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Old 03-12-2016, 02:08 AM
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Default WWE: The Diva Wars

So this is a series that will run about 10-15 parts. Each generally highlighting a Monday Night Raw or Pay Per View. I have it mostly mapped out so I really won't be taking suggestions on story ideas but I'll gladly take any formatting or grammatical suggestions along with any criticism or reviews. The only backstory that you really need to know is that Paige & Summer Rae feel underutilized and complained to Stephanie. Stephanie laughed them off and Paige called her a b*tch.

Summer Rae and Paige have just finished a long 15 minute match with each other. Paige got the victory after sunset flip on Summer Rae, getting the 1-2-3. After the match Summer raises the hand of Paige and the two embrace. Until the lights go out...

When the lights return, Paige and Summer are surrounded in the ring by Aksana, Naomi, Lana, Michelle McCool & Alexa Bliss. They immediately pounce and start attacking the two girls. Aksana, Alexa and Michelle drag Paige over to one corner while Naomi and Lana take Summer to another. Lana grabs Summer by her lucious blonde hair and smashes her face into the turnbuckle. She throws Summer towards Naomi, who gives her the Rear View and proceeds to put her light up sneaker on Summer's face. Meanwhile Alexa Bliss holds Paige up by the hair while Aksana slaps her over and over again. They give her to Michelle, who lays her out with the Faithbreaker. They drag Summer and Paige and choke them on the second rope, facing the entrance ramp. Stephanie McMahon comes out with a microphone and makes her way down the ramp. Lana has a handful of Summer's hair, holding her in place, neck d****d across the middle rope and Naomi is doing the same to Paige.

Stephanie: Did you two really think I was just going to forget what you said to me? I'm a McMahon. I don't forget and I certainly don't forgive. You two go around acting like little goody-two-shoes, taking pictures with fans, being nice to people, making appearances on other shows. Well I had a little talk with the divas and a lot of them aren't too impressed with you guys. Naomi and Lana jumped at the opportunity to be able to humiliate “you two skanks” as Lana called you. Then I made a quick call down to NXT and Alexa Bliss was just chomping at the bit to come up and teach you two a lesson. But that wasn't enough. So I made a few calls to some retired divas. Aksana said she would love to get her hands on you two. And then Michelle, well I certainly didn't have to ask her twice. So I rehire them. And now, I'm going to give them free reign to do whatever they like to you two. What was it you said about me, Paige? That I clearly wasn't wearing the pants in my relationship with Triple H? Well you two b*tches won't be wearing any pants once tonight is over! So ladies, it's time to teach these bimbos a lesson in humility!

Summer and Paige immediately get yanked back by the hair. Naomi sends Paige into the corner where Michelle running knees her in the face and seats her in the corner. Michelle puts her boot on Paige's throat while instructing the rest.

Alexa Bliss: Looks like you're up first Summer! Hope you're ready for some fun.

Aksana stands behind Summer and holds her arms back. Lana grabs Summer by under the chin and gets in her face.

Lana: Do you remember me, Summer? Do you remember when I kicked your ass up and down this ring every day for three months? You've always been a b*tch, but now you're gonna be my b*tch!

Lana slaps Summer hard across the face, causing her to scream. As she starts to regain herself, Lana backhands her across the face and follows up with another slap. Lana can't help but laugh as she seems the humiliation in Summer's face and slaps her three more times, all causing screams from Summer. Summer drops to her knees in front of Lana

Lana: Yes Summer, right where you belong, on your knees. It looks like a real natural state for you. On your knees with that gaping mouth of your's wide open. Now let's have some real fun!

Alexa Bliss pushes Summer onto all fours and stands over her. She jumps in the air and slams her hips and ass down onto Summer's back. As Summer starts to regain herself, she feels a tug on her wrestling top. Alexa is unzipping the top and manages to pull it over Summer's head and removing it, leaving just a studded yellow push-up bra covering her breasts. Summer had always been a bit embarrassed by her small breasts and generally wore push-ups to look like she had a bit more than she does.

Aksana: Feeling insecure Summer? Those things pushed up so high they might as well be choking you!

Meanwhile, Michelle takes her foot off Paige's throat as she's knocked out. Alexa Bliss takes Summer by the hair and rubs her face into the mat. She then puts one knee on Summer's back and the other on the back of her head. Lana rubs her hands together as she reaches down and grabs the top of Summer's wrestling trunks. Summer tries with all her might to wriggle free but it's no use. Lana yanks on the tight trunks of Summer and they finally come off, freeing Summer's ass, only covered by a small yellow pair of panties. Lana takes a whiff of Summer's trunks and cringes before throwing them into the crowd.

Summer absolutely hated her ass being exposed. She didn't even really like having pictures of her ass taken in photoshoots, let alone knowing tens of thousands of fans getting some free looks at it. Summer tries to use her hands to cover her ass but Alexa gets up and pins Summer's arms above her head. Lana is getting great enjoyment out of watching Summer squirm while the other four divas get a good laugh out of Summer's predicament. Aksana stands before Summer and grabs her by under her chin and lifts her.

Aksana: You want some more Summer? You want some more?

Aksana knees Summer in the stomach, causing her to scream out in pain. Aksana bends Summer over and sticks her head between her legs. Summer is stuck standing, bent over, with her ass hanging out while her head is being crushed by Aksana's big thighs. Lana sits down behind Aksana to get a nice look at Summer's humiliation, even wiping the hair out of her face. Naomi comes over and grabs each side of Summer's panties with her hand and yanks up, giving Summer a massive wedgie and allowing her panties to be engulfed by her ass.


Lana gets a nice laugh as she mocks Summer to her face, pretending to cry.

Naomi: You want me to stop, Summer? Fine! Let's try something else instead!

Naomi takes Summer's panties and rips them down her legs and past her ankles, taking them completely off. Summer is screaming now as her ass and pussy are 100% exposed. Naomi winds up and smacks the left cheek on Summer's ass, causing it to heavy ripple and Summer yelps in pain. The crowd goes wild as the camera man gives the audience a great view of Summer's ass on the jumbo tron. Naomi now winds up and spanks Summer's other ass cheek and follows it up with seven more light spanks, done much more for humiliation than for pain. Summer tries to wriggle free from Aksana's thighs but Aksana grabs her arms and stretches them across her back as far as she can, causing Summer to stop putting up a fight.

Naomi: Now who else wants to have fun with this booty?

Naomi rubs Summer's ass a bit before surrendering it to Michelle McCool. Naomi goes over to Paige and throws her down on her stomach and proceeds to sit down on her back, keeping her pinned down. Michelle licks her hand and delivers a hard spank to Summer's right cheek. Then she gets an idea. Michelle grips Summer by the hips and begins humping her in rhythm. Summer's screams turn to moans.

Lana: Oh my god, I think she likes it!

And Summer did like it. She loved being humped by the big and powerful Michelle McCool. She was absolutely embarrassed to be enjoying it, but she was. Michelle began grinding her pelvis digging her long nails into Summer's back. As degrading and humiliating as this was, Summer was heavily turned on. She loved it so much that drool actually stared coming out of her mouth and hitting the canvas below. This was just icing on the cake.

Lana: You'll never believe this, she's drooling now! This is just priceless!

Lana takes out her camera phone and manages to take a picture of Summer's face, stuck between Aksana's thighs with a trail of drool coming off her lip.

Lana: Oh boy, this one's going right up on Instagram.

And with that, Michelle stopped grinding on Summer's ass and delivered a violent slap to it. Aksana finally releases Summer's head from her thighs and she drops to the ground on her knees. Michelle and Lana each pick her up and hold her arms back. Summer's completely shaved pussy is now being shown off to the world. Alexa Bliss stands in front of Summer, admiring her body as Summer tries to squirm free.

Alexa: You know what they say about me in NXT, Summer? They say I'm like you, only more talented, less trashy and much, much **Alexa rubs her hands down her own body** sexier. But there's still part of you we haven't seen yet. Let's change that.

The crowd goes wild as Alexa reaches for Summer's bra. Summer is begging her to stop but that only makes Alexa smirk. She unclasps the bra and rips it right off, revealing Summer's B cups and exremely hard nipples. The crowd is on their feet and going while as Summer tries to break free and cover up. Alexa has some fun with Summer, pinching each of her pink nipples before delivering a slap so hard, Summer drops to the ground. Michelle gives a wink to Aksana, who goes under the ring and comes out with a bunch of rope. While Naomi is stomping away at Paige in the corner now, Lana mounts Summer's back and begins tying her hands together. Summer puts up a little fight but a few stomps to the back of her head by Bliss keep her out. Once the arms are tied, Lana directs her attention to Summer's long legs. She rubs up and down her legs before tying them and lifting them up. She proceeds to tie Summer's arms to her legs, hogtying her. Lana gives her phone to Michelle and stands over Summer Rae. She grabs a handful of Summer's hair with each hand and lifts her just enough for it to hurt. Then she signals to Michelle who takes a whole bunch of pictures of it. Lana lets go and looks back at her phone.

Lana: Oh Summer, you will never live these down. Oh and Summer, that photo of you drooling already has 50,000 likes! Get a load of that.

At this moment the posse directs their attention to Paige. Naomi pulls Paige out of the corner by her hair. She throws her into the circle of the other divas who take turns toying with her. Aksana grabs a handful of ass, Lana grabs a breast and Alexa pulls on her hair. Eventually they drag her over to the ropes and tie her up in the middle and bottom ones in a seated position. Paige wasn't used to being humiliated like this. She was always the dominant force. She loved humiliating but hates being humiliated. She winced at the idea of ending up like Summer Rae. Paige is kicking and screaming but it's only making the other divas laugh. Unfortunately for Paige, her top had a nice little zipper on the front, making it easier than ever to take off. Naomi unzips Paige's top and rips it completely off, revealing Paige's small breasts. Paige's pale face turns bright red as she realizes the entire WWE Universe has now seen her bare breasts.

Naomi: No bra Paige? That's real classy. Geez, I can't tell who has the smaller set of tits between you two. It's pathetic.

Paige hated that she had small breasts. She always wanted big ones but didn't want to get surgery to do so. That's why she always wore massive push up bras to create the illusion. But there was no illusion now. Naomi proceeds to remove her own top, revealing a low cut black bra.

Naomi: I bet you just wish you had tits like these, Paige. Here, why don't you give them a try?

Naomi gets right up close and shoves Paige's face directly into her massive cleavage, smothering her. Paige's muffled yelling can be heard as her face is engulfed by Naomi's breasts. Naomi finally lets Paige out as she's gasping for air. Paige knew they weren't finished yet. Alexa grabbed one side of Paige's ring bottoms and Aksana grabbed the other and they both pulled hard, yanking them down Paige's legs and leaving Paige in just a skimpy black thong on her pale skin. Paige had never felt humiliation like this in her life. She hated it. She hated that she was at the mercy of five women while her only friend was hogtied in the ring with her. Paige keeps trying to kick the divas away but eventually Aksana gets a hold of her legs and keeps her steady. Lana grabs the thong and pulls it right down and off Paige's legs. Meanwhile, Summer's screams can be heard faintly on the other side of the ring. Lana gets an idea.

Lana: Hey Summer, I think I just found the perfect gag for you!

Lana takes Paige's thong and crumbles it up in her hand. She goes over to Summer and forces her mouth open. Lana takes Paige's sweaty thong and stuffs it in Summer's mouth. Michelle hands Lana a big piece of clear tape which she presses onto Summer's lips. Summer is squealing like crazy but all that can be heard is a muffled sound. Meanwhile, Paige has her legs crossed, trying to keep her pussy off screen, but Naomi and Alexa each grab a leg and pull them apart, making Paige spread eagle and giving the camera a great view of her pussy. With Paige's arms tied up in the ropes and Summer Rae hogtied, Stephanie McMahon finally makes her way into the ring.

Stephanie: You two think you can call me a b*tch and get away with it? I hate to ask...who am I kidding I love to ask, but who's the b*tch now? Huh? I'd ask you, Summer, but I don't think you'd be in liberty to say, with Paige's thong in your mouth at all. You know she only showers like once a week, right?

Summer Rae squirms but her efforts get her nowhere. Meanwhile, Michelle is outside the ring, holding Paige's head up by her hair, forcing her to look at Stephanie.

Stephanie: And Paige, I'm sure you're not used to being in such a...revealing postion. But trust me, hon, it won't be the last time. See, you two aren't going to be having any fun around here anymore. Consider this a statement made. Oh and one more thing, I think Paige needs a matching gag, like Summer.

Stephanie drops the mic and begins pulling her own panties down from under her skirt. Paige's face goes from red to white as she knows what's about to happen. Michelle pinches down Paige's nose, forcing her to open her mouth. Stephanie stuffs her whole panties into Paige's mouth and proceeds to seal it with a piece of clear tape. Paige's eyes widen as she begins tasting Stephanie's panties and realizing that the six of them are leaving them in the ring. Paige struggles to break free but can't and Summer is in no position to really go anywhere as Monday Night Raw goes to commercial.

Later in the night

Stephanie McMahon is walking backstage, feeling extremely satisfied. She runs into Laya who looks worried.

Layla: Stephanie, don't you think you were a little harsh on Summer and Paige tonight? I mean they may have disrespected you but was that really necessary?

Stephanie: Necessary? Was it necessary? Layla, are you questioning the way I run things around here?

Layla: No, no. I, I just thought that it was kind of humiliating what you did to them and I didn't really get why.

Stephanie: Well, Layla, maybe you'd understand better if it happened to you.

Before Layla can realize what she said, Aksana and Michelle McCool attack her from behind. Michelle grabs Layla by the hair and throws her into the wall. Michelle slams Layla's head into the wall multiple times and before she can wake up, Michelle rips her “Wrestlemania 31” shirt right off her body, revealing a black bra. Aksana picks up Layla by the hair and takes her over to a nearby food table. She throws Layla up on the food table and begins smashing her face over and over again into different food. Layla looks like a mess. Layla is completely mortified as she finds herself choking on food and gasping for air. Aksana turns her over onto her back and Michelle comes over with a gallon of milk.

Michelle: Looks like you need something to wash that down with, Lay. I'm sure you're used to getting blasted like this anyway.

Michelle dumps the milk all over Layla's face and makes sure to cover her chest with it too. Before leaving, Aksana tips the table over, causing Layla to fall and be covered in even more food.
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Old 03-12-2016, 08:51 AM
Dayjib Dayjib is offline
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Fantastic stuff. I really want to read the next installment.
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Old 03-12-2016, 10:28 AM
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Default Awesome

Wow awesome story you didn't waste any time going to them being nude , but love the panty gags that you used great work , and I hope to see more of this from you in the future .
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Old 03-12-2016, 03:06 PM
jart49 jart49 is offline
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Great story looking forwards to the next chapter hopefully you won't keep us waiting to long. Hoping to see
AJ Lee involved in this story as well.
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Old 03-12-2016, 06:25 PM
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I am 10,000% okay with this story so far, and am not complaining about an additional ten or more parts.
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Old 03-14-2016, 04:08 AM
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This is a somewhat shorter part, sort of just building up.

Part Two: Revenge

Stephanie McMahon's theme hits and Stephanie, Lana, Naomi, Michelle McCool, Aksana & Alexa Blis make their way down to the ring, all looking as smug as ever after last week's complete and utter humiliation of Summer Rae, Paige & even Layla. Stephanie grabs the mic.

Stephanie: What you all saw last week, was the kind of power that I can throw around here. We took those two disgusting pieces of trash and put them in a position where the world could see what they're really made of. And we're quite proud of our actions. That was one of the most memorable moments in Monday Night Raw history. And what better way to enjoy memories, than with photographs? And Lana was nice enough to take some pictures of this beautiful occasion. So for those that were unlucky and missed last week's Raw, here's some of what you missed!

The titantron begins playing a slideshow. The first picture is of Summer Rae's face as her head is stuck between Aksana's thighs. She looks humiliated but aroused and there's drool falling from her mouth. The second photo is of Paige, tied up in the ropes, struggling to get free and accidentally giving the camera a full pussy shot. And the third picture was Lana, straddling a hogtied Summer Rae, pulling on her hair. While the crowd was going wild for these, the women in the ring could't help but have huge smirks on their faces.

Stephanie: Ah good times, good times. And don't think for a second that we're done with those two. When they came whining to me about being underutilzed, all I could think about was making them regret that. They want to be utilized, we'll utilize them alright! Now Paige, Summer, I don't know if you two are even here tonight. I wouldn't blame you for not being here after last week, quite frankly. But if you are here, come on out, because we aren't quite done playing with you yet.

Stephanie has a smirk on her face as she waits, knowing that there's no way Summer and Paige would subject themselves to another week of humiliation. She knew that they were in the back already so it was either they come out or Stephanie would mock them for being scared. Suddenly, the lights go out. When they turn back on, Summer Rae, Paige, Layla, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella & Kelly Kelly are all standing on the apron, surrounding the ring. Stephanie has a shocked look of fear on her face, along with the rest of the women. As the divas enter the ring, the heels make a mad dash to escape and all of them do...except Aksana. Aksana was halfway through the ropes before Nikki Bella grabbed her by her bodysuit and dragged her back into the ring. The face divas proceeded to stomp away at Aksana while the heels were stuck watching from the ramp. Paige and Summer each take on side of Aksana's bodysuit and pull it down, revealing a black strapless bra holding up her 36DD breasts. Aksana was mortified that she was on the receiving end this time and that none of her teammates were coming to save her.

Stephanie: You six let Aksana go right now! Let her go!

Instead of heeding Stephanies advice, the Bella Twins proceed to each take the legs of Aksana's bodysuit, yanking the entire thing off and leaving her in just her black bra and panties. Aksana was squirming around but the Kelly and Layla had her held down. Summer Rae grabs a microphone.

Summer: You want Aksana back? Aksana, do you want us to let you go?

Aksana, who is being held back by Layla is starting to cry and nods her head as to say yes.

Summer: Aww, well that's just too bad. Perhaps if Stephanie meets out demands, we'll let you go.

Stephanie: What demands? What could you possibly want?

Summer: We want matches. Us six against you six, in seperate matches, on pay per view. The team with the most wins gets to do whatever ever they want to the losing team the next night on Raw.

Stephanie has to think about it for me a minute but the idea of her being able to do whatever she wanted to the six of them was far too appealing, even if it meant Stephanie had to get in the ring herself.

Stephanie: You want matches? You got 'em, but you're gonna regret that. At No Mercy, there will be five matches. Four singles and one tag team. I assume big tit Bella and scrawny Bella will be your tag team. The team that gets the most victories on that evening will be allowed to humiliate the losers in any way that they please on the following night. And that will be in writing, so there's no backing out. Now you got what you wanted, give us Aksana back.

Summer: Oh, you mean this little piece of trash, she's all yours.

Paige and Brie Bella pick up Aksana by the hair and with a running start, toss her over the top rope and onto the floor. Unfortunately for Aksana, her chest hit the rope on the way over, causing her bra to come down and exposing one of her breasts. Aksana didn't realize it at first but when she did she immediately screamed, adjusted herself and ran up the stage, not realizing how much of her body was jiggling, to the delight of the crowd. The face divas celebrate in the ring, knowing they'll have a chance to get full revenge.

Stephanie: I hope you're happy. You six will learn your fates later tonight.

Later that night...

Upon Stephanie McMahon's orders, Paige, Summer Rae, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Layla all make their way to the ring to hear their matchups for No Mercy in just 20 days. They haven't been able to find Kelly Kelly since earler but they had no time left and came out without her. Once the divas are settled in the ring, Stephanie McMahon comes on the titantron, She is in a well lit room backstage, along with Lana, Naomi, Michelle, Aksana & Alexa Bliss.

Stephanie: So I'm sure you ladies are just so anxious to begin hearing your fates for No Mercy. But wait a minute. Isn't there usually one more of you? Yes, there definitely is. Where could Kelly Kelly possibly be? Oh, that's right, now I remember!

The camera slowly pans over to the side of the room where Kelly Kelly is in her white bra and panties and tied up to a pole with a large black ballgag in her mouth. Kelly looks scared as the camera pans in close on her face for a moment. The divas in the ring begin to rush out and head backstage before Stephanie stops them.

Stephanie: WAIT JUST A SECOND. None of you are to leave that ring or you'll never find another job in this industry again. You all thought it would be fun to gang up on Aksana, so we decided to exact a little revenge with Kelly Kelly. She's been tied up here for a good hour or so now. Must be getting uncomfortable.

They all stop, looking worried, as Stephanie begins stroking the hair of Kelly Kelly, who looks mortified at her situation. It's certainly cold in that room, judging by Kelly's hard nipples even poking through her bra. Kelly had a bit of drool coming out of her mouth and judging by the wetness on her chest, it had been coming out for a while. Kelly's lips were stretched about as far as they can be thanks to the gag, forcing Kelly to make a very humiliating face, similar to that of a blow-up doll.

Stephanie: So let's get down to business for No Mercy. First up, we might as well start with you, Kelly. You've been waiting patiently. Your match at No Mercy will be a stinkface match and it will be against Alexa Bliss. You will both be wearing thongs and the winner is the first to put their opponent into the corner and giving them a five second, or more, stinkface. And immediately following that match, the loser must kiss the winner's ass.

Alexa Bliss walks towards Kelly with a huge smirk on her face.

Alexa: There's going to be nothing better than taking this pudgy little face of yours and stuffing it right between my ass cheeks until you can't breathe anymore. By the way Kelly, you look great with a ballgag in your mouth.

Alexa pokes and strokes Kelly's face before turning around and giving her a look at her ass. Kelly looks in horror, knowing that it's very possible she could suffer that fate. Alexa may be a small girl, but she had as big an ass of anyone other than maybe Naomi. Kelly never really had an issue showing off her body but knowing she was at the mercy of these six made her skin crawl. And the fact that she was forced to make a horribly embarrassing face

Stephanie: Now onto our next match. Layla, Aksana said you were looking pretty hungry backstage last week. So for your match, it's going to be you against Aksana in a gravy bowl match. I know it's a little early to be celebrating Thanksgiving, but for you, Layla, I think it's going to be Skanksgiving. There will be a large pool of gravy along with two tables of food next to it. To win the match, pin or submit your opponent in the gravy pool.

Layla seems offended by the idea of having to wrestle in a pool of gravy, completely vulnerable.

Stephanie: And now for our tag match, The Bella Bimbos, you'll be going up against Michelle McCool and Naomi in an elimination hardcore match. No rules, no regulations and the winning team is the first to pin or submit both their opponents.

Naomi and Michelle high five each other while the Bella Twins look on confidently.

Stephanie: And now for our two main events. First up will be Summer Rae going up against Lana. And this will be a falls count anywhere match. That means anything is legal and the winning pin or submission can come from anywhere in the building, outside the build, etc. Lana told me to tell you that what happened to you last week, Summer, isn't even close to what she's going to do to you at No Mercy.

Summer looks a bit nervous but still oddly confident that she can take Lana. Meanwhile, Lana is licking her lips and rubbing her hands together, just thinking about what she'd like to do to Summer. In the background you can see Aksana and Naomi mocking and feeling up Kelly Kelly.

Stephanie: And last and absolutely least, you, Paige. You're going to be facing me, in an I Quit match. Because you've been a thorn in my side your entire career here. You never follow the rules, you're a constant annoyance and there will be no better feeling than hearing you scream out that you quit to me. But Paige, the real fun will be the next night. And now that this is over, we'll give you your little sl*t back.

Stephanie comes over, unstraps and takes the ballgag out of Kelly's mouth, causing her to gasp for air as a huge amount of drool rolls down her mouth and onto her breasts. Stephanie gives her a huge slap in the face before starting to untie her. After untying her, Michelle and Naomi grab Kelly and toss her out into the hallway of the arena.

Stephanie: Oh and before I go, next week's match will be Lana & Naomi taking on Summer Rae & Paige in a tag team match.
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smjimmie1348 smjimmie1348 is offline
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Default Awesome again lol

Wow awesome again love this so very much I especially love that you had kelly Kelly tied to a pole in her white bra and panties while being gagged w/ a ball gag .

So question for you if you don't mind me asking is there a chance we are going to see Brie Bella tied up gagged and in her underwear .
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Old 03-14-2016, 10:25 AM
dylandartz dylandartz is offline
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love the story please make last awhile and smjimmie you get my message this time
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smjimmie1348 smjimmie1348 is offline
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Default Response

I agree with you Dylandartz , but no I didn't get your message so send it , and stop asking me on other people's stories that's totally wrong of you ok
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Old 03-15-2016, 12:17 PM
dylandartz dylandartz is offline
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Keep sending it but you not getting for some reason
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