana back up the entrance ramp towards the back. They go through the curtain and the camera picks up as Summer tosses Lana, face first, into the wall. She spanks Lana again as she's up against the wall. Summer takes Lana over to another concession stand and dunks Lana's face right into a big vat of buttered popcorn. Summer smiles and looks over at the clerk as she has Lana's head pinned down in the popcorn.

Summer: Sorry sir, she can get a little out of control sometimes. Like a little piggy when she's hungry.

Summer pulls Lana out, her face now coated in butter. Summer takes Lana and irish whips her right into the women's bathroom. She throws Lana inside one of the stalls.

Summer: Let's wash that pretty face off, Lana. Wouldn't want to get acne on your face, would we? Although I'm sure Rusev wouldn' mind using it as a target!

Summer laughs as she takes Lana by the hair and dunks her right into the toilet. Lana screams as she takes in some water. Summer finally brings Lana up, who is now dripping wet. Lana's bra is now damp enough that her nipples are poking through. Summer throws Lana over to the sink and forces Lana to look into the mirror.

Summer: What's the matter, Lana? Didn't think I was serious? You humiliated me and now you're going to pay for it.

Summer drags Lana out back into the hallway and puts her on her back. She mounts Lana and smacks her in the face a few times before reaching down for her bra. Summer reaches behind Lana and unclasps her bra, letting her 34Bs free. Summer tosse the bra to the lucky popcorn guy as she begins slapping Lana's breasts making them jiggle. Summer gets up and lets Lana try to crawl away, before kicking her right in the ass. Summer grabs Lana's panties by the end and yanks them up, giving Lana a super wedgie and causing her to wince in pain. Summer pulls to hard and the panties snap completely, causing Lana to yelp out in pain, while still trying to cover herself up. Lana can't believe that she's been stripped naked for the million+ users that subscribe to the WWE Network. Summer goes to pick up Lana but gets kicked in the shin by her. Lana throws Summer into a nearby emergency door outside. Summer falls through the door and ends up outside in the back of the arena. Lana follows her out, despite being naked in the cold October weather. Lana picks up Summer by the hair and buries her face into her left breast, causing Summer to try and gasp for air while essentialy sucking on Lana's nipple.

Lana: That's right Summer, I've seen you eyeing these. You wish you had nice breasts like mine.

Lana lets go of Summer, causing her to be dazed. She goes for a spinning kick but Summer ducks it and gives Lana a spinning heel kick. She picks up Lana and hits the Summer Crush, on the gravel. Summer rolls Lana onto her back an sits on her. She locks in the camel clutch and begins wrenching back hard on Lana's neck, pulling er face back. Lana screams out in pain as Summer laughs manically. Lana finally gives up and screams “I GIVE, I GIVE! PLEASE LET GO!”. The referee signals to the timekeeper in the building to call for the bell.

Winner: Summer Rae

Summer stands up and dusts herself off, lucky to still be wearing her bra & panties, unlike nude Lana. But Summer isn't finished just yet. She picks up Lana by the hair and leads her over to a small dumpster.

Summer: Now Lana, I'm gonna be nice enough to take you back to your home. Where pieces of filthy trash like you belong!

Summer takes Lana and with one swoop, tosses her up and into the nearly filled dumpster, causing Lana to cry. Summer wipes her hands off as she heads back into the arena.
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We return to the main event. Stephanie McMahon vs Paige. Stephanie comes out first, wearing a tight black t-shirt and a pair of grey yoga pants. While her breasts aren't visible, the entire outline of her bra and breasts can be seen in te tight shirt. Paige comes out next, wearing her black and blue outfit with the pentagram on the front, holding her breasts in place. And a pair of black short tights. Paige looks on a bit nervous, knowing that she's going to have to make the boss' daughter give up, or she'll have to give up herself to end this.

Stephanie McMahon vs Paige – I Quit Match

Stephanie and Paige circle each other for a few moments before each lady goes right for the other's hair. Stephanie shoves Paige back. Paige runs in and right into a slap from Stephanie, flooring her. Stephanie climbs on top of Paige and pulls her hair. She slams Paige's head off the ground. Stephanie holds Paige's face down from under her chin and spits in her face before slapping her. As Paige struggles, Stephanie picks up the mic from next to her and puts it up to Paige.

Stephanie: C'mon Paige, give up now before I humiliate you in front of 20,000 people in attendance!

Paige:...Fuck off!

Stephanie stands up and picks up Paige by the front straps of her gear. She goes to slap Paige but Paige ducks it and superkicks Stephanie in the face. Stephanie rolls out of the ring and regroups. Paige runs out and chases Stephanie around the ring. As Paige runs aroun the steel steps, Stephanie turns around and clotheslines her hard. Stephanie picks up Paige by her hair and throws her right into the barricade. Stephanie picks up Paige again and slams her, face first into the apron. She turns Paige around and chops her right in the breasts. Stephanie takes one of the blue extensions from Paige's hair and rips it right out, causing Paige to scream. Stephanie swings it around in Paige's face and throws it into the crowd.

Stephanie turns around and Paige elbows Stephanie right in the face. Paige drags Stephanie over the steel steps and slams her face off them. Paige bends Stephanie over the steps and grabs the back of her hair and pulls.

Paige: LET'S SEE IF YOUR HAIR COMES OUT STEPHANIE? You can dish it but you can't take it? Huh?

Paige grabs the back of Stephanie's shirt and slowly begins lifting it up and rubbing Stephanie' back. Stephanie rolls of the stairs and crawls away from Paige. Paige takes her boot and stomps it right onto Stephanie's ass. Paige rolls Stephanie back into the ring and looks under the apron. She pulls out a trash can (closed with a lid on it), a leather belt, a steel chair and a large ballgag. Paige tosses each one of them and crawls in. Stephanie runs at Paige but Paige moves out of the way and Stephanie lands in the corner. Paige knees Stephanie in the stomach multiple time and shoves her back in the corner. Paige reaches for Stephanie's pants causing Stephanie to hold onto them, before Paige fakes her out and grabs Stephanie's top, ripping it right off and revealing Stephanie's 34DDs in just a black bra, supporting them. Stephanie immediately rolls out of the ring and holds onto her breasts, covering them up. Paige mocks Stephanie, preteding to covering up and throwing Steph's shirt to the outside. Stephanie stalls for a bit before she realizes she'd rather humiliate Paige than worry about herself. She slides in and goes right for Paige's legs, taking her down. Stephanie mounts Paige and smashes her head off the ground. Stephanie puts both her hands around Paige's throat, choking her as hard as she could. Paige wriggles around and struggles but can't break free. Stephaie finally lets go before slapping Paige, right across her breasts. Stephanie bangs the back of Paige' head off the ground again and again, leaving her dazed. Stephanie begins pulling at and unstrapping the parts of Paige's top and pulls it off, leaving Paige in just a black bra, pushing up her modestly sized breasts. Stephanie laughs as Paige tries to get free and cover up but Stephanie pins down both Paige's arms under her knees. Stephanie smiles down at Paige and poses, playing with her own hair.

Stephanie: What's the matter, Paige? Humiliated yet? Wanna quit yet? I know there's a bunch of fans that would love to see these itty bitty titties of your's. Let's see Paige...

Stephanie reaches for Paige's bra but Paige breaks a hand free and punches Stephanie in the face. Stephanie gets up, shortly followed by Paige. Paige goes to run at Stephanie but eats a clotheslie. Stephanie goes over to the trash barrel. She takes the lid off and looks in. It's filled Paige is on all fours as Stephanie walks over and dumps the barrel all over Paige, covering her in trash. Paige's hair and back are covered in dirt, a bit of gross, sticky liquid, crumbs of food and empty bags of food. Stephanie kicks Paige in the gut, causing her to roll around in the trash.

Stephanie: This is all you are Paige, just a piece of a filthy trash. You seem at home here.

Stephanie takes Paige by the hair and dunks her face right into a pile of trash. Stephanie pulls Paige's head up and smiles at the humiliated look on Paige's face. She picks up Paige and body slams her back to the mat. Paige writhes in pain and rolls onto her stomach. Stephanie gets a new idea and grabs a the leather belt that Paige brought into the ring. She folds the belt over and smiles as she rubs the leather against Paige's thighs. She pulls back and whips Paige right across the back with the belt. Paige screams out in pain and tries to get on her knees. Stephanie reaches back and whips Paige again. There are clear red marks from the belt on Paige's pale back. Stephanie goes to whip Paige's ass but stops and thinks to herself. She puts her hands in the rim of Paige's trunks and slowly pulls them down past Paige's ass as she tries to crawl away. Paige tries to cover up her ass while Stephanie pulls the trunks off Paige's legs and throws them out of the ring. Paige is now in just her black bra & panties. Stephanie puts herhand on the back of Paige's head nad pushes her face ot the mat, leaving Paige's ass up in the air. Steph poses with Paige's ass before smacking it a few times with her hand.

Stephanie: Aww Paige, are you embarrassed yet? Your big doughy white ass is almost entirely visible.

Stephanie holds the mic up to Paige's face.

Stephanie: C'mon you little b*tch, quit and make this a little easier on yourself.

Paige: Fuck you!

Stephanie shoves Paige's face into the mat again and gets up. She picks back up the belt and whips it right across Paige's backside, making it ripple and immediately becoming red. Paige screams out and pain and holds her ass. Stephanie pulls Paige's hands off her ass and whips it yet again. Paige wimpers and tries to crawl away, only to be whipped one more time and scream as she can feel her red ass jiggle. Stephanie's smile gets more and more evil with each sceam from Paige. Stephanie wraps the belt around Paige's throat and drags her around the ring, making Paige choke. Stephanie takes great pleasure out of womanhandling Paige the way she is. Stephanie keeps Trish on her back and straddles her, putting one and under Paige's chin and making her look at her.

Stephanie: Ever since the day you walked into this company, I've seen you looking at this beautiful tits of mine. I know you like them. So how about I make your day?

Stephanie eases down and begins smothering Paige in her cleavage. Stephanie looks up and smiles at the camera while she keeps Paige's face pressed deep into her rack. Paige's arms and legs are squirming everywhere to no avail. Stephanie finally sits up and Paige is gasping for air with drool coming out of the sides of her mouth.

Stephanie: Really Paige? Drooling on my tits? I know you liked them but I didn't know you'd salivate over them.

Stephanie stands up Paige and holds her up by a chunk of her hair. She walks Paige around the ring, showing off her underwear clad body. Paige manages to grab the trash can lid and she smashes it over Stephanie's head. Stephanie drops to the ground and Paige immediately begins stomping her. Paige rolls Stephanie into the same pile of trash she was in and stomps her face right into the trash. Paige picks up Stephanie and hits the Paige Turner, sending Stephanie to the mat on her stomach. Paige sits on Stephanie's back, facing her legs and begin toying with Stephanie's yoga pants. She slowly lowers them past Stephanie's large backside and down her legs. She finally takes them off and throws them right onto the announce table where Jerry Lawler takes them. Paige delivers a hard spank to the ass of Stephanie, waking her up. It takes Stephanie a moment before she realizes that her pants have been stripped off and she's down to just her bra and panties. Stephanie tries to squirm out of the ring but Paige holds her by the hair. Paige stands behind her and cups both her breasts, pushing them together and slapping them around.

Paige: Are these the million dollar milkers, Steph? How much did these cost? It would be a real shame if anything happened to these.

Paige takes on strap of Stephanie's bra and sexily rolls it down her shoulder. Stephanie freaks and turns, elbowing Paige right in the face and sending her to the ground. Paige rolls onto her back and Stephanie begins stomping Paige over and over again. Stephanie picks up Paige and d****s her over the top rope, with her ass sticking out. Stephanie uses one hand to give Paige a wedgie and spanks her already red ass with the other. Paige screams out as Stephanie laughs, back in control. Stephanie lifts Paige up by her hair and talks trash right to her face, taunting her and slapping her. In one swoop, Paige grabs the middle of Stephanie's bra and pulls, yanking it right off and displaying Stephanie's enormous breasts. Stephanie screams in horror as she tries to cover her breasts and rolls out of the ring. Stephanie can't believe her breasts have been revealed to the entire world. Paige goes outside the ring but Stephanie immediately clotheslines her. She irish whips Paige, shoulder first, into the steel steps and rolls her back int the ring. Stephanie pins Paige, with one arm wrapped between her legs and the other arm pinned down by one of Stephanie's arms. Stephanie take her left bare breast and shoves it right in Paige's face, smothering her. Paige tries to wriggle as she's stuck literally sucking on Stephanie's large breast.

Stephanie: What's the matter Paige? Hungry? You were making fun of these bad boys just a second ago, now you can't seem to keep your mouth off of them. You know, you look pretty with a nice big tit in your mouth.

Stephanie strokes Paige's hair as she smiles. Paige starts fading and is nearly passing out. Stephanie finally moves back, causing Paige to gasp for air as Stphanie smirks. Stephanie picks up Paige by the hair, along with the trash can lid. She hits Paige right on the top of her head with the lid. Stephanie picks Paige back up and puts her head between her legs, setting up for the pedigree. Stephanie gives Paige a moment to give up, however Paige refuses. Stephanie pedigrees Paige, right on the trash can lid. Steph puts Paige on her stomach and mounts her from the back. She takes Paige's arms and locks them between her knees, setting up for the camel clutch. Stephanie gets an idea.

Stephanie: Ever since you joined the WWE, you've never been able to shut the fuck up. You' ve been nothing but a whiny little b*tch. Well you've given me an idea. Remember that ballgag brought in the ring? Well I think it's the perfect thing to shut your ass up.

Stephanie pulls Paige's head up in the camel clutch position and slaps the ballgag right in her mouth. She takes the strap and puts it under Paige's hair, strapping it tight. Paige's screams can be heard muffled through the gag as Stephanie locks her arms under Paige's neck.

Stephanie: Camera man, get a close up of this little beauty. C'mon Paige, scream for me! This is my house now, b*tch!

The camera man gets a close up of a trail of drooling rolling down Paige's lips, completely stretched from the large ballgag in her mouth. Stephanie begins pulling further and further back on Paige's neck.


Stephanie: What was that Paige, you quit? I can't quite hear you? Speak up!

Paige shakes her head yes as she tries to scream out that she quits. Stephanie smiles as she unstraps the ballgag, releasing it from Paige's mouth, along with a big trail of drool. Stephanie pulls Paige's head up by her hair and Paige screams.


Winner: Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie lets go of the hold and stands up, satisfied that she got the third and final victory of the ngiht, cementing her team's win over Paige's team.

Stephanie: Well, now that that's over, I hope you're ready for tomorrow night. Because on Raw, as stated in your contract, myself, Lana, Naomi, Michelle, Aksana and Alexa can do whatever we please with you, Summer, Kelly Kelly, The Bella Twins and Layla. And it's going to get dirty. I could stay here and play with your sweaty, humiliated ass all night, but I'll save everything I've got going in my head for tomorrow night. Later b*tch!

Stephanie kicks Paige in the face as she walks off, celebrating her victory. Paige lies in the ring, in her underwear, humiliated and dreading what will be coming tomorrow night.
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I'm still going to keep up with my Alexa Bliss thread but I'm also still working on this too.

Raw week 5

Stephanie McMahon's music hits and she makes her way to the ring in a sleek red dress, showing off some cleavage. To the side of the entrance ramp is a giant pool of mud. Stephanie smiles as she enters the ring with a microphone. Stephanie embraces the crowd that is going wild because despite Stephanie being a heel, they want to see what she's going to do to the face divas for punishment.

Stephanie: Tonight is indeed the night, folks. Last night I humiliated Paige in front of over 10,000 fans and broke her. I even made her suck on my amazing tits. Now Paige, I'm gonna need you to sit tight. Your humiliation won't be coming until the end of the night. However, I think it's about time we get this started. You guys didn't come here to see me talk, you came here to see me and my girls put these bimbos in their place. So ladies, bring out our first two bimbos!

Stephanie steps out of the ring and stands near the entrance ramp. Aksana and Alexa Bliss come out, carrying Kelly Kelly by the arms and drag her down by the mud pit, where Stephanie is standing. Naomi and Michelle come out carrying Layla by her arms and drag her over next to Kelly. Lana follows with a big pile of rope and a small black cloth bag.

Stephanie: Layla, I'm sure you're used to this by now. Last night you were swimming around looking pathetic in a pool gravy, now you're going to look just as pathetic in mud. You see Layla, you thought it was so funny in 2010 to make fun of the other divas. There was 'Piggie James', 'Smelly Kelly' and even 'Manlina'. So you can certainly dish it, Layla, but let's see if you can take it. And now you, Kelly Kelly. Well, quite frankly, Layla was a little bit right about you being 'smelly'. So we're gonna give you a little bath. Does that sound good?

Stephanie strokes each of their faces before pointing to her squad and telling them to do their work. Aksana and Alexa begin tearing at Kelly Kelly's clothes, stripping her down to a white push-up bra and a white pair of skimpy panties. Naomi takes Layla and pulls her top off and over her head, revealing a black bra. Meanwhile, McCool strips the black leather pants off her former partner, revealing just a black thong. Layla and Kelly scream and try to cover themselves up, only to be restrained back. Stephanie snaps her fingers and Michelle takes Layla by the hair and throws her into the middle of the mud put. Meanwhile, Aksana and Alexa each take Kelly by the hair and lean her over the side of the pit. Aksana dunks Kelly face-first into the mud, drowning her, while Alexa spanks Kelly's panty clad ass. Aksana pulls Kelly up by the hair and slaps her in the face a few times before sliding her across the mud pit, knocking Layla over, who was just starting to get back up. Michelle and Naomi climb into the mud pit and stomp away at Kelly and Layla, making sure neither can get up. Naomi puts her foot on the back of Layla's head, forcing her head under the mud. Michelle takes a handful of Kelly's hair and runs around the mud pit, dragging Kelly around while she's still on her back.

Stephanie: Alright, ladies. Enough is enough. Layla. Kelly. Come on down here to ringside. I feel a bit bad so you guys are gonna get a front row seat the rest of the night. Come on down here.

Stephanie smiles as she has table set up on the side that the hard cam focuses on. Lana is standing there with the rope and cloth bag. Michelle and Naomi drag Layla down to the ring while Aksana and Alexa take turns kick Kelly down the ramp.

Stephanie: Did I say front row? I've got even better for you two. Ringside! However there's only one spot so you two are gonna have to share. And you guys seem tired, so I figure it would help to just lie down!

Stephanie takes Kelly by the hair and slams her face off the table. She rolls Kelly onto the table, on her back. Lana hands her the rope and Stephanie tells Kelly's arms down by her sides and begins bringing rope over Kelly's stomach and around the table. Meanwhile, Lana uses more rope to tie Kelly's legs together and to the table. Kelly is completely restrained, on her back, on the cold wooden table. Stephanie takes Layla by the hair and puts her up on the table, breast to breast with Kelly Kelly. Lana ties Layla's arms behind her back and then also ties her arms and legs to the table, leaving Kelly and Layla looking face to face with each other, both covered in mud. Stephanie gives both Layla and Kelly ponytails, making sure that their hair doesn't block out their faces.

Stephanie: Aww, you two look so cute together. But I still think there's some bad blood between the two of you. So I want you to kiss and make up. But that's where this comes into play!

Stephanie takes the cloth bag from Lana and pulls out a large, red ballgag. Only this ballgag has a set of straps on each side.

Stephanie: This here is a liplocker gag. And it's going to make you two very, very close with each other.

Stephanie smiles as she takes the ballgag and shoves it right in both Kelly and Layla's mouths. Stephnaie straps in both sides, leaving Kelly and Layla looking face to face as both their big plump lips are penetrated by the same large gag. Kelly and Layla can be heard moaning hard into the ballgag as their head bobs back and forth. Stephanie smiles and pets each of them a little before going to walk away.

Stephanie: I hope you two bimbos enjoy the show. Maybe you'll learn to show us some respect next time.

As the six of them are walking off, Alexa runs over and pretends to slap them, causing both to flinch. Alexa laughs as she walks away, giving Layla's ass a spank before leaving.

Later in the night...

Stephanie McMahon is in the ring as we come back from a commercial break. She has Brie Bella in the ring and there is a big blue mat covering the entire ring.

Stephanie: Well Brie, you were lucky enough to win your match last night. But unfortunately for you that raven haired skank let you down and now you have to suffer the humiliation that everyone else will! Remember when you suffered for me before, Brie? When I put your head between my sexy thighs and embedded that pretty face into the mat? But Brie, I'm not going to be as harsh on you. I'm not going to cover in mud and gag you with another one of your teammates like our two little friends at ringside!

Stephanie waves at Kelly and Layla, both still strapped to the table in their bra and panties, face to face with one ballgag gagging both of them still covered in a thin layer of mud. The crowd has been taking pictures of them all night and many of the male wrestlers themselves have come over and copped a feel or two on the humiliated bimbos.

Stephanie: First Brie, I want you to lose the top and skirt. You need to be in your bra & panties for this.

Brie looks hesitant and scared but she knows if she makes a break for it Stephanie will beat her down. And after seeing the treatment that Kelly and Layla have gotten, she doesn't want to test that. Brie quickly removes her “Brie Mode” top, revealing a yellow bra and drops it in the ring. Then she slowly removes her plaid skirt to reveal a sexy pair of yellow panties. As Brie bends down to remove the skirt, Stephanie can't resist and smacks her on the ass.

Stephanie: Ohh, nice! It might not be as thick as your sister's but you've got a nice ass Brie! And now for the second thing I want from you, Brie. I need you to give me a place to sit for this next match. Chop chop!

Brie looks confused but relieved. She quickly runs out of the ring and comes back with a steel chair from ringside. She sets it up for Stephanie and smiles. Stephanie looks confused.

Stephanie: Oh Brie, I think you might be confused. I didn't think I'd have to spell this out to you like I would your bimbo sister. Brie, you're my seat for this next mach. I want you to get outside the ring and get on all fours and allow me to enjoy the rest of the show from your back. And I'd recommend you listen Brie, or Smelly and Layla over there would be happy with their punishment compared to your's.

Brie's slight smile has now turned to horror as she hates the idea of not having to be a seat for someone, but being a seat for her arc nemesis. Brie slowly steps through the ropes and down the steps. She stands by the announce tables as Stephanie follows her out. She slowly gets on her knees and then places her hands on the floor. Stephanie smiles as she takes a seat right on Brie's back and crosses her legs. She even has a little fun and pulls Brie's hair.

Stephanie: Now that I have a seat fit for a queen, let's get our next match underway. Making their way to the ring first, our referee! The Ravishing Russian, Lana!

Lana makes her way down to the ring in a zebra striped sports bra and a black pair of yoga pants. She struts down to the ring, seemingly with a bottle of something in her hand. Stephanie motions with her hands towards the titantron and suddenly Naomi & Michelle McCool come out carrying Nikki Bella, who is already in her purple bra & panties, struggling and trying to break free.

Stephanie McMahon: Our first competitor, making their way to the ring from Silicon Valley. You know her as the bimbo with tits so big they have their own area code. We know her as the sl*t that sucks John Cena's cock for a living. We present to you, Nikki Bella!

Naomi and Michelle parade Nikki around the perimeter of the ring and bring her in front of Stephanie and her sister. Stephanie just smiles as Nikki looks back, sad and humiliated. Naomi and Michelle bring Nikki into the ring and continue holding her. Next comes Alexa Bliss & Aksana, carrying Summer Rae out in her black bra & panties.

Stephanie: And her opponent, making her way to the ring from butterface city. You know her as dollar store Stacy Keibler. We know her as the skank that tries to fuck her way to the top but instead fucks her way to a lower midcard position. We present to you, Summer Rae!

Alexa and Aksana drag Summer down towards the ring. They take her over to Layla and Kelly and force her hand onto Layla's ass, squeezing it. They take Summer into the ring and stand her across the ring from Nikki. Nikki and Summer look ready to wrestle before Stephanie intervenes on the mic.

Stephanie: Whoa whoa whoa. You ladies aren't just wrestling any kind of match. First, Summer and Nikki. I want you two to strip yourselves completely nude! This match is going to be done entirely in the nude!

Summer and Nikki both look at Stephanie both shocked and angry.

Stephanie: Do as I say or perhaps you two will have a nice table next to Kelly and Layla! Strip down, or we'll strip you down ourselves!

Summer and Nikki both look at each other, already feeling so degraded. Summer finally steps up and slowly unclasps her bra and removes it, dropping it to the floor and revealing her small but perky breasts to the crowd, who lose their mind cheer. Right as Summer's bra falls, Alexa makes sure to grab it and toss it into the crowd, causing a scuffle among fans. Summer takes a deep breath and pulls her panties down past her tight but sizeable ass. She bends over, right in front of Alexa and Aksana as she pulls the panties down past her feet and takes them off. Aksana and Alexa mock Summer's humiliation before taking her panties. Summer stands in the ring, trying to cover up as best as she can while Alexa and Aksana taunt her. Next is Nikki's turn but Nikki seems hesitant.

Stephanie: C'mon Nikki, take it all off like the b*tch you are! You don't buy yourself tits like that without the intent to show them off. You bought them because you wanted the attention. Well here it is, show us what you've got! C'mon, Summer did her part like a good girl, now it's your turn!

Nikki looks absolutely humiliated as she slowly reaches back and unclasps her bra. She quickly pulls of her bra and covers up her breasts much to the crowd's dismay. Naomi takes Nikki's bra and tosses it out of the ring and then Michelle pulls Nikki's arms down, revealing her breasts to the world! The crowd goes wild as Nikki turns bright red, completely mortified. Realizing that she also has to take off her panties, Nikki submits to the pressure and removes her panties as well, revealing her pink pussy and thick ass to the crowd. Summer says “let's get this over with” and steps towards Nikki before Stephanie gets back on the mic, still using Brie as her personal chair.

Stephanie: Hold on hold on hold on! Our beautiful referee Lana has been nice enough to provide you two with some bodily protection in the form of baby oil. It'll be much more difficult for your opponent to get a hold of you with this. Lana was also nice enough to offer and apply it to both of you!

Summer and Nikki are angry at this point but realize they're outnumbered. They both grit their teeth as Lana shows off the baby oil. She comes over to Summer first and slowly stats rubbing it on Summer's arms and quickly lathering her breasts in it. She runs her hands down Summer's ripped abs, applying more and more oil. She bends over and slowly runs her hands down each one of Summer's legs, lathering them up. As she crawls her hands back up Summer's legs, she reaches Summer's ass and gives her a “good luck” smack before looking up at Summer. Lana whispers “good luck, b*tch” to Summer before running her hands up Summer's back with the oil.

Stephanie: Summer, for the first time in your career you're just gleaming! Now Lana, time to grease up Piggy Bella over there!

Nikki scowls at Stephanie but turns around and Lana has already begun rubbing the oil onto Nikki's abs. She avoids Nikki's breasts and begins applying the lotion to Nikki's arms and back. She slowly works her way down to Nikki's ass and legs and delivers a spank to her as well, causing Nikki to yelp. As she slowly works her way back up, she smiles and whispers “I saved the best for last” to Nikki. She lathers her hands up the baby oil and begins fondling Nikki's breasts, pushing them together, rubbing them and running her hands over Nikki's nipples. Lana finishes lathering Nikki and puts the bottle down. Bliss, Aksana, Michelle and Naomi step outside and surround the ring, picking up cloth sacks from under the ring next to them.

Stephanie: Alright you two, get ready to face off. First person to pin the opponent for a three count or get the other to submit is the winner. And if you two try to go easy on each other, we'll make sure there are consequences. And you see these cloth bags all these ladies have next to them? They're filled with rotten tomatoes and if they're not enjoying the performance, they're going to pelt you with them! Breast of luck, ladies!

Nikki and Summer look scared as they both lean in and begin wrestling. Their bodies come together and they quickly slide off of each other as Summer shoves Nikki to the ground. Summer tries to grab Nikki but Nikki slips out and getting Summer Rae in a waistlock on the ground. Summer tries to squirm out but the two begin rolling all around the ring, Nikki still holding Summer around the waist. The 'lumberjills' begin booing and tosses some of the rotten tomatos at the two poor divas. Aksana manages to pelt Nikki right in the face with one, causing her to wince. Summer now rolls over and gets in Nikki's guard, taking her by the hair and pounding her head off the mat. Summer gropes Nikki's breasts before taking a tomato to the back of the head from Naomi. Summer and Nikki continue rolling around the ring, each taking control briefly as Lana just stands there and laughs. As Nikki is bouncing Summer's head off the floor, Lana picks up the baby oil and begins squirting it down onto both of them. Both women get to their feet for a moment before Summer kicks Nikki in the stomach, causing her to slip backwards, hit the ropes and fall onto her stomach. Summer mounts Nikki's back and rubs her face into the mat. Summer takes each of Nikki's arms up and locks in a camel clutch, displaying Nikki's oiled up breasts. As Nikki winces in pain, the divas on the outside taunt her.

Alexa Bliss: You like that Nikki, huh? You look good in that position!

Michelle: C'mon Piggy Bella, oink for us!

Nikki manages to slip out of the camel clutch and gets behind Summer. She knees Summer in the pussy and Summer drops, landing face first on the mat on her knees with her ass in the air. Lana runs over and squirts some more baby oil on Summer's ass right before Nikki begins smacking and groping it. Nikki spanks Summer, alternating between her left cheek and right cheek, not proud of what she's doing as Summer moans in pain. Nikki tries to pick up Summer by her body but Summer wriggles out and shoves Nikki to the ground. Summer grabs Nikki by the hair and places her between her legs in a headscissors. She pulls on Nikki's hair while Nikki's head is squished between Summer's slippery thighs. Nikki finally breaks free but Summer takes her and gets her in a front facelock on the ground. Naomi manages to pelt Summer right in the ass with a tomato, getting an audible chuckle from everyone, including Stephanie. Meanwhile, poor Brie's arms are shaking as Stephanie has been sitting on her for over ten minutes now. Summer struggles and manages to take Nikki down and positions her on her back. Summer mounts Nikki and traps her arms under her knees. Summer has Nikki pinned with her breasts being pushed together by Summer's legs. Lana slowly gets down onto the ground and in near slow motion counts to one. Then another few seconds pass and she gets to two as Nikki is struggling. Finally Nikki manages to wriggle out and break free and Summer is pissed. Summer looks at Lana only to get forearmed in the head by Nikki. Nikki mounts Summer and immediately smothers her with her breasts. Summer manages to keep a shoulder up the entire time as Nikki even forces one of her breasts into Summer's mouth. Nikki finally stops and quickly crawls up Summer, sitting on her chest and leaving Summer's face just a few inches away from Nikki's pussy. Nikki pulls on Summer's hair and forces her face into her pussy for a moment before just making sure to keep her down for the pin.

Instead of counting, Lana just admires the situation. She gets down on the floor and even wipes the hair out of Summer's face while Nikki yells at her to count. Lana admires the position a bit more before finally count. Lana slowly counts to two before Summer gets the power to wiggle forward and shove Nikki back. Summer rolls onto her stomach but Nikki immediately mounts her back and locks in a rear naked choke. She rolls herself and Summer onto her side and locks in a body scissors to go with the choke. As Summer gags and gasps for air, Alexa Bliss chucks a tomato that hits Summer right in the open mouth, eliciting a full blown laugh from Stephanie McMahon. The crowd is having a blast with this one, getting great camera shots of each woman's most private parts. Summer manages to squeeze her head out of Nikki's grasps and gets out and to her feet. Nikki runs at her but Summer manages to roll her up in a small package, putting both of their pussys on display in the process. Lana makes sure to admire the situation before slowly counting. As the struggle continues, both Summer and Nikki's asses jiggle with determination. Lana finally gets to 3 and Summer has officially won the match.

Winner: Summer Rae

As Lana holds Summer Rae's hand up in victory, she takes a step back and karate kicks Summer in the back of the head, knocking her out. Nikki tackles Lana to the ground but the rest of Stephanie's crew quickly get into the ring and pull Nikki off. Naomi hits the Rear View to Nikki, knocking her out. Alexa drags Summer into a seated position in one corner of the ring while Michelle props Nikki seated in the opposite corner. Aksana goes outside the ring and handcuffs Summer's arms around the ringpost while Naomi does the same to Nikki. Stephanie gets up and Brie slowly gets to her feet, her back in pain from being Stephanie's chair. She goes to run away but Stephanie grabs her by the hair, turns her around and pedigrees her on the outside.

Stephanie and the other woman remove the blue mat from the ring, revealing a relatively clean canvas underneath. All six of the women get into the ring as Stephanie holds the microphone.

Stephanie: Look at this dream team we've got here! First we've got Brie on the outside. Stripped to her bra & panties and was my chair for an entire 20 minutes. I mean let's be honest, what a loser! Next we've got Smelly Kelly. Currently playing power bottom to Layla, stripped to her underwear, covered in mud, tied up and although this seems to be a common thing for you, sucking on a ball. A ball shared by our other little friend over there, Layla. Layla, you always seem to love to grope the other divas so this must be like a dream come true for you! You're also in your underwear, covered in mud, tied up and sucking on the same ball as your friend! And now in the ring, first we've got Summer Rae. Our wannabe Stacy Keibler. Currently handcuffed in the corner, out cold, covered in baby oil and unaware that she's spread eagle and completely nude. Nice pussy Summer! And now our friend Nikki. Lathered up baby oil, handcuffed to this ringpost with her massive breasts out on display along with her Hustle, Loyalty & Respect flavored pussy! But there seems to be one thing mi...

Alexa Blis taps Stephanie on the shoulder for a second and tells her to “watch this”. Alexa gives the “suck it” gesture to Summer Rae before giving her a bronco buster in the corner. As she bounces, driving her crotch right into Summer's face, Summer wakes up. Alexa holds onto the top ropes and wraps her thighs around Summer's face, mocking and taunting her.

Alexa: Aww poor Summer. How humiliating! You're gonna wanna see what's coming next though!

Alexa releases herself from Summer as Summer sheepishly crosses her legs in the corner, still handcuffed. Alexa runs to the other side of the ring and does the same to Nikki, giving her bronco buster and driving her crotch right in Nikki's face. Nikki wakes up as Alexa is squeezing her head between her thighs.

Alexa: C'mon, wake up Bimbo Bella, the grand finale is coming up!

Alexa gets off of Nikki and allows Stephanie continue, but Summer and Nikki are both yelling and screaming now. Michelle gets an idea as she picks up Nikki's panties and balls them up, shoving them into Summer's mouth. Aksana gets a roll of clear tape from under the ring and gives some to Michelle. Michelle presses it over Summer's mouth, keeping the panties in place and effectively gagging her. Then Naomi heads over to Nikki and balls up Summer Rae's panties, stuffing them in Nikki's mouth before placing some tape over Nikki's. Stephanie smirks as she can hear muffled moans from all four of the gagged divas in and around the ring.

Stephanie: Before I get back to what I was saying, I've got to laugh at Summer Rae for a minute. Last month you're gagged by Paige's panties, now Nikki's? Since you seem to like this so much, I've got an idea. Aksana, fetch me Brie's panties please.

Summer's eyes widen as she knows what's about to happen next. Aksana gets outside the ring and picks up an unconscious Brie by the hair. She hits a spinebuster, putting Brie out for good. She slowly pulls down Brie's panties, revealing her crotch tattoo and her pussy. Aksana brings the yellow panties in the ring and hands them to Stephanie.

Stephanie: Since you seem to like this thing, Summer, let's let you taste both Bella bimbos at once!

Alexa quickly removes the tape from Summer's mouth and Stephanie stuffs Brie's underwear right into Summer's mouth, with some still spilling out between her lips as Summer's cheeks fill up. Alexa closes the tape back up as Summer's words become even more muffled. Lana makes sure to bust out her phone and get some nice pictures of Summer with her mouthful of Bellas before getting a few good snapshots of Nikki too.

Stephanie: Back to what I was saying, humiliating these five has made for a very fun night. But they're just the appetizers. You see, I've beem plotting my humiliation for Paige ever since she muttered 'I Quit' last night. Paige is so tough, she shows no weakness! At least that's what we all thought until last night when I, Stephanie McMahon, made her wimper in defeat. So without further ado, let's get out here, Paige.

Paige's music hits and she sheepishly looks on from the ramp, seeing her friends all stuck in degrading positions and all six of her enemies in the ring. Paige is wearing a low cut “This is My House” shirt while some definite push-up bra aid and a pair of black pants. She makes her way down to the ring slowly and gets in, standing before Stephanie.

Paige: Look, Stephanie, you don't have to do this. Haven't you made your point here tonight? Let me go right now and I'll leave the company and never return. I'll be out of your hair forever. You won't have to see me, I won't be that thorn in your side anymore.

Stephanie: Oh no no no! You're not getting out of this like that. You see, I know you won't be a thorn in my side anymore, because I have the power. And you're not going to quit Paige. As humiliating as it would be to see you tuck your tail between your legs and leave, if you do, I'll sue you for breach of contract and the things you'll be doing to make money after that will be far more humiliating than what I could ever do to you. I don't want you to leave now, Paige. The fun is just beginning.

Paige: Stephanie, please. I'm sorry. Just let this all be over.

Stephanie: You're sorry, huh? Your words sound empty, Paige. Show it. Get down on your knees and tell me you're sorry.

Paige hesitantly drops down to her knees in front of Stephanie.

Paige: I'm sorry Stephanie, I'm so sorry! I acted like a jerk to you, I didn't think of the consequences of my actions and it's harmed myself and my friends.

Stephanie: Ya know, Paige, even though you're on your knees, which is a position I'm sure you're quite familiar with, I just don't feel like you're sincere. But in the McMahon family, we have this way of allowing people to show just how sincere and sorry they are. It's a little club, you see. You would actually be our first female member into this club. And it's called the “Kiss My Ass” club, Paige. If you're really sorry, then you'd kiss my ass as an apology.

Stephanie smiles at the fear in Paige's eyes as she slowly undoes her belt and tosses it to the floor. Stephanie begins to lower her pants before Paige chimes in.

Paige: Stephanie, please. Anything but that! I'm not kissing your ass. I'm not, I can't.

Stephanie: You can't? What, do you need a toothbrush or something? Lets just make this clear, Paige. You either kiss my ass yourself or my associates here have their fun with you and when they're done, you involuntarily kiss my ass. The choice is your's.

Paige looks around at the five other women surrounding her and weighs her options. She knows that someone like Alexa Bliss alone would find so many ways to harm her, let alone the other four as well. Meanwhile, Stephanie unzips her pants and slowly removes them, revealing just a black thong. Stephanie turns herself around and presents her ass to Paige. Paige thinks for a momnt before slowly crawling towards it. She goes to kiss it but Stephanie stops her.

Stephanie: Woah whoa who, not so fast! You can't just kiss my ass without permission. You need to ask me, The Queen of All the Divas, permission to kiss my ass.

Paige gritting her teeth: Stephanie, may I PLEA...

Stephanie: Ahem, that's Queen McMahon to you, thank you very much.

Paige: Queen McMahon, may I PLEASE kiss your voluptuous ass?

Stephanie: That's more like it! I suppose so.

Paige leans in and delivers a small peck to the left cheek, followed by another quick one to the right cheek. Stephanie does not look impressed.

Stephanie: Are you kidding me, Paige? What was that? I've seen you at the company parties, that's not how you kiss. Give it some passion. I mean, you are sorry, right?

Paige grits her teeth again and leans in, this time holding Stephanie by the hips and literally making out with Stephanie's ass while the other women mock her and Lana even takes a video of it. Paige slowly runs her tongue and mouth down each cheek of Stephanie's, giving Stephanie the chills. After worshipping Stephanie's ass, Paige finally stops.

Stephanie: Well done Paige, you passed stage one of your apology! Generally I wouldn't let something so vile touch my ass but I made an exception here.

Paige; STAGE ONE?!

Stephanie: Yes, stage one, Paige. That doens't sound like someone that's very sorry! First, let's lose the clothes.

Stephanie pulls back up her pants and smiles at Paige. Paige looks around and grabs the bottom of her top and quickly pulls it over her head and reveals her black push-up bra. McCool quickly sn*tches Paige's shirt and tosses it outside the ring.

Stephanie: Trying to turn those A cups into D cups Paige? That's cute. You wish you could have big, voluptuos breasts like mine. But you can't and never will! Now get those pants off next!

Paige nods her and begs Stephanie to stop. Paige stands up and Alexa Bliss and Aksana quickly come over and yank Paige's pants down to her ankles, revealing Paige's bare ass and pink pussy in display! The crowd goes wild, now seeing yet another diva nude tonight. Paige tries to cover up but her arms are being held by the evil vixens.

Stephanie: No panties Paige? That was very stupid of you. But I also wouldn't put it past a skank like you to no be wearing any underwear.

Stephanie looks over at Summer Rae and smiles.

Stephanie: Lucky for you Summer. I had actually planned to stuff Paige's panties into your mouth as well!

Stephanie cackles as Summer is heard trying to mutter something through the two pairs of panties stuffed in her mouth and clear tape over her. Summer tries to break free, causing her small but nice breasts to jiggle all over the place. Stephanie steps forward to Paige and grabs her bra from the front and yanks it right off causing Paige's breasts to fall into place. Paige tries to cover up as her pink erect nipples are on display for the crowd but she's still being held back.

Stephanie: So you say you're sorry, Paige. But I don't really see it. I don't think you're sorry enough yet. Although my dad did have another method of 'apologizing'. You see Paige, let me give you a little history lesson. There used to be this bimbo on the roster. She had her long blonde hair, a massive pair of tits, a fat ass and everything. Kind of like Nikki over here, minus the hair! And she was dumb enough to think that my father loved her more than his own daughter. So after we had our fun humiliating Trish, she came down to the ring to apologize to my dad. So my dad made Trish show her alligance to him...by having her BARK LIKE A DOG! But I was thinking, my dad had Trish Stratus bark like a dog and then strip down to her underwear. But I think it would be far far more 'loyal' of you to be stripped down first and then bark like a dog. So Paige, without further ado, get on your hands and knees, crawl over to me and tell me just how sorry you are!

Paige looks mortified but realizes that she has no other choice. She slowly gets down on her knees and places her hands on the ground, showing off her entirely nude body to the audience. She slowly crawls toward Stephanie, while Lana decides to add to the humiliation and give her a hard spank on the ass. Paige gets over to Stephanie and looks up.

Paige: I'm sorry Stephanie, I'm so sorry! Just let this be over with!

Stephanie: This is incredible! This dog speaks english! I want to hear it in dog speak, or b*tch speak, considering it's you Paige. Tell me in that in barks!

Paige grits her teeth and hangs her head but Stephanie bends over and grabs a handful of hair, pulling Paige's head up and making her look her in the eyes.

Paige: Woof, woof, woof. I'm sorry woof woof.

Stephanie and the rest of the women laugh at Paige's misfortune before Stephanie gets another idea.

Stephanie: You know, Paige, you make a pretty pathetic dog, but perhaps you make a better horse!

Stephanie mounts Paige's back while she's still on all fours and grabs a handful of hair with one hand. With her other hand she smacks Paige's ass and yells “giddy up!” causing Paige to start crawling around with the ring with Stephanie riding her. As Stephanie rides Paige around the ring, the rest of the women point and laugh while Stephanie waves to the crowd who are taking plenty of pictures of this monumental moment. Finally Stephanie gets up from Paige's back, stands her up, only to kick her in the stomach and put her head between her thighs, setting up for the pedigree.

Stephanie: Well, I've had my fun for tonight, time to end this Paige!

Stephanie hits a brutal pedigree, planting Paige into the ground with enough force that her ass is still jiggling seconds after. Stephanie puts her foot on the back of Paige's head and picks up the microphone again.

Stephanie: Now the six of you, are probably thinking right now that your humiliation is finally done. But that's where you're wrong! You see those contracts you signed for No Mercy, they didn't say this was a one night thing. The winning team gets to do whatever they like to the losing team until a member of the losing team wins a match against one of us! So until that day comes, you six are our b*tches! So clean yourselves off ladies and report back here next Monday, where it all happens again! Nighty night b*tches!

Each of the heel divas take a quick moment to have a little bit more fun. Lana walks over and slaps Summer Rae across the face. Naomi sneaks over to Nikki and gives her a quick stinkface, rocking her ass back and forth across Nikki's face. Michelle and Aksana come over to the table that Layla and Kelly are on. Michelle smacks Layla on the ass while Aksana brings the camera over and zooms in on all the drool (some her's and some Layla's) on Kelly's face. Alexa Bliss gets outside the ring and stands on Brie Bella's back, putting one foot on Brie's bare ass. And Stephanie rolls Paige over onto her back and leaves her spread eagle in the center of the ring. Stephanie and her crew look on from the ramp, smiling at their work as they leave.

As the show goes off air, Brie Bella and Paige wake up, the only two women not tied up or handcuffed. Brie pulls the tape off of Summer's mouth and removes both pairs of Bella Twin panties from Summer's mouth, both soaked. Summer coughs and gags as Brie uses a bobby pin to unlock Summer's handcuffs and free her. Brie comes over to Nikki and removes the tape and Summer's panties from Nikki's mouth. She does the same and frees Nikki. Paige finds a small knife under the ring. First Summer removes the liplocker ballgag from Kelly and Layla's mouth, causing drool to spill out of Layla's mouth right onto Kelly's chin. Finally Paige cuts through the ropes and frees them. The six nude and humiliated women help each other to the back.
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