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Old 01-29-2016, 11:59 PM
squirrel516 squirrel516 is offline
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Originally Posted by George VI View Post
I thought about this recently when I was at the grocery store and, as always, saw some MILFs and other women wearing yoga pants. In the business world, all of the women in my office, young and old, know that if they wear yoga pants to work that they have to have something long covering their butt and crotch, because they show off every little detail. But at the mall, the grocery store, and around my subdivision, many don't. Call it fashion if you want, call if comfortable maybe, but I think at least some percentage of grown women doing this know that they are publicly exposing more than they should to men, but feel they can get away with it because they see "other women do it."

Attire is a big one for this, I believe. Sure there are women who are shy and reluctant to wear skimpy outfits but do because it's the latest fashion and due to peer pressure. But my theory is that a lot of women will wear too-short skirts, too-low tops, tiny thongs, or too-skimpy bathing suits in places that they KNOW are just beyond the bounds of accepted decency and may get them sexual attention, and justify doing it by saying, at least to themselves, "it's okay because the other women are doing it."
My wife has finally admitted to being an exhibitionist. This has lead to some pretty interesting conversations, including one that was specifically what you are talking about. In a nutshell, she uses the very popular trend of wearing yoga pants as her argument that a lot of girls are actually secret exhibitionists, at least sometimes. She says all girls know how much they are showing off if they wear yoga pants. And they originally would hide behind their use to work out. That spread to wearing them in public, and that has now spread to the widespread acceptance of wearing "leggings" in public. Leggings are thinner, and even more revealing than yoga pants. And my wife says that women definitely hide behind the idea that "everyone is wearing them" to justify wearing nearly see-through skin tight leggings in public. They know how much they are showing off, they know they are sometimes see-through in certain lighting or when they bend over, they know we love when they wear them, and they all hide behind the herd mentality while all secretly loving it.
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Old 01-30-2016, 04:44 PM
Janethebrain Janethebrain is offline
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Default Leading the way

When I was in college I discovered that I could single handedly change the course of a party just by being the first girl to take off my shirt or flash my panties or moon the room. I can't even count the number of times that I got an entire group to go skinny dipping or play strip poker just by being the first to show some skin.

And it usually didn't matter what I did after that initial flash, although sometimes a game would stall out at underwear and I would again have to lead the way usually by showing my small breasts. I think the fact that my boobs are on the small side was actually the reason it worked so well. The other girls would all think, "well my boobs are better than those" and it would give them not only an excuse to show, but also the confidence that they would look great in comparison to me.

And despite being many years past my college days, I will still get in the mood sometimes and get something fun started. My male friends used to call me the best wingman ever, and they were right.
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Old 01-31-2016, 09:38 AM
nobusmindingi nobusmindingi is offline
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Default Best Example - From NAP

I'm sure NAP lends itself to a lot of this kind of behavior, but this is the best example I've seen in a long time.

First, thanks go to #whisperchgo for an incredible job editing this clip. Captures the whole sequence brilliantly.

Twp couples show up for NAP, the girls in bikini tops and shorts, the guys in normal summer wear. Keep an eye on the blonde. She walks in with her boyfriend and while I wouldn't say she's "aloof" exactly, she doesn't seem to be there as anything but an observer, and not a particularly engaged one at that.

But then her brunette girlfriend - who is a little troublemaker (and damn I wish she had a big sister) - starts to flash, with her boyfriend's total encouragement and participation. Not long after that, somebody gets the blonde to lift that yellow bikini top.

And not too long after THAT, well.. I'll let you see how things unfold from there.

An all time favorite clip, mainly because it's unexpected and for exactly the reason this thread is doing so well.

fyi, The entire thread is well worth checking out:
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Old 01-31-2016, 12:44 PM
ModelT-MsDollie ModelT-MsDollie is offline
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Default Just do It.

Originally Posted by Janethebrain View Post
I discovered that I could single handedly change the course of a party just by being the first girl to take off my shirt or flash my panties or moon the room.
Jane too bad me and you couldn't been at the same parties. I was like that and still am when we go out to the right places. Some say my boobs are large. With all the altered surgeries I am not always the biggest anymore. Being larger and older did make other gals hesitate. But once I had my tits or pussy exposed the guys helped coax those gals to "do what Dollie's doing!"
You'd think places like the French Quarter and Key West among others there would be lots of flashers and topless gals. It often took little ole me and some wine to get the beads flowing.
We've had many older women thank me and tell us they've wanted to flash but just never had the nerve. We often wonder if they did it again and told their husbands.
The real hold back are those jealous husbands that look at tits but won't let their wife show hers.
Keep being first Jane. Maybe I'll be there to be second.

Hubby always tells me I have to dress to play if I want to play.
No bra no panties. Ready to play.

Brainless Dollie.
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Old 03-11-2017, 10:15 PM
nudony nudony is offline
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Originally Posted by George VI View Post
Several people here have used the term "plausible deniability" to explain times when women risk doing sexual things that they KNOW are sexually wrong or unfaithful or beyond conventional bounds, such as undressing with curtains open or spreading their legs too wide in a skirt or letting a man look down their loose tops, as long as they can plausibly deny that it was deliberate.
I've seen this happen in the nudist environment. My ex, for example, started out in nudism being "modest" by nudist standards: being nude but cautious about how other people saw her, and nudist "etiquette": legs or ankles crossed when sitting or lying, climbing out of the pool sideways and other methods of being "discreetly nude."
But then she saw and hung out with other female nudists that weren't quite as "modest." Before long, she started shaving. Then she started lying by the pool with her legs open. She even started socializing and talking to people with her legs open in front of them. I wasn't so concerned that her labia was now open in front of everyone, I was just curious how she went from being so "modest" to being so "open." And her answer was that "other women are doing it", so why should it a problem for her? I couldn't argue with that, but it's funny to me she put it on other women rather than admit that at the end of the day, she just got a kick from practicing nudism with her legs wide open.

You can also see this in other nudist situations. A couple of women are partying a little harder or being more comfortable naked than others. Before long some other women join them who ordinarily would never make themselves a "center of attention", much less while completely naked. And they say it's all because "other women are doing it." LOL!!
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Old 03-12-2017, 03:37 AM
barnyb barnyb is offline
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Default Wide open

My SIL and wife are the same.

Last year I saw the SIL naked for the first time at the beach. First topless then nude. It then became much more common where full nudity at beach, and then at the beach house, was acceptable. This last summer (which is sort of ending now) the nudity has moved on to, legs apart, and lying on the back with legs slightly open, but all on show.

I note that SIL is actually more comfortable open pussy when wife or other woman are not around for sake of them seeing here as sl*tty (she has this thing about naturalism being natural and not sexy) Yet when it is just her and I at the beach or on the deck she will create instances where she can flirt with her open pussy on show.

For example she will sit on on a sunbed with her legs on either side reading the paper. Her open pussy would be right there. She will read something out ensuring that I recognise she will be looking at the paper and not me, providing me ample opportunity to have a really good look.

I guess some woman are just more flirty than others and some enjoy showing the lips
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Old 03-12-2017, 10:09 AM
Barmixer's Avatar
Barmixer Barmixer is offline
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I guess my wife is the same - look at my propic - it recently dawned on me she was "discretely " showing her pussy on a nude beach. Looking at her erect clitoris shows how she was aroused doing it. A normal view of her pussy never shows it unless she is aroused.
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Old 03-12-2017, 07:41 PM
nudony nudony is offline
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Originally Posted by barnyb View Post
I note that SIL is actually more comfortable open pussy when wife or other woman are not around for sake of them seeing here as sl*tty (she has this thing about naturalism being natural and not sexy) Yet when it is just her and I at the beach or on the deck she will create instances where she can flirt with her open pussy on show.
I think it's a little different for everyone. For my ex it started with seeing other women at the resort shaven and lying with their legs open; and I think in a way she became envious of their lack of "modesty." They were more free with their bodies than she was.
At first she would lay around with her legs open IF other women were doing it first. But eventually she stopped caring about who else was around or what "impression" she was making. Whereas some other women were concerned they might be perceived as "exhibitionists" if they laid with their legs open, my wife sort of "rebelled" against that concern; and decided that as long as she was minding her own business, she wasn't going to be concerned with what other people thought about her hanging around with her legs open. It wasn't that she wanted other people to see her labia; she just wanted to be able to be open and comfortable. But I do think that she felt in some way "empowered" by the fact that people could see her labia.
Other women do it too. I was sitting in the hottub at a resort once, chatting with a woman sitting on the ledge with one leg up and the other dangling in the tub. Her labia was open right in front of me. There is no doubt in my mind she felt good about herself facing me that way.

It's funny...one time we were at a get-together, and my wife befriended a newbie who was very modest. They sort of hung out together for a while; the woman got less and less shy, and lo and behold, the woman ended up laying next to my wife with her legs open. Her husband was like "WTF!" It was priceless!

So I do have a theory that women (who have the balls to do it) do feel empowered, or sexy, or seductive when they lay with their legs open and know that other people can see their labia. Of course, they will deny it, citing "other women" as the reason they're doing it.
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Old 03-17-2017, 07:15 PM
loadmaster011 loadmaster011 is offline
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The clothing thing and acceptance of different styles are the area that caused my wife to adopt the "everyone else is doing it" rationale. She always dressed very stylishly but conservative/preppy and scowled when she saw other women in revealing clothing in public. One Christmas she asked for a leather skirt which prompted me to but her a very nice black leather skirt that was just below the knee with a nice side slit. When she opened it she thanked me but didn't seem too excited. She later asked if I'd be offended if she exchanged it. I knew right away it was too sl*tty looking for her, which didn't surprise me. Oh well...

So within the following week she went after Christmas shopping. When she returned home I asked if she found something to she liked that she exchanged the skirt for? She replied that she liked the shirt just wanted a different style and added she picked up a few things to go with it. Well the skirt morphed into a skin tight black leather mini that barely covered her ass and the accessories included some sheer black lace top hose, black satin garter-belt and the sexiest pair of 5" stiletto fuck me pumps I've ever seen! She was pretty nonchalant about it and told me she wanted to wear them to a New Years party we were going to. She shrugged and said, I figured it's a bit different than what usually wear but it's the style. It's what all the other women are wearing".

Absolutely no complaints from me!!
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Old 03-18-2017, 05:06 AM
thmp thmp is offline
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Nice story, loadmaster. The next step is to have her go commando whilst wearing the combo.
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